she is so gr8 i love her

  • Magnus: I'm not your mom!
  • Simon: Well...
  • Clary: You do exhibit rather motherly behavior.
  • Simon: Yeah, I mean my mom can't handle having a vampire for a son and Raphael's parents died years ago. So, you're like our mom. Downworld mom! Downworld mom! Downworld mom!
  • Magnus: I'm not the downworld mom!
  • All: Downworld mom! Downworld mom! Downworld mom!
  • Magnus: Clary, why are you chanting?
  • Clary: It's a catchy chant.
Holy shit, my D&D group is the cutest

They are the best people. My DM is super gr8 and is taking in as much information as she can to plan out future quests and aaaaah so excite! Our Rogue has fantastic wit and is super chipper and I love talking to her? So much? Our Cleric is a fun darling that makes me smile whenever we chat. And our sorcerer makes me laugh so, soooo much 

I’m so blessed.

Waking up to a Dark Mark (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Prompt/Request: ‘’Okay so could you write an imagine where y/n and draco are cuddling and they both fall asleep, but in the middle of the night y/n wakes up and sees draco’s dark mark accidentally? And she wakes him up and gets mad, but he tells her that he had no choice? I know you’ll make it good haha I’m wait patiently :)’’ - Anonymous.

Word Count: 1,064.
Warning(s): Fluff. (sad to see that almost all my warnings contain the word fluff. JK, I love fluff)
Note: Okay so I’m really liking this request because I like fluff where Draco does something bad(ass) and then has to calm the reader down HA so gr8. THANK YOU FOR THE REQUEST, HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

+     +     +     +     +     +

It was the beginning of the weekend and you choose to start this weekend in the best way possible, which was cuddling with Draco in his bed because his other roommates wouldn’t be there all day. After a hard time at school, tests everywhere and teachers being really bitchy, you thought you indeed deserved some alone time with your boyfriend.

Draco was stroking his fingers through your hair, wearing his usual white long sleeve shirt and a sweater along with it. You really liked it on him, not forgetting every single boy could match his clothes like this, but it looked like Draco knew how to wear it and how to make it look attractive.

Your legs tangled with each other and his other arm laying around your waist, you slowly started to feel tired, eyelids starting to hang a bit. You rested your head against his chest, sniffling his fresh smell, like he just went for a walk outside. You also smelled some apple scent, but you ignored it, enjoying the nice aroma as you cuddled with him.

‘You tired?’ you heard him ask, your eyes already closed as your breathe started to slow down.

‘Hm-mh,’ you answered, taking a deep breathe before nodding to make it more clear. He chuckled and continued stroking his fingers through your hair.

‘I’ll join you, dinner can wait another day,’ he whispered, pressing a kiss on your forehead. He lingered away, his hand still in your hair as you felt yourself drift away.

Let’s just say school got the best of you and you felt really tired about it. You shuffled a bit in his arms before letting sleep take over you, hearing Draco wishing you a ‘sleep well’ as you fell asleep.

After a good six hours later, you woke up slowly, feeling your back and neck aching, since you were in such a weird sleeping position. As you sat up slightly, you say Draco sleeping like an angel, making your heart flutter and wanting to cuddle him even more. His hair looked soft and all you wanted to do was letting your fingers go through it, but something made you look away from his blonde locks.

The tail of what seemed like a tattoo was visible on his left arm, but it was still covered almost. You slowly lifted up his sleeve more, revealing a tattoo which made you gasp slightly, feeling blood raising to your head.

It was the Dark Mark, freshly on his forearm, moving around like it wanted to get out of his skin. You took a closer look, breathing on his arm lightly as tears were pricking on the edges of your eyes.

Why would he do something so idiotic? Why wouldn’t he tell you this?

‘Y/N?’ you heard him whisper in a groan, just waking up probably and missing the warmth beside him. You stayed in the same position, staring at the Dark Mark, not believing it was really there. It was so scary, the thought of Draco being a Death Eater and on Voldemort’s side.

A tear was streaming down your cheek, falling on his mark.

‘Draco,’ you whispered, voice shaking and cracking slightly, ‘ why would you?’

Draco sat up so you couldn’t look at the Dark Mark anymore, him still sleepy and not getting what you meant. ‘What do you mean?’

You sniffled, slowly grabbing his left arm, rolling up his sleeve more before letting your fingers glide over the mark. It felt really creepy, like some worms were inside his skin, walking around and trying to get out like you said before.

