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Mad Love - Request

Requested by @sexy-bookworm-fangirl:  Being Sherlock’s twin sister (basically the kinder and more sassy version of him), and Moriarty falls hard for Reader. Like, his breath is quick, he can’t think, and he stutters around Reader. Reader falls for him, and Sherlock, John, Mycroft, and Lestrade (your boss/bestest friend in the world) get protective of Reader

Pairing: Jim Moriarty x reader

Word count: 1,968

Warnings: First time writing Moriarty (it is indeed a warning).

A/N: Ugh, don’t be so rough on me, I’ve never written him before…


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The Holmes family, a family of six strange individuals with very unique characteristics each. The father, who could be considered the most normal one and a true romantic; the mother, who was a math genius before becoming the mother of four little freaks: Mycroft, Eurus, Sherlock and (Y/N).

Mycroft was a brain just like his mother, and at his adult age he was the British government on his own. Eurus was the psychopath one, presumably dead by then. Sherlock was a scientist, a philosopher even, and the world’s only consultant detective while his twin sister, (Y/N), worked as forensic investigation along with Greg Lestrade.

Sherlock couldn’t be prouder of his twin sister, because “someone needed to show the British police how to do it properly”. Meanwhile, Mycroft was a little reluctant about her choice of career because it was quite dangerous. But the Holmes Twins loved danger and were too stubborn to change their minds once they got an idea inside their heads.

It was known that once they got together, there was not a single case that could be left unsolved – except for the unsolved ones, but they refused fervently to talk about those – and so they got involved in all kinds of trouble together.

She was the only one Sherlock actually gave credit too. Mostly because they were basically the same and denying her cleverness would be equal to denying his own cleverness, but also because she was his best friend, companion, partner in crime, and every other brotherly-term one can come up with.

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Song of Themyscira | Two

Summary: As an Amazonian warrior, you’re invited to Man’s World by Diana Prince. Ares, angered by the situation, decides to send an army, led by his son, to disrupt the peace. Will James be able to follow through, or will the Amazonians keep the peace?

Pairing: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes x Amazon!Reader

Word Count: 1028

Warnings: None (yet)

A/N: Update! The immensely positive response to the first chapter of SoT had me shook and scared to follow it up, so I hope you all love this chapter just as much, and please, let me know what you think! || SoT masterlist

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Mike is so embarrassed wearing his halloween costume again, and especially in front of Eleven. Of course Eleven does not notice his embarrassment because she is too mesmerized by him.



Pairings: Finn Balor (Fergal Devitt) x Reader

A/N: Yayyyy, happy Finn Fridays!!! So since I’m new to writing for the WWE fandom, I need some suggestions on who people would like me to write about and what! I’m thinking on giving a go at Seth Rollins next since he’s my cute puppy son who I adore. Also, if you’re into Game of Thrones or Teen Wolf, I also write stories about them as well. You can find them all on my masterlist!

Summary: When Finn asks Y/N who her favorite WWE wrestler is, he’s not too happy with her response, leading to their first fight as a couple.


Was it really something that needed to turn into a fight? 

It was just an honest answer. 

What was she supposed to do? 

Lie? Make him feel good about himself?

She never had to do that for him before. He was the absolute best at everything he did; and there was no one that could tell him otherwise. Why was it that all of a sudden, he needed for her to tell him that?

They were sat on the couch when he first brought it up. Y/N had her head resting in his lap while Finn drew lazy circles into her bare shoulder. Both were quietly watching a UFC fight on the television in Finn’s condo per usual given the fact that Y/N lived farther from the city and gym they would both be at, at the crack of dawn. 

Knowing their comfortable and happy routine by now, after this fight was over, the two of them would either turn on a movie or Y/N would head to the bedroom while Finn sat at the dining table and added a bit more to the Lego set he’d been working on. This time around, he was halfway through the Tower Bridge Y/N had gotten him for Valentine’s Day as a reminder of the city Finn had first met her in. When Y/N felt like she had waited long enough, she’d tip toe back out into the kitchen with nothing but one of his shirts and slide her hands from his shoulders down his hard chest. She’d always stand like that for a moment, letting him put a few more pieces on before finally tugging him out of his seat and leading him towards the bedroom. Not once did he ever argue, he knew well enough that she’d always win. Y/N was his weakness and he’d walk through fire just to please her. 

