she is so amused by the puppy

Jack Maynard Imagine - Parents know best

You opened your eyes, taking a few minutes to let them adjust to the sunlight. Lately, falling asleep while on car rides had become a common thing for you. You looked right to see Jack with his eyes fixed on the road, oblivious to the fact that you had woken up.

You yawned and rubbed your eyes before feeling a hand on your leg “Slept well?” he asked, as he looked briefly at you before giving you a small smile.

“Not bad” you said, looking at the GPS and seeing that you were twenty minutes away from Brighton.

Your best friend Jack had convinced - dragged - you to go to Brighton with him for the weekend. All your other close friends in London were back in their hometowns visiting their families, so you had nothing better to do. You weren’t in the mood to spend a whole weekend at home by yourself, anyway.

You had met Jack’s sister, Anna, before. A few months ago, she had stayed at Jack and Conor’s new apartment for the weekend, and the two of you immediately clicked. She reminded you so much of Jack, it was unreal. His parents, however, were a mystery to you. Conor couldn’t go with you, so at least you hoped Anna wasn’t away at a friend’s house or something: spending the weekend with Jack and his parents would just be too awkward.

But you thought you didn’t have reasons to be nervous about it. You weren’t Jack’s girlfriend, and you didn’t need to pass any kind of test to get his parents’ approval. Yet, it seemed to you as if you were slowly driving to death.

“Is Anna at home?” you eventually asked Jack, who was taking a sip of his fizzy drink.

“Yeah, I believe so” he answered “Why’d you ask?”

You shrugged “Just wanted to see her” you said, which wasn’t exactly a total lie. At least you knew there would be five of you.

Eventually, you pulled into Jack’s parents’ driveway, and you took a long while to admire the outside of his house. It reminded you so much of your own, you kind of wished your parents hadn’t booked that last-minute trip to Spain so you could visit them instead. However, when a young girl exited the house and walked towards your car, a bright smile on her face, your homesickness went away rather quickly.

“Y/N!” she called you as you opened the door to give her a hug. She wrapped her arms around your torso as you rested your chin on her head, a sudden smell of freshly washed hair hitting your nose.

“How are you, girl?” you asked her, mimicking the contagious smile on her face.

“I have so many things to tell you” she said excitedly, and you gave her that look girls gave each other when a juicy topic was about to come up. She nodded, as if she had read your mind, and you laughed.

“Hello Jack, my beloved and ridiculously hot brother, it’s nice to see you too” Jack said, imitating Anna’s voice, as he walked towards you with two bags on his hands.

Anna laughed and went to give her brother a hug “I’ve missed you as well, dickhead” the girl said. Jack rolled his eyes, but kissed the top of her head afterwards. You took your bag from his hands and walked into the Maynard household.

His parents turned out to be more than delighted with your presence. They confessed having watched your YouTube videos, and having burst out laughing more than once. The feeling of awkwardness you thought you’d have earlier, vanished as soon as they both pulled you into a hug.

Jack turned out to be the embarrassed one. As soon as you went upstairs to Anna’s bedroom for a quick catch-up, both of his parents had gone up to him, a suspicious smile on their faces.

“What?” Jack chuckled as he looked up at them from the sofa, his cat purring as he stroked her side.

“We really like Y/N” his mum said, taking a seat next to him. He already knew something was up. He gave them a look “I mean, we already liked her when we saw her on your videos, but she’s even nicer in person”

“Yeah…” Jack said, suspiciously. He let out another nervous laugh “Where are you going with his?” The silly smile on his face couldn’t go away. Whenever someone talked about you, his features immediately softened, and his lips curved up in a not so subtle smile.

“We are just saying” his dad spoke, his hands inside his pockets. Jack could tell he was nervous, because Conor did the exact same thing when something was on his mind “That she’s a really good influence for you. She seems sweet and down-to-eart, that’s all”

The cat jumped off the sofa, making Jack cross his arms “I’m…I’m glad you like her” Jack felt uncomfortable. Although you weren’t his girlfriend, you were the first girl Jack had ever brought home, friends and all. His parents were rather surprised when they saw you two got along so well, remaining just friends up to that day. Because for them, it was so obvious that their little boy had more than friendly feelings towards you, and they were surprised he hadn’t made a move yet.

“We do” his mum said, nodding happily “So, does she have a boyfriend or something?” she asked, trying to sound cool and casual, but she failed.

“Mum, I know where you’re going” Jack said, not being able to supress a laugh “Just drop it”

She gave her husband a knowing look. He nodded “Jack” he said “It’s fine if you like her, buddy. Your mum and I started off as good friends as well, it’s okay to admit it”

Jack’s heart skipped a beat, and he stood up abruptly “I’m going for a walk” he said, ready to leave, when his dad grabbed his arm “Buddy” his voice was friendly, yet firm. Jack stopped on his tracks.

He didn’t want to talk about it with his parents. Y/N was the first girl he had ever fallen for, and he was scared. He was sure that if he kept telling himself that he didn’t lilke her like that, his feelings would go away. But love didn’t work like that.

He turned his head to look at his parents, and after a long silence, he spoke again “I’m afraid I’d hurt her if I tell her” it came out as rather a whisper, but  his parents heard him perfectly.

His mum immediately pulled him into a hug, rubbing his back “Don’t be silly, Jack, please” she said, feeling the sadness on her son’s voice “Don’t you see how happy you make her?”

“I make her happy as a friend” Jack kept his voice low in case Anna and you decided to come downstairs “I’ve never had a girlfriend, I’m not good with feelings, I-”

“But there must be a reason why you like this girl so much, more than any other” his dad interrupted him. 

At that moment, Jack didn’t stop to think. He poured his feelings right there, in front of his parents, in a way he thought he’d never be able to do “I love how she’s so laid-back and crazy, yet she knows when to be serious” he blurted out “She’s also really funny, there has not been a day she hasn’t made me laugh. She’s sensible, and she takes care of me when I’m sick, which happens like, every day” he chuckled. His eyes were fixed on the floor “I don’t know, I just think I don’t deserve her, like, I’d just break her heart because I’m a fucking idiot”

“You don’t sound like an idiot when you talk about her” his mum said, grabbing his hand “Jack, the fact that you’ve never cared about a girl enough to stick with her doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to do it”

“In fact, you’ve done it already” his father added.

“Do you really think you’d hurt her?” his mum asked him “Because Conor told me not long ago that you almost got into a fist fight with a random guy at a club because he was all over her” 

Jack frowned “He told you?”

“It doesn’t matter, baby” his mum said, shaking her head “What matters is you look after her, and that’s no behaviour for someone who’d only hurt her if he’s with her”

Jack stayed silent for a moment, then nodded his head. His eyes were fixed on the floor again, too embarrassed by the topic to look at his parents “I like taking care of her” he said, almost whispering “And I’ve never felt that before for anyone”

His dad went up to him and clapped his back. There was no denying Jack was growing up, and his parents were glad it was because of such a lovely, kind-hearted girl “Why don’t you take her out for dinner tonight?” he suggested.

Suddenly, Anna and you irrumpted into the room, stopping abruptly at the sight of Jack with his parents “Did we interrupt something?” Anna asked, as she wasn’t used to see her brother looking so puppy-like. Soft eyes were uncommon for Jack, or so she thought.

“No, it’s fine, sweetheart” her mum said, smiling brightly at both of you “We were just catching up”

“We were as well” Anna said, turning her head to look at you. She winked “I was just about to ask Y/N when she was marrying Jack” she joked, making you blush.

“Anna, don’t be rude” her dad said, but he couldn’t deny he was amused by the situation. 

“It’s not like we were gonna invite you anyway” Jack spoke, putting an arm casually around your shoulders. He was back to his own sassy self again. Anna stuck her tongue at her brother before following her parents’ track to the kitchen area.

You then felt Jack’s lips pressed against the side of your head, a huge comfort speading inside your body. You loved when he did that “Wanna go out for dinner tonight?” he asked you, catching you off-guard “Just you and me”

You looked up at him, a small smile forming on your lips “Sounds great”

Anna entered the living room again, coughing as she walked past you “Wedding” she said after fakingly clearing her voice. Jack extended an arm to push her, and she ran away, laughing uncontrollably. 

“You’re not allowed to be the godmother to our children either” 

“And they’ll be bloody gorgeous” you added, making Jack push you  playfully as well. 

“They’ll just be weird if you’re their mum” Jack joked.

“You’ll love them anyways” you teased back.

“I love anything that has to do with you” he said, pulling you in for a hug.

“You’re stupid” you said, your head resting on his pounding chest.

“Shut up, Mrs. Maynard”

“What makes you think I’m taking your last name?”

“You love me way too much?” you hit him again. He grabbed your hands and put them around his neck. He planted a soft kiss on the tip of your nose

You smiled softly, still not used to all the things that boy made you feel “Maybe I do”

nude wars — preview

pt1 | pt2 preview

pairings: yoongi x reader x jungkook

genre: smut, touches of fluff / frat!yoonkook

description: Okay sure, maybe having a threesome with two best friends from the same frat wasn’t the smartest thing you’d ever done. But hey, when the result was them vying for your attention in the form of scandalous snaps, breathy audio messages, and unspeakable texts, well then the decision definitely wasn’t that bad.

— Or alternatively, your phone getting caught in the middle of Yoongi and Jungkook constantly trying to one-up each other in a war of sexting (and just maybe romantics).

note: so I know pt2 was supposed to come out today, but I’ve been sick for the past week and a half and I actually ended up having to go to the hospital yesterday bc I guess I wasn’t taking it seriously enough. but yeah, I thought I could at least post a tiny snippet ;;

It took all of five minutes into your shift for the post-sexting depression to kick in. The only word you could use to describe today’s atmosphere at work being completely dead. There were barely any customers to keep you occupied, leaving you to watch the time tick by as your only form of entertainment, second by unbearably miserable second burying you deeper into a realm of inescapable boredom.

And this continued on… For five miserable hours, until you finally managed to gain some relief. Your good friend and co-worker, Jimin, finally coming in to start his shift.

“Someone looks like they had a long night. Let me guess, another late night on greek row?” He snickered, making his way behind the counter to join you.

“Haha, very funny, but… Yeah,” You ended up admitting, causing chuckles to fall from both of you.

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Words Written on Your Wrist | Soulmates! Spencer Reid x Reader | Part 1

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Requested: Nope, I just figured I’d jump on the soulmate band wagon

Requests: OPEN

Part 1/?

Summary: Everyone’s wrist has three words on it, the first three words you’ll hear your soulmate say. You think the idea of soulmates is just a bunch of junk, but you’re in for a rude awakening when you meet your soulmate at your new job at the BAU. Because you worry you will lose your new dream job, you keep the fact that he’s your soulmate hidden, pretending as if those three words didn’t exist.

Words: 2639

Warnings: Swearing?

