she is really just an amazing person

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Draco & Luna being the Ultimate Brotp is so important, I rlly love that trope and that idea ❤ Luna and Draco taking care of each other and being supportive bffls I'm alive

I know, i love it as well! Luna’s a really open and nonjudgemental person, i feel like she’d be one of the first people to give Draco a chance. She’s also really honest and gentle, i think Draco would appreciate that and even though he’d be completely baffled by some of the things she says he’d find so much comfort in her presence. She wouldn’t let Draco get lost in the darkness in his head left from the war, and he would grow so protective of her. They’re just amazing!

@thegoodlesmisurlsaretaken is a really cool person with a really cool blog and sometimes her posts just scream at me because I feel the same, exactly the same, oh my God. Her face is beautiful, seriously, how comes it that this fandom is full of gorgeous people? Also, Courferre. She’s screaming Courferre at the top of her lungs and yes, I can relate to that. I can. “Ferre you are a liTERAL GIANT SHUT UP” Will I ever recover from that? The answer is no. Shoutout to this amazing person. She’s great.

@its-better-than-an-opera You know that feeling when the sun comes out on a cold day and your whole body warms up and you feel perfectly balanced for a split second? That happens when Laura appears on my dash. She’s such a beautiful, lovely, positive person and must be protected at all costs. Her voice is amazing. Her blog is amazing. Her tags are amazing. She’s amazing. She spreads happiness and kindness wherever she goes. I just really really like her. 

okay i just want to emphasize that Bakugou is the third in his class behind IIDA AND MOMO

this kid is behind two characters who grew up rich, with amazing personal education before UA, one who’s from an entire family of Heroes and is all but the most responsible character in the series, and the other who was recommended for UA and didn’t have to take the entrance exam and who’s quirk requires that she learns THE MAKE UP OF OBJECTS DOWN TO THEIR ATOMS AND ELEMENTS 


I have an eternal dog/dog owner crush on this professor who brings her border collie to work everyday. They commute to campus together by walking, and toss a frisbee now and then all the way there. The dog is always off-leash, always beautifully connected with the professor, always hovering within a small radius of her, and doesn’t acknowledge anyone else or anything else unless approached. Every time I see them, they strike a gorgeous silhouette of wordless connection.

Goals. Just…goals.

You guys don’t have any idea of how much I look up to Kim Taeyeon. She’s extremely deep and insightful. She carries a lot of weight on her shoulders, she thinks a lot and she keeps quiet about her feelings. She’s really this closed person that doesn’t let a lot of people in, yet she’s this extraordinary performer with vocals that can make anyone speechless. I can feel every emotion when this woman sings, and that’s something amazing. I just love her, and respect her so damn much.

I got angry and started to re-watch it and you know the fact that Michelle called her blatant attack the truth is disgusting when Adore did so much to follow what she had told her in the past. Plus everyone ganging up when Michelle started tearing at her. Nobody said a word about her talent which was the whole fucking point of the challenge. At least Todrick had some sort of point that the outfit was a little off-brand from her usual. They just all commented on nothing but the outfit at a god damn talent show and dragged a dress that her friend thought looked pretty on her and really liked. Todrick was the only one who said anything about what she just did rather than talk about how “disappointing” she looked despite what she’s “been doing” - and even then he just said “I think you sounded amazing” as a side comment.

That song was special and personal to her and they didn’t give a shit, Michelle just wanted to trash something when she couldn’t trash her talent and she found it. That dress was something Bianca picked out and thought looked great and she went up there happy and confident and it was personal and they trashed her for it. Michelle started this and I despise her for it but everyone else made it a bandwagon and I detest them for it too because that is entirely unfair and completely defeats the point of the talent show being a talent show. Michelle saying her only positive was her wig? Fuck right off because that’s bullshit. It’s like she’s tone-deaf. That is not the the only thing she did right because her singing was on point. Michelle’s just bitter and the other judges just blindly followed suit when she pointed out the outfit.

Todrick was the only one who was by any stretch reasonable with it and he only said the minimal. He didn’t make any of the amazing points he could’ve about her actual performance, you know, the talent part. Which implies he just sort of agreed with all of the above.

They all forgot it was a talent show there and it’s on all of them.

Adore should’ve been at least safe.

Things that are making me incredibly happy rn:
- Toddler Light swimming and baby Sayu being utterly amazed and wanting to join him. Sachiko and Soichiro have to hold her the entire time so that she can splash around. Also, her excitement is infecting and making Light enjoy the water even more.
- Matsuda having a dog, the cutest would be a golden retriever. He’d always take the dog with him when taking a run and….really just be kind to it and dedicate himself to the dog.

Tag Your Tumblr Bestie(s)

I just thought it would be fun to tag your tumblr bestie(s) and say at least one nice thing about them…

@chaos-and-the-calm67 she’s amazing. She is literally the sweetest, nicest, most caring person I’ve met on tumblr. She’s become my source of inspiration and, to me, she’s turned into a really good friend. (I didn’t talk to her for like a day and it felt like 10 years) I love her writing and her!! 💜🌹

@sam-reidzugzwang she is the best!! She’s my tumblr bestie and my irl bestie. I love her so much. Her writing is superb. She doesn’t know how good she is. She’s blatantly honest and hella fucking rude but she wouldn’t be her if she wasn’t. 💜🌹

@thing-you-do-with-that-thing I know we don’t talk much but when we do I get all warm and fuzzy inside. She is so nice and so supportive and she has made my confidence in writing grow so much. For that I am grateful to know her.

