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a/n: i discovered this band called cigarettes after sex about a year and a half ago and fell in love. honestly, their music is the most calming, mellow, and relaxing stuff i’ve ever heard. i found this playlist that has their music with a couple other songs from different artists, who are just as amazing♥ this also turned out to be a lot longer than i anticipated but OH WELL ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[for dialogue, italic is for y/n and bold is for tom]

listen to this while reading♫

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How about Sole finds a copy of an old scary movie (maybe Saw? I feel like that could be entertaining) that's not scratched beyond function, and the companions react to a horror movie night? Love your blog, very good stuff.

Thanks so much!

Cait: “Well, he’s a right sick bastard.” The gore doesn’t bother her overmuch, as she snacks on whatever’s handy while helpfully criticizing the drama. “What are they, feckin’ pansies? I had to do harder shit than this while in chains. Bein’ all melodramatic about it. Christ.”

Codsworth: “Er, Mx. Sole, I-I don’t think this is a family friendly film.” He’s not really a fan. Very put off by it all. He’s not a big fan of television and stuff in general - he doesn’t get the same entertainment value that humans do.

Curie: “Oh… Oh no!” She’s scared out of her wits, cuddled as close to Sole as she can get, throwing her hands up over her eyes and jumping at every jumpscare, sometimes whining when things get too frightening. She doesn’t have nightmares, but she definitely doesn’t have a great time.

Danse: “I don’t understand what you find entertaining about this.” Despite complaining about it, Danse stays for the whole length of the movie, watching it all the way through, even jumping at some of the jumpscares. When asked if he got scared or creeped out, he stubbornly insists that horror movies are ridiculous wastes of time. The next morning, he’s got shadows under his eyes. He didn’t sleep the whole night.

Deacon: “See, I like the old old horror movies. The real cheesy stuff. With guys in rubber suits carrying off girls in bikinis to their swamp lairs. This stuff?” He gestures to the projection screen as a young man is gruesomely beheaded. “I’ve been inside Super Mutant dens. I’ve seen enough gore to last me a lifetime.”

Dogmeat: He whines and gets upset whenever someone screams, even if it’s just a cheesy fake scream. Otherwise, he just likes an excuse to lay with Sole and rest his head in their lap. Horror movie pets are nice.

Hancock: “You know, this guy really needs a kick in the ass.” He doesn’t enjoy it too much, because he hates the idea of people being at someone else’s mercy. Gets him all riled up. He absolutely loathes the antagonist, and cheers if or when they finally get what’s coming to them.

Nick Valentine: He insists on one a more thriller-esque horror movie. One with a crime drama and a series of brutal killings. He likes being able to get justice on the killer at the end, even enjoying some of the spooks and jumpscares. He makes wry comments on the ridiculous parts and watches intently during the serious ones. He’s actually a lot of fun to watch horror movies with.

MacCready: “NOPE.” After five minutes of begging, he sits down to watch the film, but as soon as a murderer or a zombie or a ghost or anything weird is introduced, he literally gets up and walks out. He refuses. No. Will not. There is no way on this earth that you could get him to watch something creepy like that. Nuh-uh.

Piper: She enjoys the experience. She might not love horror movies - she’s still a sucker for rom-coms and cheesy romance novels - but as long as it isn’t too disturbing, she likes being scared now and again. She gets some popcorn and candy together, and it’s an excuse to have a cozy night in. Even if she is a little scared of the dark afterwards.

Preston: He doesn’t take very well to it. He makes all kinds of noises when jumpscared, on the edge of his seat the whole time, covering his eyes when the worst parts happen. He’s doesn’t find it fun to scare himself, but he likes spending time with Sole, so he’ll compromise and watch the cheesier horror movies if he can cover his eyes during the really scary parts.

Strong: He falls asleep halfway through. If he wanted to listen to humans scream while something big and scary went after them, he’d just go out looking for dinner.

X6-88: “The killer’s methods are rather inefficient. It would make more sense to chop horizontally than vertically. You would have to wash off the gore and sharpen the weapon after every kill.” He pauses. “I could do it better,” he says thoughtfully. Sole decides to turn off the film.

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jerejean in the rain?

you come… my house….ask for rain and jerejean………….when u know FULL WELL they live in drought city, U S A … and my weakness is dampness. good god u anons are good

Jeremy is an athlete, which means he wears a watch with a timer no matter how nerdy and ugly it is; and he’s a college athlete in his senior year, which means he has a Google Calendar more packed than one of his suitcases when he needs to fly home. In other words: Jeremy keeps track of time to the minute at least. He’s not organized in other parts of his life, but in this one, knowing when and how long, he’s basically a walking bullet journal.

All of which is to say: Jean has been in L.A. for six months, fourteen days, six hours, and twenty-three minutes when Jeremy blinks during lunch with the team and realizes he’s staring. 

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Electrified (2/?) Spider-Man x superfem!reader)

Authors note: Thank you guys so much for all the love and support it means so much! Let me know if you would like to be tagged in further posts or just in further Electrified posts. Please don’t hesitate to request anything. I write for MCU and X-Men movie characters.


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Peter met her one cold February night and god he wished he hadn’t been so distracted by her beauty. She was tall and curvy and her dark brown curly hair falling so effortlessly around her beautiful face. Not to mention her breathtaking energetic eyes, they were impossibly beautiful and in no way natural. Maybe that’s why Peter never bothered to really take her in, she never harmed anyone only trying to fend for herself in this tough city. Peter was eager to tell her about his experience with the Avengers but swinging into that abandoned building he couldn’t get a sentence out without feeling nervous. Why was a robber with the ability to manipulate energy getting him to tongue tied? Peter felt severe devastation as he hadn’t seen her for over a couple months, causing him to begin to worry about her safety… and he didn’t even know her real name, just the name he had given her, Cyan Spark.

“Hey Spidey whats your real name?” She asked one night as they were maneuvering around each other waiting for the other to make the first move. Peter scoffed trying to portray his fake hatred of the girl, but in reality he couldn’t hate her even though he tried so hard to knowing she was a criminal. “Why would I reveal that to you? How about you tell me yours?” In return the bright eyed girl rolled her eyes, “absolutely not!” Peter shrugged readying his web shooters as he watched her hands begin to twitch at her sides. “Well you don’t even have a cool super villain name!” Peter mocked. “I’m not a villain!” she spat slightly irradiated by the young boy. “Yeah whatever, you should still have one… um how about… Sparky!” The girl laughed shaking her head no. “Okay well how about Cyan.. Cyan Spark?” The girl stopped in her tracks debating to herself quietly. “Yeah sure lets go with that. Okay Spider-Man let’s get this show on! I’ve got better places to be” and with that the girl now named Cyan Spark shot an energy blast at Peter sending him flying backwards. He stood immediately shooting his webs at her, “Oh its on!" 

