she is so gorgeous

Fanart for one of the lesser known characters of the FO:E community, Bluster, who’s been around ever since May 2012 where her Las Pegasus comic started. (at least, barely any of my friends had heard of her)

I should’ve drawn Bluster years ago, but today/last night I finally struck that time/inspiration/motivation combo for drawing her that I had missed so many times before. And aww she’s gorgeous but damn, I kinda miss the big snout she usually has in Heimdal’s style. It has come to a point where I associate it with her looks and her face, but it just felt like I couldn’t get it right enough in my style while still having it fit in with the rest, so I just went with the usual small one. But at least both look cute in their own way imo. She doesn’t look as wastelander’ish, worn and dirty as she probably should normally, but I wanted her at her finest here and really, if there’s a big Las Pegasus being introduced I imagine taking a luxurious shower would be the first thing she’d do at her arrival. If not for her own sake, at least to get a better edge at the social aspect of things.

She also has an askblog here on tumblr where she answers questions while occasionally updating the comic in-between answers. I highly recommend following it for obvious reasons! Especially if we get to see more loose mane flips. c:

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Sexuality Headcanon: demiromantic/asexual 

Gender Headcanon: cisgender female

A ship I have with said character: ARUANI

A Brotp I have with said character: ReiAni + BeruAni. Basically Titan Trio.

A Notp I have with said character: ereani

A random headcanon: Annie is Belarussian and German.

( However she tries to disregard her Belarusian side since she got it from her mother, who died giving birth to Annie.)

General opinion on said character: HOLY SHIT i love Annie leonhardt so god damn much. my wife. my queen. Annie is such a well-written character. I love her so fucking much. She’s so cunning and strong and gorgeous and mysterious. Her apathy makes her even more sexy imo. I love how she knew how to play her cards and just who to manipulate, and how she would kill anyone or anything to get in her way. She’s such a great villain. I love how ruthless she is when fighting. I love her TITAN ABILITIES AND HOW BEAST SHE IS WHEN USING THEM. I love how she doesnt take shit from ANYBODY. ANNIE!! IS!! AMAZING!! HOYL!! SHIT!! idgaf WHO she killed or WHAT she did I will protect Annie at all costs. 

Not only is she gorgeous but she is so intelligent and charitable. I watched her when she was in the Miss America pageant. She is living proof that children born from rape are just as much human beings as anyone else and that their life holds equal value to anyone else.

Thankfully her mother recognized Valerie’s humanity. She knew that this was her child to and that she did not deserve to die for her fathers crime. And now here she is on the world stage advocating for rape victims and people like herself because her mother chose life. 


I just really need to finally explain who this woman is to my life. It’s really way deeper than rap how she has always been my main inspiration & helped me as a young woman keep my spirits up & help me understand that there’s no way you can lose if you’re doing what the fuck YOU want you may fall but that’s the fun part the getting back up part is not even an increment in our minds.

We have similarities that only of course I pay attention to; being as though when she first got with Chris they were so perfect and so in love and it was so real, and they were automatically the shit everyone wanted to pay attention to them. The guy he was already popular, & her she was so low key simply gorgeous and hadn’t come out of her shell yet. He really brought her out & showed everyone like “hey I’m that guy look who I have yall didn’t even notice her, now put all eyes on us”

And every couple goes through things I’m sure there were times where he wasn’t being faithful, but she didn’t know anything about that but at the same time she looked up to him he was teaching her everything and protecting her, where nothing unimportant bothered her or made her second guess what they had. He introduced her to this new world, not knowing that he was exposing her at the same time trying to keep her locked away pushing her into curiosity. But still he could sell ice to her in the North Pole. ❤️

But then something happened…….

She got tired of just letting everything slide..

He didn’t know that all this time she admired him like a star in the sky in turn learning from all his behaviors & tricks…..

So she decided not to sit down anymore while he played around the playground…..

He never knew that he could actually care about someone because he never did before he never thought about if the roles were reversed……

& then that’s when he fucked up….

