she is so cute hahah


Hahah she’s so cute. 💙🍻 #train #playthatsongtour #shessocute #bluemoon #doublefisting

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ok.. ik that i’m ugly af and that i shouldn’t post a pic bc i’m ugly but yeah.. thats me i’m ugly -sorry for that- and i like dan and phil hahah if you want you can message me..? i don’t bite hahah not even my dog bites -ok once she wanted to bite me but there she was a cute little puppy so that doesn’t count hahah- and i’m once again writing that much.. well sorry for that too

Well guys here I am with Taylor and my bestfriend, Shelby. (I’m the one in black) I can honestly say this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! This is how the day went down -

So we got to the arena around 3pm and i got my tickets and meet and greet information which instructed me to wait in line until the doors opened at 6pm. From there I was to report to section 104, check-in, get my meet & greet wristband (which is Tiffany blue and says “Taylor Swift” all over it), and then wait to be taken back. After everyone was checked-in and had there wristbands on we were taken behind this black curtain. Once back security informed us that we weren’t allowed to take anything further than that point with us for safety reasons- this is where I got super emotional because they took my quote/note jar, that I made Taylor, from me. I burst into tears and was sobbing to the point where the security guards were trying to console me. They were asking me about the jar and everything so when they gave it to Taylor they could explain why it was so special. I couldn’t speak so Shelby stepped in to explain for me because I was still crying (& major creds to her for helping me through the whole night- even when I was crying and freaking out she helped to calm me down) Anyway, after that it was time to wait to go meet Taylor! While we were waiting, guess who walks by- AUSTIN, SCOTT, AND MAMA SWIFT. YES THE WHOLE FAMILY. Omg I started freaking out again because AHHH HER FAMILY. They all smiled and waved and Andrea did the hand heart at us (& guys she looks absolutely wonderful!) And then Tree walked in behind them and by that point I’m just full of adrenaline and waiting to meet Taylor.

Then, the line started to move. We were led through a door where we passed by costumes & outfits Taylor has worn before and then we entered Loft ‘89! And let me tell you, IT IS BEAUTIFUL. It looks just like a loft with couches, poofs to sit on, a food bar, a TV playing her music videos, high tables with chairs, flameless candles and antique cameras in various places, plants, and a photobooth! There was also a really cool sign that said “Loft ‘89” and there was a wooden column in the middle that had fabric (the same fabric used as the backdrop in my picture) draped from it to make the ceiling. Everything was wooden and it was just so cozy.

So we are just standing in line and then I see her through the curtain and I immediately start freaking out again because a she is so much closer than I had expected. The line kept moving and the girl in front of me said that she was going to tell Taylor about me and how I was so excited! Then, it was my turn to meet her and I, surprisingly, got super calm despite all my freaking. I was standing there waiting and I walked in and she turned to me and said “Hellooooo!” with her arms out and she hugged me (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and my friend and she asked how I was doing and I said I was kinda nervous and she laughed. She was dressed so cute and I remember that she smelled good hahah - Anyway, I told her I had made her this jar and what was all in it and that I felt like I need to share meeting her with as many fans as I could and that there were positive quotes and funny things all in the jar that she could read each day and she was thanking me and she said “that’s so awesome and sweet! It’s so cool because it’s like a memory from the first official show! thank you so much!” And then she said “can I get a picture with you guys?” and we took the pictures and then we were saying goodbye and she called me “babe” and told me she loved me (!!!!!!!) and I was walking out she thanked me again! Ah! As soon as I got out of the room, I burst into tears, again. Except this time they were happy tears! Needless to say, it was just such a great way to end my senior year and an even better graduation present.

During the concert, I was seated against the catwalk and she smiled at me during Shake It Off! I was so happy. And I’m still so happy. Huge thank you to Keds for making this happen and an even bigger thank you to Taylor Swift, for being the kindest and most caring person. She has the biggest heart and I’m so happy to be one of her fans! Love you, Tay! taylorswift