‘Y/N I-’ he said, pulling back slowly, but you kept his arm in position with all the strength you had. More tears were falling on his arm and at this moment, you were sitting on your knees, crying over the Dark Mark of you damn boyfriend.

Draco pulled his sleeve down and you dropped his arm, ready to stand up and leave the room but Draco threw his arms around you. ‘Y/N, please listen to me, I can explain it,’ he whispered with a whining tone, you sobbing in your hands, still not believing this whole, ridiculous thing.

‘Explaining what? You having the bloody Dark Mark on your forearm?’ you hissed in a lower tone, careful not to wake up his roommates

Draco his lower lip was shaking and a moment later he pulled you in for a hug.

‘Please, listen to me, I had no choice. I never had a choice,’ he whispered in your ear, making you shiver as you cried in his shoulder softly, his hand running up and down your back.

And then you pulled back slightly, cupping one cheek of him before looking at him with sad eyes. He tilted his head, feeling the touch of your hand like it would be the last time he would feel it. And maybe it would indeed, because you may just walk out of the door and never look at him anymore, like he was nobody to you.

But you couldn’t, because you loved him.

‘Of course you had a choice Draco, you always have a choice,’ you said softly, feeling a tear in your hand as you saw a tear escaping from Draco his eye.

‘No Y/N, if I didn’t join the dark side, h-he would kill my parents, my friends…’ he said, looking down at your knees touching each other, ‘and you.’

Your hand fell down, your mouth hanging open, feeling so much pity towards the boy who had no choice.

‘Oh Draco,’ you sobbed, feeling so sorry for all the things he had go through. All the pain, all the pressure, it was all too much for him and you get that. You absolutely get that.

He whimpered, but you stopped him from making another noise as you placed your lips on his, kissing him soft and tender, wanting to make this one a special one.

It lasted for more than fifteen seconds, because it was a moment to remember, showing him your love and support. You would always be there for him, no matter what. And it eventually would end in a good way, you having faith in that Potter boy Draco disliked.

‘I love you,’ he muttered against your lips, you laughing low as you pecked him twice, noses touching.

‘I love you too, Draco, always.’



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anonymous asked:

Just realized i have a thing for jason carrying billy bridal style after reading your post, so maybe jason carrying a sleeping billy back home after a long day of training? Love you and your stories btw, have a gr8 day pal.


Jason stretched, groaning as he knocked out the kinks in his back. Trini clapped his shoulder affectionately. “Good workout, Jay,” she breathed.

Her mouth suctioned around her pink water bottle. A whistling sound could be heard from inside the bottle as she drank like she was dying. He grinned at her. “You too, Dede.”

She rolled her eyes, flipping him off instead of smacking him. At this point, the name was a running gag between the five of them.

So far they’d been there since about nine in the morning.  Halfway through training, they’d move out of the pit to battle it out in the sunlight while Zack, Kim and Billy continued taking turns beating each other up with Alpha’s help.

Jason checked his watch. It was just turning eight minutes past five. He pushed his sweaty hair out of his face and eyed Trini who was sprawled on the ground now, water bottle sticking out of her mouth like she was a hamster.

“Head home?”

She spat out her bottle, the last sip of water drained. “Fuck yeah,” she coughed, one arm reaching up for him. He helped her up.

“I’ll get the others,” he said.

She nodded, tired, and started off towards the car, catching her rolling bottle along the way.

The dive into the water was refreshing. Helped clear his mind from the “dodge-dodge-punch” sequence he’d been building up in his head and into his muscle memory. It still took some work for him not keep moving his arms in mimed punches though.

He hit the ground with a little groan and pattered damply to the pit. Zack was already packing up their stuff. He pointed roughly at Jason. “We’re leaving, leader-man. With or without you.”

Jason snorted. “I was actually coming to get you guys.”

“Lies and slander,” Kimberly yelled laughing. Her voice echoed further down in the cave.

Jason laughed and glanced at Zack. “You need any help?”

“Nah, I’m good,” Zack said, easy. He slung Kim’s yellow bag over his chest and grunted as his own red one banged into his back. “Your boy might need some though.”

Jason was already heading forward when Zack said that. A spike of anxious panic pounded into him but before he could ask what Zack meant, Zack was gone. Nervously, Jason hurried further into the pit, around the walls and curves until Kim and Billy were in his view.

Kimberly was fine.