So now instead of him being the hottest, most popular, handsome, incredibly talented, and praised guy in the game he lost it……

The passion in their bond imploded inside of him & flooded his medulla all at once, changing both of their lives forever. All these same things have happened to me. The one person I thought would never hurt me already hurt me, but then put his hands one me….. In front of my whole school….. At lunch….. In front of everybody….. Talk about embarrassment, talk about reputation shattered, talk about heart broken in half then cremated… You love him……… IT HURTS SO BAD.

She felt like she lost everything in one day, how could she ever forgive him? They were public figures? He did it in front of everyone? Even if she wanted to forgive him she could never because everyone had seen?!!!!!!!

But the love is so strong no matter what transpired neither one of them could imagine life without each other, but it didn’t make sense!!!! It hurts!!!!! Why??!!!! She took him back but she would never look stupid again in this thing & it became a never ending competition of who can put on the best show.

From those moments forward Rihanna began finding herself like I had to so all the nudity, guys she’s dated, guys she’s had fight for her or over her, the lyrics in her music, she started to develop a reputation that was in everyone else’s eyes RAUNCHY or VULGAR.

But that was because at that moment when she figured out she had to find herself for her, these two women both decided a firm decision: I HAVE TO DO WHAT I LOVE AND LIKE AND NEVER GIVE A FUCK WHAT ANYONE THINKS OR SAYS ABOUT ME AS LONG AS IM BEING REAL TO MYSELF AND THIS REALITY FUCK WHAT ANYONE HAS FO SAY.

And I feel like we went through this together because when the masses are constantly working together to take you down that is one of the hardest thing to be headstrong about, but we never gave up NEVER!!! And now we can’t not win!!! All the trials & burdens & lessons that were all forced on us ALL AT ONCE.. People still have to go through collectively later in time. Now everyone is losing the race, and that’s why it’s only the journey that matters.

She was there for me the whole time, Rihanna, she was. She was and is my favorite artist in the world, favorite fashion icon, my inspiration; & never cared about all the bashing even with all the pain she had to harbor and endure. And the whole time I looked at her & was like “come on you wana be like her she’s the baddest, if she can do it then bitch you can too!!!”

RIHANNA WE ARE THE SHIT WE BOSSED UP ON THEM AND MADE IT, I love this woman she is my soul sister.

(And me and him still love each other, still going through a path, and he would never do anything again to hurt me, and no he never touched me again to the bitches that read this whole post & still want to pass judgement on me)


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I met this girl in San Francisco at a board game store and she was on a student visa from Ireland and I can't stop thinking about her. I was only there for vacation and I'll never see her again 😭 she was so smart and witty and gorgeous

did you get her name?!


So today is my girlfriends birthday! And I guess Captain Americas too but we can celebrate Steve later. This is about Caitlin! She is the most amazing and beautiful girl that I’ve ever met. God I love her so much. I love waking up to that gorgeous smile and her kisses(: she makes me so happy..(: and I want to do the same for her! Caitlin is my love and my world, she means everything to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She has done so much for me and I’ve done the same for her. We have a good relationship, and I want to keep it that way. This girl is wayy too good to lose. She’s stunning, smart, kind, beautiful, nerdy, and so many other things! She’s basically the whole package. Caitlin, I love you. And happy freaking birthday!

At the bar with my Aunt and Danny
  • This random guy has been staring at me all night. Like. I mean people would stand in our line of eye contact and he would move purposely to keep starin at me.... so at the end of the night he came over and it went somethin like this
  • Guy:*walks over, shakes my aunts hand and pulls her closer so she can hear him* is this your daughter or somethin?
  • Aunt Kate:*laughing* no... this is my niece and she's engaged!
  • Guy:oh... well... she's very gorgeous
  • Me:*buries my face in my hands turning so red*
  • Guy:*punches the bar as he walks by and tells his buddies what happened*
  • Ohhhh lordy. That guy was drunk y'all.