she is sensitive and caring

She is

Aries: She is fierce
Taurus: She is delicate and beautiful
Gemini: She is very confident
Cancer: She is very sensitive and caring
Leo: She is very strong willed
Virgo: She is very smart and patient
Libra: She is very warm and loving
Scorpio: She is very intense
Sagittarius: She is very hard working
Capricorn: She is very selfless
Aquarius: She is very free giving
Pisces: She is very intelligent and motherly

omega hux au where he’s unknowingly pregnant when alpha kylo turns back to the light and leaves him and he gives birth to their baby boy and raises him on his own

four years later and hux & his son are captured by the resistance, and ben senses something is off as soon as hux disembarks the shuttle with a small boy held in his arms whilst the surrounding resistance fighters point their blasters at them

ben gets permission from his mother to sit and talk to hux, who refuses to acknowledge ben’s relation to the boy, arguing that kylo ren is his father and was killed by ben and that’s what he’s been telling his son

but the boy, in ben’s presence, tells his mother than ‘that man looks like papa’ and hux just hugs him tightly and tells ben to get out

ben doesn’t know what to do; it’s the first time he’s been conflicted since he forced himself to forget hux when he broke their bond when he left the dark side behind

even leia doesn’t know which path to take, because the boy, bless his innocence, looks so much like ben did when he was younger, with his messy brown hair and big wonder-filled eyes, but hux is a war criminal

so, take the boy, give him to ben to raise and lock hux up for his crimes? or allow ben to take hux and his child somewhere safe where no one will ever find them and let them live in peace but potentially lose ben too?

but one night, when hux takes ill and passes out and ben feels his son calling out to him for help through the Force, and ben holds his son for the first time whilst watching vigilantly over hux in the medbay, he knows what he wants; he wants his family back, he wants hux, and he’ll do anything to revive kylo ren

The two types of the rising signs

This is just a theory I have, I’d love to know if others agree! I think people can land anywhere in between the two types depending on the rest of their chart (especially mercury placements), although some can distinctly be one or the other. I labeled which one I have found to be more common :)

Aries, type 1: extrovert - daring and adventurous, comes on strong

Aries, type 2 (more common): introvert - fast, private, and independent

Taurus, type 1 (more common): extrovert - vocally adamant/stubborn about their opinions, silly

Taurus, type 2: introvert - prefers to enjoy the easy things in life, traditional

Gemini, type 1 (more common): extrovert - does not stop talking and sharing information

Gemini, type 2: introvert - cool-headed intellectual, yet still very social

Cancer, type 1 (more common): extrovert - treats everyone like a family, very talkative and open but retreats into his/herself when threatened

Cancer, type 2: introvert - reserved and withdrawn most of the time yet still very sweet

Leo, type 1 (more common): extrovert - loves being the center of attention, friendly and loud

Leo, type 2: introvert - has a lot of inward anger, proud and stubborn

Virgo, type 1: extrovert - enjoys people’s company but is the reserved/practical one of the group, a nervous talker

Virgo, type 2 (more common): introvert - constantly analyzing the world, yet keeps their thoughts to themselves

Libra, type 1 (more common): extrovert - social and outgoing if a bit flirtatious/charming, yet tries so hard to be nice to absolutely everyone

Libra, type 2: introvert - very concerned about keeping the peace, the quiet mediator

Scorpio, type 1 (more common): extrovert - loud, confident, and mature, but a bit intimidating and controlling at the same time

Scorpio, type 2: introvert - extremely private and quiet, has a distinct dark side

Sagittarius, type 1: extrovert - optimistic, freedom-loving, upbeat, seems to be constantly smiling and having fun

Sagittarius, type 2 (more common): introvert - prefers to keep to themselves, runs away from their problems, yet always finds humor in life

Capricorn, type 1 (more common): extrovert - mature and sensible, knows what he/she wants and goes for it, utilizes many connections with others

Capricorn, type 2: introvert - cautious, reserved, quietly reaches his/her goals without needing help from others

