she is so great as carrie i mean really

Someone was a superstar today!

She didn’t cry at all when I left her crated in the ring to work around the store. And she only whined a few times in my class today.

She really was relaxed today. Choosing to lay down in her crate instead of sitting and standing while staring at me. So I got a lot of opportunity to reward her for it. I was so dang happy I grabbed a bully stick and gave to her to chew on. Normally she will just carry them around if she isn’t at home. Today she actually chewed through half of it which means she was more relaxed.

The things she had to demo she was great at. Despite still being over enthusiastic about greeting my coworkers she did very well. So proud of my girl!

I just need to keep on her for polite people greetings. She has gotten better with dogs but people still make her a bit bonkers.

Across The Hall

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 2000


“My date is tonight and I can’t cook to save my life so I was hoping maybe you can cook something and I could pass it off as my own,” Harry says.

Y/N giggles, walking down her hallway and into the living room where she can see her door is wide open, she closes it and turns back to Harry. He’s looking at her with a hopeful look in his eyes and a charming smile that Y/N can’t deny.

“Of course, I mean you helped me move, it’s the least I can do” Y/N smiled, “what time is your date?”

“Seven,” Harry says.

Y/N places her lower lip in between her teeth and her hands on her hip as she thinks, “okay yeah, I can do that, is this like a I want to actually date you date or a tinder type thing?”


Y/N rolls her eyes and hold the door open, “I’ll do it, but I do not agree with your motives.”


Y/N is the girl across the hall who tries to help Harry find a girl to settle down with, but Harry wants Y/N so he sabotages all his dates.

Harry was the first to notice Y/N.

She was standing next to her moving truck, pulling her hair into a ponytail with the blue scrunchie wrapped around her wrist. She was cute-not the normal type Harry would go for-but he would still try. Y/N was cute, and somehow dressed modest on the hottest day of the year, a white t-shirt tucked into a pair of sky blue shorts and sneakers, Harry was sure he hadn’t seen a girl with as much clothing as she had on, and that spoke loads to his character and choice women.

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Moments. Chapter 11: Temptation

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here

(I’ve decided to put the prompts in the end from now on so it’s not like a spoiler or anything)

WARNING: This chapter as you can see in the name, deals with temptation, meaning that Sana will doubt her limits for a moment. I can promise you (even if this is a spoiler to the chapter) that nothing will happen between them because I respect Sana’s limits so much and I would never write something against those limits but I thought that she, as any girl in her situation, could doubt it for a moment but then choose not to act on those thoughts. I’ve written this with all my respect and I seriously hope that this doesn’t upset anyone in anyway. If you don’t want to read this chapter I’ll totally understand it. And I’m really really sorry if this upsets anyone. 

Also, this is set around two years after they get together.

Chapter 11: Temptation

She looked at her watch anticipating the moment. He was always the one giving her surprises but this time it was her turn.

Sana had finished classes earlier than expected and since her university was pretty close to Yousef’s work she had decided to give him a surprise and ask him to go to have lunch together, he was finishing in a few minutes anyway so he would be free soon.

She entered the kindergarten and looked around trying to find him. She spotted him in the back of the room circled by kids. She approached him but stopped behind two girls, one blonde and one brunette, who seemed about her age. They were standing there, a few meters from Yousef, and they were totally checking him out.

“How can he be so hot?” the blonde told her friend

“I know!! He’s so attractive”

“And the way he’s with kids? Like my little sister is always talking about him”

“Mine too! She’s always saying that her teacher Yousef is the best, and I mean I don’t blame her” the brunette said

“I love when my mom asks me to come and pick Emmelie from here because I mean, look at him” the blonde girl squealed

“Listen, I don’t even wait for my mom to ask me to come, I’m always offering to pick up Lea” the brunette chuckled

“Huh, I’m going to start to do that too”

“Have you ever talked to him, though?”

Ah, not really, like only “hi” and “have a good day” things like that. But he’s always so polite and cute and well, hot!”

“Same with me. Do you think he has a girlfriend?”

“I really hope not”

“Are you going to ask him out or something?”

“I might…he drives me crazy!”

Sana couldn’t bear to hear those things anymore. It was time she showed those girls who she was. She walked past them shoving the blonde’s shoulder slightly.

“Yousef” she called him with a lovely voice

He looked up and Sana could swear that his smiled lit up the room. He said something to the kids and started to walk towards her.

“What are you doing here?”

He leaned in to give her a kiss on her cheek. Sana took the chance and wrapped her arms around his neck to hug him catching him off guard. It wasn’t like Yousef was going to say no to a hug from Sana so he instantly wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer. She pulled apart after a moment resting her hands on his chest.

“I ended early and wanted to give you a surprise.” She said kissing his cheek “Want to have lunch together?”

“Uh, yes of course!” he said grinning

“Great!!” she said giving him another kiss on his other cheek

“Wow, what’s with you today?” he asked chuckling

“What? Can’t I be happy to see my boyfriend?” she said emphasizing the last word.

“Of course you can, babe” he said kissing her forehead “Okay, I’m out in ten minutes. Can you wait here?”

She nodded with a huge smile.

“See you in a bit boyfriend” she almost yelled.

She then turned around to look at the girls with a smug smile. The girls looked at her with a disgusted face, took their sisters hands and left the building without a word.

“Sana?” she heard Yousef calling

She turned around biting her lip, he was supposed to have gone.

“Did you scared those girls off?” he asked raising his eyebrow at her

“No” she frowned

“Wait a minute, is that why you were acting like that? You were trying to what? Mark your territory?”


He titled his head and glared at her

“They were calling you hot!” she whined

“Oh my god, this is the best day of my life. Sana Bakkoush is jealous” he said laughing

“No. I’m not jealous, I’m…protective”

“Sure you are” he chuckled “Okay Miss protective, I’m going to get my things and I’ll be back in a minute try not to kill any girl while I’m gone”

She rolled her eyes at him and crossed her arms on her chest. She wasn’t jealous but those girls need to know not to mess with her boyfriend.


“You have to come more often to the kindergarten, especially if there are girls there. You were really lovely with me” Yousef said a few hours later as they cuddled on Sana’s couch

“It wasn’t because of the girls” she said patting him on the chest.

He had his arm around her shoulder and she was resting her head on his chest.


“Seriously. Do you think I don’t want to be…you know…touchy…with you? ‘Cause I do, I just choose not to”

“That’s not what I meant” he said squeezing her shoulder

She didn’t say anything and looked at the floor

“Hey, look at me” he said

She looked up with her head still on his chest.

“I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant”

She nodded but kept looking at him. She took a moment to just focus on every inch of his face. She swallowed really hard, trying to keep her mind straight but him being so close wasn’t making it easy. She knew she should be backing off but instead she found herself pulling herself up leaning a little closer.

“Sana, what…”

He said but she wasn’t listening she was focusing on his lips, his beautiful lips. She moved a little closer, only a few inches were keeping them apart now.

“Sana” he warned her

She looked from his lips to his eyes and saw a mix of lust and concern which seemed contradictory but made total sense to her. She bit her lip and looked at his once more.

