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The 1 Thing Your Scenes MUST HAVE

Sully is a good representation of how I want people to react when enthralled by a story I’ve written:

But more often than not, I get a reaction more like this:

Or at least, I did. I couldn’t understand why my writing produced these less-than-stellar responses. I had meticulously worded every sentence. I’d made sure there were exciting parts. I had parceled out backstory, setting, and exposition so the reader could understand what the heck was going on. So why did eyes glaze over while reading my book? Why did MY eyes glaze over while reading my own work? 

The problem, I finally found out, was that my scenes didn’t turn. 

I was cramming all that exposition in right out of the gate, so the reader knew absolutely everything … which meant there wasn’t anything to find out. The scenes were just tiny chronicles where the main character set out to do something and accomplished it with flying colors. Nothing ever happened that surprised him. And consequently, nothing ever happened to surprise the reader.  

I wasn’t withholding information, and revealing it methodically. 

I wasn’t letting the story spin in new directions. It was always chugging along the straightforward track where I’d dropped my reader.

I wasn’t letting my scenes TURN.

To illustrate what I mean, here’s an example of a great scene with a great turn from a wonderful movie: Beauty and the Beast

*Opening music that makes me want to cry from how beautiful it is*

Beat 1:

“Once upon a time, in a faraway land a young prince lived in a shining castle…” (Action: Apparently the world takes action to make sure this prince lives a cushy existence.)

“Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind.” (Reaction: And he acts like a brat anyway.)

Beat 2:

“But then, one winter’s night, and old beggar woman came to the castle and offered a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold.” (Action)

“Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the prince sneered at the gift, and turned the old woman away.” (Reaction)

Beat 3:

“But she warned him, not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.” (Action)

“And when he dismissed her again …” (Reaction)

Beat 4:

“The old woman’s ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress.” (Action)

“The prince tried to apologize …” (Reaction) 

Beat 5:

“But it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart. And as punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast and placed a powerful spell on the castle, and all who lived there.” (Action)

“Ashamed of his monstrous form, the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world.” (Reaction)

Beat 6:

“The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, that would bloom until his 21st year. If he could learn to love another, and earn their love in return, by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time.” (Action)

“As the years passed, he fell into despair, and lost all hope.”  (Reaction)

“For who could ever learn to love a beast?”

Turn: The 6th beat is the turn. The story has spun in a new direction, the direction the WHOLE STORY will motor towards. 

Revelation: There’s the big one of the scene turn, but I love how every action and reaction in this prologue feels like a revelation. Each one feels like it could be a scene on it’s own, but it’s told in a just few words, with beautiful imagery. There’s no fluff in this, nothing unnecessary, everything is perfectly needed. (Sorry, I just really love this opening. I can remember sitting in my little wicker rocking chair when I was four watching this in awe. This movie is one of the reasons I’m story obsessed.)

NOW let’s remove all curiosity and surprise from this scene. 

We’ll take away the atmosphere of “all is not as it seems”, the “seeking and learning significant information” feeling, the sense that we’re climbing to something significant. Instead of withholding and revealing snippets of information, after gradual beat-by-beat escalation of curiosity, we’ll dump all information right away. We’ll take this beautiful scene, and make it distinctly not a scene by removing all traces of a turn.

So! The purpose of this “section” of story is to communicate necessary information. What info? The guy used to be a terrible prince. Someone cursed him to be a beast. His castle and the people who live there are also cursed. He’s got a rose that will bloom until he’s 21. He’s supposed to fall in love with someone and get that person to love him back.  Or he’s going to be a beast forevermore. So, let’s give it a whirl.

Let’s say it opens up on Lumiere and the Beast. They’re just hanging out in the West Wing, the Beast watching the rose sparkle, Lumiere extinguishing and reigniting his left candle/hand for something to do.

LUMIERE: “So Master, it’s been years since you were turned into a beast and the castle staff was turned into objects.”

BEAST: “Yup.”

L: “I wish you hadn’t have upset that enchantress, and been a bit kinder.”

B: “Me too. Don’t know how.”

L: “Now our only hope to return to our human forms, is if you fall in love and get that person to fall in love with you.”

B: *Noncommittal grunt*

L: “Better happen soon, before that last petal on the magical rose falls. When you turn 21, it’s going to fall. And if you haven’t learned to love by then, well, we’re stuck.”

B: “I’m aware." 

L: "Yup.”

B: “Yup.”

Well, that was extraordinarily awful. 

So what about these scenes is different? (Besides one being a work of art and the other being agony in text form.) 

– One withholds information and reveals it slowly, turning the story at the end. 

– One is just an info dump. 

So how can a turn be accomplished?  There are four types of turns: 

– Surprise

– Amplified Curiosity 

– New Insight

– Spin in New Direction

A SURPRISE turn is the difference between what the character expects and what actually happens, surprising them, surprising the reader/audience that is enthralled by your story. A CURIOSITY turn is when a new mystery is presented to the reader, increasing their drive to find out what happens next. An INSIGHT one is when a scene ends by solving a mystery, answering a question that the audience has been wondering about. And a SPIN is just that, a turn that jolts the story into a new unexpected direction.

And how do they work in a scene? 

The turn happens at the end. It’s the point of the scene. Everything’s leading to it. Think of it as the period punctuation mark on the end of the sentence that is your scene. But really your reader is anticipating that turn throughout the scene.
It’s this anticipation and “gradual illumination” that’s crucial to a story turn. This is the wonderful curious feeling that keeps us turning pages. That sense that “all is not as it seems, and if I keep reading I’ll find out the truth.” which is so intoxicating. And this is accomplished with beats, the exchanges of action and reaction, each acting like a escalation on a roller coaster, each increasing anticipation for the drop. 

Turns and revelation anticipation are rather magical when you think about it. They really are (as Robert McKee says) the substance of story. (Or they’re magical to me. I said I was obsessed. Blame this movie!) 

Now I’m going to go watch Beauty and the Beast again.

Cat Got Your Tongue Pt. 1 (M)

Word Count: 5,463

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: catboy!tae, comedy, fluff, eventual smut

Summary: When your boyfriend cheats on you you’re left heartbroken and lost all hope in relationships. Santa says you’ll find love soon, but what do you do when you’re beloved cat turns into a beautiful grown man?

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the houses

 (a rather abstract description of the houses, what they could look like and things they contain)

first house: You open a giant, dark wooden door. The knob is hot as you touch it but you don’t flinch and enter a even hotter room, you immediately start sweating. The air is burning and the windows are wide open. Bright light is shining trough some kind of living room, full of possessions of the creature living there. You look around and already know who must be the owner. Still,you ask who lives there and the strong Aries enters the room, his aura is radiant, vibrant, lively, present. “I am life”, he speaks clearly. “I am energy, physical appearance,the self, the will and the doing. I show you how you approach the world and open yourself to it.” 

second house: This door is made out of silver, with blue ornaments. It looks beautiful and must be of high value. With a ‘click’ the door opens, but it really is heavy, so you got to put more effort into the act of opening it. The room is rather minimalist, but some of the furniture and paintings must be old and very expensive. The Taurus stands in front of the high windows and looks out of it, the eyes tired, even a bit melancholic. “Is there something I can do for you?”, the Taurus asked, the voice deep and kind of magnetic. “I want to know who you are”, you ask slowly. The Taurus blinks slowly and answers: “I am development, self worth and win and loss, materialistic and emotional safety, setting limits and fighting for protection.” 

third house: As you come closer to the third door you can hear people speaking. Or at least someone who is discussing something with someone. Voices come and voices go, you are wondering how many people might be in there? The door looks asymmetrical and as you enter the room you are not sure if it’s an office or plainly a full room. As you look around you see that there are radios everywhere, from old to new and each of them is turned on. So that must be the voices. Notes over notes are gathered on the floor and walls, between them some  pictures pinned to the wall of different people. Right in the middle is the Gemini, both of them talking in a heat with a coffee in the right and a pencil in the left hand, constantly taking notes. “So, you must be..?”
“The Gemini!”, one answers excited. The other one continues, more thoughtful: “We are communication, the image, the way of thinking, and -”
“..the ability to adjust, the close environment, small adventures, our neighbors as well as-” 
“Siblings!”, the other one finishes the sentence and both of them laugh, clear as a bell.

fourth house: You hold on before opening this door. It’s made out of colored, dark blue wood, the knob is glowing and the night sky is painted on the dark background. As you open the door everything seems quiet, but you hear someone humming a lullaby, quietly. The cancer sits in the middle of the darkened room, old photo albums, books and letters are gathered around her and she looks like she would fall asleep in any second. You see that this is a bedroom, filled with belongings of her and you hear the sound of the waves outside somewhere from the opened window. As you sit quietly next to her and watch her looking through the photos, she smiles softly before answering your unspoken question: “You know what I am? I am emotions and the feeling of true belonging. I am the roots of your inner being, family and home, your psychological identification, the connection of the environment and private life. I am the intimacy, age and the unconsciousness.”

fifth house: This door is not wooden. It is made out of the finest marble you could find here on earth. The knob is long and golden, a Latin phrase is written on the shimmering marble, it says ‘Ab imo pectore‘, from the bottom of my heart. You can hear music playing loudly and with an easy sweep you open the giant. You enter an atelier, the light is glowing golden and the Leo dances in the middle of it. Everything look rather antique, but with such grace and vividness, you cannot stop yourself from smiling. The sudden laugh of the Leo sounds like an imitating roar and he tip toes to his lover on the giant bed next to the window. “You are even more beautiful than my paintings, I could never capture your beauty.” As his lover smiles and takes his hands, they suddenly point in your direction and the Leo turns around, his thick hair shining in the light. “What do you want, stranger?” You answer honestly and the Leo laughs again as you want to know who he is. “I am art, your passions, creativity and individuality. The will for live, joy, children, the partner, sexuality, the wish for admiration and appreciation. “

sixth house: This door seems rather modest, but pretty as well. It seems to be quiet smaller than the rest of the doors you have seen so far. It has small little patterns carved in it. You see a note in the middle of it, it’s telling you to knock before opening and so you do as it told you. “Yes, you may come in.” You enter a cold, neatly tidied up working room, the lights are dimmed but the creature - the Virgo - in front of you is uptight, being busy doing some work - whatever it might be - but still keep a gentle smile on the lips. “Sorry, I’m in a hurry, please don’t mind the mess.” Mess she says, but you cannot even see a bit of dust on the book shelf. “Please, sit down, do you want something to drink? I cannot let you stay for a long time, but I already know what you might want to know, if you don’t mind answering you question.” Surprised you nod. “I a, work and service, as you can see. I am duty, social integration, physic healthiness, one ones limits and the limit of the others. the balance between my own needs and the ones of the environment.”

seventh house: This door is already open. You are surprised and carefully look into the room. There is a comfortable looking bedroom, its furniture is held in warm colors, there is much light shining inside since the windows are very high and there are no curtains. The Libra is walking directly towards you, a soft smile on the lips and a glass of water in the other hand. “Hey, how are you? Just passing by?” You nod and ask if you are allowed to sit down on the sofa, Libra nods and sits down with you. “Sorry, I am just, ahm-” He pauses as he notes down something in a giant book with a dark, cracked leather binding.” You blink  a few times before asking what kind of book Libra is carrying with him. “Oh this? Sometimes I need to note everything down, every person that touched me, I’ve met, you know. You learn so much by being in touch with others.” You nod, it seems right what he says. “You know, I am the development of ones own identity by meeting others. Relationships to others, the You, mental interest, contacts and meetings, harmony, joy and beauty. The partner, the person opposite as my projection surface, cooperation, socialization, coming together and working together.”

eight house: This door seems made out of stone. You are struggling to open it. Are you allowed to open it? The atmosphere is tense and you hear a vibrant sound somewhere. Next to you  in the hallway is a small window, which you look out of. There is the deep, blackness of the night sky, golden stars are adorning it, among them the white, glowing, milky moon, who whispers sweet promises and goodbyes to you. Suddenly the stone door is opening, you jump in shook and your heartbeat raises as you see red glowing eyes watching you from the dark behind it. “Hello. What do you want”, a deep, echoing voice asks you. Your hands are shaking, you are frightened and at the same time deeply hypnotized. “You are Scorpio, right?” The eyes keep on starring. “I am.” You swallow and ask if you may enter. “I am the darkness that you desire, the occult, the interest, I am passion, desire, transformation, the taboo, the darker side and death. Are you sure you want to come in?” You do not hesitate, but nod instantly. “Hmpf.” A pale hand grabs yours, the skin tone seems too pale for something living, but indeed the hand is warm and you feel oddly safe. 

