she is one of the best character i've ever seen in a tv show

Why Kadena is the best queer representation of women I've ever seen.

There has been a lot of talk among fandom spaces lately about representation and what Kadena does and doesn’t mean for folks and this is just my personal take on why Kadena is the best representation I’ve ever had. Get some tea y’all and be ready for a lot of fucking words because this is a feelings explosion. This is basically a love letter to Kadena and The Bold Type.

I’m not trying to be dramatic when I say representation saves lives. I’m not just talking literally here (although a very REAL concern among LGBTQ folks in general), it saves lives because it shows you a visual reality on what it means to live as authentically and truthfully as possible. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for the media I don’t know if I would have ever found a world where I felt comfortable enough to be queer.

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What are your thoughts on teen wolf? especially writing wise? I have stopped watching regularly around 3b and I wasn't too convinced by what I've seen here on tumblr about the rest of the episodes, in particular 6x10...

i will always have a special place in my heart for the characters i love that the show gave me. i still blog about teen wolf, i write fic, and i enjoyed s1-3a. saying that, i don’t particular enjoy what the show became, or look back on the experience i had as a fan with much nostalgia (i think we were v much used and abused as a fandom online, for sure). i love my part of fandom, though.

short answer about the writing… it was terrible because

1) there was a complete lack of planning and follow through

2) we love this idea/actor/theme for 30 seconds but oops now we don’t

3) they completely misused their social media as a way to a) explain away/correct plot holes in their own writing and b) encourage viewers to watch a show they implied to be many things that it turned out to… not be any of

long answer

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Anime suggestions?

Asking a 42 year old lifelong anime dork for anime suggestions!?

Sorry that it’s taken me a little bit to address this.  In the absence of specifics I decided to provide a recommendation of my old favorites as opposed to new releases.  Of course then I realized I could write entire essays on each of my old favorites as a recommendation and started thinking about how to make a post like that.  Then I decided to provide short recommendations for most of the old favorites and save the hard-sell for a single great freaking show.  This in turn led me to end up re-watching large parts of said show because it’s just that freaking great.   Also, if anyone reading this wants lengthy essays on why I love a certain series, ask away and I’ll write one up if I’m feeling productive one day!


If you’re looking for recently-aired stuff, you can go through my GIF tag to see what I’ve been watching for the past few seasons.  Chances are if I’m making GIFs of something I also recommend watching it.   The only recent show that I’d mention specifically as deserving more attention than it received is Made In Abyss.  It’s a great little show.  It’s also really dark, despite the cutesy character designs, so don’t be fooled.  Also, if body horror is a trigger, stay the fuck away.  The Abyss does bad bad things to people.   Anyway, on to the old stuff ;)

Macross Series
Macross is my all-time favorite ongoing setting.  It’s one of the great pillars of the Real Robot genre.  It’s stands apart from its peers by focusing more on the human side of conflicts, having an actual nuanced take on the role of the military, and just being very hopeful in general.    There are several separate series that I recommend, thus I am grouping them together.

The Super-Dimension Fortress Macross (1982):  The original.  A true classic of anime.  The animation is terribly dated at this point, but the story still holds up.  Every time I remember that I first watched this within a year or two of it airing, I feel really old.

Do You Remember Love? (1984):  A stunningly-animated movie version of the TV series.  The story is slightly different, but close enough if you don’t want to put in the time to watch the TV series but want a better frame of reference on the sequels.  It’s also one of the most technically impressive hand-animated movies put to film, so it’s worth a look.

Macross Plus (1994):  Four episode OVA series set 30 years after the original.  The focus is on the reunion of three former friends rather than the overarching events of the setting, so it can easily be watched without knowing anything about Macross.  It’s also widely regarded as one of the best OVA series ever made.  It launched the career of Yoko Kanno, among others.

Macross Frontier (2007):  Takes place 47 years after the original on board one of Earth’s many outbound colony fleets.  Like Macross Plus, the cast is original to the series, and the first 8 or so episodes begin with summaries of the history of the Macross setting, so it can be watched without watching the others…though you’ll miss a lot of references and a bit of the story nuance, but not enough to be unenjoyable. 

Moving on from Macross!

Azumanga Daioh (2002):  The original slice-of-life show.   Cute girls doing cute things.  You will cry when they graduate.  Watch it.

Nadia of the Mysterious Seas (1990):  High adventure in the 1800s!  Very very loosely based on 2000 Leagues Under The Sea.  This is the series that put Gainax on the map.  It also has one of my favorite openings ever.

Aim For the Top!  Gunbuster! (1988):  While we’re talking about the glories of 80s-90s Gainax, let’s drop in on Gunbuster.  A surprisingly-deep take on the Super Robot genre, featuring the most hot-blooded female pilots you’ll find anywhere, which is a huge selling point.   If you ever wonder why Evangelion took off so quickly, it’s because it was sold to us as a TV series “by the people who did Gunbuster!”   

