she is so adorable

babykitty1229  asked:

Do u think Joker does Harley's hair sometimes like ya know in pigtails, and if he messes up do U think Harley would be ok with it

I think Harley does her own hair most of the time, but that’s probably because the few times she’s asked for help with it J didn’t do the best job lol

Harley: *looks in the mirror* Puddin’! Why is one pigtail practically on the top of my head and the other one has 3 strands of hair in it?!

J: Because I have no idea what I’m doing...”

Harley: *heavy sigh* At least ya honest, honey…”

When you’re genuinely conflicted because you want more badass female characters leading games but you really, REALLY were looking forward to seeing more of a badass with a Boston accent going on some grand adventure with a “goddamn” old man……