Billy was…

Billy was strung out on the ground, face smushed into the dirt, limp. If it weren’t for his light breaths whistling through the air, Jason would’ve…

Well, he didn’t know what he’d do but he had the slightest feeling it wouldn’t have been good for Kimberly, who was sitting beside him, calm as could be and chatting patiently with Alpha.

“Master Jason!” Alpha chirped, strutting forward. “And how was your session with Master Trini?”

“Uh… decent,” Jason said. He pointed at Billy. “Billy?”

“Sleeping,” Kim said. She gave a heavy grunt as she shoved herself off the ground. A relaxing crack echoed in the room. She moaned and sighed. “He got winded about thirty minutes ago so we let him sleep.”

Tension eased out of Jason’s back. Stiffly he moved forward and squatted beside Billy. “Billy,” he murmured, gingerly patting his boyfriend’s face. “Time to get up.”

“Four more minutes,” Billy whined, rolling over into Kim’s leg and squeezing himself into a ball.

She patted his shoulder absentmindedly. “C’mon, Billy. You can sleep when you get home.”

“Or I could just keep sleeping where I am,” he grumbled but he flexed his body out and squinted over at Jason. “Jason, can I sleep here?”

“Nah, Billy.” Jason reached down at Billy one hand. “Your bed’s more comfortable.”

Kim snorted. “How do you know that?” she asked, voice teasingly suggestive.

Jason’s face burned. “Um, it’s- you know, a bed. It’s gonna be more comfortable than the floor.”

“And cause we do sex there,” Billy said, his voice weary and bordering on half-asleep mumbling. Kim choked on her laughter. Jason swatted Billy’s arm. “What?” He blearily looked up at Jason. “That’s what you said before.”

Her laughter siphoning off into the air, Kim fluttered her hand at them. “Meet you at the car.”

Billy sighed heavy over her retreating footsteps. “I don’t want to leave the ground, Jason.”

“Well, you’re gonna have to, Billy.”

He frowned. “I’m not moving unless you make me. I’m too damn tired and my legs feel like lead.” He coughed and eyed Jason. “You know, the lead that people always say they feel like when they’re tired because you can’t actually feel like lead because it’s not an emotion but it’s a metaphor or something and whatever it is, is how I feel.”

Jason rubbed his face. “Okay.” He stood up. “I’m gonna move you then.”


Jason stretched for a brief moment before squatting and scooping Billy into his arms, princess style. Billy yelped and swung his arms around Jason’s neck. His eyes bore, half-annoyed and bothered, at Jason’s face.



Billy sighed and tucked his face into the crook of Jason’s neck. “I’m going back to sleep.”

“That’s fine, Billy,” Jason grunted, shifting him into a more comfortable position in his arms. 

“I’ll probably drool on you.”

“You always drool on me.”

Billy’s eyes snapped open and he glowered. “That is a dirty lie, Jason Lee Scott.”

“You do!” Jason protested. The shimmer of the water reflected prettily on Billy’s face. Jason readied himself. “Not a lot though. But you do drool when you sleep, Billy. Hold your breath.”

Billy kept glaring at him even as Jason heaved them from the opening of the cove through the water. When they broke their head across the surface, Billy stayed quiet while Jason adjusted him and pressed his face back into Jason’s neck. Strong legs tightened around Jason’s waist. Billy’s body relaxed against Jason’s chest.

Rocking onto his back, Jason backstroked over to the rocks that swarmed around the water. Every so often, Billy’s sleeping face would dip into the water. A surge of internal panic kept capsizing through Jason’s core whenever it happened but he managed to shift Billy’s head to just under his chin without waking Billy up.

Digging his hands into the rock, he started to climb. It took a little longer than normal and and a lot of effort but Jason managed to climb out of the water and over the rocks without harming Billy an inch.

Still his hands burned harshly and there were flecks of dirt and rock stuck to his skin. Rubbing them on his jeans, Jason wrapped his arms around Billy’s waist and cuddled him close as he set forwards to the car.

They all took turns driving each other whenever they had training. Trini had parked her dad’s rundown Lesabre parked just outside the mines and hidden within the trees. When Jason got the edge of the road, it had been driven out to the road. They were all waiting, Zack sprawled out on the top to bake in the sun.

“Sleeping beauty requires many kisses from the handsome black paladin  to awake,” he drawled, rolling off the car.

“You put your mouth anywhere near his and you can count yourself as the next person I slap into space,” Jason threatened.

“Maybe it’s the sexy pink one that awakes the pretty blue,” Kim teased from the passenger seat.

