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endless list of favorite relationships |→ sookie and rory

“Okay, I’ve got it from here, Sookie. I love you.


endless list of plot bunnies: Maggie McKinnon

“Oh Newton, do come over and have a look. It’s breathtaking. I dare say it’s more beautiful than the Kalahari…” Maggie’s hands gripped tightly to the railings that lined the deck and she leaned forwards taking a deep breath and smiling when the ocean mist licked at her face. They’d set sail from Liverpool, England 6 days earlier, and New York was finally within touching distance. As much as Margaret McKinnon enjoyed the open ocean, she was excited to soon be back on dry land.

“Come now Mags, away from the railings.” Newt still didn’t understand why she’d insisted that they came by boat, but as he stood up and the skyline of New York City came into view he couldn’t help but join her in smiling and shuffle towards his companion - making sure to keep a tight grip on the case they’d spent the last couple of years filling. 

“We made it!” She beamed. 

“You knew we would, you saw it.” Newt commented, rather matter of factly, causing Maggie to roll her eyes. She was a seer, that was no secret. Though it also wasn’t a secret that she was not a particularly good one, and that her visions were limited to no more than forty six minutes into the future. She had in fact only foreseen their successful arrival to Manhattan around fifteen minutes before the island had come into view.  


Alternative (and very probable) universe where Four kept his hair long and everyone retained their intricate hairdo except Two whose conception of it is “asymmetric with a pin”.

John Lennon fired me in a dressing room one time! He was upset that I spent too much time with another musical group called The Moody Blues’ dressing room. What happened when I went into The Beatles’ dressing room, he was not amused that it had taken me all that time to come into the dressing room. So he asked me whose fan club secretary I was - are you the Moody Blues’ fan club secretary or the Beatles. And I just laughed it off and said theirs, and he said I’m sacking you you can go back to the Moody Blues. Well what happened then I said fine, but I went to the other 3 and asked if they were sacking me and they said no, certainly not, so I said to John well you can do your own fan mail and I’ll just do the other three’s. And then he turned to me and said he was only joking, and I said no you weren’t, you were telling the truth, and he said please come back. Then I said “get on your hands and knees and beg me to come back.” And he said “I’ll meet you halfway” and I knew I couldn’t push him any further, he said he would get down on one knee and I said that will do. And I kept working for him for another 7 years.
—  Freda Kelly during her AMA on reddit, when asked, “What’s your favorite story about John Lennon?”

“Gency wouldn’t work because she’s his doctor and in the real world doctors can’t date their patients”

Oh. Okay. So, a time traveling cute British lesbian, angsty half dead Chicano ghost man, and a cyborg ninja are very believable. But a doctor and her patient (who isn’t even her patient anymore) dating is just, it’s just breaking the realism for you?

Yeah OK.

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Papa kusanagi and mama seri with twins children saruhiko and Yata. They spend entire day playing at amusement park <3<3. Thank you ridia-san, I love you! (Maybe there is red bean lunch box for everyone)

Aw, this is cute and fluffy :D They would be such good parents to their tiny children, they’re both caring but firm. Yata is the small hyperactive child who always wants to run around getting into things but who is also very sweet and loves his parents and brings them flower crowns. Fushimi is the sullen quiet kid who appears well behaved at first blush but it actually a bit of a brat and Awashima’s constantly scolding him for slouching and muttering rude words under his breath and refusing to eat vegetables. When they decide to go to the amusement park for the day Yata is really excited and runs around in circles cheering, Fushimi just stares and quietly says that it’s too hot outside. Then Yata throws an arm around his neck and is like ‘Me an’ Saruhiko are going to the amusement park!’ with his eyes shining and he’s just so enthused that tiny Fushimi has to smile a little and nod like okay, Misaki wants to go to the amusement park we go to the amusement park.

So the happy little family gets there, with Yata riding on the shoulders of a very amused Kusanagi while Fushimi just quietly holds Awashima’s hand as she makes sure that he packed all the things he needs for a day out, make sure you have sunscreen and water and snacks because she knows Fushimi gets sulky if he doesn’t have his water and snacks. Yata wants to go on all the really crazy rides of course, except he’s below the height limit for most of the rollercoasters and Fushimi teases him for it until Kusanagi sighs and tells him to cut it out. Yata also wants to eat sugar until he’s too hyper to move, Awashima is against that and has the children sit down for some nice anko bentos that she made before leaving the house (Yata eats it with a slightly sullen expression, Fushimi just sits there with dead fish eyes as he chews on his because by now they’ve probably gotten used to anko everything. Kusanagi tries to briefly sneak away for a cigarette and a beer and Awashima just glares at him until he comes back because you’re not leaving me alone with the children are you dear. Maybe Fushimi ends up getting lost at some point because he fell while walking and suddenly he can’t see anyone. He assumes he’s been abandoned and goes to hide underneath something, which is where Kusanagi finds him a few minutes later. Kusanagi ruffles his hair and is like of course we wouldn’t abandon you kid, what makes you think that and he fusses over Fushimi a bit before bringing him back to where Awashima and Yata are waiting. Yata runs to him first and gives him the biggest hug because he was worried he’d never see Saruhiko again. Fushimi assumes that Awashima’s going to scold him or maybe even spank him or something except almost as soon as Yata lets him go Awashima’s sweeping him up into her arms and hugging him so tight he can barely breathe, being all worried for her poor lost child and his well being.