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Unfamiliar || Luke Hemmings

I M A G I N E 

“It won’t be long, Y/N, I promise!” Luke reassured as he held up your 4 year old daughter. Although you were happy to see the father of your kid spend time with her, you were still unconvinced. 

“Are you sure?” You asked hesitantly, fearful of what would happen in the next few months.

“Everything is gonna be just fine, Y/N!” Luke cheers as he grabs you into a hug with his free arm. “Heck, I’ll be back before you know it!” Luke says happily as he plants a kiss on your forehead. 

This was 9 months ago before your husband had left to Japan to begin the tour. 

During that time, you raised your only daughter, Lyla. She was so young and gorgeous, with luscious blonde hair like Luke. She also had his spirit and cheerfulness as well as brains in math. Her way with numbers was quite extraordinary, considering that you also allowed Liz to babysit her when you had errands to run. 

“Lyla, stop messing with your skirt!” You urged at the small child as you grabbed her hands from the hem of the clothing. Today, Luke was coming back home and it was an exciting time for the two of you. Finally, he could come back and spend time with you and your daughter– just the three of you. And, occasionally, with the rest of the boys. 

“Mama, why am I dwessed?” Lyla asked quietly, her voice pure with the inability to pronounce the ‘r’ properly. She was still awful young. You bend down to meet her eyes and smile. 

“Because someone special is coming, baby,” you coo as the girl nods quickly. Her chubby cheeks move lightly with each nod, making you smile even more from how adorable she was. She is your daughter after all. 

Suddenly, a knock was heard from the front door, making you spring up and hurry to the door. Holding your daughters hand, you lead her over and take a deep breath. This is it… Opening the door gently, you were immediately greeted by the hug of a tall, lanky being. Luke.

“Y/N! Oh, Y/N!” Luke says in some sort of pure relief. His arms tighten slightly with every second the embrace endured. Your arms wrap around him, feeling overwhelming happiness take you over. You missed this tall bean so badly– it was insane that he was there now. You were in some state of shock.

“Hi, I love you, hi,” you whispered quickly as he held you. Tears began to roll down your cheeks from the joy. His fingers lightly dig into your back, feeling himself sniffling in emotion as well. 

“I love you, too, baby!” Luke whispered before he ended the hug, held you shoulders, and took a good look at you. His eyes were already getting pink with tears dancing in them. His gives you this weak smile, having it so wide but trembling in emotion. “You’re so beautiful, so lovely, baby.” 

“I missed you, Luke,” you whispered as he cups one of your cheeks with his hand. You were then tugged by your shirt by the little person in the room. You look down to find your daughter, worry all over her face as she frowns up at Luke. 

“Stop making mommy cwy!” Lyla spat, giving Luke a dirty look as she clung onto your leg. You smiled at the protective girl, patting her head with your hand. It was adorable, and just a bit amusing to see her defensive side. 

“Lyla, look at you…” Luke whispered in wonder as he bends down to meet her eyes. They were just as icy blue as Luke’s, making your stomach fill with butterflies. Luke gives her a friendly smile, causing her grip to get tighter on your leg. 

“Um, mister?” Lyla begins, studying Luke with a puzzled face. “Who are you?” In an instant, Luke’s face turned pale. His eyes widen slightly as his lips parted a bit. A pit of anxiety slammed into stomach, killing the butterflies in a snap. But you weren’t worried about you. 

You were scared for Luke. 

“Lyla, don’t you recognize me?” Luke began to push as he wiped his happy tears from his eyes. Lyla looked at him skeptically, her eyes shifting to every part of Luke’s body. 

“No,” Lyla says simply, hiding behind your leg with her head popping out to watch Luke. You turn to see Luke stunned, his eyes burning into Lyla’s as they stared each other down. 

“Baby, I’m your daddy,” Luke tries, chuckling nervously as his hands coddle his chest. “LukeyPukey, remember? I’m your father, Lyla.” 

“Nu uh, you can’t be my daddy!” Lyla attacks, taking you and Luke aback. 

“Oh? And why’s that?” Luke asked, his voice cracking from emotion. He was losing himself. 

My daddy can sing!” Lyla says, giggling at the memory of sound she has in her mind. It was incredible, honestly. While Lyla cannot recall images or people she has met, music and lyrics stick onto her mind with ease and she can recite them perfectly. You guessed she got that from Luke. 

“Oh yeah?” Luke says, his smiling coming back around. He was confident again, making you smile. “He plays guitar, too, right?” Luke asks, grabbing his guitar case from behind him. 

“Y-yeah…” Lyla stuttered, shocked and curious from Luke’s motions. 

“And he sang this song, right?” Luke asks as he reveals his guitar and begins strumming the chorus. “She’s looks so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear…”

And I know now,” Lyla joins, having the two sing with each other. “That I’m so down.”

