she is so happy to see him

my fanfiction #2

Percy sat in one of those foldable beach chairs, feet digging into the sand as he watched Jason practice with Nico infront of him. ItThe mix of Greek and Roman fighting was mesmerising to watch. The only thing that could tear his attention away was the happy sigh Annabeth let out from the seat next to him.

He turned to her to see a relaxed smile on her face. “Our children,” she hums, turning towards Percy. “Look at them.”

Percy nodded in agreement. “They grow up so fast. It’s… terrifying.” He looked dead serious, reaching over to tuck a strand of loose hair behind Annabeth’s ear.

“Yeah. I feel so old.” She was back to watching them, giving a fake sniffle.

“Gods.” Percy followed her lead, wiping at his eyes. “One minute they’re eating staplers, the next they’re fighting Danny Phantom.”

“Hey-” Jason was about to argue, but he was knocked to the ground before he could finish. Nico triumphantly cheered, before going to pull sparky up.

“I win the bet.” Annabeth whispered to Percy, smirking. “Now Piper owes me a coffee.”

“You slay that bet, babe. You slay it.”

I only just noticed on a rewatch that Karen takes her shoes off when she and Frank are in her apartment. And he watches her do it. For some reason I’m reacting to that. I guess it’s the being home and choosing to be unguarded and something in front of Frank and welcoming him into that space and not just for a quiet place to talk, but her home, where she takes off her bag and coat and is barefoot - but she also does it with her back to him so it’s totally open yet.

I’d been so distracted the first time watching it and getting caught up in the back and forth between her happy he was there, then reacting disappointed and resigned to finding out he was looking for her help and not just to see her, and then Frank turning it all around again by bringing out flowers - but for contact - and that smile/look and her risking it anyway with the hug, the hug, the hug - and it being worth it because she gets it back from him too.
(And that she got a nice apartment like she deserves)

I loved all that. So much emotion back and forth and reaching out and then taking a step back and so very them.
But somehow now I’m hung up on that fact that she takes her shoes off and even that is part of their interaction.

Their every scene, I swear. Oh man.

Scott- Persistent

Request-  Can I request a Scott x reader where they’re just really cute and pure together, because she’s a smol bean like Scott from season 1 so together they’re just the cutest couple. But then on the other hand they’re a power couple as he’s an alpha and she is the most powerful witch in her coven. I just think that’d be really cool 😊 and I have to say I always read your imagines (read them all!!!) and I’m so happy it’s open again!! /  can you pls do isaac or scott imagine (whoever you choose would you be able to somehow add the other one in?) you both went to bhhs but never saw each other much,you happen to be going to the same college so y/n one night downloads tinder for the lols to see the type of guys around then she matches with him and they have a very short convo,couple weeks later shes in one of her lectures and hes also there too she sees him and tries to avoid him (lmao this actually happened to me) thanks so much!

A/N- For the sake of time and my chemistry grade, I combined these two. Hope you like it!

“Do you think he’s going to come this way?” Isaac asked, peering through a shrub behind the library.

“Not if you keep talking that loud,” Scott said gently.

Isaac flushed, and suddenly lowered his voice. “Right, sorry.”

“Y/n is going to try to force him this way,” Scott said. “But I’m not sure if he’ll show in the first place.”

Isaac nodded, and the two sat in silence for a minute or two, waiting for their target to appear. “So…you and Y/n. You really like her, don’t you?”

Scott grinned, and leaned back on his heels in the grass. “She’s amazing. I can’t believe she even wastes her time with me.”

Isaac rolled his blue eyes. “Scott. You’re the True Alpha”

“And she’s the most powerful witch in her coven,” he reminded him. “And she’s got this amazing heart. And she’s so pretty…”

“Christ, I get it,” Isaac said. “I’m just glad you’re-”

“Shh!” Scott suddenly hissed, grabbing him by the shoulder. “Do you hear those footsteps?”

Indeed, someone was coming toward them, crunching through the dead leaves. Isaac tensed, letting out a low growl.

“Isaac, wait,” Scott ordered, but the Beta was already leaping out of the bushes. Scott launched himself out after him, but it was too late. Isaac was already being thrown back with a yelp, landing on the grass at Scott’s feet.