Aquarius, type 1 (more common): extrovert - not afraid to be themselves, seems to know so many people without even trying

Aquarius, type 2: introvert - a bit out of touch with other people yet very concerned with humanity as a whole, spacey

Pisces, type 1: extrovert - dreamy and sensitive but so caring for others that he/she can’t help but make connections

Pisces, type 2 (more common): introvert - would rather not face reality, prefers to be in his/her own space alone, very sweet and shy

Queen of Qups

The Queen of Cups is nurturing, caring, compassionate and sensitive. She is a good wife and a loving mother as she is emotionally secure and can connect on an emotional level with others. She is admired for her fairness and honesty, and is warm-hearted. Often a healer, counsellor or psychic, this is a woman who seems to know what is wrong even before you open your mouth. She seems to have exactly the right solution to problems relating to relationships, emotions and feelings. She easily tunes in to what you are feeling and is able to help you make sense of it in a sensitive and compassionate manner. As such, her intuition is very strong and she has a unique talent at being able to pick up on emotional energy.

The Prince and I

Warning:  NSFW Fanfic

Pairing:  Reylo

Notes:  Inspired by this wonderful work.

“My lord… as you have requested… your concubine.”  The personal guard, Poe Dameron spoke softly as he placed her before Prince Solo.

He stood over her like porcelain stone, carved to perfection, despite a single jagged scar over his right eye.  The power in his stance was undeniable, his feet spread apart, broad shoulders held back to keep his spine straight.  His raven black hair extended to his shoulders, framing the soft features of his face.  Rey was immediately entranced by his brown eyes that seemed to shimmer like the moons of Naboo.  She kept low to the ground, eyeing him wearily, but he was focused on the guard. “Thank you, Poe.  You may leave us.”

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“If your readers think she’s a sweet, sensitive, and caring person, i guess that’s not a secret. But here’s a great example of that, which I’ve never spoken about publicly. A friend of mine is a nurse in another state. A child in the hospital where she worked didn’t have long to live and absolutely adored Selena. I asked for the child’s name and passed it along, knowing that the timing of Selena being in the area in the near future wasn’t likely. She’s also one of the busiest people in the world, and even though i knew she’s a very caring person, it seemed like a big thing to ask. A short time later, my friend called to let me know Selena just left the hospital after spending some time there with her young fan. There was no press involved. In fact, she didn’t even tell me she was doing it because it wasn’t done for anyone but that one child.” -  Jay Asher about Selena.

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Have you seen the interview That just came out that has Eliza claiming Bellamy as more cutthroat and Clarke more sensitive and that she doesn't get why they make such good partners but this season they need each other more and more? I mean....I guess okay? Sometimes the way Eliza talks about her character and Bellarke, it's like she doesn't get it at all. I don't want to say that but you know....

I’ve already read it and your ask made me go back and read it again because I did not get what you got at all. Where are you getting that she doesn’t get that they make such good partners?

Why do you think they make such good partners?
Taylor: I’m not sure. I think Bellamy has a lot thicker skin and he’s a lot more cutthroat, which she needs sometimes. And Clarke has a sensitivity and a sensibility about her that Bellamy needs sometimes. With those two things combined, they really do need each other. I think that’s why people look up to them as a team.

Will we see Bellamy and Clarke continue to really lean on each other going forward?
Taylor: Yeah, more and more than ever they need each other.

They ask why they make good partners. She answers why she thinks they need each other and people look up to them as a team. It might not be why YOU think they make a good team. It might not be your interpretation of strengths, but it’s hers. 

The interpretation that Clarke is more sensitive than Bellamy is certainly valid. She lets in people far before Bellamy does. Bellamy has a thicker skin, I’m sure from his years hiding Octavia. He has defenses against other people that Clarke doesn’t. Clarke immediately wants to treat everyone as her people, wisely or not. 

