she is really just an amazing person


I haven’t done one of these before, but I figured it was time because I follow some really amazing blogs. I appreciate every single one of you. This is just a small way for me to thank you all for continuing to follow me and for creating the best dash on tumblr.

The first person I want to mention my girlfriend, Meghan. She truly is my person and if it weren’t for this site, I wouldn’t have met her. So Meghan, I love you with all of my heart. Forever and always. ♥

The next set of blogs belong to my friends and I am very grateful to know every name on this list:

AlyssaAmberZoeyKristenErikaRachaelCristinaJanayMichael • RachelleBriannaIsabelPaulinaNoa  Jennifer

Now for some of my all time favorite blogs:

(#-C) - 4thosewhohaveheart ♦ alexpmorgan ♦ amysheperds ♦ annaliseskeatings ♦ arizonarobbbins ♦ arizonarobins ♦ arizonassunshine ♦ arizonastorres ♦ arizonatheadulterer ♦ aunicorndumbass ♦ battleshiptorres ♦ beautiful-talented-asshole ♦ bohkeee ♦ brookesdaviss ♦ calietorres ♦ callietorres ♦ callietorres-ga ♦ callietorrgasm ♦ callizonamfeoo ♦ capshxws ♦ ccrtinelli ♦ chastein ♦ chez-bian ♦ chylerleigh ♦ colonialwomanonthewing ♦ commanderbroodygay ♦ cophinerd ♦ cougarsbait ♦ crisassyang

(D-G) - dcrek ♦ deathofamockingbird ♦ doctorgreys ♦ doctorshepherdess ♦ drvalkubus ♦ emily-kinney ♦ ethan-talbot ♦ everything-greys ♦ faberry101 ♦ faded-maps ♦ ferryboatscrubcaps ♦ foldedpizza ♦ forevergreys17 ♦ freaking-isadorable ♦ ggreymd ♦ gsmhazcal ♦ g-reys ♦ greysanaatomy ♦ greysbrain

(H-K) - haus-of-cormier ♦ hemo ♦ iamstruckbylightning ♦ imanawesomefriend ♦ jessica-capshaw ♦ jessicagavigan ♦ jessicasgavigan ♦ jokennedy ♦ kanyewestt ♦ katcmckinnon ♦ kepnerrrd ♦ kevinmckiddd

(L-O) - laurensjauregui ♦ lesbianangstnovels ♦ lexahendrix ♦ littlelionmanning ♦ mcbirdy ♦ meredeathgrey ♦ mrskepneravery ♦ nativeandnaive ♦ oddcoupler222 ♦ onlyfreakingsuperheroes ♦ orthopeds

(P-S) - perfectnomi ♦ punkrockrobbins ♦ right-and-awesomerlkite ♦ rosegardensfilledwiththornes ♦ sararwmirez ♦ sassmirez ♦ sawyersscott ♦ serfbort-serfbort ♦ setyourmonsterfree ♦ shepherdamy ♦ shepherdess-amelia ♦ shippingqu-ee-n ♦ shondaland ♦ spencecarlin ♦ stupidsexyarizona ♦ swiftsh

(T-W) - teggity ♦ theaverys ♦ thegaywomenchannel ♦ thequeenmermaid ♦ thezenparadox ♦ torresmethods ♦ ungrateful-crapdog ♦ wildest-greys-feelings

(Y-Z) - yoursupermagicsmile

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please help!

this is carmen. i’m not really sure how else to introduce her, because as anyone else who’s ever had the joy of knowing her knows, she’s pretty indescribable. professionally, she’s a vital part of my school’s administrative staff as well as a humanities instructor known for her unconventional yet amazing techniques in the classroom. to me and many of her other students, however, she’s a mentor, a role model, and a friend, one who has helped us learn more about ourselves and our identities than we thought possible. 

she’s the kind of teacher who isn’t afraid to push you hard and really make sure you’re not only understanding, but growing along the way. she’s the kind of person who will ask you how you’re doing not just to be polite, but because she really wants to know if you’re okay and how to get you there if you aren’t. she constantly gives so much to the people around her, whether they’re her students or friends or family, and her heart never seems too full to show more love to more people. carmen is incredibly caring, unforgettably brilliant, and definitely one-of-a-kind. carmen is also very sick.

recently, she was diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer. while we all hope for the best, there’s no ignoring the severity of such a diagnosis, and the prognosis isn’t great. the only thing we can really do to help her is make sure she has the best possible care she can get without having to worry as much about the cost. please, if you can, consider donating to her gofundme page and helping her get one step closer to being back in the classroom doing what she loves the most. carmen has given her students so much, has helped us all become so much more than we ever imagined, and it would mean the world if we were able to help her out when she needs it the most. every little bit helps, and if you can’t donate yourself, please reblog this so others can see it!!