“Oh my god! Isaac?”

“Y/n,” Scott said, eyeing your shocked face. “What happened to the hunter?”

“He never showed, but oh my god, Isaac? Are you okay?” you gushed.

You were standing over him, staring down at him nervously. “He just jumped out of the bushes! It scared me.”

“It’s okay,” Scott said, placing a hand on your back.

“Speak for yourself,” Isaac groaned.

“Sorry,” you breathed, holding out a hand to help him up.

Isaac took it gladly, shooting a glance at Scott. “Where did you meet her again? Supernatural fight club?”

You laughed nervously, but Scott grinned and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “Actually-”

“Oh god,” you groaned, letting out a nervous laugh. “Please don’t tell him.”

“I met her on tinder.”

“Not really,” you corrected, elbowing him softly. “We talked for a few hours, but then I deleted my profile the next day. I just got embarrassed by the whole idea.”

“But I found her again,” Scott told him proudly. “I ran into her in the dining hall. And then I just kind of stared at her, and she got uncomfortable and left.”

You couldn’t help but smile at that. “You were weirding me out.”

“I didn’t mean to. I was going to say something, and then I realized you didn’t smell human.”

“So you just stared her down?” Isaac asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Yep,” you said with a smirk, causing Scott to blush. “But he came up to me later and apologized for freaking me out. ‘Course he kinda ruined that when he asked me what I was.”

Scott groaned and you laughed. “I didn’t mind. I just didn’t want to tell him in the library.”

“Yeah, that was probably for the best,” he agreed.

You smiled, and leaned forward to press a kiss to his cheek. “I’m glad you were that persistent.”

“Me too,” he said, leaning closer to you.

“Ahem.” Isaac cleared his throat before things could get too heated, and looked between the two of you. “So now that the hunter didn’t show, what are we going to do?”

“Hmm,” you thought, giving Scott’s hand one warm squeeze. “Movie Night?”

cheering up a sad peter parker would include:

Originally posted by agent-spidey

- honestly just a bunch of hugs??

- you’d hug him all the time, and of course he really appreciated it

- you’d stop by his house after school (before he did), make an arrangement w/ aunt may, she’d stay out of the house for a while

- you’d put out his favorite movies, his favorite foods

- when he got home you’d just be there chilling on his couch, waiting

- he gets so happy when he sees you, the boy just flops on the couch and hold on to you, with his head in the crook of your neck

- you two would just hold each other and enjoy each other’s presence for as long as possible

- you’d watch star wars

- you would end up spooning him (cause of course he’s the small spoon, he loves it)

- you play with his curly, pretty hair and he’d be falling asleep

- so you’d try to get up and get a blanket so he doesn’t get cold

- but as you’re sitting up he’d turn around “no, don’t leave me Y/N” and hold you … (my heart omg)

- and you’d tell him that you’re getting a blanket for him

- and he’d say “no, stay, i’d rather you keep me warm”

- so of course you oblige, and you guys end up falling asleep in each other arms, (warm from each other’s body heat and all the cuddling)

( @petersbackpack lowkey posting to make u proud, lol u inspire me and i hope my writing is as good as yours one day)

I Will Always Love You

Genre: Angst

Characters: Hoseok x Original Character {Haeyeon}

Summary: Haeyeon’s memory was deteriorating at a rapid speed due to a rare case of Dementia. Her fiance, Hoseok, was with her every step of the way. The one thing she swore she’d never forget would be her love for him, but when she forgets his name and face, how could she remember her love?

Word Count: 2771

So, at dinner, my grandmother made a comment that if she forgot everything in the world, the one thing she wouldn’t forget was the love she has for my grandfather. Well that led me to this. I’m a terrible person.

Credit to gif owner


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I just had a bad bad thought but head me out: what if in the process to take down Blackwing, Ken actually takes it over and becomes Riggins 2.0 and so when he’s reunited with Bart the universe wants her to kill him and she says something like “I don’t want to kill you but it really feels like I should” (which is also a reversed parallel for Bart looking for Dirk to kill him and she ends up saving him; here she wants to save Ken and ends up having to kill him). Ok I’ll see myself out

I’m fully here for Ken taking over Blackwing in order to bring it down from the inside and I don’t see how he’d be able to accomplish it without doing some morally dubious shit? But my theory at the moment is that he’s using Friedkin to get to Dirk, who he assumes will lead him to Bart. He’s smart and he’s strategic, and of course he’s curious about the abilities of the people who are also being held captive.