It was as if she had dropped off the face of the earth, Peter watched the news daily for the first month trying to see if she had been arrested, yet nothing ever appeared about her. Peter went on being Spider-Man but the thought of his long missed enemy was always tugging at the back of his mind. "Ned what if she got hurt?” Peter asked one day on his way home from school. His best friend Ned shook his head in dismay, “Peter from what you tell me about this girl, it seems like she can take care of herself.” Peter huffed in defeat before a honking car caught his attention. A black Audi pulled up to their sides and the front window rolled down. Happy’s unamused face appeared and Ned gasped slightly at the face of Iron Man’s associate. “Hey Happy? What are you doing here?” Peter squeaked thinking maybe Mr.Stark needed him for another mission. “Boss wants to see you” Happy spoke in the same bland voice. “Maybe he wants you to become an avenger again!” Ned awed in the background. “No. Get in the car kid” Happy spoke causing Peter to jump and scurry into the back of the car, mumbling a quick goodbye to his best friend. The drive to the upstate base was quiet and long, considering the anxiety racing through Peter’s mind. Why did Mr.Stark want to see him? Had he done something wrong? Peter shook his head at the thought, he had been laying low, being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man Stark suggested he be for awhile. When Happy finally drove up the long driveway he marveled once again at the captivating buildings surrounding him. He never would be bale to get use to the size and advancements of this place. Happy parked the car at the front entrance, guiding him inside before coming to a halt. “Boss is in the training room upstairs first door on the right.” Happy said point to the stairs on their left. Peter nodded and jogged over to the stairs before climbing them two at a time. Little did he know Happy was watching him, shaking his head at the kids enthusiasm. “If only (Y/N) showed that…” Happy muttered to himself. Peter smiled to himself as he approached the first door on the right and took a couple deep breathes, telling himself to calm down. He then continued walking into the open space seeing Mr. Stark standing in the middle accompanied by a young looking girl. “Oh Parker about time you got here! Time you met the newest recruit.” Tony smiled looking at the anxious boy. Peter’s heart pinged at the mention of a new recruit, feeling slightly replaced, but he scolded himself to shake it off. The girl turned around and Peter did an automatic scan of her. She was tall and curvy, wearing a pair of dark jeans boots and a plain striped tee. Her dark hair was pulled back into a tight slick ponytail yet a few small strands were loose around her hairline and forehead. The only thing that seemed off about her was the dark sunglasses she wore. “Hey I-I’m Peter!” Peter mentally kicked himself at his stutter as he extended his hand. “(Y/N)” the girl smiled shaking his hand. Peter’s heart flipped at the sound of her smooth voice, like her words oozed sweet honey, and all she had said was her name. “Alright kid how about you go into power booth and lets practice your flight again.” Mr.Stark said patting (Y/N)’s shoulder gazing over at a large booth that filled the other half of the very large training room with glass and steel accents. She nodded jogging over to the booth and opening a door on the far right side. “So Mr. Stark you wanted to see me?” Peter asked turning his attention back to his mentor. “Oh yes I have some new designs I wanted to run by you for the web shooters.” Stark said turning his attention back to (Y/N). Peter furrowed his eyebrows at the simple task Mr. Stark had called him here for. “I’m sorry sir I don’t mean to sound rude but thats it?” Peter questioned eyeing Tony. “Well that and I’m going out of town for the weekend and I wanted someone young to keep (Y/N) company.” Peter’s eyes widened, Mr. Stark wanted him to stay here for the weekend let alone with a pretty girl. “I don’t think May would be okay with that especially after she caught me in the suit-” Peter was cut off, “Yeah nice save saying I had tasked you with repairs and that you just were trying it on. I already talked to Hot Aunt May and she say’s its okay.” Tony reassured. “I don’t have any clothes.” Peter added. “Parker are you shitting me right now? Look who you’re talking to… There’s clothes in your suppose to be room but someone decided they wanted to stay low for awhile.” Peter raised his eyebrows in shock, “I thought you said that was a test!” Tony made a grimacing face before shouting, “(Y/N) you ready?” “Hell yeah!” she shouted back. “Parker watch her, her ability is amazing” Tony said patting Peter’s chest not tearing his eyes away from (Y/N). Peter still staring at Tony in shock tore his eyes away to look at (Y/N) who now had removed her sunglasses. Peter squinted before moving closer to Mr. Stark for a better view. (Y/N)’s fingers began to spark from spheres of energy waves causing the wind to be knocked out of Peter’s lungs, he only knew one girl who could do that and she had already captivated his attention. Suddenly instead of blasting an energy sphere her hands faced the floor, blasting out streams of intense blue energy. Her feet began to shakily peel off the floor, suspending her a few feet in the air. She was flying and Peter’s mouth had fallen slack in the midst of things. Suddenly (Y/N) stopped the flow of energy and dropped down to the ground stumbling a little. “Nicely done kid! Much better than last time!” Tony applauded with a smile. “Thanks Stark” she grinned walking out of the booth. “What did you think Peter?” Mr. Stark asked turning to the wide eyed boy. Peter stood still watching (Y/N) come closer and catching sight of her impeccable eyes, knowing for certain who it was now. “Peter?” Tony asked once again waving his hand in front of the boy’s eyes.  "Hmm?“ Peter hummed snapping out of his daze. "He asked what did you think” (Y/N) laughed staring at the boy. “Oh um thats amazing, your gift is truly amazing. ” Peter smiled uneasily. “Thanks” she smiled wide showing her pearl white teeth, and causing more emphasis to the freckles on the apples of her cheeks. Peter nodded in response dropping his gaze with a small blush creeping onto his face. “Well how about we go eat something!” Tony exclaimed rubbing his hands together. “Yeah I’m starved!” (Y/N) declared. Peter just nodded once again refusing to make eye contact with the beautiful girl. “Let me just grab my jacket” (Y/N) claimed running over the other end of the training room retrieving a light blue leather jacket. Peter just gulped watching her throw it effortlessly over her shoulders walking out with Mr. Stark. The night flashed before his eyes as the first time he had met her she wore the same jacket… it was her signature jacket. “C'mon Parker let’s go!” Tony shouted exiting the room with (Y/N), causing Peter to jog after him. Peter couldn’t eat much that night his thoughts too important. (Y/N) was beautiful, she was also the Cyan Spark, his former “enemy” and the newest member of the Avengers. Peter gulped a sudden realization dawning on him, he had to spend the whole weekend with her.

the most wonderful time of the year ✦ scott mccall

request : can you write a Scott imagine where the reader drags him into family dinner for the holidays since she lied to her family about having a boyfriend? ily bby :-)

word count : 2.1k

 “Y/N, honey, you should really bring that boyfriend of yours to dinner on Saturday. What better time to meet him than on Christmas Even, right?” 

  All right, she’d admit it now. Unabashedly lying to her aunt about being in a relationship with a boy she had said was, “sweet, caring, and the god damned best boyfriend in the entire world,” hadn’t been one of Y/N’s better plans. In fact, as she prepared to type out a text to her aunt saying that the boyfriend that didn’t exist wasn’t available for dinner that night- or any night, really- she felt like slapping herself in the face. Y/N knew that it was ridiculous to have even made up the story in the first place, but she had grown so irritated with the woman’s constant gushing about her younger cousin’s absolutely darling new boyfriend of exactly two weeks and her carefully constructed comments about how Y/N had never brought a boyfriend around that she had had to say something. Y/N couldn’t be perceived as a pathetic loser by her entire family, even though she was one in reality. 

   Her finger hovered over the send button, contemplating whether or not to forfeit her positive reputation with that side of her family or just figure out a way to keep up appearances. She glanced up, her eyes scanning the hallway for a familiar face. She’d ask Lydia for advice, that girl would definitely know what to do in a situation like this- though she doubted Lydia herself had ever been in such a predicament. When she couldn’t find Lydia, she glanced down at her phone, planning to just send the message and deal with the consequences later, when she heard a call from across the hallway. “Y/N!” Scott peered over his locker down, eyes shining in delight as he spotted her, waving her over excitedly. There wasn’t anything particularly exciting about the day, he was just always happy to see Y/N. 

  Okay, so he happened to have a minor crush on her. It was very minor. So minor that he definitely did not think about pretty much every second of every day, he did not purposely rush to lunch so that he could slide in the seat next to hers, and he definitely did not go out of his way to give her a lift on his bike after school whenever he could even though his house was in the opposite direction of her own. Yep, the feelings he had for her were so minor, you needed a microscope to see them. 

   Which was a blatant lie the repeated consistently to make himself feel better, but that’s besides the point. He slammed his locker shut a little too loudly, resisting the urge to unlock it again and fix his hair that he was sure he had screwed up in his happy slew of emotions. 

    “Hey, Scotty!” She greeted, clicking her phone off and shoving it in the pocket of her sage green jacket. She hugged him for a moment, and he held on for a beat too long. Y/N pulled away first, of course, making Scott’s face heat up. He rarely every blushed, so that was a positive thing because if he did, he’d have the brightest face on Earth. “How ya doing, sweets?” 

    His heart warmed at the nickname. “I-I’m good, really really good, Y/N.” He wrapped an arm around his shoulder, and was glad that he had been doing this for the past four years- long before he was in love with her- so it wouldn’t seem strange or out of the ordinary. She leaned on his shoulder, her arm going around his waist, and if you hadn’t known them, you would’ve thought they were together; the way they smiled so adoringly at each other, the lingering gazes Scott left on the side of her face. “So, what’s up?”  

   Y/N came to the realization that her way out of the lie she had told her aunt was standing right in front of her, wearing a black leather jacket and sporting a grin that could light up eight of the biggest cities in the country. “Actually, I have a favor to ask, if it’s not too much-”

    Scott had agreed to escort her to her family’s Christmas party almost the minute she asked, attempting not to sound too eager when he vowed to pick her up at promptly four thirty, since the drive would take little over a half hour. He had borrowed Stiles’ jeep for the occasion, not wanting to have his fake girlfriend for the evening ride in on a large and frightening motorcycle that would probably make her family think Scott was some sort of ruffian. He was wearing a maroon sweater, a white button down shirt under it, and light wash jeans. He stood next to Roscoe, his hands shoved in his back pockets as he stared at your shut door, waiting for Y/N to emerge. He lifted his head when he heard the soft footsteps winding down the steps of her home, and then the lock turned in the door, and out she came. 

    She ran a tentative hand through her hair, which was in gentle curls for once, and took a last glance at her outfit before heading over to the jeep. Scott gaped at her, swallowing the lump in his throat when she stared at him in confusion. “I-Wow, you, um, you look so-”

    “Weird? I know, I hate my hair like this and this skirt is making my legs freeze off,” Y/N huffed, hugging her dark sweater tighter to her body. 

    Scott watched her climb into the passenger seat, opening the door for her first as always, before sliding in the driver’s side and starting the car. Before they pulled away, his hand ghosted over her own as he said, “I was going to tell you that you look beautiful.” He didn’t wait to see her reaction, simply pulled out of the driveway and followed the directions set by the GPS. If he had waited, he would’ve seen her give him the loving smile she hadn’t gave anyone in a long time, the smile she would reserve for a future husband, and the faintest increase in the otherwise steady beating of her heart. 

   When they arrived, Y/N slipped her hand into Scott’s, and whether that was for support because she was nervous or so she could really sell this couple act, he wasn’t sure. But she gripped him tightly all the same, and he had no complaints on the matter. He let her lead him into the house, studying the pictures on the wall that decorated each piece of furniture he passed. Y/N was in quite a few, school photos of when she was in middle school that Scott could remember she flipped out over, pictures of her even younger than that, her graduation portraits of her decked out in the cap and gown that they would be wearing for real in the coming months. 

   “Here we go,” she murmured to him, giving his hand a hard squeeze before pushing open the door to what he presumed was the dining room. The moment they entered, Scott was practically blinded by camera flashes, and he mentally cursed because his eyes would glow in the photos that came out. “Guys! Scott’s camera shy! No pictures right now, please,” she exclaimed, giving Scott an apologetic grimace before ushering him in the room in front of her. “Everyone, this is Scott. Scott, everyone.” He waved at the family gathered around the table, smiling brightly at all of them as Y/N showed him to their seats. 

