she is reacting to her fall

btw Zelda is allowed to be emotional. She’s allowed to cry. Her and Link are scuffed up and dirty and look like they’ve been through hell in that crying scene. Think of nintendo’s track record; Zelda’s NEVER been portrayed as whiny. They very rarely utilize crying in LOZ–only heavy scenes, like Zelda sealing herself or Midna leaving. So if she’s reacting that way, some AWFUL shit has probably happened, and the proof of that is in her and Link’s condition.

she is NOT a wimp or whiny or a bad character for being emotional (like her country is literally falling apart is she supposed to look upon that with a smile or a straight face?? lol k). At the VERY LEAST wait until the game is out and you can see the context of that scene before making a judgement about her personality. Like damn. 

Why Mila starts to be into Otabek?

During an Interview Kubo-sensei said that Mila in season 2 “kinda starts to be into Otabek”

And I was wondering… 

what If Mila is interested in Otabek because He was THE ONLY ONE able to get close to Yurio?

We know that she always teases the little russian in anyway.

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How she enjoy provoke him…

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And for sure Mila has noticed how Yurio is affected by Otabek… how maybe he is changed because of the Kazakistan boy.

Thinking about this… She has spent years by Yurio’s side but  wasn’t able to let the young boy opens to her.

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And how would you react if one day a stunning boy on a motorbike reaches what you was never able to?

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Otayuri relationship is something of special: in their bond there was not a climax…they just, suddenly “fall” for each other (friendship or not).

Probably both of them have never experimented this kind of attraction, physically and mentally…

And now They could grow together,

they could experiment the two L, life and love.

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(remember that yurio and Otabek are Young and  were concentrated on skating for the most part of their life).

Maybe Mila is really interested in Otabek’s figure… maybe she was fascinated by his skating, his “character”, maybe is even infatuated… but

 I think the main reason Mila is into Otabek is Yurio…

In fact Otabek was the only one who captured his attention in this way, 

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The only one who really looked in the Eyes of the soldier.

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something that bothers me so much abt rogue one is that all the other team members gave jyn 100 times the amount of loyalty and support than she gave to them like…. cassian telling her welcome home and that her father would be proud of her after she called him a stormtrooper and didnt react to him falling (presumably) to his death… baze calling her little sister when i dont think she ever even spoke to him on camera before that….k2so saying that her behavior was ‘continuously unexpected’ when in fact it was rote and flat and predictable…….she didnt deserve them

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If you haven't already done this, DA:I love interests reacting to the Inquisitor falling unconscious in battle?

Cassandra: Her heart nearly jumps out of her chest to see him fall. She finishes off the enemies with the others and hurries to his side, trying to rouse him in something of a panic. She hoists him into a sitting-up position, rouses him, and makes him ingest a healing potion. She breathes a sigh of relief as he dazedly opens his eyes further and gives the others a quizzical look. “Thank the Maker. Be more careful next time.”

Blackwall: As soon as he’s killed whoever did it, he’s at her side. “Maker, no, don’t take the best thing in my life away from me, please, no.” he says under his breath, working rapidly to try to get her awake to give her a potion. As soon as her eyes open and he gets the potion down, she coughs and groans in disdain, and he realizes she’ll be okay. “Thank you.” he says under his breath.

Iron Bull: He knows panicking won’t solve anything. He quickly kills whoever knocked them out, then pulls his kadan to the side and moves them into the recovery position. He calls one of the mages over to wake them up, and he has them lean against him as they’re given a healing potion. He kisses their head and heaves a sigh. “You alright, Kadan?”

Sera: She lets out a scream of terror and panics, rushing to kill whoever knocked them out. Then she hurries to her girlfriend’s side, lightly slapping their face in attempts to wake them up. “Honeytongue? Wake up! Wake up!” She starts to awaken, and she shoves a potion in their mouth. When she sees they’ll be okay, she lets out a huff and very lightly bops her on the side of the head. “Don’t do that again.”

Dorian: He curses, a steady stream of numerous Tevene swears exiting his mouth as he darts over to his side. He casts a lightning spell that strikes the heart of the enemy, then turns his attention to his amatus. A brief flash from his staff has the Inquisitor awake, although barely, just enough for him to get the potion down. With a cough and weary groan, they sit up, leaning against him for support. “Festis bei umo canavarum.” he curses to himself. “Don’t do that again.”