A/N: I was about 5000 words into this and then decided it was going nowhere, scrapped like 2,000 words, then worked with that to make it a series. This has a really slow start I am so sorry. I don’t know if this is very good or if anyone will be interested in me continuing this so I would greatly appreciate feedback! My requests are open so I’d also love it if you would send me in requests! I have reblogged two prompt lists so if you search ‘prompts’ and you’ll find them, just tell me which list it is and then the numbers! Thank you for reading!

I also realize it is late June, not Christmas time, but Christmas facts were the only ones I could come up with so a little bit of grace would be appreciated haha

You hated soulmates. You hated the idea. You weren’t someone’s other half. You were your own self and that’s all you wanted to be. You even went as far as to try to tattoo over the mark on right wrist, but the ink always faded away within hours, so instead you always took to wearing a bracelet over it. Out of sight, out of mind.  The soulmate phenomenon, as it became known as, was one that caused every person to have the first three words they hear their soulmate say, in their handwriting, on their right wrist. As you stared down at yours in the shower, you wished could scrub it away with your loofa.

‘Did you know,’ scrawled in perfectly horrible handwriting across the thin flesh of your inner wrist. ‘Great,’ you thought to yourself, ‘not only does my soulmate have terrible script, they sound like a know-it-all.’ And man, did you hate know-it-alls.

             You got out of the shower and pulled on a robe before flipping through your closet to pick out an outfit for your big day. Your first day at the BAU. You had worked your entire life for this, and you couldn’t be more ecstatic. The best minds in the FBI, you thought to yourself with a smile, and you’re one of them. After picking out a long sleeve blouse and nice pants you sat down to clear your head over your absolute favorite beverage, coffee. Reading through the newspaper you idly wondered what kind of people you were going to be working with. You of course knew Hotch and Rossi, since they were the ones to interview you for the position, and they had mentioned the names of the rest, but you didn’t know their faces well.

Downing the rest of your coffee quickly you glanced at the time and decided then would be a good time to head in, early was on time, on time was late, and late was inexcusable, in your mind. You grabbed your keys and bracelet, putting the band around your wrist to hide the words, even though you were wearing long sleeves. The drive to Quantico was easy, there was a light dusting of snow on the ground and you doubted there would be much more considering the Virginia climate, but you didn’t mind. You checked to make sure your go back was in the back seat just in case before going up to the bullpen. Upon entering the BAU area, box under your arm, you were met with an assault on your senses. Everyone was hustling and bustling, and you were amused to see two people, who you assumed to be on the team you were joining, in a loud conversation. Well, conversation wasn’t the word, it was more of a soliloquy by a tall and long haired bean pole while a man who could be a Greek god was looking very annoyed. You couldn’t very much hear the conversation as you entered the large room but as you walked closer on your way to Hotch’s office you were able to make out the words.

“Did you know that if you were to add up the costs of all of the items listed in The 12 Days of Christmas it would be around $1.3 million? And that December 25 was actually….” And that all you heard, because you could feel your heart stop in that moment. It had to be a mistake, there are plenty of know-it-alls in the world, it doesn’t have to be him. Just calm down, you tell yourself, continuing to the office in front of you as if nothing had happened. Your plan was to just ignore it and hope for the best. You’ll be damned if you were going to let something you didn’t even want to ruin your dream job.

You greeted Hotch, setting your box down in a chair and shaking his hand. “I’ll introduce you to the team and show you to your desk. We don’t have a case today, it’s just paperwork, so we have a bit of time.” He said with a small smile, and somehow you figured that that was the most you were ever going to see of a smile. Walking down to the bullpen together you took in the entire team, two beautiful blonde women, one of which was dressed very eccentrically and you knew you were going to like her, a dark-haired woman who looked like a badass snow-white, Rossi, who you had already met, Mr. Greek God, and your soulma-, you mean the long-haired bean pole. “Everyone, I’d like you to meet SSA Y/F/N Y/L/N, she will be joining our team.” You smiled and waved and everyone, setting your box of things down on your desk before Hotch continued, “Y/L/N, this is JJ, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, and Spencer Reid, and you of course have already met me and Rossi,” Hotch said, introducing everyone.

You opened your mouth to greet them but before you could say anything the eccentrically dressed blonde woman came rushing up to you, a huge grin adorning her face, “Oh my gosh it’s so good to meet you, is there anything I can do for you, can I help you get settled in? Would you like some coffee? Do you like coffee?” She asked quickly, motioning a lot with her hands.

You laughed, your suspicion now confirmed, you were going to get along great with her. “I love coffee, actually, and I wouldn’t want to trouble you, it won’t take long for me to get settled in and start working.” You kept your eyes on her and only on her, even though out of the corner of your eye you saw two heads snap to look at you. One of which was that of who you now know to be your soulmate and the other was the other blonde woman, who you assumed knew what three words resided on the man’s wrist. You cursed internally, how could your favorite beverage betray you like this?

“Are you sure?” Garcia asked again, her puppy dog eyes looking at you.

 “Garcia,” Hotch’s voice cut into the conversation, stern but amused, “Why don’t you show Y/L/N around since you’re so eager to help.”

“I can do that! Come on Y/N!” She grabbed linked arms with you, leading you around to show you the office to show you were the break room and the coffee pot were as well as what resided on each floor of the building in case you needed anything from other departments. Her optimistic and bubbly attitude lifted your spirits almost to the point of forgetting about the fact that the bane of your existence resided just feet away from your desk.

             “So what did you do before joining the BAU?” Asked Morgan when you and Garcia returned to the bullpen.

             “I was a Forensic Psychology Professor,” you explain as you sit down and start getting situated at your desk, “I taught at Brown University.”

             “A professor at your age? That’s impressive.” Prentiss nodded, eyebrows raised.

             “I peeked early,” You joked with a laugh, a bit unnerved that the two people who were staring at you earlier were avoiding conversation. You felt a bit bad not letting the man know that you knew he was your soulmate, but you did want it to jeopardize your job. You just got here, the last thing you need is people either thinking you got the job because you were some one on the team’s soulmate or that you couldn’t think objectively working so close beside him.

             Spencer starred at you, his mind going a mile a minute. Has she already heard him say something and didn’t recognize it? Had she already heard him say something and it wasn’t what was on his wrist and he was a glitch? If she hadn’t heard him say anything yet, what should he say? He thought over anything and everything he could say to, wanting the first three words out if his mouth to be eloquent and as lovely as she was.

             “What made you want to join the BAU?” JJ, the woman you knew you were Reid’s soulmate, asked.

             “I wanted to make a difference, save lives.” You shrugged, feeling like you were getting interrogated, “My uh… My childhood best friend was a victim of a serial killer and I want to catch the type of people that did that to her.” The room fell silent after your confession, though most everyone nodded out of acknowledgement and respect. You turned back to your desk to continue setting out photographs and putting away things but a voice caught your attention, the same one that was rambling off facts when you walked in.

             “I’m sorry for your loss.” He said quietly, making eye-contact with you. You knew as a profiler he was looking for micro expressions, anything to let him know that the first three words of that sentence were on your wrist. But they weren’t, so you weren’t technically concealing anything when you simply smiled warmly and thanked him before returning to your desk. You also weren’t lying when Garcia asked you if you found your soulmate yet at lunch.

             Most of the team was all sitting at the tables in the break room, idly chatting and getting to know one another when Penelope grinned, leaning in as if she was an elementary schooler asking who you had a crush on.

             “So, have you found your soulmate yet?” She asked as she wagged her eyebrows.

             “I’m still single,” You say easily, smiling as you took another bite of your soup you brought from home.

             “Now that isn’t an answer.” Emily grinned, pointing her fork at you. Damn it, you should have known trying to pass a question off with a non-answer with a group full of profilers wouldn’t work.

             “Well, I don’t know, you know?” You try to lie, trying to dig yourself out of a hole, “I know what’s on my wrist, I don’t know what’s on other people’s. Like what if I’m not my soulmate’s soulmate? I don’t want to get ahead of myself if I don’t know what’s on his or her wrist.” Well, that wasn’t a lie, you reason with yourself. “Plus, mine is a pretty common statement, so it could be anyone, I’ve had a few false alarms in the past when I’ve overheard conversations, so I also don’t want to get ahead of myself that way.”

             “What does your wrist say?” Jenifer asked suddenly.

             She doesn’t beat around the bush.

             “I’d prefer to keep that to myself. Not even my best friend knows what’s on my wrist.” Laughing uneasily, you push your spoon around in your bowl.

             “That makes sense, it’s a really personal thing.” Garcia nods in agreement and you swore you could kiss her for how easily she dropped the subject.

             “Mines what my Savannah first said to me,” Morgan grinned proudly as he held out his wrist, “She’s a doctor at the hospital nearby.”

             “What about you JJ? I see a wedding band.” You smile, nodding to her left hand, glad to have the attention off you.

             “’You must be’” She repeated holding up her wrist, “It turns out that it’s in person. I actually spoke to Will on the phone before in person, but what’s on our wrists is what we said to each other when we first talked in person. It’s funny, because I introduced myself with my name, so he knew the second he called me that he would be speaking to his soulmate and I had no idea.” She laughed, reminiscing.

             “I wish we all had it that easy,” Emily scoffed as she pulled back the sleeve on her shirt. “Mines ‘You look beautiful.’ Do you know how many times I’ve heard that at a bar?”

             “Exactly! Its similar with mine!” You exclaim with a smile, glad someone else could back you up on the small fib you told. But as the room fell back into silence you noted that the only other people who had yet to say what was on their wrist were Penelope and Spencer, and by the way Penelope was quickly chewing her food so she could talk you guessed she was going next.

             “I haven’t found my soulmate either!” She said quickly after finished chewing, “Nor has our resident Brainiac, but he’s like you, he won’t tell us what his tattoo says either.”

             You knew you had to say something, if you didn’t say something you knew it would cause suspicion, so you turned to him, raising an eyebrow, “What’s your reasoning for not telling anyone, Mr. Resident Brainiac?” You ask easily, watching as JJ gave him a sympathetic look out of the corner of your eye, knowing that both of them were probably thinking he was a glitch at the moment.

             “M-“ He starts but clears his throat nervously, “Mostly the same reasons as you.”

             “Great minds think alike,” you laugh as you begin to close your Tupperware, “But fools seldom differ,”

“But fools seldom differ.” Wait what. You frown. Was your hearing going or did you two just state the second half of that saying at the same time? Quickly recovering, the frown is replaced by another smile as you watch a pink tint rise to Reid’s cheeks. You had to admit, this man was very attractive.

Everyone laughed and Morgan clapped you on your shoulder, the others packing up their stuff as well. When you got back to the bullpen Hotch and Rossi were there, huddled around a file.

“Do we have a case?” Prentiss asks as the team gets closer.