ninth house: You had to climb a long spiral staircase in order to get to this room. Exhausted you breath desperately for air before realizing that you are in a giant tower. This door is slightly opened and you hear music faintly whispering in your ear. “Sorry?”, you ask as you see the Sagittarius twirling around in the room, a couple of maps in the hand. The room is full of possessions, pictures, books, paintings and different furniture from all over the world. Suddenly the Sagittarius stops, his brown eyes vividly laying on you. “Oh hi, didn’t see you there”, he says as he lays down the old maps. You remark the exciting and interesting looking room, it smells like jasmine in here. “You are the urge for more and exploration?”, you ask and the Sagittarius smiles. “I am not only that. I am your conscious mind, always growing, always developing, asking for the meaning of life. I am wanting to expand one’ philosophy, higher norms and values, abstract way of thinking, education and different cultures, explorations and the way of understanding. I am your ideal, your religious and spiritual life.”

tenth house: You knocked almost three times but no one seems to open this door. You are wondering what might happened to the person inside it. You try pushing it as you hear a stricter, cold voice: “Try ringing the bell instead.” It came out of the intercom. “Sorry, I-” 
“It’s alright, I don’t mind. Come in.” The door opens from its own and you are intimidated by the big entry. A woman with a suitcase and silky trouser suit walks towards you, the sound of her shoes echoing from the walls. “Hi, I am Capricorn, Excuse me, but I do not like this knocking, there is a bell for a reason.” You look into her grey eyes and even though her facial expressions seems hard you know she is gentle. You apologize but she laughs it off. “I have a meeting at six, and I know what you want - Virgo already called me -, so I am explaining everything now - oh, here take a seat, coffee and biscuits are here on the table.” You do as she said but are somehow a  bit too nervous to eat. “I am the development and realization of ones goals in life or even destiny. I am the public, ones image, law, order and authority. Honor, responsibility, appeal and the position you take in society.”

eleventh house: “Hi, here do I live”, the shield hanging on the door says. Sadly it does not say who “I” is. You ring the door bell and the bell ringing sounds differently than usual. It is longer and you have never heard this kind of melody as a door bell before. “Come in”, someone says quietly. The light is dimmed, and you see Aquarius in front of his Laptop on his bed. “Sorry, had no time tying up, I am trying to connect to this live broadcast of the speech from this dude here, he’s responsible for this rather extreme party and - ah, it’s not working, damn it.” He closes the Laptop and offers you a seat on his bed. “Nice to meet you, want some coffee?” He offers you a cup but takes it back immediately. “Sorry, paint water in there, not coffee, ha. Nice jacket, you come here often?” You shake your head and smile. He is funny and unusual, you like it. “Actually, I wanted to know who..” 
“I am? Well, I am the development of your goals regarding society. The zeitgeist, friends, communities, reforms, ambitions and change. Emancipation, patronage, rebellion, humanitarian and social ideals, also hopes and desires. 

twelfth house: The last door. Your journey was long but everything has an end and you know that the person behind this door knows this feeling too well - that the circle is closing, ending and repeats itself afterwards. You open the door, knowing you do not have to knock. You step into radiant, glowing, crystal blue water. The water is flowing in circles and Pisces is standing there, the softest smile on the lips, eyes so warm and understanding, the head lightly tilted. You are enchanted by the tingling sensation of the water and as you grab Pisces hands, they are warm and soft. “Do not be afraid. I am endless devotion. Endless devotion without losing ground underneath you feet. I am the other meta-level. Delusional, transparent, drawn to fleeing from fears, but always love deep inside. Come, you can visit the other realm with me now.”

{PART 11} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook opens up to you more about his family - while keeping your attention off the elephant in the room. However, the rosy feeling doesn’t last long when Jungkook drops you home to your apartment.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1}// {Part 10} {Part 11} {Part 12}

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bring me home in a blinding dream

title from ‘castle of glass’ by linkin park. another of those fake dating aus because apparently they’re the source of my life.

She was going to kill Mary Margaret.

It’s one thing being set up on a blind date. Emma had suffered through enough of those; her sister-in-law kindly believes that there’s a soulmate out there for everyone, and the way to find them is through chance encounters. Emma gets plenty of chance encounters. Nothing like being a bail bondswoman to introduce you to a lot of men.

(She had pointed that out to Mary Margaret the day before. Her sister-in-law had frowned, raised an eyebrow, and said, “Yes, you definitely want to spend the rest of your life with a criminal who you caught while wearing four-inch stilettos. No, you’re going out to dinner with a friend of a friend of a friend that I heard was recently single. Tomorrow night. At seven. Be prepared.” She had then kissed Emma on the cheek, pushed her toward the couch, and had left Emma’s apartment without so much as a chipper “bye!”)

It’s quite another thing being stood up on a blind date.

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Once in a Lifetime(Jimin Smut)

Didn’t really have any reasons for this, just something that was painted in my mind while I was at work. AMBW~ Hope you enjoy it and think of it as my way of apologizing for not getting requests done sooner.


Your eyes burned as you lead yourself through the big double doors of the concert hall. Body exhausted from the sleep you managed to let slip away from you last night because you were too excited and having so much fun with your friends. Licking your lips, your red eyes scanned the place a slight breeze of air caused your body to shudder and react to the coolness fanning your skin. It was also your fault for wearing only shorts and a loose fitted T-shirt, the thigh high socks you had on were due to you not getting out of the bed early enough to change into too much without being late. Your hair was up in a messy high ponytail and your stomach fluttered as you made your way towards inside of the venue.

Stopping in your tracks immediately you saw what you were here to see. Bts all sitting in the middle row of a pit section looking up at the stage and talking as they waited for things to get ready. You couldn’t believe that they had come to your city and when they opened the volunteer sheets to work the show of course you told them you’d gladly do it. You knew a person who was very good friends with someone who worked the venue as the head manager so maybe with some strings tied you got recommended for this position and you couldn’t have been happier. It also helped that you occasionally helped with other shows here. Seeing them was a great thing but with your benefits you got to help set up the stage and go into their dressing rooms to check on them. And did you mention though it was a volunteer thing you’d be getting paid?

“There is the girl of the hour! Get your ass up here we’ve been waiting.” A wide-eyed boy shouted causing heads to turn in your direction. Instead of letting your nerves get the best of you (because you were freaking out) you simply gave a big smile and walked towards the front to the stage ever so slowly. “What took you so long? We’ve needed you.” The male teased as you came to prop your elbows on the stage watching them as more people filed on stage.

“I’m so sorry my bed needed me.” You were one to joke around back with them all, wanting to see people smile was something you strived for. Your hands kept you up until you were pushing back a bit to stand straight up.

“Well now that you’re here. Come let’s get ready.” The male jumped down beside you and in the span of a few seconds he was pulling you by your wrist towards the rest of the boys. Bts had on lazy clothes because they would be doing sound checks until a few hours before the concert. All of them looked good, but every time they did a comeback you cursed them all to hell and back. The one that was fucking you up the most this time around however was Park Jimin. You stood next to one of the stage handlers as he started to talk. “Hello once again you all. I just wanted to inform you that Y/N here is the one we spoke to you about earlier. Her Korean is minimal but she will help you out with anything that you need don’t be afraid to ask.” The boys seemed to nod in understanding but you hoped they didn’t ask you any hard questions. You lifted your hand to wave at them and they waved back for the most part. Your eyes locking quickly with each of them until you got to pink haired male who had his hair pushed back revealing those smothering eyes and plush soft pink lips. He gave a soft wave back but you saw his eyes that drifted down your body slowly making your stomach clench and breath hitch. You moved back a bit smiling nervously at your friend who was quick to tell you where to go next.

Leaving from the boys you had to admit seeing them up close and personal made your tough girl exterior melt away but you’d be able to brave this and get through this. You were thrown into your work on the course of a next few minutes. Of course, you had to pass the guys up to do system checks and make sure the amps were ready but once you got through with everything the boys were going up on stage to start their dance practices for all of their songs. You watched from the sound board as they ran through countless number of songs. But it was a painful experience. They were all so beautiful and talented and Jimin the way he was staring straight at you but getting lost in his performance. His hip rolls made you wish he was up there with you grinding and winding his hips against you. Balling your fist up you had to take a break outside to get some cool air. You were a mess, your panties soaked out and the day wasn’t even to a half mark yet. The sweat dripping down your brown skin and onto the ground had a slight cooling affect and helped you feel somewhat relieved.

After your break, you ended up going back to the same spot but someone else was there and of course now she was getting the attention from everyone including Jimin. He smiled at her and you felt a bit jealous, he didn’t smile at you just watched you like you were something to eat. But instead of killing too much thought you walked away to do something else not wanting to let your mind and emotions get the best of you. He was an idol he was going to flirt and do regardless with whoever and who were you to say anything different? You ended up letting yourself get perked up and then you were back at it working and moving behind the scenes until a couple of hours passed.

Once you felt your emotions had gotten better you started to go back to the front taking a seat in one of the chairs you just watched them rehearse appreciating each member for what they gave to the group getting captivated by their dances and their charms. It was called for a break time for them and you simply slipped from the seats and backstage to check out everything else and roam aimlessly around because it seemed like a good idea. You walked passed one room seeing a figure move and it caused you to pause and back up. Eyes scanning through the crack of the white door you watched as Jimin practiced Caught in a lie. You couldn’t move away. He had on a white V-neck and loose fitted black sweatpants moving around his spacing as he rocked the song. The sweat dripping off his face as his muscles tightened up and locked made you want him even more so now. Groaning softly, you pulled away from the door walking off and unaware that he could see your eyes the whole time he danced.

An hour passed and soon the show would be close to starting meaning the boys needed to get their makeup and other things done. So, it didn’t leave much else for you to do. You had a task of going to find extra things for the boys and one thing included a set of towels. You were searching high and low for them opening all the doors until you were opening a storage closet door. You saw the white towels you had been looking for, reaching forward you were going to grab at it until a figure walking up to you halted your movements. Head turning to your right you saw Jimin making his way towards you. His eyes seemed out of it, his skin was flushed red. You were afraid something had happened and you wanted to ask him but he cut you off by pushing you back gently into the small storage room.

“Jimin-” You started as he pressed against you the dim light over your head illuminating his body.

“I don’t have much time but. I want you.” His English was a bit broken but he knew what he wanted to say. You couldn’t believe it; this shit wasn’t happening. Biting on your bottom lip you thought of answers to say but it must have taken you too long to answer because soon Jimin was pushing you against the wall connecting his lips against yours fervently. Gasping softly, you kissed back instantly gripping at his shirt pulling him close to you. One of his thighs slipped between your legs, as his hands made their way down towards your ass. He gripped at your plump cheeks making you moan into the kiss as he tasted your mouth. Sliding his tongue into your mouth he let his tongue dance against yours, loosing himself into the kids with you both of you letting the time slip from your brains and out the window. Your hips sneakily bucked against his clenched thigh but Jimin was enjoying it letting a soft groan ripple from his lips. He grabbed harder at your ass cheeks helping you grind down against his thigh. It was hard not to be loud, his name slipping from your lips as you pulled from the kiss first looking up at him. Leaning forward you bit on his bottom lip wanting to bruise it enough for now since you couldn’t mark up his body. Jimin slightly sighed shutting his eyes as he pushed your hips back down against his thighs, enjoying the sensations of you being pressed against him.

He let you nibble and suck on his lips until you pulled back and he took the time to let his lips press against your neck, his mouth creating open wet kisses across one side to the other. His lips clamping down on your skin to give rough hard sucks and mark you up for the day causing you to whimper and squirm under him feeling all your weak points being touched. Moving to slip his hand into your shorts past your panties and against your clit he smirked rubbing your clit with his thick fingers licking the shell of your ear looking down at you. “Do you like that baby?” He asked in a deep voice rubbing your clit harder. Your eyes fluttered body writhing against the wall you nodded your head fist clenching tightly around his balled-up shirt in your hands. Your hips steadily bucking against his fingers as you took deep breaths licking your lips. He teased your clit until he felt you were wet enough his fingers ghosting up and down your slit until he was pushing his middle finger inside of your wet pussy. A louder gasp slipped from your lips as your back arched and your legs spread wider for him. He smirked thrusting his finger in and out of you slowly letting your juices coat up on his finger and then he was pushing another finger inside of you scissoring your pussy and stretching you out. He groaned letting his lips trail down lover his free hand pushed up your shirt until his tongue was licking across the top of your breasts and he was sucking more hickeys onto your skin. His hand worked to take your breast out of your bra his lips hungrily attacking your nipples sucking on them as he curved his fingers searching for you pleasure spot. He was thrusting them at different angles and paces your hips jerking and bucking harder against his fingers as you tried to ride them.

