she is so cuteeeee


Somebody ask me if i could post more photos of my Dr Flug cosplay, and, geez, i dont have more pictures than this.

A lot of people took me pictures that day, but i cant find them :c

The second picture i took it ‘couse i really want it a picture with that cute 2D cosplay, she was so cuteeeee dude <3 like dkghjkcdhkldfjkhl idk, 

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SDR2 girls on their first date with fem S/O please c:

Okie dokie you got it >_~

SDR2 Girls on their first date with Fem!S/O

Chiaki Nanami:

- Literally spent a the week before playing dating sims 

- You’ve got this Chiaki. It’s exactly the same except the options don’t pop up behind her

- You agreed to meet at the park but it looks like you aren’t there yet

- So of course, Nanami gets out her console and begins gaming

- After a while, she feels someone gently shaking her

- “Hello Nanami - san!”

- She gives you a good look and she must admit, you look a lot better than all the characters in games

- Okay. Here I go

- She exhales quickly before blurting out a

- “Do you want to get married at a space station?”

- “Huh?!”

- Nailed it

- You just kind of spend the rest of the date talking about your latest gaming achievements and leaning on her shoulder as she plays GalaOmega

- “Hey, S/O - san”

- “What is it?”

- “I’m very bad at dating sims so… I don’t really know if this is what you do but”

- She turns her head and gives you a quick kiss on the cheek before returning to gaming

- Omg why is she such a cutie?!

Peko Pekoyama:

- She had no idea what to do

- Does she have to take you somewhere nice? Expensive? 

- This is so stressful

- She called you several times beforehand asking for your opinion but you’d simply giggle in response

- “As long as we both have fun, I don’t mind Pekoyama - san!”

- In the end, she just invites you to her house

- “I hope you don’t mind… I couldn’t think of anything bet-”

- “I love it! I brought some movies and popcorn!”

- You grin as you shake a plastic bag

- She smiles as she takes it off of you and shows you to the living room

- You begin figuring out what all the remotes do as she excuses herself into the kitchen

- By the time you set up the movie, she returns with a massive bowl of popcorn and some drinks

- You start off by sitting on each end of the sofa, the tray between you

- But as the movie advances, you sneakily move your hand closer to hers

- And closer

- Until eventually you place your hand over hers and give her a little squeeze

- You can see a faint blush on her cheeks for the rest of the movie

Mahiru Koizumi:

- She was actually really excited

- She even recommended a nice place where you could meet!

- “F/n - chan! Look over here!”

- You turn your head and then hear a click sound

- Koizumi is just smiling at you, camera in hand

- She laughs quietly before walking over to you

- “Sorry that it was so sudden! You just looked so happy and cute and I just couldn’t help it”

- She shows you the picture and you’re instantly complimenting her

- “Wow! You’re so good at photography Koizumi - san! Let’s go find more pretty places!”

- You end up taking turns as you pass some interesting places

- Although you insist on having one picture with her 

- So you end up taking a selfie, your arm around her and your hand showing a peace sign while she’s just laughing at the camera

Mikan Tsumiki:

- She’s really nervous!

- But she rehearsed what to say like 50 times

- So she feels… Ready

- “Hey hey Tsumiki - san!”

- “O-Oh! S/O - san… How is the weather!”

- Wait that’s not what she was meant to say

- The poor girl has tears in her eyes now 

- “Um, I think it’s really good today haha”

- You open your arms and offer her a smile

- “Are you s-sure?”

- You give her a nod and she awkwardly shuffles close to you

- “Don’t be nervous Tsumiki - san, it’s only me after all haha”

- “Um… Okay. I will do my best!”

- You smile and take her hand

- The conversation is just simple small talk at first but after a while she begins to open up more and tell you about herself

- “I’m not r-rambling too much right?! Please stop me i-if I do!”

- You giggle as you shake your head

- “No no! I think all of this is super interesting! Please do continue”

- She then gives you the most beautiful smile you have ever seen

Ibuki Mioda:

- She was a literal ball of energy

- You asked her what she wanted to do and she simply replied with

- “Ibuki wants to do something she hasn’t done before!”

- So, you decided minigolf would do the trick

- You weren’t the best at it but you weren’t absolutely terrible

- So you managed to get a par and birdies

- Mioda on the other hand…

- “Hahaha! Look F/n - chan! Ibuki swung so hard the ball landed in Hole 18!”

- “… We’re at Hole 2″

- “Ehhh? Ibuki thought the point was to get it as far as possible!”

- Needless to say, you won

- But you never laughed so much in your life

- “Kyaaaa! F/n - chan is so cuteeeee!”

- She literally jumps at you and gives you a tight hug before you part ways

Sonia Nevermind:

- You thought a cafe would be a nice place for a first date

- But then again, would a princess really want to go to a cafe?

- “Oh wow! Is it one of those with the girls dressed like maids?! Yes yes let us go there!”

- You meet her right outside the door and she’s jumping with excitement

- “S/O - san!”