And as to Bellamy being more cutthroat, I’m not sure that’s not true either. I mean, when we met him, he’d shot Jaha to get on the ship. He was always willing to go to extremes to protect his people. Clarke got locked up for wanting to tell EVERYONE what was happening. Clarke, from the beginning was urging Bellamy to turn to his better nature, which she saw in him, but which he hid behind his thick skin, right? And Clarke learned from him that she needed to be more ruthless some times. I mean, she did end up being the first of them to actually kill someone. And she did actually turn out to be the one who actually cut throats. But was it because she embraced an element of his ruthlessness in his pursuit of taking care of his people? It’s a thought. And it’s a thought that starts their interdependence before they were even partners. It might even be the BASIS of their relationship. Maybe she’s talking about season 1 making them good partners, and you think it should be only season 4? Maybe she’s talking about her journey, where you want her to praise romantic bellarke?

You’re discounting her interpretation because you don’t agree and not only that, you kind of have her saying the opposite of what she did say. Why’d you do that? You twisted her words to fit your bias against Eliza’s pov. 

Is it because you don’t trust Eliza and expect her to cut down Bellarke? Which she did NOT do here. So you took a verbal tic “I’m not sure” and interpreted it to mean that she didn’t get why they make such good partners. 

Her focus on Bellarke was that they need each other. The question was about being good partners. You know what the difference is between the two concepts? Eliza is looking at the relationship from inside of Clarke’s head, not from what other people think about their leadership. When the interviewer asked her a question that is NOT part of her analysis (why would Clarke ever ask that question of her relationship with Bellamy?) she considers a way to see their partnership. And it isn’t about “what makes a good partnership” it’s about what each character needs from the other. He protects her (cut throat, thick skinned). She cares for him (sensitivity, sensibility.) He’s tough. She’s soft. 

Yin Yang. Of course, each character holds the other element within themselves. She’s soft but the toughest mofo around once you get past that soft outside. And he’s tough, but inside is the most caring person, once you get past the hard shell. This is ACTUALLY the point of Yin Yang, not just that they are opposites, but that they hold the essence of the other, already, inside of them.)

I don’t think Eliza does meta on the show. I think she does character analysis of Clarke, and she should. It’s not her job to analyze the parts that Clarke herself is not a part of. In fact, considering the story from the outside of Clarke’s head could interfere with her ability to really get into Clarke’s character. 

This does not mean Eliza doesn’t understand the show. This means she is coming from a different perspective than you. And she does not have the same agenda as you. 

Notice also, that the question was “what makes them good partners,” and she answered with an emotional, personal need. Not business. Not politics. Not saving the people. Not working with others. Need. Four times in four sentences about Bellarke, Eliza said Clarke and Bellamy need each other. 

she needs him. he needs her. they need each other. they need each other.

Holy Bellarke, Batman. 

“more and more than ever they need each other.”

Without ever challenging the rage of the “make her grieve the love of her life and be forever alone” kru.

You know what? Stop jumping down Eliza’s throat because she’s not bellarke enough for you. That’s shipwars business.

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Hey Jin! May I request a comforting Ravus with OC going through a hard event in their life? Many please and thank yous ;;

In need of Comfort | Ravus Nox Fleuret x Reader | Fluff

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One would say Ravus Nox Fleuret was callous, rude, uncaring and harsh.

His girlfriend would say otherwise.

She would say he is caring, loving, sensitive and a bit dorky.

Ravus had been ready for work heading down the hallway from his office carrying papers to see his girlfriend on their bed sitting crying, shaking hair all disheveled. That was rare she didn’t cry often a tough woman normally so whatever it was it was important. He immediately called work and changed clothes, wearing a pair of black sweat pants, purple tank top with his hair pulled back in a ponytail.

He was boiling water for the tea kettle making her a herbal tea along with some sugar cookies. He didn’t like seeing her like this so he did what he could to help her as he wasn’t really skilled with dealing with such things. Heading up the stairs and back to the room he sat down next to her, handing her the elegant blue and white tea cup.

“Would you like a drink, my sweet?” He asked, in a soft tone.

“Yes…” She sniffled shakily reaching for the teacup, Ravus reached out cupping her hands so she wouldn’t spill any of the tea, on her and harm her.