Marmalade Boy (1994):  For years this was my ‘warm blanket and dark chocolate’ anime.  Whenever I was feeling down for reasons hormonal or otherwise I’d just start watching randomly from one of the 76 episodes.  It’s just an animated soap opera.  The main character, Miki, is stunned when her parents come back from a vacation and announce that they’re swapping partners with a couple they met in Hawaii.  They all move into the same house together, and Miki meets the other couple’s son Yuu.  Hijinks ensue.  Nearly every episode ends on a cliffhanger or stunning revelation.  It oozes melodrama from every frame of animation.

EDIT:  I just walked out into the living room and told the wife what I was doing and mentioned that I recommended Marmalade Boy.  Her response:  “RUN MIKI!  RUN FROM YOUR PROBLEMS!” and now I can’t stop laughing, because that’s exactly Miki’s response to everything bad that happens to her.

(I appear to be drifting closer to writing essays for them all, I’ll just add a couple more and move on)

Yamato 2199 (2012):  A bit of a cheat, as this is fairly recent, but it’s a direct remake of the original 1970′s series that I watched as a kid…and it’s frankly better than the original.  

Please Save My Earth (1993):  Six-episode OVA series that covers the first half of the manga series by the same name.  A girl named Alice begins having dreams of living in a hidden base on the moon.  She encounters several other people who are dreaming the same thing.  I used to hate one of the characters for what he did.  Then I understood but still couldn’t forgive it.  Finally, now, I think I can forgive him.  It’s a series that makes you feel very strongly, but to explain is to spoil.  One of Yoko Kanno’s first series as a composer.

His and Her Circumstances (1998):   A romance buds between two people who hide their true selves behind a mask of normalcy.  Will they still like each other once those masks are stripped away?  A compelling romantic comedy from Gainax, and also one of the codifiers of the Gainax Ending, so the show kinda goes to shit in the second half, with three recap episodes and the animation devolving into stick figures, but the main plot is resolved long before then and despite all of this it remains a truly incredible series.

Okay, so, now we come to it.  The hard sell.

If there is anything at all in this post that you watch, you absolutely MUST WATCH

The Day The Earth Stood Still

I cannot possibly summarize the plot better than its own intro, so watch this:

The entire show is like that!  Breathless exposition!  Dashing heroics!  Fearful villainy!  And the entire thing done in a retro-60′s design aesthetic as an homage to the original creator of all the characters within, Mitsuteru Yokoyama.  Top it off with a literally operatic soundtrack and you have the recipe for…well…maybe that’s hard to say?  Why am I recommending a series about a kid who controls a giant robotic pharaoh? 

The show looks absolutely ludicrous, and in many ways it is.  The characters are over the top in a very old-school sort of way.  You’ve got your obvious good guys, literally called the EXPERTS OF JUSTICE.  You’ve got your obvious bad guys who constantly pledge themselves to the service of a guy named BIG FIRE.  The heroes protect the new utopia that the world has become with the invention of a perfect power source.  The bad guys seek to destroy that utopia and crush humanity beneath their heel.  It’s all so cut-and-dry.  Even the characterization of some of the villains as “noble monsters” and some of the heroes as “ends justifies the means” loose cannons doesn’t really give it much depth.

At first.

The show very quickly disabuses you of that notion as it delves into what it actually took to carve out a utopian existence from a humanity that is so frequently opposed to any such thing.  It examines the motivations of the villains and finds them valid.  It examines the motivations of the heroes and finds them wanting.  It provides two questions that drive the emotional arc of the story and demands that the characters, and you the viewer, answer them.

Can happiness be achieved without sacrifice?

Can a new era be reached without misfortune?

As the sins of the past rise up to destroy the hope of the future, somehow the giant robot pharaoh stops seeming so ridiculous.  The fact that everything looks like 1960′s guy-in-monster-suit action cinema only serves to contrast the actual depth of the characters and the series as a whole.  To say more is to spoil, so I’ll not go into detailed analysis.  Suffice it to say:  The show looks silly, yet is really quite serious.

It also has one of the best finales of all time.  I watched this series as it was released, and there was a three year wait between episode six and episode seven, and I can honestly say it was worth every second.  Re-watching it just a few hours ago, my cheeks were wet with tears and stretched in a big grin at the same time.  It’s probably the most satisfying end to a series I’ve seen. 

So, there you have it.  A whole bunch of old anime to watch.  (WATCH GIANT ROBO)

If anyone reading this actually watches something based on my recommendation and enjoys it, please let me know.  It’s always great to hear that a recommendation was well-received.