Then suddenly she shook her head, she couldn’t do it. She backed off abruptly and sat on the other side of the couch.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry I can’t, I just can’t” she said as she covered her face with her hands

“Sana, it’s okay. You don’t have to be sorry” he tried to calm her but she was already freaking out.

“I can’t, I can’t” she kept saying, tears rolling down her face and wetting her hands.

“Hey, hey, Sana” he stood up and walked to her, crouching in front of her. “Sana…”

He took her hands gently and pulled them away from her face.

“Sana, it’s okay”

“It’s…it’s not that I don’t want to kiss you…but I can’t…I made a promise to myself and I want to stick to it, I’m sorry…” she said between sobs

“Stop apologizing. I know your boundaries and I respect them, you know that. I’m not here for that stuff”

“But we’ve been dating for two years now and you…you will want to…and I won’t…and you will get tired of me. You will. You will find another girl who…who can give you what you want…like the girls from today”

“Wait. Is that what this is about? Those girls?”

“No, it’s not that…but it reminded me of this…”

“Sana I will never get tired of you okay? You are what I want, no one else”

“You don’t know that”

“Okay, that’s it. Come here” he said standing up and holding her hand.

She let him get her on her feet and guide her around her house till they reached the bathroom. Yousef opened the door, turned the light on and placed Sana in front of the mirror, him standing right behind her.

“Look at that mirror and tell me what you see” he said

“I see a girl who is a mess” she said sniffling.

“Okay, you want to know what I see?” he said looking at her eyes on the mirror. “I see the girl I love, I see the love of my life, I see my soulmate, I see the only girl I’ve ever wanted and the only girl I’ll ever want, I see the only person who can give me what I want and what I need and you want to know what that is? It’s her heart.” He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around to look at him “I don’t want anything else from you Sana, only your love, only your time, only your smile. That’s it. I will never, ever, get tired of you. I love you, just the way you are, with your limits, with your boundaries, with your faith, with your thoughts because that’s what makes you the girl you are, the girl I fell in love with and I wouldn’t change that girl for anything. So please, don’t ever think again that you’re not enough for me, because you’re everything to me. Understood?”

She looked at him still taken aback from what he had said and nodded.

“Good. Come here” he said pulling her into a hug

“You didn’t need to get that dramatic, this is not a Nicholas Sparks book” she mumbled against his chest

“Says the girl who’s crying” he chuckled.

He pulled away and wiped the tears from her face.

“I love you” he said looking at her tenderly

“I love you” she repeated.



“ Hey! I would really like to see some jealous Sana who marks her territory, like a girl starts flirting with Yousef and Sana, who’s relatively shy about their relationship, acts on it and says or does something… I don’t know if I’m explaining myself, sorry but English is not my first language. Hope you decide to write it!”

“ Hey I don’t know if this is something you could write in your multichapter or it’d be better on its own but could you maybe write about Sana going to Yousef’s place of work (the kindergarten) and seeing that a lot of women are gushing about him so she takes the matter into her hands to shut those women up (because she’s “just a bit” jealous…”

“I really want a prompt of yousana almost kissing/sex. I know u don’t want to write it, and I understand cuz I’m in the same place as Sana!! But just ignoring it is unrealistic, I often WANT to do stuff but CHOOSE not to. So I think a prompt of yousef or sana maybe getting a bit carried away and then remembering would be really great and relatable! I just mean, I want to see some lust!! You know? We shy, “ no sex before marriage” girls feel those burning feelings too we just don’t act on them.” 

This is it

I hope you’ve liked it and again I really really hope that this isn’t disrespectful in anyway because I promise that wasn’t my intention

Thanks for reading!!

Favourite bits from the Jyn featurette:

In the original story pitch that I did, I described Jyn Erso: team leader, female, Spartan-tough, battle-worn. A little cynical and jaded from everything she’s been through. She’s seen it all, and maybe that makes her seem callous to those who don’t really know her.

—John Knoll

Jyn is sort of the central figure in this team, but she’s sort of distanced herself from people. She’s a survivor.

—Kathleen Kennedy

A lot of it is about relationships between children and parents. Because of this, Jyn hates the Empire. So whenever Jyn sees stormtroopers, she just wants to annihilate them. 

—Felicity Jones

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tygermama  asked:

I've never told you how badly I want a 'Luke goes full 'The Jedi Abides' Big Lebowski AU' where he's walking around in his bathrobe (floral, in honor of Carrie) and talking about the best way to make a Blue Mandolorian (cause blue milk) and just so Done With This Shit. and then he takes Rey space bowling.

Imagine Rey coming back to Resistance HQ and trying to explain what the hell she walked into when she finally found The Great Mythical Luke Skywalker.

“So, did you find him? Is The Last of the Jedi going to help us?” “Um…no? I mean, maybe? I…he’s gotten really good at bowling.”

This is sort of a twist on my working theory that Anakin and Obi-Wan’s Force Ghosts DGAF anymore, and are laying around in a hammock feeding each other strawberries and pointedly ignoring the many blaring signs from The Force that Bad Shit Is Happening. Although technically both scenarios could co-exist, which might be the best possibility: Luke AND the Force Ghosts are just chilling out and mixing drinks. 

anonymous asked:

So, do you like Pepper Pots? She's never really mentioned in your stories so I was curious. I don't like her much because she wasn't around for a few films when Tony needed her but I wanted to know what you thought.

…. I don’t love Pepper

No, that’s not true. I love her as a background character? But I can’t really accept her as this whole amazing relationship that MCU pretended she and Tony had? I mean I swear every movie it seems like she’s threatening to quit or “can’t handle” tony anymore and that got old really quickly for me. But you know that’s just MCU forcing a romance where it doesn’t belong/is carried out awkwardly (cough. Bruce/Natasha. Cough Wanda/Vision)

So while the idea of pepper being a no nonsense assistant that loves tony and deals with his shenanigans is great fine… I just don’t have room in my fics for her as a main character. And since I write a lot of AUs or post CACW she just doesn’t fit in.

So in my stories she is just a background character if she is there at all

kingkuchiki  asked:

Fic Prompt! 5. “Why are you helping me?”. Wonder Woman & Batman :D. Maybe not fluffy but lighthearted? Thank you!

“Why are you helping me?” Bruce asked, slightly wincing from the pain in his ribs. Diana was kneeling beside him, rubbing some sort of medicine on him. It had a bitter smell to it and made his skin sting. Luckily, her hands were soft and it took the worst of the sting away. Though, Bruce knew that if it was anyone else applying the medicine–whether they had soft hands or not–it wouldn’t have the same effect. 

“You just your ass handed to you,” Diana answered, a smile playing on her lips. Bruce rolled his eyes. 

“So sparring with Clark didn’t go exactly as planned.” He shrugged, but that only made the pain worse. 

“He nearly sent you through the wall.” 

“He got carried away.” 

Diana laughed a melodic laugh that made Bruce smile. “Oh, it seems the great Batman doesn’t have a permanent scowl.” 

“It depends on who’s around,” he answered, his tone slightly teasing. 

“There,” she said, taking her hands off his skin. “That should help you heal right up.” 

Before Bruce could thank her, Clark entered the room. “I am so sorry, Bruce. I really didn’t mean to go that far.” 