“Jimin please, please Jimin I want more.” You whimpered out in a whisper and he looked up at you with hooded eyes nodding. He got on his knees pulling down your shorts. He pulled your panties to the side lifting one of your legs to throw your leg over his shoulder his tongue delving into your pussy. He sucked on your clit letting his fingers continuing to brush deep inside of your pussy. He watched you making wet sloppy noises against you, your hands going down to tangle into his pink hair and pull him closer towards your pussy. He moved his fingers from your soaked cunt. He had been sucking harshly on your wet throbbing bud pulling back to take a quick breath he shoved his tongue deep into your pussy. Your walls wrapped around his tongue and you cried out a bit too loud moving your hand up to cover your lips. Your fingers shoved against your lips because you didn’t want anyone to hear you guys and stop what was going on. You felt yourself about to cum, his tongue pushing deeper inside of you, your hips bucking and riding his face circling your hips as he went roughly. His tongue searched and dug deeper for you. He let his primal hunger take over and feeling your walls clamp down he pulled back smirking as he licked over your pussy once kissing it with his wet lips until he was kissing back up your body and pressing your lips against his own.

Jimin let his tongue press against yours, letting you taste yourself he moaned softly against your lips his hands touching on your body grabbing at your breast letting his fingers flick against your hardened buds and pinch them. The kiss was wet sloppy, heated and much needed. Jimin pulled away to slowly turn you around and face the wall. Moving you back from it he bent you over slapping your ass and pulling down his pants and boxers to his knees. Tapping his dick against your wet slit he groaned sliding into you. He hissed slowly sliding inside of your pussy, your heart was hammering in your chest as you gasped out arching your back. Hands pressed against the wall you looked over your shoulder at him watching as he stares back at you gripping your hips so hard his finger indents would be there. He pulled out after some time of waiting rocking his hips against yours, slowly at first but then it got faster. His thick shaft was brushing against your walls as he fucked you, his balls slapping at your wet pussy as well, the lewd sounds could be heard in the room between the mixes of your heavy breathing and occasional moans from Jimin. Your hips rolled harder, you pushed back against him take him deeper. Rolling your hips your eyes shut briefly and you took deep breaths. Jimin let his hands grip at your shoulders slamming you back harder onto his dick picking up the pace he was slamming into you moving your body forward he couldn’t contain himself anymore. He ended up moving your body back against the wall your breast and stomach flush against the surface as he slapped his hips roughly against yours. Your pussy was tightening around his shaft and you wanted to cum so bad but it seems Jimin wasn’t done.

He pulled out of you turning you around he slipped your panties back to the side and he lifted your leg up, he slipped inside of you and he started to right away to fuck you. His hips winding and grinding pressing against you in such a nice way. Your hands wrapped around his neck pulling him to you, your lips pressed back against each other, your hips fighting to keep up with his and he fucked the fight out of you continuing to increase speed with how hard he moved growling against your lips. He reached one hand down towards your clit rubbing it hard he tried to keep your lips against his. “Cum for me, please.” He rasped, his eyes locking with yours as he begged for it the want lust and need laying there. That was enough for you to be cumming on his shaft roughly pressing your lips against his to kill out your loud cries of pleasure. He groaned continuing to pound into you until you were riding out your high and then he pulled out of your wet pussy from. He gently pushed you on your knees and you opened your mouth as he slid his dick into your mouth. You sucked him off quickly, your hand working with you to make sure that he was satisfied. Your tongue licking across the slit of his dick and with a few nibbles and licks against his veins he was cumming on your tongue and he forced your head down so that you could take more of him. You cleaned him off breathing through your nose loving the stretch off his dick in your mouth. When you were finished, you moved back to pick over your lips. Standing up, Jimin pressed his lips against yours once more and he smiled sheepishly. Your heart fluttered seeing his flushed state and hearing your radio sound off asking for your location. Blushing with Jimin you both dressed each other. He gripped your chin with his hands staring in your eyes there was so many unspoken words but with one last kiss he left you there and you couldn’t help but hope for another session before tonight was up.

PreWedding Nerves

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count : 900+

Plot: the night before the wedding y/n gets nervous

                I turn in bed, tired, nervous, anxious. So anxious. My chest felt tight and the thoughts of everything that could go bad enters my mind.

What if the tux is wrinkled?

What if the veil rips?

What if I trip in front of everyone?

What if Harry leaves?

What if he says I don’t?

What if

What if

What if

I bring my knees to my chest in the position that had always helped me calm down but I couldn’t stop thinking about all the terrible possibilities. I couldn’t stop thinking about the worse. I wanted Harry to be here, to reassure me that nothing would ever happen, that nothing could ever happen. I wanted him to tell me that it would all be okay, that tomorrow was going to be perfect and so were the days to come. I grab my phone, calling him. I’m quiet, making sure to not wake up Gemma or any of the other girls who had camped out in my room to make sure that Harry wouldn’t sneak in.

“Harry,” I whispered into the phone. From his end I can still hear the party going, I can hear boys cheering and asking for more drinks.

“Hi baby,” his slow and deep voice fills my ear, he doesn’t sound drunk which makes me feel slightly better, “how’s the party?”

“We’re all in bed, it’s two am,” I whispered, hugging my knees tighter, “how about you?”

“The boys and I left to my hotel room, the guys are just having a drink and watching some movie, but I’m tired and I don’t know how to kick them out,” he admits and I bet he’s pouting slightly, “and I miss you.”

My hands slightly shake and I keep imagining walking to an empty alter. I sniffle, “Harry,” I say, “are you sure we’re ready?”

I hear shuffling on the other side and I imagine he’s moving to a silent location, I’m right when I don’t hear the boys and I hear a door shut, “hey hey,” he coos, “of course I’m ready Y/N I wouldn’t ask you otherwise.”

A silent sob leaves my lips, “I’m really scared,” I admit.

“Of what baby,” he asks, “don’t cry lease don’t cry.”

“I feel like something is going to go wrong,” I admit, walking out of the hotel room I resided in, I’m sure to be as silent as possible.

“Nothing is going to go wrong I promise,” he assures me, “I love you and you love me and that’s all that matters.”

“There are so many people,” I say. Harry’s parents loved me, but some of his other family members didn’t, and I have met a lot of people on his side which meant tomorrow was the day. My parents who were divorced and could never stop arguing were going to be in the same room, I could already tell there would be a fight.

“We can have the ceremony with close family and invite everyone else to the reception,” Harry says, “we can do whatever you want, this day is about you.”

I pace the hallway my hands gripping the phone tighter and another sob leaves my lips, “I’m just really overwhelmed,” I cried, “a-and I can’t stop thinking about everything that could go wrong and everyone is snoring and I can’t sleep,” I say in between hiccups.

The elevator dings and I look up to see Harry stepping out of it. He’s in his grey sweatpants and a black shirt, his phone in his hands and he hangs up placing it in his pocket. He frowns seeing me, opening up his arms and I let them wrap around me.

“Hi kitten,” he whispered in my ear, “it’s okay.”

Harry’s finger tips run up and down my back soothingly. Once the tears have stopped he kisses me, “everything will be perfect,” he promises me.

I nod, he wipes away the extra tears, “I love you,” he reminds me.

“And I you,” I tell him.

“Come on,” he grabs my hand, “those idiots are so drunk they won’t notice I’m gone,” he says.

“Where are we going?” I asked, following him. We must look like a mess, Harry in his PJ’s and me in a pair of shorts and sweater with no shoes. My hair had been tossed up in a ponytail but by this point it was insanely messy.

Harry holds up a key card, “I got an extra room in case you needed me or I needed you,” he says, swiping us into the hotel room.

I smile at my future husband as he closes the door, locking it behind us. I get in bed and Harry follows, wrapping a blanket around the both of us, “this time tomorrow we will be halfway to Italy and married,” he grins.

I smile at the thought, “I’m excited and nervous, like the first day of school you know?” I asked, “I’m excited to move in with you and make breakfast and yell at you about keeping the toilet seat up and listening to you play your guitar, and I’m excited to hear your very cheesy breakfast tunes.”

“Well I’m excited to hear you sing in the shower and eat your overly burnt rice and over cooked pasta, and I’m excited to whine about how you leave your clothe everywhere and not folded away were it should be,” Harry says, “and not mention I’m excited to be able to share a bed with you.”

“Eh you’re a very loud snorer,” I teased.

We keep discussing what we look forward to till we fall asleep.

“It was bad luck,” Gemma taunts as she helps me get in my dress, Anne and my mother standing and talking to each other about the dress I picked out, “we thought we had a runaway bride,” Gemma adds.

“Gemma it’s okay,” I laugh at my maid of honor, “I was really overwhelmed and he was there. Plus he hasn’t seen me in the dress.”

She rolls her eyes playfully but laughs, zipping me up and I turn. My mother in law and mother smiling as they hug me, “oh you look so perfect,” Anne gushes, “I’m so happy.”

“You look beautiful,” My mom says squeezing my hand.

“We better go take our seats,” Anne grins, tears pooling in her eyes.

The two older women walk out and Gemma steps back looking at me, “I have to go grab your veil,” she says.

She walks out leaving me inside the dressing room by myself. I admire myself in the mirror, the white dress was breath taking and I wished I could wear it every day of my life. I’m nervous, more nervous than last night. I felt sick, I never enjoyed being the center of attention and I wanted a small wedding, really small. But Harry couldn’t not invite some family member and not others, he had his mother and fathers side, cousins, aunts and uncles, friends and their plus ones, and some people he worked with. I simply invited some of my friends and parents. I can hear Gemma outside the door.

“Harry no, you already broke the rule last night. Now you’ll see her in less than thirty minutes,” Gemma scowls.

“How is she?” He asked.

“She’s fine-”

“I don’t believe you,” Harry whines, “five seconds Gem please.”

“No,” Gemma says firmly, “suck it up.”

“Gemma you don’t get it when she gets nervous it can become overwhelming and she shuts down-”

“Harry I can handle her, she’s my family too,” Gemma says.

“Harry,” I say through the door, “I’m okay.”

“Hi baby,” he says in a much gentler voice, “are you sure? Because I can totally go out there and kick some people out.”

I giggle and lean against the door, “I’ll be fine, are you dressed?”

“Yes,” he says as the same time Gemma says, “no.”

“He doesn’t have his tie on,” she adds.

“Snitch,” he grumbles, “I love you y/n.”

“I love you too,” I say.

“Bye Harry,” Gemma says and walks in, she rolls her eyes, “he’s not even dressed. God luck with that.”

I laugh as I sit on the chair and she pins the veil to my hair, “you look beautiful y/n.”

I feel better once I’ve managed to walk down the aisle Harry is grinning from ear to ear, his eyes glossy. He holds my hand, leaning over and whispering to me that I look beautiful. I squeeze his hand as my cheeks turn pink, my face feeling hot. His thumb rubbing circles on my hand in a soothing matter.

“I do,” Harry says, lifting my veil.

“I do,” I repeat.

Secret Relationships (Thomas Jefferson x Hamilton!Reader)

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Prompt: “Oh my God, you love her!”

Summary: Being Alexander’s younger sister isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. When you have to hide the fact that you are dating his enemy, Thomas Jefferson, it becomes even harder. How will Alex react?

Warnings: Lying? Ummm, maybe some Out Of Characterness, but I hope not.

Time Period: Hamiltime

Words: 2230

A/N: Hey guys! I really am so sorry for not posting a story recently, but school as gotten to me. However, I have a couple of stories almost ready to post. (and sorry about the title, still trying to work on that.) More exciting news: I started this blog 3 weeks ago today and I almost have 300 followers!! You guys are the best thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the story, and please send in some requests, my inbox is empty. Have a wonderful day!

Being the younger sister of Alexander Hamilton was not the easiest thing in the world. While you loved your brother dearly, there were times that he could be a bit too stubborn. Most of the these situations happened during dreaded cabinet meetings, or “battles” as they had been renamed.

Usually, you would avoid going, but Alexander would beg and plead with you until you gave him. The reason you dreaded them so much was because of the talk. Most people there believed that because Alexander was your brother, you could apparently control how he behaved. Not true.

One particular day, you and Alexander were walking side by side to the meeting. You walked along in comfortable silence, so your mind drifted to the upcoming battle. Alexander was going up against a man named Thomas Jefferson. They would be debating over whether or not the government should accept Alex’s plans for the nation to assume state’s debts.