   A woman leaned across the table to shake his hand. “I’m Y/N’s Aunt Danielle, it’s so lovely to meet you, Scott,” she announced, her tone slightly proud. “We didn’t even know you existed up until a week ago. I wasn’t sure Y/N had it in her,” she laughed, clearly meaning for it to come off as a joke, but Scott could sense the clear nastiness in her voice.  

   “Oh, really?” He raised his eyebrows. “She’s got the guys at Beacon Hills High beating down her door. I’m just the lucky one,” he flashed another friendly smile, patting Y/N’s knee. 

   “Does she now? I never would have guessed,” her cousin chimed in, giving Y/N a quick once over. Scott scrunched his nose in distaste, turning to the other girl. 

   “Why wouldn’t she?” He asked, letting his gaze travel to Y/N’s wide eyes. “She’s, like, perfect. She’s beautiful. And she’s funny, plus the sweetest girl in the world. Smart, too. Like, the smartest in our grade besides my best friend Stiles and his girl, Lydia. Everyone loves Y/N.” Including me. Satisfied with his answer, Scott introduced himself to her grandfather and grandmother, the smallest smug smirk twitching at his lips when he took in the dumbfounded expressions on your relatives’ faces. 

   He, as usual, didn’t notice when she was staring at him, the desire to take his face in her hands and press her lips to his plush, soft-looking, pink ones suddenly incredibly overwhelming. She dismissed the urge, looking down at her dinner and beginning to eat as Scott made himself a member of the family. She silently hoped that he could be, maybe. 

   As she flounced off to go do the dishes, Scott sipped his glass of water nervously when he felt a pair of eyes on him. It was her grandfather, staring directly at him, but not in a cold or calculating way. He was simply curious. 

   “Scott, is it?” He asked, knowing what Scott’s name was but still wanting to shake the boy up a bit. Scott nodded quickly, placing his water glass down on the table with accidental force and causing the liquid to slosh over the sides of the glass. He hastily started mopping it up, shaking his head at himself while the grandpa chuckled. “Nothing to be nervous about, kid, I was just curious about something.” 

  Scott cleared his throat. “Yeah?” 

  “My granddaughter loves you. She doesn’t know it as well as she should, but she does. She’s beginning to realize it tonight. You’re very sweet to her.” 

   “I-I-I care about Y/N a lot, more than I care about myself. She’s always been important to me. But, I don’t know if she cares about me in the way that I care about her.” 

   “You have to see the way she’s looking at you, Scott. It’s all in the eyes. There’s love in your eyes, both of you. You just have to be noticing the same time the other is. One of you is always looking when the other looks away,” her grandpa snorted. “Ludicrous, let me tell you. Speaking of telling people things, you better get a move on and tell that girl you love her, or else she’ll never tell you, and then you’ll both be stuck in a cycle that just keeps going on until you’re miserable. You got that?” 

   He shook Scott’s hand then, giving him a kind smile. And Scott knew what he had to do later that evening, no matter how hard and nerve-wracking it was going to be.

   That night, as he was dropping her back off at her home after a successful and fulfilling night at her family’s house, Y/N hesitated getting out of the car. Scott’s hands were perched on the steering wheel, his eyes apprehensive. “Everything okay, Y/N?” 

   “Scott, you didn’t have to say all those things about me.” Y/N played with her hands in her lap, then began fiddling with a loose black string on her cardigan. “T-They were such nice things, really, and they made me feel all warm and fuzzy and special but I know this was just for tonight and now I’m confused and I-” 

    Scott covered her mouth before she could say anything else. “You are special. I meant everything I said when we were with your family. I even told your grandpa how much I cared about you, did you not hear that conversation?” 

    “No, I didn’t,” she said quietly.

    He turned to face her, unbuckling his seatbelt and moving closer. One of his hands moved to her cheek, the other tracing the soft top of her hand. “Y/N, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been in love with you for the past year. And I’ve been trying to tell you, but I haven’t been able to because you terrify me, Y/N. But, I still- I still love you. I love you every day of the year. It’s Christmas Eve, and all I have ever wanted for Christmas, as cheesy as this is going to sound, is you. So- so, what do you think?” 

     Y/N moved in to kiss him, her lips warm against his and melding together as if they were meant to have been kissing all along. As the snow began to drift to the ground outside, and Scott finally wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into him, he really knew that this truly was the most wonderful time of the whole damn year.  


“Look I still think we should go after Balthazar.” You exited the Impala into the cool chilly night, along with Sam and Dean. The sudden gushes of wind forced you to shiver until a warm jacket fell upon your shoulders. You looked up, seeing Sam smiling at you with those loving eyes you cherished.

“But how? Plus he’s with Cas, isn’t he?” You snuggled into Sam’s jacket  admiring his sweet cologne. Your boots crunched on top of the gravel as you neared the bunker. You pulled out your key, entering it in the slot.

“Maybe we should call him? I mean what could possibly go wro-”You pushed the handle and the door opended, shining a bright light through which blinded you instantly. You shielded your eyes and Sam stepped in front of you in a protective manner. Once the light dimmed you looked inside your home noticing it was different.

“CUT, GREAT TAKE PAD, ACKLES AND Y/L/N. 15 MINUTES THEN REGROUP” You saw cameras attached to every corner of the room, you looked up seeing the ceiling was missing and the fact that there were hundreds of people in here.

“What. The. Fuck?” The three of you said in unision. You looked at the two brothers with wide eyes who mirrored your shocked expression. You continued to observe your surroundings, seeing people dressed up like the monsters you kill down in the hallroom of the bunker.

“Do we uhm… do we kill anyone?” Dean asked from behind you and you pulled out your knife in instinct though there was something different about it.

“The hell?” You touched the tip feeling it was bunt and your hand glided downwards feeling it was pure rubber. You groaned throwing it to a wall, it should have stuck but instead it plummeted to the ground.

“Rubber… are you friggin kidding me? THAT WAS STEEL ENCASED IRON.” Your fingers found their way to the bridge of your nose, feeling a headache approach. You felt an arm around your shoulder and you looked up to see Sam smiling at you in reassurance that you were all okay.

“Easy now Padalecki, don’t touch the masterpieces” You heard an unusual croaky voice coming from beside you. You turned your head seeing Cas and you felt relieved.

“Finally! Cas, where the hell are we? and what is wrong with the speakers man? Why do you sound like an old librarian?” Dean asked and Cas stared at him dumbfoundingly. He chuckled and grabbed your hand pulling you into a kiss. You shrieked not knowing what to do, so you lifted your hands in the air and suddenly you heard a roar from behind you.

“CAS WHAT THE HELL?” Sam growled which earned looks from both Cas and Dean. His fists were in a tight ball and they turned slightly pale. He suddenly felt the urge to grab Cas’s hair and punch the heck out if but he didnt, he didn’t do it for you.

“Jeez Jared calm your damn tits. Filmings over, you two can quit playing Moose and Squirrel now. Oh babe come with me, I wanna show you something” Cas pulled your hand even though you were deep in concentration. Jared? Who the hell is Jared. When you realised you were being pulled away from the boys you tried releasing your hand from Cas’s new grip. You mouthed the word ‘Babe?” to the boys but they were suddenly out of your sight.

“Okay seriously what the hell?” Dean asked still unmoved from their original position.

“I don’t know” Sam replied trying to track your and Cas’s trail.

“Jesus Sammy, can you quit being jealous for 5 seconds? She’s with Cas, she’ll be fine.” Sam was about to make a snarky remark but he kept quiet. Obviously he was jealous, Sam’s never seen you kiss one of the boys before and he hoped it would be him… not Cas.

“Look we need to just figure out where the fuc- Jensen right this way” A woman grabbed Dean’s hand and led him down the stairs. He looked up to his brother who was following him.

“Uh who’s Jensen? and where are we going?” Sam asked while the lady snickered.

“Funny, Jared. I am going to get this pretty boy into the chair and you have an interview to do.” On que Sam was taken away and the lady set Dean on the chair. He looked up at the pictures, seeing it was all the times he was brutally abused. There was one picture that hit home the most, it was when they killed yellow eyes. He realised how simple life was, revenge, look after Sammy and hunting. Now it’s all become a massive blur.

“Now lets get this makeup off you” The lady wiped Deans face who chuckled.

“Lady I don’t wear makeu… son of a BITCH” Dean saw the wipe was covered in foundation his colour. Dean stared at the mirror, stroking his face in shock.

“I’m a painted whore.”


“Uhhh Cas where are we going?” You asked your strange friend who was still dragging you to an unknown location. You heard him sigh though you remained confused.

“Y/N… are you, dumb and dumber 2 tryna play a prank on me?” You neared a trailer which had the name MISHA COLLINS on it. You entered the calm trailer seeing your face with Cas’s everywhere. He dropped your hand while he went off to fetch something. You walked around the chairs to the coffee table which had a photo of you and Cas literally kissing.

“What the actual fuck?” You whispered while your eyes travelled to a magazine beside the photo frame. On the front it was you, Sam, Dean and Cas but beneath it their names were different. It read, Jared, Jensen and Misha.

“Misha?” You read out loud.

“Yeah babe?” Cas placed his hands around your waist while his chin was in the crook of your neck. Never in your entire five years of knowing the boys, Cas had gotten this close with you. So currently you felt clean and wrong at the same time.