“What has happened, sweet?” He asked after a few moments of silence, feeding her a sugar cookie.

“Don’t you have work?” She questioned, concerned about his job.

“Today is about you, I called off it is fine. You are sad I am here for you, just like you are always here for me.”

“My aunt passed away last night.” She said hiccupping leaning against him picking up the photo album that had countless photos of her and family.

Her family was close knit and he loved that, her aunt had been a huge influence on who she was a person. The person he fell in love with. Wrapping a arm around her hugging her tightly he pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“I am sorry my love, I know that she was really important to you.” Ravus said softly, moving his hand back rubbing her back softly and comfortingly with his Magitek arm.

“She was important to me, she helped me a lot growing up Ray.” She sobbed a little calling him by his pet name.

“Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more. You will appreciate each day more now my sweet. Keep her in your heart and in your memories and she will always be with you.” Ravus said sagely pulling her onto his lap as he placed the teacup and tray down.

“You are right…” She answered burying her face into his chest wrapping arms around him holding him close.

Ravus peppered several kisses on her forehead, wrapping his arms around her holding her closer rocking her a little. Reaching for the photo album he looked at it smiling at a photo of her when she was tiny behind held by her aunt.

“Would you tell me about her? So then she will always be in my heart and can live on that way?” He asked handing her the photo album.

“I would love to do that, Ravus. You two would have gotten together really well too bad she lived so far away from here.” She said cheering up at the thought grabbing the album from him.

She started from the beginning and started telling him stories about her aunt and the wonderful things about her. The whole time he stroked her back calming her, giving her soft kisses everyone once in a while.

Beauty and the Beast MBTI

Belle – INFP

“Oh no, he’d never hurt anyone. Please, I know he looks vicious, but he’s really kind and gentle. He’s my friend.”

Belle is as beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, as her name describes.  She is deeply sensitive and caring, and she sees past the more obviously visible exteriors of people and even cultures.  With her dominant function being Fi (introverted feeling), Belle is strong willed and in tune with her dreams.  She has a strong sense of self and an inner passion she stays always true to, never compromising her values for conventional comfort.  Belle is not afraid to do things her own way and make life as meaningful as she can, even if sometimes that means earning a less than positive reputation amongst many of the other villagers.  Belle’s Ne (extraverted intuition) is also strong.  She constantly seeks possibilities completely abstract from her current reality, dwelling in her dreams of something beyond all that she experiences in the everyday, of something more meaningful.  Her strong curiosity sometimes draws her to trouble, but it this is also a deep concern for knowledge and understanding.

Beast – ISTP

“I let her go…because I love her.“

With his inferior Fe (extraverted feeling), not to mention the long time he has spent in a form quite different than his human one, the Beast struggles to find a way in which he can connect to the kind and gentle Belle.  Sometimes a bit gruff on the outside, the Beast is also quite caring deep down.  He is intelligent and a logical thinker, displaying dominant Ti (introverted thinking).  Though the personality traits which earned him his beastly form by the work of an enchantress include arrogance, temper, and a spoiled, selfish nature, the Beast finds his gentler side with Belle’s gentle presence, becoming quiet, caring, polite, protective, and humble.

Gaston – ESTP

“It’s not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas and thinking.”

Gaston is superficial, greedy, and arrogant.  He is practically a caricature of unhealthy and exaggerated dominant Se (extraverted sensing).  Gaston’s world revolves around material things: beautiful women (for their looks), hunting, partying, and of course, his own dashing appearance and his popularity.  Quiet the opposite of Belle, Gaston never looks more deeply into matters.  He never reads into things carefully, literally or figuratively.  His actions are motivated by greed and want for personal pleasure, as well as the popularity from the villagers of which he can’t get enough.

Maurice – INTP

“Well, what are we waiting for? I’ll have this thing fixed in no time!”

Maurice is a loving father to Belle and an eccentric inventor.  He can easily get lost in his own world, and like his daughter, cares more about substantial matters than the opinions of the villagers in general.  He is generally cheerful and always creative.

LeFou – ESFP

“Gaston is the best, and the rest is all drips!”