After arriving, you wished your brother good luck and went to find a seat. Looking around, you pulled the hat you had worn, further down. Maybe then people wouldn’t openly tell you how idiotic they thought your brother’s ideas were. Not long after you got settled, President Washing walked into the middle of the room followed by Alexander and Mr. Jefferson.

Everything happened so fast, you were unsure where to look. Mr. Jefferson claimed that each state should be responsible for their own debts. he also tried to insult Alex by saying his plan was too long to understand, but you just laughed because he had just insulted himself.

Unfortunately, Alexander came back with full force. You but your lip and kept your head down, praying Alexander wouldn’t say anything too rash. Your ears tuned back in to the conversation when you heard your brother shout,

“Bend over, I’ll show you where my shoe fits!”

Your head snapped up and your eyes went wide. All around you, everyone was going crazy, discussing who they sided with most. Ignoring all the talk, you rushed to your brother and grabbed his arm, pulling him away from the crowd.

“What the hell was that, Alexander?” you cursed, not caring if anybody overhead her.

“What do you mean?” he asked rather confused. “Jefferson was out of line so I put him back in his place.” Alex tried to defend.

Before you could respond, President Washington walked behind your brother. You quickly curtsied out of respect and watch Alexander’s eyes go wide as he walked away with his commander.

“Serves him right.” you mumbled, smoothing down the wrinkles on your dress.

Glancing around the room, you saw Mr. Jefferson talking quietly with Mr. Madison. Sighing heavily, you began the journey towards their spot. Somebody had to apologize for Alexander’s actions.

“Mr. Jefferson.” you stated and both men turned to face you.

“Yes, may I help you, Miss…” he began, but trialed off when he realized he did not know your name.

“Hamilton. (y/n) Hamilton.” you introduced yourself, but hurried on once you saw the distain in Jefferson’s eyes grow. “I, um, I came here to apologize for my brother’s words. He was partially in the wrong, and we both know he is too stubborn to admit it.” you confessed.

“I agree.” Jefferson agreed bluntly, but added on to his statement after noticing your look of disbelief. “But I accept your apology and offer my apologizes, Miss. Hamilton” he told you.

“Thank you.”

‘How is it that we have not yet met, Miss. Hamilton?” Jefferson inquired. “I’m sure I would not forget a face as beautiful as yours.”

You blushed and look down at the floor. ‘Well, Mr. Jefferson, you have been off in France.” you pointed out.

“That is true, and please call me Thomas.” he insisted.

“Only if you call me (y/n).” you countered.

Neither of you were able to say another word because it was then that Alexander stormed over to you and puled you behind him, distancing you from Thomas.

“(y/n), what are you doing talking to the likes of him?” Alex spat.

You opened your mouth to speak, but Thomas beat you to it. “We were having a perfectly civil conversation until you came over here, Hamilton.”

Sensing another argument, you stepped between the two men, holding each of them back. “Both of you are grown men, so let us stop fighting like children. For goodness sake, you are both dignified members of government.” you chided.

Then, you turned to your brother and tried to reason with him. “Alexander, I do not need to be protected, I was simply apologizing to Thomas for your behavior. Now let’s-”

“Thomas?” your brother seethed, and you quickly pulled him outside to head back home.

“I’m so sorry against, Thomas. I hope to see you again soon.” you called over your shoulder, offering him a smile.

“Goodbye, (y/n).” you heard him respond, and the rest of the way home you had a blush on your cheeks as you ignored your still fuming brother.

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Remember to Love (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Prompt: Poly!Hamilsquad Amnesia!Reader happy ending

Summary: To forget is easy, to remember is hard
You weren’t sure who you “met” first. Maybe it had been Alex at a bar and he introduced to, he clung to that story like a lifeline. Maybe you had come up to them and just sat down and started talking, you were prone to do that after a few shots of tequila. You didn’t know you couldn’t really remember that night. You remembered the day after though.

You’d woken up between Alex and Laf warm and sated, but with a huge headache. Flashes of the night before flashes through your mind. Four guys, who were very attentive, you shivered at the memories. It had been you and them against the world since then. You loved every second of it.

Tomorrow was your two year anniversary. They each had their own, John and Alex had been together first, then they’d met Laf, and Herc had joined after a New Year party. You always did something big, this year you planned to go upstate for a few days. You had planned it all, they had all protested that you shouldn’t have to. That they would. You told them that they didn’t know the first thing about planning anything.

“But we’re so non-heteronormative, we shouldn’t conform to gender roles either.” Alex grumbled.

“How come I never hear this argument when I’m cleaning the bathroom?” You asked and he shut up rolling his eyes. Laf, Herc, and John were laughing their heads off, you continued on.

It was the night before your anniversary when someone had asked for an ice cream run. You being you went, you didn’t know what was headed your way.

The empty streets of Washington Heights were always nice to drive through. You could put your windows down and listen to the music that flooded the streets from the homes of the people that lived there. You decided then and there that moving into Alex’s apartment with the rest of your boys was the best decision you ever made.

You could see the bodega at the end of the street you were driving on. There was an intersection that was clear and so you decided to forgo the stop sign. When you got past the stop sign, like lighting, a car came out of nowhere and slammed right into you. It had been going ninety miles per hour and you never saw it coming. You could feel it though, the way your car flipped from the impact. The last thought you had, before everything went blank, was if you’d ever see your beautiful boys again.
“How long does it take to get ice cream?” Alex asked a little grumpy. Everyone had gotten a bowl, but him. You had told him you’d go get some, gently kissed his cheek and left. That had been almost an hour ago.

“You’re right, I’ll call her.” Herc said as he pulled his phone from his sweatpants. He dialed your number put it to his ear. Waited, and waited, the rings stopped, you hadn’t answered. You could still be driving, it’s what they told themselves as they waited for you to call back. You didn’t call back. Thirty minutes later the land line blared through the house. Laf rushed to the phone,”Oui, Gilbert speaking.”

The person on the other end of the line talked for a while. “Is she okay?” That got l the rest of their attention.

“She was hit by a drunk driver, she’s in the hospital.” Laf said as he hung up the phone.

Your mind was muddled with fuzzy dreams? Memories? You didn’t know, what you did know was that everything always led to the clearest memory: the crash. You were driving, bodega right in front of you and then you were flipping.

Your eyes snapped open and you jackknifed up in bed. You looked around panicked, this wasn’t your bed room, was it? No it couldn’t have been, it was completely white, and you had… What were those things called. Glass, but they had pictures on them, strange shapes you didn’t understand. Started with an ‘M’ maybe it was an ‘S’. Monitors? Screens? Those were words right, that had meaning. You decided that yes, those were the right words, and that this was not your bedroom.

Usually it was warm in your bed and you had something to cuddle. This bed was cold and so lonely. A nurse rushed inside your room, you didn’t say anything as she talked to you. Asking you questions, she seemed to do everything like a routine.

“Sweetie I need you to answer me, what’s the last thing you remember?” Your eyebrows knitted together.

“Um, I- um right before the um- uh-” what was that word dammit.

“The crash?” She asked and you nodded. She sighed and moved around doing a few more things. You didn’t really pay attention just laid back in the bed, the nurse had propped it up for you. You felt sore, and dizzy, and so confused. Why couldn’t remember past the crash. You had been so happy, so content. What had you been doing.

There was a commotion outside your room. Voices shouting and they sounded so loud, you whined and covered your ears. You closed your eyes as the noise quieted down. “She’s suffering from a head injury, she had a lot of stitches put in, and… she’s got amnesia, she might not remember you. It’ll come back if you’re lucky.”

“And if we’re not?” You heard someone ask. The voice was sleepy and tired like they stayed up past the early hours of the morning a lot. It was familiar, but you didn’t know it at the same time. The doctor didn’t answer instead opened the door to your room and four men walked in.

“(Y/n),” was that your name, it felt right, it was pretty,”Some guests came to see you.” The Doctor said and you nodded. The four men stood around you, the one with freckles looked like he’d been crying. The tall, dark, lanky man still had tears running down his face.

“Thank God, you’re okay.” The shortest of them said and rushed to your side. He grabbed his hand and you didn’t move away. You probably should, you didn’t know this man, or did you. He looked familiar though, safe, they all did. You heart was hurting at the tears that stained their cheeks. You didn’t understand why though.

“Who are you?” You asked and his face crumbled. You could tell he was the sting one, because as soon as he started to cry the others were as well. “I’m sorry, please don’t cry.” You said. You felt awful, you wished you could remember them so bad. Just to keep them from being upset. They all seemed to stop and look at you, wiping their tears.

“I’m Alex, Alexander Hamilton.” You nodded, and then winced. Flashes of someone hunched over a computer, salsa music (?), and the words clear in your head,’Take a break.’

“Are you okay?” The one with freckles asked and you nodded.

“Just a little headache.” You told him and shrugged it off.

“I’m um, I’m John Laurens.” Another flash of pain but it didn’t hurt as much. You tired to keep it under control as small fuzzy memories flashed through your mind like before. Paint, sun shining through curtains, a turtle swimming through a tank.

The other two men in the room seemed hesitant to speak, the buffer one gave you a small smile and nodded,”I’m Hercules.” More memories flashed, spinning in a beautiful dress, hot chocolate, and riding through fields on horses. The pain flashed behind your eyes, and you blinked hard to try and make it go away.

“I am Lafayette.” The man next to Hercules said and kissed the top of your hand. Food on the stove, deep kisses, and French flooded your mind. The pain from these memories was bearable the remnants of them fleeting. You only had a vague picture of each man, you still had no idea what these things meant about them, you had a feeling you once had.

“Well it’s nice to meet you all, but um can I ask how I know you?” You asked them and they all glanced at each other. Alex was rubbing the back of his neck. He had let go of your hand and you felt colder than you had before.

“Well you see, we have a very unconventional relationship.” Alex started. He looked to Herc, he was the explainer you decided. When someone had a question and didn’t understand the answer he explained it.

“We’re all together, in a romantic way.” He said and knitted your eyebrows together.

“Like I’m dating all of you, you’re dating each other, and we’re all together?” You asked and they nodded.

“Cool.” You said, it was a little overwhelming. Four really hot guys, that our your boyfriends, and you don’t remember any of them. You pulled your knees to your chest and put your head on them.

“Hey are you okay?” John asked. You shrugged, you weren’t okay. You couldn’t remember the most important people in your life.

“Let’s let her rest.” Herc said and they all filed out of the room. You didn’t want them to go, but at the same time you did. You didn’t want to be alone with no memories, but you needed time to process. You sighed and slumped in your hospital bed. You hated this.

“Hey, good news,” Alex said coming a few hours later. “They’re discharging you, and you can come home.” He smiled and you couldn’t help but smile back.

“Do we all live together or something?” You asked. He nodded and you instantly felt a little queasy. Yes these were people you cared about, but at the same time you didn’t know them at all.

“Don’t worry, we have a guest room that you can stay in if you want.” Alex said as if reading your mind, or maybe you had said that outloud. You didn’t know.

Soon you were out of the hospital and in new clothes. Apparently yours had blood and rips in them. All four boys led you to car, carefully watching your every step. It was nice, to know that they cared so much about you. The ride to the apartment was a blur, the unfamiliar streets singing kindly as you drove slowly. The windows down and as you continued into a more familiar neighborhood the music filled your ears. You closed your eyes and tapped your fingers to the familiar beat.
The first few days back home were terrible. It was like you walked into a stranger’s life. You didn’t recognize the walls of this home, the clothes in your closet, the work on your desk. It was all from a different person’s life.

You sat in the office, everyone used it. Everyone had their own little corner. Alex had a desk and a computer with books stacked around it. John had art placed in one corner. Pictures of you and the others, you would have found it a little weird if you didn’t remember you were supposed to be dating them. Hercules had dresses on hangers in the little closet. They were gorgeous and bejeweled and flowing. You wondered if you could wear one some day. Lafayette… Gilbert… the Marquis? His corner was full of junk and pile up. You thought it was a little annoying, but you couldn’t help but think how endearing it was.

Then your little part of the office. It was small and neat and you felt calm looking at it. There were playbills, and scripts, and a scrapbook. You brought the scrapbook down from its place on a shelf and sat in Alex’s chair. When you got a closer look at Alex’s desk you saw small sketches bg John and coloring pages done by you. You smiled at them.

“John, you’re so good at art, I wish I could do that.” You said as the two of you sat at the kitchen table. You were watching as he sketched you laying your head on the table.

