she is simply amazing!

Killian sitting Emma down and telling her how wonderful she is and making sure she knows how much he believes in her, telling her how she is strong because she’s made from True Love, and that she can overcome anything SIMPLY BECAUSE OF THE AMAZING PERSON THAT SHE IS, is probably the most beautiful thing this show has ever done. 

And the fact that it made her hand stop shaking is causing me physical pain. 

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Hi! Can you post a/your top 10 tumblr blogs with stationery/journal ideas/creations/tutorials/posts/etc? Thank you!

Hi, definitely! I I feel like 10 is not enough because there are so many great people with amazing creations here, but I’ll try to choose! :D

@studypetals Rhianne’s blog is where you should go when you need ideas for your bullet journal. She has lots of resources - doodles, banners, titles,… and her journal is simply amazing.

@studyrose Cheyenne has the most gorgeous bujo ever, like DAMN, her journal was the one that inspired me to start my own.

@studykouffee​ Kou and her journal & notes omg, just go and look at it, it’s awesome. I still cannot comprehend how she does her lettering.

@studywithinspo Brian’s bullet journal and aesthetic are GOALS. He also has a youtube channel where he posts tutorials and flip throughs etc, you should definitely check that.

@emmastudies​ Emma has lots of great advice, and she just made really nice desktop calendars for 2017!

@nag-aaral​ Eris has such a BEAUTIFUL bullet journal, every photo she posts is a piece of art.

@focusign Judy uses simple layouts in her journal, and they look SO amazing and still well decorated!!

@acadaemic Anna has SO PRETTY spreads & her study posts are goals.

@studyplants Adi makes beautiful graphics & helpful masterposts but also gorgeous notes 💕

@studylustre I’ve been stalking Carol on her instagram (because her feed is AWESOME) but she also posts her pics here on tumblr and they’re so amazing

Again, I feel so bad for leaving so many awesome people. Just look through the stuff I reblog, there are many posts and creations I find amazing :)


Here I am trying on one of 23 outfits for upcoming #passengerspremiere. Notice #babygroot in the picture? Also @anniepsaltiras my wonderful stylist. We’ve been together for years and she’s simply the best. Look at that amazing hair!!! Okay.
Also, this picture may not look like it has anything to do with #veteransday But believe me when I tell you I am living my dreams. There’s no way I’d have my life if not for the men and women who protect our way of life and serve our country. So thank you. #HugAVeteran#happyveteransday

My lovely Fatebinder Reyvanna Viper done by Pippasaurs.

@.@ Totally what she’d look like a year or two after the end of Tyranny. LIKE DAMN! LOOK AT HOW PRETTY SHE FUCKING IS! And those sharp canines poking out…. *swoons*

Portia de Rossi talking about when she first met Ellen - From Unbearable Lightness

I met Ellen in 2001… I remember being so excited and overjoyed to be around her that I recall the feeling of running after her backstage at a concert we were both attending… I caught up to her, sat next to her at a table and brought her a drink. I remember that she wore: an orange knit sweater, white T-shirt, blue jeans and white tennis shoes. I remember what we talked about and a joke she made… I embarrassed myself by laughing too much and too loudly at that joke, but I simply couldn’t stop. I thought she was the most amazing person I had ever met… She was so beautiful… I was excited yet comfortable… At the end of the night, she invited me to come over to her house with the group of friends she’d met up with at the concert. I didn’t go. I thought she was just inviting me to be polite… As it turns out she had invited those people over only so she would have the excuse of a party to invite me to so she could get to know me better. She was attracted to me… The fact that she got stuck entertaining a whole bunch of people at her house that night because of me is still something we laugh about.

The ability Taylor has to make other people smile is amazing. The way she can simply press on a button or write a few words and then make people the happiest people on earth, for even just a minute. And her concerts are just so meaningful. Anyone with a bad day, or a bad month, or even a bad year could go to one of Taylor’s concerts and feel better for just a couple of hours. And how she makes us feel so loved and invites us to meet her. For free. So many swifties have been able to turn their profile picture in to a picture with them and Taylor. It amazes me every day how lucky I am to have someone like that in my life.


