she is so pretty~


before and after sim tag by @soft-almond

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so here she is. my oldest sim in the gallery :0 i made her the DAY i got sims 4 (which was actually at like midnight and i was so excited to play w her) yeah so i guess chins werent a thing for me bc all my early sims DONT GOT ONE.

idk who hasnt done this yet but if u want to then i tag u!!

omg there was a street performer downtown today and she was one of those performers that dress up like statues and stand really still which i think is Neat as hell and she was really pretty so i went up and put a few dollars in her jar and she blew a kiss at me and good lord she might as well have set me on fire i got flustered as hell

This Week On: Jamie Can’t Even Look At Pretty Girls Without Fucking Dying

i had the weirdest fuckin dream last night that i was hanging out with Pearl from Steven Universe and she was telling me about/I was sorta watching her flashback about how years ago she used to be in love with Rebecca Sugar, who in the dream was genderfluid, so to get close to her, Pearl also decided she was genderfluid and trying to date her and like… it was so fucking weird but at the same time Pearl was serving up some LOOKS

Story time

Might as well share with y’all what I did last night for my 21st birthday. So my two best friends took me to a bar to drink obviously and after that they took me to play games at Dave and Busters, and after playing so many games while tipsy, one of them said “Let’s play Dance Dance Revolution.”. I saw there was kpop songs… 

TELL ME WHY TIPSY ME THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA!? It was hilarious to see the videos.. I literally got really excited to see Block B “Her”.. I didn’t even dance that great I just kept staring at the music video playing instead of doing the dance moves. Found out that I dance better to girl group song instead of the boy group songs.

The ride home consisted of me singing on the top of my lungs GOT7- Just Right, B.A.P- Feel So Good and DAY7- Say Wow and that’s all I can remember cause like drunk me wanted curly fries. 

So this morning I had to go present my final project for my Literature and Film class, and because I did such a good job with a slight hangover I bought IU’s Palette. Thank you all for the birthday wishes that you private messaged me. Best birthday ever. 💕