“All you have to do is practice sweetheart.” You smiled as he said that and shrugged. The next evening John had bought you a coloring book. You had spent many nights coloring in it and sneaking into the office attaching them to Alex’s desk along with John’s sketches.
“(Y/N)? Hey you back here?” You looked up at John who had come back to check on you.

“Oh yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” You said and nodded. Then the pain came, it always did when small memories came to you. Like it did at the hospital with meeting the boys.

“Dinner’s ready.” He said and you nodded. You set the scrapbook down and walked with him to the dining table. As you were sitting down a hot and sweaty Alex stumbled in.

“I am a lawyer, a good one, i’ve written three books in one year. I should not be fixing the car. This is bullshit.” He yelled and threw a dirtied rag into the sink. You couldn’t help but stare at him. He looked really nice sweaty and in a pair of jeans and a tank top.

“Have you been down in the parking garage all afternoon?” Herc asked and Alex, and the man nodded.

“What’s wrong with it?” You asked and they all looked at each other. They hesitated and you stood. “I mean I might not be able to help, but I mean- I don’t know.” You sat back down.

“No, after dinner, we’ll go work on it.” Alex said and gave you smile. When everyone was sat down to dinner it was tense. It had been ever since you got home. It felt unnatural, to be sitting with so much pressure to act certain way, especially when you didn’t know what that way was.

“I remembered something today.” You said after you sipped your drink.

“Oh tell us about it mon ami.” Laf said and you nodded.

“It was short but it was of John. I don’t remember exactly how we got there but we were sitting here, and he was sketching something. I told him I wanted to be able to draw like he could, he told me I could if I practiced. I told him I didn’t have the patients, the next night he brought home a coloring book. I saw some of them on Alex’s desk.” You said and looked up. Your boys were smiling, whoa where did ‘your boys’ come from. Were they really still yours? Did you even want them still? Were these thoughts running through their mind?

After dinner Alex led you down to the parking garage. It was small and help only a few other cars besides your own. You walked with him to the car. He popped open the hood and secured it. You knitted your eyebrows and bit your lip looking. You didn’t know exactly what you were looking for. Then you found it.

“Got it, Alex hand me that screwdriver and some duct tape.” You said and pulled off your top leaving you in only an undershirt. You didn’t want to ruin it with grease and anything else in there. When you got the tools you wanted it was like muscle memory took over.

After a minute you pulled back, you have fixed half the problem and you didn’t know how. You had just done it, all the information running back to you like you’d never lost it. “I do this a lot, this is my job isn’t it?” You asked and Alex nodded.

“The doctor said to not tell you everything, it could fry your brain or something.” He said and shrugged. You nodded and looked back at the car. You thought for a moment and sighed.

“What if I never remember you guys. What if I just remember small bits and pieces, but never the whole thing. What if I don’t remember I love you guys? Because I do, I can feel it when you guys smile at me. Half of me doesn’t know why my heart speeds up and my breath catches. But I don’t remember why. Sure we can make new memories and I can learn again, but I want to remember the first times. The way you kissed me the first time, the first time John sketched something for me, the first time Laf took me to a museum, or the first dress Herc made for me. I want to remember it.” You and in the middle of your insecurities Alex brought you to him.

“If there’s one thing I know about you, is when you want to do something, you do it. No matter what it takes. It’ll come back, but you have to be patient, your memory may come back and you won’t even notice it.” He said and you nodded. Did he always just know what to say? Yes, he did he always knew what to say, how to comfort you and the others. It was part of his charm, he never shut up, but he always knew what to say.

“Now come on, let’s finish this and you get ready for bed. I’ve got to deal with Jefferson tomorrow.” He said and you laughed. You didn’t know who Jefferson was but you knew that was a long running joke between all of you.

“Hate the sin, not the sinner, Love.” You said and he stopped. You looked back at him and rose a brow,”What?”

“You just, you always say that.” He said and smiled, you smiled back.


It was storming, you hated storms. You weren’t sure why, but you were starting to. Every time lightning struck you caught a flash of a young you standing outside looking up at the tornado swirling in the distance. You shivered and when the next thunder clap sounded you got up from your bed in the guest room.

You walked to the boys room and you were hesitant to knock. You started to walk back and saw lightning flash through the window. You turned and knocked on the door, it opened and revealed Herc.

“Hey are you okay?” He asked and you shook your head. Then he realized something and ushered you in. “Come here, you can sleep in here tonight.” He said and helped you onto the king size bed Laf was the closest to you. John was wrapped around his side and Alex tucked into him. You snuggled yourself into Laf’s front and he opened his eyes just a crack and wrapped his arms around you.

“Mon ange, are you alright?” He whispered and you hid your face in his neck as thunder rolled. He shushed you gently and Herc joined you pressing his front to your back. Your conscious brain didn’t quite understand the difference, but your subconscious brain did. You felt safe and warm and almost instantly dropped into sleep.

It was your turn to cook tonight, it had been three weeks since the accident. You had been remembering a little bit at the time. You’d gone back to work after a week, you were on the middle of taking one of those refresher courses while assisting with the cars. Your personal life was coming back together too. You didn’t remember everything you use to do with the boys but the memories you’d made over the past three weeks were the best. Tonight they were dancing, they danced a lot.

Alex would turn on the radio to his favorite station and he and John would dance through the apartment. Herc and Laf just swaying together. You would watch and smile, you knew it was familiar, but you didn’t know your place in it.

Tonight though as Alex turned on the radio you quickly put everything in the oven and made your way to John. You smiled and put a hand on John’s shoulder. “Dance with me?” You asked and he nodded.

“Of course.” He said and spun you around. You waltzed around the open space with him. Alex stood watching you grumpily as Herc and Laf danced together as well. Soon enough you were spinning into Laf’s arms. For a moment it was like you’d never forgotten, you remembered all the nights you’d done this before. The evening spent spinning around from one pair of arms to another.

You eventually ended up in Alex’s arms,”See what I tell you.” Like he knew you’d remembered something. You kissed him slowly and deeply. Which surprised him, you hadn’t kissed any of them since the accident. It paused everything, it short circuited your brain. That in turn gave way to a tap on your shoulder. John stood there expectantly looking down at you.

“I wanna kiss too.” He whined and you laughed. You kissed him and it was blur of lips and hands and maybe a few tears. You felt better than you had in weeks.


It was your first fight. All five of you standing in the living room. You couldn’t even remember what you were arguing about. It had twisted and turned into something completely different.

“Guys let’s just calm down.” John said after taking a breath and stepping back from all of you. You turned to him,”Of course you’re just running away, like always.”

“Says the woman who can’t even remember what she does for a living.” Alex said. He hadn’t participated much in the fight. Which was strange, he lived to argue. When you turned he rolled his eyes,”Oh now she’s mad.”

That triggered it, every memory you’d ever had came rushing back at once. Even the ones you didn’t remember before. You had met Alex first, you’d met him two days before the rest. On spring break, you’d been drunk the whole week. Alex had found you charmed your pants off, convinced you to meet his boyfriends, they’d gotten you drunk and taken you home.

He’d always done this, when you friend on one of them he always pulled your attention to him. Like you were his responsibility, he was the only one who could say these kinds of things and not completely ruin things between you.

“What got nothing to say? Come on.” He said and took your hand. You pulled back and he glared. “You gonna fight?” You could feel the tension grow. You stood there, the three of them staring at you and Alex.

“No.” You said and just as you knew it would the pain in your head came with all the remembering. You were on the ground cradling your head. John was wrapping an arm around you instantly.

“What’s wrong, I- I remember, everything.” You said and you were scooped up in hugs and laughs. You remembered your beautiful boys. Everything about them, Alex’s affinity for red grapes, that Laf would only ever drink red wine with dessert, John’s love for grasshopper catching, and Herc’s shyness when singing, everything. You loved them, you remembered you loved them, why you loved them.

“I love you.”

summer lovin’

word count: 1665

She sat on his bed, legs stretched out, back pressed against the wall, idly skimming some article about some celebrity doing something they shouldn’t have. Shawn sat on the floor beside her strumming together chords and marking things down a spare piece of scrap paper.

It was hot outside, the summer sun beating down on their little town. The stale heat threatened to creep through the window, but the air conditioning was their savior. The cool breeze cascading across the room sent goosebumps up her arms.

Her long legs extended across his mattress and he couldn’t help but look up every few minutes. Her eyes lazily moved across the pages before she looked up at him. She was bored. She looked out the window, to the beautiful summer day outside and wished that it wasn’t so hot.

Then she looked back at him. 

“Shawn,” She said patiently.

He didn’t look up from his work, instead, offering a grunt as he flipped his paper over, trying desperately to find any small space to write down the few words that had just popped into his brain. 

She threw the magazine at his head.

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Archie x Reader: "Nice to meet you."

Warnings: none
Requested: yes

*your POV*

It was a rainy Saturday night in Riverdale, and as most people’s plans were ruined by the rain, mine were not. Tonight was my date with Archie Andrews, my new boyfriend. We had been dating about a month and a half and every Saturday night he would take me to Pop’s and we’d talk about the week. It was our thing I guess you could say. Friday nights were football and parties and Saturdays were just me and Archie in a booth sipping on a milkshake.

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Stepbrother || one

I don’t feel safe anymore, not with you at least. 

Originally posted by qweentae

Word Count: 2k+

Genre: Angst 

“Jimin, why do I have to come with you on a date with a girl? I don’t want to be the third wheel once again, like every single time you have asked a girl out,” your hands were crossed sitting on the couch, while your stepbrother Jimin stood in front of you. Jimin and you become step-siblings two years ago, since then he has used you to get girls. Today was the day, he would use you once again. There was just something about him, that made you say yes to him every time. This made you feel used or you was getting used by your own stepbrother. “I’m tired of it" 

"This is the last time, after this, I won’t ask you a thing. I’ll buy anything you want, just come with me this time,” he bent a little down to be the same height as your eyes, looking into your eyes with his beautiful eyes that you tend to stare in. Your mom and his dad were on a holiday leaving you all alone with Jimin, that didn’t take that much care of you anyway. He was either busy with his friends or talking to girls, so most of your time was spend in your bedroom. “Fine" 

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anonymous asked:

Can you do 29 for the prompt list

Kara pushed the door open slowly, reverently, like she was entering a temple, like she might disturb the spirits still lingering there.

Part of her felt guilty for never returning her key. She planned to give it back to Eve plenty of times, but something in her just couldn’t. Now, she was glad she kept it. It made sneaking in that much easier. Not that she wouldn’t have found another way, because this — breaking into Cat’s empty condo — was all she had left, and the only thing worse than losing her completely was knowing she’d never get the chance to say goodbye. Not the way she wanted. Not how she would have if she knew the last time they were together would really be the last.

She kept tabs on her travels at first, tracing her movements on a map each day with her fingers, like they would somehow paint a picture that made sense of her decision to leave. After hearing nothing for weeks, she knew she needed to move on. She was restless in her absence, agitated, and it affected her work. Eventually she became less invested, distracting herself with other things, other people, losing track of exactly where in the world Cat had landed, until that was, news broke of the earthquake in Nepal.

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I wrote a thing earlier in the evening (technically last night because it’s now one thirty in the morning) and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t make sense but I thought I’d post it!

If you hadn’t noticed, I love it when Steve and Tony meet as strangers and are almost immediately smitten.

Rainfall had always been a peaceful part of nature.

It was soothing and calming, the way the drops of water fell down from the sky and hit the ground with an almost gentle sound. The pitter patter of rain drops, soft on the ears and the rich smell of earth which soon followed after.

Steve stared at the rain from his shelter on the train platform, his sketchbook tucked safely in his jacket. He had forgotten his backpack again, a stupid move, but he didn’t think that the rain would meet him here. The weather forecast had also promised a day of clear skies and sunshine, the weatherman giving him that terribly wide smile as he encouraged people to enjoy the day, to have fun in the sun.

A scoff left from Steve as he rolled his eyes before licking at a stray raindrop that came to rest between his lips. He had gotten caught in the sudden downpour and since he had forgotten his backpack, he had forgotten his umbrella too. So, he was soaked and in need of some warmth clothes, maybe a punching bag to release all his anger out on. The only thing that was relatively dry was his sketchbook and to think that he had thought about ditching his jacket today.

The whole day hadn’t exactly been the best and it only seemed to be going downhill. He had missed his bus on the way to work so he ended up ten minutes late. It was lucky that the manager and owner of the store was a good friend of his because Peggy gracefully let it slide. He was then hit on by multiple people today, several asking for his number and complimenting how well-fitted his shirt was. It didn’t help that Natasha and Bucky were trying their goddamn hardest not to burst in laughter as they dealt with customers. Paint somehow managed to get onto said well-fitted shirt, the shirt being white so there was no luck in getting that stain out. Then everything seemed to dial down from there until he closed the shop and found out that it was raining outside.

