she is really looking like an angel in this season

Thoughts on 7x04

1. Oscar has been dead for how long? How exactly could neither of the heretics smell him rotting and yet smell blood?

2. “Sketchy Native American” stone? WOW JP. JUST WOW.

3. What a fucking surprise, the heretics will kill a Whitmore student each hour Damon doesn’t return Oscar to them and the first student they kill is a black woman.

4. Mary-Louise and Nora are basically season 3 Rebekah in two people. Like but actually.

5. I’ll admit it, the way Stefan looks at Caroline in her angel costume was pretty hot, although I think they could amp up the tension a bit more, they’re both too relaxed for me to really think it’s torturing them. Instead of making him say “torture” maybe show that more IN SCENE, Julie.

6. Valerie is SO BORING. When she talks it lulls me to sleep.

7. Oh look they torture and kill yet ANOTHER black girl.

8. Caroline and Stefan talk FREELY about how Oscar is dead and neither Mary-Louise nor Nora can hear them? People are only vampires on this show when it’s convenient to the plot and it’s sloppy as fuck.


10. Stefan and Caroline consummating their desire is actually really funny and cute and sweet and again, it’s one of those Steroline moments that I really like/love as a detail as a scene and as a moment but within the larger context it falls flat to me. What was the point of them not being able to physically touch if it was only going to last two episodes? It’s exactly like the no-humanity thing. It’s not a real obstacle, it has no weight or bearing, they could’ve done exactly what they did on the tail of their separation after the no-humanity thing, like it’s unnecessary.

11. I don’t feel at all sorry for Damon, that voiceover was annoying and it just made me LOL at the who am I without Elena Gilbert, a selfish friend, jealous brother, terrible son, because Damon, bruh, you were all of these things WITH Elena like STAHP trying to gaslight us into thinking Elena changed Damon for the better because that NEVER happened.

12. There really isn’t anything to say about Bonnie this episode because she was barely in it unless she was fixing Damon’s mess or going against all morality and all sense of self-preservation to fulfil Alaric’s wish. She was a non-presence because that’s the way JP likes her.

13. As always, I miss BonKai.



Ok but can you imagine what that conversation must have been like?

“Dean, I don’t know what to get her. What do kids like these days?”
“Seriously dude? Why are you asking me? She doesn’t even like me.”
“Oh look, it’s Tardar Sauce!”
“It’s… what? What the hell, Cas?”
“Tardar Sauce. Her name. She’s not actually grumpy, she only looks like that because-”
“I really don’t care. It’s… cute. Get it. Let’s get out of here, this place is giving me the creeps.”

Castiel & Dean Winchester | Supernatural 10.20 - Angel Heart