“it seems so, it looks to be a rough one so we will brief on the plane.” Hotch said as he closed the file, then turning his attention to you, “Y/L/N, I trust you have a go bag packed?”

“Yes, I do, sir.” You quickly say, nervous for your first case, especially since Hotch was describing it as a rough one.

“Wheels up in 20.”

              As you sat down on the plane the team quickly began discussing the case, the unsub was kidnapping women, holding them for at least a week, stabbing them, and then displaying their bodies in public places.

             Spencer read a bit of file out loud, sometimes going on fact tangents relating to something on the page, and you had to admit, it was darn adorable. You’d glance over at him every chance you could without arising suspicion, and you began taking him in in his entirety. You did always have a thing for long haired guys, his cheek bones and jaw line were to die for, and his hands, oh his hands, you decided you loved watching him turn pages in the file. You internally scolded yourself, of course you’d find him attractive, he was your soulmate after all, a match made in heaven. But that gnawing thought in the back of your head that you could lose everything you had worked towards thus far because of some butterflies in your stomach and ink on your wrist dragged you down like an anchor from the cloud you seemed to be floating on.

             “There’s no signs of torture besides the stabbing,” You comment with a frown, “Which wouldn’t indicate a sadist, but the stabbing implies a sexual component. He could be impotent.”

             “I agree,” Reid says a bit too quickly, looking up at you.

             “The displaying and posing of the bodies could be a taunt,” JJ offered, drawing attention away from Spencer.

             “When we land I want Prentiss and Morgan to go to the first and second crime scene, Rossi and Y/L/N to the third, JJ and I can go to the Fourth. Reid why don’t you start on the geographical profile.” Hotch designated as the jet landed.

To be Continued.

Part 2

Maybe I Just Like Being With You [S.B.]

Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 1594
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: A classic love story where flirtation turns into something more.
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

“He looks lost,” Lily commented as she tilted her head and frowned. You followed her gaze and saw she was fixated on a dark haired boy of the name Sirius Black, who was wandering around the hallway without, for once, his group of friends. You rolled your eyes, “You know what he’s like, he’s probably in the middle of some sort of prank with the boys.” You gave her a shrug as you continued on your way towards him.

The boy’s head whipped up at the sound of someone coming his way, and as soon as he saw you, his lips immediately stretched into a smirk, “Hey L/n, looking good.”

“You’re not looking too bad yourself, Black. To what do I owe the pleasure?” You found yourself smiling at the lad; his mere presence was enough to put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

“Was wonderin’ if you’d do me the honours of comin’ to Hogsmeade with me this weekend, how ‘bout it doll?” He bit his lip a little as he very visibly looked you up and down and bit his lip, leaning back against the wall.

You exchanged looks with Lily before returning your gaze to Sirius. “Sorry babe, I have plans this weekend,” you said with a fake pout, “Maybe next time.”

Sirius pushed himself off the wall and stepped towards you, stopping right in front of your path, preventing you from continuing on your way. “What’s it gonna take for one date? That’s all I want. C'mon baby,” he gave you his best puppy dog eyes, widening them ever so slightly and tilting his head.

“You should just give up, Black. She’s not going to date you,” Lily crossed her arms over her chest, her green eyes showing her amusement. “Can you believe her, babe?,” Sirius turned to you with fake shock, “She thinks you’re not interested in me.” He gave a pretend shake of his head as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders. You looked at his arm, then at his face, raising an eyebrow, “Believe it or not, I’m not interested in you Black. You see, I have - what do you call them? Oh yes - standards.”

With one last smile, you removed his arm from your shoulders and gently pushed past him as you continued down the hallway. “So Saturday then?” Sirius shouted cheekily after you. You looked over your shoulder with a smile, before carrying on.

“Are you actually meeting up with him?” Lily asked with an airy laugh. “No,” you shook your head, giggling, “I couldn’t date someone like him.” “Are you sure? I think you’d be cute together, and you obviously like each other,” she pouted her lips in thought. You just smiled, “No we don’t.” “You’re always flirting.” “No we’re not! I mean sometimes we do but it doesn’t mean anything, right?” You frowned.

You entered your next class and sat beside the redhead, deciding to push your thoughts about a certain boy out of your mind, at least for the moment. It didn’t take long, however, for him to come crashing back to you, what with him literally falling through the classroom door, this time joined by his usual accomplices.

“Black, Potter, Lupin, Pettigrew, if you boys would be so kind as to quietly take your seats, I’d very much like to start my lesson,” Professor McGonagall spoke, clearly unimpressed by the boys lack of punctuality.

“Sorry professor,” Remus apologised for all four of the boys as they took their usual seats at the back of the classroom, which just so happened to be behind you and Lily.


You closed your eyes and sighed, half annoyed and half amused as you stopped writing. It wasn’t until you heard the all too familiar voice whisper-yell your name again that you glanced at McGonagall before turning around, “What?”

Sirius grinned, “Jus’ wanted to see your pretty face again. You can continue now.” You rolled your eyes at the boy, scoffing out a laugh as you turned back around to work.

You managed to get halfway through your essay before you were bothered by him again, this time by something bouncing off your back and hitting the floor. Reaching down to grab the small piece of parchment, you caught his eyes and he gave you a look of innocence.

Shaking your head to yourself, you started to open the parchment, before reading the surprisingly neat writing.

Busy tonight? I know somewhere we could go for a bit of fun ;)

With an eye roll, you slid the note over to Lily, who read it over and wiggled her eyebrows at you. You nudged her and shook your head, before crumpling up the note and shoving it in your pocket.

The rest of the lesson went along smoothly, with no more distractions, which you were thankful for. As the rest of the class stood, you started to collect your things together and shove them into your bag.

“I’m going to nip to the library to pick up a book for the charms essay, I’ll meet you in the common room later?” Lily asked as she looked at you. “Yeah that’s fine, I’ll see you later Lils.”

You watched her leave before beginning to head out of the classroom. You had made it a couple of steps away when the voice of the boy who had been messing with you all day called after you.

“Hey doll face, wait up!” You could practically hear the smirk, but even so decided to slow down so he could catch up. “What do you want now, Black?” “Jus’ wanted to walk with you, is that a crime?” He asked. “No, but with you there’s always an ulterior move, so what is it?” “Maybe I just like being with you.”

Sirius’ hands brushed against yours as you walked, making tingles shoot up your arm. You ignored them - it was an accident, right?

The second time it happened you had a feeling he was doing it on purpose, but before you could say anything to him, you felt him intertwine your fingers together slowly, so you were now holding hands as you walked back to your common room. Your heart was racing, even from something so simple, and you daren’t turn to look directly at him. However, from the corner of your eye, you could see him smiling to himself.

As the door to your common room came into view, you couldn’t help the sinking feeling you felt at the thought of having to let go of his hands. Sirius must’ve had the same idea, because as soon as you entered the room, he sat down on one of the couches and pulled you gently down with him, keeping his fingers interlocked with yours as he rested his head in your lap silently, lifting his legs to rest them across the arm.

You stayed there for a while, one hand holding his, the other running through his hair as you hummed softly under your breath.

“You know I like you, right?” Sirius broke the silence, his voice a few octaves lower than his usual, “Cause I do. I like you a lot love.” Sirius gazed at you with adoration, a small smile playing at his lips.

“Not exactly how I thought you’d confess your feelings, but that works for me,” you said with a shrug, twirling a strand of his hair around your finger. “’S that all you gonna say?” Sirius asked gruffly and with a smirk as you toyed with his fingers. You looked down at him, still holding his hand, and gave him a grin, “You know I like you too, Black, no matter what I say.”

You leant down and brushed your lips against his, treasuring the first few moments of your first kiss together like it was gold. You stayed in the same position for a while, silently challenging each other to see who would cave first, when you felt his breath against your lip as he murmured, “Oh fuck it,” before he pushed his lips against yours. One of his hands rested at the back of your head, keeping you close to him as he sat up, so you were leaning against the back of the couch, his body pressing against yours as your own hand fell from his hair and instead gripped his shirt.

He trailed kisses away from your mouth and across your jawline, moving down towards your neck as you tilted your head away to give him better access. He gently nipped at the skin, making you hum out in appreciation, before he started making his way back to your lips, kissing you again.

When he finally pulled away, he stared at you with a strange look in his eye, seeming very pleased with himself. “Why are you looking at me like that?” You whispered so quietly that if you weren’t the only ones in the room, he wouldn’t have heard.

“Jus’ can’t believe I’m kissing you. I mean, you’re gorgeous. I think I may be in love with you,” Sirius whispered back, almost as quiet. “Well then,” you said as you gave him another kiss, “It’s a good job I’m in love with you too, isn’t it?”

He gave you a grin and dropped back down into your lap again, returning to your original position, small smiles etched onto both of your faces.

“Hey Y/n?” “Yes Sirius?” He looked at up you with a cheeky smile and mischievous glint in his eye, “About my note…”

Why do I find it so fucking adorable that someone reminded (probably David because he actually remembers shit) Gillian about “snapping on the latex” and she thought it was the perfect double entendre/#tbt that she had to get our her phone, set David up snapping the glove, and David probably snapped that glove 10 times before Gillian captured it the way she wanted, and look at his little puppy face trying to be serious but is totally amused, and they are so cute, just do random shit for S11 without a script, I’d still watch.

Daddy’s Eyes

Character: Negan (The Walking Dead)

Word Count: 4,056

Prompt/Summary: ‘I’m pregnant.’ (dialogue prompt) / Negan and his wife decide to have a second baby together.

Warnings: Very light smut.

Written For: Jessie’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge

Note: This is another one set in my pre-apocalypse AU… I swear someday I’ll write a story about Negan that’s actually set in TWD world, lol. Sorry I didn’t go all the way with writing the smut; I’m really not good at writing full on smut. And sorry for the odd title. I am the Worst at coming with titles for fics and often just use song titles.

Also, I may do a part two to this one where Lucille meets her little brother or sister, just because I think that’d be cute AF.

Tagging: @grimes-slut, @negans-network, @jdms-network, @hawtdiggitynegan, @fuckinjdm, @jeffreydeanneganstrash, @sweetsweetpeach (Want to be added? Send me an ask!)

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Ephemeral || 02

(adj) lasting for a very short time

Originally posted by kookielife

pairing: Jimin | reader (with a surprise?)

genre: angst, not too much

word count: 2.1k

summary: six months ago, Park Jimin broke your heart, though getting over him isn’t quite as easy if you’re still in love with him

warnings: none

a/n: I don’t hate any of the people who are portrayed as dislikeable characters in this story! Also sorry that this is kinda short, but I really wanted it to have this ending so yeah :)

previous chapter ; next chapter

Fifteen minutes into having to sit with Jimin and Irene you felt like ripping out every hair on your head one by one. Jimin hasn’t looked at you even once, but to make up for his loss, Irene went on and on about their relationship, purposely staring you down with every word she said. According to her Jimin was ‘the sweetest guy she’s ever met’, ‘sooo considerate’, ‘showering her with affection and gifts’ and so much more. A part of you wanted to believe that all she rambled about him were pointless lies, but the other, larger part of you believed her and it hurt you more than it should’ve.

