she is really just an amazing person

As uncomfortable and awful as it was to see Pearl getting treated like a slave, it was amazing to see just how much of this she forgot.

So many little details had been engrained into her mind (ex: don’t walk right next to your owner). This stuff can mess you up for years.

But Pearl has grown so much into her own person and has realized that she IS important, that she could barely act the way a Pearl is supposed to. She really is free and her bad acting of how pearls should be shows that.

I’m just so happy she was able to break out of such a toxic environment.


Last night I came across this post about a beautiful young lady who posted her prom pictures and received so many negative comments from bullies. So much that she posted that she wish she had never went to prom or posted her pictures. It made me so upset to think about how cruel people could be and how messed up someone could really be to purposely try and bring down another person. But, I was happy to see how many people reached out to her with so much positivity and encouragement to her. Posting her pictures and reminding her of how beautiful she is. Although I don’t know her personally, I really wanted to contribute to the uplifting of this beautiful queen by drawing this picture of her. Not only to let her know how beautiful and amazing she is, but, to raise awareness about bullying. It is never ok. Not only did this girl have to deal with it in her environment, she has to now deal with it on social media. I just hope for anyone who sees this if they could go to Facebook and let Tayja Jones-Banks know she is beautiful and she is loved!! Lets continue to lift each other up!

I Know Him

A late @mlsecretsanta gift for @marichengs​! I hope you enjoy this fic! It was a lot of fun to write. :) Sorry for the delay in getting this to you!

Thank you @ladyserendipitous for idea bouncing this with me and for the title!

“I’m sorry, Chat Noir, but I like someone else.” Ladybug looked down. “I’m really flattered, but-”

“You don’t have to apologize.” It hurt to hear. He’d be lying if he said it didn’t. It almost killed him to face the reality that he and Ladybug might not end up married someday. Still, he’d deal with those emotions later, because it wasn’t her fault he’d fallen for her, and he refused to take it out on her now. “I just really hope the other person is amazing.”

She brightened. “Oh, he is. I-I mean,” she sighed. “Not that you aren’t. You are, kitty. You’re wonderful and brave and the best partner I could have asked for.”

The flattery helped a little, but it didn’t erase the fact that he wasn’t quite good enough to be the person she fell for. The truth was hard, particularly because some small part of him had always expected to be disappointed, expected to be turned down… “Thanks, m- Ladybug.” He had to stop calling her milady. It wasn’t fair. She wasn’t his at all.

She smiled and gently hugged him. “Listen. I know that you have a wonderful person out there for you, and I hope they make you happier than I ever could.”

He relaxed and returned the embrace with a sigh. “Thank you. I hope he makes you happy, too.” Despite the dull ache in his chest, he truly meant it. He loved her and wanted her to be happy even if it wasn’t with him.

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guys i just wanted to say one thing. if people are dissapointed that it’s not even’s season it doesn’t mean that they are against sana’s season. for me personally it was important to see even as the main because a mental health topic is really importanat for me and also it was a last chance for even. but i would love to see sana’s season bc she’s amazing and strong character!

man, garnet is just such a wasted character. she was so interesting in series 1? bc like on the one hand, she has this stoic front because she’s the leader and needs to seem strong and in control. but deeper down, she’s got a huge heart, and can be really playful! she goes along with steven’s kiddish stuff bc she loves him and wants to support him, but also because she kind of enjoys it. she likes telling jokes and has an amazing deadpan delivery. and while the stoicism is partly a front, it’s also kinda just how she is? she’s quiet and expressionless (usually) but is actually really fun and sweet when you get to know her.

garnet’s the kind of person who gets given a shiny sticker by their friend and absolutely treasures it, like the friend finds garnet two days later just sitting and playing with the shiny sticker with a tiny lil smile on her face.

and she’s also kinda spacey, like arcade mania is the big one but generally if she’s not interested she’ll just go off and do something else. like that’s really cute. garnet’s just adorable.