But imagine if he’s crossed so many lines in his attempt to save Bart that, when they’re finally reunited, he’s no longer the friend she’s been missing for so long.

this tour feels much less demanding than the tours harry went on with 1d and i’m so happy to see him looking well rested and smiley… it’s what she deserves

Naomi Misora Headcanons

•Most of her wardrobe is either black or turtlenecks. Lives in her boots. Good luck getting her to wear any other shoes.

•Can’t drive a car for anything. This is why she loves her motorcycle so much. Raye hates that she won’t swap it out for a station wagon or mini van.

•Actually doesn’t like kids. She truthfully doesn’t want them, but wants to make Raye happy because she loves him and wants to do “what is expected from her”.

•Very close with her mother. She and her father don’t always see eye to eye, but they love each other very much regardless.

•Very briefly knew Halle Lidner. They shared a mutual respect for one another, but their relationship was never anything more than that. (But if Naomi had lived a bit longer, they would’ve been great friends).

•Once broke a guy’s nose when he tried to put his hands on her without her consent.

•Began learning self defense at a young age. She witnessed several muggings and hated that she couldn’t do anything and how helpless she felt. She was recommended capoeira by an instructor due to her small frame and had a natural affinity for it.

•Moved to America when she began attending university. She had a part time job to help pay finances, but her parents also sent her money to make sure she could live comfortably.

•Hates the smell of gasoline because of LABB. When she goes to fill up her motorcycle, she has to wear a surgical mask.

•Suffers from insomnia, pyrophobia, and PTSD.

•Lowkey an alcoholic, manages to hide it very well though. She says it helps her sleep, but normally she drinks so that she can forget about what happened with Beyond.


HANK- “Hopefully once you get to the home, they will have better help.”

MOLLY- “I certainly hope so.  So how is that young little boy of yours, what was his name, Tonic?”

HANK- “Taric, his name is Taric.  He is fine. He stayed home with the kids. We are getting married in a few weeks.”

MOLLY- “So I see the gold digger dug his spot. Hope you are happy…”

HANK- “Taric, isn’t a gold-digger, and yes I am very happy.  You certainly can remember some things.”

MOLLY- “I remember what is important, Hank. Someone taking advantage of you, is important to me.  But you aren’t going to listen. I need to find that little boy I bet that maid is letting him run lose in the house…”

HANK- No, there she is now, she has Colten with her.”

“James is getting a bit frustrated shut up here, he tries not to show it but I can tell – also, Dumbledore’s still got his Invisibility Cloak, so no chance of little excursions. If you could visit, it would cheer him up so much.” Lily’s letter to Sirius. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

And it did :)

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Little theory here! I could be wrong though, so keep that in mind. I think that Gabriel may have wanted the Soldier Enhancement Program for Blackwatch/Overwatch. It would 100% help them. So, he went to Moira- the Blackwatch support. We already know Moira is shady. She isn’t a good guy here, no matter which way you look at it.

Her peers didn’t like her ethical shortcomings, which leads us to be that she may have experimented on omnics and humans and used possibly harmful methods. For example, she could have unwillingly tested on people and omnics (especially omnics since they are considered to be ‘below’ by some people) and used possibly illegal drugs and shit like that. 

Anyway, I think Gabe possibly went to her and asked her to help reverse engineer the SEP so he could get ahold of it and use it on other agents. If not that, maybe he wanted to remove it’s hold on him. Moira could have done just that- but did a bit extra without Gabe’s consent.

You see here that she is eager, while he is obviously confused. This is just before he starts to get his little reaper wisps. He isn’t happy. This isn’t what he wanted. If it was an accident, wouldn’t Moira be more concerned? 

Further more, Moira is in the same costume as Mercy but her “halo” is broken and she has horns which could represent being evil. Also, as you know Moira is Irish. In Irish folklore, they have a feminine creature called a Banshee that can predict and bring death. They typically look like this.