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hey! so im the person who asked for musical recs and im hella new to musicals so i've only listened to hamilton, tgc, deh, and heathers. thanks!

okay, awesome. i think the best way to do this would be to break it up into a few categories. and of course, there’s tons of shows out there that i can’t possibly all mention here! so keep that in mind. these are just a few of my personal faves. (and don’t think you need to listen to all of them! think of this as just a list of possibilities.)

1. THE OLD-SCHOOL CLASSICS–pre 1970, very traditional music, relatively straightforward plots, resolutions, etc

•west side story! you’ve heard of this one. romeo and juliet, but nyc gangs. classic tragic love story with some damn good music.

•the sound of music! don’t watch the carrie underwood version lmao. takes place in 1930s austria. a young aspiring nun isn’t quite fit for the job, so her convent sends her to work as the governess for the seven children of a widower. cute love story, but also they flee from nazis. julie andrews is everything.

•seven brides for seven brothers! this isn’t quite as much of a true classic as much as those first two are, but it’s a personal favorite. a mountain man in 1850s oregon sets out to get a wife; when he successfully returns home, she realizes she’s meant to take care of his 6 uncivilized brothers, too. she whips them into shape, and eventually they all fall in love with 6 of HER friends. shenanigans ensue. questionable gender dynamics but w/e.

2. THE NEW CLASSICS–more recent shows that have established themselves as Important Musicals, may be more experimental or innovative, may just be super popular, either way ought to be remembered down the line

•wicked! a musical prequel to the wizard of oz that explores the relationship between the wicked witch of the west and glinda the good witch…as college roommates. crazy popular show, you might know “defying gravity” or “popular” already.

•rent! be prepared to cry and want to rage against society, dude. centers around a group of artists in new york city near the middle/end of the AIDS epidemic. about half the main characters are lgbtq, and about the same number live with HIV/AIDS. focuses on the artists trying to fight against gentrification and society while also dealing with personal struggles.

•fun home! a very recent show, won the best musical tony in 2015. explores the life of lesbian cartoonist alison bechdel (ever heard of the bechdel test? she inadvertently created it) through three perspectives: her as a young girl, a college student, and an adult reflecting on her life. follows her journey with regards to her sexuality as she grew up and her relationship with her father, a gay man who committed suicide when she was in college. so heartbreaking, so amazing. a personal favorite.

•in the heights! lin manuel miranda’s first show. it follows a close knit community of black and latinx people who all live on the same block in washington heignts. the plot focuses on how the community is rocked by 1. the revelation that one of them has won $96,000 in the lotto and 2. a massive blackout. super funny, super emotional, amazing music.


•hairspray! it takes place in the 1960s (super cute costumes/musical styles) and follows an overweight teenage girl named tracy turnblad who wants to dance on her local tv station’s after school teen dance program. it also addresses the racial struggles of the time as the black dancers fight for the tv station’s integration. super funny, really fun music, lovable characters.

•legally blonde! yes, there’s a musical adaptation of the movie, and i love it. you might know the plot; elle woods, a sorority girl from california, is dumped by her trust fund boyfriend who wants to find someone more “serious” at harvard law, so she decides to get into harvard law to prove her worth to him. along the way, she finds out she’s worth a lot more.

•the book of mormon! i’m not exaggerating when i say this is probably the funniest show i’ve ever seen/listened to. like, the music is laugh-out-loud hilarious. it was actually written by the dudes from south park, so there’s that. it’s about two young clueless mormon missionaries who get sent to uganda and have to try to spread the word of god while trying to fight back against a warlord. so. fucking. funny.

4. AMAZING SCORES–like, i don’t necessarily mean here that i love every single individual song, but if you like incredibly intricate music with beautifully recurring themes (like great comet), these you might like.

•les miserables! one of my personal all-time favorites. it takes place in the early nineteenth century in france, and it’s about this dude named jean valjean, who went to prison for years for stealing bread. he gets out and decides to basically remake his whole life. later, he becomes a successful factory owner and adopts the daughter of one of his former workers, then the daughter grows up and falls in love…there’s a lot going on. just watch the show.

•into the woods! you like fairy tales? well, here’s ALL of them mashed into one show. seriously, sondheim is sorta a crazy genius. it’s about a generic baker who, to lift a curse, has to get jack (and the beanstalk’s) cow, some of rapunzel’s hair, little red riding hood’s cape, cinderella’s shoe…a lot happens, yo.

•sweeney todd! sondheim again, and this one is pretty dark and crazy, lmao. a vengeful barber named sweeney todd starts cutting the throats of his clients, and his accomplice/friend/lover(?) mrs. lovett, who runs a pie shop, starts baking the clients into pies to help get rid of the evidence.