As they finally decided to leave, you were about to pass out, Irene having killed the remaining brain cells, that were still there after a night with no sleep. The whole time, you’d stolen glances at Jimin, and you had to admit that he still looked amazing, undoubtedly remaining the most gorgeous guy you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Irene had seen the times you looked at him and started grabbing onto his arm and smiling up at him to ‘mark her territory’. You really couldn’t understand why they even sat down with you guys in the first place but you guessed it was just to bother you.

After they’d exited the coffee shop, you finally felt like you could breathe again. None of your friends wanted to ask you about how you felt, because it could possibly trigger a major breakdown, which wouldn’t be good at all, so you all tried to act like the last twenty minutes didn’t happen. After they left was also when you realized Jungkook’s deathgrip around your shoulders. You let out a sigh and let your head fall back against his shoulder. 

“Everything ok?”, he whispered into your ear and you just lightly nodded eventhough you both knew it wasn’t.

Your self-pitying thoughts were interrupted as Sana started to speak up, her voice loud and cheerful as usual. “So I heard there’s a party at Yugyeom’s dorm tonight and since JK over there is friends with him, I thought we should go.”, she said and drank up the rest of her latte. Yoongi didn’t seem too amused at that idea and groaned, “or you can come over to mine, I still need to finish off some beats.”, he looked at Sana. Yoongi and Namjoon were underground rappers on the side and Yoongi currently worked on some new beats for them, you all knew that it was really important to him. “Aish, but it’s been so long since we’ve gone out, please Yoongs…’, she whined and shot him puppy eyes. 

Jungkook cleared his throat. “Actually I wasn’t planning on going tonight, but I guess I could tell Yugyeom that you guys are gonna show up.”, he uttered awkwardly, which earned a few annoyed sighs. Sana was still trying to get Yoongi to come with her and finally he seemed to give in. That’s another thing about their relationship, every other person in this universe, apart from Hoseok, wouldn’t even stand a chance on changing Yoongis mind about anything, but Sana seemed to work wonders on him. 

“I’m not going either.”, you stated and Sana groaned a disappointed ‘Y/N’, but Jungkook came to your help. “We’ve made plans to hang out today since last sunday, sorry guys”, to which you just gave a convincing nod, eventhough he just told them a straight up lie.

“Since last sunday?”, you asked him with a light chuckle as you left the shop, a few feet behind the others. “I figured you could use a pizza and some company tonight, after… you know.”, he gave you a bunny smile and pushed his bangs out of his eyes. 

You honestly were greatful for a friend like Jeon Jungkook, he always seemed to understand you and knew exactly what you needed when you were down.

“Thanks nochu, I really wouldn’t’ve liked going to that stupid party.”, you sighed and smiled back at him. “I know”, he said and looked around the campus, “I just don’t get it.”, he then stated an a grim tone. You just sent him a questioning look. “I don’t get why Jimin would ask Irene to be his girlfriend.”, he said and you sighed in frustration. “Can we just stop talking about it?”, you pleaded, feeling like all energy was drained from your body. “No just let me finish. He always told me and Tae that he regrets sleeping with her. He also said that he thinks she’s annoying. I’ve never told you this but he really regretted your breakup.”, his voice grew quieter as he spoke and you felt a slight pain creep up in your heart. “It doesn’t matter, not anymore. He couldn’t’ve regretted it that much because he never tried to fix anything between us and now he’s in a relationship with her so he probably doesn’t dislike her as much, does he?”, you let out a humorless laugh and bumped Jungkook slightly. 

“I’m getting over him, so let’s not mention him again alright.”, and he agreed.

As the day carried on you continued to feel down, but still looking forward to your evening with Jungkook, since it’s been a while since the two of you had hung out alone. 

Sana’s been on a constant high since Yoongi agreed to joining their night out and has been distracting you from finishing your essay as she hummed a random song, and that for the past thirty minutes. 

“Hey I don’t want to ruin your mood but it’s kinda hard to focus on this with you singing that stupid song.”, you huffed and she looked up from some kind of mind map she’s been sketching out on a piece of paper. “Sorry Y/N…”, she uttered and paused a little before speaking up again. “You know you can talk to me about it? I know you prefer telling Jungkook but I’ll comfort you too you know? I get that you don’t wanna tell Mina because she’s gonna go full mum-mode again but my point is… I’m here if you need me.”, she sighed and looked at you pleadingly. 

“Honestly, it’s fine. I’m grateful that you care, but there’s nothing to worry about, of course I’m not feeling too great about it but I’ll just suck it up and get over it, that’s what I should’ve done a long ass time ago, and now I feel ready to do exactly that.”, you said and smiled. She seemed happy with your answer and her mood was back to normal. “Ah Y/N, I’m so proud of you! That’s how your mindset should’ve been from the start… or should I say the end?”, she giggled at her own joke and then pointed to your laptop, “You better finish that before Kookie comes here and I’m gonna get dressed for the party. I’m so excited, you don’t even know how long i’ve waited to go out again and Yoongi agreed to come along and I just have a good feeling about tonight, you’ll see!”, she brabbled while leaving the room.

As the evening came around, Mina, Sana and you sat in the living room, you waiting for Jungkook and them waiting for the guys to arrive. Apparently even Namjoon agreed to come with them, neglecting his studying for the night but to be honest he could easily nail the degree at this point. Sana was once again trying to get Mina to talk to Taehyung about her obvious crush on him but she refused like all the other times you’d asked.

When the knock on the door finally came, Sana jumped up and yanked the door open. “Heyy boys!”, she cheered and as she spotted Yoongi, a high pitched squeak escaped her throat. “You look so good baby! I’m so happy!”, she jumped at him and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I can see that”; he muttered but his tone was affectionate. Their little moment ended as Mina pleaded for them to “move their asses and finally leave”. You waved at them and then looked up at Jungkook who was the only remaining boy outside your door. “Come in, I think I’m starving, you guys took long enough!”

He chuckled and threw his jacket over a kitchen stool. “Sorry princess but we took longer because we had to convince Tae that it’s slightly inappropriate to wear all Gucci to a house party.”, and you just had to giggle at that, invisioning an image of Taehyung with all of his Gucci jackets in your head. 

“You order”, you said as you scrolled through your phone, Jungkook just nodded and searched the number of the pizza place online. When he was done you were happy that the pizza was on it’s way but also frustrated that you still had to wait about twenty minutes. “You want something to drink?”, you asked him as you walked over to your kitchen counter. “You have some rum and coke?”, he asked and you came back with a extra large bottle of coke and a full bottle of rum. “Yes sir!”

The pizza finally arrived and you basically ran to the door, quickly payed the delivery guy and skipped back to the couch, where you and Jungkook had been sitting, drinking alcohol, and happily opened the large carton. You let out a satisfied groan as the delicious smell hit your nose, quickly took out a piece and took a huge bite out of it just to groan once again. “This is so good!”, you uttered as Jungkook finally started eating as well. “Yeah I know this pizza place is the best”, he said while heavily chewing down on his piece. “Thanks for coming over Kookie, it means a lot.” He just smiled while watching the TV, “Always.”

Later that night, both of you had drunken a generous amount of rum and coke, maybe some beer too and you were feeling the emotions coming up. It didn’t help that you had ‘The Arctic Monkeys’ playing in the background. “I know how they feel.”, you slurred as you sat, leaning onto Jungkooks shoulder as he had his eyes closed. “What d'ya mean?”, he muttered and cracked on eye open. “You know, they sing about this whole crawling back to someone thing? I do that too. I’ve done that with Jimin six months straight. They’re like ‘maybe I’m to busy being yours to fall for somebody new’, but I’m not even his. Well if he asked me to be, I would. But he wouldn’t ever ask. I’m such a mess.”, you sighed and tried to swallow the lump that has built inside your throat. “You’re a perfect mess though…”, Jungkook said and pulled you into his embrace. “No, this isn’t perfect at all, it’s just a huge pile of shit. I’d probably beg for him, on my knees to just love me back already, but I’m not even sure if he’s capable of love. Anyway, you shouldn’t have to listen to this.”, you tried to calm down again. “I’m so beyond mad at Jimin for doing this to you. He’s just an asshole, I’m his friend but I’m so done with him really.”, you could feel his muscles tensing up and hugged him tightly. “You shouldn’t worry about this, it’s basically over and I’m ready to move past him.”, you concluded and he seemed somewhat satisfied with your answer.

A comfortable silence settled between you two and you just sat and enjoyed each other’s company. You tilted you head up slightly to look at him, and maybe it was the alcohol in your blood or the fact that he just looked extremely good with his hair slightly ruffled and his lips shining from when he licked off the beer he just drank, but suddenly you felt the desire to kiss him. He noticed you staring at him and looked at you with questioning eyes, but eventually started leaning down to you.

Before he met your lips and he stopped and whispered, “Do you really want to do this?”. And all you could reply was, “What if that’s exactly what I wanna do right now?”, and with that you pressed your lips to his.

Distractions pt 3

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6  || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt.9 || Pt. 10 || Pt. 11 || Pt. 12 || Pt. 13

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Not really angst or fluff…I don’t really know

Summary: It was weird seeing him again. It was even weird knowing you’d be working with him, but you kinda had a feeling like it was going to be okay.

Word Count: 1721

Warning: like one use of the f-word…does this really require a warning?

Originally posted by bangtoori

“You wanted to see me?” 

“Ah, Yoongi. Yes, please take a seat.” Yoongi gladly accepted Bang PD’s offer and took a seat in front of his desk, “I wanted to talk to you about something. You see, I owe a friend a favor.”

Psh ‘favor’, Yoongi thought, Bang PD must’ve lost another bet again. He really should stop betting while he’s drunk.

“He needs help with something, and I think you’d be able to provide help.”

“What kind of help?”

“Well, you mentioned how wanted to try to produce for other artists. Since promotions are finished, and Bangtan isn’t working on another album yet, I thought I could give you an opportunity to help produce a song for another group.”

“Group? As in another idol group? Who…”

“You know 2S? The group under Music Box Entertainment?” Of course Yoongi knew, “They need help with a title track, and I offered to allow one of my producers to go do some sort of collaboration. So, how about it?”

Yoongi took in what Bang PD had to say. It was true, BTS wasn’t working on new music yet and he did want to try to produce for another artist. But he didn’t know how to feel about seeing…you. He knew this was a good opportunity to expand his credentials and gain more experience, but was it worth opening up a wound from years ago? 