If you notice, the hand Moira has on Gabe’s shoulder sort of looks like this. Seeing she is Irish and has made Gabe into Reaper, I think this whole banshee ties help solidify what she did was on purpose and intended. 

Now, as for Mercy and Gabe’s hostility towards her? Maybe she had promised to help and tried to, but only made things worse. It isn’t exactly clear but he is hostile towards her and puts her to blame for some of it. It is confirmed though from the video that Moira did do this to Gabe, and this entire post is just a back up to solidify it and try to give a motive. 

credit to @still-boldly-going @owr-tips-and-tricks and @attamo for help and theory discussion!

After Palmetto, Andrew signed on to a good pro team and played there for 3 seasons before he and Neil get married bc they’re in love for legal rights or whatever

  • The fact that Andrew Minyard was married came as a surprise to literally all of his teammates.
  • There hadn’t even been an engagement that the team knew of.
  • Andrew had simply shown up after the off season with a ring on his left hand.
  • One of the new teammates, who’d had the least amount of experience dealing with Andrew was the one to ask if it was a wedding ring.
  • “What the fuck else would it be?” Andrew replies
    • probably the most some of his teammates had heard him say since he’d started playing for them three years ago
    • Everyone sits in the lounge gaping at him until  Andrew sighed and finally confirmed their suspicions, “Yes it’s a wedding ring.”
  • The captain was the first to get her act together and cleared her throat awkwardly. “I didn’t know you were seeing anyone.  Congrats, though, that’s awesome.”
  • Andrew just like nods in her direction
  • Another young teammate asks “What’s her name?”
  • “Or his,” says the only teammate Andrew doesn’t actually hate
  • Andrew answers “It’s none of your business.”
  • Their coach is like “While I love this enthralling discussion of Minyard’s personal life, we need to focus on what I actually pay you to do.”
  • And then they go back to focusing on exy and Andrew being married isn’t really brought up again but everyone remembers

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The partygoers’ cheers die in their wine-slick throats. 

Portia trips her way up the scaffold, shoving the guards away from Julian and falling in front of him, trembling with sobs. Julian kneels to her height. 

He smiles fondly, laughs softly. It hurts his throat. “You’re still as short as I remember, huh?” 

Portia throws her arms around and sobs into his shoulder, small fingers gripped tight around his shirt, trying to convince herself that he’s there, he’s real, he’s breathing.

Julian whispers, soothes. “It’s okay.” 

But that tone was reserved for patients. Portia could see through the lie.

The wide-eyed crowd parts for Nadia, calling out Portia’s name. 

“Portia, get down from there.”

“You can’t!” Portia screams. She’s breathing harsh, tears streaming. A hiccupping sob wracks her. “You can’t.” 

Nadia stands tall, swallows hard.

“Your majesty.” Portia pleads. Julian turns his head away from the crowd. The night grows cold as the wind blows through. The noose above them sways. 

She whispers this time. “Nadia.” 




My two favorite horror comedies, the Irish “Grabbers” and the English “Hot Fuzz”.

They’re both about cops taking on horrors in small towns with a lot of alcohol involved, and they’re both directed by men with Wright as their last names.

Here’s Ciarán O'Shea and Nicolas Angel with their respective partners (both at work and romantically) Lisa Nolan and Danny Butterman.

The moment that made me like O'Shea and Lisa as a couple was when he realized Lisa is the only one who can save him and she says “I’m your knight in shiny armor” and he looks at her like it’s the one thing he always wanted a woman to tell him. Overall it’s just so satisfying to see them both kick ass and O'Shea not just being perfectly happy with Lisa saving him, but loving her more for it. Also, the CGI is really good and the movie has a scene where the monster is chasing them and everyone I’ve seen it with has a “Oh shit!” reaction and comments on how terrifying that looks.

(It’s more difficult to pinpoint my favorite Nicolas/Danny moment, but I have a soft spot for when Nicolas buys Danny flowers and the lady asks if it’s for someone he’s in love with (“Someone special”) and he waits a beat before answering yes)


The fox and the nightingale made a quiet life together. A lesser creature might have held Koja’s mistakes against him, might have mocked him for his pride. But Lula was not only clever. She was wise.