I Gotta Say Something..

I know I’m not the first person to think or feel this way, but I really feel obligated to show my appreciation for George / Joji.

This man.. He goes above and beyond to entertain all of us. He’s putting out stuff for us to watch, slaving away to create music for us to listen to, AND he still makes time to go perform live. He’s drowning in his projects, I’m sure stressing himself out beyond belief, but he just DOES NOT STOP.

He is the definition of dedication. I don’t even have the motivation to get out of bed to get a drink, let alone dedicating every waking moment of my life to produce anything. He deserves so much more credit than what he’s given. This guy should be way more famous than he is at this current point in time, and I’m sure he will be someday.

I don’t know him on a personal level, but from everything I’ve seen, this is the type of person I want to watch grow and grow and just NEVER stop thriving. The amount of happiness he’s unintentially brought me over the years is something I will forever be thankful for.

From the deepest depths of my being, I wish nothing but happiness and success to you, George / Joji. I genuinely care for your well-being more than my own, and seeing you advance in life gives me motivation to do more with myself. Thank you so much for just being alive.

honestly, despite the shortness of the sequence, the scene in which clarke screams “it’s lexa!” in 3x11 is such a stand out moment to me. it’s her reaction that sends shivers down my spine and the way she reminds the audience how much of a presence lexa has had in her life (esp in s3), that you finally get some better inside of how terrible that loss is, and how attached she’s to it.

it’s amazing how the scene is not necessarily part of the bigger arc in that episode, because that way the effect of her outburst is even more chilling and creates a stand-still. like, it’s just not predictable and therefore really strong.

i mean, compare that reaction to how she handled herself in 3x09 it’s quite a difference. her scene with murphy, for example, went like this

she denied herself the personal connection to what happened, because her people are her priority, which is why she tried so hard to make aden win, and then stole the flame after ontari killed all nightblood children in their sleep.

but when you look at 3x11 her outburst has little to no connection to the people around her, and is attached to her personal feelings, because she believes that a part of lexa is still existent in the artifact, like titus told her back in 3x09.

i dont know. people are not big fans of clarke grieving, but i felt that this was actually very very necessary and i am glad that kim shumway gave her this.

Honestly I don’t think I can fully express my love of Katie McGrath even with every word in my vocabulary. Like her acting is fucking beautiful. She can do sad, and heart-broken, and full-on evil, and happy, and confident, and sexy, and just about everything. But then she’s also really bubbly in person. And she can inject gay into any character seamlessly. And she knows exactly what the fans want and how to give it to them. I just- I love her. So fucking much. She’s so beautiful. And amazing. And 😍

After Hours - Yang’s Perfect Score

Hello again! So it took a while to get to the next one of these, but this is an idea that came to me a few days ago and it’s mostly just about how amazing Yang Xiao Long is. Honestly, the more I write her and think about her, the more I realize that Yang is really the best kind of person. 

Anyway, thank you for reading and for the support on the previous two pieces - it really means a lot and these are so fun to write and just clear my head with. Without further ado - I hope you enjoy :)

If she had come out of the bathroom a second later, she probably would have missed it. Instead, Blake was privy to the sight of Yang with a piece of paper in her hand, her scroll in the other as she took a selfie with a huge smile on her face. It wasn’t even a typical Yang Xiao Long smile. This one was more…innocent and childish. Almost giddy – it looked quite nice on her, but Blake had no idea where it had come from.

The smile vanished a moment later when Yang realized she’d been caught. The lights were low in their room as night continued to settle in over Beacon. Ruby and Weiss had raced off to the library – Weiss furious over a low by her standards score on a surprise history exam. She’d sworn to spend her entire night studying and they’d learned early on in their time as teammates that if Weiss said she was going to stay up all night studying, odds were she would.

That’s why Ruby had gone with her, determined to make her come back to the room before curfew so she wouldn’t end up sleeping in the book stacks again.

