she is sensitive and caring


Childish - she can act like a child because it’s either innate on her or not. It is her way of showing you her love no matter how exaggerated her requests sometimes are.

Crazy - she will do things she normally doesn’t do all for the experience or the hang of it. And it’s your job to support her. Yes, you can’t disagree.

Crybaby - she will cry over simple things, over cute stuff, over sweet acts. Just be careful in handling her because she’s delicate and sensitive. Remember, her tears are precious so be careful not to make her cry because of your idiocy.

Grumpy - she will get mad at you and you don’t have the slight idea why.

Moody - she can be bipolar out of nowhere, leaving you confused whether you have done something wrong.

Jealous - she will tell you subtly that she’s jealous may it be because you talked to a girl you didn’t mention or introduced, or because you chose something over her.

But even though she is like these, please understand her. The key to her trust is honesty coupled with sincerity. 

Identity - A Star Wars Story - Part One

Request : Hi! Your blog is awesomeness just like you. Could I request you doing a Luke/Leia/ reader fic were Anakin and Padmè had triplets instead of twins? Could you write that the reader somehow ended up in Jyn’s dads care? She’s force sensitive and helps Jyn and Cassian, but gets captured by Vader and Y/N Skywalker’s true identity is revealed. Thank you so much but if I you can’t then it’s totally fine.

I took a spin on this one. It will be a series of I don’t know how many parts yet. I basically follow the main story of Rogue One, but changed with different characters and slightly shortened. There’s a touch of Cassian X Reader cause he’s me space babe and I couldn’t help it.

Thank you kindly my friend who requested this! ;) !!

Part One


“Yes…three of them there are. Separate them we must, protect them from the Dark side.”

“Me and my wife have always wanted a little girl. I shall take her to Alderaan.”

“I will take the boy to Tatooine.”

“Return him to his family you will.”

“The Skywalker’s will be pleased.”

“What of the other child?”

“I know of a brave and smart man, Galen Erso, he has a family. The child will be safe with him.”

“This man, do you trust Senator Organa?”

“Yes, Master Yoda.”

“Very well. It’s settled.”

“May the Force be with us all.”


What was so nice about living near an ocean was that the sunsets seemed to go on forever. The night skies that appeared after were vast and full of stars. You and your family would watch the sunset each evening. Your mother and father would sit in the sand watching you and your sister, Jyn, play in the sand. After a meal on the beach, your papa would tell you about every planet he had been to, listing off the name of each star. You would sit in awe of his knowledge while Jyn and mama would collect shells to make into toys. Those were the nights you looked forward to the most, those evening on the beach.

That was all now a distant memory. As you opened your eyes, the truck bounced with the unruly terrain. Your head shook in time with the wheel’s movements. The restraints binding your hands rubbed, making the skin irritated. It wasn’t just you in the truck either, as you turned your head to look Jyn. Her stare was cold as she observed the other passengers. When she saw that you were done daydreaming, she looked into your eyes with the gaze an older sister would have. You were about to speak, when the truck jolted. The stormtroopers grumbled, getting up to see caused the break in travel. Suddenly, the door to the cargo hold blew open and a flood of rebels entered. The stormtroopers were down before they could even fire a blast. You shrunk back into your seat, but Jyn looked out to the rebels. One of them came up, undoing your restraints, then Jyn’s. He mumbled something to Jyn, and then she pushed him back, fighting her way out of the truck. You quickly followed her, trying to avoid getting hit by the rebels that were running away from your sister. Jyn swiftly jumped out, but with a clunking sound, she fell to the ground. You peered out of the exit and saw a large imperial droid. He looked down at Jyn then to you and said,

“Congratulations! You’re being rescued!”

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“a soft heart is stronger than an iron-clad mind.” kindness and love floods her spirit. she is sweet, gentle, and sensitive. she cares for those who cannot care for themselves, and loves those who cannot find love elsewhere. she is warmhearted in every respect.

kindness and love floods her spirit. 
       she is sweet, gentle, and sensitive
  she cares for those who cannot care for themselves, 
                           and loves those who cannot find love elsewhere. 
    she is warm hearted in every respect. 

Okay, real talk. Ran is one of THE COOLEST female leads ever.

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She’s really sensitive but that isn’t shown in a negative light because she DOESN’T lets people walk over her. It’s totally okay that she’s sensitive. She’s very good at caring about other people and helping them feel good. So yeah, she’ll cry about stuff because she’ll get upset easy, but she won’t sit around and do nothing about it. If there’s trouble she can DEFINITELY take care of herself.

She knows karate and she BEATS THE CRAP out of ANYONE who gives her a reason to.

