she is really just an amazing person

Let me start by saying that this is just a roleplay event, so if you’re not interested in such things you can simply quit reading.

Alright, so basically I’m trying to be more active on Simbook so I thought of making an event which would also somehow be relevant to my main character’s, Christian, storyline. So, since he moved in Seattle, Washington quite recently, I thought of why not making a big step and opening his very own club there since he was already owning one in NY with his older brother. Plus, since holidays are coming it didn’t seem like a bad idea for a party.

I was trying to think of ways to make this event more interesting and not just a classic red carpet event. Until, an amazing person messaged me willing to make a live performance at the opening party. Her name is Elli Darffy Grown on Simbook. Sadly, she doesn’t have a blog on tumblr, but I would really appreciate it if you guys could take a moment and like her Facebook page and check out her amazing work on her Youtube channel. And even though I’m not the best at building, decorating and all that stuff since I haven’t even really done that ever since I quited playing the game about 3 years ago, I was willing to give it a try and actually bring LOFT into life. I tried my best to make it look as I had it in mind and I think it came out pretty decent. With that being said, I want to say a massive thank you to all the custom content creators who made this club possible. I wish I could name each and every one of you but sadly I’m not familiar with object creators and I’m deeply sorry I can’t give you the credit you deserve.

How to attend: If you’re interested in attending, all you have to do is take a picture of your sim attending the red carpet or take a picture in the club dancing, drinking or whatever else you like. I’ve also included pictures of the club and of course the backdrop for those who are more familiar with photoshop and prefer to edit their sim in the picture rather than downloading the club itself. Everyone is invited, it’s not only for TS3 players. Just edit your sim in the backdrop and boom, welcome to the party!

Take a small look!

It’s far from perfect, but it’s my very first time taking and editing a video so pretty okay with it. The event is on Sunday, 31st of December - Monday, 1st of January, so if you’re planning to attend mark the date and make sure to tag me (#simsway or #loftopeningparty) so I can find your posts easily! I’m planning on making a collage with everyone who attended. Hope to see your sims there! If you have any questions feel free to message me!

Event page on Facebook | It’s a private event so if you’re on Simbook and you haven’t been invited message me here and I will invite you. Simblrs will be posting here of course!

  • DOWNLOAD - Club
  • DOWNLOAD - Pictures of the club & Backdrop(can be found in buy mode under paintings & posters)

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ok here you go 💞 💞 💞 💞 💞 💞 💞 💞

Send me a “ 💞 ” and I will talk about a blog that I look up to

okay well here you go

  1. @sufferawiitch is an absolutely amazing Wanda and I may have screamed internally when they followed me back. Seriously, what the lovely mun puts in the characters goes far beyond many others that I have seen. The depth is amazing, and I’m always a sucker for dark plots. I RLY RLY LIKE THIS PERSON, OKAY.
  2. @starfleetrejectrp is someone that I really want to talk about. I absolutely adore this person to pieces. Our threads are always engaging and her writing is just… I can’t even articulate just how much I adore it. Leila June is one of my favourite OCs. She’s so well put together that she may as well be canon. And the mun is just so, so sweet. I look forward to our threads and random ooc chats equally. I like to think we’ve become good buddies at this point. Both Leila and the mun just make so happy– like a giddy child, haha.
  3. @knightiisms is probably my favourite Kylo, hands down. We haven’t interacted too much, but I’ve stalked their writing enough– even before I followed– to know that they’re just. So. Quality??? Kylo is spot on and their way with words are just amazing and the rivalry with Khan is so fun to write. I love it all. I would recommend them 10/10 too cool for me.
  4. @visionofthisworld / @dirtykhan lemme tell you about this person. One of the best Khans ever, tbh, and an awesome Vision to boot. I’ve admired this person for a long time, and I would follow them everywhere and forever. I totally ship my Khan with ur Vision A+++ mun and muse
  5. @shadcwpreacher okay so I really haven’t interacted much, but this meme is about blogs that I look up to, right? This Rey is just absolutely amazing and I can’t get across just how much I love their portrayal and beautiful way with words. They stick to canon roots but are still entirely able to make Rey a whole new character. She’s Rey, but she’s her own Rey. Does that make sense? Is it weird that I’m adding you this list? Oh well. Just let me admire you forever.
  6. @imcsoldiergirl is the sweetest mun I’ve ever met in my life. Also about ten thousand times more creative then me, as shown from the plots they’ve come up with so easily for us. I love the little conversations that we’ve had, and Maude is just such a well fleshed out character. I really admire how she can fit into so many verses and scenarios with ease, she’s a very transitional character. I know I’ve been super slow with our threads, but I adore all of them already.
  7. @discxrdianism and I haven’t really interacted much, but we do have a pre-established relationship and let me tell you a thing. I creeped on their Eris before following and she’s absolutely wonderful. A+++ portrayal and the mun is so lovely to talk to. I would recommend following this person
  8. @pyromaniism / ur other blogs I just can’t handle how well written all of your OCs are??? Circe is my favourite for reasons involving sass and pure dislike of Khan, which is well deserved. I’m so glad I followed Circe, because I’d be missing out without her and all of your other lovely muses.
  9. @visixnaryx is someone that I have to mention because even though we haven’t really interacted yet, I do look up to their blog. Their portrayal is spot on from what I’ve seen, and I just love how they play Vision??? I may creep on a lot of threads, oops, but it’s for good reason! I only hope I can write my muse as well.