Kiki Seiran Official Light Novel Illustrations | Akagami no Shirayukihime // Snow White with the Red Hair | [MyAnimeList] 

Source Link:

“Totally can not, just can not, get over Kiki, I wish she was a main character, that would be amazing *w* (not saying Shirayuki is not amazing, cause she is…) but I would love some more of anything based on Kiki, she has a really unique personality, and of course she is gorgeous. I adore absolutely everything about her, enough said.“ 

Character: Kiki Seiran ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Anime: Akagami no Shirayukihime // Snow White with the Red Hair (currently airing!!!)

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7 people you care about most on tumblr and Why? Pass this onto these people to spread love around our community.

These are just some of the amazing people I follow, like I wish I could write about everyone I follow but sadly I can’t

1. simmingeternal because she’s my buga boo and literally the sweetest person you’ll ever meet and she’s just 😍 perfect

2. seemesim because she’s ma other wifey and I probably hijacked her story more times than I can remember

3. simmerbutteryouth because she’s like kindest person ever and her writing is like 😍😍

4. simmingwithsassy Another really sweet and kind person, with the cutest kids and sims

5. simphonious because I love their post and their sims are just like 😍😍

6. nerdieplumbs because she’s like the cutest person you’ll ever have on your dash. She’s so kind and never fails to make beautiful sims

7. oblivionsouls um have you not seen her blog? Like it’s literal perfection, and she’s hilarious

ok i dont wanna be cheesy but theyre playing ed sheeran in this mcdonalds so it’s not really my fault.
im flying back home in a few hours and i wanna say the biggest thank you to aífe spindletrees for inviting me to stay with her in dublin out of the goodness of her heart. this city is amazing and i can honestly say that this was one of the best holidays I’ve ever been on. and while dublin is super super gorgeous and interesting, thats mainly because aífe spent the week entertaining me, going on tours with me, showing me places, introducing me to people. she’s so nice and ~cool~ and pretty, wonderful to talk to and just a great/inspiring person to be around. thank you for making me feel so comfortable, I’m really happy i had the opportunity to meet you. and thanks for all the tea

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i know 5sos are becoming one of the biggest bands in the world but i feel like they’re so underrated. they all have such an amazing raw talent for singing and playing their instruments and i feel like its not appreciated enough. their personalities are so genuine and they make their fans feel important and make sure they’re happy. they’re so much more than people make them out to be and i just get really emotional thinking about these four amazingly talented boys.


We all know that Sarada is literally a mix of her parents:

- when it comes to her appereance, as she has Sakura’s facial features, such as her face shape, her forehead, her eye shape, her eyelashes, her expressions and a mostly straight hairstyle that is very similar to hers, while also having Sasuke’s eye and hair color; 

- when it comes to her abilities, as she has inherited her mother’s extremely good chakra control, thus having the very same amazing strength and being able to punch the ground really hard just like Sakura does, while also being able to activate the Sharingan that she has inherited from her father;

- when it comes to her outfit, as her red outfit is extremely similar to the one Sakura wore in Part I, while her arm guards resemble Sasuke’s from Part II;

when it comes to her personality, as she is really smart, kind and has a great critical and analytical thinking just like her mother and as she has also inherited Sakura’s verbal tic “Shannarō!” and is really scary when she gets angry, while also being quiet and very reluctant to acknowledge certain people unless she thinks that they truly deserve it just like her father.   

Besides these facts, I have now noticed that Sarada is also a mix of her parents when it comes to her skin color.

Sakura has a slightly lighter skin tone than her, while Sasuke has a slightly darker one. Sarada’s skin tone is just in-between her mother’s and father’s, just like the first picture shows. That image represents a much closer look to their skin tones from their family photo which appeared at the very end of Naruto Gaiden Chapter 10 and the difference between their skin colors is obvious.