One of my favorite episodes was when the murderer grabbed her, ready to hold her hostage, and Shinichi and her dad both started yelling and waving their arms to ‘WATCH OUT- OH MY GOSH-”

And he thinks they’re yelling at Ran but they’re actually yelling at him and she just DESTROYS him. 


She’s LEGIT.

If there’s an emergency she doesn’t panic she ATTACKS.

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And then Shinichi is just left off to the side dying because he’s so in love.

Kuzu no Honkai Characters Signs

Hanabi- Aquarius: She’s blunt, intelligent, apathetic, open-minded and even a bit rude sometimes. She is very unique.

Mugi and Kanai-Cancer: It’s like Mugi displays the bad traits of cancer: reserved, an emotional mess, needy, masochist…and Kanai the good traits: sensitive, shy, understanding and caring.

Akane-Scorpio: She acts all lady-like but she’s mischievous, manipulative, vain and sensual.

Ecchan (Sanae Ebato)- Virgo: She’s reserved but blunt. She doesn’t believe she deserves love and likes to be protected (Hanabi saved her when they first met).

Atsuya- Pisces: He’s selfless and shy but very determined to persue his dreams, he has a bad sense of direction and he’s kinda clumsy in a cute way. He can be very straightforward when trying to protect someone he loves.

Noriko-Libra (with maybe an Aries moon): She’s the princess type. She’s vain, girly and likes cute things and she’s also a bit superficial. But she’s honest, self-aware and even if she started the anime like a clingy and needy character, she was actually the first to heal and to learn how to be independent.

Astrological Illustration: April Ludgate

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April Ludgate - Parks and Recreation

Written by Amy Poehler, Michael Schur, and Greg Daniels

Sun in Scorpio: April Ludgate values self-reliance and control. She is very independent and doesn’t need anyone else to take care of her. April appears to be very intimidating, rebellious, and sadistic, but underneath all of that, she can be very sensitive. First meeting her you wouldn’t expect her to care for anything, but her love for Andy proves that this assumption is wrong. She is honest about her opinions and isn’t afraid to tell someone the truth. Scorpios have a strong sense of intuition and are equipped with great analytical skills. These are two major components of April’s personality and explain why she does her job so well.

Moon in Aquarius: April is very observant and analyzes people very easily. She also would much rather be alone than with other people. April doesn’t like opening up to others at all, the less they know about her feelings, the better. She keeps them locked away for no one but herself to see. No matter how “unusual” or “different” April may seem, others find themselves drawn to her. 

Mercury in Capricorn: April is an excellent problem-solver. She is usually very realistic about situations, but when her mood is brought down, she tends to be a pessimist. It’s very difficult for her to show any enthusiasm or excitement. April is very cautious when making decisions. She can easily be described as “judgmental” and “overcritical”. 

Venus in Taurus: April doesn’t need to always be up and active with her partner. A day of television, eating and sex with Andy is enough to make her happy. April hates change and is much more comfortable when things remain the same. She HATES drama and fighting. She seeks a partner who’s loyal and won’t cause any unnecessary problems.  April herself is very loyal and caring of Andy. She’s dependable and nurturing. Anytime Andy needs help with something, April is right there caring for him. 

Mars in Scorpio: April is very sexual. Sex is intense and sensual to April, she loves sharing this experience with her partner. She enjoys the intimacy and commitment that sex brings. Underneath April’s silent and aloof surface, she’s proud and strong-willed.  There is always pieces of April’s mind that no one will even know about- no matter how hard they try. 



Bleach + Harry Potter Crossover AU // Orihime Inoue

“Inoue Orihime is a half-veela witch. She had a cruel childhood with a pure Veela mother and a wizard father. Her mother had her veela temperament and often abused her, until her brother Sora Inoue wouldn’t rescued her. She is independent, friendly, humorous, sensitive, caring and kind. She comes off as naive and rather clueless, which is at odds with her exceptionally high marks in school. She studies hard because when her grades drop, she receives less financial support from her relatives.  She is a member of the Handicrafts Club and obsessed with the muggles, She tends to zone out with her mouth open and loses track of what she was thinking or dreaming about. She has an over-active imagination and gets carried away thinking of implausible scenarios.

AU | Olga I, Empress of Russia

Prior to the birth of his son Alexei, Nicholas II considered changing the laws of succession which barred women from inheriting the Russian throne in order to make his eldest daughter Olga his heir. For the first nine years of her life, Olga was sometimes even referred as the “little empress.” She was a highly intelligent, imaginative, and sensitive young woman who cared deeply for her country and its people. She was one of the most eligible royal brides in Europe, yet she swore never to leave her beloved Russia.  Though sheltered and young, she also showed a great deal of sympathy and charity to the impoverished peasants with whom she did have contact.