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in which he realizes he wants to make you his


Originally posted by the8ght

  • so 
  • Wonwoo is usually quite af and keeps to himself,, like his classmates probably wouldn’t realized he was there if it wasn’t for the fact that his best friend was a loud mouthed Mingyu, and the fact that Wonwoo is fine af 
  • but he always has his face on a book or writing down lyrics for a rap/song so people don’t really talk to him
  • tbh he hates everyone except his close friends 
  • like he wasn’t looking to make any friends or have a romantic relationship 
  • but then you happened 
  • you accidently crashed into him when he was walking with his little group that consisted of Mingyu, Vernon, and Seungcheol 
  • so anyways 
  • he wasn’t watching where he was going,, tbh he was used to people moving out of his way 
  • but you didn’t and ended up colliding with him and stumbled on to the floor 
  • you had a book in your hand and it went flying 
  • and you looked horrified ,, because a b just lost her damn page number!!!
  • “DAMMIT. YOU lOsT mY pAge!!!” you huffed, swiping the book angrily from the floor
  • Wonwoo was kind of shook, cause no one had ever yelled at him. he tried helping you up but you ignored his hand ,, yikes 
  • “if i wasn’t in a hurry, i’d probably tell you to meet me at the parking lot at 6” you said, getting up
  • and then you kind of shimmied out of there leaving four confused boys in the dust trying to process what had happened in silence until - 
  • “damn, she was hot.” 
  • “don’t, Mingyu.”
  • “don’t what?”
  • “don’t talk about my future wife like that.”
  • cue wtf faces from Vernon and Seungcheol and an amused one by Mingyu 
  • “my bad, bro.”
  • after that Wonwoo is like a puppy ,,, a very awkward puppy
  • he finds out that you’re in one of his classes and he sits next to you every chance he gets 
  • you kind of ignored him but at some point you needed help with some notes and he was eager to help so you’re like fuck it 
  • turns out he’s kind of funny,, a lame funny, but he makes you laugh 
  • you start to actually like the kid, low-key 
  • you’re actually the one that confesses first 
  • “Wonwoo, you’re actually kind of ok”
  • “does that mean you’re in love with me?”
  • “yeah, i guess so”
  • that’s literally how you guys start dating 
  • you’re actually a really cute couple 
  • Wonwoo is always at your dorm, since your roommate literally is never at your shared room and you guys cuddle until you fall sleep
  • it’s very cute !!!
  • he’s kisses are always the best 
  • and he’s always spoiling you : , ) 
  • “can i have my morning kiss now?”
  • “sure, Wonwoo”
  • “can i have my noon kiss now?”
  • “sure, Wonwoo” 
  • “can i have my afternoon kiss now?”
  • “sure, Wonwoo” 
  • “can i have my night kiss now?”
  • “sure, Wonwoo”
  • “can i have my goodnight kiss now?”
  • “sure, Wonwoo” 
  • “can i have my midlife crisis kiss now?”
  • “sure, y/n”
  • ya’ll are just goals 
  • and he’s so happy he can call you his 
  • so cute
Bonehead Babysitting [Marauders Era]

[Requested] Y/N’s off to serve detention, and who better to put in charge of her young Jack Russel Terrier than the Marauders?
♥ A/N ♥
I hope you enjoy this, darling! It makes me extremely happy to hear that you love my writing, so thank you very much! If you’d like a sequel, then all you have to do is ask, doll :D Have a lovely day! xx
Swearing, Fluff

Originally posted by glassbonespaperskin

It was the weekend at Hogwarts, and in the aftermath of taking their N.E.W.T.S., the entire grade of seventh-years was drained. If it were up to Y/N L/N, she’d be in bed cuddling her dog Marley and dreaming of her graduation from Hogwarts, but unfortunately for her, she’d received detention. It was that damned Filch’s fault for letting Ms. Norris anywhere near her six-week-old pup, and if it wasn’t for Snape catching her in the act of hexing the absolute shite out of the damned cat, she wouldn’t be in this situation.  

Regardless, Y/N needed someone to care for her poor dog and provide it attention while she went off to serve detention with McGonagall. The only people that came to mind were the Marauders.

“Sirius Orion Black, get your arse down here!” Y/N called up the stairs of the boys’ dorm. She had Marley in a bundle in her arms and was rocking her gently to avoid her wriggling her way out of the cloth. “Bring your mates with you, while you’re at it!” Y/N couldn’t trust Sirius alone to give her precious puppy all the nutrients and attention she required. Remus was necessary for supervision, and James was the lesser of two evils when it came to the troublesome duo of pranksters.

Marley whimpered, as though acknowledging the lack of present playmates and the inevitable absence of her parental figure, and Y/N gave a pout. She softly brushed through Marley’s purely-white fur coat, cooing at the repeated cries coming from the restless puppy.

Sirius came sauntering down the staircase, torso barren and face bearing a cocky grin. “Aw, Y/N. What do I owe the pleasure?” He leaned up against the wall, arms crossed as though he assumed himself to be cool.

Y/N extended the bundle towards him, Sirius raising an eyebrow in the process. “I need you to take care of Marley for me.”

“Marley?” Sirius asked. It occurred to her in that moment that she never brought her puppy around Sirius, always depending on Lily, Alice, and Marlene as caretakers in her absence.

Y/N bit her lip. “My puppy.” She lifted up the cloth to reveal Marley’s tired form, tongue lapping her jaw in a yawn. Sirius’s face grew laughably ill, as though imagining the amounts of shite the young critter could produce in a short amount of time.


“I need to get to detention,” Y/N said. She pushed Marley into Sirius’s crossed arms, ignoring the surprised look on his face when he nearly dropped her. “I really, really need to get to detention. Don’t forget to feed her, okay? She also needs water!” Y/N was running out of the Gryffindor common-room’s door before Sirius could interrogate her.

“Bloody hell,” the bloke growled. He started the trek upstairs, wishing nothing more than to let the puppy run its course of mayhem through the common-room just in defiance at Y/N’s deposal.

Remus and Peter were playing a game of chess, for who the latter was losing horribly, when the door suddenly slammed open. Their jaws fell agape when they glanced over to see Sirius brandishing a fucking dog.

James, spectating the game from the bed, grinned wickedly. “You got yourself a playmate, Padfoot!” he jested, earning a sneer from Sirius in response.

“Y/N left her dog in our care!” Sirius said dramatically. He dropped the puppy to the floor, and it instantly jumped under Peter’s bed. It was an excitable little thing, but also seemed wary of the four boys. Were all dogs so hostile to strangers? “I don’t have a damn clue on how to take care of a dog—and don’t even try with the dog puns, Prongs.”

The bespectacled boy instantly snapped his jaw closed, looking down dejectedly. Remus paid the two’s bickering no mind and instead leaned around to get a view of the little puppy underneath Peter’s bed. It was white, brown, and black all over, but was primarily coated in the color white. She was a cute little thing, and the animal-loving part of Remus really wanted to retrieve the puppy to play with it. He turned to look at Sirius. “What’s her name?” asked Remus.

Sirius looked contemplative and hesitant for a moment before his face came alight. “Marley!”

The dog, as though hearing her name and registering it as a call-forth, ran out from beneath the bed and started barking. She nipped hard at one of Peter’s pudgy fingers, which automatically led to a loud yelp coming from the boy. James lifted his feet high in the air to avoid any nips himself, and Remus scrambled from the ground, already feeling the puppy’s eagerness for biting anything and anyone.

“Marley, huh?” James mused, giving the puppy a side-eye before throwing her a thumbs-up. “Sounds about right!” Marley barked in silent thanks for his approval.

The puppy, after another bite at Peter’s aching fingers, began to cycle around the room, sniffing and chewing anything that seemed mildly interesting. There was a sock of Sirius’s lying at the foot of his bed, and when Marley came close, she was curious. This curiosity led to her sniffing and sniffing at the sock until her head was nearly stuffed inside the cotton sock.

Remus’s lip involuntarily puffed out in disgust. “Merlin…”

Marley stopped sniffing the sock and jumped around to stare at Remus. She gave a bark, one that Remus didn’t understand—even if he was meant to have some sort of animal telepathy. He held out a hand with a hesitant look on his face, and looking rather excited and strangely-warm for a puppy, she jumped at his hand without a second thought. Remus laughed when her tongue started to lap and lick at his forearm, occasionally biting when curious for anatomical research.

“I thought she was shy,” Sirius said with a smirk, “but then again, everyone that comes in this room never leaves the same way.”

Remus rolled his eyes but continued to smile delicately at the pup. “She’s a six-week-old puppy, you twat,” he said, giving the marauding buffoon a repulsed look. He then proceeded to give Sirius a critical overlook, looking none-too-enthused by the boy’s grin. “Merlin, I don’t know why I even try.”

Sirius shrugged. “Have to find my amusement somehow,” he said, plopping down on his own bed. He was still shirtless, but the other boys paid no attention to his arrogant stretch-and-yawn maneuver. “Y/N said she had detention, and apparently thought I’d bring the puppy straight to Moony.”

That was expected, considering Sirius’s notorious record of inattentiveness and awry behavior. “I mean,” Remus said as he scratched behind Marley’s left ear, “I can take care of her, if you all have something better to do.” There was a hint of annoyance in his tone, but it was well-hidden from the rest of the Marauders.

“Nah,” replied Sirius. “If Y/N wants me to play around with her dog and feed her, I’ll do it, but Merlin—I’m not going to be nice if it shits and pisses all over the room.”

Marley barked from Remus’s lap. Remus released her from his hands and the four boys, James and Peter included, watched as Marley went right to one of James’s old t-shirts, sniffed at it, and pissed directly overtop it.

“Oi!” James shouted angrily at the puppy. She cowered away, but didn’t seem very ashamed for staining his shirt. “I liked that shirt, you damned dog—”

“She’s a puppy,” Remus said, as though that were the logical answer to everything. To him, it probably was—a sodding animal-empathetic werewolf, he was.

“Here’s a solution,” Sirius said, ever-so-dramatic and ever-so-loud. “How ‘bout we transform into our animagi?”

“And leave Moony to supervise?” asked James, giving a mock-pout. He was still glaring at the dog, but had enough decency to keep himself from cussing at it. He took out his wand and quickly murmured a cleaning spell to vanish the pee stain. “You can transform, but I’m taking a nap.

Peter was quick to agree with James, and considering that Remus was a werewolf rather than an unregistered Animagus, Sirius was left to be the only one capable of doing it. Ironically, he was also the one who began as the angriest at being left with a dog to care for. He did enjoy animals, but still—he was a lazy son of a bitch.

Sirius concentrated hard on the mental image of his Animagus, and in an instant, he was on all fours and had the outward appearance of a big, black dog with a lapping tongue and a wagging tail. He barked at Marley, and gave a lopsided, saliva-induced grin when the puppy turned to look at him. Marley came trotting over, looking at Sirius hesitantly, but with a quick sniff at his left leg, the puppy’s tail was wagging hard and fast, and she began to jump around his legs. Her tongue lapped at him, and with pressured hops, she could lick at his torso at certain points.