5. WEIRD SHIT–broadway can be weird and experimental, idk.

•spring awakening! based on a german play from the late 1800s, i believe. german farm teens discover the strange wonders of sex for the first time, accompanied by mid-2000s indie rock.

•avenue q! it’s like sesame street rated r. it’s all puppets, except the puppets swear and fuck and stuff. the music is catchy as hell, though.

•little shop of horrors! a classic, tbh. a mild-mannered nerd works in a flower store, comes across a weird-ass alien plant. the plant can talk and stuff. turns out the only thing that can satisfy it is human blood! lots of murder by plant. really funny, though.

6. PERSONAL FAVORITES–things that didn’t fit in any other category precisely but i still like, idk.

•newsies! there’s a movie with baby christian bale lmao, but the stage show is better. newsboys in 1899 go on strike when newspaper suppliers raise prices. VERY dancey. very catchy songs.

•falsettos! oh man, i love crying. a gay man, marvin, leaves his wife (and son, a bit) for his lover, and after everyone finally gets sick of his shit, is forced to reckon with his own maturity and problems. then, in the second act, more stuff happens, but i don’t want to spoil it. PLEASE listen to falsettos. it’s one of my favorites of all time.

•the last 5 years! this show actually has only 2 people in it. it tells the story of a relationship from both people’s perspectives. the thing is, her songs go from the end of their relationship backwards to the beginning, and his go chronologically from the beginning to the end, and they meet just once in the middle. it’s just songs going back and forth, and the songs are pretty wonderful.

•next to normal! it’s about a woman with severe mental health problems and her family trying to make it through as she struggles to find a treatment that will help keep her “balanced.” kinda heartbreaking, kinda wonderful, raises some fascinating questions about mental health and if treatment is right for everyone.

•heathers! you’ve already listened to it. i just love it so i’m gonna say it anyway.

this is, well, TONS of shows, so i think i’m good! happy listening!

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I think I've never had as complicated relationship with a tv show as I have with Skam. Like I honestly think Julie is overrated in all her progressiveness Skam is praised. Like I feel like she was better at creating complex male characters (Isak in particular) who fuck up, grow and learn but she managed to kill girl characters' (Noora in particular) development and deepness. Not to mention all that lesbophobia no one is calling her out... i have so much to say. It's frustrating.


the thing is that when skam is at its best, it’s the most immersive and engaging show that i’ve seen, and when it’s at its worst it’s illogical and confusing and dismisses racism, glorifies abuse, and treats lesbians like a joke. it’s crazy that the show that brought us one of the most beautiful and complex coming out storylines that had so much care put into it also had the line “the feelings that arise don’t necessarily mean you’re a lesbian”.

like, i feel like the show is meant to be seen as progressive, but in reality, it’s just as progressive as any other faux-progressive show out there. like, they gave us a beautiful mlm storyline because that’s palatable to straight people, but they treated lesbians like a joke because lesbians aren’t as palatable. they gave us beautiful mental illness rep, but they also glorify abuse, which is another huge societal problem (and it’s bigger than skam but it could have meant so much to abuse victims to actually explore it but instead abuse victims have to feel triggered as they watch the show). but like, when do you ever see a show that focuses on lesbians and tackles abusive relationships? she also puts the needs of male characters above the needs of female characters and straight up assassinates the female characters in order for the male characters to experience growth, which is pretty fitting considering that happens all the time. if she was really progressive she would have put the needs of women, poc, and gay people first since that’s something we almost never see in media.

