she is so gorgeous

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so there is this girl that i am Very Gay™ for and i think she likes me too and she is so soft and sweet and she has this amazing red hair and gorgeous freckles and she is curvy and soft and so so warm and she makes me so happy with her sense of humor and her blushing (she blushes so easily oml) and she is just the best girl ever 10/10 gay feels i'm so so gay

hm.. hmmmmmmmm…. yes gay

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omg going off that comment about how of course the the mortal queens are portrayed as evil for not wanting to teem up with the misogynistic fey, did you notice how of the five queens the only good one was the one who was young and beautiful? s¿m is so fucking transparent. ONLY ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE CAN BE MORALLY GOOD YOU GUYS IF YOU'RE UGLY OR GOD FORBID /OLD/ THEN YOU'RE EVIL

She is so obsessed with beauty, not everyone has to be gorgeous. It’s boring honestly. There’s a quote in E0S where it seems that even herself is tired of describing characters as beautiful