Now that The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo is out I had to draw these two. I fell in love with their story years ago and finally seeing it in a book makes me so happy ^^

gods and monsters

[stranger things / it crossover]

her voice had been in his head for as long as he could remember, and no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t seem to understand what she was saying to him. and then one night he did, and everything turned upside down.


chapter one. the house on neibolt street

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Can we say that Season 2 is getting better and better? Unlike the others, I watched this one in French (which isn’t a problem since it’s my first language) so my translations of what they said might not be exact. So first of all, am I the only one who thinks Marinette’s grandma is awesome?? She looks so groovy, even for an elder lady! And I know some of you say it’s Marinette’s fault of she got akumatized, but I think it’s deeper than that. Gina, her grandma, wanted to spend time with her, just like they used to when she was a kid, but Marinette (isn’t a kid anymore). She’s 14 and like most of us, she also wants to spend time with her friends. That seems like a thing that some adults don’t necessarily understand. We love you but we just want to chill with our friends sometimes. And that’s exactly what happened with Marinette. She was hoping for a surprise birthday party and when Alya send her that text, she couldn’t wait to go see them to maybe celebrate her birthday. She still felt bad for leaving her grandma tho, and she told her that, but Gina brushed it off and (insisted that she goes). Of course, I understand why she was upset but (she) was the one who insisted. In the end, she realized that Marinette wasn’t a little girl anymore but at that time, she just wanted her little girl back to spend the whole day with her. That’s what caused her to be akumatized. The fact that she saw her granddaughter so rarely and expected her to hang out with her and do the same things every year, she expected her to (not change).

Moving on to the party… I LOVE MARINETTE’S FRIENDS SO MUCH LIKE THEY ARE SO SWEEEEET. I really love how Kim practically jumped on the grandma to save Marinette or how they almost all tried to help while using teamwork like MY BABIES. It’s obvious that they think highly of her, and Rose proved it when she said that Marinette was the nicest girl.

AND ADRIEN. THAT DORK. DON’T YOU //DARE// TELL ME THAT HE ISN’T IN LOVE. What was his first preoccupation when he transformed into Marinette? Keep her safe. He even carried her to the Eiffel Tower to make sure she’ll be okay. She called her a sweet girl AND wished her a happy birthday as Chat Noir. SO SWEET. And did y’all see how relieved he was when he saw that Marinette wasn’t in that closet?That’s adorable! Oh, and my favourite part was clearly when Adrien gave Marinette the bracelet. A BRACELET THAT MATCHED THE ONE SHE GAVE HIM!! He is such a lovestruck doofus and he doesn’t even know it.

Even the parents know there’s chemistry between them at this point because they smiled proudly when they watched them like oH mY gOd. And when Marinette did that speech on how the present didn’t matter and that it was the person who gave it to you, they even did a closeup on Adrien smiling goofily whole staring at bracelet. I SWEAR BOI YOU’RE SO IN LOVE WHY DON’T YOU REALIZE IT??

Also, Tikki was an adorable cinnamon roll and really wanted Marinette to love her present, we need to protect her at all cost.

OH and I almost forgot the part where Hawk Moth wanted for La Befana to attack but she asked him to say please.




I swear Season 2 is gonna kill me-

My thoughts on the line: “My baby’s walking with his head down. I’m the one he’s walking to”

He walks with his head down because he’s not in this relationship for the spotlight. He has no need to look around to see what else is there. He’s not in it for anything except for Taylor and their love for each other. He walks with his head down because he doesn’t care what people think or say. He doesn’t look around to see how people are reacting. He walks with his head down because he’s blocking out the rest of the world. She is all he wants. He ignored the reputation she was given and loved her like she was brand new.

He really loves her. And she really loves him. And she just let us in on this Utopian magical love between them. She did THAT.

I’m not sure if I’m ready for what’s to come on reputation after this lyrical masterpiece, but I️ do know I’m so so so happy for you Taylor ❤️ @taylorswift

I️ love you so much. And I️ love you too, Joe! 😊 thanks for making our girl so irrevocably happy.