she is so perfect omfg

Character Sheet Commission by: Thoryu

((So sorry for the long wait for it to not be finished. I’ve only got three done so far and I’ll try to get more done this weekend. I’ve been very busy with the musical I’m in please forgive me!!))

Pidge: -plans for weeks
-you thought she was ignoring you but she was planning
-(it’s actually really cute how bad as wants it to be perfect???)
-takes you out for a nice lunch at a new cafe she found
-she actually looks really cute in her black and white t-shirt with a simple print saying “aliens are chill” shirt tucked into her high waisted black jeans, over sized denim jacket filled with multiple patches, and white vans
-when you actually tell her how cute she is she instantly turns red
-“you’re cuter (Y/n) stop lying.”
-“But I’m not, you’re beautiful.”
-you end up taking a walk to watch a concert in the park
-it was a pretty chill band that you would definitely listen to again
-when she watched you dance she was like
•"I’m so lucky omfg. (Y/n) is so perfect?????“
-she drops you off at your house
-quickly gave her a kiss on the cheek before you went inside
-ps you guys’ version of holding hands was intertwining pinkies

Lance: -picked you up and quickly gave you a few Forget-me-nots
-(Forget me nots with blue violets represent love and faithfulness)
-matched the denim shirt and black jeans he wore
-his hair looked more tamed and his skin was clear (yup he’s prepared)
-he was all blushy when he sees how damn amazing you looked
-like you’re always good looking but right now, who needs Allura when he has you?
-"shall we go my beauty?”
-“yeah you big dork.”
-drove you to cool restaurant on karaoke night
-you ended up singing a duet
-wow your voice is so pretty???
-insisted on paying
-then took you star gazing on some cliff
-leaned in to kiss you but backed away because of how amazed by the stars you were
-“the city lights kind of ruin it so I’ll make sure to take you somewhere better (y/n).”
-“what are you talking about? If you’re here it’s perfect.”
-he turned SO RED
-ended up taking you home but didn’t let you walk in without a big smooch from him
-he’s a pretty great kisser omg
-“see you later, (y/n).”

Shiro: -took a while to think about where to take you
-picked you up at your house in jeans and a black flannel
-(god damn he looked good in a flannel)
-drove you to a hillside area and had a lil picnic basket with him
-cliche red and white blanket to sit on
-with the help of Hunk he had your favorite food prepared for you
-he also had lemonade
-you fed each other fruit and candy
-everyone awed at how cute the both of you looked together
-“(y/n) you look so pretty today.”
-“t-thank you Shiro….”
-you two stayed together all day in the park until it got dark
-“the reason I like this park so much is because you can actually see the stars.”
-“oh look! It’s a shooting star, make a wish Shiro!”
-while you closed your eyes and crossed your fingers he just looked over at you lovingly.
-you opened your eyes and turned to Shiro
-“what did you wish for Shiro?”
-“but why not?”
-“I already have you, and that’s all I could ever wish for.”

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I need to share this w someone and tbh I'm surrounded by heteros who get uncomfortable when I mention anything remotely gay but I asked this girl out who I really really really like and she said yes and I was like "so we're on the same page" and she said "same page, same line, same word" and it was so cute and omfg it's perfect she's perfect she's so cute like she smiles and I have never seen anything better ok sorry I'm done


Based on @glowyskull’s DRAW YOUR OTP idea right HERE.

Will blame @tabine and @athreadofscarlet for the whole Tenten-carrying-Neji thing. Now I can’t help but think of Tenten having a crush on that “lady classmate sitting in a few rows in front of her” because “SHE” is so cool and smart and responsible and OMFG SHE’S PERFECT!

Wait… SHE is actually a HE?!?!