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I don’t need more than this...

this is my take on the evening after the wedding venue search…without interruptions… and maybe a bit more… (rated decidedly M) AO3

A few steps upon her deck is all it takes for Killian to feel grounded, the ancient wood beneath him welcoming him as it always has, no matter the realm. Fatigue from a seemingly endless day has him moving slowly, wishing he could go back to the start of it, to the first crack of dawn where he’d been nestled deep between Emma’s thighs as they’d made love in time with the morning birdsong. It had been more languid than the previous night, lover’s hands wrapped and probing as they kissed, nearly bringing each other to completion before he even slipped inside. He’d been unable to stop thinking about doing it all over again as he’d showered, quickly tossing on his clothes to seek her out in their kitchen downstairs. But then, life had intervened, in the form of Snow and his perfect morning had become just a tad less so.

Finding himself at the helm, he looks out onto the open water and lets his mind wander as he watches the moonlight dance atop the gentle tide. Marrying Emma here, while apparently impractical, is still what he would prefer. And Emma, the way she’d looked at him when he’d suggested it, he’d thought he’d seen agreement there in the sparkle of her eyes and felt it in the tightening of her hand around his waist. But then, life had intervened, again, and they’d been whisked all over town and found themselves making promises to wait, something he understands but doesn’t want with his whole heart.

For a man hell bent on revenge and misery for so long, he continuously amazes himself at his apparent capacity to chase happiness now, his course firmly set on a life with Emma no matter how long that life may be. Speaking of, the hairs on the back of his neck rise at the sound of her boots coming closer on the dock and he smiles into the wind, the damp chill ruffling his collar as he turns to welcome his love as she comes aboard.

“You didn’t have to come out here, love. I told you I’d meet you back at home if you called.”

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Hi guys! How are you all doing? Very well I hope. So yeah this time i tried to write something different so please let me know how’d you find it :) and I personally adore Roses so very much. Plus there’s this thing trending ‘Rumours’ and i too might have made an Id on that. The link is right here : . So please go and write something that you wanna say to me.

Listen to this while reading ***

And yes I cried writing this. Sorry it’s a bit short.

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Getting down the car, Harry felt the soft warm grass tickling his bare feet. He smiled and closed the car door softly. The feathery touch of grass brought a smile to his face as he made his way down the field. He never felt the air so pure and aromatic. The fragrance of fresh English Rose field. He lowered his hand brushing it softly over the pink bright flowers tinted perfectly under the light of drowning sun. A beautiful smile crept over his adorning it like one of the roses. Pink and delicate.

“Having fun there styles?” He heard a sweet voice behind him that made him turn around. And there his missus stood. She wore a baby pink dress that was a perfect match to the color of roses. Her hair were side braided. She looked like a complete angel. His angel.

“Oh very much” he smiled before opening his arms for her. She passed him a soft smile before accepting his wide open arms and wrapped her own around his waist. Harry pecked her hairline before she pulled away a little to have a glimpse of his face but Harry was quick enough to catch her staring before she could look away.

“What?” he asked with a smirk. His arms still around her.

“Just missed this Gorgeous man” She smiled at him. Her eyes sparkled with passion and love that they always carried around. Her face glowing with pride that she had. Her lips dripping with sweetness. Harry leaned in and tried to savor the sweetness but was interrupted by her pulling him by his hand further in the rose field.

The scent of the alluring flower became more prominent with every step they took.

“Do you remember the first time I brought you here H?”

“Oh yes I do sweet”

“You were so mesmerized by it” she giggled still dragging him by his hand and Harry kept going like he was being drugged. Drugged by something very precious and delicate. The way her hair danced with the wind and her scent hitting his nose made the time to come to its halt. He felt like the time stopped for him so that he could drown himself in her beauty. He closed his eyes.

“Oh cmon Harry! You’ll love it!!” She giggled dragging him by his hand inside the field of Roses. Harry whined because he wanted to take her to the meadow of lavenders but she tricked him in and brought to Rose field instead.

“But baby I wanted to take you somewhere el-” He was cut off when the cool breeze hit his face carrying the scent of Rose to his nose. The waves that were bugging his inner self were now calm as a ocean under the moon decorated by its moonlight and the stars as bright as diamonds.

His eyes closed and a smile crept up his face. He did looked like a calm ocean under the moonlight. Deep yet beautiful.

“Got lost in the Roses now?”she giggled and stood in front of him arms crossed.

“This is beautiful. Just like you. Now I understand why you love Roses so much”

He opened his eyes when he felt her poking his cheek. Her head was laid on his chest as they laid under the sky. Her breath as even as his. Harry lowered his head to see her beautiful face but she already was staring at him with her bright eyes. She blinked her lashes a few times before speaking.

“Getting lost in the memories again?”she asked.

“well yes. Memories are all I’ve left with”

“don’t say that. I am with you”

“Not all the time.”

“Yes all the time.”

“how?” He asked sitting up. She sat as well before closing his eyes with her hand softly. Blinding him for a mere minutes. She brought her lips close to his ear intimately.

