she is so cute i can't help it

MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

Jason: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.


I got to see my friend’s husky pup today, and boy is he cute! I was going to help show her a couple of things to help with potty training and other training stuff, but they didn’t have any treats or anything yet. So I tried rewarding him for peeing outside with some kibble, but he didn’t seem very thrilled about it. So we ended up going out shopping for him. I recommended her some good food, and we picked out a variety of treats and toys for him. I’ll be going back over tomorrow to actually show her some training stuff and do more shopping since she had an appointment to go to today. Stay tuned!

but a B99 Great British Bake Off AU

obviously this involves it being an American edition/season but that’s fine

  • all of the squad are contestants, as well as like, Doug Judy and a couple of others (maybe Figgis just for laughs idk)
  • Holt and Wuntch are the judges, Kevin and the Vulture are the presenters
  • Wuntch, weirdly, is the nice judge for the most part, cos it’s mainly just Holt she hates, Holt is the tougher judge that everyone wants a handshake off
  • they never agree on anything, coming to decisions is a NIGHTMARE which is how Kevin and the Vulture are unofficial judges behind the scenes
  • the Vulture is his usual awful self, slaps Jake’s ass off camera a lot, genuinely makes him really uncomfortable until Gina and Rosa notice at one point and threaten him until he agrees to stop
  • Kevin is the presenter who goes around and reassures people when they are freaking out
  • also he and Holt met in a baking class back in the day which is part of the reason they love baking so much (they bake together all the time at home)
  • Jake is the baker who literally has no fucking clue how he actually made it in bc he has no idea what he’s doing but somehow he just has a Knack and it always turns out amazing (with the exception of a couple of True Disasters)
  • Amy comes from a long line of amazing bakers and is hella competitive, and super meticulous with her recipes and all instructions, means she Stresses during the technicals but she does know her shit and she just has to keep reminding herself that it’s like an exam where she has to learn in advance and remember
  • Rosa relies on family recipes, says she cares about them more than the actual family members who made them, also goes with her own gut feeling (usually involves putting alcohol in the food if she’s not sure what’s missing)
  • Gina learned how to bake via trial and error and general self-discovery during a year where she was forced to stay at home and take things easy after she got hit by a bus (also usually the one putting alcohol in her food)
  • Terry loves baking for his kids and his wife and they’re his biggest fans, all of his bakes are inspired by them/done with them in mind, he gets teary on the show a lot
  • Charles is still his Foodie self, so he gets Very Intense about it all and is the one that tries all the super weird flavours
  • Hitchcock and Scully applied together and everyone’s fairly sure they just got picked for the comic relief but then occasionally one of them will actually bake something really good??
  • Jake falls in love with Amy during a peanut brownie challenge while they flirt over peanuts, he makes heart eyes at her for the whole competition after that, occasionally gets so distracted by how beautiful/adorkable she’s being that he fucks his bakes up
  • Gina falls in love with Rosa after seeing her punching her bread dough, spends the whole rest of the competition trying to pick her up, it starts to take priority over the actual baking and Kevin has Noticed and is subtly trying to help her out
  • Jake and Gina have been besties since the auditions so they start trying to help each other get their girls
  • aaand let’s not forget Doug Judy
  • aka Jake’s ex-best friend from high school, they used to be the baking bros and use cupcakes to pick up girls
  • until one day they were going for the same girl, so they both made stuff to impress her, and she said she preferred Jake’s but then Doug took the credit for them, and took her to prom only to stand her up
  • Jake has never forgotten and never forgiven
  • hasn’t made cupcakes since, too painful, too traumatic
  • which really fucks him up when they get a cupcake challenge
  • seriously like imagine him trash talking Judy and then they announce “cupcakes!!” and he does his melodramatic NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • (you decide if he manages to nail it and beat Judy’s cupcakes yet again, or if he totally botches it bc nerves)
  • anyway at one point Jake gets the coveted Holt Handshake and he is so elated his entire life has just been made bc he has been watching the show for years and idolises him so much
  • Amy is the same and she is so horrifically jealous until Holt tries her food next and also gives her a handshake and then her and Jake just look at each other like “WHAAAT”
  • Jake comes over after and is so excited he just gives her this real big hug and it’s really Pure bc then he gets super embarrassed and awkward but she is like “oh no, he’s so cute, help I have been specifically Not Noticing That” 
  • I have no idea who wins but Peraltiago and Dianetti and Holtzner are all in love and happy at the end

basically what I’m saying is can someone with the adequate baking and GBBO knowledge please write this AU I need it desperately


Alice and Mary talk about Rapunzel’s hair.