Bruce was going to shrug but remembered how that hurt, so he just shook his head. “No apology necessary. Something good came out of it.” 

Request: Time

Request: You being Opie’s old lady and he gets jealous when another man pays you attention

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: violence

Originally posted by journeyslegend

You knew it wasn’t easy and you weren’t really trying to replace her. You were worried about the kids in the beginning, but Kenny and Ellie were okay with you dating their dad. Opie was the one who seemed to be still trying to adjust to have a new woman around. Donna’s death wasn’t recent, but you guessed it was different for him.

In the beginning it was good, he was lonely and was sweet to you, but now, just months later, he seemed distant. Your relationship was official now and you still hadn’t his crow, but already had the status and responsibilities of an old lady. Gemma Teller made sure of that.

You left the kids at school and drove to TM. The boys were preparing for another long run and the women were around to see them leave. You parked your car in the usual spot and saw Opie leaving the clubhouse behind Jax. He passed by you without any sign that he had saw you too. You took a deep breath and walked inside. He would come to say goodbye before leave, no worries.

“Hi Chuck”, you waved, walking to the bar.

“Hello Y/N”, Chuck smiled. Your friend immediately poured coffee for you, just what you needed. “I wasn’t expecting you here today”

“I have a day off work”, you took a sip of the coffee, knowing that Chuck was watching you close.

“Something wrong?”, he leaned on the counter, listening.

“I don’t know”, you sighed, looking at your cup. “I mean… Everything is great with the kids, but Ope… He seems different, distant. Do you think it might be these constant long runs lately?”

“Tired of the runs? Yes, could be”, Chuck gave you crooked smile. “Opie is a quiet guy mademoiselle, but he likes you, he really likes you”

“Oh Chucky, I hope so”, you tried to smile. “It’s pretty hard to compete with a ghost, you know”

First, you heard the heels and then, her voice. “Hi there sweetie”, Gemma greeted you. She was carrying a box. “Could you help me please? I need the other box, it’s on Clay’s office”

“Sure”, you handed Chuck you cup and rushed to help her. The box was on the floor and you leaned to catch it, listening a whistle behind you.

“Hello gorgeous”, you turned around and there was a man on the door. He had a leather kutte, but you never had seen him before.

“Excuse me”, you said, carrying the box and trying to leave.

“Why such a hurry?”, he grinned and it wasn’t charming at all.

“Gemma Teller is waiting for me”, you barked. “You don’t wanna get in trouble with her… Or my old man”

His eyes widened for a second before he stepped aside to let you leave the room. You ignored the feeling that he was staring at your ass and kept walking, stepping outside the clubhouse. The boys were seated around the table, smoking. Opie looked at you, but you didn’t gave him a second glance.

“Hey lass”, Chibs greeted.

“Hi”, you said, without stop walking. “Sorry, I have to help Gemma. Be back soon”

You could feel Opie’s eyes on you, but you didn’t dare to look over your shoulder. You loved him, but he kinda deserved the cold treatment.


“What is wrong with her?”, Jax asked, blowing out the smoke of his cigarette.

“I don’t know”, Opie creased his brow, looking as you walked to Gemma’s office, carefully carrying a box. That was different, you were always there, always loving, even when he pushed you away, as he was doing lately.

Opie liked you, he really did. You were beautiful, kind, sexy, great with the kids, good to everybody around the club… However, these thoughts and sometimes nightmares kept coming to his mind. You, covered in blood, laying on the floor, like Donna. He loved Donna, she was the mother of his kids and somehow he would always mourn her death, but it was easy when you were around. Life didn’t seem so bitter, he didn’t fell alone and that was the problem. You were getting under his skin and he was afraid.

“Hey Dany”, Jax said, making Opie look up. Dany was a new guy, a Nomad who was trying to transfer to Charming. Opie didn’t like him and his constant stupid smirk on his face.

“Hello”, the guy had a beer on his hand and sat on a stool, lightning a cigar. Opie saw him looking some place far, narrowing his eyes. “Who is the hottie? She just ignored me… Look at that!”

Dany whistled and Opie realized his brothers’ expressions, which made him turn around to see who the new guy was talking about. Y/N was walking back to the clubhouse, she just had left Gemma’s office and was hiding the eyes from the bright sun.

“What did you say?”, Opie got up fast, letting his chair fall behind him.

“Ope”, Jax warned, but he ignored, walking to Dany and feeling his blood boiling.

“She is my old lady”, Opie said between teeth before punch Dany right in the nose. He shouldn’t have, but he couldn’t control himself. The way Dany talked about you got him, nobody would look or talk about you like that.

Someone tried to held him, probably Jax, but Opie ignored, only stopping when he heard your voice.

“Opie!”, he turned around. Your cheeks were red and eyes wide, you looked scared.

“What the hell!?”, Dany cursed behind him as Tig and Juice helped him to get up. His nose was bleeding.

“She is his old lady”, Juice grimaced and Dany was pale, stuttering an apologize, but Opie wasn’t listening, he stormed inside the clubhouse. He lost control, he shouldn’t have…

“Opie!”, you were following him. “Opie, what happened?”

The boys were bringing Dany inside and Chuck ran to catch some ice. Opie groaned and grabbed your hand, heading to Clay’s office for a private talking.


“He was talking about you”, Opie said, closing the door behind him. “How hot you are”

“Wait”, you creased your brow. “So you beat him because you were jealous?”

“Yes”, Opie admitted, surprising you. That was something completely new.

“I really don’t get you Winston”, you blurted. You saw his confused expression, but you couldn’t help it, you were tired. “You had been practically ignoring me, we didn’t had sex in weeks and now you are all jealous? You care about me now?”

“Of course I care about you!”, he raised his voice and you lost it, doing the same.

“So why are you pushing me away!?”, you said between teeth, trying to control yourself, not to cry in front of him. “You are such an idiot Winston!”

You didn’t have time to think, Opie crossed the distance between you with two steps and easily lifted you in his arms, crushing his lips on yours. Instinctively, you wrapped your legs around him and your arms around his neck as Opie carried you to the desk. He threw the things over it on the floor and settled you there, still kissing you.

His grip was tight on your hips and you loved it. You loved it when he lifted you, carried you like that and hovered over you. You felt wanted, loved, safe… You moaned on his lips as he pressed you against him, not leaving any space between you two.

“Because I love you”, he pulled back, surprising you.

“You love me?”, you looked up at him, blinking a few times. You had waited all that time to hear those words, but now you didn’t know what to say.

“Yes”, he admitted. “And I’m afraid of lose you too. That is why I have been trying to push you away. I know you are good with the kids, but… We can’t bare another lost”

“You are not gonna lose me, Ope”, you cupped his face, enjoying his beard tickling your palms.

“How can you be so sure?”, he was giving up, finally letting you in, showing all the demons inside his mind.

“Because I love you too”, you smiled and his eyes widened, locking with yours. “I love you, I love the kids and what we have. Don’t push me away Opie”

“No, not anymore”, he muttered, hiding his face on your neck. You closed your eyes, feeling his lips on your skin. His hands slid down your shirt, making you shudder.