“Ly, I’m your daddy,” Luke tells her with a small smile. He sets the guitar aside as Lyla looks at Luke. For a moment, she looked at him with a completely frozen look, unsure as to how to react. But, another moment comes along, and she starts weeping. 

“Daddy!” She cheers, running into his arms while wrapping hers around his neck. “You really are my daddy!” Luke secures his arms around her as he stands up and holds her better. Tears were felt on his neck as you began to cry yourself. 

“Yeah,” Luke responds weakly, his voice cracking. “I really am your daddy,” Luke says, looking down at you contently. Luke goes over to you and plants a gentle kiss on your forehead as he rocks Lyla in his arms. 

“I missed you, daddy,” Lyla says softly, her arms loosening but still firm around his neck. Luke sighs shakily as he leans his head on the side on hers. 

“I missed you, too, little duck,” Luke whispers. 

i tried so hard– oh so damn hard– to try to make this a sad ending. but i was like, too weak to do it. it was gonna be all like, lyla couldnt remember him so luke leaves the room and like, cries. and youre like, fuckkkkk. but i just couldnt.


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So. Gloria.

We got there pretty early coz I was freaking out about getting a seat and we sat right in the front of this tiny as theatre and she was like. Right. There. And she was so good. The whole play was so good. Like it was really intense and quite complicated but all the actors were so solid and she was. So. Good. So deft at portraying so many emotions and so gorgeous. She picked us to use as like eye contact points a few times during the play, and at one point towards the she stared at me for like ten seconds and it was A Lot.

And then. And then. She came out to bow and looked quite teary and flustered but she like looked at my sister and at me and mouthed ‘thank you’ and then did that thing people do where they like point at you w two fingers and then back at their own eyes and then back at you again and smiled. Anyway it took me five minutes to figure out what had just gone down and I have been blessed. Ya know?

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theres this girl in my new class and her hair goes down to her shoulders and its like dark but she used to have ombre hair and she dyed the ends purple and green and it's washed out so u only see a few tips and shes just so gorgeous, she has eyes like bambi and her smile is so beautiful, i fancy her a lot and her body is just so so beautiful. she likes anime and mangas and she uses like these old emo smileys and im not her friend yet but i wanna kiss her so so badly i stare at her all the time

oh SHIT THIS IS GAy go for it omg ask her to work with you or something!!!!! work up to it!!!!!! i believe in you

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Gossip vs bullshit

Don’t get me wrong, I like a little gossip, I like news, but I don’t like hurtful or spiteful comments, it’s just mean and just shows a huge lack of intelligence, don’t people have anything better to do? I’ll give you some suggestions soon. 

It’s negative anonymous posts on gossip blogs that irk me to no end. Norman is not a saint, he’s never claimed to be. He is a human being. No fan really knows him, yeah you can try to track him and catch glimpses of where he’s at and who he’s hanging with but you don’t know details.

He dated and had a kid with HC, how the hell do you bounce back from that? She’s the most gorgeous woman on the face of the earth! So yeah of course he has a type, doesn’t everyone? But get some perspective, he’s famous, an actor, and has a bank account that isn’t zero so hello, he will be sought out by women, even targeted. Some women can be very aggressive towards any man she thinks she sink her claws in, some are just looking for a sugar daddy or their 15 minutes of fame. Can you imagine how hard it would be to try to have an intimate relationship with someone, a serious loving relationship, when you have no idea their intentions. Do they love me or do they love my money & fame?

And don’t get me started on the DK thing, too late, here’s my 2 cents. So what if she ended a 10 yr relationship to have a fling or more with N? It’s none of our business, and how in the hell does it affect our lives whatsoever?  This isn’t a Brangelina incident, they weren’t married, and what 2 consenting single adults do is nobody’s business but their own.  

Does who N currently smashes naughty parts with affect my love for him as an actor, uh no, why should it? Does who he smooshed naughty parts with in the past matter, uh no again.  

Oh and the celibacy discussion, jesusmaryjoseph I hope to hell not. That would be a waste of one sexy beast. I hope he’s getting his naughty bits some attention. I’d like to think he’s some veral sex god that gets it on 10 times a day TBH. I like naughty, sexy, teasing Norman. It’s part of his persona and makes him adorable to me. 

Unless the man breaks the law or pulls a psycho Johnny Depp move, I don’t give a rats ass what he does in his down time. Leave the man alone, allow him to be happy, with whatever makes him happy and just enjoy his movies/tv shows. Words of wisdom here, don’t let who an actor gets naughty with affect you whatsoever, it’s a waste of your time and life. Find another hobby, go play Pokemon Go or hump a pillow, anything but ragging on some one you have no control over and have no right to judge. Peace.