Therefore, Sarada is a mix of both Sasuke and Sakura in everything, including her skin tone. *o*

1. Mallius - Her art is like the perfect combination of messy and clean and I love it so much! I wish I can make my digital art with the perfected careless abandon it has.
2. Redundantz - Sid is an amazing person and friend and her art is just as amazing! She’s got it down to a science and honestly I love seeing her sketch and draw! Such a huge inspiration!
3. Padalickingood - this woman… Seriously! Her AU’s alone are such a huge inspiration! So much love for her art!
4. Space-Coyote - one of the chillest persons I’ve met! That and all of her art and merch on Yettee is so great! I really need to grab some more merch from her soon!
5. Bryan lee O’Malley - This guy’s style is super cute and rounded! I love it so much!
6. Bevsi - Bev is the fluffest person on this site and her art is the same cute sweetness of cotton candy! I have no clue how she makes everything feel so soft but her painted work makes me happy and always feels other-worldly.
7. Boaillustrations - Her livestreams are always so inspiring! I love it so much and even though it’s been a while since I’ve seen them, they are always interesting to pop in on!
8. Rebecca Sugar/ Steven Universe - this show’s music alone is amazing! The style and story is even better! I would love to make a show eventually and this is huge inspiration pushing me for it!
9. Someoneudontknow5 - Their commission for me of X-Ray and Vav is still my home desktop image! Their art is so great and they always seems to have the same idea as me when it comes to drawing the AH videos!
10. TheDemonRoad/ Stephen McGowan - Sid introduced me to him and I’ve been looking forever to find him again but man! The way he sketches is so inspirational and the body proportions (however stylized) are amazing! Just nothing but awe when I see it!

Edit: I now included the links to all their tumblrs so that you can go see more of their awesome art!!

Hello guys! So this is my first follow forever. I’ve been planning on doing this for a year, since i reached 500 followers, but im just a lazy ass. So here i am today, reaching an amazing goal of 2000 followers. I cant thank you enough for following me and for making my life better. Im so happy i made this blog. It helped me through hard times. I want you to know that you are all dear to me, even if you are not on this list.

  • I’d like to thank to the amazing ten-no-hoshi for this incredible edit. I couldnt have chosen a better person to help me with this. She is also very kind and i hope with all my heart that she has the life that she deserves. Her blog is amazing, just like her editing skills. She is really cute and you cannot not love her.
  • And of course, how can i forget about my angel, thethreelegendarysannin ? She is my light and thanks God i got to talk to her. She cant imagine how important she is to me. Jo, thank you with all my heart for everything. You are like my sister, even if we dont talk that much anymore. I always wanted a tumblr bestfriend, but you are more than that. You became a real life best friend, a person i will try with all my powers to meet one day. I am lucky to have you in my life.
  • I’d also like to thank  dattebyeo ( dontgobaekhyunmyheart )  for accepting to be my wife and to run into the sunset with me. Bae, for me you are perfect and you are so gorgeous, i cant explain. Please never stop being awesome and cute and never stop smiling. I trust you and your skills with all my heart and i know that you can achieve everything you want. You are so amazing that you can be a role model.
  • Another cutie patootie i adore is kakashi-gets-sasusaku  . That girl is like an angel sent from heaven. How can someone be so amazing? Its almost impossible, but she achieved it. I cant explain what a big heart she has. She is the kind of person that can make you want to become better, just so you can make her proud. Her kindness really had an impact on me. I hope she never forgets how great she is.
  • Lets not forget the queen ichiyas  that is literally a beauty goddess and an art genious. Wtf her art is so great and she is so funny, its not fair. I am her bitch and i will forever be. Im so happy whenever i see her on my dash, its unreal. She is also really smart, but i should stop with all these compliments bc im becoming so gelous of her perfect EVERYTHING that i will go and kick her tits.

I am sorry if i forgot anyone on the list below, but a lot of you changed your urls. I apologize deeply, and please let me know, because i will add you to this list in an instant.

Italic are the blogs and bloggers i absolutely adore (ALL OF YOU)

Bolded are my favourite angels from tumblr, bloggers i love with all my heart. Also, you might be bolded even if we never spoke, but i adore your blog and you are one of my favs (and i have a huge crush on you)

Here are included only my mutuals.