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fluffy headcanon: when JD was a kid he didn't really like his freckles until his mom told him that freckles are actually angel kisses.. anyway in the future after him and veronica have sex they're just lying in bed and cuddling and stuff and she's just kissing and gently tracing over the freckles scattered on his back with her fingertips and he can't help but think that she's the angel his mom was talking about <3



“You told a mortal girl (Rachel Elizabeth Dare) about half-bloods?”
“She can see through the Mist. She saw the monsters before I did.”
“So you told her the truth.”
“She recognized me from Hoover Dam, so—”
“You’ve met her before?”
“Um, last winter. But seriously, I barely know her.”
“She’s kind of cute.”
“I-I never thought about it.”

— The Battle of the Labyrinth


I love how goku was acting aggressive and rude here 😂 and it’s funny how he tells chichi she doesn’t have to apologize but he doesn’t say that to grandpa. He defends his wife so much 💖 He’s like no Chichi this lady doesn’t want to help your dad so screw her!

Wanna One reaction to liking a girl who can't speak korean,only english.


He would get so annoyed when he doesn’t understands all you say.He would talk with you in his broken english or bring Daniel as an translator.

“Daniel,tell her that she looks cute today.”(in korean)

“He said that you are ugly today.”

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He would be a little confused with what are you saying,but he’ll work hard to learn the language.He would ask the others for help sometimes.

“I don’t know how you say ‘i like you’ in english,but I really want to tell you now.”

“You just told me.”

“Oh really?That simple?”

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I’m pretty sure that he understands and knows to talk in english good enough.He would be a little cautions not to say something wrong,but it will not be that hard to talk with you.

You look sweaty today.”

“Ugh?I just took a shower.”

“Sweet as candies.”


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I’m not sure about him,but he probably knows a little.He would be able to understand you,but talking with you would be a little hard.He would do weird signals if he doesn’t knows how to say something.

“Do you think I am handsome?”

“Did you really wanted to ask me that?”

“Yeah. Do you think I am handsome?”

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He would probably laugh his ass off when he makes a mistake.He would try his hardest but some words would be  too difficult for him.He would search quickly what that word means,but since the translation is not always right he would get so confused.

“Do you want want to come with me at the pool,Jaehwan?”

“Why would I want grass?”

“No no.Water slpash splash.”

“Ah yes yes.”

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Daniel will use his amazing english skills.He would try to impress you by using his british accent.He would talk with you with so much confidence,Daehwi and Guanlin would be laughing at his ‘’accent’’ all the time and Daniel would be still confident with his skills.

“Do you like Harry Pote?”

“I do like Harry Potter,never heard of Harry Pote.”

“Are you laughing at me?”


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He would first try to look cool and impress you but when you start talking more and confusing him,he would carry Guanlin with him.You would want to tell him that you want to go on a date,but Guanlin will stare into your soul while Jihoon would look clueless.

“Guanlin,can you give us a little privacy?I can try to talk in korean.”

“Guanlin,what did she said?”

“That she loves my presence more than yours.”

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He would manage to understand you,but talking with you would be way too hard.He would take advices from the 3 masters of english known by the public by the names Daniel,Daehwi and Guanlin.He would be so hard working to learn your language and to finally be able to talk with you.

“I’ve always wanted to talk with you.”

“Woah,you talk english so well.”

“Ah,thank you.Thank you.”

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He would be as clueless as Jihoon.He would try hard to talk with you because you are the only girl who caught his attention until now,but he would be struggling a lot.He would ask Daehwi to teach him or translate some words for him because he wouldn’t trust Daniel’s advices.

“How can I say that she looks like my mom?”

“You don’t.Why would you even tell her that?”

“I tought it will be cute.”

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He is fluent in english so it won’t be a problem for him.He would talk cassualy with you,sometimes changing from english to korean just to annoy you.He would enjoy to talk with you like this cause the other won’t understand what are you two talking about.

“David,stop it boy.”

“The first person to call me David in Korea.You deserve an award.”

“Shut up,Daehwi.”

“Who is Daehwi?I’m David now.”

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Guanlin is fluent in english too so it won’t be a problem for him either.Sometimes it would take him longer to say something because it would be a mess in his head,thinking of an word who knows it in mandarin and korean,but doesn’t remember the english form.

“How do you say when you like an person?”

“You just say I like you,what are you thinking about?”

“Can you repeat please?I didn’t hear you.”

“I like you,stupid.”

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Please request 💕

SLBP Fic: Before the Stars Fade Out (1/1)

A/N: A little could-have-been scene set during the epilogue of Shigezane’s first English ES, right between the third and fourth parts, where he’s carrying MC home. Warning for alcohol and drunk kissing.

Pairing: Shigezane/MC
Word count: 2,098
Summary:  As he carries her home along the darkened Kyoto streets, Shigezane wishes, selfishly, that morning never comes.

She stirs just as he turns onto her street, her hair tickling his neck as she shifts position on his back.

“You have excellent timing,” Shigezane says, chuckling softly.

