she is so cuteeeee


Somebody ask me if i could post more photos of my Dr Flug cosplay, and, geez, i dont have more pictures than this.

A lot of people took me pictures that day, but i cant find them :c

The second picture i took it ‘couse i really want it a picture with that cute 2D cosplay, she was so cuteeeee dude <3 like dkghjkcdhkldfjkhl idk, 

anonymous asked:

how is to be dating m0lac? what kind of girlfriend is she? we wannna know😍 you guys are so cuteeeee by the way!

Awwnnnnn thanks luv. It’s such a good question. That’s a question i am glad you ask ahaha and i’ll do my best to answer.
So, m0lac as in Maude/M’s is an amazing girlfriend. I honestly don’t even know where to start ahaha i feel like i could lowkey write a book just as a response to your question.

I just feel so lucky to be with her. Okay, where to start..

Dating m0lac is perfect, she’s perfect for real. Our story is just crazy ahah crazyyyy in a very unique and perfect way.

As a girlfriend but also as a person, she’s the perfect combination of soft and strong. Strong, because when im down she’s always there to cheer me up. Soft, because she has so much love to give, she’s the cutest. Either ways, she always take good care of me, I can’t complain. Ugghhh!

I know y'all know mostly Maude on social media, and let me tell you that about m0lac, what you see if what you would get. She’s authentic. You would meet her, you would love her even more. When she gets the opportunity to meet few of you, here and there she’s so happy. Come say Hi! She always likes to meet new peeps.

I feel like we’re such in a great place right now. We make a very good Team, being there for eachother. We also connect on every level, on legit everything, its insane. We think alike, we like the same things, we always want to do stuff together.. ahaha #SuperCheesy #Exposed
Yah wellll, it’s strong like this.. the love we have for eachother is strong .. I cant even describe it .. Love can be powerfull they say… and the love i have for Maude is beyond powerfull.. never felt that type of strong connection with someone like this before.

She makes me so happyy
I love the way she loves me
I am proud of who i am and of who she is
I hope for y'all to find that very special person too
… BUT i am sorry i have the best Girlfriend ever, not planning of sharing her nor letting her go ahahah
(*Sorry for that very long answer oupsy)

Kisses 💋
- dedicated to the very one I Love @m0lac