It was raining cats and downs as he sprinted for bus stop, nearly missing the bus that would take him to the station. He was sure that he had the look of a mad man on his face as he slumped into a wonderfully free seat and sulked all the way to his stop.

Now he was here, waiting for his train to arrive so he could just get home.

The platform wasn’t busy today, three more people were there with him as they waited for the train themselves.

There was a mother talking animatedly with her child, her face bright as her child giggled and reached up to cup their mother’s cheeks. The gesture softened the mother’s eyes and Steve felt himself smile at the sight, thinking wistfully for his own mother who rested in a hospital room.

The second was a well-dressed businessman with his briefcase and umbrella in one hand and his other hand holding up a phone to his ear. He seemed angry, his eyebrows furrowed as his mouth moved fast, loud words pouring out of it as his left wing-tipped shoe covered foot tapped angrily. Steve vaguely wondered what kind of conversations could make someone so angry but then he remembered, having had similar ones himself.

The last person was a teenage girl, earphones plugged in and her music turned up loud, a way of ignoring the world. Her gaze never moved as she simply stared in front of her, looking at the scatter of rain drops. A backpack was slung around one shoulder and a small grey cardigan rested in her arm, she seemed tired.

Steve was tired too.

With nothing interesting left to look at, he decided to look at the platform across from them and found something…well, quite interesting.

There was no one else there except for a young man who was reading a book. He was dressed rather simply, a pair of dark jeans and a sweater that looked two sizes too big. He had a head of dark curls which looked soft and almost a light brown in the overhead light. Steve didn’t know why but he couldn’t bring himself to look away because he wanted to see the man’s face. It was quite a weird thought but it was a heavy want, one that sat right on his chest.

Then he got his wish and he was stunned.

The man lifted his head up and a pair of dark brown doe-eyes were the first thing that Steve noticed. He then took in the slightly soft jawline and the smooth cheeks, pale pink lips and a straight nose. Steve almost cringed at how he sounded like a damn cliché but he couldn’t deny the fact that this man was beautiful.

It then occurred to him that he had been staring for the past two minutes and he managed to look away before he completely embarrassed himself.

The train on the other side was nearing the station and Steve watched it pull in, sadly seeing the man step in and sit himself down by a window seat. It wasn’t unusual to see attractive people at the train station but this was the first time that Steve felt a sort of longing. He actually wouldn’t mind getting to know this man and talking to him, getting to know what he does and what he was ready.

He was…interested.

Peggy and his mother would scream if they ever heard this.

But it wasn’t meant to be and this was one of those moments that just happen. There was never a chance that he’d see that man again because people never see the same person twice. Especially at the train station. The thought of that was quite painful for Steve to admit and he resigned himself to waiting for his train so he could carry on his life.

Things did have a funny way of happening though.

His attention was caught again by a sound of loud knocking and Steve turned towards it, expression curious, before his eyes widened in surprise.

Right there, on the train, was the young man smiling at him through the window and holding up a piece of paper with big writing on it.

It read:


Steve couldn’t smile any wider if he tried as his heart started to pound against his chest and he hurried to get his sketchbook so he could write a response but it was too late.

Tony waved, grinning as the train pulled out of the station and Steve waved back frantically, uncaring of how stupid or desperate he may look in front of the three people there.

He looked at the train until it was gone and the wide smile never left as he tried to keep down the laughter of disbelief bubbling in his throat.

It seemed like he wasn’t the only squealing on the inside as the teenager girl looked like she had witnessed something incredibly great, due to what she had just seen.

It was turning out to be a good day after all.


A few pearls of laughter fell from his lips.

And he thinks I’m cute too.

right as rain, soft as snow (ix!)

title: right as rain, soft as snow

pairing: spider-man x reader/peter parker x reader

warnings: almost sexy times but no sexy times

word count: 4,684

summary: in which the reader is an avenger and a whole lot happens before peter finds out about it. drama ensues. 

              He waited for you at the airport, just like he said he would. He waited for you at your hangar and smiled when he saw you walk out, and even though you had only been apart for a few days, it felt like years since you’d seen each other. And you missed him. And when you finally closed the distance in between each other you would drop your one and only small suitcase to hug him, smiling as he wrapped you up in his arms and held you close to him. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and letting your cheek rest against his. Despite your bruises and bandaged wounds from the day before, you let him hold you tightly, because somehow, him hugging against the aggravated abrasions made it hurt less rather than more.

               He pulled away slightly and gave you a kiss on the top of your head, looking down at you and loosening his arms around you. He furrowed his eyebrows, bringing a hand up to your face, feeling your cheek. “Did you get into a fight, or something?” He chuckled, and with confusion you eventually realized that someone in your fight yesterday must have hit you seriously hard for a bruise to still be there. It might have been that Panther. He could have broken your cheekbone. Your injuries set themselves, thanks to the serum and you had grown used to the pain that came with a broken bone.

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You Scared of Me Now, Babydoll? (Part 6)

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Summary: Negan has a surprise for you, but things don’t go the way you planned

Word Count: 2,791

Warning(s): Language

A/N: Finally a lengthy chapter to thank you all for waiting patiently! I wanted to have a little mentions to the reader’s past in this chapter so it just ended up kinda long. There is also quotes from the show in this chapter, but I didn’t quite make it go the exact way it happened in the show, so I apologize for continuity errors! Masterlist is here. Enjoy!

Originally posted by thewalkingdead

Three loud knocks rapped on your door.

You sat up, incredibly confused because there was no light streaming through your window. No one normally came to wake you up this early and you began to wonder if something was wrong.

You sat up quickly and approached the door cautiously. You took a deep breath and held it before opening it.

“Hope I didn’t catch you in the middle of a wet dream, darlin’.”

You let out a sigh of relief.

“Jesus, Negan. The sun’s not even up yet!”

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**The request said that the reader would have changed her looks but it didn’t say specifically what type of look and I know that everyone has their own style so I didn’t want to be specific in that change so it wouldn’t throw anyone off should that be your usually look, if that makes sense. Also I’m aware nobody likes a homie hopper 😂Anyways, hope you guys liked it ***

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Opie’s eyes were saucers as he stared at you from the bed. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed, his fingers clenching in the sheets as your eyes bore holes into him. Ima was standing by the doorway of the bathroom in her matching pink bra and panties, her smirk etched deep into her face. She’d been after Opie for years Chibs had told you, chasing him even more diligently in the last 7 months you and Opie were together. Her expression held nothing but pride and triumph as she looked at you, her nose high in the air.

The smirk dropped quickly though as she saw you stalk towards her, your jaw set tight. She hurried to turn around and try to close the bathroom door to lock herself in but you were already there. Your hand gripped the back of her neck and you shoved her head forward, slapping her face into the frame of the door. She gasped and threw her hands to her face immediately trying to wipe at the blood coming from the gash in her eyebrow. She faced you hesitantly, hands coming forward to shield her face but you had lost interest in her already and walked away.

“Enjoy him, he’s yours now.”

Opie stood from the bed at your words, keeping the sheet pressed against him ready to plead his case but you didn’t bother to stop and hear what he had to say. You stooped down and picked up your purse that had dropped to the ground in your shock, slinging it over your shoulder and speaking your parting words as you headed out of his dorm for good.

“Have the guys come pick up your shit. I’ll throw out anything that’s left.”

No one said anything to you as you walked out into the main area of the clubhouse, guilt trickling down to some of them for not telling you what was going on. That was all in the past now and you slid your sun glasses in before stepping out of the clubhouse into the warm California sun.


It had been almost a year since you’d split from Opie and consequently, the club. Him and the club had been pretty much the only friends or family that you had. You weren’t mad at the club for not telling you about Opie’s infidelity, you were he was their brother and their loyalty to him would always come before anything else, even you. Regardless, you’d found that Opie and the MC were really the only things keeping you in Charming and as a result, you’d decided to leave. The night you went home after catching Opie cheating on you, you began to pack. You’d always been somewhat of a drifter and you didn’t have much to take with you. You had packed up what you could in your car and take left the next morning, not specific destination in mind. You’d ended up going all the way south and ended up in LA.

It was a stark contrast to Charming and that was what you had liked. Your quiet nights in a small town had been traded in for a busy life in the city and you loved it. You began to spend your nights out on the town, hanging out and meeting people, and had found yourself transforming into a new person. You were much more relaxed and laid back, going with the flow and not putting so much stress on yourself and you had found life to be much more enjoyable now. Even with the friends that you had made though, you still missed the club and the family that you had back in Charming and after a month of deliberation, you’d chosen to go back.

You weren’t sure how you would be received, you were sure that Gemma would have some words for you but you found yourself unbothered by the thought. The old you would’ve been intimidated by just the thought of disappointing her but you knew that leaving was what was best for you and you weren’t ever going to let anyone guilt you over that, not even the Queen herself.

Now here you were, pulling into the clubhouse just like old times. The bikes were parked out front and you recognized Jax’s right away. A light smile came to your face as you recalled memories with your best friend and you closed the door to your car, walking confidently up the clubhouse you used to call home. There were a couple of prospects standing outside by the picnic table, their faces unfamiliar. They must’ve started prospecting after you had left. They both stood as you approached, smiles on their faces but they were both obviously still alert.

“Hi sweetheart, what can we do for you?”

You returned the smile and clasped your hands in front of you, showing you meant no harm.

“I was just wondering if Jax was there. I saw his bike out front, I just wanted to see him. I just moved back in town.”

He nodded and stuck his hand out.

“I’m Miles, and you are…”

“Oh, I’m Y/N.”

“I’ll let Jax know you’re here.”

You waited outside patiently, making small talk with the other prospect who you’d learned was named Filthy Phil until Jax walked out of the clubhouse hi eyes wide and a smile on his lips.


You smiled as well, your grin wide and teeth showing as you playfully flipped your hair. Jax chuckled and looked you up and down, taking in the sight of you. Your face had stayed the exactly same but your look had changed, a lot. It was nearly the exact opposite and yet you looked more comfortable than he’d ever seen you. It seemed that you had found yourself in you time away and while he wished that it had been under different circumstances, he was happy for you. You embraced each other quickly, arms wrapped around the other tightly as the prospects watched silently. They didn’t know who you were but it was obvious that Jax cared for you and it was nice to see the reunion. Jax pulled away and leaned forward, pressing a kiss into your hair.

“I missed you kid.“

You smiled instinctively, a warm feeling coming over you at being back with people that loved you.

“I missed you too.”

With that, Jax threw his arm over your shoulder and started to walk with you inside the clubhouse.

“Come on, I know some people that would like to see you.”

You laughed and wiped a tear away from your eye as you listened to Tig’s random story about the time Gemma had stuck dolls in her closet to stop Tig from going through her things. Everyone one else was perched on the couches drinking and laughing and listening to Tig but Jax’s eyes were trained on you. He’d always found you to be a beautiful girl but the time away had done you good and you were even more breathtaking than he remembered. He’d always had a thing for you, ever since the first day that he got to know you but it was obvious that you and Opie had chemistry and he’d fallen back, letting his best friend have you. His attraction and feelings for you had never gone away though and he was the one that had been there for you when you had started feeling that Opie was being distant. Things had been getting worse over the last couple of weeks and you had confided in Jax your worries that Opie didn’t love you anymore. Jax had tried to comfort you and assure you that that wasn’t the case but the truth was that he already knew that Opie had been sneaking off with Ima and they had gotten into their fair share of arguments over it, Jax angry at Opie for betraying you. When everything had finally blown up, the two had gone a week or two without speaking to each other and even though they’d been able to move passed it, Jax still hadn’t forgiven him for what he did to you.

You’d been back in town for about a week now and Opie had taken all opportunities to avoid you. He felt terrible for what he’d done to you and he could see how some of the prospects looked at him, as if they couldn’t understand why he’d let you get away. If he was being honest, he didn’t know how he let it happen either, but what was done was done and there was no changing it so he avoided you at all costs.

Jax had thus used the opportunity to slide in and be by your side practically 24/7, something you were definitely not opposed to. You turned to face him and smiled as you noticed he was already watching you. A pink blush rose on his cheeks as you caught him and he cleared his throat, getting up and heading over to the kitchen to get a new beer. Everyone was so enticed by Tig’s story, they barely noticed you stand a moment later and follow the blonde.
Jax turned to look behind him as he heard the squeak of the door as it opened. He faced forward again when he saw it was you, swallowing dryly as he heard you close the door behind you. He could hear the swoosh of the blinds being lowered and he popped the cap off the top off his beer, taking a couple gulps in quick succession. He tensed slightly as he felt your arms wrap around his waist from behind, your hands coming to rest low on his abs.