Jason rolled his eyes and crawled into the back, keeping Billy tucked in close. Zack hopped in quickly after. The car began its slow crawl down the road, engine puttering softly and groaning.

The sun was halfway set by the time they got to Billy’s house.

“You want me to wait?” Trini asked.

Jason shook his head, hefting Billy up from where he was sagging. “I can walk.”

“Alright.” Trini sat back, hands back on the steering wheel and engine puttering weakly under her foot.

“See you, Jay!”

“Remember to kiss him from his eternal princely slumber!”

Jason waved them off and wrestled the house key from Billy’s back pocket. Slowly, the door creaked open and he half-jogged to the basement door, stumbling down the stairs and over to Billy’s bed.

Billy spilled out onto his sheets, all loose-limbed and conked out. Jason smiled. Warmth was dripping all over him like soft honey. He swept a thumb over the side of Billy’s face before leaning over and kissing the top of his head.

“Sweet dreams, Billy,” he murmured softly.

anonymous asked:

How do you thing the RFA members + V and Saeran would react to an MC who likes dirty talk and being called a slut? :)

yooooooo yasss
and here i am, somehow keeping my promise???

-he’s like
-totally into it
-bruh he’s the second god of dirty talk
-next to seven
-“you like this, don’t you you little slut? my little slut”
-d a d d y

-D A D D Y
-“you’re such a little cockslut aren’t you? you just want my dick so bad”
-y i k e s
-he’ll like full on be rough as fuck with you too
-no mercy

-ayyyeeee hi beast
-the beast is OUT
-so is his dicky
-he’s havin a gr8 time bc he knows you love being rough and can let the beast out

-she’s shook at first
-then she gets like super into it????
-heck yeah
-degrading is like her jam

-like i don’t even need to elaborate
-he’s teasing you so so so much
-“come on mc i know you love this, so just be a good little slut for me and we can have a good time”

-he’s a sweetheart and the holder of my heart
-but he can go from sweet blind guy to make me your canvas daddy in like 0.4 seconds
-yyooooo he has no shame??? callin you his and that you’re only a slut for his cock
-y e s d a d d y

-like his brother but
-with less shame
-he’s gonna humiliate you and be so extra im
-you can bet ur sweet ass he’s gonna make you call him like master or sir or some weird kinky shit

wearecryingdreamers  asked:

in au w alive kushina and minato how do they get along w sasuke and sakura? esp since they both clearly need more gay guidance / role models

this ask has been sitting in my askbox for 5 days and im finally getting to it here we Go. btw these hcs r assuming minatos a trans lesbian considering th gay part u mentioned

sasuke: ok sasuke i have a hard time with bc i cant imagine an au with sasukes life going so wrong and still bonding w naruto the same way w minato and kushina alive so this is vague fun thoughts that i cant make into a consistent au

  • kushina would love sasuke when hes a baby bc hes the type to like bring a housewarming gift when he visits and bows when he talks to her. mikoto rly drilled that in him. the older he gets the less he fucking cares tho
  • and as he gets older he gets Intense and causes a lot of grief for naruto so kushina fuckin Hates him bc thats her Baby
  • minato’s a lot more gentle and understanding w sasuke. shes the type to just kinda sit quietly w sasuke and drink tea and ask if he wants to help her w her plants. she helped raise kakashi she can handle sasuke’s angst
  • i feel like fugaku wuda been particularly forceful abt gender roles and heteronormativity so naruto’s parents bein gay is So Good. they dont talk to him much abt it bc hes not gr8 w talkin but… i think it helps him a lot
  • even tho kushinas rough w sasuke at one point she pulls him aside and tells him hes still always welcome in her home if he ever needs anything and he gets rly gross and sniffly bc hes tryin not 2 cry


  • god they LOVE SAKURA!!! when naruto thinks hes got a crush on her kushina is so disgustingly supportive shes like GO GET HER!!! she thinks sakura is just Darling
  • obv that doesnt work out but best friendship is just as well. when sakura has stupid fights w her parents she comes ovr a lot. she has a key to their house
  • kushina is the first person sakura comes out to bc these gay women play a big role in her realizing and she’s so so scared and kushina holds her while she cries abt it and tells her itll all b alright. she’s sure sakuras parents will b ok w it but shes like if they arent ur always welcome here also u dont have to tell them if u dont want to
  • minato ofc also lovs sakura and one time sakuras helpin her cook and she says “youre so much like kushina when she was your age” and sakuras so fucking hyped

theres my hc post hope u enjoy


*wyvern noises* (click for gr8 captions)

anonymous asked:

the epilogue reminded me of king jadwiga of poland. it's kind of a long story but she was the first (and last) female king of poland basically bc the law stated that king is the one to rule the country but it didn't necessarily specify that they had to be a man [i'd highly recommend reading more about her, she was gr8] so i thought that maybe phil would be the queen of hirona considering he'd be the king's spouse and not a heir to the throne? idk i just really like that concept & loved arp sm 💕

woah that is cool! although in my mind phil just becomes a king as well and they are cute kingly husbands together :’]

anonymous asked:

