she is so close

  • Cinder: Ha ha ha, you have a sister?
  • Levana: Channary, yes. Shut up, and when we were kids, she was so mean to me. Always teasing me, calling me the ugly princess, rubbing cheese curds in my eyes. One time, she stabbed me in the neck.
  • Cinder: So now you’re, like, super close?
  • Levana: Hell no. I wouldn’t piss on her neck-stabbing ass if it was on fire.

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Beronica obviously lmao

Woah I wasn’t expecting this at all wtf
Who is the night owl? Veronica, Betty has always had a set bed time in place by her mother since she was born so she is always asleep by 10, Veronica however is used to staying up and doing god knows what

Who is the morning person? Betty honestly. Betty loves to wake up and cook Veronica breakfast and watch the sunrise, sometimes she’ll just go for a walk if there is enough time before Veronica wakes up (there almost always is)

Are they cuddlers? Oh my god yes! Even in public you’ll find Veronica sitting so close to Betty she’s nearly on top of her. Betty secretly loves it. Veronica is the perfect height to rest her head on Betty’s shoulder so you’ll see them walking through the halls with Veronica clinging to Betty’s waist with her cheek squished against the taller girls shoulder.

Who’s the big spoon and who’s the little spoon?
(Me 3 weeks ago would have said Veronica as the big spoon 100%) Betty is about 80% of the time. Betty feels Veronica is always protecting Betty and being the big spoon is Betty’s way to feel like she’s protecting Veronica

Who steals all the blankets? Veronica does but she always feels bad about it and denies it. She often wakes up in the middle of the night to throw some of the stolen blankets over a shivering Betty. Although soon after Betty wakes up and gives the blankets back to Veronica because she doesn’t care if she’s that cold.

What they wear to bed: Veronica used to wear athletic shorts and tank tops but for Christmas Betty got her a unicorn onesie as a joke but Veronica now wears it to bed every single night. Betty just wears what ever t-shirt she wore that day and shorts

Who likes to see the other wearing their t-shirt: Veronica, Betty likes it too but whenever Betty wears one of Veronica’s shirts there is always 2 inches of Betty’s stomach revealed and Veronica loves it.

Who falls asleep mid-conversation: Veronica usually does, she loves to fall asleep to Betty’s voice so she’ll ask some science question and listen to Betty rant about the subject as she falls asleep. Betty knows exactly what she’s doing.

Who wakes up in the middle of the night because of nightmares? They both do. Betty is always having nightmares about her sister and her parents and Veronica is the one to calm her down and cuddle her (this is when Veronica becomes the big spoon) and Veronica sometimes has nightmares about her father, Betty calms her down by tracing hearts down Veronica’s arms with her pointer finger.

Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep? Veronica, she is crazy while sleeping and Betty sometimes gets hit with one of the flying limbs

Who can’t keep their hands off the other? Also Veronica. Veronica wants everyone to know that Betty is hers and only hers. And everyone got that a long time ago but Veronica will still hold Betty close in any situation. Betty doesn’t mind it one bit

Wow I wrote a lot more than I thought it did.

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Imagine the first time Percy winks at Vex after they get together. Whatever you imagine her reaction to be they're all pure gold.

okay SO

option one: it happens in public, during a round of ‘how much pda can we get away with?’ and keyleth actually has the biggest reaction, frantically tapping vex’s shoulder and going “that’s your wink!” and vex smiles real slow and pleased and goes “yep, that’s mine alright”

option two: it happens in an aside, when no one else is really looking, but vex can’t really make a big thing of it, she just gasps as if she’s offended and hisses “don’t you wink at me” and percy grins and vex wants to kiss him for being an insufferable ass and so damn happy and she can so she does

option three: it happens in private, and it’s a deliberate message that vex didn’t know she could read, but they’ve been orbiting and learning each other so closely she instantly knows what he means by taking her wink, that percy is also offering, asking if he can take the lead and vex very happily lets him, daring him to seduce her if he thinks he knows her tricks so well

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we'll find out at SeaCon probably lol

Gen is planning to have the baby in Seattle, right, so that she’s close to set? Like she did with Shep. So probably Jared will bring his tiny squishy naked newborn child onstage for the gold panel and hold her up before the audience in the manner of Rafiki at the beginning of the Lion King (actually I guess then it should be like Richard Speight holding the baby and Jared looking proudly on from the back of the stage, as all the fangirls join in a heartfelt chorus of Circle of Life)

Japril the Sequel One-shot

A look at post-sex happy Japril: In bed, in love, the way it is supposed to be.  