“Opie”, you whispered. He walked back to the door and locked it. You swallowed when he took off his shirt, walking back to you.

“We have time”, he smiled and you welcomed him in your arms. Yes, all the time in the world.

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Boardwalk Parade

This one is fluffy as hell.

Based off an idea I’ve seen floating around about the possible plot of “Steven Floats”. It could be him getting a new power … or it could be something that is fluffy as hell and is Conniverse as hell as well.

Pairing: Steven/Connie

He told her to meet him before the Boardwalk Parade and she had eagerly accepted. He was supposed to be on the float for his dad’s car wash again but he had wanted her to stop by before the parade and see him. She had gone to the side of the street across from Danny’s and waited. The sun had just barely started coming up when she had arrived. The sky was starting to turn a bright purple as the sun peeked over the horizon, the purples giving way to pinks and oranges in moments.

She looked around, wondering when Steven would get there. The parade didn’t start until later, but he did say for her to arrive as early as she could, and this was definitely early.

She couldn’t help but admit that she was nervous. She didn’t know why he wanted to meet her here, but at the same time, she knew she could trust that whatever he was planning had to be adorable.

A bright, pink glow distracted her from staring out at Danny’s. She turned and looked down the street with a smile. Steven was walking down the street carrying a pink glow bracelet, much like the one she had lost three years before, only for Steven to bring it to her a year later. Had she really known him that long?

He grinned and blushed, walking over to her.

“Hey, Connie,” he smiled. “I uh … I thought you might like another one of these,” he stammered, handing her over the glow bracelet. “I mean, ah why is this so hard?” he groaned.

Connie smiled and slipped on the bracelet. She looked up at Steven who chuckled nervously.

“I love it,” she smiled.

“Great! Great! I mean, I didn’t just want you to come out here early for the glow bracelet … I just don’t know how to say … Gah!” He groaned.

She smiled and moved in closer to him. The pink glow of the bracelet illuminated the couple as they stood on the sidewalk.  She looked into his eyes, causing him to blush even deeper.

“I think I know what you were going to say,” Connie smiled.

“Y-yeah?” Steven stammered.

“To be honest, I was pretty excited to come today because I wanted to tell you what I think you were wanting to tell me. I’ve wanted to say it for a while now … I almost told you on your birthday but then you went from fourteen to a year old in under a minute so I never told you,” she chuckled.

His heart pounded. He was inches away from Connie now. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pressed her forehead against his.

“Wh-what were you going to say?” he whispered.

“Just don’t turn into a baby this time,” she chuckled. “But … I think I’m in love with you,” she whispered finally.

Steven smiled and held her close. They looked into each other eyes.

“I think I’m in love with you too, Connie,” he whispered.

They leaned in for a kiss.

“Hey Steven! Where do you want me to put these fake bubbles?” They heard a familiar, nasily voice ask.

Steven groaned until he heard another voice answer back.

“Uh … come with me, Peridot. I’ll show you where they’re supposed to go.”

Dad to the rescue, Steven thought as he looked back at Connie who giggled before she placed a kiss on his cheek.

“I should probably let you get ready for the parade but …” she bit her lip. “Maybe we could meet up after?”

Steven blushed furiously and nodded with a smile. Connie squeezed his hand before running off to find her parents. He watched as she ran off, excitement running through him as he walked back to the float where his smiling father and confused Peridot were waiting for him.

He couldn’t wait until the parade was over.

yes but

clarphy being bros next episode



“really you guys arent together yet smh” 


“I just dealt with COL ho nah bro nah” 


“don’t touch my smol child clarke or i will fight”

Such A Pain With Rain

Chris Evans x Reader

Request: Hello there :) I wanted to ask you if you could do a one-shot for me: Chris and the reader are out for their first date, it starts to rain during their date. The reader makes fun of him bc he didn’t check the weather forecast.fluff end?:) thank you 

Genre: Romance, Humor, Fluff

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Fluff

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Admin Lovebug


 ~Your POV~

Rain. Just, ugh. My dress was soaked, my wet feet were sliding out of my sandals, my hair looked like a drowned rat and my mascara was probably running down my cheeks. And this meatball, what an idiot. Let’s have a picnic, he said. It really was a great first date idea. But the jerk didn’t even check the forecast. I had met Chris through some friends. We had all met up at a bar one night and we were the only single two people in the group. I’m not sure if our friends planned it this way, but we hit it off and spent most of the evening spending time together and talking. We exchanged numbers and starting texting each other the next day. We had made plans to get together the following weekend, with Chris having the idea of doing a picnic at the beach. I started getting ready about two hours before Chris was to pick me up. I just wasn’t happy with how my hair or makeup looked. I wanted everything to be perfect. I wore a light blue sundress with some casual white sandals. I decided to wear my hair up in a messy bun, with some curly tendrils hanging down the side. Light makeup included just a little eyeliner to accentuate my green eyes, some mascara and a little lip gloss, I was trying to go with a more natural look. Chris, being the gentleman that he was, arrived about 5 minutes early. He knocked on my door and when I opened it, he extended arm to walk me down my front path to his car. We drove to the lake in his convertible, top down, sun shining down on us. We talked and laughed on the drive to the lake, never once seeing any indication of the impending weather. We parked in the lot near the shore and grabbed the blanket and basket that was tucked away in the truck. We proceeded to take a slow walk down to the beach. When we got to a spot that seemed to meet his approval, he took the blanket from me and spread it out on the warm sand. We kept up the conversation as we got the food out of the basket and as we ate. Once we were done, we packed everything up and sat and watched the boats sail by, and the incoming waves, still talking. Time seemed to fly by, and I noticed it start to get darker and darker. I gazed out to the water and noticed that there were fewer and fewer boats out on the water. Just as I looked over at Chris with a little bit of concern, I felt the first drops of water. Within seconds, it was full fledged downpour. We scrambled to gather the picnic things and rushed back to the car. Luckily, Chris had put the top up prior to our beach excursion.

 ~Chris’ POV~

Really!?! I mean, come one. Why of all days, did it have to rain today. I met this amazing girl, wanted to have an amazing first date with her, and this is what I get. I’m an idiot for not checking the weather first. I met Y/N when we were out with mutual friends. I was instantly drawn to her and we carried on a great conversation. So great, I wanted to have more. We exchanged numbers and kept in touch. I was nervous asking her out, but she amazingly said yes. I suggested a picnic at the beach. I mean, what could be a more romantic first date? I was ready to go about 3 hours before I even needed to leave. I ran through everything a thousand times. I had the blanket, basket filled with goodies, drinks, everything needed. I really liked this girl and I wanted everything to be perfect. I got a major case of butterflies when I showed up at her door. She looked so beautiful when she answered. Here I was, a schmuck in jeans and t-shirt and she was looking amazing in this cute blue dress. I gave her my arm and led her to the car, opening the passenger door for her. I ran around to my side of the car and away we went. Once the initial nervousness wore off, we got along great. We kept up our conversation and laughs, from the time we got to the beach, while we ate and even when we were just people watching. Soon though, it started getting dark. Before I could even look at my watch, I felt it, those first few drops of rain. Y/N and I looked at each other, grabbed the picnic stuff and made a mad dash for the car.


