she is probably top 3 tbh

Why you should watch Rupaul’s Drag Race

1. The winners: 

The show didn’t have a white winner till season 4. S E A S O N 4. It has the most diversity. 

first season winner: Bebe Zahara Benet -Black, won because fierce af

Second Season Winner: Tyra Sanchez -Black, she won because well, honestly she deserved it in the end..

Third Season Winner: Raja Gemini -Asian, won because honestly, it was either her or Manila, and either one deserved it as much as the other. Raja stood out with her fashion sense, and just how she does drag, fierce af. Raja is amazing and will be one of the best drag queens you ever see.

Fourth Season Winner: Sharon Needles -White, won because she stood out, and was different then most type of drag. She deserved it. Plus fierce af, her style is spooky, and creepy, she isn’t all glamour, but she is her own type of glamour.

Fifth Season Winner: Jinkx Monsoon -White, had narcolepsy and didn’t let it stop her. She improved throughout the season and deserved to win 100% Sweet af person and fierce af.  

Sixth Season Winner: Bianca Del Rio -Hispanic, also a different kind of drag, not all fishy, but comedy. She is a comedy queen. and an insult queen, again won because she stood out, and is the funniest winner so far. Underneath all that heavy makeup and insults, she’s the nicest person ever. Fierce af

Seventh Season Winner: Violet Chachki -White, she deserved it 100% The youngest winner yet, and the fiercest. Her fashion level is beyond high, probably up there with Raja tbh. She was a bitch till episode 5 then you saw her change and you just loved her. Fierce af, bdsm goddess. Smallest waist in rupaul drag race herstory. 

2. Each season is fucking hilarious, and as the seasons go along, each one gets funnier.

season 2:

Season 3: which we had the heathers vs the boogers drama, which WAS HILARIOUS. all the big drama started in this season. Plus we get the best queens ever. The top 5, not one was white. 

Season 4: Oh god this is one of the best seasons honey.

Then we had all stars: where the best of the best and fan favorites come back from past seasons (1-4) where they come back to compete for the crown again, unless you already won.

Season 5; ah, the season of back rolls

Season 6. The 2nd best season. 

Season 7:

3. It literally brings families together. 

4. The lip-syncs: every challenge, their is always a bottom 2, and one goes home I’m going to post the best lip-syncs 

season 3: Manila vs Delta. 

Girl sign me the fuck up this right here makes me emotional

also Carmen vs Raja, it was like soft fucking porn LIKE WTF

Season 4: Jiggily vs Alisa 

Season 5: Roxxy vs Alyssa


All stars: Jujubee vs Raven,

 most emotional lip sync ever, I wouldn’t want to lipsync against my best fucking friend when we didn’t deserve to be there. like pls no 

There was tons more. Just, those are some examples.

5. They don’t call it rupaul’s best friend race for nothing. It’s amazing how everyone is friends after filming or when the show airs, because there is alot of drama, and sometimes that can pull friends apart. they are basically oNE BIG FAMILY.

The Dance Awards Las Vegas 2017 Predictions!!!!

It’s finally here!!!

Same intro from last year:

Yes, I got like four anons asking very similar questions on who I think has a strong shot at winning TDA, TDA predictions, etc. So instead of answering each anon separately, I decided to do an entire Master post consisting of my predicted Top 20, Top 10, Top 3 (2nd runnerup, 1st runnerup, and Winner).

Now this is JUST FOR FUN. I understand that predictions tend to be frowned upon, however I am taking these VERY LIGHTLY. The goal of my predictions isn’t to be right (or even 50% right) but rather it’s a little game for me to see how well I can “call-out” results. I will even make silly mistakes along the way (like forgetting about an amazing dancer who may obviously make top 10- let me know if I make a mistake like that, or any other major mistakes really). My predictions are primarily based on a combination of:

a.) Who I Know
b.) Who I’m Rooting For
c.) Past TDA results; primarily from 2016
d.) Past Jump/Nuvo/24seven results; primarily from the 2017 season
e.) A dancer’s “history”, like how well they tend to place at comps.

NEW!: For this comp, I will only try to predict the Top 3 for all males and Top 10/3 for senior female because I don’t know these dancers well enough to be able to make a good projection if I tried to determine who would make Top 10 or 20 soooo…….

Also there may (will) be spelling errors….

Also feel free to send me asks about it and stuff, even if you disagree because like yeah!


My predictions are located under the cut starting from Seniors going down to Minis.

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anonymous asked:

dear evan hansen?