“Uh… what’s this?” You asked pointing the magazine. Cas sighed and picked it up, nodding in approval at the page.

“Remember when Rob made us do that photoshoot for the peoples magazine? Cause we won the people’s choice awards”

“uh one…. no i do not remember that photoshoot because this isn’t real, and two peoples choice awards? isn’t that an tv award show?” Cas stared at you with an expression you’ve never seen him make before. He was confused smiling and it was creeping you out.

“Yeh okay funny Y/N. Look I’ve got something for you” He handed you the magazine and you put it in your jacket, wanting the brothers to see it. You felt something cool slip onto your neck. Your hands touched the necklace and you looked towards the mirror seeing the loving gaze Cas was giving you. Your heart warmed at it and the necklace was beautiful, you admired it in awe. It was a silver necklace with a diamond crest in the middle of it.

“Cas, this is beautiful” You breathed out and hugged your friend who instead kissed your lips. This was the second time he did that and your eyes stayed wide open. You didn’t know how to react so you simply stood still.

“You can quit calling me Cas babe… filming is over. lets go meet up with the others.” filming?


“We need to find Y/N and get out of this universe Sammy… i bet she doesn’t even know this isn’t earth… well not our earth earth.” Dean mentioned as he observed the entire stage. He saw two people dressed like them.

“Stunt doubles… you kidding me? Where the hell was my double when I was getting ripped to shreds by hounds” Dean complained while Sam’s eyes travelled around looking for you. His eyes landed on your confused face as you walked in the room hand in hand with fake Cas. Dean noticed Sam’s fist’s form into a ball while his stare became deadly. You pointed to the boys and Fake Cas gave you a kiss on the lips, which you replied unwilling to raise suspicion. What you didn’t know was the jealousy rising within Sam. He loved Cas like a brother but right now he wanted nothing more than to tear him apart.

“Y/N i know you’re freaking out but this- isn’t the real world? yeah i got that.” You finished Dean’s sentence and looked towards Sam, noticing his pissed off expression. You ignored it and continued to talk.

“What I don’t get is how the fuck did we end up here?” You asked as a person who looked like you walked past the three of you. You pointed to her and looked at the brothers who shrugged their shoulders.

“Apparently actors don’t get stabbed by dick angels in real life. Anyway what’d you find?” You pulled out the magazine you stole from the trailer and handed it to Dean while Sam stared at your neck.

“No way… nice blue steel Sam.” Dean opened the magazine, reading it in depth. Wow… people actually watch our friggin lives? Why?” Now it was your turn to shrug your shoulders.

“I really don’t know but it’s funny ca- who gave you that?” Sam cut you off by pointing to the necklace Misha gave you. You totally forgot about the beautiful diamond piece and you smiled at the friendly gesture.

“Misha gave it to me… right so where was I. Oh yeah! It’s funny cause not a lot of people watch it but the f- Misha? Who is he… like your boyfriend or something?” You groaned at the constant  classic interruption coming from Moose.

“Sam what’s wrong? Seriously! What do you got against fake Cas?” Dean was so invested in the magazine he blocked your bicker out.

“Nothing! I just think he’s annoying and stupid. That’s it” He folded his arms and your brain clicked in an instant. Sam Winchester was jealous, maybe this could be interesting.

“Right… so how are we gonna get back? First of all, how the fuck did we get here?” You questioned looking around the set, you were truly astonished at the fact that you were in the bunker but not really.

“How much time do these people have?” You whispered noticing every detail.

“I don’t know but we could try praying? to the real Cas?” Sam suggested and Dean closed his eyes, mumbling something under his breath.

“Y/N?” You turned around to see Cas in his original form, the coat along with the gravely voice.

“Finally! Cas what the hell is going on?” Dean asked while Cas broke out into a chuckle. You groaned as you realised it was Misha the entire time.

“You fuckers are still pranking me, arent you? Well Y/N and Jared have a scene to shoot in the kitchen so I’m here to collect you. Good luck babe” Misha dipped his head and his lips met yours for a split second, before Jared pulled you away.

“Sorry Misha, we gotta shoot” You smiled as his hand remained in yours while he dragged you to the kitchen. You were met with the producer who told you how things we’re going to happen but in all honesty you weren’t paying attention to a word he was saying. Your concentration was locked on Sam’s hands molding with yours, like they were the final pieces for a puzzle.

“Kay you got it Lecki and Y/L/N?” Your train of thought was broken and Sam looked down to you with a smirk.

“Kinda?” You pulled your hand away from Sam’s missing the warmth of it.

“Great, POSITIONS” He yelled while you and Sam walked to your marking point. Sam quickly handed you a script and you saw the title of the scene.


You glared at the piece of paper with wide eyes. It’s no secret you and the large hunter have feelings for eachother but the confession of love? That sounded Shakespearean.

“AND ACTION” Sam looked at you while he kept glancing at the paper.

“Erm… Uh. Y/N, we uh… we gotta uhm. What does this say? Oh yeah, we gotta talk” Sam said while he looked at you sternly.

“CUT! Jared put some emotion into it.” Sam nodded and looked back at a frightened you with determined eyes.


“Y/N. we. have. to. talk” Sam spoke as if he was swallowed by a robot. You stifled a giggle noticing how he looked slightly constipated.

“CUT!” This went on for a good twenty minutes until Sam had enough. He rolled his eyes and threw the script away, along with yours. He inhaled a deep breath and stood back onto his mark.


“Y/N… we need to talk. Look I know this has been difficult, for me and for you but I cant keep going knowing we might never be a thing. Seeing you with men who don’t deserve your glances kill me, no one deserves the purity and beauty your provide. No one!” Sam paused before walking up to you. Your eyes melted with his while his hands reached up to stroke your cheek.

“Every morning I wake up with a smile, because you’re singing in the shower and I can hear you. Every minute when I’m not with you, I’m exhausted because you’re my source of energy, my light. Every night I sleep with bliss knowing you’re in the room next to me, safe and sound. But now I’ve become greedy.” You gulped loudly, Sam’s hands reached down to yours and they intertwined.

“Now, every morning I want to wake up with the smell of your shampoo, next to me.” Sam moved his head down to your neck and kissed it lightly, your eyes closed at the pleasure of his skin on yours. “Every minute I want to be energised because you’re gonna be by myside” His kissed trailed to you jawline, leaving kisses there. “And everynight, i want to fall asleep with you on my chest. Because greedy or not, I need you” Sam lips hovered over yours and you pushed yourself further, impatient from the anticipation. Your hands flew to his neck and he pulled you up, wrapping your legs around his waist.

“AND CUT! Wow… that was perfect. Better than what we wrote. PUBLISH IT” You and Sam pulled apart, staring into eachothers eyes. You ignored the people around you and suddenly you felt though you were the only people in this room.

“You can put her down now, Jared. Great take babe” Misha called out which broke you two apart. Your cheeks remained flush while Misha escorted you off set. You looked behind, seeing Sam as flustered as you. Your hands went to your lips and you smiled against them.

“Misha hey, gotta borrow Y/N for a sec. kay thanks bye” Dean pulled you out of Misha’s hand and ran towards Sam, motioning for him to follow. Dean was now ahead of you as you ran outside and past familiar motels you’ve stayed at. Your saw your car you lost four years ago and you almost stopped in your tracks, missing your baby.

 Though you continued to chase after Dean and towards a trailer which read the name “JENSEN ACKLES”. Dean looked back to you guys and smiled, slightly out of breath.

“Behold, fake me must be the star of this show” rolling your eyes you climbed the ministairs and into the trailer. You were astonished at how beautiful and soothing it was, Dean must have been the star. Your eyes travelled around the room and they landed on Misha.

“Misha or Cas?” Sam asked when he noticed what you were staring at.

“What is a Misha?” Cas tilted his head while he asked the question, you broke out into a smile and hugged your awkward friend. He lifted his two arms and patted your back, as if you were one of the boys.

“Glad to see you’re not trying to suck my face” You giggled noticing everyone else wasn’t laughing, so you kept quiet.

“Right well, I’m here to take you back.” With a snap of his finger you were once again outside the bunker, as if whatever happened in the last 2 hours disappeared. You were still wrapped in Sam’s jacket.

“OKAY WHAT THE HELL I’M SO FRIGGIN CONFUSED” Dean yelled out in confusion.

“Balthazar knew you were on him so he threw you into a universe, parallel to ours. My apologies”Cas stated while he nodded towards the three of you,

“Yeah well what’s going on between you two?” You questioned, curious of why they were so secretive. Though the slight flutter of wings portrayed his departure and uninterested in your convos.

“Cas? CAS? dammit.”


After the confusing day you decided you deserved hot chocolate. Your feet padded against the bunker floor while you neared the kitchen. You walked in seeing Sam shirtless with his back-facing you. You’ve seen the boys naked in so many scenarios, whether it was a patch up or anything. But after the fake life you two shared, something clicked within you.

“Heya Sam” Sam turned around with a cup in his hand. He had a whipped cream mustache and you laughed at his panicked expression.

“Don’t tell Dean that i’m cheating on my diet.” You agreed and walked towards him.

“Today was just a really stressful day” You reached up and wiped the whipped cream off of his top lip and you noticed your fingers lingered on there for a few extra seconds. You pulled away and cleared your throat, grabbing a mug for yourself.

“So how are you?” You asked in hopes to attempt a conversation in this unpredictable situation. You grabbed all your ingredients and threw them all in a rush while Sam stayed quiet.