LeFou is outgoing and lively.  He greatly enjoys putting on a show, and he is very loyal to Gaston.  He is a bit naive and sometimes clumsy, and he can be witty and humorous as well.

Cogsworth – ISTJ

“This is yet another example of the late neoclassic Baroque period. And, as I always say, ‘If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it!’”

Cogsworth is dependable and capable.  He keeps himself together and enjoys when things go as planned.  He can be a little bossy and uptight at times, but Cogsworth is kindhearted and very polite.

Lumiere – ESFP

“Ma chère mademoiselle. It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And now, we invite to relax, let us pull up a chair, as the dining room proudly presents your dinner.”

Lumiere enjoys lighting up a room.  He’s more than happy to take center stage, and his bright personality commands attention.  He is spontaneous but also present-oriented and good at getting things done, and he is skilled in dealing with others.

Mrs. Potts – ESFJ

“Well, you can start by making yourself more presentable. Straighten up. Try to act like a gentleman.”

A very motherly and caring teapot, Mrs. Potts is always there to look out for Chip and the others.  She often has some good advice to share, and is eager to help out and give encouragement and offer suggestions.

Chip – ENFP

“Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?”

Chip is an ever-curious little cup.  He is playful, sweet, and always interested in whatever is going on.  He’s a big question-asker and dreamer.

Fifi – ISFP

“I’ve been burnt by you before!”

Fifi is playful, sweet, and flirtatious.  

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 04

First things first: did Gook-do’s girlfriend lie to him about being out of town? And went to meet his childhood friend? Seriously? What is she thinking? She’s so ending up in the killer’s kidnapping list.

Which takes me to the mystery at hand: today I can safely say that the killer is not Bong-ki (didn’t really believe it for a second) nor the mafia guys tailing Bong-soon. By the way, that entire thing was hilarious and I’m dying to see how it plays out in future episodes. Are they trying to recruit her? If yes, I’m dying of laughter since she’s already the Boss in the neighborhood. Those high school kids were pretty funny too, I was lol-ing through the entire scene. And as a finishing touch, the two mobsters getting all excited about witnessing an UFO has to be the most hilarious scene of the entire episode.

By the way, how does the Mafia Boss know about Min-hyuk? Is it because they keep tabs of all important CEOs or is it regarding his father’s past? I’m more inclined for the latter and I’m sure this storyline it will comeback to us in the long run, and even will have something to do with catching the killer and Min-hyuk’s stalker, who now I believe it’s not the same person.

That’s right, methinks today we got more clues that we are dealing with two different criminals: the stalker harassing Min-hyuk and the killer kidnapping the young women. For one, the first seems to have a very detailed goal and that it’s getting Min-hyuk out of the family business. In this case, I have to assume it’s indeed one of his older brothers trying to get the company for themselves. What other reason could it be to do all this?

The second criminal also has a plan but it has nothing to do with Min-hyuk or a business, he’s just a crazy man harming random people he feels attracted to.

Also, today we got to see Bong-soon have a change of attitude towards Gook-do. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still crushing on him but now she’s getting fed up of his rants and also making unflattering and unexcited faces when she sees his name on the caller ID. What a difference from the first episode!

I liked it when we can see the friendship between Gook-do and Bong-soon, it makes me understand why she likes him despite his cold attitude. Gook-do is all business, most of the time, and it’s makes him a pain but also someone to admire since he is honest and hardworking. The scene where they are talking outside her house made me see more into their relationship, and I think he honestly doesn’t know about her crush because he wouldn’t be this way otherwise. He cares too much and he has demonstrated it by being all up her business and giving her advice on how to avoid dangerous situations.

The thing is Gook-do is convinced Bong-soon is some sort of delicate flower so in a way, despite of being together for so many years, he doesn’t really know her. I’m looking forward for him to find out the truth about her powers, although I admit is pretty hilarious how oblivious he is to what’s under his nose.