1.  favorite character?

probably heidi tbh shes such a great character and deserves more love

2.  favorite person to play said favorite character?

i mean there’s only rachael right? oh man rachael’s portrayal is so fucking great tho like she makes me cry everytime

3.  character you relate to the most?

evan hands down (id go more in depth but this would be LONG)

4.  character you would most like to play?

okay so id be down to play anyone tbh but my tops are jared or evan

5.  character you would most like to meet?

connor honestly

6.  most underrated character (s)?

heidi, cynthia, and larry

7.  favorite sung line(s)?

iDK i like ben’s solo in good for you and everything about requiem and so big/so small

8.  favorite spoken line(s)?

did you fall, or did you let go (it stands out the most to me and i know most of us know how it is to feel that way)

and when rachael says i am your mother had me shooketh

9.  first song you heard from the show?

anybody have a map bc i listened to it from the beginning yeah

10.  song you play on repeat?

okay so yall probably know i have a one-track mind so i listen to one song on repeat each week but it always changes (like during each week) so i’d say all of them (but the first one was requiem bc i mean laura’s voice is everything)

11. song you skip when it comes on shuffle?

none of them but i used to skip so big/ so small because i was afriad i was gonna cry in public 

12.  most underrated song?

oh man i’d say to break in a glove like mike park does a fucking amazing job guys like when he says for a kid who’s lost control it does show larry did care for connor at least a little bit

13.  favorite head cannon?

there are so many but i love almost all of them usually more happy ones because i get pretty sad easily (unfortunately ugggggjhah)

14.  three words that describe this show?

sad, wondeful, insightful (at least for me bc of the way evan is portrayed and i know connor is another character in that way)

15.  overall rate?


ah im gonna answer the rest tomorrow this took a lot of thought and shiz but i really like this (ill still take more tho sooooo)

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Hyuga/Riko? I love those two together! You don't have to if you already have too many or are feeling tired!

Sorry I never did this one! I’ve been really sick >^<

  • who wakes the other one up with kisses: probably Hyuuga. he can be very sweet.
  • who is the morning person/night person: Riko stays up all night but still gets up early. honestly how is she alive she’s running on like 3 hours of sleep
  • who is the romantic one: Hyuuga. Riko gets really embarrassed with romantic stuff. 
  • who is the top when it comes to sex: ??? HONESTLY I DON’T KNOW IT COULD GO EITHER WAY
  • who would lead in ballroom dancing: probably Riko tbh
  • who is the more cuddly one: Riko definitely. 
  • who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch: Hyuuga is a gentleman and lets Riko pick. she usually picks something he’ll like anyway
  • who is the one who would pay for dates: Hyuuga insists on paying
  • who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes: PROBABLY RIKO AND HYUUGA GETS RLLY FLUSTERED

send me more of these so I can test out my new keyboard lmao. (it’s so fun to type on)

rhinosoupie  asked:

aaa! top 5 (or 10, whichever you prefer) favorite artists ever?

1. @kuvshinov-ilya is sO GOOD, i loooove the way she draws faces and p much everything else about her art tbh

2. @lolakasa - her style is always so pretty and inspiring to me, i always love seeing the snk characters in her style ;;

3. there are two artists on pixiv (こーだ and ぐちゃ) who are probably my favorite jeanmarco artists ever because of how much i love their art styles and how much they’ve posted :’0

4. isayama! because he started out as pretty inexperienced with low self confidence but he ended up becoming really successful and improving his art a lot over time

5. this isn’t an individual artist but i l o v e the kyoto animation style (theyre the studio that made k-on and free! and stuff)

i have so many more artists that i admire but i think that’s all i’m gonna write for now! thank u for the ask!! ♡ ♡

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escapingreality51, inloveamateursatbest, itwasjustmisplaced


Do they follow me: Yes | No | Unsure

Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

What I think about their blog: AMELIA <3 my favourite fluff writer, honestly her fluff brings me so much happiness and whenever I see a new piece from her it honestly makes me so happy! on top of that she is such a lovely person and I love her very much <33. 


Do they follow me: Yes | No | Unsure

Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

What I think about their blog: OK but she created my favourite Robert gif probably EVER it’s so so so well coloured and I love it so very much. I mean all her gifs are amazing tbh and definitely helps keep me updated with ED when I don’t watch the episodes. fab blog <33. 


Do they follow me: Yes | No | Unsure

Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

What I think about their blog: another person that helps me keep updated with ED when I don’t watch with her week in the life gifsets so I appreciate those haha! I also just generally love her blog tbh, it’s wonderful <33. 

send me blog urls!

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who are you rooting for at TDA? (not just to win, who specifically are you rooting to get into top 20/10/3?)

Sorry this is mad jumbled.


Mini Females- I would love for Brookie to win but sometimes I feel like it is leaning towards Brightyn (or maybe because a lot of people seem to be especially rooting for her). Tbh I am still v salty over the 24seven Phoenix incident.

Otherwise I’m thinking that Sabine, Summer, and Savannah might make Top 20/10? And Dylan and Charlotte Cogan are also very likely to make Top 10 this season . Top 3 is probably a toss up.
Also is Cami V doing TDA?? I hope she makes Top 20/10 too!

Mini Males- ???

Junior Females- Ella Horan for the win! (I prefer that people who haven’t won before actually win; the only exceptions to this preference would be when Lex won again and when Tate won again because it was that obvious) Hoping that Bella V can pull into Top 20 maybe!