Freshly caught and suddenly blushing – Blake was extremely intrigued by her partner who quickly tucked the paper away and threw her scroll down as if it were on fire.

Blake was never one to press. Yang knew she’d been caught, so Blake gave her a lingering look before sitting down on her bunk and lying back on the pillow.

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giveaway time oh snap

Boom. 2500 followers (well 2600 when I’m typing this omg stop guys)! Like thats crazy. That’s so many people. Like, a lot of people. 

So first,  quick shout out to @she-who-nailed-it because she is an amazing person and even though we haven’t talked a lot she was the one who got me to start actually writing some stuff and she’s just a really nice person to talk to and she also writes amazing things and they make me happy so go follow her okay.


So I am a poor as heck college student with the new semester coming up so should I be doing a giveaway? Nah. Am I? Sha. But it’s small so I can’t feel THAT bad. I dunno I just like to make people happy.


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NewtAFidoScamander out!



A fancomic of a fanfic based on an abridged series based on an anime based on a manga focused on a children’s cardgame…

If you like Abridged and/or thiefshipping, pleaseee read this fic! The writing is spot on and the humor is so amazing AAAAAAAHHH!

I remember people reblogging each chapter around on tumblr and I didn’t know what exactly it was, and it was getting closer to ending. So I decided to take a look, which was a mistake because now I had to wait for the last chapters to arrive (I binge-read it in one day) XD

And it was a really big surprise that this amazing author actually started chatting with me, and I couldn’t believe she likes my drawings! And I was and still am new to the fandom, and to find friends that are new as well is amazing.  So Nanners, I just want to say you’re an amazing person both as a writer and as a friend. I hope to see more of your amazing stories and keep bringing the feefs. Hope you like this comic! :D


“She’s just so strong and calm and confident when she acts in all the scenes it just makes my life and my job so much easier.”  -DJ

“I think DJ and I really like each other in person and I feel like our chemistry in real life comes across on screen”  -Madison

“Madison is the only one that actually, like, levels up, talent-wise, with Robert. Like Robert is such an amazing film-maker and Madison is such an amazing actress. They both- we kind of look at both of them and get a little intimidated. And even with music! Robert is an amazing musician but then Madison will step up and start playing music just as well.”  -DJ

“We have a similar process, D.J. and I are not Method actors so we kind of just played it as ourselves, but thought about what our characters had gone through and how that would influence our feelings toward one another. [Seth and Kate] kind of hate each other and love each other at the same time; D.J. and I have the same thing. Sometimes I tell him I’m going to murder him in his sleep, and he says the same to me!” - Madison

“Madison is probably the best- by far, the best actor we have on the show. So we all quietly look at her and steal pointers.”  -DJ

“Madison, in my opinion, is the most talented actor on the show. She’s a beast; she’s so good and effortless, so I have a lot of fun and learn a lot from working with her. We both enjoy the fact that we have such different characters.” - DJ


Int. :So how do you feel about Y/N?

Chandler: She…she’s really cool and nice…

Int. : Come on, details?

Chandler: Ok, she’s beautiful and such an amazing person. I love working with her on set, and she just makes me happy.

Int. : She’s over there, go ask her out Chand!

Do you know what was amazing about Lagertha? 

She was the badass, (male writers try to write ‘strong’ women by just being badass), but what really made her a strong woman was through all the shit she had been through from the death of her daughter, from a miscarriage, from being with the abusive and cheating shit, Ragnar, she carried on. In her development in season 2, she was emotionally strong, and was a great mother to Björn. She was a role model to all women not just as a shieldmaiden but loving women and prompting them up. Her love and care towards Siggy, Aslaug, Thorunn, etc. showed the kind of women she was. Not to mention, after alll the shit with Ragnar, she didn’t seek revenge against him.  Nor blamed Aslaug.

