she is so hot ugh

Aweeeee when Wynonna was telling Waverly how Nicole helped with the demon and Waverly was like “my baby is the best” and I’m just like ugh damnnn she’s so hot and Nicole’s dimples tho so sexy lol but omg I can’t believe dolls actually came back and Waverly at the end was very freaky when she was gathering all of that silver like… hopefully next episode, the gang can defeat the demon in her


It’s a dangerous scene when you’re e i g h t e e n

my dog ploppled down in the middle of the river (it’s very shallow rn because of the awful heat) and just lied there for 20 minutes chilling and looking super pleased with herself for the idea and with zero intention to come out like sure Raven it’s not like I got stuff to do or anything…

  • [sakura n sasuke hanging out sitting on the sofa w their tinders open]
  • sakura: hmm.. cute.. cute.... very cute.. ohh shes so hot
  • sasuke: .... ugly.. ugh pass.. gross..... hmmmm looks unnervingly like kiba, fuck no....
  • sakura: [has a match] ohhh nice i got a match
  • sasuke: [looks over] why dont **I** ever get a match
  • sakura: well lets see. go on
  • sasuke: [swipes 2 the next guy] ......ugly
  • sakura: what why hes kinda cute
  • sasuke: annoying bio with too many exclamation points. next [swipes again].... hmm no i dont think so
  • sakura: thats suigetsu and youve banged him
  • sasuke: hmm? anyway moving on.. [swipes]
  • sakura: oh i think hes ok
  • sasuke: yeah i guess [still swipes left]
  • [this goes on for a while]
  • sakura: hey you ever tried like swiping right instead of left
  • sasuke: well im sorry SOMEBODY here has standards
  • sakura: well IM sorry that youre such a picky BITCH. have fun moping after naruto i'll be at my house eating pussy, asshole
Kiss Me

It’s a typical Saturday morning in the Goldwyn household. As per usual, Kerry is in nothing but her underwear as she moves around in the kitchen getting breakfast ready. Of course, she could be more efficient at the task if you ask her but she has a very hot, charming, and adorable husband who refuses to keep his hands off her this morning.

“Anthony, if you don’t stop kissing my damn neck,” She sighs which turned into a soft moan when he sunk his teeth into the flesh of her collarbone. She’s so close to giving in and letting him have his way with her once again when the pan starts steaming. “Oh my god. Go away! Leave my kitchen. I can’t burn breakfast three times in one morning.”

A silly laugh escapes Tony as he tilts his wife’s head back for a peck. Her resistance is much too amusing. Raising his brow, he put on his best pouting face. “Kiss me, please?”

Kerry shakes her head. That’s how the first batch of their breakfast ended up in smokes. His damn lips. “No. I know what you’re doing.”

“But mama-”


“Kiss meeeee!”


He pokes her in her most sensitive place and Kerry jerks slightly and giggles.

“Kiss me.” Tony repeats.

“Why?” Kerry asks, smiling.

“Because you’re very kissable this morning.” Tony replies. “Kiss me or I will lick you, woman.” He threatens, already poking his tongue out.

This time it’s Kerry’s turn to pout. “Ugh! You’re so lucky you’re hot.” She groans before leaning in and capturing his lips. It’s so addicting. Kissing him. The taste of his mouth; how their lips fit perfectly together and the way they lose themselves in each other. She could spend a lifetime kissing him and be the happiest woman to ever live. As the thought enters her mind, Kerry can’t help but to smile into the kiss because she can. He’s entirely hers and he loves her! He thinks she’s just as addicting as he is.

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Something to consider: Kara in a formal three piece suit.

Something to consider: Me, dead.

But seriously though! that would be so hot?! Like ugh. 

She wears it for some fancy shcmancy gala that Lena is throwing and Lena decides that she definitely needs to host more black tie parties.

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I would give you a massaaaage! You don’t get mad when I drink too much and fall asleep on you during a movie too!!