Hey everybody, this is Michael again.  Just want to thank you all for taking care of my wife in Minneapolis.  She is having a great time and that means a lot to me.  That being said I really miss her.  You guys think you know the meaning of co-dependence but you really have no idea!  The dog and I have literally just been sitting looking out the window. We haven’t been apart this long in about 4 years (to the day actually), and the last time we were, I literally thought I was dying.  I lost 15 pounds in about two weeks.  And yes, I will get counseling for this incredibly unhealthy but super romantic codependence I have with her.  The mother of my 5 children, the reason I get up and work my ass off 60 hours a week, and the highlight of my day everyday. She is absolutely the most amazing person in my life, the other half of my being, and my true soulmate. I cannot wait to get her back home. Believe me, if everyone really knew we would be everybody’s OTP, in her words.  Thanks again and have fun!

Can we have a moment for my cousin @annaf1512 🙌 She is super nervous posting this as she’s a 47 year old mum of two boys. She says she’s so scared to have her body infront of 5.5 million people (as anyone would be!) The family is SUPER proud of her!! Anna trains with me personally on Wednesdays and Friday at 6:30am ☀️ Lets send her some love and show her just how amazing and supportive this community really is ☺️☺️ #bbgfamily #sweatwithkayla #bbgmums

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MONSTA X REACTION to seeing you (friend or gf) in a dress, heels, and with makeup on for the first time bc you're a tomboy.

Sorry for the long wait! Hope you like it!



“You’re amazing”


Wonho would look at you in awe. If you’re his friend or gf, it doesn’t matter.


“Wow you look so different!”


“I mean, she just looked so different that I almost thought she was another person!”


“You almost tricked me! I thought you were someone else”


“What did you do to Y\N?? You’re really her?”


“I’m shy now… you’re so beautiful I don’t even know how to react..”


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im with you. im not really a solo fan but honestly this has been fucking cruel. bitch or not, questionable decisions or not, she's still the best goalkeeper ever. she didn't deserve to see her career end like this, and her fans don't deserve it either. a lot of people are saying shit like she deserves it or whatever but honestly, what if that was your favorite? just bc someone's your favorite doesnt mean you stan for their every choice. have some decency.

You know I never really was Hope Solo’s biggest fan, really I wasnt, I respect her accomplishments and admired her dedication to the game. But after seeing so much ignorance being thrown at her, I became a HUGE fan. 

She was probably one of the most true members of that team, she was unapologetic, she was an individual and she was an amazing athlete. Her personal life never really concerned me, I was never brought up to see role models as an exact thing of who I wanted to be or who I should be. When I think of a role model, I see their hard work and dedication to whatever it is that has made them be so good. In this case, to be regarded as the best female goalkeeper in the world. 

Incredible dancer Maddie Ziegler, a pause during a dance video in one of her competitions. I was looking at this video for quite a long time now, and I just thought it was such a pretty emotional face like Maddie does usually, she embodies her character so much. She really does inspire me, such an amazing and powerful person, thanks Maddie for learning me how to work hard for what you really appreciate and mostly, for being this great entertainer in our world today, without being afraid of critics and stuff. You are one in a million.

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I just read this wonderful fluffy fic "Captain Fantastic and the Pineapple King" by buckyfuckybarnes (/works/7874188) and I am reccing it for everyone who loves fluff & want a bit of comedy! Really good laugh and really good fluff! =D Thanks to the mods this site is amazing!! <3


Captain Fantastic and the Pineapple King by buckyfuckybarnes

She hadn’t noticed him yet. Maybe he could turn and leave without them noticing – Sam would understand. Sam was the most empathetic person he knew. He wouldn’t scold Steve for coming home spice-less to avoid an awkward encounter with an ex. Surely.
They drew closer
Please don’t notice me, please don’t notice me, please don’t notice me…

In which Steve is saved from his ex in a grocery store, Bucky Barnes is Way Too Chill about absolutely everything, and Sam has had enough of all of these goddamn pineapples in his fucking house.

Or: The five times Steve received a pineapple (and one Piña Colada) and the one time he didn’t

Amethyst is gf material tbh
I’d love to cuddle her, she’s chubby, I bet she’s really warm and soft, the dork laugh, her hair, her plump lips, the fact that she makes me laugh, the fact she’s sexy.
And, everything about her, just, her. She’s so beautiful and amazing.
Idk I love her, she is gf goals

Peridot out.

I hate being gay.

I had sex with a bisexual girl recently. We had an amazing I thought. She continued to flirt with me and I really wanted to be with her romantically. It turns out that all this time, she was just interested in trying to get me to have a threesome with her and some guy. A week after her and I did stuff and were going on dates, she decides to randomly tell me that suddenly now she is “straight”. Then she literally proceeds to write this to me: 

Disclaimer: We never talked about having a 3some nor did I ever give her consent to that… just throwing that out there. 

On 8/17/16, at 12:53 AM, She wrote:
> you know that time I asked you for a 3some but we didn’t do it. would you still be interested in doing something like that with me or no

>yeah you know I say I am straight but I like to experiment obviously, I just don’t think I am happy with just a girl

I’m glad that I wasn’t enough. I’m glad that you thought I would honestly even consider doing anything with a cis man. I’m glad that’s all I’m good for. I literally hate everything. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a fucking science experiment.