“Don’t take anymore shit.” “Who do you think I am?!” She was powerful and captivating but more over she has shown to be an well-ground character. Because she still loved Ragnar after everything, because she always looked out for the best in her son, Björn, because though she took no shit, she had a morale compass. Her morality made her lovable. After she killed Aslaug, this was all killed off. All her development during season 2 that made her a strong woman, and this time I don’t mean the trope.

Rant on Autism and Symmetra

I posted this on FB but i thought it was good to put here too


As an autistic person, Symmetra finally being 100% confirmed autistic is really fucking amazing, because she’s not the harmful representation you normally see. Not that those are entirely untrue but more positive representation like her is ideal, because she’s just a normal woman, who happens to be autistic, and that’s how it’s is???? Autism isn’t abnormal, is actually A LOT more common than you’d think, it’s just that a lot of us, women especially, aren’t the way you imagine because you’ve been trained to only imagine the worst case scenarios when thinking of autism. You wouldn’t really guess that I was unless you REALLY knew a lot about the condition and how it can show. Autism is a spectrum and can effect people differently, some being worse than others. So to the people being assholes about this can shove it, and “who the hell cares?” Me, an autistic women much like Symmetra, and everyone else like us. Literally all representation that’s positive is important. I’m sorry, i’ve just only seen really hateful things since I saw the news and i’m pissed, so here’s a rant. And i guess if you actually read this then hey, if you didn’t know before, i’m autistic and im literally not any different than your other friends or family.

Alright so I thought I’d introduce some of you new weebs (or otakus um pick your preference I don’t want to offend anyone y’know) to the uh anime Gorillaz

So let’s start off with the most popular anime character in the Gorillaz 2D He’s the singer of the group and is known for getting a lot of attention in the Gorillaz anime community and he’s shipped with basically anyone any everyone He’s like the most gorgeous out of the group apparently he’s really shiny too his stunning looks and wonky personality um really show how amazing he is 

Now we have Murdoc Niccals of the Gorillaz he’s the bassist of Gorillaz he gets quite a bit of attention in the Gorillaz anime community um for some reason he has these fangirls who just want him to tare them up? Uh and he has a very bad temper and he tries keeping his cool and being all distant but he fails His disgusting features and terrible personality make him just amazing

Next up we have Noodle who’s the guitarist of the Gorillaz she’s Japanese she’s completely flawless and she’s a um….lesbian feminist No one can harm her or touch her she’s…too pure for that bullshit Oh yeah and don’t forget that she can’t be shipped with any male characters bc that’s just bad

Lastly we have Russel Hobbs drummer of the Gorillaz Not sure why but this anime character doesn’t seem to get enough attention so I decided to put a bit more effort in this fanart He’s like a super nice and interesting guy he also has good taste in music and fashion so I mean I really like him he’s cool Wish he had more fans it’s a shame :(

Oh yeah and Del was an anime character but unfortunately he was lost in season 2 I think?????

So I just saw Rouge One, and it just hit me really fucking hard the Carrie Fisher is dead. Like, I was already emotionally compromised after what happened at the end, but then the last shot of the movie you see Princess Leia. I fucking lost it. I couldn’t keep it together, this person who I’ve looked up to my whole entire life is gone. She was my first female role model, she was an amazing actress and an amazing human. I can’t believe she’s gone, this is the first time I’ve cried over a celebrity death, which is saying something with all of the people we’ve lost this year.

May the force be with you Carrie, always

one thing that never fails to make me smile is the fact that my dad’s cousin and his wife (that i’ve met exactly twice in my entire life) are following me on instagram and every time i post a selfie or a drawing i did, they like it. 

we’re also friends on fb and never chat or really exchange or anything but they also like every single one of my drawings and selfies.

it just feels like this quiet support as if to say “we don’t exactly know each other, but we enjoy what you do and encourage you to be who you want to be” and it just makes me feel all warm and content inside.