aroranger  baby-sasuke benrlya  br-ook  brbrestoringtheuchihaclan  chatte-georgiana  damn-i-ship-that-pairing  dattebyeo​  dgyreams  dontgobaekhyunmyheart  doolidara​  dope-but-nope​  doritobito  eust-ass​  fagsuke​  geeureun  haikxra  hatakaes​  hiraishin-ttebane​  hoshifujoshi  ichiyas  idrawduckies  itachi-bruh-chan​  itachidere  itachitsuki  juliuzumaki  k–akashi  k-akugan  kagays  kakashi-gets-sasusaku  kakashischidori  kakashisenpai  kakashitachi  kanekisbitch​  karins-ass​  kawaiikaneki  ki-shi​  kimimar-oh  kingshikamaru  kisamesdinglydoodle  kittytachi  masamumu​  meiyoukongju  naruto-nii-san  naruto-un  narutoffee  narutotoes  narutouzum4ki  notyourfuckingbae​  nuttedon​  obito-love-blog  obitosbooty​  okanekis​  orochimaruto​  peranora​  queen-tenten​  queenino​  rinareblogs  s4su-saku  saawamuras  sarada-uchiha​  sassykunoichi​  sasu-duckbutt-channsasukeeuchiha​  sasukeh-kun  sasukeii  sasukeliciouss​  sasukev  sasusaku-no-jutsu  sasusakubae​  sauce-geh​  saye-my-name​  shinobi-butts​  shisuies  spicyramennoodles  spik3spiegel  swag-no-jutsu​  swagirama  swiggity-swag-its-sasuke​  ten-no-hoshi  thefunnypatch  thenarutofandom​  thethreelegendarysannin  tobi-was-here​  tobirama-kage​  trasheichou​  tskuyomis​  uchihadori  uchiwah

Thank you all! You are truly amazing!!

Nerdist // Hannah // Hangrid

So after listening to the nerdist podcast I have several thoughts

A) I goddamn love the shit out of Hannah Hart. Like could there be a more integral amazing person in existence? I loved everything she said especially about vulnerability and not selling out for her community. Dying of love over here - don’t mind me.

2) Not only is hangrid legit (I mean it wasn’t really a question anymore anyway), but the way she talks about Ingrid and their love languages and about how Ingrid really has her stuff together and that “this might really work” just like blows the ever loving adorableness out of my brain

C/3po) I’m not as hardcore freaking out about the ship anymore because it’s clearly real, and they’re clearly both being level headed and invested in each other in heathy ways and it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m so grateful that they share bits and pieces with us via the snapchat/twitter/insta gods - but I also just want to step my obsession back a bit and let this beautiful thing keep evolving for them.


EXO Reaction to you Being a Rapper/Singer

Anonymous said to reactions-exo: exo reaction to you (their crush/ best friend) being a rapper/ singer


Hello everyone i hope all of you are having a good day so far!!!

- Jasmine

*gifs are not mine*


Baekhyun: *he’s an mc for your show* 

Chanyeol: *when you perform he is surprised by how good you are*

Chen: She learned everything from me

D.O: *someone hates on you* 

d.o: *bitch fight mode: ON*

Kai: *he’s your own personal fanboy*

Kris: *he get’s to excited after your performances* Ya that’s my girl!!!!

Lay: *he practices with you* That was amazing!

Luhan: *he really feels your music* That note just made my heart stop!

Sehun: She’s good but isn’t as good as me *jealous*

Suho: I’m sorry no paparazzi is suppose to be back here

Tao: *he gets mad when you don’t let him perform with you*

Xiumin: *he can’t stop fangirling when you’re on talk shows*

I’m like so stressed and depressed rn and like yeah everything is being handled and no I’m not suicidal but it’s just like. I don’t want to fight. This is my senior year I didn’t sign up for this war and it’s not even just transphobes like cis allies are stoking the flames too and I just want to go to my classes and learn and graduate

  • <b><b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b>Seriously Annoying Person:</b> In Melanie Martinez's new album, she sexualized children and toddlers and it's really gross that an adult woman would do something like that<p><p><b>Everyone Else:</b> omg why would anyone support this??<p><b><b></b> Me:</b> Just Ignore It...<p><b>My Thoughts:</b> Okay, no. Melanie Martinez is an amazing person who used metaphors to express serious adult topics that she experienced, so if you're saying that she's sexualizing children and toddlers, then you need to be more educated about the meaning of this album and the fantastic symbolism that it uses because no, she's not sexualizing children or toddlers or their toys, she's not using it to create a brand, or for fashion, she's making truthful music about topics that most artists don't talk about, and if it makes you uncomfortable, then don't look at it, so if you've seen people talk about how she's sexualizing children toys, check out her music first, how would you feel if someone talked bad about your favorite artist for a project that they put a lot of time into, then a lot of people agreed, goodbye, thank you very much 😃<p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p>