Marley barked at Sirius and licked at his paw. With a quick flourish, Sirius lifted it and playfully swiped at Marley. The energetic puppy leaped out of the way, a panicked yelp escaping her, but she was unaffected mentally; with a determined snort, Marley was charging forward. Sirius growled when Marley’s canines latched onto his leg.

Gerroff, Sirius thought angrily, wishing he had the ability to connect with the puppy when in Animagus form. However, he could only bark, growl, and bite—and maybe that was enough to have the damned dog learn its place.

Marley released his leg and immediately starting licking at the wound. Sirius was confused, wondering what the hell the dog was playing at, but he couldn’t deny that he thought it was adorable. The puppy yipped in excitement when Sirius licked her back.

Maybe she isn’t so bad after all, thought Sirius, but that was only when she wasn’t ripping apart his clothes or peeing around his bed. For the next two hours, he had to play mother-hen. Remus would watch in amused silence while James and Peter repeatedly moaned for them to shut the fuck up. Whatever—they were a tough fucking crowd to work with.

And after the playing and cleaning and eating was over and done with, and Marley was back to her rightful owner, Sirius just had to ask if he could have her. He was open to stealing, and so were the other Marauders.

Marley liked him better, anyways.

Tell It To The Barista

In which Riskua starts working at a coffee shop

A little ficlet for @tsume-yuki​ for her fic Tell it to the Marines. Because the coffee shop AU didn’t yet exist and I love TITTM so much.

A peaceful little job, Mama had suggested after they moved to this town from Melring. Riskua needs to get out more, apparently.

Riskua is fairly certain that this hadn’t been what she meant. Actually, knowing her mother, it might have been exactly what she was talking about.

Whoever thought coffee shops were peaceful needed a reality check. It’s Riskua’s second day. The store manager just quit and walked off, and with her three of the employees. Which leaves just her and Law, a guy who’s working here surprisingly not to pay for his classes - he’s some sort of genius and has a full scholarship, also his father is apparently kind of over the top when it comes to giving him money - but because he genuinely loves coffee. And another reason, but Riskua doesn’t yet know what it is.

It’s the morning. This is the only coffee shop near the university campus. And there’s only Riskua and Law manning the shop.

Law gives her a look akin to one a general might give his troops just before heading into battle.  “At least we’ll be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, Ris-ya,” he says.

She gives him a lopsided grin and twirls her pen before clutching it like a dagger. “My father always says to beat them off with a stick. It never made sense until now.”

Law gives her a mildly exasperated look, and then there’s no time to speak anymore. The masses have arrived. It is time for battle.

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Saudade - Chris Schistad

Originally posted by alvrmorata

Hii guys, just something that came to mind and I decided to write. English is not my first language, so, I’m really sorry for any mistakes. I hope you enjoy it ;)

Summary: (Y/N) is exchange student, having a bad day missing home, so her best friend suprises her.

Warnings: Possibly grammar errors

FREDAG 14:30

The bell had finally rung.

And the day was finally over, and before anyone could stop her for a small talk at the hallways, she was already at the bus stop, taking the first bus to her little apartment not too far from there.  

(Y/N) was having an awful day, and it wasn’t because the day didn’t go as planned, everything went perfectly fine, school was fine and her grades were good; it was just the feeling deep in her heart she usually felt a few times during the year, the feeling she couldn’t put into words because in this new language, it didn’t exist.

She enjoyed being an exchange student, she felt lucky and blessed to have this opportunity. Being independent and living alone, exploring a new culture was exciting, having new friends, and she enjoyed as much as she could, but she couldn’t help missing her country, the tropical weather, the food and her family.

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cloeslut: Broken Pony, Puppy, And Milk Cow... PERFECT Slave

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the final part for poor Chloe. I’d like to thank the requester for giving me the idea of what she was seeking. I hope you all enjoy this, and PLEASE, let me know if you wish to have a story of your own.


chloeslut pulled her Master’s cart, like the obedient animal she had finally become. While her initial acceptance of her situation had occurred shortly after her piercings, she had still not fully embraced what she had become.

Indeed, she had, in fact, gone through her very own five stages of grief. In her case, mourning the loss of the life and existence she had previously known. He had fully expected this, of course, and he had used this knowledge to both further her training and breaking, and judge her progress.

Denial had been first, and she’d tried to fight and resist, during her initial capture, and then sporadically the first week. These failed efforts were always accompanied with anger, at him, at the situation, but mostly at herself. He took advantage of that, and always made it a point of reminding her that it was her own actions that had brought her to his attention.

She’d tried denying this and would shake her head in an effort to refuse to accept her new destiny and situation.

The repeated beatings served to drive home her reality.

Just as her forced sexual service reminded her daily of her true purpose.

Since she was never allowed to speak, and anytime she’d tried she’d been punished, severely, he was spared the “bargaining” step. He’d long ago gotten bored with the same tired lines repeated over and over again by the countless slaves he’d captured, broken, trained, and sold. There was nothing new she could say to him, so he didn’t bother giving her the chance.

This denial of even the ability to speak, and her forced piercings, had helped to protel her headlong into the fourth stage, depression.

chloeslut had been more or less obedient but sullen. Simply going through the motions of any training he used. She resisted when tortured, she wasn’t that capable of disconnection, but other than that she seemed completely out of touch with reality.

He worked hard to put her in the moment, using pain, and/or severe stimulation, usually of her newly pierced clit and soaking wet cunt to keep her from escaping into herself. At the same time, using severe bondage to never let her ignore the truth of her situation: she was here to be used.

 It was obvious to him, early on, that she’d still been holding out some hope that she might be rescued; might still be able to beat the odds and regain her freedom. She seemed to cling to this hope with a desperation he’d not seen for a long time. She was always looking to the door of the dungeon, or looking around anxiously anytime he took her outdoors to train her.

He always chuckled at the new level of defeat she suffered when she found herself, at the end of a training session, once again back in the dungeon, bound as she had been the day before, and the day before that.

He used that to push her further and further into her slavery, and over the last six months had made sure that the possibility of “rescue” had been completely erased from her mind.

Of course, that was not the only thing that he had erased.

He’d erased every aspect of her former personality and the person that she was. For him breaking a slave was an art to be savored, and it was to be done as thoroughly as possible.

The result was awe-inspiring. Five months ago, four months ago, even two months ago, if she had somehow, remarkably, regained her freedom. There was still a chance that she could have regained something that resembled a normal life. She would’ve, of course, required years of therapy, and psychological help, but it would have been possible.

Now, she could never be free again. The simple reason was that she no longer knew how to be free.

Freedom was for persons, for human beings, individuals that possess their own sense of self-worth, and individuality. For the slave formerly known as Chloe, all those things had been stripped away and eradicated from her psychological makeup.

Whether it had been through repeated forced orgasms, and then the punishment for orgasms that she had no permission for. Or being held, just at the edge of orgasm four minutes, sometimes hours, denied that release, crushing her psychological resistance, or even the vicious infliction of pain, and degradation.

These tools, and others, had been used by her owner to completely subjugate chloeslut to his will. To take away all concepts of “person”, “woman”, “human”, and “me” or “I”.

She had accepted her classification as an “it”.

Servitude had become her lot, disobedience, an impossible contemplation. Now she embraced her servitude as if that was all she had ever known.

Indeed, in many ways, it was.

Her pony training, was a perfect example of this. When she had first been strapped into her harness, and the bit and bridal wrapped around her head, she had balked at the realization of what he inteded. She mentally jerked away from the very idea of being nothing more than an animal.

He had dealt with that resistance quite simply. He had strapped electrified vibrators into both her cunt and ass, both coated in a Habanero Pepper paste. This same paste was liberally applied to her pierced clit as well.

The pain, as expected, did its job, and made it feel like her asshole, cunt, and clit were literally being burned from her body. She had never imagined such pain in her entire life.

Added to that, the occasional electric shocks from the dildos, made the pain even more pronounced, and she had literally no place to escape to.

 During all this, he continued to use the buggy whip, forcing chloeslut’s struggling, straining, and suffering form to continue always moving forward, pulling the cart, just like the trained animal he sought her to be.

After that session, it was a very contrite, and desperate to please a slave girl that was strapped to the buggy the next time.

Every attempt at resistance, whatever form it took, always met the same kind of fate.

Whether she tried to hesitate as she pulled a cart, or the first time she tried to struggle as she was strapped into her puppy suit, or the first time her Master attached her swollen breasts to the milk machine. Whatever the situation, she was always taught that even the slightest hesitation, the slightest resistance, even the perception of refusal was met with horrific brutal punishment.

And so, faced with that overwhelming level of domination, where any resistance, or even the perception of it, was met with savage pain, and brutal torture ensuring she bent to the will of the person training her, a will that proved to be unbending and unyielding in its demands of perfect instant obedience, and complete and utter submission, it was no shocked at all that Chloe surrendered, accepted, and then abandoned all sense of herself in order to survive.

What now pulled the pony cart, was what was left. A biological masturbation and amusement tool.

Three fuck holes, two tits to milk or punish, and flesh for torture, and modification.

A simple slave, called, chloeslut. An animal so low, it’s name didn’t even deserve capitalization.


As her training continued, seemingly unending, chloeslut had become exactly what she was intended to be from the moment her Master first kidnapped her.

Her days were spent either pulling her Master’s cart, perfecting her pony training, or, locked in a puppy suit, arms, and legs folded up, forcing her to walk on her knees and elbows, and perform tricks for his amusement.

Sometimes, when he was feeling kind, her face was left uncovered, most times, however, it was completely encased in a leather hood, rendering her blind and deaf. During these times her Master oftentimes would play, “remote-control puppy”.

In this case, she would have electrified dildos in her cunt and ass, electrified clamps on her nipples and clit.

The lessons and directions were very simple.

A shock on her left nipple meant to go right.

A shock on her right nipple meant to go right.

A shock in her cunt was for forward, and in her ass for backward.

Shocks to her clit were administered if she hesitated, made a mistake, or simply for amusement.

As with her pony training, the repeated training in the puppy suit had, slowly, bypassed her conscious mind completely. Now, after months, and months of this training, she didn’t even need to think about her directions anymore.

She might as well have been a true remote-control animal for all the level of conscious thought she was capable of. She obeyed without thought or hesitation. More than once, for his own amusement, her Master had walked her right into a wall, just to see if she would follow her signals and continue to do it if so directed.

In every case, she had done exactly that.

Mindlessly, automatically, and obediently…almost, desperately so.

She had so fully embraced her role as an animal in fact, when put outside, chained by her collar, she sat obediently on all fours, without her suit, waiting like the obedient pet she was.

As hard as the training was, during the day, her evenings were not, in any way, a time of relaxation. In fact, when a stray thought did, occasionally, enter her mind, she missed the days when she would simply be chained to the wall, and left to sleep on an old, dirty mattress.