The Office Questions! 70+

1. Who is your favorite character?

2. Who is your least favorite character?

3. Who’s your favorite couple?

4. Most annoying character?

5. Most relatable character?

6. Jim or Dwight?

7. What’s your favorite prank that Jim pulled on Dwight?

8. What’s your favorite episode?

9. What’s your least favorite episode?

10. Who did you want to be the new boss when Michael left?

11. Who is your favorite non-main character?

12. Whose storyline did you like the best?

13. Which character would you want to live with?

14. What was your favorite part of Threat Level Midnight?

15. Favorite two-part episode?

16. Who would be your Office best friend?

17. Favorite Michael Scott quote?

18. Favorite Pam quote?

19. Favorite Creed quote?

20. Which Christmas party would you rather go to?

21. Who do you like more: Karen or Katy?

22. Who would you want to be your Office girlfriend/boyfriend?

23. What Dundie award would you want to win?

24. What’s your favorite Christmas episode?

25. What’s your favorite Halloween episode?

26. Ryan and Kelly or Kelly and Ravi?

27. Do you think you would hate Toby or like Toby if you worked in The Office?

28. Who was better for Michael: Jan or Carol?

29. Todd Packer or Toby Flenderson?

30. Which team would you rather be on: Team USA, Voldemort, Gryffindor, or The Blue Team?

31. Would you walk across the coals in Beach Games?

32. Did you like Karen?

33. Did you like Roy?

34. Did you like Esther?

35. Live on Schrute Farms for a year or live with single Michael for a year?

36. Do you like Ryan as the youngest VP?

37. Should they have aired Michael’s local ad?

38. Have you ever cried watching an episode?

39. What is the worst part in the entire series?

40. Would you attend a Michael Scott dinner party?

41. What’s the meanest thing one of the characters did to another character?

42. Pete or Clark? Plop or Dwight Jr.

43. Favorite nickname?

44. Favorite Office gif

45. Spend an hour in the car with Michael as he talks about his relationship with Jan, or spend an hour with Gabe?

46. Gabe or Toby?

47. Favorite Michael moment?

48. Favorite Pam moment?

49. Favorite Jim moment?

50. Favorite Phyllis moment?

51. Would you confront Kathy about her advances to Jim?

52. Would you freeze out Nelly like everyone did when she started working in Scranton?

53. Would Michael stress you out?

54. Pay $ for Hank’s blues cd or have Kevin do your taxes?

55. Erin and Pete or Phyllis and Bob?

56. If you started your own paper company, who would be your dream team?

57. Which costume should have won the Scranton Wilkes Barre coupon book worth over $15,000 in savings?

58. Who do you think was the real Scranton Strangler?

59. Would you have tried Kevin’s famous chili?

60. Would you be a passenger in Meredith’s van?

61. Would you want to spend a day with Creed?

62. Would you pay to see Darryl, Kevin, and Andy’s band?

63. Would you go with Erin to her Italian class? (Well, it’s not so much a class as a restaurant)

64. Would you go to Pam’s art show?

65. Would you cat-sit for Angela?

66. Do you approve of Oscar and The Senator?

67. Thoughts on Robert California? Or Bob Kazamakus 

68. Do you think Clark and Erin would have made a good couple?

69. *Kevin giggle*

70. Would you let Kelly take you to the mall?

71. Which era of Ryan Howard do you like best?

72. Do you feel sorry for Toby?

73. Do you feel sorry for Gabe?

74. Would you like to work for Jo?

75. Jim dressing up as Dwight or Dwight dressing up as Jim?

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K but what do you mean by the writing isn't great towards women? This show is totally about strong women and their character development. Yeah, they live in a very sexist society. The writing portrays THAT because that's part of the world. But the writing itself in how those women are portrayed and how they grow and survive in spite of that world? It's amazing. GoT has some of the strongest and most complex female characters I've ever seen in media

  1. GOT took two consensual sex scenes from the books and turned them into rape scenes. Two. Those scenes certainly weren’t perfect book wise, but both Dany and Cersei had consented. 
  2. The third major rape scene happened to Sansa - this will most likely happen in the books, but instead of what the books are leading up to (trying to crown Sansa, having her reclaim herself), the show dropped her into another shit marriage and had her raped on her wedding night, and then used the “rape = empowerment” trope. 
  3. Another idea off of that - “sex = empowerment” trope. The most clear one I can remember would be Dany’s empowerment arc really kicking off after she had sex with Drogo. 
    1. God yet another thing with Dany but the whole white savior storyline is….not great, and the show really exemplified it. But, that’s not about sexism exactly so we’re just going to leave it at that. 
  4. Two major female characters were cut from GOT - Arianne Martell and Lady Stoneheart. I can’t speak for Arianne I suppose, but fans would have definitely enjoyed seeing LS again. Minor (male) characters who ultimately served no plot were included, Bronn has appeared multiple times after he’s been gone in the book for years, the show can devote an entire subplot to Podrick being great at sex, but they couldn’t find the time to bring back a major female character. They can introduce and include Euron’s quest for the throne in season 6 but not Arianne. 
  5. Myrcella’s entire personality in the show is “I love my fiance”. That’s… pretty much it. She’s there to say she wants to stay with him, then to die after saying she’s proud of Jaime in order to increase his and Cersei’s pain. There’s…not much else. No showcasing of her strength or intelligence, or Arianne (who again, has been cut) trying to put her on the throne because Myrcella is genuinely a better ruler than either Tommen or Joffrey. 
  6. The male-to-female nudity. I think it’s pretty obvious by now that female nudity has been a bit extra on the show - and to be fair, they’ve gotten a lot better about having unnecessary nudity. But, that doesn’t negate the fact that Emilia Clarke herself had to put her foot down and say she wouldn’t do nude scenes. 

Those were a few off the top of my head - and I realize that quite a few of the examples I mentioned are book-to-tv changes, but I think it’s important to look at what they intentionally changed. To strip away more agency from their main female characters, characters who in the book live in a sexist world but still manage to be complex without unnecessary rape scenes. Most of the time those scenes went nowhere and were ultimately added for shock value. 