“I meant every word you know. Every damn word. I need you Y/N , you’re mine only and if you’re ready. Then let me be your one and only” You gulped, nervous of the consequences that came from your happiness. You stared into his hazel green eyes and your heart melted at the sincerity.

“I need you too” You subconsciously whispered while he closed the distance between the two of you. His lips met yours again and your head was light and the butterflied in your stomach were too loud.

“Guys… i’m go- NOT IN THE PLACE WHERE WE EAT” Dean walked into your intimate moment and you pulled away from Sam, blushing at Dean finding out.

“As I was saying before you violated our poor counters, I’m going to go buy a damn 6 pack. Pace yourself, damn rabbits” Dean mumbled before leaving the room. You smiled into Sam’s chest who simply kissed the crown of your head.

“Jealous you is my favourite” You heard Sam snicker, like he was going to retaliate but it was purely obvious he was jealous.

“Shut up… you’re mine and mine only” Sam growled seductively in your ear and he picked you up while you giggled uncontrollably. He kept kissing you and leaving soft bites on your body which caused you to moan slightly.

“AT LEAST WAIT TILL I’M OUT OF THE DAMN BUNKER” Dean yelled out before he slammed the doors shut, leaving you with your jealous gigantor boyfriend.

Natasha Romanoff - A Winter Soldier Headcanon

After the events of The Avengers, Nick Fury probably calls Natasha in and tells her, “I need you to keep an eye on Steve Rogers.”

Because Fury’s not an idiot.  He’s seen for himself how lost and out of time Cap is.  All his friends are gone.  Peggy is old and her mind’s fading away.  The records probably show that Steve has no other living relatives, no other friends to anchor him in this here and now.

Fury probably looks at the dates between the train job where Bucky Barnes died and when Steve crashes the plane.  He doesn’t like the picture he’s coming up with.

Steve’s Catholic.  But war does a lot of shit to a great many people, including their religious beliefs.  Just because Steve wouldn’t be eating a gun, doesn’t mean he’d be averse to repeating a heroic sacrifice yet again

So Nick lays it out on the table for Nat and Nat probably gives him her best unimpressed look because, “I am not sleeping with Steve Rogers.”

She’s probably played that kind of game a lot of times before.  It was a job, a mission, there were objectives to accomplish.  But she’s done with this kind of bullshit.  And okay, Steve is attractive and his kindness is absolutely fucking unreal and it would be easy to pull off.  Play the game.  Maybe love him for real.  Keep him safe and grounded.  

Love is for children.  Natasha Alianova Romanoff is done with that.  She’s not playing.

Fury has the grace to look abashed and tells her that card is off the table.  It’s simple.  Cap needs a friend.  Cap needs somebody.  He’s smart enough to figure out why Nat is there.  But at least she’d be a friendly face, if not an actual buddy-buddy, BFF. 

So Nat starts in by trying to set Steve up on dates.  In the process, she learns more about Steve.  She learns that he used to sing, so the Barbershop Quartet comment wasn’t a joke.  He’d sung with Jim, Monty and Gabe, once upon a time. 

Nat takes a wild guess and checks the files if Barnes played the piano.  He did. 

Steve doesn’t really sing anymore.  Though there was one heartstopping moment where he sang a Winnie the Pooh song for a little Captain America fan.  The kid lit up like Christmas. 

Steve likes to draw.  Nat has seen at least one sketchbook.  She’s flipped it open once, only to find her face in there.  She flips it closed again. 

Steve sees a lot more than people take him for.

It is hilariously, ridiculously easy to like Steve Rogers.  Steve figures out how to use most tech in minutes but he’ll pretend that he doesn’t know how to work a microwave, if only to mess with Tony Stark’s head.  He’s a bit of a little shit that way.  Clint would approve. 

When they do that fake kiss, it’s clumsy, but his hands settle nicely at her waist and they’re warm and he’s surprisingly easy to lead but it’s obvious that he’s uncomfortable.  She senses, rather, the sharp intake of breath as they resume the kiss for the benefit of the agents searching for them and it’s better but she has the distinct feeling he’s thinking of someone else. Just to make it work.

Nat idly wonders if that was how he’d kissed Peggy Carter goodbye.  She can’t help but tease him for it, only to see his ears go red. 

That’s another thing about Steve Rogers.  He grew up in Brooklyn, didn’t exactly live a sheltered life, went into the Army, seen a lot of shit go down.  He’s able to fight down and dirty like nobody’s business, Irish temper and Brooklyn rage working hand in hand, wicked and vicious and fast.  Watching him go to war is a thing of beauty. 

And after all that, it is still hilariously, ridiculously easy to make him blush pink.  It’s adorable.

When Nat figures out that Bucky Barnes is Steve’s key, her heart breaks for him.  Fucking hell.  She could try to convince herself otherwise, but her heart breaks for him all the same.

And she’s not surprised that when the numbness and the shock fade and Steve’s fine mind is up and running once more, his thoughts are to burn HYDRA to the ground.  Salt the earth.  All or nothing.

He’s done it before.  Just for Barnes.  It’s not new.

She gains Steve’s trust and his friendship and in return he gets hers.  They’re both hard-won things.  She doesn’t give this lightly to anyone and Clint would probably smirk and say that he’s got the bullet holes to prove it, because he’s a human disaster.  It’s part of his charm. 

Steve’s a human disaster in his own way too.  She could tell him that the Red Room is vicious and cruel and that they make up a life for you and put it in your head and take it away at their whim, men and women who think it’s fun to play god, fucking around with people’s lives, their very souls.  She could tell him that there may not be much of Barnes left in the Winter Soldier, that he’s chasing a dead man, a ghost and even if they find each other, Steve would either be burying a body or be burying his heart. 

Because she gets it now, remembers the train job, remembers the plane crash, remembers the dates.  Puts the bits of information together, sees the picture that Fury was afraid to speak aloud. 

Love like that isn’t for children.  Love like that isn’t supposed to be real.  

Steve Rogers wasn’t supposed to be real but she found him bleeding and alive on the shores of the Potomac.

Alive with gunshot wounds that should’ve been on his head instead of his body, if he had been going up against one of the best snipers in the world. 

Alive when he could’ve been left in the river to drown. 

Alive when she could see the boot prints on the ground, the other marks that tell a different story. 

Steve Rogers wasn’t supposed to be real, but she’d kissed him once, to hide him.  Listened to him joke and banter.  Heard him sing.  Seen him draw a picture of her that made her think, That couldn’t be me.  That couldn’t possibly fucking be me.  

So she hands him the Winter Soldier’s file.  Lets him get on his quest.  He already knows what she’s supposed to tell him, what Sam has already been saying.  

But she’ll pull him close and tell him to hope.  She’ll hope for him. 

She’ll hope there’s enough left in James Buchanan Barnes to make his way back home. 

She’ll hope that there’s enough left of Steven Grant Rogers to keep fighting this particular good fight.  To find his home again. 

She’ll hope for both of them. 

- end -

Note:  In the end, Bucky and Nat found the Official Russian (I’m actually Romanian but never mind - Bucky) Ex-Assassin Guardian Angel Support Group to Two Blonde Human Disasters.  Just like Dark Lords of the Sith, there can only be two.  ** cackling **

Just tell me your name already

Prompt: “You give me a different fake name every time you come into the coffee and I just want to know your real name bc ur cute, but here I am scrawling Batman onto your stupid cappuccino”.

Warnings: Little angst, not too much.

Words: 1450.

Some people may dislike the fact of serving coffee to strangers at early hours in the morning, but no (Y/N), no, she loved it. She loved the fact of seeing different kinds of people, some of them happy, but most of them in desperate need of a cup.

This morning Jitters was somehow empty, she was the only person in turn and with no costumers on sight. When the sky was as dark as it was that morning, (Y/N) could start to feel a little anxious; luckily another person came in so her fears relaxed just a little.

The man that had entered the place was a young one, with messy brown hair, bright green eyes and a big smile, making him look like a puppy. (Y/N)’s heart jumped inside her chest at the sight of that smile, making her cheeks a little more red than usual.

They stood in front of each other for a couple of seconds, long enough for (Y/N) to remember that she was working and he was a costumer.

“Good morning, and welcome to Jitters” she said friendly.

“Hi…” she looked at her name insignia before smiling “(Y/N). I’d like a big cappuccino with four sugars and two creams please”

(Y/N) blinked surprised at the odd request, but hide it quickly, not quickly enough for him to not notice, which made him laugh.

“I know it’s odd, but what can I say? I’m an odd person”

(Y/N) blushed even more at being “busted” but laugh along him, he was cute.

“What name should I put in the cup?”

He opened his mouth before closing it and showing a thoughtful look. He smirked playfully before answering “Willie”.

She tried not to laugh, which she hide with a cough, and looked at him confused, why was he looking like he had a big secret just because his name was Willie? She let it pass before asking the man to pay her and proceed to make that sweet beverage.

He left with the same smirk and a thank you, leaving (Y/N) alone with her thoughts. She was so distracted by the memory of that man that she didn’t even noticed when her co-workers had arrived.

The next day, she arrived earlier than usual, because she had volunteer to set everything up for when Jitters open, not because she wanted to see Willie again. She sighed as she enter the coffee to start the machines and have everything put.

It had only been a couple of minutes after (Y/N) had settled in her spot when he came through the door, the same smile and green eyes, sparkling with something she couldn’t identify.

“Good morning (Y/N)” he said with a crooked smile “I’d like the same as yesterday please”

“Coming” she said with a smile “Willie… right?” she said, trying not to show how much she had think about him.