To her modified mind, those were the good old days.

Now, her nights were spent strapped into the milking machine, her tits, after multiple hormone injections, stimulations, and training, had begun to produce milk.

Each night, Master would strap her into the machine, watching her silent and broken acceptance even as she displayed the fear of the pain that was about to come as she was, unforgivingly, milked by the machines. He smiled often when he saw that there was no longer a look of humiliation on her face when he did this. She was so broken at this point, it was impossible to muster the self-worth that was required in order to feel humiliation.

Humiliation was felt by persons, she was an animal, a slave, and for her, whatever was done to her was exactly what she deserved.

Which was why she would so willingly open her mouth to accept the ring gag. He liked to use her wet mouth to service his cock as she was painfully milked. The gag wasn’t necessary, of course, as she was long past the point of trying to bite. However he used it because it was a reminder that he was taking what he wanted, she was never in a place to give anything, because she was nothing, and had, nothing.

A reality she had embraced completely because, as with the rest of her situation, he Master left her no other possible alternative.

She was now producing more than a liter of milk a night. That production came at the cost of very sore nipples that she had to deal with the next day. More than once, her Master had sadistically taken advantage of that and brutally tortured her nipples, usually with electricity, as a means of furthering her complete and utter subjugation.


Her Master thought on all of this, as he sat in the buggy with a proud smile on his face, watching the gorgeous, churning ass before him. He reveled in the control he had, and watched, amused, as the shit fell out of her body, through the hollow butt plug she was forced to wear. She didn’t even register it anymore. She was an animal, and of course, an animal shit where it was.

He had, more than once, admired how obediently she would now stand, her tail plug already installed, only the most basic bindings to hold her, as she waited for her bit, bridle, and other pony fittings. It was these moments, when she would unresistingly accept her tack, where she truly displayed how broken she had become.

He did notice she still shifted, uncomfortably, when the flies would crawl around, and even into her, using the opening of the hollow butt plug to access the soft sensitive flesh inside. But the shifting was all she did, just as one would expect from a horse, but even this discomfort was accepted with the complete obedience, total silence, and utter submission of the true slave that she had become; that he had created.

He regretted the fact that it would be time to sell her very soon. He had enjoyed her thoroughly. She had been one of the most responsive, and difficult slaves he had ever trained while at the same time being one of the most enjoyable.

Her early, temporary surrenders followed by a pathetic attempt to muster some form of resistance had been a delight that he had not experienced in years.

However, business was business, and her trifecta classification as both a trained pony, trained puppy, and a milk cow, would bring him mid six figures easily.

That thought brought another large smile to his face, and he “celebrated” by snapping the whip quickly twice across her ass, and then once over her shoulder.

That shot was rewarded with a severe squeal as of the tip of the whip met one of her tender nipples.

“Get a move on cunt,” he said in clear delight, “we have a long night ahead of us, and I’m going to need to put together your final sale information to find your new Master.”

The pony registered the words with seeming indifference, as she mindlessly followed the guidance of her reins.

However, deep inside her mind, past the training, past the degradation, pass the humiliation, and virtual, “reprogramming” that she had gone through. Past the whippings, the beatings, the electricity and the rapes, Chloe was still there. A small, insignificant, and, ultimately, flickering piece of who she was, still existed.

That part of her cried out in strangled, silent anguish and pain at the thought of her, of its final future.

That knowledge, of what was to come, and, more importantly, that there was no hope of altering her future or destiny in even the smallest way, served to all but snuff out this final ember and ensure the young, beautiful, intelligent, conniving woman, person, human being, and free person known as Chloe was, for ever more, nothing more than the chloeslut,

The absolute slave.

Rejected Mates Part 3 - Derek Hale x Reader

As always, thanks to @julieanncupcake!

Pairing: Derek Hale x Female Reader

Derek Hale Masterlist

Rejected Mates Masterlist

(Y/n) smiled when Otto came charging towards her, bending down to stroke his thick fur. Over the past couple of months, she’d become very fond of the alsatian, a grin always gracing her face when she saw him. Moments after she stood up, two strong arms wrapped around her from behind. Leaning back into Derek’s arms, she shook her head while snickering softly.

“It’s only been three days since we saw each other” He ignored her as he nuzzled into her neck, no doubt covering her in his scent. When he was finished, he turned her in his arms, capturing her lips in a desperate kiss. They were both breathless when he pulled away, a blush dusting (y/n)’s cheeks as she looked around the park to see if anyone had seen their very public display of affection.

“Three days is too long” Her laugh caught in her throat when she saw the pout he was adorning.

“Derek-“ He growled lightly when he heard the amusement in her voice, cursing the mate bond for being stronger for wolves.

“It’s too long. I need to be close to you,” Derek wrapped his arms tightly around her waist, pulling her closer. “I have to know that you’re safe”

His wolf whined when she rolled her eyes, he knew she didn’t understand but the thought of leaving her unprotected sent his mind into a frenzy. “I don’t need protecting”

“I know, but I-I just-I can’t focus when we’re apart,” (Y/n) hushed him, tracing her thumbs across his strong cheekbones. Derek squeezed his eyes shut, trying to arrange his thoughts. “M’sorry, I just need to know that you’re safe and provided for”

“Provided for?” He cringed, despite the months they’d been together, he’d been reluctant to explain everything about the mate bond, not wanting to scare her away.

“It’s-uh-things like if you’re warm, have food, if you’re happy,” Her brows furrowed as she titled her head adorably, Derek braced himself for the embarrassment to come. “According to Deaton, it’s to do with mating”

“Like having kids?” A blush flamed his cheeks as he nodded his head. “You’re thinking about that already?”

“No! Yes-maybe-I don’t know. It’s just an instinct I can’t control yet”

“The instinct to mate?” Her eyes sparkled with amusement as she watched the usually confident man in front of her squirm.

“The instinct to provide for you” She smiled widely, taking his hand in hers.

“Well, you can start by getting coffee with me”

It wasn’t long until they’d moved in together, there was only so much of Derek’s puppy eyes that (y/n) could take before she caved.  Their apartment was modest but far cosier than the loft. She smiled as she set down her book and admired their home. A couple of minutes later Derek walked through the front door, his arms full of bags of shopping. Rushing to his side, she helped him set them on the counter. He pressed a kiss to her cheek before greeting Otto. As she started to empty the bags, her heart fluttered when she saw several bars of her favourite chocolate. Derek smiled when he heard her reaction.

“There’s more” Her eyes widened with excitement as she turned to him. “Close your eyes and hold out your hands”

Doing as he asked, (y/n) waited impatiently for whatever he’d bought. She giggled when she felt something being placed in her hands.

“Open your eyes” Derek’s voice was quiet, shy almost. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw her favourite cupcake from a bakery near where she grew up cupped in her hands. They always used to talk about the bakery, going there on numerous dates when they were younger. Whenever it was one of their birthdays or a special occasion, they would always buy each other cakes from the bakery.

“What’s the occasion?” A blush spread up Derek’s cheeks as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“It’s stupid-“ He stopped when she smiled at him with bright curious eyes. “It’s our six month anniversary today, I was in the neighbourhood and I drove past the bakery”

(Y/n) knew he was lying, it was on the other side of town which was miles away from the supermarket they used. But she didn’t say anything, instead, focusing on the warmth spreading through her chest. Pressing on the tips of her toes, she kissed his cheek, giggling when his stubble tickled her lips.

“Thank you, I’m sorry that I forgot” He shook his head while mumbling that it was okay. Gently, he brushed her hair behind her ear before hooking his hand under her chin and connecting their lips. (Y/n) fumbled to set down the cupcake before trailing her hands up his broad chest. Her palm rested above his heart, the rising beat causing a tingle to run down her spine.

“I love you” His words were mumbled against her lips, causing her to hum contently.

“I love you too” A wide grin spread across his face as he rested their foreheads together. (Y/n) watched as his gaze flickered to the cupcake, rolling her eyes, she pecked his lips before pulling away.

“You can have half”

(Y/n) rushed around the kitchen as she tried to get everything ready, the decorations were up, thanks to Lydia, but she still had to get the food ready before twenty hungry children arrived at her son’s birthday party.

“Sweetheart, have you seen the tablecloth? You know the one with the dinosaurs on it?” (Y/n)’s words caught in her throat as she took in her husband’s appearance, he’d opted for a deep red t-shirt that hugged his muscles and faded black jeans. She swore he was trying to kill her. “(Y/n/n)?”

“Yeah-uh-it should be in one of these cupboards, try the one next to the sink” Shaking her head, she tried to focus on the cake in front of her. She’d decided that instead of buying Jake a cake from the bakery, she wanted to try her hand at making one. It was slightly lopsided and burnt around the edges but that didn’t stop a swell of pride growing in her chest.

“Thanks, sweetness” He pressed a kiss to her cheek before resting his chin on her shoulder. “It looks great”

Relaxing back against his chest, she smiled when his free hand moved to protectively caress her barely-there bump. They couldn’t wait to tell Jake that he had a sibling on the way, the three-year-old always talked about wanting a little brother but Derek was certain it was a girl.

“You think so? It doesn’t look anything like the picture” Nuzzling into her neck, he chuckled softly.

“It looks perfect. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a very bossy little boy demanding that he has a dinosaur tablecloth” A happy laugh bubbled in her chest.

“How’s Lydia taking it?” Derek smirked at his wife, admiring her beauty in the soft morning light.

“Not well, apparently it clashes with her colour scheme”

“Of course” They shared a loving smile before Derek rushed out of the kitchen to meet his son’s wishes. (Y/n)’s heart warmed as she listened to the pack bicker over whose turn it was to play with their son. She knew he would be one of the most spoilt children to ever have lived. As she iced the cake, she felt truly at home and at peace surrounded by her pack and her mate.

Her Boys

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Gratsulu

Rated: T

Summary: Writers block was never easy, and Lucy just couldn’t get over it. Natsu and Gray only wanted to see her smile again. 

Word count:1405

So I tried my hand at writing Gratsulu! Hope this is good!

(also didn’t really edit it so I’m sorry if there’s a bunch of mistakes lol)

Lucy hummed as she stared at the two boys in front of her in interest. They were being their typical selves; play fighting and calling each other names over nothing in particular. A look of tenderness graced her features, her heart filling with warmth. She really did love her boys.

Now if only she could love the notebook in front of her just as much.

She huffed angrily, scratching out the words she had written.

She hated them.

Shutting the book in anger, she started to feel herself become more and more frustrated. She was at a block, words never coming out right or not flowing properly. She rubbed her temples as she felt the anxiety start to creep into her body. The next chapter was due in two days, and that wasn’t nearly enough time.

“Yeah? Well why don’t you do something about it, popsicle princess?” Natsu suddenly growled, heads pushing against each other, Gray grabbing Natsu’s shirt while Natsu grabbed onto the arm latched on him.