It was also nice to see a more vulnerable side of Bong-soon since she is always wearing a tough attitude, but watching her crying her eyes out at the movie theatre, getting drunk and dancing to forget her worries was not only hilarious but also a different person. But we also got to see her cool side, a là Kevin Costner, and also her more feminine and sensitive side when she was taking care of Min-hyuk, who noticed every single thing about our leading lady.

If Min-hyuk was smitten before, after today he’s a goner. Watching him tear up in front of that breakfast made me want to cry, imagining how long must have been since he had a proper meal. One that he can appreciate and from someone he cares about.

We already knew that after his mother’s death, he was isolated and didn’t get along with his older brothers; but what was shown to us today was straight up bullying. How many years did he have to endure it? What’s more, now he chooses to make a closet the door to his safe place because it’s a way to battle his demons face on. And in that door the painting of the woman who saved his life many years ago. Hasn’t he made the connection that Bong-soon and the woman are one and the same? I wonder how will he react when he realizes…

Bong-soon and Min-hyuk had a lot of development, although small and slow, they are not in the same place as before. Min-hyuk is definitely interested in more than just a professional relationship now, just look at him talking all sweetly and like an Oppa on the phone the morning after they went out. And while Bong-soon remains unimpressed, I’m starting to see her care more for him with each episode. So darn cute, guys. See ya at the wedding!

You know who else notices things? Kyung-shim, who accurately points out Min-hyuk isn’t gay at all. Yes, girl, you are right. Also, can I point out that Bong-soon’s bestie is awesome and endearing, and that Bong-ki seems to have thing for her? Or am I imagining things? Yes? No? I mean, I think they are pretty cute together and have an easy going relationship. I ship it.

Another week of two good, solid episodes of Strong Woman Do Bong-soon and I’m officially hooked. Looking forward to more clues about the crimes and character development next week!

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Looking at those girls making weird signs he kept laughing at them sitting on the opposite side in the cafe. She noticed it but never told him anything.
However, when her friend got affected and looked saddened by his behavior she went up to him and asked him,“Do you find it funny? Do you think we are clowns there?”
He still had that smile on his face, which made a mockery out of them.
She then kept a hand on his shoulder and shook him and in a firm voice said, “You are so damn insensitive mister. Can’t you even see that my friend can’t speak? What do you not have feelings? Have some empathy you fool!”
Well, her voice really shook him. He was now drenched in shame for not realizing this obvious fact.
But, he realized something about the girl that confronted him. She had been talking to her friend in a sign language all this while. She had been so sensitive to such small things and so careful about the feelings of others. She also fought for the people who were really close to her.
Suddenly that confrontation meant something more. He had some feelings for that girl, looking at what a beautiful soul she had.
He hoped he could find a girl like that to live his life with. 

Writing prompt, “A girl like that.“

the signs as Hamilton characters

Aries: Hercules Mulligan - a very outgoing and typically violently outspoken person, Hercules is driven towards achieving his goals no matter what it takes.  he also is fairly sexual (especially in his introduction), generally typical with this Mars ruled sign.  as an Aries, he has the drive and cunning to achieve goals.

Hercules Mulligan’s birthdate is unknown

Taurus: King George III - his stubborn nature and inability to give up the colonies without a fight gives King George III Taurus traits.  he is bull-headed and refuses to admit defeat, even when the war is lost, telling the colonies “you’ll be back” and getting excited during The Adams Administration.

King George III was actually a Gemini

Gemini: Angelica Church-Schuyler - Angelica “dazzles the room” as a very social and well-loved lady; she clearly has the social skills of a Gemini.  she also proves to be a very intelligent human being, wanting a mindful revelation rather than a revolution, which gives insight as to how insightful she is.

Angelica Church-Schuyler was actually a Pisces

Cancer: Elizabeth Hamilton-Schuyler - Eliza is a family oriented lady, which proves when she begs Alexander to stay home with their child instead of going off to build a nation.  she is also loving, caring, and sensitive, and has all the nurturing qualities of a Cancer.  she is tough-skinned, and willing to forgive.