The two of you didn’t say much on the drive back to your place. In fact, you didn’t say anything until you had pulled into your driveway.

 "Well, that was fun", you said rather sarcastically. 

 "Oh my god, I am so sorry. I had no idea that was going to happen.“

 "Kinda noticed. Your cute, I think I can forgive you. Would you like to come in, dry off, maybe have some coffee or tea?”

 "That would be great. That should give me plenty of time to apologize and get up the nerve to ask you out again.“

 "I’ll go out with you again, but this time, I’m making plans.” You said with a grin.


anonymous asked:

Okay but didnt I say, there isn't a songwriter like Gwen Stefani! Meaning there isn't others to compare her too! There are many great writers but they don't write as autobiographical as Gwen & they haven't carried a theme for 20 years & they haven't sung on those songs & have it become hits. It's really rare. We literally quote Gwen's lyrics as answers, she acknowledge that there's a bond w her & her fans cause they know her story. & at heart Gwen's music is her story, it's Musical material.

So true! No one like her.

- B

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I'm sorry i know you didn't plan out the monster au thoroughly but i really really want to kno how shitty living in the Haus worked. Like, he can't go down stairs, so did jack Carry him down every day? How did sharing a bathroom with Jack work, when he's a horse. How do bathrooms in general work for him, pls tell me he doesn't shit on hiking paths. Did he not share a bathroom w jack, in which case how does Lardo get her dibs? Can he even use a bed? how will he throw himself onto Jack's bed?

For the Monster Haus AU.

Okay there are like 8 variations of this question in my inbox and I guess it’s time I sort of addressed them. But first I need to just say that this is an amazing and very single minded fandom, and you all are dying to know how Shitty lives in the Haus and yet I have not received one single question about how he plays hockey. Ice Hockey. As a a Centaur. You are all incredible God bless.

BUT OKAY Shitty the Centaur and Living In The Haus. Now this AU follows canon pretty closely, but there’s going to be some differences, and a big one is that Shitty does not live on the second floor on the Haus. No, Shitty lives in a shed-turned-stable out back. He is a horse so he mostly sleeps standing up, but occasionally has been known to collapse on his hay because why the fuck not? He never shared a bathroom with Jack, and instead a currently unnamed member of the team lived in the room across from Jack and Bitty. 

Lardo was given her dibs by said unnamed member. He said it was because she was such a great manager and worked so hard. In reality, Johnson just kind of kept telling him it would be a good idea. “I mean, I think you should do it. You never know what could go wrong if you don’t, you know? Haha.” He was really unsettled. 

Shitty absolutely still climbs the stairs at least once a week and throws himself on Jack’s bed. He would be worried about it breaking, but Jack is a Frost Giant anyway so it’s pretty sturdy. Jack has to carry him back downstairs every single time. 

I have no answers for the bathroom question man, just let it go. 

Bonus: Shitty tried to offer his dibs to Nursey when he left. His dibs being his stable. Nursey was very flattered but very much did not want to sleep in a stable and it took him a week to figure out how to tell Shitty. Dex spent the entire week picking up Nursey’s things and telling him where it would look best in his stall. “I’m just really happy for you man. You’ve really found your place.” “I’m gonna roll your head down the basement stairs.”

A Proper Proposal


(This is the Bill’s Knight story continuation) (Teen!Dipper) 

A Proper Proposal

                It had only been a day since Bill had tried to trick Dipper into casting that binding spell and already Bill was kneeling in front of him with a gold ring. “Will you, Pine Tree Pines, marry me, Bill Cipher?” the demon asked looking entirely too smug for a triangle kneeling on the shack’s porch.

                “No,” was all Dipper said before slamming the door shut. It looked like he wasn’t going outside today.


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Teen Wolf: Stiles/Reader

I was wondering if you could do a stiles one where the reader has been best friends with Scott and Stiles for a while and one day they went to a party and someone slipped something in her drink so they take her home cause she’s all loopy & Stiles is ranting about how he’ll kill whoever did this and Scott says ‘stiles calm down’ and when she hears his name she’s like, you guys know stiles and then she confesses about how much she really loves him. Thanks it’d mean the world, I love this blog

Can I have a stiles one where the reader is best friends with Scott and stiles & stiles had a crush on her. One day when a dance or something is coming close stiles was about to ask her to it but finds out Greenberg beat him to it so for the next few days stiles nods along to coaches insults towards Greenberg and sends Scott to find out more info on the two of them and there’s like fluff at the end. Thanks:)

 Author: Queen of Geeks

(Hope you like it!)

The usual buzz of chatter in Beacon Hills High grew more excited as the autumn dance was quickly approaching. Everyone was looking forward to dancing and buying dresses with friends while the committee was getting everything sorted. And one of the people getting things ready was Lydia. And she ended up getting me to help her. Mainly due to the fact that she drove me and from school. I didn’t mind it though. Lydia knew what she was doing. She threw the best parties so it seemed right for her to be in charge.

As I carried in a box of leaves that were going to be used for decoration, Lydia pointed to an empty table. I nodded and made my way to the table. While I opened the box and pulled out the leaves, Jake Greenberg walked over to me with a small smile on his face. I smiled back politely.

“Hey,” I said placing a pile of golden leaves on the table.

“Hey, so, are you going to the dance?” He asked.

“Yes I am,” I grinned. “I have to my awesome work, don’t I?” Greenberg laughed.

“Okay. Uh, are you going with anyone? Because if you aren’t, maybe we could go together?” He suggested. I smiled at him.

“Yeah, that sounds fun actually. I’d like that.” I told him.

“Cool, I’ve got to go help. Maybe we can talk about this later?”

“Okay. I’ll see you later.” I said as he walked away.

Once we had finished up for the day, Lydia drove me home. Thankfully we only lived next door to each other so it wasn’t an inconvenience for her to drive me. On the way back, we talked about things we needed to do for the dance. Well, Lydia was. She rambled on about what needed to be finished and how we have to hurry. Thankfully, she was able to work with her thoughts after dropping me off.

However, the next morning was the same. She told me about everything that needed to be done after school. And that meant skipping lacrosse practice. Not that I played it or anything. I just watched from the bleachers and hang out with Scott and Stiles.

As soon as the car stopped and we got out, Lydia changed the conversation.

“What were you and Greenberg talking about?” Lydia questioned.

“He was asking if I had a date to the dance.” I told her. “Why?”

“Well, what did you say?” She pried.

“I said yes.” I told her.

“To what?” Stiles asked overhearing our conversation. I looked at him and smiled.

“I said yes to going to the dance with Greenberg.” I answered.


“Because I can. Is there anything wrong with that?” I crossed my arms.

“No, there isn’t. I’ll see you later.” He said before leaving. I turned to Lydia who shrugged her shoulders and then the bell rang. I told Lydia I’d see her later before going to class.

Near the end of the day, I went to my final class: gym. After dressing out, I waited in the gym with my classmates. Gym was one of the classes I had with Scott and Stiles so I stood with them both. While we waited for the others, I began talking to Scott and Stiles.

“So, are you two going to the dance?” I asked.