Swallowing, Lucy felt her mouth go dry, darting her tongue out to lick her lips. She knew what was about to happen. And, while normally she would have no objections, they were in the middle of a park in broad daylight. With a heavy sigh, she threw her hair up into a ponytail, standing as she made her way over to the boys.

“Boys, why don’t you save it for later, ya?” she chastised, grabbing their shoulders and pulling them apart. “Time and place.”

“Sorry Luce, we got a bit carried away.” Natsu grinned, rubbing his head sheepishly as Gray just mumbled an apology, cheeks turning a light pink colour. Quirking an eyebrow at him, Lucy couldn’t help but be amused. It wasn’t like Gray to get so riled up out in public, he was usually pretty away of his surroundings, unlike Natsu.

Rolling her eyes, she grabbed her bag, pocketing her cursed notebook, before grabbing her boys hands, dragging them away from the park.

Whining, Natsu swung her arm around, much to her annoyance, “Luuuuucy, where are we going?”

Turning her head, Lucy glared at him, not in the mood to deal with his childlike behaviour. She didn’t usually mind-it was one of the things she loved about him. But right now she was frustrated and upset.

She felt the Gray give her other hand a light squeeze, giving him a thankful smile. They balanced each other out perfectly, better than being ‘two halves of a whole’. She loved their little trio.

Who ever said two’s a party three’s a crowd obviously never had a threesome.

Blushing slightly at her thoughts, she moved faster, gripping their hands tighter. “We’re going home Natsu. We’ve been out for five hours and I’m tired.”

“Tired huh?” Gray hummed, suddenly letting go of her hand and darting in front of her. He smirked before turning away from her and kneeling on the ground, arms stretched behind him. “Get on.” Lucy couldn’t help but giggle, shaking her head lightly before climbing onto his back, arms weaving around his neck and locking together.

“No fair!” Natsu shouting, pouting as he came up next to them. “I wanna be on Gray’s back too!”

“You were pretty much on his back all night last night Natsu,” Lucy quipped, tightening her grip with her legs around his waist. She heard Gray grunt slightly, but she ignored it. Grinning at Natsu’s lack of response, Lucy closed her eyes, her exhaustion hitting her like a brick. “My turn.” It was mumbled and incoherent, but Lucy didn’t care. Gray was comfy. Plus it was hot out and Gray’s temperature ran abnormally cool.

“Fine,” Natsu started again, bringing his hand to her arm, softly tracing patterns into in. “But I call middle of the bed tonight.”

Lucy felt Gray’s head turn to, presumably, glare at Natsu. “I’m not sleeping next to you all night flame brain.”

“You didn’t seem to mind last time.” Natsu taunted, and Lucy could practically feel the tension between them. Boys.

She distantly heard Gray respond, but her body was slowly consumed, Gray’s gentle footsteps lulling her into a deep sleep.



It wasn’t like the usual laughter she was surrounded by, it was gentle and sweet, something she didn’t hear very often.

It took her a moment to figure out where she was, but realized that her boys got her home and most likely in their bed. Lips turning upwards, she kept her eyes closed in case they notice she was waking up. She didn’t want them to stop, they didn’t show this side very much.

She heard Gray chuckle, the sound airy, as if he didn’t have full control of his lungs at the moment.

He probably didn’t.

“C’mon Gray, what’re we gonna do? She seemed really off.” Natsu spoke in a soft voice, obviously trying not to wake her.


“I don’t know Natsu,” Gray sighed, and she heard the ruffling of fabric, probably Gray taking off some piece of clothing. “She’s stressed out and that’s only making the writer’s block worse.”

There was a pause, and at that moment Lucy knew she should’ve opened her eyes sooner.

“I have an idea!” Natsu shouted, and before she could get up and stop them, the two were out the door. She looked at their bedroom doorway, terrified.

What were they going to do?


She was nervous.

Natsu and Gray had been gone for about an hour, and she had no idea where they were or what they were doing. But she was positive it wasn’t good.

The two of them together usually ended disastrously. Like the time Natsu thought it’d be a good idea to cook Lucy a birthday breakfast (he wasn’t allowed in the kitchen anymore), or the time Gray wanted to sculpt a statue of Natsu out of ice in their house.

Their bedroom was flooded for days.

She didn’t understand how they could lack so much common sense for being so smart.

Chewing on her fingernails, legs crossed and bouncing with nerves, she debated calling them to see where they were. But, admittedly, she was scared to find out what they were doing.  

Before she could reach for her phone, she heard the door open. Rushing downstairs, she collided with Natsu who was running to get her, excitement written across his face.

“Lucy!” Natsu shouted, picking her up and spinning her around before pecking her lips. “Guess what we did?”

She didn’t want to guess.

“Natsu, come help me you ass!” She heard Gray yell from outside.

“Opps,” Natsu winced, rushing to the door and throwing it open forcefully.

Too forcefully. Lucy wanted to shout at Natsu about wrecking their house, again, but then her eyes landed on Gray, standing in the doorway, face lit up in a grin that was only meant for them as he cradled something in his arms.

Her heart skipped, seeing white poke through a blanket, a low whine coming from it.

“Is that..?” She couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah.” Gray’s smile turned soft, walking over to her and placing the bundle in her arms. “We saw how much you were struggling and wanted to do something for you. And you’ve been saying how much you wanted a dog.”

Tears welling up in her eyes, Lucy softly placed her lips on his cheek in thanks, turning to look at Natsu, love filling her heart.

She had the best boys in the world.

“Thank you.” She whispered, cuddling the tiny white puppy.

“Anything for you Luce,” grinning, Natsu wrapped his arms around her from the back, Gray standing beside her, looking at the puppy as he looped his arm around them. “What’re you gonna name him?”

It took her two seconds, before deciding on the perfect name.

“Plue. His name is Plue.”

Gray quirked an eyebrow, amused at the name while Natsu looked almost scandalized.

“Plue? Really? What does that even mean?”

“At least it’s more original than ‘Happy’.” She teased, stroking the puppy’s head as he let out a small ‘woof’, tongue sticking out in joy.

She detached herself from their embrace, walking over to the living room and placing the puppy on a chair before going back to her two boys, drawing them into a hug.

“I love you both so much.”

They just tightened their hold on her, not needing to say what she already knew.

How did she ever get so lucky?

Man Stealer ~ Dallas Winston headcanons

Request: You should do a headcannon of being Dallas girl and Sylvia wants to get back with him but dally is happy with u

- You get low-key jealous at first because it only starts out as flirting
- She slowly escalates it
- By slow I mean instantly
- She threatens you in a way you wouldn’t expect
- “Dally wants a real woman thats up for the ride, you seem like the type of bitch to get car sick.”
- You were extremely confused
- Nothing she said made sense
- He was amused because you just looked so taken back
- Sylvia tried to start a fist fight
- But you have morles unlike her and refused to fight
- She got angry and said she wasn’t done with you
- You laughed watching her walk off
- Dally told you that you looked like a shaking puppy
- You playfully smacked his arm
- He playfully smacked you back
- Then he kissed you and said he doesn’t want her anymore
- He brings it up all the time just to bug you

The New World - Part 1

Hello, my lovelies!! This new fic is actually a continuation of The Bet. The idea stemmed from a few places including a conversation with my bae @srj1990 , a promise of drunk writing some smut for @kazosa  and a post I saw on Tumblr about how we never really get to see the life of these fanfic characters we come to love. Plan on continuing this one for a few parts. Hope you enjoy!

Daryl x Reader, Daryl x Maggie, Maggie X Reader

Warnings: Smut, language, some fluffy moments with Daddy Daryl

Word Count: 3987

Originally posted by wildling-heart

Daryl woke from the dream sweaty and nervous. He looked over at Y/N who was still sleeping soundly and sighed. Leaning back against the headboard, Daryl drew in a deep breath and reminded himself that it had been just a dream. The people he loved more than anything in the world were all safe and under one roof.

But it had felt so real.

Daryl leaned over to Y/N and brushed the hair away from her neck. Though her back was to him, he could see the contours of her profile and it made him smile. He was constantly amazed at how much Shelby was growing up to look like her. His daughter may have developed his spirit, but she was the spitting image of Y/N.

He leaned in and left a soft kiss on Y/N’s neck. Just the feeling of her skin on his lips made his morning hardon even stronger. He always wanted her, but in the early morning light, she was even more enticing.

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How can you say no to a face like that?

A/N: this is a half-true story: my coworker did find a puppy on his porch (the one in the picture, in fact) and it is looking for a home and I’m considering??? taking it???? someone talk me into/out of this.


She doesn’t know how the puppy chooses her porch, of all the porches in the neighborhood, to hide on, but that’s where she finds it, shivering behind the potted plant Monty got her (and subsequently waters every time he visits, because let’s be real, Clarke hasn’t remembered to do it).

It comes up to her when she holds out her hand for it, sniffing and licking and wagging its little tail as hard as it can. Clarke has never spent much time around dogs in general, much less a baby, but she can’t just leave it there. Not in November, when it’s forty degrees out.

But she can’t just leave it in her house either. That would turn into a game of find the shit spots she doesn’t particularly want to play.

So she does the first thing that occurs to her: she pulls out her phone and takes a picture, texting it to Bellamy with the caption WTF.

He calls her back immediately, bless him.


“Did you drunk-adopt a puppy?”

“What? No. I found him on my porch.”

“You just found him.” He sounds dubious, and Clarke scowls.

“Behind my bush. I don’t know– tell me what to do.”

“No collar anywhere?”

“Not that I can see.” She stands, looking around the yard and the adjacent sidewalk, and the puppy scampers to her feet, pouncing on her shoes.

“Okay, well you should take him to the vet. Get him checked out, make sure he’s healthy. See if he has a microchip.”

The puppy’s assault on her feet is relentless, so Clarke scoops him up in one hand, cradling him against her chest. He’s still shaking, poor thing.

“A microchip? You’re making that up.”

“Which one of us was a dog walker all through college?”

“Fair point.” Puppy starts licking at her chin and she laughs, pulling him away. “So vet, and then what?”

“Bring him in here.” The suggestion gives her pause. Their office is pretty laid-back, no dress code to speak of, casual schedule, coworkers’ families dropping by sometimes. They’ve even had a dog or two visit before, but usually ones who were potty trained.

Still, it’ll be a whole room of people who will coo and fawn over him. Plus Bellamy, who has got to be the most nurturing person Clarke knows. If anyone can teach her what to do with a dog, it’ll be him.

“Okay,” she says at last. “I think those are all steps I can handle.”

Bellamy snorts softly, fond. “Yeah, you’ll be fine Princess. See you when you get in.”

* * *


Subject: Sidetracked this morning

Hey guys,

Found this little guy on my porch when I was leaving for work.

Taking him to the vet, so I’ll be in a little later than usual!


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