 I’m a bit more forgiving on cutting characters (especially as I don’t know how the book will end, obviously), but I hate that they teased LS for a year only to bring back a minor male character who should have died, hate that they cut Arianne and her quest for the throne only to add in Euron and his

And none of that, none of that means that the characters aren’t strong or complex. Cersei is one of the best characters I’ve seen on TV. Sansa Stark is my favorite character of all time. I have issues with Daenerys and the whole “white savior” aspect the show (unintentionally?) pushes, but those aside, she’s a strong female character and is incredibly complex. But, that doesn’t mean the writing treats them well. Having strong female characters doesn’t excuse a show from being sexist. 

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I'm planning on getting a Lupin manga soon! Any recommendations on where to start? I've heard that many of the episodes come from the manga and I don't want to get a volume which stories I've seen already.


I have had this question a couple of times over the past few days, all from anonymous users. 

I’ll do my best to answer this for you, but I am still yet to read through every one of the Lupin manga’s. It is probably the part of the franchise where my knowledge is weakest. If anybody would like to chime in with their own opinions / information, then please feel free!

There are six different types of Lupin manga. The first series ran in the late sixties and set the foundations for the 1971 TV series. The second series began on June 23rd of 1977 and was akin to the red jacket TV show.

Twenty years later, Lupin and company returned one again, this time with a manga titled Lupin III S. It started its run during the January of 1997.

Lupin III Y came out a year after in 1998, after which six years passed before the series continued with Lupin III M in 2004. Finally, Lupin III H was included as part of the official Lupin magazine in Japan and it ran during 2010 to 2011.

The only series that was not written by Monkey Punch in this list is Lupin III S, which was instead penned by Satosumi Takaguchi.

Let’s take a quick look at all six and I will try to explain in brief what each is about:

Lupin III [The original manga series]:

The first Lupin III comics were written and illustrated by Kazuhiko Katō, best known by his pen name of Monkey Punch. It was published in Weekly Manga Action, a Japanese magazine that featured the Lupin series between 1967 to 1969. The publication also featured other classic mangas such as 009-1, Lone Wolf and Cub and more recently, Crayon Shin-Chan.

If you got into the Lupin series by anything other than the green jacket series, these might not be to your taste. The original manga series is a Marmite affair, you either love it or hate it. The artwork is sketchy to the point of not being able to see who is who and some of the stories can be down right insane.

Lupin and co are very different here, too. Lupin is a bad character, but a smart one. He will get his way by any means necessary. He is a drunk, a sexual predator and a conniving little shit. Fujiko is here too, but her character is not consistent. Originally, the character of Fujiko was a type of bond girl. Each new chapter had a different female icon, although her name was always the same: Fujiko Mine. It wasn’t until later volumes that she became one consistent, reoccurring character.

Jigen isn’t Lupin’s best bud. He’s a mysterious hit man that is likely to shoot Lupin between the eyes if the money is good. Zenigata appears also, but he’s not a by-the-books cop as he is in the series. Zenigata isn’t afraid of using dirty means to get what he wants, something which is very much against his TV equivalent.

Goemon appears later in the manga, although he is very much as he is during the first few episodes of the green jacket show. Goemon wants Lupin’s head on a platter and he will stop at nothing to kill the thief.

This first run of Lupin manga’s was picked up by Tokyopop in the early 2000’s and was released abroad. Since then, the company has been restructured and publication has ceased on all Lupin releases. This means that the manga’s are awfully difficult to come across at a reasonable price and it is a huge shame no other companies have picked it up.

If you enjoyed the darker tone of the green jacket series and aren’t afraid of getting to know some downright nastier versions of the characters you may already love, we would suggest giving this a go. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but each chapter is an interesting read and often an entertaining one too. We guarantee you will be scratching your head at some parts though, but it’s still a huge part of Lupin’s history and we like it.

Shin Lupin III:

My personal favourite is this second series. Titled Shin Lupin III in Japan, this series first released on June 23rd, 1977 and ran for 188 chapters. As with the first manga, it was also written and illustrated by Monkey Punch. It was released abroad in limited quantities by Tokyopop as Lupin III: Worlds Most Wanted.

Shin Lupin is much more like the Lupin you would expect. It is very reminiscent of the red jacket TV show, only it has Monkey Punch’s unique take on the updated characters. The tone of each chapter is still a little grittier than the red jacket TV show, but when compared to the first run of Lupin manga’s it’s a lot sillier.

My personal favourite is this second series. I prefer the more light-hearted Lupin and it still features Monkey Punch’s crazy style of storytelling, which helps keep it interesting. If you are looking to get into a Lupin manga series, I say this is the best place to start.