“Do you see it? The darkness. That’s how you feel when you let it surround you. But do you feel the wind too? Whenever you feel alone, just remember that I’m somewhere in this wind kissing you softly. Do you hear the quietness? Never let it overcome you. Hear the sound of the nigh-tangle, I’m always gonna be heard in it. Do you feel the coldness? Don’t let it make you shiver. Feel the warmth of your heart, that’s where I’m always gonna be” She said placing her hand on his heart and kissed his cheek.

“Daddy!!!” He heard his daughter calling for him making him turn around quickly. His daughter came running to him whom he left in the car sleeping. He got up from the ground before picking his five years old baby girl in his arms.She looked just like her mother. Same big bright eyes, same glowing face and same heart warming smile.

“You left me in the car” She pouted playing with his hair.

“I’m sorry sweetie” He said pecking his forehead.

“What’re you doing here daddy? Mommy’s waiting” she said fixing the hair she messed. Harry smiled and brought her tiny hands to his lips.

“Just picking  some flowers for mommy” he said putting her down holding her hand and walked up to the car. Tears welled up in his eyes as the fragrance of Roses started leaving him.

“daddy wait!!” His daughter said before leaving his father’s hand and running back inside the field. Harry shook his head and ran after her.

“Rose!!!” he called for his daughter.

“daddy look!! Think we can gift this too to mommy ?” Rose asked holding up butterfly ever so delicately on her hands. Harry’s eyes were wet already and now they weren’t capable of holding the tears back. So he nodded and carried his little girl to the car but before getting inside it, he decided to take a look back at the field adorned by roses. And again he saw her. His wife. Looking breathtaking as well. She smiled and placed her hand on her chest and so did harry. He felt her. In his heart. Living for him.

And rose did gifted that butterfly to her mommy. She placed it on the stoned grave along the roses.

Red Lips Don’t Lie Part III

Hello, lovelies! There we go! Part three is here, happy reading and tell us what you think! M @thesmutofthemendes and I love getting feedback, so feel free to talk to us! 

The Toronto skyline was glistening in the background, as she turned the volume of the TV up. Trying to concentrate on the cheesy Netflix movie, her eyelids started to become heavy and she stifled a yawn, pulling the soft blanket over her shoulders.

She turned the Tv off after finishing her ridiculously happily ending movie and stood up. She made her way to her dimly lit bathroom and propped herself up on the marble sink, looking down on her chipped red nails. 

She sighed and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Wearing an old grey band t-shirt, her mascara smudged underneath her eyes from crying. She pressed her red lips together, a quiet sob leaving her throat.

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Message In A Bottle

Request: based off the song I Don’t Even Know Your Name

a/n: hello!! hi! so sorry i’ve been a little mia! i want to make these requests as good as i can get them so, in turn, they take a while to get up!! i’ve also bee super busy with school! so i hope you enjoy this cute little one and let me know what you thought about it🤗🤗


Your name: submit What is this?

Your POV*

           “Katherine, was it really necessary to come this early?” You looked over at your friend, among the few other girls who thought it’d be a good idea to come line up outside of the venue early. 

           Katherine nodded her head vigorously and looked at you as if you’d just offended her, “Since we’re on the floor, we have general admission, and we have to be towards the front.”

           You rolled your eyes but nodded anyway.  Katherine had gotten tickets to see Shawn Mendes in concert.  You thought his music was catchy and liked it a lot, but Katherine was more of a fanatic when it came to him.  She had come over to your house the night before to make sure you had an outfit to wear because, as she said, “you never know what might happen, you could sweep him off his feet.”

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Certain Things - Song-based / Mixed Requests

Requested by anon: Sherlock x reader where Sherlock is in love with the reader but is too afraid to say it. and one day the reader overhears him talking to John about it. (lots of fluff)
& anon: Sherlock x reader fic based on the song Certain things by James Arthur. Like Sherlock doesn’t understand his feelings after towards her after spending time with her and he just notices small things about her until he finally understands his feelings. With just a lot of fluff in it?
& anon: Can I make a Sherlock request where the reader falls asleep on Sherlock’s couch and they aren’t really dating yet and he is really sweet and gentle with her? Like he drapes a blanket over her, or brushes the hair out of her eyes Agh!
& anon: Sherlock X reader fanfic where Sherlock accepts his feelings for reader and he tries to impress her but he asks John first so John tries to prank him and tell him to say a bunch of cheesy pick up lines? 
& anon:  Hey can I request a Sherlock imagine with the reader where he asks her out for the first time and he’s super super nervous and she’s kind of insecure about it?? With a lot of fluff too? 

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 3,703

Warnings: Un-edited.

A/N: I craved to write this ever since I found a way to mix all of the requests. I love it dearly, and I hope you do too. Also, if there are any grammar mistake (or any kind of mistake, really) I’m sorry, today was exhausting (and English isn’t my first language so…) but I was so happy I felt like writing something.