“Hey darlin’.”


Neither of you spoke after that, Jax standing like a statue as you pressed your face against his shoulder blade, your lips pressing a kiss to his back.

“I saw you watching me.”

He nodded but didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what to say. He had feelings for you, had since the beginning, but there was still a part of him that felt like it was wrong. You were with his best friend and it didn’t feel right, but his heart was starting to win over his head. The feeling of your hands wasn’t helping either.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea sweetheart.”

“Why not? It’s not like I was his Old Lady or anything. I doubt he even loved me. Besides, he’s with that girl Donna now.”

He wanted to reassure you, to convince you that Opie had loved you but he wasn’t sure if that was the truth and something told him that wasn’t what you wanted to hear. He spun around in your arms, looking down at you.


You smirked at his warning tone and pulled your arms from around his middle, placing your hands back on his stomach.

“Don’t you want me?”

Jax groaned as you looked up at him innocently but he could see the mischief glowing in your eyes.

“You know I do.”

You smirk came through again and you reached up on your toes, gently pressing your lips against his. Jax’s hand lifted and gripped the back of your head, his fingers knotting in your hair. Both of your eyes slipped closed as your lips moved against each other’s, the kiss growing more and more intense until his tongue was pushing its way passed your lips, your hands slipping under his white tee. He groaned low as he felt your nails softly scratch down over his tummy, the muscles rippling under your touch. His other hand came up to join the first on your head as your hands slipped lower, brushing over the growing bulge in his jeans. His hips bucked against you as you gave him a squeeze and you giggled against his mouth.

“Fuck babe.”

You smiled as he pulled his mouth from yours and leaned his head back, your lips immediately attaching to his neck. You kept on hand rubbing and groping him through his pants while the other came up to slip back under his shirt, running up along his chest.

You both harshly pulled away from each other as you heard the door swing open, Opie stopping mid step as saw both of you. He stayed staring with wide eyes for a couple of seconds before raising his hands and slowly backing out of the kitchen with a chuckle.

“My bad.”

He closed the door behind him and both of you looked at each other, blowing out the breath you hadn’t known you were holding.

“He seemed to take that better than I thought he would.”

You nodded and smiled at Jax, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Now where were we?”

A Sweet Remaining (”Why Now?”Part 3) - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

Imagines | Part 1 | Part 2

Someone wanted a part 3 of „Why Now?”. I decided to write it and it will be officially the last part of this imagine. I don’t want to make it too long ’cause I think it’s nice to be a short and open-ending story. As in the previous parts, no warnings. It became too sweet for any warning. Enjoy your reading. xx

PLOT: As much as it hurts, you know you cannot stay in Riverdale because of your parents. So you try to make every second count.

You didn’t care about anything that night. You constantly felt Jughead’s taste on your lips so you decided in only a few seconds that you had to stay with him. His father didn’t show signs of coming back too soon so it wasn’t a problem. You told him you didn’t want to leave and asked if you could stay with him tonight. He asked you if you’re sure you want to do that, you had no doubt. It was a night when you wanted to feel him close to you, you needed his arms around your waist and to know he’s just around. Because if you left, you would have felt lost. This night was supposed to be perfect with him.

He wanted to take the couch and you to sleep in the bed. He wanted you to feel as comfortable as you could. You didn’t let him, you forced him to come and lay next to you because you missed his hugs so much. Without telling him, you put your head on his chest when he gave in and agreed. Insecure as he was, only after a good while he dared to pull you closer to him and kiss your forehead. You started talking. Even the smallest things became big for you two. He told you how things had been between him and his dad as you were away, the unusual silence he, Veronica, Archie and Betty had received, and in the end, almost inevitably, the Blossom family had to be brought in. But you didn’t want to try to find solutions to the problems, you just needed him next to you. You didn’t want to ask him if he was feeling alright because you knew he didn’t know what kind of answer to give you. All he did was to breathe heavily, as if you were not supposed to be in his arms in this moment. So you got up a little, just to look at his tired and confused expression. You didn’t know why he felt like that, but you had some ideas. His eyes fixed you hesitantly, they seemed wet, but they weren’t. He was hesitating. You knew you only needed one smile from him, but you were pretty sure he couldn’t give you a smile. He seemed sad, even if you were with him. Perhaps it was just the feeling you both felt inside: the fact that what was happening right in that moment was not gonna last. Though, the darkness around you was reassuring. The fact that your mouths didn’t let any word to get out meant more than it was left to be seen and you certainly did preferred that.

Slowly, you leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. Your chanted breath hit his cheek, in the first phase he didn’t kiss you back. But almost as if you were dreaming, his hand touched your cheek. He took your face in his hands and moved his lips over yours, making you tremble. You couldn’t describe in words how his kisses felt. You’ve always imagined how Jughead should’ve kissed, and yet, now was the firist time you felt that. He was gentle, scared almost as if it was about to do something wrong. You could figure it out by the way he was touching you. You were surprised to feel his tongue teasing your lower lip for entrance. Still bending over him, you couldn’t do more than that and you didn’t want to. You kept your palm over his warm chest for support and then intruded your lips. His tongue invaded your mouth in a too slow way. You felt you couldn’t resist. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you leaned even closer, afraid of losing his touch. The feeling was beyond description.

You smiled faintly when the kiss lost his intensity to the point where he bagan to kiss you shorter. His lips were so soft, your hair was beginning to tickle your eyelids, Jughead’s warm breath felt so familiar. Yow slowly broke away from him and blinked repeteadly so that you could better distinguish his face. His eyes were shining now from the light coming from the lanterns on the street which was entering through the window blinds.

„I know you’re not okay.” You told him, caressing his cheek. „You don’t need to say anything.” You didn’t want him to talk because it would have been hard for him. And you were sure you didn’t want to cry anymore. You were happy when he smiled. The corners of his mouth rose a little as he looked at you and again, you were speechless. So you sighed and put your head back on his chest. Your hand was exactly in the spot where you could feel his heartbeat. The beats were just a little accelerated, which made you close your eyes, quite affected. You hugged him tightly wanting anyone and anything to take you away from him. It was easy for you to fall asleep and forget about everything in his arms.



The next day you woke up very early because of your phone that rang from somewhere. You were tired and barely able to figure out that you were still at Jughead’s. You searched your phone and felt it in the pocket of the jeans you were still wearing. You took it out seeing Veronica’s name on the homescreen.

„Hello?” You answered, trying not to let her know that she just woke you up.

„I called you a lot of times last night! Why didn’t you answer? I was worried, are you with- …”

„Slow down, Ronnie.” You told her while touching your forehead with your palm. You probably didn’t hear the phone. Anyway, last night you didn’t feel the need to be in someone else’s company other than Jughead’s. „I’m okay, I’m with Jughead.” You breathed and got out of the bed. Just a few seconds of silence passed before you to hear your friend’s reaction.

„Ooh, I see now. So it means Archie didn’t lie when he told me that.” Her voice was suggestive, you didn’t want to know what she was thinking. You walked around as you noticed how Jughead started to wake up. He watched you as soon as he realized what was going on.”You could’ve just call me. Even my mom was worried.”

„Sorry. I fell asleep.” You started smiling to the boy who was just yawning.

„Yeah, sure.” You wanted to tell Veronica not to take hasty conlusions but you couldn’t do it because she started talking again. „Come back to my place. Archie and Betty are here too.”

„Okay.” You nodded seeing Jughead asking you what happened in a whisper. You were expecting her to wish you a happy birthday but she hang up before you could say something more. You glanced at your phone then put it back in your pocket. You noticed your clothes being wrinkled and you should have changed them. You were going to do that back to Veronica.

Your attention focused on Jughead as you approached. You said good morning and he asked you who was on the phone.

„It was Veronica, he wants us to be at her place.” You answered him.

„Isn’t it too early?” He asked you in a pretty thick voice while rubbing his eyes.

„Apparently, it’s 9:45 a.m. Did Archie call you last night or something?”

„I don’t think so. Last night was nice and I didn’t want to ruin it by looking after my phone.” You chuckled when you heard him and kissed him on the cheek. He also got up from the bed and embraced you, burying his head in the crook of your neck.

„Thank you for being the first one to tell me happy birthday.” You whispered gratefully. You still didn’t forget how sweet the moment was and how beautiful it made you feel. He didn’t answer you, his face was saying all the words he wasn’t able to say. He was the one who felt grateful that you were here now. No one knew how much he needed you, especially being the kind of person you knew he was. But he was worrying too much, you never considered him an out of common person. You liked all of him. Maybe that was what gave him power everytime.

„Uhh … I have to change my clothes before we leave.” You heard him say.

„No problem. I’ll wait outside.” Of course you weren’t going to stay there as long as he was changing. He nodded and then you smiled at him before you turned around and got out of the trailer. It was warm enough outside, the sun was already shining and it seemed like a wonderful day. You couldn’t spend it more nicely than with your friends.  You really felt good, you were in love and loved, it was hard to imagine that this place was no longer your home. You didn’t feel like Houston was your home, not at all. Your home was where you had the most memories, the safe place you were used to with all its defects. Lately, you thought how nasty it is for someone to try to just take you away from a place that gives you peace of mind. You cannot compel anyone, and yet you had to agree with your parents’s decision. But what was happening inside you was much more significant. When you leave, you leave behind people who have been enormously attached to you, people who would do anything for your happiness. It’s like you depend on them. To leave was never easy. Especially when you have no choice. It’s the most painful decision you have to make.

Your eternally sad thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a door opening and closing. You had no idea how long you weren’t zoned, but you saw Jughead in the next moment right near you. He wore a new pair of jeans and a new T-shirt along with his beanie.

„Let’s go.” You saw him looking at your hand while he seemed doubtful.  He seemed to leave all the prejudices aside when he held your hand, waiting for your reaction.

„I wonder how your dad isn’t here yet.” You asked him when it became too strange not to speak. It was very nice of him to hold your hand but you still couldn’t feel less excited.

„It’s good he’s not. I mean, I don’t know how he would react.”

„How do you two get along?” You felt the need to know that because it was important for you that Jughead had a good relationship with his father, especially as you knew how he was before. You wondered if things have got well during the time that passed  … If his father changed, just a little.

„It’s …” Jughead started but didn’t finish his sentence. You waited patiently for an answer.”Y/N, I don’t really know what to say. I thought he was different at one point, but I used to be disappointed and I don’t know if I should trust him anymore.”

„You should only have a bit of trust. It helps.” You felt how he gripped your hand harder. He wasn’t looking at you, he was looking forward. It was a sensitive subject for him to talk about.

„Hey, stop. This should be a great day for you. We’re not talking about myself right now. I don’t want you to leave again without having moments to talk about with the others, okay?” You tried to talk, but you were surprised.

„Y/N?” He asked you to make sure you understood. You just sighed and looked at him.

„But this is a great day, Jughead. I’m about to have the most wonderful birthday here, just because you are around.” He turned his head to you and you saw him smirking a little.

„Then let’s make something you’ll remember.”

You didn’t expect what followed as soon as you arrived at Veronica’s apartment. She, her mother, Archie, Betty, even Cheryl Blossom … They were all there. A big cake was waiting for you in the kitchen, decorated with eighteen candles for your eighteenth anniversary. Your friends were amused by your surprised expression when you saw them all. Veronica’s mother bought the drink, and even turned the music on. You asked Jughead if he had anything to do with it and told you he had no idea of that. It was clear that he wasn’t lying. He was as surprised as you were. But how? How did all this happen and why? You only wanted their company, it was enough. This party was much more than it should have been. They even brought you gifts. That’s why Veronica seemed so rushed at the phone …

„Well, I really didn’t expect you to come back too soon.” Cheryl told you with the usual bossy attitude she had. „But I couldn’t miss this so like, happy birthday?” She told you and then hugged you. Meanwhile, you saw Veronica looking at you. You somehow gestured her what’s with Cheryl and she just seemed clueless.

„I can’t believe you guys did all of this! What was in your mind?” The fact that everyone was gathered here was great. All they wanted to do was make you feel good. And maybe they didn’t intend to throw a super party, but it still means so much to you. You didn’t even plan a party.

„Why not? Don’t you think you deserved that? Come on, Y/N, let’s have fun!”Archie was the one who spoke this time. You still stood there, almost embarrassed because you didn’t know what to do. You felt Jughead’s hand on your back and then you turned your head to him. He tried to smile.