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You've been on tumblr for i while (im guessing). Who are some people that you love talking to or whose blogs you just love love love? ❤ (also, i love ur blog! 😊)

Well, thank you for the blog love! <3


Well, first i would like to say that my all time favorite person on this whole entire website is hailydauzat lol she’s amazing and cool and amazing and #HadleyIsReal and also we don not discuss Trames anymore. It was a very traumatic time for us (lmaoooo)

Anyway, most of my favorite blogs/people are the vamps fans bc, lbr, how could you NOT love The Vamps? Anyway, these are really cool people and they also have cool blogs and they’re also cool to talk to! (one’s i talk to the most are bolded)















And here are some other great blogs that I love love love! :D And I recommend you check them out!
























And there are many more so i’m sure i forgot a few! :) Love all you guys!! <3

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I have so many dumb Jasper head canons though, like one is that she's really bad at giving gifts like it's just an all around awkward but still endearing experience but if she cares a lottt she's gonna splurge and get something really meaningful and/or expensive, like a puppy or something crazy, so the person who gets the gift is like amazed that she gave a good gift because she's usually soo bad at it, like I am weak @ Jasper

that’s so adorable holy shit

alternatively imagine her being really bad at giving gifts but putting a lot of thought into it.  like it looks like a child’s art project because she’s really bad at making things but she’s put so much work into getting it together and it shows and it’s just hard not to love the present when u know how hard she worked to show her love

Happy Fanfic Authors Appreciation Day!

There are so many talented fanfic authors out there; thank you for being brave enough to share your talent and passion with us. You are all amazing!

I’ve listed just a few of my favorite authors below. Be sure to check out their work and to follow them on tumblr. They are some of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet!

anglophileconfessions (tumblr) // ash2411 (ao3)

I really can’t put into words how much I love this lady. Although she would never admit it (and will probably berate me for saying this after she reads this post), Ash is crazy talented. I can’t believe how much she has flown under the radar in the Teen Wolf and The 100 fandoms because her works are incredible. They feel canon BUT BETTER. Plus, her characterization is meticulous. Ash tries really, really hard to stay as true to character as possible. She puts so much effort into her work, yet it still feels so effortless.

My favorite fic by Ash is probably Heat. The first time I read it I cried. I mean, it’s full of sentences like: “He would be hers now, and she would be his.”  It’s so damn beautiful. I just… Gah. Ash gives me so many feels. Her collection of work is like my favorite album; I find myself going back to it time and time again.

dr-lydiastilinski (tumblr) // writergirl8 (ao3)

The first fic I ever read by Rachel was Stars on Your Ceiling. After finishing it, I believe I exclaimed quite loudly (to the utter dismay of my cats) “WHO THE HELL IS THIS GIRL!?“ and proceeded to read everything she had ever written ever.

I firmly believe that Rachel is going to write the next great YA novel. She is incredibly talented, and has such a distinct voice. Rachel is one of those authors that you can tell loves to read. She is able to incorporate allusions to other literary works (and pop culture!) into her works so seamlessly that often it takes more than one reading to catch them all. And, she has a way of crafting these sentences and passages that stick to you - that get in your head and imprint on your soul.

I just feel so privileged to have been given the opportunity to read her works and to call her my friend.

reportergirl13 (tumblr) // sxymami0909 (ao3)

Cori is one of the most prolific fanfic authors I’ve ever read. The amount of time and effort she spends crafting her narratives is astounding. And, each narrative is so complex and beautifully rendered… I just can’t wrap my head around how she does it!

Ghosts is one of the best series in the Teen Wolf fandom. Cori takes her time developing the characters; so, when Stiles and Lydia finally fall together, it feels real - their relationship has weight. Additionally, I really, really love the way that Cori writes Derek. In Cori’s works, he is always an integral member of Scott’s pack.

Cori also happens to be one of the sweetest, most talented individuals I’ve met on tumblr.

mech-bull (tumblr) // MechBull (ao3)

MechBull is totally to blame for my FitzSimmons shipping. I happened across her work Rebel (which is also an AU - a genre I rarely read!) and became utterly and completely hooked. I DEVOURED that fic. I also summarized it in great detail for Ash, who doesn’t even watch Agents of SHIELD. Luckily, Ash was very patient with my obnoxious fangirling, and allowed me to talk at length about my newfound interest in hot mechanics with hearts of gold…

At this point, I’ve read all of MechBull’s FitzSimmons fics. And, yes, I still have no chill about them.

ananbeth (tumblr) // chasexjackson (ao3)

me: (cups hands around my mouth and screeches) PERCABETH!!!