Eliza Hamilton-Schuyler was actually a Leo

Leo: Alexander Hamilton - though he’s not always begging to be in the spotlight, it is clear that Alexander wants to impress and intrigue those around him.  he’s mindful, and creative when it comes to writing, but he also has talent when it comes to social events, and seems to take over a room with his words.

Alexander Hamilton was actually a Capricorn

Virgo: James Madison - a talented writer and organizer, James fits the stereotype well.  he helps John Jay and Alexander Hamilton write “The Federalist Papers” to defend the Constitution, putting his feud with Alexander away to fight for what he believes in.  he is strong-willed and a sharp mind.

James Madison was actually a Pisces

Libra: John Laurens - like a Libra, John is a “people person” and this shows through in being Alexander’s best friend.  in addition, he is keen on justice, which is obvious in both his fight against slavery (he leads the “first black battalion”) in addition to his duel with Charles Lee to clear Washington’s name.

John Laurens was actually a Scorpio

Scorpio: Aaron Burr - like a classic Scorpio, Aaron “keeps all his plans close to his chest” and thinks very heavily about the mortality of life, death, and love.  he is not quick to act; instead, he lies in wait until the perfect opportunity to meet his goal comes along.  he is also emotional deep down, as seen with Theodosia.

Aaron Burr was actually an Aquarius

Sagittarius: Thomas Jefferson - Thomas’s strong moral ideas and philosophies categorize him as a Sagittarius.  he holds firms to his morals and ideals (shown when he wants to help France with their revolution, no matter how impractical). he’s also a traveler and interested in forgiven relations, as the secretary of state.

Thomas Jefferson was actually an Aries

Capricorn: George Washington - a wise and hardened old soul, George Washington is determined and will work towards his goals.  he can be stubborn, and is also brave and commanding.  people listen to him when he speaks, and none dare to challenge him.  he is an excellent leader and cannot be replaced.

George Washington was actually a Pisces

Aquarius: Marquis de Lafayette - like an Aquarius, he is a revolutionary.  he immigrates to America to help in their revolution, then goes back to France to organize a revolution there, uniting the people (also like a true Aquarius) and bringing hopes of better leadership to both countries, with strong ideals.

Marquis de Lafayette was actually a Virgo

Pisces: Philip Hamilton - as a very emotional child, he is eager to please his father and wants to live up to his legacy.  he is also extremely loyal to Alexander, and literally dies trying to protect his name.  he realizes the mortality that he is faced with, and occasionally seems to live in his own little “dream world”.

Philip Hamilton is actually an Aquarius

kindness and love floods her spirit. 
       she is sweet, gentle, and sensitive
  she cares for those who cannot care for themselves, 
                           and loves those who cannot find love elsewhere. 
    she is warm hearted in every respect. 

I Miss You

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Inspired by “Spring Day” by BTS

Summary: Each season felt like a cold Winter without you.

Spring Day Inspired Series: Taehyung

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

The blaring sound of his morning alarm woke him from his slumber. Groaning, he reached over the bed side table to shut his phone off, his eyes refusing to open to the bright light coming off the screen. Silence filled the room, leaving an echo in his ears.

Slowly, Park Jimin sat up, body hunched over, refusing to awaken. His hands rubbed over his eyes in an attempt to get rid of the sleep threatening to keep him from getting up. He looked to his right, where thick curtains over the window were blocking the sunlight from filtering through the room. To his left, Jeon Jungkook was sprawled on his bed, snoring, but body stiff as a rock.

Jimin looked around as he combed his fingers through his pastel pink hair. He felt as if he did not have an ounce of energy to make it through another day. The exhaustion and stress from being an idol was weighing on his shoulders. Most of all, it was another day without you.

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A Character Study: Megara

Sun in Leo

With her Sun in Leo, Megara errs on the side of dramatic, which is a typical stereotype for Leos. When working for Hades, she has no other option than putting up an act around Hercules in order to get the information she needs. Megara is also very straight-forward and closed-minded, and is usually very set when it comes to her opinions on men and the world around her (which also leads her to be rather intolerant when people test her beliefs and patience). Above all, Megara is loyal and courageous, like many with their Sun in Leo, especially when she warms up to a person. Megara sacrifices her life to save Hercules, putting him before herself, even though she claims to have a “terrible fear of heights”. She is independent as well, like many Leo Suns, and isn’t afraid to let people know that she can take care of herself, noticed in her infamous quote, “I’m a damsel, I’m in distressed, I can handle this. Have a nice day.”