„You’re too stoned. You should be happy.” He said.

„I … I didn’t even get to change my clothes and Veronica knows I stayed with you overnight. How do you think things are? You tried to whisper him without starting to laugh.” He grinned.

„Everything’s perfect. Go and change your clothes, I’ll keep them busy.” You looked at him in disbelief while he gestured you to move. Your brunette friend noticed your escape attempt and, of course, she followed you. Her grin was visible from miles away. As soon as you entered her bedroom door, you turned your face to her. Her outfit was made of a black dress, more easy than formal.

„That’s why you seemed so impatient on the phone. Ronnie, you didn’t have to do that. Where did you get all that stuff? I was okay with a night at Pop’s and a well-deserved milkshake.” You complained almost crossing your arms to your chest.

She rolled her eyes.

„It’s just a surprise, not a big deal. God, If I was you, I’d be glad.”

„Everyone says that! And I’m happy, in fact, you are wonderful, thank you so much! You have no idea how good this day has become because of you.” Veronica smiled and assured you there was no botheration doing what they did. You couldn’t help, you were simply overwhelmed.

„And yet, you still didn’t tell me why you stayed at Jughead’s last night.” Her expression became self-understood. Here it comes …

„I mean, I was expecting that when I saw you disappearing with him but- …”

„We needed some time alone to talk. You know that.” You told her seriously. You couldn’t think like her. All the situation between you and that boy was too sensitive right now. You had to put your thoughts in order, there was a lot to be done and so a little time. You were still hurt and you could barely get over it. What could heal you a little was the fact that you were around him.

„You kissed, didn’t you?” Your mouth hung open a few minutes. Was it okay to tell her? „I was expecting that.” She answered herself.

You sighed noisily and felt guilty for the moment. Things shouldn’t have been that messy.

„Y/N, Jughead was never over with you. I think he always thought about you. And I know for sure that you did that too. You are in love with him and you can’t deny that, everyone has noticed.”

„He needed me around a long time and I couldn’t be there. I don’t want to hide anything but it’s hard … „You confessed, trying not to ruin your mood.

„Then let’s go there. He is waiting for you. And he cares, don’t waste your time worrying.” You knew she was right but these were just instincts. You couldn’t stop. But you could block the effects, at least today.

„I have to change first. Wait for me, please.”

As you tried to find some new clothes to wear, the music and the voices of the others were heard from the living room. You asked Veronica how came that Cheryl was here and she told you that she didn’t expect her to come. She didn’t even know how she found out about the little party they were trying to throw without attracting your attention. After that you went and blew in the candles while all of them sang happy birthday to you. They seemed incredibly smiley. Each of them hugged you and wished you well in all the possible ways. Betty was the most emotional of all, as you expected, and Archie told you it doesn’t matter that you are eighteen, you will never be independent as long as they are around you. Cheryl astonished you a little more than she should have when she struggled but succeded still to wish you a nice happy birthday message. You appreciated it, you didn’t know that she could call you her friend but you didn’t hesitate anymore when you tried to make her feel better about her brother and the fact that his killer hadn’t yet been discovered. Here, inside this apartment you all had fun. The town, on the other hand, although you don’t like to admit it wasn’t sure still. Almost purposeful left the last, Jughead has given you a hug that everyone could’ve considered more intense and significant. You didn’t know if the others knew what was happening between you two, nor did you. You didn’t know how to react because both of you wanted an eternity that wasn’t possible.

„Happy birthday. Now you’re free, as you always wanted to be. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to stay around you and know you better. Thank you for accepting me just as I was, because you have to admit, I’m really a freak.” His lips moved slowly as he talked and beside him, you really felt very small. At least this time. Every detail of him was beautiful and special, you still had a long way to get through to make him see that too.

„’Looks like you got me now. How many years, Jones?” It was the first time you called his last name. He smiled at you, you were so close to each other and everyone was watching you. What you didn’t know was that they were already caught up with everything.

„What are you waiting for? Kiss her!” You immediately recognized the voice of Veronica and you nearly blushed. You tried to chuckle, but Jughead was looking at you smiling. You heard a few whispers here and there but you didn’t manage to give them too much attention when the boy who held his arms around you kissed you. Your noses were touching and you were even surprised that he had done it in front of everyone. You kissed him back in the same sweet and slow way, making everything count. Everybody started to applaud you out of blue, then you knew you were really blushing.

The most beautiful thing you heard was his laughter after you got away. You haven’t heard it too often and now you already adore it. You tried to stop your friends from teasing you but they were too crazy to do it. Hermione was your salvation when she told everyone they would get a slice of cake. You were grateful to her while the attention of everyone focused on something other than you and Jughead.

This was clearly the best birthday of all. You didn’t even think about growing up or getting older, just as you used to joke with your friends. What mattered the most was the fact that you were with them now and nobody could take you out of this place. It mattered that you weren’t alone.

Hours of hours passed and when you realized that everyone was starting to get tired, the atmosphere got quiet. You ate all the cake and covered one another’s face with whipped cream. (Most of all you were the ‚target’.) Your mouths began to hurt after all the crap you spoke. You told them how you managed to convince your parents to let you come back here and how you planned everything with the cookie dark-haired girl on the phone, for a long time. They told you how much they missed you. They even stop doing all the things they were doing before when you were around. They told you there was nothing funny anymore and that you should stay.

But decisions were some damn misleading things. And it was not fair that you couldn’t think of yourself. You were thinking of each of them because you became addicted. And people can become addictions too. A killing addiction.

„Look at them. Who thought they would fall asleep?” You told Jughead as you stood in front of the couch and watched your sleepy friends. Veronica slept on Archie and Betty on Veronica’s shoulder. Even Cheryl fell asleep with her head in Betty’s lap. Everywhere were plastic glasses and plates.

„I was ready for this to happen. I wonder how you’re not tired.” He answered you. It was pretty late but you felt incredibly rested.

„I plan not to sleep tonight.”

„Did you feel good?” Even if the others were sleeping, he still whispered to you.” He pulled you closer and gave a peck to your lips.

„Of course.” You whispered back and kissed him, intending to take more time to feel his lips over yours. But it’s only been two minutes before you heard a few steps and broke the kiss.

„I’m sorry, I didn’t want to ruin the moment, I didn’t know you were still here, Jughead.” Veronica’s mother said as she entered the living room.

„The others are sleeping right there on the couch.” You told her and gestured to the couch. „Please don’t wake them up, they’ll stay until the morning.”

„God.” Hermione giggled. „They seem exhausted.”

„Obviously. We are the only remaining conscious ones.” Jughead answered, intertwining his fingers with yours. You smiled at him.

„Y/N dear, do you need anything else? You’re fine?”

„Yes, Mrs. Lodge. Thank you so much for … All this. It meant the world to me.”

„Oh, no need to thank me. It was a pleasure to help Ronnie to do this for you. Don’t worry about it.” She smiled at you warmly. „I think I’m going to bed. Jughead, you’ll stay here tonight?”

„I think I’ll spend some more minutes with Y/N.” He told her somewhat contained. You nodded and Hermione agreed.

„Okay then. Take care and good night. Lock the door if you get out.” And with that being said, she left you two alone in the living room.

„Now you can kiss me again.” You turned your attention to Jughead and grinned. He raised his eyebrows.

„What if they wake up?” As you tried to get close to him, he tried to step back. He was doing it on purpose.

„Really?” You grabbed his shoulders and you struck your lips to his, clutching your hands on his beanie. You didn’t try to remove it, you just wanted to keep him close to you. He let you be in control this time, not that it was a battle of domination we we’re talking about. Your breaths were crossing as his hands cupped your cheeks. The butterflies in your stomach made you feel weak in the knees, you didn’t know how you were still on your own two feet.

„Umm … Hey, Y/N?” This time he interrupted the kiss and looked into your eyes.”I’m sorry I couldn’t get you a gift.” He muttered.  Your expression grew milder than ever, he was too sheepish right now. But he was warm, he was a good man who still didn’t get what he deserved.

„I don’t need any gift, Jughead. Right now, you’re more than that.”

I apologize for the future heartbreak. ’Lovee you guys and hope you liked this last part. Also, I hope it’s what you wanted. Thanks for reading!

Imagine Remus getting possessive around the full moon

Originally posted by nellaey

Request: Can I do a request? Young!Remus and the reader are dating, and it’s the week of the full moon. Remus begins to get protective of The reader (His Furry problem causes his emotions to be all over the place.), and possessive of her. So he starts pinning her to walls or if outside to trees to show to everyone that she belongs to him. - anon

A/N: Guys this literally took me like 12 years to write but here it is… sorry XD

“Hey, Remus!” you shouted, hurrying to catch up with your boyfriend. “Wait up!” He paused at the top of the stairs and glanced back at you, a strange gleam in his eyes. 

“Hi, Y/N,” he said.

You cocked an eyebrow. “Everything alright?” you asked. 

“Yeah, of course,” he responded. “Just… gotta get to class. I’ll see you at dinner, yeah?” He basically sprinted off down the corridor, curiously not going anywhere near the classrooms. 

“Huh,” you said to yourself. Just the full moon, I guess. He always got a bit wonky when it was around this time. Hormones and things, probably. Werewolf-y stuff.

Remus turned the corner, panting hard and fighting to keep his feelings in check. The full moon always made him especially emotional, but this month more so than any other recently. Anger, frustration, attraction. 

Definitely that last one.

Usually, he could keep himself under control. But today, you looked especially beautiful, with your hair up in a bun and one of his old sweaters on. 

Only a few more days until the moon. He could do it.

Later that day, at dinner, he arrived a bit late, having stayed a minute after class to help Professor McGonagall clean up when Sirius and James transfigured all of the desks into peacocks.

As he approached the Great Hall, he saw you walking in with a guy from Ravenclaw. You weren’t doing anything, but the boy looked a little too close and a little too eager to get you to laugh at another one of his jokes.

Remus felt white-hot anger boiling up inside of him, like a pot that had been left on the stove for too long. He stalked up behind the Ravenclaw and roughly shoved him out of the way and into the Hall. “What are you thinking, Y/N?” he growled.

You looked up at him. “I was thinking, ‘Wow, I wish I was eating right now.’ I’m hungry,” you responded sassily.

He narrowed his eyes and rushed forward, pinning you against the wall in one fluid movement. “Yeah, well, the whole school could tell what that kid was thinking. And I don’t like it.”

Your eyes widened a fraction, feeling a drop of fear but making sure you didn’t show it. You cleared your throat. “Remus,” you said quietly. “Let me go. Now.”

He didn’t move for a minute, but then he stumbled backward, clutching his head. “Oh God Y/N, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean–I just saw–he was… I thought–I’m so sorry.” He turned on his heel and rushed out into the courtyard. 

You sighed and ran after him. “Remus, it’s okay. I get it. The full moon. It’s not your fault.”

He looked miserably at you. “I freaking hate myself, Y/N. I’m too dangerous for you to be around.”

You laughed. “Sure you are, Wolf-Boy. Let’s go take a walk around the lake, shall we? Get you to calm down a little.” You grabbed his hand and pulled him outside. “You wild thing, you.”

He managed to crack a smile. How did he get lucky enough to have you with him? Most other people would run in fear in the other direction. But you understood. And best of all, you didn’t pity him.

You just accepted him for who he was.

After all, that was the best he could ask.

Brown Cardboard Box

Characters: Dean x sister!reader, Sam [mentioned], Lisa + Ben.

Words: 2400-ish.

[Previous character death.] - That’s the only warning I can think of really.

A/N: Hey guys! Guess who wrote a fic instead of studying for a Spanish test? Anyways, I started re-watching season 6, because I wanted watch a few souless!Sam episodes, and after 6x01 I got this idea. So the fic takes place in between season 5 and 6. 

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Your name: submit What is this?

Sometimes you imagined what it would be like if you didn’t live the life. Wondering. Making up your own little scenarios and such. How you would live in Lawrence, and how you would have actually grown up there, how you would maybe have a pet (probably a dog, satisfying Sam’s everlasting love for them), how you would have childhood friends, how you would do sports in school. How you would all graduate and then how you would go to college. Grow up. Meet a partner (hopefully). Maybe have a family of your own someday.

Now, in this very moment, you were standing here with a brown cardboard box in your embrace. A single brown cardboard box containing whatever sad excuse of a wardrobe you had, as well as the few things that actually were yours. Photos, diaries, a gun and so on. You were moving into your own place. You never thought the day would come.

Keep reading