Olga struggled with health problems and depression after the outbreak of World War I and her family’s later imprisonment. Many close to her suspected that she understood how much danger they were in better than most of her family members.  However, she remained kind and compassionate until the end, even writing a friend that, “it is not evil that will conquer evil—only love.”

Avatar The Last Airbender

Aries: Azula // Fire

  • Princess Azula is brash and has a very poor judge of character. She must be the boss and dislikes being told what to do. Azula has frequently been blind to her effect on others.

Taurus: Toph Beifong //  Earth

  • Toph has a tendency to be self-indulgent. She can be very stubborn, obstinate, and get stuck in a rut. She is sometimes materialistic, slow-moving, and can have little to say. Toph has been known to be insensitive.

Cancer: Katara // Water

  • Katara has been known to be compassionate and kind. She’s very caring and sensitive to need. She sometimes can be possessive, moody, and too easily hurt.

Leo: Zuko // Fire

  • Prince Zuko can be stubborn, arrogant, and sulks sometimes. He has a tendency to take undue credit and cut others down to size. He believes in honesty and loyalty and has a sense of dignity. HONOR!!!

Virgo: Suki // Earth

  • Suki has been very sympathetic, humane, and helpful. She’s witty and charming. Suki is emotionally warm and dedicated to people she cares about.

Libra: Aang // Air

  • Avatar Aang has the ability to lead on behalf of good causes. He uses intellect when going into action and is a great communicator. Aang is cooperative, artistic, refined, and is a good companion. He can be fearful, manipulative, and overbearing.

Scorpio: Sokka // Water

  • Sokka is very self-critical of himself. He’s a passionate, protective, tenacious, dynamic, and compassionate. Sokka has been known to be quick-tempered, moody, cunning, and vindictive.

Sagittarius: Mai and Ty Lee // Fire

  • These two are the two sides of Sagittarius; Mai is impatient to be moving and critical of those who deny their talents. She fails to plan adequately and tends to deny her sadness. On the other hand, Ty Lee is frank and very open. She’s optimistic and sees the best in people. Ty Lee is enthusiastic, inspiring, disarmingly happy and pretty happy-go-lucky.

Pisces: Yue // Water

  • Yue was a loving and caring person. She was trusting, hospitable, and helped all in distress. Yue was a gentle and kind character with an understanding of others.

If you really want a clear picture of why TaeNy are BFFs, you need to watch “The TaeTiSeo” Director’s Cut episode.

You get to see how Taeyeon is a CLASSIC introvert. She’s shy, feels scrutinized all the time, regularly needs her alone time to cool down and doesn’t know how to connect but she is also thoughtful, emotional and really loves people so when she finally opens up to you she’s loyal and caring.

Tiffany is extroverted, active and almost unrelentingly cheerful but she’s not self-centered or oblivious. Rather, she’s actually pretty sensitive to her surroundings and seems to genuinely care about other people – who she seems to find endlessly amusing. What you get is a person who is willing and able to “fill the room” but in a way that TRIES to include the people around her.

You can just imagine what is was like throwing those two in a dorm a decade ago.

Tiffany still finds Taeyeon “complicated” to this day but it doesn’t matter. Tiffany is the kind of person who is going to be happy no matter Taeyeon’s mood but also sensitive enough to let Taeyeon be “complicated” without judgement. Taeyeon gets just what she needs in a friend and is fiercely loyal as a result. Neither of them are perfect people by any means (LOL!) but you really can see how they fit together.

How fan service destroys female characters. Part 2

Part 1

I wrote two more examples of ruined female characters that you wrote to me under a previous post.

4. Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time

Before: Badass, hot, swashbuckling, sarcastic, strong female character at first sight, spirited, plucky

After: Exhausted, tired, sensitive, she still fights, but she lost spark. She stopped caring about herself, she looks physically weak and mentally exhausted.

My note: I love her the way she is, but i can’t deny that she is different now and it’s not good. I just do not know whether it is due to Hook or because she is exhausted from fighting and her destiny is death.

5. Cece from New Girl 

Before her marriage with Schmidt : caring friend, hot smart model, willing to do anything new with her life, aggressive if you hurt her friends.