They had hardly gotten any sleep last night, but neither cared. Jackson’s hand traveled up and down her back, sending shivers everywhere. April still fit perfectly in the nook of his arm. Jackson was resting his eyes, but April could see the outline of a grin. She took the opportunity to study his face, it had been so long since she had been this close. She studies his strong jaw, his freckled nose, the crinkle between his eyes. God, she had missed this side of him. Last night felt like a dream. It felt familiar and new all at the same time. He knew that kissing her neck made her toes curl. She knew that it drove him crazy when she gripped his shoulders and called out for more. At times, it felt like the year and a half separation never happened, and other times, it glared them right in the face.

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Ivory doesn’t know what has her more intoxicated…the expensive wine she’d shared with Zeke, the lovely romantic music wafting through the air, or Zeke’s delicious cologne. She doesn’t object when Zeke pulls her close. It had been so long since she felt beautiful, felt desirable, felt wanted…And she can tell by Zeke’s firm embrace that he wanted her.

She wraps her arms tightly around him, closes her eyes. 

Zeke whispers: Please…let it be me you see behind those closed eyes.

Ivory: Oh, Zeke…just hold me.


Roma: Stop being nervous. You can tell me anything, you know.

Danny: What made you think I was nervous?

Roma: You’re playing with my hands, and as you recently stated, you play with people’s hands when you’re nervous.

Danny, sighing: I didn’t even notice…Sorry. I know I can tell you things, but it’s just…it’s difficult to think that after only a short time I can trust you to know my secrets. And before you say anything, I do trust you. Probably more than anyone.

His female counterpart took a deep breath through her nose and smiled a little. She knew it was insane that they were so close already. She knew it was absolutely bonkers that she put him above the twins now. Danny and Roma were just a crazy pair, and that was that.

I’m currently playing through Erin’s round but she has died two times so far. I think it’s due to it being summer and her shack being the smallest of all. I’m sad though, the second time she died she was preggers with alien spawn and was so close to giving birth. Sigh. 


she had the world // panic! at the disco

About ships

Boy and Girl: *blush at each other*

People: it’s canon.

Two boys: *blush at each other, hug, think about each other all day, hold hands, stare at each other lovingly, dream about each other, share lots of intimate affectionate moments*

People: look at those bros! Such strong friendship!

People: *brush hands with friends of the same gender* no homo!

i’m a little iffy on the trope that pisces moons can’t deal with reality.  i don’t think it’s really that they’re afraid of reality, or can’t stand to deal with it, but rather that they live so happily in la-la land that they just choose not to.  pisces moons are the people that are gonna love books, love writing, love character rp, love driving out in the middle of nowhere and escaping the whole world for a day.  it’s not because there’s anything in reality that they’re afraid of.  it’s that reality can become boring to them.  so much goes on in their thoughts, and i think that leaving earth for an hour and reading about or even becoming someone else is refreshing and just fun to them.  a pisces moon alone is still in touch with reality, they just like to leave it sometimes.
it’s people with multiple pisces placements that are harmed by this quality.  they’re the type of people who truly lose themselves in their fantasies, to the point where they actually create their own versions of reality and honestly believe they are real.  a pisces sun, or a pisces moon alone, knows where to draw the line.  but someone with their sun, moon, and other placements in pisces, don’t even know what’s real and what’s not anymore.  it’s actually scary to watch.  they really make things up in their mind and it becomes their reality; even people with incredible intuition or lie-detecting qualities have no idea that they’re not being genuine, because in that pisces’s mind, they’re not even lying.  they think they’re telling the truth.  there’s really no reason for you to distrust a pisces sun or moon, but someone with multiple pisces placements you may want to be wary of.  you actually never really know what version of the story you’re hearing from them.