“Actually, it’s Haskins” he said with the same crooked smile and a devilish look.

She looked at him, realising what he was doing. She smiled softly at that thought before shrugging and turning around to make him his order. This time he stayed a little while after paying, because he didn’t want to burn himself with the coffee. She appreciate his company, even though they weren’t actually talking or anything.

Once other people started walking inside the place, “Haskins” grabbed his cup and wink at her.

“See you tomorrow (Y/N)” he waved goodbye as he let Jitters.

After that, it became a habit for her to arrive early and prepared that oddly order for the mystery man; every day writing for him a different name. Some days they were just plain fake like “Al Fresco” or “D. Liver” hell, even one time he told her his name was “The Flash”, but by that time she knew his game so she let it pass. Although that time, he looked kind of sad at her laugh of disbelief.

By now, every time he stayed a little longer inside Jitters, they had actually started talking, not much, but just enough to get (Y/N) swiped of her feet at the sight of those green eyes every morning. The rest of the day she felt confused, she liked this guy a lot, and something told her he felt the same way so… Why on Earth wouldn’t he tell her his real name? Was he some kind of famous person or what?

She knew that was not the case, her curiosity drove her to dig in every celebrity magazine for a whole week before giving up and settling for only see him in the early mornings.

Two months have passed since she saw him for the first time and she was feeling kind of down. Her not little crush anymore was making her feel like maybe she had misinterpreted his intentions, as he was running later than usual, the sun shining through the window glass, and his coffee getting cold. She felt worse once her co-workers arrived, knowing deep down that he would not come later.

A week passed without (Y/N) seeing him and she was starting to feel that maybe, it was for the best. Mornings weren’t as hard as before the man, her anxieties over him had conquered her anxieties towards anything else, and she wasn’t sure that was a good thing. Plus, he didn’t like her enough to tell her his real name, so perhaps it had to end this way, with him not coming back.

(Y/N) convinced herself that she was fine with it, she wasn’t hurt or angry at him for not coming, that didn’t make sense and she praised herself in her being very rational. It was a calm morning, sun was raising once again and she decided to make a cup of tea for her. She paid it and everything before starting the machine.

The door opened, letting a little of the early morning wind came into the coffee. She didn’t turned back as she continued with her tea. There was only one person that would come this early and she didn’t want to look excited, as she was feeling.

Finally she turned around, only to find those green eyes filled with sadness, his smile in an apologetic way and his head a little lopsided.

“(Y/N)…” he sighed in relief and smile once she looked at him directly in the eyes.

Her heart started going really fast, as it happened every time he smiled her or even looked in her direction.

“Good morning Batman” she said sarcastically, hiding her anger and pain, using the last name he gave to her.

“(Y/N)… I…” he had trouble speaking, which she used in her advantage

“The usual coming right up” she said as she turned around again to make the coffee she knew now by memory.

“Barry” he said in a soft whisper.

“Sorry?” she said, not even bothering to look at him, she didn’t want to play this game anymore.

“Barry Allen” he said, louder this time as he grabbed her shoulder and made her turned around to look at him.

She alternated looks between the hand in her shoulder and the man in front of her, feeling something warm in her stomach and her heart, but fighting it with everything she got. This was the first time he didn’t gave her a ridiculous name, or a superhero one for that matter. It actually sounded like a real name.

“Who’s Barry Allen?” she said indifferently as she free herself from his grip.

The man sighed before ducking his head in his chest.

“The man who’s going to take you out tonight…?” he said smoothlish, looking at her with hope.

“Barry?” she asked as she raised an eyebrow, not wanting to believe what her instinct told her was right.

“Actually” he said, and she sighed once again, believing it was just another game “My real name is Bartholomew, but I prefer Barry” he added quickly before smiling like the first time she saw him entering Jitters.

She smiled like the first time she saw him, open and honestly, letting her previous feelings go away. She didn’t really knew why he had stop going or why he came back or why he didn’t told her his real name until now; but the one thing she absolutely knew was that she had forgiving him for everything.

“It’s on the house” she said as she handed him the coffee “You know, so you can have all your money for dinner tonight” she added with a playful smile on her lips.

His smile could’ve light up the entire place, and for the first time in months, she didn’t try to fight the butterflies in her stomach.

Just a few unanswered questions

Who killed Ian?  Why did Ian kill himself? Why would Mona stage the note? When did Ian supposedly kill himself? (Updated based on the EW interview)

Why did Wilden kill Garrett?

Who told Wilden and Melissa to get on the train? Mona or CeCe, why?

What happened to Eddie? Did CeCe kill him?

Who is Bethany’s father?

Why was Mrs. D taking Bethany out of Radley?

What is Bethany’s story?

What about the letter Bethany wrote to Ali?

What does Rhonda know? What did Bethany tell her?

What’s up with Wren?

Why did CeCe need a visitors pass to see Mona if she was still in Radley then?

How did no one in Radley recognize CeCe when she was visiting Mona when she would have literally just left Radley a day before (or a short time anyway)?

Why was Wren coloring a family on a farm with a red coat?

Who did Jason see if it wasn’t CeCe? Was it Alison or Bethany talking to Melissa? 

Who killed Mrs. D?

Who buried Mrs. D? If it was CeCe, why?

What did Mona think when she saw Alison walking down the street?

How did the Ali bracelet get on Bethany’s body? (Since Melissa buried her, not Mona.)

Why would CeCe want to recruit Tobey and Spencer to the A team?

Why was Melissa helping Shana and Jenna?

Who is Sara Harvey and why is she important at all?

Where did CeCe even meet Sara?

What mental asylum lets patients up on the roof unsupervised?

Who attacked Ali in the First Secret?

What is the real story about that “haunted” house and the Radley car outside of it that night?

Does anyone actually have a twin?

Who was that little ghost girl in the Halloween episode at the Marin house?

Who pushed Jason down the elevator shaft?

Where was Jason when he was at “rehab”?

Who called Mrs. D on “that night”? Why didn’t she want Ali out? If CeCe had been friends with Ali all summer why would she be scared she would hurt her now?

What is with the story Mrs. D had about Ali and CeCe trying on each other’s personalities? And the story about CeCe pretending to be Alison and getting sent to Radley? Was Mrs D a pathological liar?

Is Kenneth Charles/CeCe’s real father?

Why can’t you turn your back on a Hastings?

What happened to Tippi?

What was the purpose of the NAT club, that seemed so important early on and then poof never mind?

Who blew up Jenna/Toby’s house? Why?

Who’s Varjak?

Did the field hockey stick being buried mean nothing? 

How much was Lucas actually involved? Why? What did he ever do to CeCe?

Did Mrs D actually sign up for the dog or did CeCe do it? Why? What ever happened to the dog?

Who did the kid in the doll shop see?

Who dug up Ali’s grave? Why?

Why send the girls body parts?

What was up with Mona and Jason’s relationship? How did Jason get injured? Why was she treating his wound?

Who blew up Meredith? Why? Was it Mona or CeCe? How did either really have motive?

What was up with creepy Harold?

Who cleaned up all of Mona’s things?

Who was under the Baby face zombie mask?

Who drugged Emily the night she blacked out? Why?

Why frame the girls for taking Ali’s body?

Why did A lash out at Jason, if CeCe is A, why attack Jason? Why put all those alcohol bottles on the porch?

Was CeCe staying at the aunt’s house? Is that why Jason couldn’t go in?

Why was Mrs. D in Spencer’s bedroom?

What agreement did Mr. Hastings have with Mrs. D about that night?

Why didn’t Mrs D say something about CeCe when she was running around town free?

Who attacked Ali that night she was sneaking in the Hastings house?

Whose earrings were in Byron’s couch if not Meredith’s? Did Ali plant them?

CeCe and Melissa Hasting’s met in CapeMay? DId they have any connections? Why didn’t CeCe go after Melissa since she and Ali hated each other?

What happned at the frat party with that girl and Ian? Who pushed her? Why?

Did CeCe really get kicked out of UPenn because of Ali? Or because of Radley?

Was Bethany the “fragile” patient on the roof with Marion Cavanagh? Was she the blonde girl Dr. Palmer told Tobey about? or was it CeCe?

Why was Eddie afraid of Wren?

Why did Tobey use Eddie’s security badge? How did he get it?

Why didn’t Wren want Eddie to see Spencer?

Why did CeCe date Jason? Even if they didn’t have sex, which it sounds like they didn’t. I’m sure they had to do some stuff otherwise why would they be together. How was it an “intense summer”? Why fake date your brother, why not just pretend you have a bf and be flirty and friendly and spend time together with out being together?

Back to Sara… did she actually run away? Why is she presumed “missing”? Is She actually Sara Harvey or is this some other girl pretending to be Sara for CeCe to get to the girls?

Why would CeCe try to kill Caleb’s mom?

Why didn’t CeCe see Shana going after the girls and try to stop it?

Did CeCe drug Shana and send her out of Rosewood or did Shana make that up?

What about the moms? Who locked them in the basement? Why? Are they going to ever get out?

What happened to undercover officer Clark at the prom?

Why didn’t the girls call anyone on the way? Like even Tobey?

Where did Caleb and Ezra go?

Why was Clark meeting Rhys?

Why the Ali masks?

CeCe said she hated the girls for being glad Ali was gone, and yet they spent their whole high school career trying to make sense of things and bring Ali home? how did that make sense to her?

Whatever happened to Ali’s anklet? How did it get in that shop? How did Garrett know about it?