Lupin III S:

Lupin returned in 1997 for a five story long run in both Weekly Action Manga and 2 Action. The series featured a bold new art style and was written by Takaguchi Satozumi under the ever watchful eye of Monkey Punch (he acted as supervisor on this one.) The artwork was by Shusay.

As much as I would like to, I haven’t actually read Lupin III S. It has been republished a couple of times in Japan since its original release, but it is still pretty hard to get hold of in Europe or the US.

Lupin III Y:

Lupin III Y feels like a modern Lupin III. This series was written once again by series creator Monkey Punch and it features some more futuristic stories, some of which include some pretty freaky looking cyborgs.

The characters are all reminiscent of their TV counterparts in this series. All of the main characters star, with Lupin, Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko teaming up for some great heists. Inspector Zenigata has plenty of time in the spotlight too, which is never a bad thing!

The art style to this series is cool looking and a define improvement over the original’s sketchy artwork. With that said, it lacks a lot of the original character and in my opinion, isn’t quite as good because of this. A lot of the characters appear a little stiff and I definitely miss the energetic feeling everybody had in the originals.

Lupin III M:

Lupin III M first showed up in 2004 and once again had a brand new art style. The series ran for eight volumes and was also written by Monkey Punch.

As with Y, this manga is incredibly hard to find outside of Japan. I’m still yet to read both of them, so I cannot really make any recommendations! I am a big fan of the cover artwork though and it looks like something I would enjoy.

Lupin III M Neo:

There isn’t much to say about Lupin III M Neo other than the fact it was a sequel series to Lupin III M. The series consisted of a very similar art style to its prequel series, featuring a more grown up look for Lupin and company.

Lupin III H:

The final Lupin III series manga ran in Japan during 2010 / 2011 and was included as part of the official Lupin III magazine. This series is very much like the more recent Lupin works and it has a good sense of humour. As with previous lettered releases, this series was written by good ol’ Monkey Punch.

Again, I am still yet to read this series but judging by the cover artwork, it features a variety of very familiar art styles.

Lupin Jr [Notable mention]:

Lupin Jr. was a fun little side project for Monkey Punch. A couple of episodes in the original manga’s featured a child son of Lupin III as he goes on adventures with a woman named Fujiko (and as confusing as it sounds, she is completely different to the Fujiko we all know and love.)

Monkey Punch enjoyed the strip so much he decided to continue on Lupin Jr.’s adventures in his own manga series. It ran for a good few volumes and the first three are fan translated and available online. It was never officially localised in the west.

Oh yeah, and just so you know… Lupin Jr is a total dick. Needs a good clip around the ear hole, I say.

Lupin III B [Coming soon]:

A brand new Lupin III manga is soon to be released in Japan. The new series, as with previous ones, will be written by Monkey Punch. You can pre-order the first volume over on Amazon Japan and it will release on the 28th of this month.

The new series will be published by action comics and it sure is exciting to see some new Lupin related work from the original creator. Be sure to stay tuned to Lupin Central for all the latest news on this upcoming series!


Phew! That is pretty much all of the mainline Lupin III manga series covered. There are a couple of other spin-off series, such as Sexy Lupin, but to save writing paragraphs more, we will have to save them for a later date!

Unfortunately, you will find it quite difficult to buy one of the volumes in either of the first two series without ending up with one or two familiar stories within. A fair few of the early 1971 green jacket episodes were based on tales from the first run of Lupin manga’s, which partially explains why those episodes were of a darker tone.

Still, we say don’t let this put you off. The manga versions of these stories are quite different and unless you’re absolutely one-hundred percent intending to see new entirely new content only, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. If that is however an issue for you, we would suggest going with one of the later manga’s, perhaps Lupin III Y or Lupin III M.

We hope this helps, thanks a lot for writing in and don’t forget to let us know which one you end up buying!

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Have you read any good p&p fics lately?

I’m glad you asked, my friend. :D

Miscommunication : Darcy marries Anne who is terminally ill four years before the main story starts. Thereafter the story line will follow the original in most respects, but the characters act in ways I believe their modern counterparts would do; with 21st century sensibilities and understanding. The locations are as in the original; Meryton is in Hertfordshire, the Gardiners live in London, Pemberley is in Derbyshire. Elizabeth and William will be together at the end of the story, but their journey will at times be difficult. (I’m currently reading this one)

Pounds: When his Jaguar breaks down while he’s on the road less traveled, Darcy discovers romance in an unlikely location. But can he and Lizzy Bennet move beyond friendship, overcome their differences, and find love in all the ‘wrong’ places?

Sanctuary: Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy have something in common: tragedy and loss. Both have decided to seek out a new life and a new home, a place where they can heal and put the pieces back together again.

Feel It All: This story does include sexual violence: Elizabeth is recovering from a rape assault and there are non-graphic allusions to it throughout the story. However there is one scene where she suffers a flashback from that event, and I will forewarn everyone in advance and set the scene aside to make it easy to skip over for those who are not comfortable reading sexually violent material.

