she is so gorgeous though

Honestly, I’m 100% here for Lena already knowing that Kara is Supergirl (let’s be real, she does) ever since Kara slipped saying that she “flew” to Lcorp, (or because she simply stares way to much at Kara’s face), but I’m also here for oblivious Lena who is just super confused as too why she has such a strong crush on both Kara and Supergirl.


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Drunken Antics

Can you write an imagine where Archie likes a girl but he thinks she likes Reggie so he does nothing about it but then he drunkenly confesses to her after a party?

I absolutely adore Archie so much and I’m going to miss Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle 😭 but I’m happy that his career is taking off too. Anyway, enjoy this one!


‘Why him, Jug? Why?’ I slurred, drinking from my red solo cup whilst watching the girl who I was in love with, Y/N, sweet talking with my suppose best friend, Reggie Mantle.

Her face lit up every time he made her laugh and smile, managing to have an effect on her that I wish I had.

What was so special about Reggie? Oh - right, he was the captain of the football team, which I could’ve been. I ran my fingers through my hair, getting frustrated watching the two interact. They looked like a couple which infuriated me.

'Arch, you need to chill out.’ Jughead interrupted my thought process. 'How do you know they’re not just talking like normal people do? I mean - it’s basic human interaction, right?’

'Because she’s looking at him all googly eyed and he’s looking at her like a piece of meat,’ I slurred, downing the rest of my drink. 'I need to do something.’

'No, no you don’t,’ Jughead stood up, trying to hold me back. 'Uh - Betty! Little help!’ I tried shoving him off of me, but Betty soon stepped in front, blocking my view of Y/N.

'Archie, what the hell are you doing?’ Betty asked, pushing at my chest to push me back.

'I need to tell - to tell her how I feel…’

'Who, Arch?’

'Y/N!’ I exclaimed, getting shushed by Betty and Jughead. I noticed Y/N peered her head over in our direction, frowning in confusion before excusing herself from talking with Reggie.

Oh shit - what did I just do? She must’ve heard me say her name. Her name was gorgeous though so I didn’t care.

'Oh sure, now you’ve done it…’ Jughead muttered, frowning at me.

Y/N walked over, her face glowing, making me blush unintentionally. 'What’s wrong with Arch?’ She asked, studying me up and down.

'He’s had far too much to drink, he needs to go home.’ Betty explained, giving me wide eyes of annoyance.

'I’m…I’m fine…’ I dragged out, chuckling a little before almost falling over, Y/N catching me before I fell.

'I’ve got him guys, let him sleep for a little before taking him home. Go have fun.’ Y/N smiled, wrapping my arm around her shoulders. Betty and Jughead watched me closely, walking away from them with Y/N inside.

It was finally peaceful and quiet, since everyone was outside and partying, the quiet caused my head to spin. 'You okay there, Arch?’ Y/N asked, sitting me on the black leather couch and sitting next to me, closely may I add.

I stared at her, her Y/E/C eyes gazing at me in wonder. She had an effect on me that no one else had, and I was okay with that.

'Why Reggie?’ I asked, blinking slowly.

She stared at me like a confused puppy. 'What? What do you mean “why Reggie?”, Arch you make no sense?’ She chuckled, that adorable little laugh.

'What does he have that I don’t?’ I asked, getting agitated. She frowned at me, but soon turned into a small smirk.

'That attitude of someone who is too up himself for his own good,’ she laughed, placing her hand on my knee.

Wait - what?

'Huh?’ I asked, causing her to laugh again, shaking her head.

'Archie, I have no feelings for Reggie - in fact he’s nowhere near my type.’ She explained.

I had a chance, I finally had a chance!

'What is your type?’ I asked, leaning closer to her face, watching her give me a small smile back.

'Someone who is sweet, kind, gentle - I don’t know.’ She shrugged.

'Well, I like you. I like you a lot actually.’ My drunk mouth spilled.

I finally admitted my confession. I told Y/N I like her.

Gah, shit.

'Really?’ She asked, her smile turning to a grin, 'you? Archie Andrews actually like me?’ She asked.

'I’ve liked you forever!’ I over exaggerated falling back into the couch.

'Well I like you too, Archie.’ She went to lean in, kissing me before I stopped her, kissing her forehead instead. She frowned a little, tilting her head. 'Why did you do that?’

'I’m not sober,’ I yawned, closing my eyes. 'I wanna remember our first kiss together…’ I dragged out, feeling sleep starting to consume me.

'Now I know why I fell for you, Archie Andrews.’ And that was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep.

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A small gift to welcome you back (pre-s1 ficlet of sorts). Welcome back! :)

Thank you for this lovely gift!

