she is so prettyyyyy

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I work at a *$ at a theme park and a very excited little girl the other day screamed in my face as she left my register "THANK YOU YOURE SO PRETTYYYYY" and it scared me more than flattered me tbh but 🤷🏻‍♀️

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/u/thread/2032463#p2032550 do you know what this was about? thanks!

I happened to be looking at the weibo that the post mentioned.

Disclaimer: this recollection is entirely subjective, hence the translation remains so, and there is nothing from either Jolno or Kussun on whether they did indeed attend. As such, the only confirmation we can give is the equally subjective accounts of other Rippiters who were at Akasaka BLITZ on Saturday and also claimed to have spotted either/both of them. (Of course, given Kussun’s record, it would also be no surprise if she ends up talking about going, even though that may be a long time from now.)

Posts were only minimally edited to preserve the original tone to the best of my ability. Not reposted with permission. If the OP has any objections to this translation posted here, I will take it down.

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