Solas: Fenedhis lasa!” he yelps as they crash to the ground, and he fade-steps through whoever did it to get to them, leaving a frozen corpse behind. He wastes no time, his fingers glowing with creation magic, which works quickly and heals her wounds. She gasps and awakens, and he takes her hand gently, squeezing it reassuringly. “It’s okay, Vhenan, you’re going to be alright.” he reassures, more for himself than her.

Josephine: She hears about it after the fact in a report, and her heart swells with worry. When the Herald arrives in Skyhold finally, wrapped in bandages, she hurries to their side and fusses over them, asking how they are, kissing them repeatedly. “My love, are you feeling alright? Were you badly hurt? Please, be more careful, I worry so much about you…”

Cullen: NO!” he screams, and he fights even harder than ever to get to her side as quickly as possible. Templars are trained in first aid, so he steadies her in his arms and calls to the mages in the party for help as he wraps wounds and tries to rouse her, repeatedly, in increasing panic. When she awakens at last, he breathes a deep sigh of relief and thanks the Maker for not taking her away. “Andraste preserve me. And you. I’m… I’m just very glad you’re alive.”


ok, so Raven open’s a portal and first we see Qrow reacting to just the sound of it. his reaction looks like disgust. and then we see the waitress reacting to it. she’s terrified. Raven’s ability to open portals is not natural. not even as a semblance. If there we others out there who had a semblance like this we would not be seeing these two reactions. So where did Raven get this power?

From Salem.

This is a full view of Raven’s portal

This is the portal that allowed Cinder to steal the Fall Maiden’s power, and we know that this glove was most likely given to her by Salem.

From the conversation in the bar it seems like Raven is trying to protect her tribe, and ultimately on the same side as Qrow. But this may be a hint that at one point Raven did work with Salem. And Qrow is disgusted that she is still using Salem’s magic, and the waitress also seems to recognize it is a form of dark magic (even if she knows nothing about Salem).

Vampire Diaries Preferences: They React To Your Death


She had lost the only person that helped her through everything. You were with her right from the beginning and now she just felt lost. She didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. She blocked everyone out and refused to talk to anyone else.


You were his best friend and the first person he befriended when he first came to Mystic Falls. He had never felt so alone and he didn’t know who to talk to. He felt an empty void in his heart and he felt like he had failed you in the worst possible way by not protecting you.


You were the only person that stood by him. You were the only person he could talk to. The only person that looked past all his issues and became his friend. He trusted you with hi life and he feels like he has failed you by not holing the end of his bargain. He began drinking excessively and none could stop him.


You were the person that had helped her understand her powers and was there with her every step of the way. You always supported her no matter what and now she has the lost the only person that kept her sane. He had no idea what to do and her powers were getting the best of her but none knew how to help like you did and now you’re gone.


You were her best friend. The person that stood by her whenever she had any issues and never judged her. What was she suppose to do now that you were gone? She felt alone and lost. The only person that ever seemed to understand her was you but now you’re gone.


You were the person that helped him through his first transformation ad understanding his abilities. He didn’t know how to react. You were with him every step of the way and now he’s lost the one person he could rely. You were always there to save him when needed but who was going to save him now that you were gone.


You were the person that helped him understand all the supernatural that was going on in Mystic Falls. Who was he supposed to turn to now? He felt lost and the only person who could help him was you. He blocked out everyone and just wanted to be alone to grieve your death.


You were the first person that he open up to. The first person he ever considered family. He felt like he failed you by not protecting you like you always protected him. He had none to turn to and he felt lost wondering around looking for a sign of you.


You were the only person that stood by his side even after his own family turned their back on him. You were the first person he ever loved, and you ripped away from him before he could show you the world. He blamed himself for your death and went on a rampage, killing everyone in his way.


You were the first person that ever showed him the meaning of love. You made him feel emotions none else ever had. He had no idea what to do when he lost you. He felt broken and wished he was back in Prison World as he had never meet you then.

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You felt invisible while Maryse was talking to Alec about you, even as you were sitting right next to them.

“You can’t be serious Alec! She is an embarrassment to everything Shadowhunters stand for! She doesn’t care for the rules and while being with her, her name falls with ours. I can’t let that happen!”

As much as the words of Maryse hurt you it was way more important for you how Alec would react to it. You loved him but you couldn’t change who you were and clearly not what his mother or the Clave would think of you.
Yes, you broke the rules before and you would do it again, but only if they were wrong in such points. You wouldn’t let somebody innocent die just because the rules wanted it that way.

“(Y/n) believes in equally between us and downworlders. Maybe the Clave can’t see it but I can!” Alec gave back and shortly looked at you, before his gaze returned to his mother. “I am with her. Accept it or not but this won’t change, no matter what you do.”