“Yeah, I don’t have work that night.” Scott replied.

“Might as well.” Stiles added. I smiled at Stiles. During English, Lydia told me that she saw me going to the dance with Stiles. I sort of understood why, but Greenberg asked me first.

“Greenberg! Hurry up!” Coach yelled as Greenberg came out of the locker rooms. He wasn’t the last one though and I sighed.

“You better hope that he isn’t late when he picks you up.” Stiles shook his head. I shot him a look.

“Really Stiles? That was unnecessary.” I told him. “What’s been with you?”


“Really? You’ve been ignoring me all day.” Which was true.  I tried talking to him in maths but he wouldn’t listen.

“Why don’t you go talk to Greenberg?”

“Fine!” I snapped before turning and walking over to Greenberg.

After class, I quickly dressed back into my regular clothes and waited outside for Scott. Thankfully he left the locker room by himself and I gave him a smile.

“Hey, can I talk to you about something?” I asked him.

“Yeah, what’s up?” Scott asked adjusting the strap of his bag on his shoulder.

“What’s up with Stiles?”

“He’s just annoyed that you’re going to the dance with Greenberg.”

“Why? It’s not like he wanted to- oh.” My shoulders dropped when I realised. “Well, he should’ve asked me then. How was I meant to know?” I sighed and pinched my nose. “Thanks, Scott. I’ll see you later.” I smiled at him before leaving to find Lydia.


I finished pinning the last part of my hair in place and checked my phone. Jake had texted me saying that he was nearby and I smiled. Lydia had come over to get ready but left for the dance already. Thankfully, Jake arrived on time and we made our way to the dance. I was wearing a light orange colour since it matched the season. It went to my knees and there were light sleeves on it made of lace.

However, I stopped when I saw Stiles at the dance. My heart began beating more quickly and I hid my face when he looked at me. I turned and walked towards the dancefloor with Jake. The two of started dancing with our classmates and I saw Stiles at the edge of the dancefloor. He was standing by himself and he saw me looking.

“One second,” I yelled to Jake over the music. He nodded and I made my way through the crowds. I smiled at him.

“Hey, so, you look nice.” I told him.

“Thanks. You look really good too.” Stiles nodded. I smiled and my heart beat grew quicker. “You should join Greenberg.”

“Yeah. I should. Maybe we can hang out later?” I asked.

“Sounds good.” He smiled and I grinned before turning around. Jake was behind me and there were cups in his hands.

“Here, I got you some punch.” Greenberg told me.

“Oh, thanks.” I took the cup and took a sip. The punch was sweet and it tasted good surprisingly. “Do you want to sit down?” I asked. He nodded and we both walked over to one of the empty tables and sat down. Since it was one of the first dances of the school year, most of the school was attending. People were passing by all the tables and there were smiles on everyone’s faces.

“I’ll be back in a second.” Greenberg told me. I watched as he walked away. And then Lydia came and sat next to me. I put my cup down on the table and smiled.

“Your hair looks really good!” She smiled.

“Thanks, you look amazing as usual.” I said complimenting her outfit.

“So, how’s the date?”

“It’s okay. I mean, we just got here.” I told her. “But the gym looks good. We did a great job.” I gave her a high five before picking up my drink. I took a sip and carried on talking to Lydia. However, I beginning to feel drowsy. I put a hand to my head and looked around. Things looked a little cloudy but I shook my head.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” Lydia asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I stood up and wobbled. I nearly fell when someone grabbed my arms to keep me upright. Stiles.

Lydia grabbed my cup and looked inside it.

“I think someone slipped something into her drink.” I heard Lydia say. Then things began going black and I could feel Stiles holding on to me tighter.

I opened my eyes and saw I was in a car and everything was going by to quickly making my head spin.

“Stiles, is she okay?” Lydia asked.

“Stiles?” I looked and saw Stiles who had an arm around my waist. A droopy smile formed on my lips. “You know what? I really, really like you Stiles. Like love you!” I mumbled. I think I saw a smile on his lips before things went black again. Then I opened my eyes and saw I was in my bedroom. There was snoring and I turned my head to see Stiles sitting in my desk chair.

Pushing myself up into a sitting positon, nausea washed over me heavily. I managed to get to my feet and force my way into my bathroom and over the toilet before emptying the contents of my stomach. My hair began falling off my shoulders as if someone had taken out the pins. Someone’s cold hands pulled them away and I looked up.

“You okay?” I looked at Stiles who had a concerned look on his face.

“I feel like crap.” I told him. “What happened?”

“Oh you know, the dance, you drank some type of drug, you told me you love me, and now we’re here.”

“What?” I asked sitting on the cold tiled floor. Stiles sat with me.

“You told me.” Stiles held out his hands and I took them as he pulled me up.

“I need to get changed.” I grabbed some pyjamas and got changed in my bathroom while Stiles sat in my bedroom. Quickly brushing my teeth, I looked at myself in the mirror. I’ve definitely had better days. As I left the bathroom, I saw Stiles sitting on my desk chair.

“So…” I sat on my bed and Stiles sat with me. “I guess we need to address something I said?”

“We should do that later. You look like you need some sleep.”

“Yeah,” I chuckled. “I do. Will you stay with me? Please?” I asked wearily. Stiles nodded and I realised that he had changed into sweats and a t-shirt. Lydia probably brought them for him but I was too tired to ask. Instead, I lay down and Stiles lay down next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and I lay my head on his chest.

“We’ll talk about this tomorrow.” He yawned.

“Thanks Stiles.” I smiled.

“I love you too.”

Top 12 Bleach characters I would like to have as students

As requested by anon. :)

For those of you unaware, I am a grad student who teaches. So now it time for me to reveal which 12 Bleach characters I would most enjoy having as my students!

#12: Sasakibe

I assume, of course, that Sasakibe the student would show the sort of devotion to his studies that canon Sasakibe shows to his commander.

Sasakibe: H-here is my homework…

BLG: Um are you okay? You seem pale.

Sasakibe: Pretty sure my appendix just burst. Wanted to turn in my homework anyway, though.

Sasakibe: I mostly crawled to school. 


#11: Komamura

Friendly and kind students who like to help their fellow students are wonderful to have in class. I think Komamura would be one of those students.

Komamura: You appear to be doing that problem incorrectly!

Komamura: Allow me to help!

#10: Kaien

Kaien and Ulquiorra were both obsessed with the heart; the difference is, whereas Ulquiorra just kept asking what the heart was, Kaien had a ready answer. Which means that Kaien is a guy who understands metaphors! I bet he’d write great essays.

Kaien: Here is my paper about how Romeo and Juliet basically survived because their friends survived to preserve their hearts.


BLG: Um okay

#9: Ishida

To be honest, I hesitate to include any of Ichigo’s gang because, well, they leave class a lot. Suddenly and without explanation. That would drive me crazy. But still, Ishida would make a damn good student. Smart, responsible, dedicated, probably better at German than me…

Ishida: Definitely better.


BLG: No being snarky with your teacher.

#8: Hitsugaya

Hitsugaya is also a hardworking guy, which as you may have figured out is a quality I treasure in my students. Although I would be a little afraid of Hitsugaya, given that I’m kinda bad at names and he takes that very seriously.