- She gives you a smile and extends her hand

- You’re not too sure what she was going for here but you just kinda take it and give it a small kiss

- She giggles at that before looking right in your eyes

- “S/O - san, no need to treat me like a princess all the time, I’m your girlfriend afterall”

- “R-Right, sorry, force of habit.. I guess?”

- She giggles again before taking your hand and pulling you inside

- She gasps at pretty much everything

- “Wow! S/O - san! They drew a cat on my coffee!”

- :’) Sonia - san, why are you so pure

Hiyoko Saionji:

- You suggested going to a theme park seeing as a new one opened recently

- “Yayyyy! I’m going to go on all the rides!”

- Are you even tall enough for them?

- You smile and nod as she tugs you along

- “Hey Big Sis S/O we have to go to one of those stands!”

- She points to one with the biggest teddy bear you have seen

- “Hm? Do you want to win me something Saionji - san?”

- “Of course not silly!”

- Ouch.

- “You’re the one who’s going to win something for me!”

- You roll your eyes but you can’t help a laugh escaping your lips

- “Alright alright, I’ll try my best”

- She smiles before jumping on your back and wrapping her arms around you

- “Let’s go let’s go let’s go!”

- It takes you 5 tries

- But you finally win

- The bear is literally as big as her but you’ve never seen such a big smile before

- “Bis Sis S/O is the best! Let’s go on another date soon okay?!”

Akane Owari:

- You took her to a place with an all you cat eat buffet

- It wasn’t exactly… Romantic but you knew she’d love it

- “Woah! Look at how much food they have here!”

- “Mm, and it’s an all you can eat too so… Have fun”

- She throws and arm around you and ruffles your hair

- “You spoil me too much you know. I know! When we get back you can use my boobs as a pillow!”

- That’s… One way to repay someone I guess

- You just nod before letting her go to the buffet

- It doesn’t take long for her to devour about ¾ of it

- “S/O try this one, it’s good”

- You open your mouth to ask her what that is but she instantly shoves the food in your mouth instead

- “Good right?”

- You give her a nod as you chew

- She flashes you a smile before returning to her food

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please do more huma coffee shop it's so cuteeeee

uma’s not one for bravery and she knows this. bravery is for idiots. she’d rather survive than go out in a blaze of glory or making some sacrifice that has no real impact in the grand, cosmic picture. still, she has her moments and they’re small and far in between and probably, inconsequential. to some, writing a stupid foam message to one of her customers might be more idiotic than brave. there was no going back though, because harry was reading the stupid thing while she hid behind the counter, face hot. it turns out to be worth it though, because he finishes reading and grins at her like a cat that got the cream (ha) and in that delightful accent says, “aye.”

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how is to be dating m0lac? what kind of girlfriend is she? we wannna know😍 you guys are so cuteeeee by the way!

Awwnnnnn thanks luv. It’s such a good question. That’s a question i am glad you ask ahaha and i’ll do my best to answer.
So, m0lac as in Maude/M’s is an amazing girlfriend. I honestly don’t even know where to start ahaha i feel like i could lowkey write a book just as a response to your question.

I just feel so lucky to be with her. Okay, where to start..

Dating m0lac is perfect, she’s perfect for real. Our story is just crazy ahah crazyyyy in a very unique and perfect way.

As a girlfriend but also as a person, she’s the perfect combination of soft and strong. Strong, because when im down she’s always there to cheer me up. Soft, because she has so much love to give, she’s the cutest. Either ways, she always take good care of me, I can’t complain. Ugghhh!

I know y'all know mostly Maude on social media, and let me tell you that about m0lac, what you see if what you would get. She’s authentic. You would meet her, you would love her even more. When she gets the opportunity to meet few of you, here and there she’s so happy. Come say Hi! She always likes to meet new peeps.

I feel like we’re such in a great place right now. We make a very good Team, being there for eachother. We also connect on every level, on legit everything, its insane. We think alike, we like the same things, we always want to do stuff together.. ahaha #SuperCheesy #Exposed
Yah wellll, it’s strong like this.. the love we have for eachother is strong .. I cant even describe it .. Love can be powerfull they say… and the love i have for Maude is beyond powerfull.. never felt that type of strong connection with someone like this before.

She makes me so happyy
I love the way she loves me
I am proud of who i am and of who she is
I hope for y'all to find that very special person too
… BUT i am sorry i have the best Girlfriend ever, not planning of sharing her nor letting her go ahahah
(*Sorry for that very long answer oupsy)

Kisses 💋
- dedicated to the very one I Love @m0lac

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My mom watches my niece and nephew every other day during the week for my brother. I've been teaching my 4 year old niece small bits of Russian when I watch them, mostly how to say I love you so far. I always say it before I put her down for a nap, to sleep at night, and when I leave to go back to work. The last time I went to put her down for a nap, she snuggled beneath her blankets and said, "Ya loobloo tebYA." first and I felt my heart explode because she does know what it means..

omg that is so so so cuteeeee!!!!!! how adorable omgggg