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The noise of the bomb was so loud Sherlock could only hear a high pitched and elongated peep. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion out of a sudden. The bomb had exploded, yes, but Sherlock could clearly see the car it had been trapped in exploding along. The shattered glasses flying in every direction, and the few civilians nearby being pushed by the impulse of the explosion. He turned to his right, finding a very concerned John covering his face with his arms.

Then he turned to his left, and found (Y/N) with her eyes fixed on the explosion. Everything moved slower. Her knees were hurt, and she was dirty; her hair was messy and her clothes were covered with both sweat and dirt. She wasn’t trying to cover her face like John; instead, she was turning to look at Sherlock.

Their eyes met for a split second, but it felt like bewitching ages to them. They were worried about the other; laying on the ground as the bomb they had frantically looked for exploded – they were too late.

He extended his hand, trying to reach hers unconsciously. (Y/N) took his hand without hesitation and Sherlock pulled her closer to him, not caring if her legs got scratched with the ground, because it would be nothing compared to the damage of being unprotected from the flying glasses.

Once in his arms, Sherlock covered her face and upper body protectively against his chest. His face nuzzled over her hair and he shut his eyes tightly. His arms were wrapped around her body, and even when he was too exposed, he felt save.

The world went back to its regular speed. The bomb blew away many passer-by’s and the windows from the nearest buildings. The pieces of glass got spread all over, including Sherlock and (Y/N)’s hair. The pieces of the car that didn’t turn into small pieces flew away, hitting many other innocents in the process. It was a real mess, yet, it could’ve been worse.

The precious seconds went by quickly. The bomb had exploded and the consequences had been severe, but at least (Y/N) and John were fine and that was all Sherlock cared about.

After the impact, when they could hear again the silence of the street, (Y/N) pulled slightly away to look at her surroundings. There were bodies all around, but they were all alive. Sherlock was staring at her, and when (Y/N) turned to look at him she saw something she had never seen in him before: He was worried.

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Summary: After Betty confronts her dad about Polly’s and Jason’s engagement as well as learning about the Coopers - Blossoms feud, there’s only one person that can take her mind off things. (Takes place after Betty’s and Hal’s fight and before Bughead’s scene at the Blue & Gold.)

(Taking a small break from your prompt requests to write something that stuck in my head and I had to get it out lol. I was listening to Let It All Go by Birdy feat. Rhodes and I had way too many feels so yeah… Hope you like it guys!!)

The Hitchcock blonde was once again locked in her floral pastel room that nowadays didn’t seem to match the air of depression that spread around the whole town and, most specifically, this very house. Soft music was playing in the background, the girl wanting to silence down the million thoughts that were running inside her head and suppress her still boiling anger and deep disappointment at both her parents. Usually, her mother would always win first place in the list of people Betty felt smothered by but after that evening, her dad was ranking a close second. She was at least thankful that he had the good sense to let her be, keeping himself busy in the house office downstairs for hours.

Dear Diary,

I don’t even know who my parents are anymore. How can the two people that are supposed to be everyone’s most valuable confidants in life, hide behind so many lies and weave webs of conspiracy and mystery around innocent teenage kids? How can I not know what is going on in my own house, with my own sister? They keep pushing me to drop the subject, stop snooping around and bury it all under the carpet like they did and for what? An idiotic vendetta that probably costed the life of two kids that did nothing wrong but fell in love. Why do we have to break so hard? Why does my life get to be filled with such uncertainty and fear of what the future will reveal next? I dread even to think about the obvious, I try so hard to hold my mind back, for it to not go there but it is already there and I feel scared. Sometimes I wish I was just another person, the identity of Elizabeth Cooper to not weight so much on my shoulders…”

The characteristic sound of pen against paper stopped and the red ink covered peak hovered over the rest of the empty line, Betty taking a moment to breath and slow down the gradually quicker raise and fall of her chest. One of her usual panic attacks was the last thing she needed right now, she thought and closed her eyes, dropping her head back against the wall, clutching the teal cover of her diary inside her icy cold fingers. She didn’t know how many hours had spent there, sitting on the wooden bench of her window and pouring into paper the anger and extreme sense of unfairness she felt after the fight she had hours ago with her father. But the worst of all, she felt hopeless, too small in a secret too big for her to handle, something that made her eyes whale up with tears again. She brought a palm to softly swipe the corner of her right eye in hopes of stopping the waterfalls but she failed, letting them finally be and watching as they soaked the paper in small shy droplets.

The chime of her phone had her eyes lazily turning to the side to face the machine, not in the mood of interacting with people right now. The message that brightened the screen surprised her though.

Don’t cry. Please.

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