I came across Hannah’s work via Rachel when they were working on Stucco Hearts (Have you read this fic? Oh, you haven’t? GO READ IT RIGHT NOW). I can - and have - spent hours reading all of Hannah’s percabeth fics. She just has such a great grasp on the characters and their relationships. Reading Hannah’s fics is like voyeurism. Each story is so intimate and feels so real that you can’t help but think that you’ve accidentally peered into your neighbor’s open window and witnessed something you weren’t necessarily meant to see… Hannah’s talent really is incredible.


I know my ongoing mission to make TLS Eliza is probably annoying but I am so close to actually making her dumb face! I flipped some of my favorite screenshots (that top one, omg), and just sort of sat there for a few minutes, because someone who’s really only been alive in my head was there, right in front of me. 

This is just the topper to a really successful TLS writing day (which translates to “I did horrible things to her, and she handled them with explosions and screaming”). 

First Person Narration: Becoming the Observer

I have heard it said that, especially in first person novels, the main character tends to become nothing more than a vessel through which we, the audience, observe what a whole cast of other, more interesting characters are doing. 

Just think about your favourite book, or series, that uses a first person perspective. I can guarantee your favourite character is not the main character. The only one I can think of is Katniss. While not my favourite character, her narration really works for her personality, especially in book one. 

I was just noticing this as I started reading The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. I picked it up because the premise was close to a novel I’ve been working on and I thought It’d be great to read while working on it. The writing is amazing, and the pacing is great. But again; I look at Ruby and I know so little about her or who she is. She doesn’t act, she simply observes; and when she does act, it is an accident or in retaliation. I don’t know what she likes or what her personality is. I am still early on in the book, so I can’t say things will stay this way, but let’s face it, this isn’t about this book, it’s a bigger problem. 

First person narrators, from what I have seen, are at serious risk of becoming simple observers; that no one cares about as much as their foreground counterparts: dynamic characters with expressive personalities who add colour to the MC’s bland, inoffensive mindset. 

Remember; the story is about your MAIN CHARACTER for a reason. If you can’t think of that reason they shouldn’t be your main character. 

I think it’s about BALANCE. So many MC’s I’ve read observe things others’ do, with little to no opinion upon them. They stare blankly or stand in the background and leave me wishing I was in the head of the other person. We want them to join in, and if not join in, we want them to comment or pass their opinion. But it’s not as simple as that. If we had to hear a sarcastic remark about every unruly child on a field trip, for example, it’d soon get old. It’s a delicate thing that’s hard to master. 

They are a CHARACTER before they’re a NARRATOR. We have to learn who they are. This might mean that some situations will be tinted by their mindset, beliefs and opinions of those involved. That’s not a bad thing. Having an UNRELIABLE NARRATOR is a literary device often employed by many authors, and it can work well. But it doesn’t even have to be that complex. I just want to know some things about you, elusive MC.

Perhaps the problem is that many authors invite us into their worlds through a first person perspective. We learn all about the good, the bad, the paranormal lore of their universe. But it’s not their world I want to be in, it’s their protagonist’s world; and even if their world is small and flawed, at least It won’t be mundane. No one thinks like a narrator. It’s not human, and that’s why people aren’t connecting to protagonists frequently. 

This connects into the problem of the BLANK SLATE, often discussed when dealing with protagonists, especially in YA, Action or chick lit. The author tries to make the protagonist a vessel for the reader, instead of their own person. Little to no personal descriptions are given, and all we can be sure of is that they LOVVVEEEE TO READ. Complex back stories are avoided; because not as many people will relate to them.

It’s not about that.

There are many other obsticles when writing in first person, I’ll give you that. But those aren’t relevant to this very rushed, very… important point. Because this has happened too often now. I am tired of the quiet brunette protagonist. I want to know someone. I want to care about them. 


So I got my collar today from littlepinkkittenshop and I absolutely love it. Its so well made and super cute, it fits and feels so comfortable. The little bell is just so cute and the quality is amazing. The bag it came in is really cute and it was wrapped very nicely. You can tell she puts a lot of time and care into making them and even shipping them. I highly recommend buying something from her she’s amazing.