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Okay okay so once in my life I bingewatched Avengers Assemble (NO REGRETS!!!) and it recently came back to me and can I just??? Natasha and Steve??? THEY’RE TOO CUTE I MEAN HE’S THE FIRST TO REACT WHEN SHE FUCKING FALLS AND THE OTHERS JUST BE STANDING THERE AND AJDBDKSNAKABAKDBAKABDK

This scene pretty much sums up their relationship okay nobody can tell me otherwise


To whoever loves her next:

Make sure she knows that her smile reminds you of the sun and that her eyes are constellations in the night sky. Find other words to call her besides ‘beautiful’. Be fascinated by the things she talks about because absolutely nothing compares to the way she loses herself in her thoughts. She thinks she talks too much. Reassure her you love every word. When she speaks about something she loves, you’ll see the excitement in her eyes. Pray that one day she’ll talk about you the same way. React fully. If she says something funny, laugh loudly. When she shows you a song, pay attention to the lyrics because they probably mean the world to her. Have mini dance parties with her, sing with her, don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself in front of her, because it’ll just make her fall for you harder. Compliment her outfit —especially her shoes — because she probably changed ten times before seeing you. When you cross the street together, grab her hand and run with her. You’ll learn why soon enough. Be vulnerable with her. Open up to her. Be gentle with her. She only has the best intentions. Fight for her but don’t fight with her. When she gets sad for no reason, be there for her. Kiss her forehead often. Hold her tight when you sleep with her. Love her without an ounce of selfishness because my god, that girl deserves it. Give her your world and I promise she will only improve it. Write things for her. Draw things for her. Spoil her. Ask her about her family and her childhood. Ask her about her past. I promise those stories are worth listening to. Make conversation with her mother. It means more to her than you know. Show her books, music, and art that means a lot to you. Talk about the things you love with passion. When she’s had too much to drink, keep her safe. Keep her safe anyway. Protect her. Love her with everything you have. Love her better than I ever could.

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I love your Rouge!Yang. Why did she go rouge and how has she changed? Whats your take if Rouge!Yang meets Canon(V4)!Yang?

Rogue Yang started because of when Yang attacked Mercury in V3 and was “arrested”. In the theory, it would be Yang running away, “escaping” and then RWB being asked to help hunt her down. Yang feels betrayed because no one believes that Mercury attacked her first. Yang gets shot in the shoulder by none other than Ruby.

Yang runs into forever fall and stumbles, Raven finds her and takes her in and trains her. Yang comes back to find justice/revenge.

honestly I wouldn’t know how’d they react lol.

Why Eto reacts so coldly towards Hinami in the new novel

Thanks to kind people here we have gotten some bits about the new Tokyo Ghoul novel. Now some more bits have been translated and you can find them here:

There is a small, but very interesting bit about Eto. Hinami serves her some coffee that she has made and Eto’s reaction to it is a bit nasty. After taking one sip she pours it to the ground and let’s the cup fall. This might seem super random and mean at first, but after thinking about a little I think her behavior makes sense. The coffee that Hinami created must have reminded her about Anteiku and about her father too. Eto has very negative thought towards Yoshimura as she sees that he abandoned her into a cruel world. She also finds her father as a coward. The mere sight of her father being happy, talking to his co-workers Irimi and Koma, acting as the guardian to them she never had, engulfs her with rage.

So for Eto to taste something that reminds her about all those things, things that she hates and finds disgusting, no wonder she poured the coffee to the ground and coldly let the cup fall. It was a nasty thing to do sure, but I think it’s very fitting for Eto to react in that kind of manner.

Okay but Sombra constantly flirting with Widowmaker to see if she can crack her and make her react, but then after a while it stops being a joke and she actually cares about her now, and widowmaker not reacting because she wants to see how frustrated she can get Sombra, but then she realizes she thinks Sombra’s cute when she’s frustrated, and they both fall for each other and then one day widowmaker finally flirts back and Sombra like collapses she’s so surprised.I just want Sombra and widowmaker to be gay for each other.


AU Masterlist

“Mom?” Theo croaked and he frowned, refusing to do more than look at her from the end of her bed.


“Sweetie what’s wrong?” She asked and tried to sit up which had him hurrying forward to stop her and make her comfortable.


“I lost my handler… she was trying to help me and someone…” He trailed off when she stroked away the tears he hasn’t realised were falling down his cheeks.


“Then why’re you here with me?” She asked and he jerked his head up.