After her marriage with Schmidt : “my wife and I”

My note: I completely agree with this note under the previous post.. :D

Next example?

you know something i particularly love about the fat characters in steven universe, specifically the fat females, is that we get all KINDS of fat. 

we have rose whose huge not just because shes chubby, but shes tall and broad. but shes beautiful, gentle, elegant, loving, a leader. she cried a lot and loved every living thing but still managed to win a war 

then we have amethyst whose tiny but also chubby. shes unapologetic about her body, she dances, she shakes her butt, she’s loud, obnoxious, fun, gross and she loves food. shes unashamed and strong. and on top of that, shes a great representation for all the kids out there with mental illnesses.

and then theres sadie. shes also tiny like amethyst, but the proportions of her body are just slightly different. (to me, anyways) she appears to be fatter than amethyst. she’s sensitive, kind, caring, loving, but again, shes strong, learns to be independent, and she can kick some monster butt!! and sure she made some mistakes, but she learns from them. shes still genuinely a good person. 

not to mention all of these characters are involved in SOME sort of romance, even if its complicated. they’re desirable and lovable characters. being fat never yields this.

tl;dr not only do we have fat females, but we have different kinds of fat females that represent that we’re more than just a ‘fat ugly comic relief’ trope. 

So I was thinking about Riza’s tattoo and about the speculation that it is branded versus being inked on (with the lack of red ink in the early 1900s), and decided to look into it. It looks like branding with hot metal or cauterizing it with a hot scalpel would have been the methods, both of which create scarification via third-degree burns. And because of its precision and the fact that it wouldn’t leave seam lines, the latter seems like the most probable situation.

So now imagine the fact that Riza was probably burned for hours over one of the most sensitive parts of her body. And then that she had to receive care for weeks to possibly months from the one that inflicted it on her.

And then, after all of that, she had to endure it again years later to remove it.

77th Class Compatibility Quiz (part 5)

As someone who is refined and bears a sense of regality, you are perfectly compatible with Sonia-san! To be sure to get on good terms with her, you should probably study Japan’s trendy dramas. As for Souda-kun’s heated gaze — don’t worry about it!

As someone who dislikes being defeated, you are perfectly compatible with Owari-san! So that you can keep up with the battle-loving Owari-san, first you’ll need training. But if you monopolize Nidai-kun for that purpose, she’ll wind up sulking, so be careful!

Both careful and sensitive, you are perfectly compatible with Tsumiki-san! You should definitely be able to decrease the distance between you and Tsumiki-san, who has low self esteem! Please encourage the slightly clumsy Tsumiki-san!

As someone with more than enough spirit, you are perfectly compatible with Mioda-san! Though she’s definitely an enthusiastic girl, you should be able to keep up with her! To maintain your endurance, do your best to sleep!

This is the last set!
Part 4, Part 3, Part 2, Part 1


Disclaimer - This is based on traditional astrological associations. It’s not my own idea, so please don’t message me angrily about x sign.

You are Aries. You are the narrator, the main character, the one with the sense of self. You are the one who talks and does and feels and laughs and grows and learns and forgets and lives – the protagonist.

Taurus are your grandparents, your heritage. They matter to you through what they leave behind – old photographs, their money, their house which always smells like them. They have taught you unknown lessons.

Your siblings are Gemini. You learn through them, they are your first friends, even if you hate them a lot of the time. They teach you to communicate and to love. Somehow, they are different facets of the same relationship.

Cancer is your mother. She will always protect you, she adores you, sensitive, caring, and nurturing. But she is also the boss; and her love can be very, very tough. You won’t forget that if you know what’s good for you.

Your children are Leo. They teach you to appreciate the world again, they teach you to have fun, to create, to love and live and really be yourself once more. They don’t care, they are free and childlike.

Virgo is your friendly co-worker – the one who reminds you when you’ve got a report due in, and meets you for coffee every now and again to go over notes with you. They are helpful, relatable and intelligent.

Your partner is Libra. They always try to put your first, they love you beyond words. They are the one who fills your life with romance, caring, and happiness, the one who never fails to brighten up your day.

Scorpio is the one you rub up against, your open enemy. You’ve never got on well, and they’re honest about that, which is a relief. You don’t sabotage each other openly but your words are sharp when speaking together.

You have learnt so much from Sagittarius. They are the teacher figure in your life, the guru – they could have taught you anything but no matter what, it has saved you countless times and you are so grateful.

Capricorn is your father. He has always loved you, kept you safe, and protected you, although he’s not always quick to show it! He works so, so hard to make you as comfortable and happy as is possible.

Your friends are Aquarius. They’re always good for a laugh, but they make brilliant team members and you’re at your most happy and potent when you’re with them. They make you feel like you can do anything.

Pisces is your secret enemy. You have no idea of their identity, but they are your secret flaw, your unknown weakness, puzzlingly pulling you backwards. But they’re too clever to ever slip and reveal themselves.