Why was Garrett trying to protect Spencer? How was he trying to protect her?

Why is Melissa with so many shady guys: Ian, Garrett, Wren?

Did CeCe pull all the girls out of the fire (except Hanna)? Why did she leave Hanna? How did she not see Ali save Hanna?

What happened to Hollbrook? 

How long was CeCe planning on taking the girls? How did she get that bunker built in a public park without anyone asking questions? Like that’s more than a bit shady?

Who is the beach hottie? (Board short’s is Ezra, but he wasn’t in Cape May/at the beach)

Remember that one time Jenna was almost drowned, who did that? Why?

What was CeCe planning to do with Ali when she got her to the doll house?

Why would CeCe dress Mona up as Ali and make her be Ali? Why did she want to control her sister? I didn’t get that vibe from her tonight. Had Ali shown up on a night when the girls weren’t escaping, what would CeCe have done? Tortured her sister too?

Whose body was in the barrel? Why was that even relevant?

Back to Wren again? How is he a real doctor who is supposed to be super smart but can’t spell diagnosis? Why did he come to treat Mona only?

How could CeCe approve visitation for Mona again? or was that Wren? Why would either of them do this?

Why “Nosey” bitches? CeCe isn’t british.

Why did Melissa say she saw Tobey in London when she didn’t?

Who put the blood in Spencer’s purse in London?

When did Radley shut down it’s children’s ward? Why?

Alison’s backyard was very popular that night everything went down, did no one really see Mona kill Bethany? Why would Mona just leave the body?

Why did Spencer and Emily both have “memories” of killing Ali/someone?

Where did CeCe learn how to do any of this? She performed a dental exam on Hanna to plant that clue in her mouth. Like where does one learn to do that? A doctor, like Wren maybe. but CeCe?
Also, how could CeCe get into the eye exam room to change the chart? Another medical facility?

Why spend one summer trying to get to know your family? Then spend another year trying to torture them? Then, in the end decide you want to kill yourself and them?

Who was Mrs. D’s draft email “I can’t protect you anymore” to? If it was to CeCe why couldn’t she protect her? CeCe had gotten away with Bethany’s murder. Wilden was dead. No one on earth was going to connect CeCe to Bethany’s murder. She didn’t need Mrs. D’s protection.

How did Radley just let CeCe go? So Mona got her out, but like a missing patient isn’t important?

Why did Bethany have Melissa’s riding helmet?

Why would Mrs. D buy Bethany a pony?

What did Sydney have to do with anything? A sent the girls a text based on the info Hanna spilled while drunk. CeCe wasn’t there in the cafe. How did CeCe know?

Why would CeCe put bees in Mrs. Montgomery’s car? Why go after the parents?

Why would CeCe set up Caleb’s father? 

Whose cabin was Ezra watching? Why did the drawings in the cabin match Bethany’s/Wren’s?

Why did CeCe want to go to prom with Ali?

CeCe’s photo was in the yearbook. Even if the school takes a photo of a student who doesn’t go there, they wouldn’t publish it in the yearbook. How can she be prom queen if she never went to the school?

Who turned CeCe in? We saw A call the police on her.

Why dress like a man in the doll house if you don’t identify as one?

What happened to Cyrus?

If Charles/CeCe was that unstable, how did Radley let her go to UPenn? How did they not call the police when she was missing? How did they still not call the police after Mrs. D died and couldn’t pay anyone off?

How is Charles taller than Spencer in the dollhouse, yet CeCe is several inches shorter than Spencer. I think Spencer would have noticed if Charles had on heels.

What was up with Spencer’s memory of the child in Radley?

If the Charles file was written as deceased to make way for Charlotte they would need a new file. If that wasn’t the reason he was listed as dead, then what was? Who did it? What did Radley do with Charlotte afterward if they said Charles died but didn’t have a file for Charlotte. Why didn’t Aria find the file?

When Leslie was in Radley, wouldn’t Charles have been Charlotte by then?How did Leslie know Charles?Why did Leslie say Charles and Bethany were friends, when they clearly stopped being friends at least ten years prior?Why did Leslie say Bethany and Charles escaped together?

A always seemed to have OCD. CeCe has never seemed to display symptoms of OCD. Did you see her room at Radley? How do you explain this?

How did Alison pass that polygraph at the police station?

In “Taking This One to the Grave”, Ali meets her “army” at an abandoned farm…  is this the Campbell Farm? If so why did she choose that location? What connection does she have to Andrew?

Who gave Cindy and Mindy the Ali masks during the winter ball? How did Ali not know about that if she and CeCe were together?
CeCe was also at the ball when A was at the house (she couldn’t have gotten to the house that fast). Was that Sara? Why were they wearing the Baby zombie mask?

If A is so smart, how could CeCe not get herself off for murder? Why didn’t she just fabricate or delete evidence so she could go home and be with Alison?

Why all the bird clues?

Why would CeCe let the Liars think Ali was A? She said she was mad at the liars for being glad that Ali was dead, but she actively let them hate her.

*** I will be updating with more questions as I remember them! I know there are many, many more.

The Ninth Event, Baltimore and Beam Aren’t in This One

NEW TO CRYPTOCRACY? Don’t start here! Go back and check out chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8!!!

Susan sat on an uncomfortable, overly-rectangular leather-cushioned bench, next to a backlit aquarium that seemed completely bereft of fish.

“This was not the plan.”

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spinning together: a colorguard story

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIANCA!!! (aka @biancaros3 / @shipsxahoy ) I have wanted to flail to you so much about this but had to wait until today, so here it (finally) is: the CS colorguard AU we’ve been talking about :) I hope you have the most amazing day, and thank you for being such an amazing friend <3 I love you!

AO3 | FFN | ~9300 words

A real quick explanation for anyone unfamiliar with the activity: colorguard is probably better known as “those flag girls in the marching band” (but there are plenty of guys, too!). Outside of OUAT, it’s one of our biggest obsessions and we’ve both been performing and coaching for a long time. It’s not just flags: it’s also dance, rifles, sabers (both fake, of course), and a lot of acting. In the winter, we take it inside, by ourselves, and call it winterguard.

In this story, Killian and Emma are performing with a drum and bugle corps, which is a next-level, more intense marching band, with only brass in the hornline. It’s very competitive—they tour the country all summer doing so—and amazing to watch.

All the performing ensembles in this story are real, but I have no affiliation with them—just a fan.

There’s a bit of terminology specific to this activity here, so shoot an ask if you want to know more!

There was something welcoming about the chaos around her: the chatter of old friends reuniting, the near-constant rhythm of sticks on pads, a few tested horn notes reverberating off the ceiling.

She breathed deep, as if she could smell the ruckus. Yup, this was where she belonged; this was home.

“Emma! Over here!” Elsa’s voice cut through the din and her own thoughts, beckoning her to a corner of the gym her friends had staked out. She threw her duffle on the growing pile, hugged her best friend, and stood next to her other best friend-slash-roommate, Mary Margaret, and joined in their conversation.

“We’re taking stock of the new kids,” Mary Margaret said, a kind but competitive twinkle in her eye.

“Oh, so I get to do that now?” Emma replied lightheartedly. She was only one year removed from that herself, and she was only here in the first place because of those two.

See, Emma’s passion was colorguard. She’d fallen into it in high school mainly as a way to stay out of trouble—something that tended to happen with otherwise unoccupied foster kids—and ended up falling in love with it. Elsa, her foster “cousin,” was already on the team at another school, so their shared interest helped Emma bond with the whole family (which included her foster mother, Ingrid, and Ingrid’s extended family). After high school, she joined Boston’s independent winterguard, Blessed Sacrament, marching their A-class guard while Elsa was on the World-class team. During one long rehearsal weekend, when both guards had shared downtime, Elsa and a few others showed Emma a video of Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps. And she was hooked.

Literally—they’d done a pirate show that season, and one of the male leads went so far as to wear a hook for most of the show, after “losing” his hand in an opening scene. She’d never seen anyone able to throw a blade toss on saber so high as he did, and the entire production was just incredible. She knew she had to march. So she did.

And here she was, on a weekend off from Sac’s World guard (which she made this year) to try out for her second summer at Boston. Marching drum corps was hard and draining, but beyond rewarding when, at the end of the season, that one perfect performance comes together and brings the audience to their feet.

She got a little more settled in their corner and they began to discuss who all they saw coming in and out of the gym.

“Oh, Robin’s back—but he has a contra? Damn, good for him.”

“Belle! Oh, yay, I love Belle!”

“Dammit, Victor’s back.” “Well, he’s Ruby’s boyfriend, even if she’s staff.” “I know, but he’s creepy.”

“Elsa, didn’t you say Kristoff was going to audition?” “I thought he was…”

“Damn, check out that fresh meat.”

Emma uttered the words without even thinking what she was saying when she saw what she could only describe as sex on two legs stalking across the gym towards where most of the guard auditionees were gathered. He was tall, with a shock of dark, disheveled hair that matched the clearly manicured scruff on his sharp jaw. He looked the epitome of “bad boy” in his leather jacket and ripped jeans, but the WGI t-shirt underneath brought the look back down to earth. The friendly, almost-cocky smirk on his face made it apparent he knew what he looked like, too, and Emma vaguely began to understand why drum corps romance happened.

“Seriously, Emma?” Elsa seemed shocked.

The exclamation pulled Emma from fantasyland. “What?” Now she was confused.

“That’s Killian Jones!” Mary Margaret informed her in a high-pitched whisper. “I didn’t know he was coming back!”