“Do you smoke?” he asks, extending the pack her way.

She shakes her head, her sleek ponytail swinging behind her.

“Hmm,” he keeps his thoughts to himself and shoves the crumpled box of cigarettes back into his jacket pocket. “That’s a relief, in a way. Young women look unattractive when they smoke. And it’ll do nothing good for you skin. It’s dry enough as it is.”

She raises a hand to her cheek. Her face may be dry, but her hands are hot and clammy. She shoves them into the pockets of her coat and attempts an air of indifference.

He’s so gorgeous though, and she sneaks a peak sideways, catching him take a long drag before exhaling through his nose. If a dragon decided to take on human form, it would look not unlike this strange man next to her.

“I’m, um, I’m new here. To Bart’s. Just started about three weeks ago. Was supposed to go up north, but my dad got sick and they gave my position away and I couldn’t just up and leave, you know? Anyway, I just wanted you to know tha-”

“There’s no need for all that,” he interrupts. “I’ll only be by the morgue when I need it. Mostly I work from home, so I won’t need an assistant full time. Scotland Yard never offers me anything good. Can you give me the space when I need it?”

She is stunned, but replies, “Yeah. Yeah, sure, just…warn me ahead of time, ok?”

Her voice drops at the end, a tinge of pink touching her cheeks. She’ll be sacked within a month for this, but still. Damn those cheekbones. And the curls. She imagines running her hands through them as he flicks his cigarette to the ground and squishes it with the toe of his shoe.

“Gotta dash. Thanks for the help, Mary.”


She freezes. So does he.


“It’s Molly. Not Mary. But close enough!” She rushes through the last part, twirling the end of her hair nervously.

He nods, brow furrowed in thought.

“Yes, thank you, Molly. See you around.”

Sooo in another blog I run, the good ol’ crackship kiddo meme was circulating through the Pokemon askblog community, and I sent a prompt to @askvulpinecurses with my Roserade Perceval and their Braixen Morrigan. And this was the result they made.

I loved Camellia so much that I asked the mod if I could adopt her, to which I was absolutely allowed to do so. So thus, I gave Camellia her own ref with some sliiight tweaks to her design. She’s so gorgeous, though I may have a wee bit of a hard time thinking what Pokemon could attribute to her part Grass typing. She’s predominantly Fire and secondary Grass but still has some Psychic powers, just not as much as a normal Delphox. Anyone wanna help me think of which grass-type would work well for her to have roses budding out of her like this to justify the grass-typing? :D;

And yes I know, insert Green Arrow jokes here. In any case I love how Camellia looks and I’m super thankful to the mod for letting me have her, so much so that I have plans to use her, and rather soon thanks to some perfect timing with the blog’s current setting! I’ll definitely be putting this rosey fox ranger to some good use. Thanks so very much again, mod! ouo)b

I’ve been blessed with the most gorgeous og teeth glacial lioness

Happy birthday, @louminx! Have a happy (or at least mildly pleased) Indess because she deserves good things, dammit. I know your birthday is nearly over, but I am   p a i n f u l l y   s l o w   at drawing.


Anyway, thanks for being around, and for sharing your luminous, ethereal, utterly beautiful art with us. I hope you feel loved and appreciated today. <3


lol is anybody else like dead bc of Sarah Weichel rn or

Awe pretty girl😍 Cleaned up Dolce today because she was so dirty! Wish I rode today though, the weather was gorgeous…I could’ve rode outside 😕Hopefully tomorrow I can.

braiin-plague  asked:

im uber gay for that sollux btw ive been blessed

(☞` v゚)☞

i should rly draw him more long boys are fun

Anonymous said: Your Rose and Karkat headcannons are so soft and wholesome. I’m insecure about being overweight, but seeing how you draw Rose makes me feel beautiful, because she’s so pretty. And Karat’s fucking gorgeous even though he has a big tum! I’ve never seen any other artist make large body types so attractive. Another thing that I like about your art, is the people you draw never seem insecure. The’re always comfortable in their own bodies. Confident even. It gives me hope that I can be confident too.

!!!!! good!! :D thats exactly what i was going for, i dont like drawing people bummed out in general tbh but specially over that 8( thank you!! :D

Anonymous said: I was thinking about male ancestors looking like folk metal singers, don’t you?

i cant say ive ever thought about that incredibly specific thing, no :P

Anonymous said: Oh god, buzzcut Rose is the high light of my life…

honestly if i didnt love her regular hair id make it a permo thing

i am on nep tho i rly need to draw nep more her face is so Fun

she got that ancient, timeless kind of silhouette