Last night I came across this post about a beautiful young lady who posted her prom pictures and received so many negative comments from bullies. So much that she posted that she wish she had never went to prom or posted her pictures. It made me so upset to think about how cruel people could be and how messed up someone could really be to purposely try and bring down another person. But, I was happy to see how many people reached out to her with so much positivity and encouragement to her. Posting her pictures and reminding her of how beautiful she is. Although I don’t know her personally, I really wanted to contribute to the uplifting of this beautiful queen by drawing this picture of her. Not only to let her know how beautiful and amazing she is, but, to raise awareness about bullying. It is never ok. Not only did this girl have to deal with it in her environment, she has to now deal with it on social media. I just hope for anyone who sees this if they could go to Facebook and let Tayja Jones-Banks know she is beautiful and she is loved!! Lets continue to lift each other up!

News was spreading of a very talented engineer was spreading around, well, to Jay at least. This wasn’t unheard of, but what made it even more special was that the person who was gaining popularity was 12. She was creating things that just baffled other people of her field. One of her greatest accomplishments was a certain cat. This wasn’t any normal cat. It could transform into a dragon that was just large enough to carry her around for a while. It also had an amazing AI. It mostly had a free will, and could make it’s own decisions, but still followed some rules set by her. Her name was Madison Jura, and Jay really wanted to go see some of her inventions, being an inventor himself. He discovered her at the perfect time too, the annual technology show was currently going on in Ninjago City. Jay was probably going to go check it out even if everyone else wasn’t. 

“Anyone wanna tag along? We can go see other stuff there too,” Jay asked. No one really responded. “Cole, Zora, anyone at all?”


“For me, personally, I think it was so amazing for my character to really truly love someone. And she has just passed away at this point, and I think it’s going to take a long time to grieve and to move forward. And I want to allow her that time. I don’t want her to move on to some other girl. She could, but it would be out of grief, it wouldn’t be because she immediately falls in love with some other woman or what have you. I think Lexa was her love and it was so lovely to see her and feel that.” - Eliza Taylor. 

I hope that she can love again, whether that person is male or female. I hope that she can find that. But for me, personally, I think it was so amazing for my character to really truly love someone. And she has just passed away at this point, and I think it’s going to take a long time to grieve and to move forward. And I want to allow her that time.
I don’t want her to move on to some other girl. She could, but it would be out of grief. It wouldn’t be because she immediately falls in love with some other woman or what have you. I think Lexa was her love and it was so lovely to see her and feel that.

“When people ask me, “Who is Sansa?” I can’t really tell them because she’s come so far from where she was and had such an insane storyline. It’s amazing. And I’m so excited to see where it goes as well because you know in a couple of years she’s going to be a whole different person from where she is now.” — Sophie Turner for Just Jared Spotlight

The thing I absolutely love about Taylor is that she has these meet and greets and Loft ‘89 for free. Like she could easily charge $500 to meet her and it’d sell out just as fast as any other ticket, but instead she makes it more personal. Anyone has a chance to meet her simply if they’re having a good time or went all out with a costume and sign. It doesn’t matter if you have floor seats or not. She doesn’t see meeting fans as a chore or anything like that; she enjoys it. How many people could say that they met their role model basically while having a pizza party with her? It’s incredible, really. And then afterwards she comes on here and immediately likes pictures from Loft ‘89 that night. She saves pictures of us on her phone and that just blows my mind. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to look up to because every day I’m amazed by the fact that she really does love us as much as we love her

There's a difference between Bryana and Arzaylea

When Ashton and Bryana were first spotted around, I thought; “I do not like this girl.”

However, as time has gone on, I have found her to be adorable with Ashton, to be kind to all fans, to have a great personality, and let’s be honest, to look amazing whilst doing it. She earns her own money, has her own career and fame, and makes Ashton really happy.

When Luke and Arzaylea were first spotted around, I thought; “I do not like this girl.”

However, as time has gone on, I have thought; “I really do not like this girl.”

Just a thought.