And just when i thought i was done making these, I find more “justgirlythings” pics on google. xD 

Also, I believe that @babyluludoll‘s birthday is today, so go wish Sarah birthday wishes because she’s simply the most amazing, beautiful person you could be friends with. <3 

did you all see that miyusawa sneak in here? hehehe. 

doujinshi pics are coming up soon, so be on the lookout 

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Harada is such an amazing mangaka ne? It's amazing how she lets us see these dark, twisted sides of characters, but still make us somehow empathize with them; how she expresses all this on these pages is incredible. So thanks so much for translating!

she is!! and her story-telling is becoming greater day after day! the way she interpolated the chapter’s actual scenes with flashbacks was simply amazing. also, depicting Yui’s dark thoughts in black speech bubbles is just as superb.

you’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoy my translations.

Straight people are always askin why girls

But like, have they ever seen a woman? One with nothing on and that ‘come here’ smile. A woman with her hair in a braid laying underneath a tree, a book in her lap smiling at the pages. Those girls you bump into in the bathroom with their make-up bags out laughing and fixing their faces. Girls in their wife beater tank tops working outside, working up a sweat. The ones sitting behind pianos, behind mic stands or music stands jamming out and smiling their brightest. That girl crying in the bathroom who sniffles indignantly when you ask what could possibly be wrong because she simply doesn’t cry in her opinion.

Women are amazing, beautiful, smart, funny. They’re always both strong and gentle, almost never needing cues as to which you need when you need it even if you don’t know how you need it yourself. Why the hell not girls? I get even more frustrated when straight boys ask me this because how can you not appreciate women? And I mean appreciate them in all aspects of what being a woman is, not just that 'lol tits and ass’ shit boys usually give you.
Women need to appreciated more because every single one is a goddess in disguise.


So I haven’t been very active on my Tumblr as some of you may be able to see. Though I have a bit of surprise. I have a little now and the has come that her and I are finally going to see each other. I will be leaving today to take a trip to see her today. So I’ll be posting updates on that as well as catching up on things with my blog. My little is @xtan-little-kittenx if anyone is interested in knowing because simply she is pretty amazing and in beyond excited to see her. 😊

Edit: Also I have ALOT of messages and Ask to go through. So it’s going to take some time to sort through but I’ll be updating soon. Thank you all, and have a great day!
The sneak peeks kinda made it seem to me like Maia was disrespecting Luke's orders, so I wasn't entirely sure how to feel about her as a character. But then this episode aired and she was amazing. I also feel better knowing she didn't simply disrespect Luke, but listened to him and just wanted to avenge Gretel. All her scenes were great and I really like how she plays by her own rules, but still respects Luke and listens to reason too. Bless her. I think I am going to love her.

People don’t talk about this a lot but Miranda is so fucking badass. I know that she’s not a fighter or physically strong but damn her stamina and willpower are simply amazing. Even though she is always self-conscious and doubtful of her own capabilities, when people need her she never gives up: she gets beaten up, she forces her Innocence beyond her limits, she more often than not coughs up blood and collapses from exhaustion from the overuse, but she gets up every time and continues to fight in her own way and protect the people she grew to cerish and honestly that’s the most wonderful thing about her.

If there is one person out there who knows Kenshin way better than anyone else, it would be, Mayo Suzukaze, kenshin’s anime voice. I have her interview about kenshin (ova) but I left my disc back home but here is what she said and I quote : “I felt like Kenshin is me, he is my other half. Kenshin probably loves kaoru more than he thinks kaoru loves him. Those two, how do I say this? Their souls are as one, so I think that’s wonderful. This series is truly unforgettable to me. “ (From OVA interview)

I love how she said that Kenshin and kaoru are one soul, simply amazing! Made my heart melt like butter, if I have the chance to go home, I will upload that video.