I don't know anything about skam but I still read about half the stuff you post about it and I'm pretty clueless. It's a college? It's not a regular show with like, full length episodes? That's all I can guess. But that doesn't matter. All that matters is Sana is the cutest girl I've ever seen. I'm think I'm in luv

lmao sorry for spamming you lkjdshjh but i think it’s cute that youre still reading everything. no it’s not college, they’re in high school and yeah it’s far from a “normal” show… we don’t get full episodes right away, we get clips that are dropped randomly throughout the week at the times those specific events occur, which then makes up an episode at the end of the week… it’s truly an experience 

sana is a Babe honestly i love her so much and i’m glad you do too 💖  !! she deserves all the love, she’s such a gr8 girl i would die for her 

  • Canon Spark: Trusts his instincts and studies how eggs hatch, probably pretty clever and easy going.
  • Canon Blanche: Studies evolution and strives to get a better bond with their Pokemon, probably very calm but kind
  • Canon Candela: Endeavours to strengthen Pokemon, probably hot headed but also defensive over her friends.
  • Fanon Spark: Meme Shitlord who goofs around, the Jaune of PoGo
  • Fanon Blanche: Too Fancy For You™ You are not worthy of kissing their boots.

The Walking Dead cast favorite episodes - Danai Gurira
Tie - “Clear” (season 3) “After” (season 4)
“I think within the context of season 3, ‘Clear’ was really special for me because Michonne has always been this chick who’s actively trying to not get to know people even though her heart wanted to—she just had too many wounds, too many layers, too much masking. There’s something so wonderful about ‘Clear’ for me because it really was her trying to get past that and it felt so great as an actor to try to connect with people rather than be cold as ice to them. It really was, to me, that episode with Michonne saying to Rick and Carl, I choose you. That was a really enjoyable experience, to choose people rather than be cold as ice to them. Then again, of course, “After” was huge because I got to show so many components of her from her path of choose life not death, that journey of finally metabolizing her wounds, and once again choosing Rick and Carl. I just love that moment when they find each other. It’s a great ending. She needed that.”

