she is so hot ugh


Tina Fey’s cameo during the Golden Globes 2017 cold open with Jimmy Fallon


It’s a dangerous scene when you’re e i g h t e e n

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Something to consider: Kara in a formal three piece suit.

Something to consider: Me, dead.

But seriously though! that would be so hot?! Like ugh. 

She wears it for some fancy shcmancy gala that Lena is throwing and Lena decides that she definitely needs to host more black tie parties.


ladies rule the world  [1/5] current girl crushes: Lauren Jauregui

“I used to be so insecure about every piece of myself and as I’ve grown up and gotten to experience the fact that I’m not the only girl in the world who feels that way, I’ve learned that loving yourself is worth your time. There are days that its hard and there are days you may feel awful because you will never look like that person, think like that person, be like that person, but always keep in mind that that person will never be you.”

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omg omg can u pls do the who's who imagine where justin and jason are both fucking y/n and she has the blindfold on ugh that sounds so hot

It’s currently in the making. I started it but never finished, but I do really want to get that one done💘

BTS Reaction to Y/N Having a Crush on Sojin(Girl’s Day)

And freaking the fuck out when they see her sexy fancam.


“While she is very attractive, I still look better. You are so lucky. I would envy you but I get to be me, so I won’t.”

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Y/N: “Ugh, she’s so hot!”

Suga: “I can be sexy too…”

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Rap Mon

*watching with you*

“You could learn a few things from her.”

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*watches you fangirl*


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“I can make you scream louder.”

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if you dont scream when you see this…mmm


Turns the video off halfway through.

Tae: “Watch this instead.” 

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Y/N: *screams*

Jungkook: *thinks Y/N is being murdered* *sees them in front of the computer* *sees the screen* *over it*

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