Dear Taylor,

I think that you need these three people in your life- so how about hitting that follow button real quick? 

allyouhadtodowasme - Nicole is such a great fan, and a feminist just like you! Plus, she owns an “unpopular taylor swift opinions” instagram account which has over 20K FOLLOWERS!? She is really an amazing and loyal fan and an incredible and sweet person!

wefoundtay - Frida is honestly so sweet. She reached out to me one day and we have been friends ever since. She is such a great listener and she is always there for me when I need her!

just-swiftie-thingss - Nadia, my name-twin have been trying to get noticed by you for such a long time. Besides having the coolest name ever, she is so sweet, a really great listener and an incredible friend!

You should really follow them, because they are all super dedicated swifties, and I really think that they deserve some love!

Here’s the thing… I’m not just saying this. I swear I’m being completely honest: this stuff would have happened without me. She could have done any number of these videos and it would have just exploded. The music was amazing. It’s an incredible pop album. She’s a genius. She’s literally like a genius. She’s 25-years-old and got her shit together. Super smart, super nice. She’s legitimately a cool person. It would have happened without me. I was lucky that Taylor is one of those smart people that can actually see my editing. One of the things that’s really interesting about working with her is that she’ll watch the edit with me as I shoot (because I edit as I shoot). She’ll see how I place an edit into the shot, and I can see her brain ticking, and seeing the pieces come together the same way I do. Literally as we lay the edits down, she’ll go ‘oh that’s cool’ and then she’ll do that and we’ll re-shoot something together and literally we’re like editing as we’re going along and there’s this weird communication that’s happening. That’s very rare. I honestly haven’t seen any artist really do that. She has that crazy brain. It took me 35 years of studying filmmaking to be able to do that, and she naturally has that. I wonder if it’s cause she’s so young that in her formidable years she watched all those videos. It’s part of her DNA… where she naturally responds to it because that’s her memory of what videos should be like.
—  Joseph Kahn on having a huge year directing Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” “Bad Blood” and “Wildest Dreams” music videos.

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You are awesome and your mom has raised two wonderful children (:

She’s so amazing. I was talking to some friends today about how everyone ends up accidentally turning into their mothers and I’m just like… I’m totally fine with that, my mum’s ace. She’s a really good person.

Unpopular opinion maybe not sure, but does anyone feel like that a lot of the relationships between the seven in hoo, romantic or otherwise, were just.. either  not-well-developed, built-up by the fandom, or just overall hard to believe.

Like I don’t understand why Rick would have Piper and Annabeth become ‘best friends 5ever’ during the unwritten pause between tlh and moa. For one thing, we know Annabeth is an extremely closed off person - she doesn’t open herself up to new people easily. So for her and Piper to be like sisters in Moa with private secret jokes and what not.. it was really really strange to see because that entire development happened off screen. It made it hard for me to believe and over the course of the next books, I really could never get into their friendship because I never saw how it all started which sucks because so many of their interactions were amazing, but just lacked the build-up I personally needed to get into it.

Jason and Piper on the other hand, I could much much more easily get into because I was introduced to their characters in tlh and saw how they interacted with each other - but once again, why have the beginning of their relationship happen offscreen? Why not write that development? That would have been so interesting to read and I don’t know about you guys, but I would ship their relationship so much more if I got to see more of the build up and the actual start to it.

Now but what really gets me is the Jason and Percy bro bro friendship. Not only did most of their friendship get crammed into the last book, I just felt like it was.. not how Percy and Jason would act?? Once again, that’s just my opinion, but it just felt really, I don’t know, forced?

Like I love the platonic relationships between Frank, Hazel, and Percy, and the one between Jason, Leo, and Piper. I cannot tell you how much I love Percy and Annabeth’s relationship. But all of those relationships go back to the fact is I read everything that happened - beginning, middle, and end. I got to see how Frank and Hazel acted as a team and how close Piper and Leo were. I had an entirely different series for Percy and Annabeth. It was just when Rick tried to connect all of the seven into this one big friend group - it just didn’t feel right. 

And that makes me so sad, because as the fandom has brought up - there are so many relationships that could have happened that would have been so natural and seamless and amazing to see. I would have loved to seen Piper and Percy become best friends because hey - they use sarcasm like a second language and Piper could have easily brought out the playful ‘troublemaker’ side to Percy. I would have loved to see Jason and Hazel and Frank become friends because not only did Jason mention Hazel in the first book as someone important in his life, all of them could have bonded so much over easily anything in Camp Jupiter. Annabeth and Leo could have easily become friends over being smarty pants and building and designing the Argo 2 together. 

sometimes i think we’re trying and sometimes i think we’re just addicted to the heartbreak. i don’t think we know how to live with our hands empty. we’re scared of being made light suddenly: what if we’re really just the rock and the mountain and who we are as a person means nothing? what if this is all there is for us: no ending, just journey?
—  atlas would say we have it easy (via inkskinned)