100 Reasons To Love Meredith Foster

1-She’s inspiring
2- She’s loyal
3- She cares about her friends 
4- She’s savage but is still a sweetheart.
5- She is really dedicated to youtube
6- She has a wife
7- She loves to give her merebears cute nicknames (like fizzy lizzy😉)
8- She’s confident in herself
9- She doesn’t focus too much on haters, she focuses on the people who love her, us.
10- She is so understanding.
11- She makes her fans confident. And being honest I’ve always been pretty confident but I’m pretty sure she helped me to be as confident as I am now.
12- She’s so kind-hearted.
13- She’s motivating, yet she tells us we motivate her which is so cute.
15- She talks to us through DM. (spills tea😏)
16- She appreciates everything we do for her.
17- She listens to us and our problems.
18- She takes time to interact with us, which we appreciate more than anything.
19- Her hair is suchhhh goals
20- She has the prettiest eyes ever
21- She’s so creative.
22- She has so many different types of music taste like one minute she’s all “I got broads in Atlanta” and the next minute she’s all “I can’t help falling in love with youuu” hahaha I love you
23- She has all-nighters with us sometimes (like instagram parties) bless up
24- Her laugh omg don’t get me started (why did I say don’t get me started when I started it and I’m talking to myself what I have problems????) with it it’s so adorable
25- She’s has a 12 year old mind with an 80 year old soul
26- She loves Taylor Swift and so do freaking I :)
27- She met Taylor Swift
28- She’s married to Teala but is still married to Theo and is running a gr8 relationship with both lit🔥
29- She gives great hugs… I mean she hasn’t hugged me but I’m sure of it
30- She has a sense of humor
31- She’s funny
32- She’s sooo lit 🔥
33- She calls us fam
34- Did I mention she loves us?
35- “Merebears are fabulous” I love that she calls us fabulous that makes me happy.
36- She likes to watch the sunset
37- She tries new things; like surfing
38- She compliments her merebears
39- She’s very relatable
40- She can’t dab- I love that because it’s so funny bc she still slays 😂
41- She’s so energetic “Stay woke fam”
42- Piper and Lacy are her dogs
43- She thinks I won’t go to her house and take her doggies aka the cutest animals alive
44- I will.
45- She has an amazing sense of style that sticks out so much!
46- She’s loyal to wife
47- She can take criticism very well
48- She has a whole bunch of sticky notes on her fridge that spread positivity
49- Teeth goals
51- Her lips are so adorable tbh
52- Knows what to say and when to say it💖
53- Is so incredibly inspiring. Idek if I said that already but I’m not double checking😂
54- Has the best smile☺
55- She can brighten up my mood when I’m sad.
56- She wears what makes her happy.
57- Knows who we are when we meet her:)
58- Can rock any shoe, like her uncle Mere shoES
59- She can joke around with us and make every moment of it enjoyable (BAHAH IHAVBIEBERFEVAH)
60- Takes selfies with no makeup
61- Embraces her body, the amazing one you have at that 😍
62- Nails are always on fleek
63- Is the reason why there is something called “fosterfam” and “merebears” where would I have been without you Mere? You mean sm to me
65- MY hands are getting tired
66- I can relate to her tweets. Your tweets are everything😂😂
67- Is a queen
68- She appreciates the littlest things, like this, hopefully!!☺
69- AGH she just makes me smile. She’s the reason a lot of people smile, by alot I mean 4.5M
70- Still the queen of side braids👑
71- She got moves like Jagger😂
72- Her middle name is really unique and uncommon!
73- She’s incredibly caring❤
74- She’s independent
75- Her editing in her videos are literally the bomb😍
76- She’s not fake👏
77- She’s beautiful inside and out
78- She’s unique in every shape and form
79- Gives back to her fans💖
80- Looks like a freaking model😍
81- She gives off happy vibes
82- Is bubbly all the time
83- Can express her feelings and thoughts
84- Her snapchats in the flowercrown and dog filter are s'cute
85- She notices her fans on instagram, twitter, tumblr, and etc.💖
86- She has the best poses when she’s posing for pictures 😍
87- She coordinates her outfits very well❤
88- Wears a choker and rocks it😍 Usually people will wear it and it won’t match right, it does on you.
89- “Stay woke fam”
90- She’s so sweet
91- Makes us feel loved and special.
92- Is the reason why my summer so far isn’t boring💓
93- Has created so many friendships and made it possible for merebears to meet other merebears.
94- Did I mention her apartment/bedroom is really really stunning✨
95- Makes really cool diys
97- Has an amazing heart💕
98- She’s Meredith Foster, what is there not to love?
99- I love Mere
100- Mere loves us
Xoxo, Fizzy Lizzy

the signs as cute girls i know
  • aries: Christina- loves to party, blonde, hid marijuana in her flower pot because "you gotta put the pot... in the pot."
  • taurus: Kaila- loves theatre, amazing singer, is literally so sweet holy fuck she gives such good hugs
  • gemini: Shelby- awesomely cool, loves melanie martinez, in marching band (she plays the flute :0), takes gr8 selfies
  • cancer: Tessa- literally the best friend in the whole world, plays a lot of video games, has gr8 style, eyeliner on fleek
  • leo: Peyton- small but fierce, really good at poetry (like amazing wow), loves her friends, babysits constantly
  • virgo: Emma- (this is me lololol) eats meninists for breakfast, probably has like 5 blogs, favorite thing ever is kissing
  • libra: Hannah- pretty gay lol, aesthetic as fuck, doesn't feel that anything labeled "libra" represents her well, is gay for corgis
  • scorpio: Kate- gr8 at putting on makeup, has a fantastic laugh, listens to gr8 music, actually one of the best people ever, v tol
  • sagittarius: Olivia- so smol, has lots of sex, takes the cutest selfies ever, dresses like she is literally an aesthetic blog, has blue hair
  • capricorn: Amara- beautiful lil baby, gr8 singer, works real hard all the time, cares about her friends more than anything
  • aquarius: Rebekah- actually the chillest person ever born, like for real doesn't give a FUCK, loves pokemon, super hot
  • pisces: Maddy- has amazing boobs, loves to party, has actually changed her tampon in the middle of play rehearsal, really fun to be around