BLG: Yes, Captain um………..shit!

Hitsugaya: It’s okay at least you got the important part.

#7: Iba

Iba cares a lot about being well-rounded, which means that he works hard at everything. That’s pretty cool! It means that even if my class wasn’t his *highest* priority, he’d still devote attention to it.

Iba: Your class is my fifth priority, after drinking.


Iba: Too honest?

#6: Hisagi

Hisagi isn’t just a hard worker; he’s also really earnest about it. A big dork, really. He’d probably be fun as a student.

BLG: So what did you get, um…..


Hisagi: You can’t remember my name because you can’t stop thinking of my as ‘69 Guy’, right?


#5: Hinamori

Hinamori is smart and genuinely likes reading and she works really hard. Plus, she cares a lot about doing the best she can for authority figures. N-not that she’d become obsessed with me like she did with Aizen, but I think she’d at least take my words seriously.

BLG: You did the optional reading???

Hinamori: Is that weird?

#4: Nanao

Nanao is so organized! I assume. Mostly because she carries that folder around. But organized is a great trait for a student to have. I mean, I bet she’d outline her papers before writing them, and maybe even write a couple of drafts. And she’d care a lot about the work! I assume.

Nanao: Can you look at my paper outline?



BLG: I mean 'yes.’

#3: Rukia

Rukia ended up in the non-accelerated shinigami class, but that only made her work twice as hard. Now she’s a lieutenant with bankai, who trains teenagers on her free days. And although smart is good, I like students who just work really hard the best.

BLG: N-not that you’re not smart!


Rukia: The awkwardness is palpable. 

#2: Grimmjow

…………..a weird one, maybe. But I’m assuming that in my class is some human analogue of Grimmjow, not espada Grimmjow ripped from Bleach and plopped down into a classroom. Because if that happened, I would pull the fire alarm and run. But see, what I like about Grimmjow is how persistent he is. If he doesn’t get something right away, he just works at it and works at it until he gets it, getting help when he needs it. Now, in Bleach he uses that tendency for the rather horrifying goal of “killing Ichigo,” but I’m assuming that student Grimmjow will just keep doggedly coming to office hours until he understands.

Grimmjow: I still don’t get it.

BLG: Um these aren’t my office hours?

Grimmjow: Yeah but I’m here.

#1: Renji

One of the most horrifying experiences a TA can face (aside from “powerpoint doesn’t work” or “sudden mind blank”) is when you ask the class a question, and there is….ringing silence. Suddenly you wonder, “Was that question too hard? Was it too easy and they are being silent in protest? Am I so boring that they literally all zoned out? Am I terrible teacher? Maybe a terrible person? Did I just imagine that I asked the question?” And so on. All you want is for somebody to talk! And that guy would be Renji. He volunteered information in a classroom. In canon! With his eager little face. I want him in my classroom.

BLG: But um maybe don’t actually interrupt my lectures. I lose my place easily.

Renji: You’re cramping my style.

Made 5/10/16

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Cath is a Simon Snow fan.

Okay, the whole world is a Simon Snow fan…

But for Cath, being a fan is her life—and she’s really good at it. She and her twin sister, Wren, ensconced themselves in the Simon Snow series when they were just kids; it’s what got them through their mother leaving.

Reading. Rereading. Hanging out in Simon Snow forums, writing Simon Snow fan fiction, dressing up like the characters for every movie premiere.

Cath’s sister has mostly grown away from fandom, but Cath can’t let go. She doesn’t want to.

Now that they’re going to college, Wren has told Cath she doesn’t want to be roommates. Cath is on her own, completely outside of her comfort zone. She’s got a surly roommate with a charming, always-around boyfriend, a fiction-writing professor who thinks fan fiction is the end of the civilized world, a handsome classmate who only wants to talk about words… And she can’t stop worrying about her dad, who’s loving and fragile and has never really been alone.

For Cath, the question is: Can she do this?

Can she make it without Wren holding her hand? Is she ready to start living her own life? Writing her own stories?

And does she even want to move on if it means leaving Simon Snow behind?  - Goodreads

Ahhhhh Fangirl.  How I love you so.  This book was my intro to Rainbow Rowell - such a great book and author!  

Yes, I’m over 30.  

Yes, I read YA.  

Yes, I’m a Fangirl. 

I have NOT read Carry On yet, which is crazy.  I know.  I’ll get to it!  My TBR pile is like all of yours, I’m sure.  TOO LONG.  Thanks fellow Booklrs for all of the reblog love.  Means a lot to me ❤️

One Of The Crew Part 3 - Requested (Michael)

This was requested by no-good-ideas  katiekinz4ever and a few anon, Part 1 and Part 2, ENJOY!!!

‘(Y/N), Marcie your both on side stage until we fill those gaps’ Justin calls over to you, you nod a little, then he winks a smug smirk tugging his lips and you frown glancing to Marcie who is blushing slightly, ‘What was that?’ you ask as you both turn to head to your station for the day. ‘What, what was what, nothing erm..’ she stumbles on her words. ‘Winking Justin, who said your name right?’ you ask shocked. ‘Oh that yeah…nothing, I mean…maybe I…’ you look to her as you walk, bumping shoulders with someone as you do, you spin a little, ‘Sorry’ you call before seeing the red hair.

Michael turns to you a smile on his face, ‘No problem’ he nods as though your complete strangers, ‘Hey’ you smile with a little wave stepping forward so your closer, ‘Hi’ he smiles again glancing away, ‘So how have you been I haven’t seen mu…’ he cuts you off looking around ‘I gotta go’ he tells you, you nod a little stepping back so your shoulder is against Marcie’s and he walks away.

‘Wow, what was that?’ she asks and you shrug, ‘Who knows’ you turn and carry on walking, Marcie rushes to catch up at your new found speed, you take a deep breath ‘So back to Justin?’ you asks smile a little, ‘Iwentbacktohisafterthepartylastnightandwehadsex’ she rushes, you just about manage to follow, freezing mid step, she carries on walking and you hear her laugh a little. You rush to catch her up.

‘What the fuck? Seriously? Justin….ew, I mean ew right? Or was it…’ you pull a face as she looks over to you and she knows what you mean laughing a little, ‘Yeah, it was good…great actually, I think the experience really does it for me….I mean he was…talented’ she explain making you laugh. ‘Your know I don’t actually think I want to know’ you frown a little thinking about Justin being the same age as your dad and shake your head making Marcie laugh.

‘HEY!’ you hear someone behind you yell as you jog up the stairs to the stage, you take no notice focusing on the job at hand until Marcie hits your side, ‘That’s you’ she tells you, you nod turning around and she goes on, you see Luke wave a little and you jog back down the stairs and over to him.

‘Hey, everything okay?’ you asks, you haven’t really spoke to Luke much, mainly on nights out with everyone or if you were on a break and he was free he would ask how you day was going. ‘Yeah…no, it’s not work, do you have a minute?’ he asks, ‘I’m actually meant to be checking the stage’ you tell him pointing a thumb over your shoulder towards the stairs. He shakes his head, placing a hand on you shoulder and walking by your side he leads you over to a big black box probably holding some very expensive equipment, ‘Don’t worry, if you get in trouble I will say it my fault’ he winks sitting n the box and you follow his lead.