“You’re the only pack I have left and I’m not leaving you alone.” He glared at the floor again and this time he didn’t react quickly enough to get her to stay laying down.

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Infinite reacts to their girlfriend snoring

“ Hello! The snoring was super cute! Can you do one for Infinite also?? Thanks a bunch ^-^  “  – For our lovely anon, 

SungGyu: He would have the biggest smile on his face, and carefully cuddle with her before falling asleep.

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Dongwoo: He would find it absolutely adorable! He would accidentally wake her up from his fangirling.

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Woohyun: He’d gently kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear that she’s adorable before falling asleep with her in his arms.

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Hoya: He’d smile at her and hold her tight that she wakes up and pushes him off. Of course, he’d quickly cuddle her again.

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Sungyeol: He’d take a video to show her in the morning but secretly find it to be the cutest thing ever.

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Myungsoo: He would smile at her and kiss her lightly before falling back to sleep.

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Sungjong: He would wake up to her snoring and laugh softly at her before going back to sleep. Though, he’d make sure to complain all about it in the morning.

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~ Masterlist ~

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Snoring headcanons for the companions + Maxson? I'm loving this blog, keep up the good work!

Thank you soo much!!

Cait: Snores, but not loudly. If she’s next to you, it’s hard to fall asleep.

Curie: She doesn’t snore during her sleep, but sometimes she talks.

Codsworth: He is, a robot..

Danse: Doesn’t usually snore, but has a couple times in the past. It isn’t loud or obnoxious, but it’s audible. 

Deacon: He always says he doesn’t but he does. It isn’t too bad, but it can get a little annoying. 

Dogmeat: The cute little dog snore that can kind of lull you to sleep.

Gage: Only snores when he’s havin’ a really good sleep. It can get a little loud depending on how deep into sleep he is. 

Hancock: Surprisingly doesn’t snore. Idk what it’s like to not have a nose, but, he sleeps strangely quietly. 

MacCready: Definitely snores, it isn’t the worst though. Not impossible to fall asleep next to. 

Maxson: He doesn’t snore in his sleep, even if he did I feel like he’d somehow find away to not do it. Gives him a “tactical advantage.” 

Nick: He doesn’t even sleep lol.

Piper: Doesn’t snore, but sometimes laughs in her sleep(?) She’s been known to wake herself up from it. 

Preston: Doesn’t snore at all. An angel in his sleep tbh. 

Strong: TOO L O U D. Super mutants probably don’t sleep often (if at all), but it’s impossible to fall asleep in the same area as Strong. 

X6-88: Also doesn’t sleep.

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I don't even get why people are freaking out over Ka//ura.. I wasn't even aware of that ship being in s2 before someone pointed it out. When Keith catched Allura (which he had to, or else she'd FALL) he didn't even react. He was blank. That moment did absolutely NOTHING and I interpreted Allura's blushing as her being embarrassed. Soooo.. For me, there's no reason to be worried. They don't really fit together in that way and there isn't really a reason in the show that would make them a pair :3

i wish i was this positive

Seventeen Reaction to Their Girlfriend Singing/Rapping to an Explicit Song

Jihoon: Once the lyrics slipped out of her mouth he’d be a little like ?? But he wouldn’t say anything.

(Totally unrelated but I love this hair color sm)

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Seungcheol: He’d start laughing because he’s in shock that she’s rapping those lyrics.

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Jeonghan: He’d walk past her like if it was nothing but he’d laugh once he’s past her thinking,”Well that was different.”

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Joshua: He’ll take a double look at her and wonder,”Wait did I hear right or??”

(Ignore Jeonghan’s falling lmaoo or maybe not)

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Dino: He wouldn’t really know how to react especially if she isn’t someone that curses a lot.

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So, Pyrrha was a world renowned, well known, tournament champion fighter. How have her fans across Remnant reacted to her death? Is the news even wide spread? Do people know that she was one of the people who died in the fall of Beacon? 

If BTS fell in love with the same girl

How would bts would react if they fell in love with he same girl.

Jin: “ what! Why! I thought we were friends!”

Namjoon: “ I’m the one with the jams so she’ll fall for me.”

Yoongi: “she doesn’t need you guys. I got all the swag.”

Jimin: “ I’ll rip my shirt of so she can see what she’ll get.” *winks*

Hoseok: “I’m her sunshine. I’m her hope. Not you guys.”

Taehyung: “ I’m pretty sure she’ll fall for the cute one.” *smirks*

Jungkook: “ well I’m the golden maknae, so Im gonna win.”