Junior Males- Easton for the win!!!!!! (he’s a lil nugget; he deserves it)

Teen Females, Teen Males, Senior Males- don’t know; not rooting for anyone in particular ; I will say that I hope Eva Igo makes Top 10 this year. I knew that last year she would only make top 20 but hopefully this season she breaks in- my love for her has grown this past year.

Senior Females- maybe Bella Allen for the win is she goes. :)


Mini Females- Casey Tran for the win!!!!
Mini Males- Nick Bustos (almost) hands down if he goes
Junior Females- Bella for the win!!!! I hope Sarah Moore makes top 10 this year if she goes!
Junior Males- Brady hands hands down
Teen Females- toss up; not really rooting for anyone in particular
Teen Males- “probably one of those Canadian guys” is what I say in my head all the time
Seniors- Is Mackenzie Meldrum competing this year? Because her. And if not, Sidney Ramsey, Paulina Macias, or Emma Janus for Top 3/ the win!
Senior Males- hate to be rude here, but hopefully not Nick (though I don’t know the male division enough??????? I feel like the cards are going towards him)

Tbh I hope we get some real surprises for who wins best dancer this year (i.e. Like Morgan winning teens when everybody (reasonably, including myself) thought it was going to be Quinn).

Don’t currently have anyone in my head that I reaaaallly want to make Top 20/10/3 because anything can happen, some good whack can happen at TDA, and at the end of the day, it is what it is and you can’t go up to the judges and demand that the results be changed.

heart-ereki  asked:

For the ask thing? 7, 79, 98!

7. Favourite NMB member: Yamamoto Sayaka

79. Top 5 Songs (Currently):

1. Dear My Teacher

2. Ponytail to Shushu (edit: if this includes 46G replace this with Fukyouwaon)

3. After Rain

4. Mammoth

5. Ambulance 

98. Worst concept: I’ve got to go for Shoot Sign. I thought it was really thrown together and honestly the wrestling thing was really weird didn’t suit Kojiharu and didn’t think it was the sendoff she deserved. I’ve listened to the song probably twice and I can’t even remember what it sounds like tbh :’)

Thanks for the ask :)


Top 10 LOK Characters (as voted by our followers) → #02: Korra

I’ve realized that even though we should learn from those who came before us, we must also forge our own path.

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Going on with the dairy discourse, I have to ask,, is Nico an ice cream or froyo girl

this is the worst question i have ever received!!! (bc it’s so hard to answer)

ok tho but before we get started, u gotta separate froyo into two divisions: that cheap ass excuse for self serve froyo that is actually just SOFT SERVE, and the good stuff you get over the counter at the ice cream parlor that is very nice, very smooth

nico loves the aesthetic of ice cream. it’s cute! cuter than yogurt parfaits! (and a certain two classmates ruined parfaits for her forever anyways) ((not for the reason u think but bc they never invite her to parfaits and she’s jealous)) u got your pastel palette of different scoops of ice cream, topped with lil maraschino cherries and chocolate sprinkles and everything else that could possibly pass as cute. maybe one of those decorative slabs of chocolate with icing writing.

nico loves that kind of ice cream!! the cone is cute too but she prefers to eat out of a bowl because she doesn’t like the mess that’s created from ice cream dripping down your hand. but of course that kind of ice cream is expensive as hell and she usually just stocks a carton of strawberry at her house to eat in front of the television or computer.

that shitty self-serve soft serve tho?? it’s nice to have at the beach, but when no one’s around you can bet your ass that she’s one of those people who stack on as many toppings as they can so that it’s at like a 30:70 soft serve:topping ratio with no rhyme or rhythm or even regard for presentation because she’s a huge glutton and this is indisputable canon. it like comes out to $10 a cup but it’s ok she’s treating herself

nico doesn’t really buy the quality froyo for herself because 1) it’s more money for less froyo 2) you gotta pay for like individual toppings and 3) well she’s alone so isn’t this the perfect chance to go binge on shittier but heavier and cheaper froyo

nico and maki’s first date (or first Not-Date maybe) is probably an ice cream date tbh. maki treats nico to one of those really pretty ice cream bowls with like the pocky sticks and whatever. and maybe maki initiates their more casual Not-Dates when she spontaneously drags nico to one of the Nice froyo places during an after school walk and nico is in heaven. and when they finally begin to have Okay-It-Is-A-Dates, maki already knows at this point to skip dessert at the restaurant and bring nico to the gelato place at the end of the block. nico finally gets the sugar mama she deserves (they usually get different flavors tho because they somehow manage to argue about even that (”chocolate does not go with strawberry, maki” “you have chocolate sprinkles tho??” “chocolate and chocolate ice cream are two completely different–”)) (but they still end up sharing bites anyways because i just spent ten minutes typing up frozen confection headcanons and i deserve to weave in an amount of Gay)