‘It’s just….its Michael…well not Michael but I know your close. Erm how are things with Logan? That’s his name right..Logan?’ he asks, you frown a little but nod, ‘Yeah it fine’ you shrug; when he doesn’t speak you look away from his eyes out to watch all the busy people rushing around. ‘Really?’ he asks. ‘Luke this really isn’t any of your business’ you tell him carefully and he nods. ‘I know…I just have to know’ he tells you and you know he means he is asking for Michael.

‘It’s weird…everything is great, Logan is being really nice…I mean like really nice…he is a better boyfriend that he ever was but…but something’s changed, I don’t feel…it’s not there anymore. Last year tour was hard, you know being away from him…but this year it’s easy…I don’t…I don’t really care’ you explain sighing, ‘I dunno why I’m telling you this…please don’t tell Michael’ you tell him looking him right in the eye now and he nods.

‘Maybe you love someone else’ he tells you and you laugh slightly ‘Michael?’ you ask, knowing where he was heading and he shrugs, ‘I’m just saying, those few weeks you guys spent together before tour…I’ve never seen him that happy’ he tells you, the pair of you sitting in silence, ‘I will let you get back to work’ he tells you as he pushes himself off the box and walks away.


After working over your lunch break to help Justin out with the lack of staff he allowed you to take a break now while everyone was back at work, you knew there wouldn’t be any descent food left in the break area so you head out of the back and round to the stairs. No one is ever around, and they are too steep to work on so you know they will be free and you won’t be in the way. As you turn the corner you idle walk slows to a slow when you see Michael sitting in the middle of the stairs on his phone.

‘Hey’ you speak, after living with him for three week you had hardly spoke, you text him in the three months between leaving and tour starting again but he was short over text and never wanted to hang out, you go the message loud and clear and stopped trying when tour started, you had tried to start casual conversation in the first month of tour but he didn’t want it and your hate to admit it but when he notices you he stands and your heart drops. ‘Hey, all yours’ he tells you walking towards you, you let him walk past before spinning around.

‘Michael what’s wrong?’ you asks, he frown shaking his head as he looks back to you, but he quickly looks down to his phone, ‘Nothing, gotta get back in there’ he tells you glancing up for only a second like you no-one. ‘Michael quit ignoring me’ you snap quickly walking over and pulling the phone from his hand. His eye flick up to yours, you see he is about to argue before he breath out ‘I have nothing to say’ you shrugs.

‘That’s bull, that bull and we both know it…I don’t get you Michael, took me in for three weeks, we lived together, we were together practically 24/7 and then you cut everything… you can’t even send a text?’ you asks.

‘I’m not gonna do this with you’ he shakes his head a little reaching out for his phone which you pull back out of reach. ‘Do what?’ you asks, ‘THIS’ he snaps. ‘You went back to him okay…you didn’t ned me anymore (Y/N), so yeah I cut you off because I didn’t want to get hurt by knowing you chose that…that…him over yourself…over me’ he tells you, your can feel the tension, the emotion in his tone.

‘You told me to leave…you told me to give him another chance. You think I would have gone back, you think that I didn’t want to stay wrapped up in your house with you? Then you’re wrong Michael and you’re a bigger idiot than I thought’ you snap at him, you watch his swallow hard.

‘I wouldn’t have gone back…I would have stayed with you, god Michael I wanted to stay with you but you told me…you told me to leave’ you are crying now, crying over Michael and you shake your head wiping your eyes quickly. Holding out his phone when he doesn’t speak, ‘Just go’ you shrug, he takes his phone but stays watching you. ‘Leave me alone Michael, your good at it’ you snap and he turns quickly walking around the corner.



I’ve never had this feeling before but as a read over the message again I can’t help the smile that forces its self on my face, I’m out of the chair quickly then I realised my body could move and I can feel the smug grin taking over my face as I move quickly past backstage staff.

‘Oi, happy where you going?’ Luke calls, I turn my head a little to see him with a knowing smirk on his lips and I slow down for a second as he jogs over, ‘(Y/N) text’ I tell him and he nods, ‘You mean the newly single (Y/N)?’ he asks and I laugh a little.

‘How did you know?’ I ask and he shrugs, ‘People talk. Go get her man…I’m fed up of seeing you walk around like a sulky kid the last few days’ he tells me and I nod, ‘Yeah…it got a little messy’ I tell him, he knew my bad mood was over (Y/N) since we had the argument the other day but I hadn’t told him about it. ‘I don’t care, just fill me in on what happens now’ he tells me and I laugh, ‘Wish me luck’ I call jogging backwards a little, ‘I don’t think you need it’ he calls making me laugh as I rush for the door.

Part 4

From Chelsea

Rules and Regulations (of the heart) (1/5)

Summary: AU. Skye didn’t want to be an executive assistant but when you’re an executive assistant to your one night stand, that has to change things, right?
Rated M. Word count: 3.5k+
A/N: This was from the prompt: one night stand before your first day of your new job and oops that was your new boss you were sleeping with AU…but clearly it spiraled out of control. 

Skye knew that this was a bad idea. It was the worst idea that her roommate could have concocted the night before her first day of work.

But who could refuse free drinks and a celebration?

“Two whiskeys!” Ward practically yelled in excitement as he slapped his credit card down onto the bar. Poor bartender had been startled before he simply took the card and grabbed the two whiskeys.

“What if I didn’t want whiskey?” Skye asked as she leaned towards the bartender with a charming smile. “Could I get a tequila shot instead?”

Ward looked aghast at Skye before turning back to the bartender. “Nope, two whiskeys for me and a tequila shot for her. Me and you—”

“Mike,” the bartender supplied with confusion as he reached for the whiskey.

“Me and Mike! Will be having the whiskeys!” Ward said with a bright smile. He threw a wink at the bartender before turning to look at the dance floor.

Skye gave an apologetic look at Mike before whispering, “He thinks he is everyone’s type. Just ignore him if he starts hitting on you.”

“I’ll keep than in mind,” Mike said before handing her tequila shot over with a lime.

Ward whirled back to the bar excitedly before picking up his shot. “Come on, this is a celebration for Skye!” he said enthusiastically. “To a job that could quite possibly lead to a career or just the realization that you hate being someone’s bitch.”

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Still in shock that this dork (@bientist) and I actually met dan and Phil. Tldr: it was a really freaking fantastic day. 

 Sooo so so I go to college in Pittsburgh, but I’m from NYC and I heard about this event weeks ago after someone on tumblr stealth found it on the b+n events page. I frantically checked all of my schedules to see if it was possible, bought 2 overnight bus tickets within barely 24 hours of each other, and DID THE THING (because turns out I’m a little crazy). I got to the line around 7 AM, having underestimated how many people would already be there. It was around the block, and I was fucking freezing, but I made some line friends to dork about d+p with and pass the time. Waited in line for like 2.5 hours, really worried i wouldn’t get a wristband after all, but I was finally able to buy one for me and @bientist and it felt like a rare and valuable treasure. 

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