“Mmngh,” is her only reply, before she nuzzles into his neck; her nose is cold from the evening air, and the shock of it hitting his skin sends him stumbling on non-existent pebbles on the road.

He’s going to pretend that didn’t happen.

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Sis I need help,i wanna be more sexy/grown up but I don't know how to because even when I have my face beat everyone whispers "aww she's so cute!!' To their friends n shit and because I look more cute/baby faced I feel like I can't wear sexy stuff, u know that brand pink moon loungewear? I couldn't wear that shit I'd feel weird I'm literally wearing pyjamas with unicorns & rainbows on them rn😂I feel confident in myself I just feel awkward when it comes to showing a lot of skin and acting sexy😩

Aight babe lemme state some facts before I begin:

1) Ain’t nothin wrong with being cute. Cute is fucking rad.

2) Showing skin and all that does NOT have to equal sexy. You can be sexy fully covered, I’ll tell ya how in a min.

3) Do not do anything, wear anything, or be anything you aren’t comfortable with just because you feel like you need to change your image. You are a cute ass goddess boo, own those unicorns and shit.

That being said, lets get you nice n grown.

1. If you have a baby face like I do (soft jawline, full cheeks, all that jazz), learn to *contour the shit* outta your face. I recommend starting with a cream contour or a concealer/foundation a few shades darker than your normal skin tone, then going over it with a powder contour or bronzer. Obviously, blend to the gods, but make that shit sharpppp. Another thing you can do with the contouring to make it sharp and edgy is to apply your normal light concealer above and below where you contoured, blend, and then apply a layer of translucent powder where your light concealer was. Leave the powder on for 5 minutes or so (do some other part of ya face), and then brush it off with a regular powder brush (this technique is called “baking,” it works wonders for beginners in contour and keeps your makeup in place).

2. Wear darker clothes. Darker clothes accentuate curves, slim your features, and overall make you look like a badass.

3. As far as showing skin, you 100% don’t have to. If you *want* to, however, try to ease your way into. Start with simple things like off-the-shoulder tops or a slight crop top. Gradually work your way into lower cut items, tighter bottoms, whatever makes you feel sexy.

4. Find your bad bitch dark lipstick. Its fall, hoe🍁🍂 which means its dark lip season. Having a vampy lip every now and again can turn you from a trick or treater into mothafuckin Morticia Adams (my Queen)

5. Bangs and shorter hairstyles typically make girls with rounder, fuller faces look younger. Try growing your hair out if this is the case.

6. Adopt a bad bitch mentality. Make yourself a bad bitch playlist (shit like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna always do the trick for me) remind yourself that you’re a sexy ass bitch. When you adopt the mentality of being a sexy grown woman, you will physically *become* a sexy grown woman, you feel?

That’s all I got for rn, I’ll add to this if I think of other things. Good luck girl, slay on💖

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I can't help but think Christen must be so happy rn. Like for the first time her gf is staying with her during the season. She has practice and comes home, her gf is there, she goes to bed and wakes up, her gf is still there. She has a game her gf is there to watch in the same city and after her gf is there to cook or congratulate or just BE there.


IMPORTANT: Reasons to watch “No Tomorrow”
  • a pansexual WOC character who actually uses that word
  • and the main character lady is either bi or pan
  • a really fun romcom about living your life to the fullest
  • poc characters
  • Jenna Dewan kissing another lady in episode 4
  • cutest friendships
  • sex/sexuality is not a taboo, they talk about polygamy, 3somes/4somes without judging, etc.
  • Evie’s sister’s family is biracial. Not a big deal but i thought it was a nice touch bc I don’t see that often on tv.

What is it about: A girl with too many personal boundaries meets a dude who has a theory that the world is gonna end in 8 months. He shows her his bucket list (apocalyst) and gets her to help him complete it. She also makes her own. So they go and do random fun stuff. He teaches her to live her life more freely. She also teaches him stuff and helps him. She has two best friends and a weird boss who has a crush on one of them. Also her weird family. Everyone is so cute and the main actress is an actual angel.


> trailer <

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I would love anything White Rose related if you're interested in them. They're my favorite ship. Weiss giving a very tired Ruby a piggy back ride or something would be cute - cause Weiss can't help but do nice things for people. No matter how much she complains. If you're not up for that, no big deal - love your art regardless :)

Thank you so much for the request!! Here’s some tired Ruby and caring (only for Ruby) Weiss for you :)

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the girl i like is honestly just so beautiful, she makes fun of her hair a lot but i think it's perfect and i just wanna run my hands through it and kiss her nose. she's a lot shorter than me and i can't help but think about her sitting in my lap and me wrapping a blanket around the two of us as we watch old movies, and i'd keep the window open so i could see how every light falls on her beautiful face as the sun goes down and she has the softest hands i wanna hold and afgkjvdshkh her i like her

This is so cute