she is so flawless tbh


How would I know how to get back to the future? Who do I look like? Marty McFly?

Because there’s no “we”. There’s only a “me and my blog” and I draw whatever I like. I’m sorry my drawing offended you so deeply that you felt the uncontrollable urge to reblog it and leave a rude comment underneath it. Next time stick to the tags, yeah? Or just.. don’t reblog it maybe.
—  liamstolenboxers shutting down the negativity of petty bloggers wanting her to erase Zayn from her 1D art.

sure-ashellaintlost  asked:

May I ask why you like maryse so much? Like when I was reading the books, esp after cohf she just reminded me of every abusive parent I have ever known and like her only redeeming quality to me was her acceptance of Alec but even then i was just sorta like well too little too late but you like seriously stan for her?? I swear I'm not trying to be rude I am genuinely curious

This was a tricky question to answer, because my love for Maryse is a many-headed animal, and one that I feel is somewhat uncommon in the fandom (not that I blame people, she’s a minor character, minor characters don’t have as much screentime as mains, it happens),  so I went about typing it out, and it became an extremely long Maryse-analysis and loveletter to Maryse Lightwood, so basically, I’m putting it under a cut, because it’s now quite long.

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