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Here you go! these were basically the same so I counted them in one.

Title: The Big Brother Act

Pairing: Karamel, mentioned Clois


Mon-El and Clark meet when Mon-El inadvertantly interrupts his time with Kara.

“Hey cous!”

Kara spun on her heel and a huge grin overtook her expression as she saw Clark standing in the doorway of the tiny office that Cat Grant had assigned to her – which Snapper didn’t know about or he’d undoubtedly complain – and she immediately abandoned the story she was writing about toxic waste in National City’s river bank to go hug him. He immediately returned her embrace before pulling away.

Kara gave him a fake angry look and hit him lightly in the chest playfully. “You never told me you were coming! Why didn’t you call?”

“I wanted to surprise you. I know you’re a busy reporter these days but I thought maybe we could go grab some lunch? I actually have something I wanted to tell you”.

“Sure, lunch sounds great”.

They ended up at a small coffee shop a few blocks away from Catco where Kara ordered a panini and a caramel latte while her cousin ordered a turkey sandwich and a black coffee.  She pulled her face at his choice of beverage before they took a seat at a small rounded table in the corner of the room with leather armchairs for seating. “So what did you want to tell me?” Kara questioned before she took a hearty bite of her food. Whatever he wanted to tell her must be important since he came all the way from Metropolis to see her which wasn’t a regular occurrence on his part. She didn’t blame him though since he had his hands full with Superman and the Planet and Lois plus his adopted parents.

“Lois and I…we’re engaged”, he announced with perfect timing, causing her to choke on the food she’d just swallowed. Thankfully she wasn’t a human and was about to dislodge it from her throat without too much trouble – and without Clark having to embarrass her by giving her the Heimlich. “I wanted you to be the first to know after my parents. You’re the closet thing that I have to a sister and I’m hoping that you would agree to be a bridesmaid”.

Kara gaped at him wide eyed. “Lois wants me to be a bridesmaid?!”

“We both do. You are my only biological relative after all”.

At that, she promptly squealed and launched herself into his arms for a hug. Unbeknownst to her, Mon-El was coming down the street and he froze outside of the coffee shop as he recognised a certain blonde reporter locked in an embrace with a handsome stranger. They looked awfully close and very comfortable together, he couldn’t help but notice with a streak of jealously.

Without really thinking it through, he walked into the coffee shop and used the human currency to buy himself one of the creamy beverages that Kara liked so much and headed to their table.


Mon-El’s familiar voice caused her to pull away from Clark with a startled look in his direction.

“Mon-El! What are you doing here?”

“I just stopped in for a coffaye and saw you over here”, he explained, staring at the dark haired man that was returning his stare with a hard one of his own.

“It’s called coffee, Mon-El” Kara corrected him with a smile. “And since you’re here you may as well meet my cousin. Clark, this is Mon-El and Mon-El, this is Clark”.

“Oh you’re Kara’s cousin!” he exclaimed and felt a rush of relief flow through him. Judging from the narrowed eyes, Clark had picked up on his relief and realised what he had mistakenly thought about the two of them.

“That’s me. You must be the DEO’s latest guest”, Clark responded slightly coldly as he held out his hand to shake Mon-El’s. Mon-El took it and felt kind of intimidated by the glare that the other man was giving him. Kara noticed and elbowed her cousin in the side.

“Clark, what is wrong with you?!”

Looking down at his cousin, the warmth returned to his eyes and he smiled at her cheerfully. “Nothing, Kara”.

“Well I’m going to go…” Mon-El went to make his way out and leave the two Kryptonians alone, when Clark halted him with a command.

“Wait a minute. I’d like to talk to you outside alone”.


“Kara, I’ll be back in a second”.

Clark’s voice left no room for argument and the Daxamite reluctantly followed him outside of the coffee shop. He hoped that he wasn’t about to get killed for being Kara’s friend. That would suck.

“What are your intentions with my cousin?!”

So no tiptoeing around it then.

“Nothing. Absolutely no intentions! Kara’s my friend”, Mon-El answered him, taking a nervous step back. If Kara could kick his ass on a daily bases then he was sure it’d be a walk in the park for this guy.

“Right. And the way you were looking at her earlier was just friendly? You don’t have any romantic intentions to her even though when you didn’t know I was her cousin you looked like you wanted to kill me?”

There was no lying to this guy was there? He glanced over through the window to get one last glimpse of Kara before his inevitable demise at the hands of this intimidating man.

“Okay I wish to court Kara but not until she gives me a sign that she’s ready for that and I would never do anything to disrespect her”.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t but why do you want to court her? She has a million guys that are lining up for the chance to be with her. Why should she want you?”

Mon-El swallowed hard. There was no real reason that he could give to her cousin about why she should want him because anything redeemable about him came from her. “I can’t give you a list of reasons if that’s what you’re looking for. I don’t deserve Kara but I know that she makes me want to be a better person than I was and I never want to see a look of disappointment on her face directed at me. I feel like she’s the only reason that I didn’t completely fall apart when I realised my home was gone and I was stranded on Earth. The only reason I don’t feel completely alone now. She’s the most beautiful person that I’ve ever known, inside and out, and I’d like to spend the rest of my life on Earth, however long that may be, trying to make her as happy as she deserves to be”.

“That’s a cute speech”, Clark said finally. “Maybe you should tell her that”.

“I don’t know if she wants to hear it”.

“And you won’t know unless you try. However if you do anything to hurt her just know that I will kill you and fling you into space so no one will ever find your body – even though Kara would be more than capable of breaking you herself I know she would never do it but I’m not Kara”.

Mon-El’s eyes went wide at the other man’s threat. “…Got it”.

“Now let’s go back inside before Kara gets suspicious”.

Kara glanced up when the two men returned and she gave her cousin a suspicious look. Maybe she should have used her super-hearing to listen in on their conversation but she wanted to trust Clark.  Judging by the terrified look on Mon-El’s face though maybe she should have.

It Wasn’t Meant to Stick

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 11

Character A and Character B broke up, but now they meet at a Christmas party.

(header by the incredibly sweet and talented @katie-dub)

It Wasn’t Meant to Stick; ~ 2, 700 words; FF.NET || AO3

Emma Swan goes to Elsa’s party dressed to kill and ready to win the break-up. Then she sees one Killian Jones, head thrown back, hair in completely disarray, laugher pouring heavy and warm, and she thinks she can win every single thing she tries to for the rest of her life and she would’ve still lost the one that matters the most.

She grabs a glass of wine and shimmies out of the window and onto the fire escape ladder before anyone but Elsa can notice that she has arrived. She looks out at the lights of New York City and sighs, watching her breath curl into a fragile white cloud and float away from her, dissolve as if it’s never been. Much like her happiness.

Killian Jones, you see, is many things to her. The first man to hold a door open for her, the first man to ask her what her favourite quote from a movie they’d just seen was, the first man to make her breakfast because apparently she is shit at remembering to eat (she is shit at it, she can’t remember having breakfast since the last time she was in Killian’s apartment), the only man to learn exactly how she likes her bath, the only man to make it for her, the only man who’s seen her sick and taken her temperature and furrowed his brows at her and told her she needs more fluids (she’s shit at that as well, drinking water or juice or anything that’s not coffee or cocoa), the only man to tell her his home feels like home only when she’s there.

It’s three days after that last one that she breaks up with him. And, in retrospect, Emma thinks some of that home talk got to her. Made her feel so damn good, she started thinking she’d imagined it.

Long story short, Regina offers her a better job, with better pay and more responsibility in their Los Angelis office. Long story short, Emma doesn’t consider taking the job for even a second, isn’t tempted in the slightest, isn’t scared in the slightest by not being tempted in the slightest. Long story short, when Killian voices her very thoughts, asking how she’s planning to say ‘no’ to Regina, she flies off the handle completely, asking why he thinks he can make decisions for her and if he wants to speak to Regina himself since apparently he’s the one calling the shots. Long story short, she doesn’t let him apologize or explain himself even for a second and, by the time she is asking why he thinks he’s so special that she’d throw away a fantastic job offer for some regular sex, he’s not even trying to.

Long story short, she never means for it to stick.

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flarrow femslash week: day two
      canon divergence/au: smoaking canary earth-2 au 

Unlucky (part two)

sara/felicity || ao3 || gen || light angst/humor || 1767 || more fics

summary: felicity’s unlucky streak continues until she runs into a certain doctor yet again.

a/n: [part one] i planned on continuing this anyway, but femslash week definitely gave me an excuse to work on it. // warnings for: blood and needles. 

tagging: @darhkfelicity @felicity-mcqueen 

               Felicity climbed onto a trash can in an alleyway and jumped to grab onto a ladder. It connected to a fire escape that she intended to use to get into the building. She was in a decent neighborhood, so she expected to find something good inside. She preferred to stick to pick pocketing, but there was only so much she could get by doing that. She had to survive, you know.

               She grunted a she struggled to pull herself up the rest of the way and onto the fire escape. “Cooper better appreciate this.” She muttered rubbing her sore arm. “Stupid ass getting himself put in jail.” She shook her head and started to climb the fire escape higher.

               Cooper was her roommate and ex-boyfriend. He was a pain in the ass, but he did come up with good plans. He was the one that usually did the bigger things like she was doing now. He would hit different buildings around Starling. None of them were even in the same area he made sure that the robberies didn’t seem like they were tied together. At least until he stupidly tried to rob a cop.

“Moron.” She muttered under her breath.

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