Moon in Scorpio

Megara is definitely a multi-dimensional character, as many are who have this placement. The sign Scorpio is characterized by their mysterious attitude, as if they are always hiding something. In the case of Megara, it’s her true feelings. Megara usually hides behind her snarky comments and attitude, which she reveals is a defense mechanism in order to protect herself from getting hurt. Scorpio Moons are very intuitive, and have an easy time reading people and seeking out their true intentions. Her intuition mixed with a Scorpio Moon’s stubbornness, she sees the world for what it is, and does not change her opinion in order to keep herself away from heartbreak. She claims Hercules has this “big, innocent farm boy routine” but she can see through him “in a Peloponnesian minute”. With this placement in play, there is usually a lack of trust in others caused by a deep-rooted fear of betrayal. For Megara, this stems from her bad experiences with romance, leading her to have a negative perception of men in general. On the other hand, she is sensitive and caring, as many are who have their Moons in Scorpio.

Mercury in Virgo

Megara is unlike any other Disney leading lady; she is characterized as snarky, sarcastic, and cynical. When Mercury is in Virgo, the native tends to interpret the world in an analytical and cynical light. Megara has a very pessimistic outlook on the world, and is convince everyone is willing to betray her. Those with a Virgo Mercury are usually quite sarcastic, which is seen in just about every line of dialogue from Megara. Megara is also well-spoken, with an interesting vocabulary to say the least (articulate, upholstery, ebbed, words you wouldn’t typically hear from a Disney princess/heroine). Her vocabulary adds a level of dimension to her help her express her feelings, which isn’t easily seen because she is quite reserved when it comes to her emotions.

Venus in Gemini

When it comes to Venus signs, a Gemini is definitely most reserved in relationships. A Gemini Venus is flirty and witty, both qualities expressed by Megara. She is rather detached when it comes to relationships. Air signs in general have learned to distance themselves from their feelings, because ultimately they know it is easier than getting hurt in the end. Megara, like many with this placement, enjoys the fun and feeling that comes with being in love, but in the end fears the obligations and what may come from it. Megara is attracted to Hercules not because he’s ‘famous’ or because of his physical looks. In Megara’s eyes, he is different from the other men she has dated, something many with Venus in Gemini are attracted to.

Mars in Scorpio

When Mars is in Scorpio, the natives tend to have deep emotions which may cause disappointment and pain in the end, if they do not learn to control it. During the movie Hercules, we learn Megara sold her soul to Hades in order to save her boyfriend’s life, which ended with him leaving her for another girl. Those with this placement are sensual, and they know how to use that to their advantage. They also have a tendency to be secretive and mysterious, not letting other know what they are planning. Megara was working for Hades throughout the movie, and while it was obvious to the audience, Hercules was not aware of it because of Megara’s secretiveness. Above all, Megara, like those with their Mars in Scorpio, are instinctive, determined, stubborn and strong-willed.

*disclaimer: All placements should be taken as individuals, and not as a complete natal chart of each character.*

In A Different Life… Leia Skywalker saving a group of Force Sensitive Younglings 
Vera Wang, Spring 2011

In a galaxy far, far away but in a different life… By leaving the Jedi Order with his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker changed future, as result Darth Tyranus dies at the hands of Asajj Ventress as she becomes Darth Sidious’ new apprentice Darth Venifica. In the present Leia Skywalker has crossed crossed with more inquisitors then she cares to remember. If she can keep Force sensitive younglings out of the Empire clutches, she will consider it a victory. So what if the Jedi look down upon her for her shoot first ask questions later approach. So what if inquisitors that crossed her path might have fainted due lack of oxygen or mysteriously knocked out.