The Pen is Mightier than the Gun: She is Detective Liz Bennet. Her skills are notorious, her exploits already legendary and her body is to die for. He is William Darcy, ruggedly handsome millionaire and best-selling mystery writer, parent to his younger sister. And he certainly has his issues, stemming from events of a decade ago. Darcy gets himself assigned to Bennet as a celebrity shadow. When the two meet he insults her and the sparks fly. Part P&P, part Castle (the TV show) and part original invention, this story is a mystery with plenty of humor, banter, fuzziness, heart, sweetness and other random stuff to balance out the tension and drama. HEA is guaranteed, well not for the villains, but for ODC. Previous knowledge of Castle is not necessary.

Plan B: I don’t even know how to explain this fic without giving too much away and there’s no blurb. All have to say is: it’s one of my favorite fics ever and there’s one of the most unexpected plot twists i’ve ever seen.

Repressed Feelings: What might happen if regency FD’s memories arose in a modern FD’s life, just when he was about to make the same mistakes as his predecessor did! (I know this premise might seem weird but trust me this fic is great. It made me cry like a baby)

Passages to Evil: This is a non-cannon story. Darcy finds Lizzy one night in the rain. She has been kidnapped by Wickham and managed to escape. With no memory for quite some time, she stays at Pemberley and falls in love with Darcy.

Dance The Tide: William Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet meet when they collide on a beach on Cape Cod, and though their immediate dislike for each other is strong, they soon begin to realize that first impressions aren‘t always true. As Elizabeth struggles to conquer her fears, and William works to overcome his arrogance and distrust, they both learn that the higher the walls around your heart, the harder you fall when someone tears them down.

A Beautiful Friendship: Darcy and Elizabeth are both affected by traumatic past experiences and only through an unusual relationship, can they overcome their fears to find true happiness (together, of course).

She Loved That Dress: She loved the dress. It made her feel alive. It made her feel like Patrick Swayze was going to come upon her any moment and tell her that she didn’t belong in any corner. The yellow, one strapped satin number was designed specifically for her by her all-knowing mother – a small hazard of having too much money and not enough interests to occupy her time. The slit only came up to her knee – just enough to leave one wondering… And the elegant, sparkling broach on her shoulder twinkled under her brown hair.

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Hey Meg, I was wondering about your thoughts on Buffy/spike/angel. I always LOVED Angel but then he got his own tv show and it was ruined (my thoughts anyway). But then I loved Spike just as hardcore. Mind you I've only had one full watch all the way through of Buffy. But who did you ship way back when?? I am totally interested in your opinions :)

Hey anon!

OH BOY *cracks knuckles* Brace yourselves this is probably going to get long. Spoiler warning for a show that’s been off the air for longer than I care to think about.

Alright so, disclaimer, take all of this with a grain of salt, it’s been a minute since I’ve rewatched BtVS/Angel all the way through and every time I do my thoughts about different characters change slightly (aside from Buffy she is precious and I will fight bears for her, not that she needs me to).

The first time I watched Buffy (aka when it was airing because I am old) I was a lot more into Angel. I shipped it, cried for actual days over Becoming and the s3 finale broke my heart. I loved Angel, he was cool and mysterious and wore velvet blazers. He was great. Then I got a little bit older and when he’d come back or I rewatched, Angel around Buffy got on every single one of my nerves. He was obnoxiously cryptic, withheld useful information, was condescending af and considered his age a good enough reason to make decisions on Buffy’s behalf (when it’s not like he was being the most rational and mature around her like dude so much shit could’ve been avoided if you didn’t keep secrets because they were upsetting). Plus he wore velvet blazers, like what the fuck.

I actually liked him a lot better on Angel. I thought he regained some perspective on the world and how to deal with people and he fit waaaaaay better with Cordelia than he ever did with Buffy (DO NOT get me started on what that show did to Cordelia I will NEVER EVER EVER be over it). I also loooooved his dynamic with Spike in season 5 and wish we could’ve seen more of it. He even cracked jokes! They were often terrible jokes but bless his heart he tried. (Angel disclaimer: I am completely ignoring whatever the fuck season 4 was, that shit was some absolute nonsense)

Angel around Buffy was a mopey, overbearing pitbull type person and I really really hate when one half of a ship feels like they’re qualified to make decisions for the other. I also think there was an pedestal element to how he viewed Buffy and I don’t like that. He saw her as this perfect, golden salvation and that’s not really fair to her, she was a person. Plus, he fed her whole ‘I just want to be normal’ thing and while I get it, she wanted a life without death, darkness and demon guts, she wasn’t normal and it bothered me a lot that he pushed her to try and be instead of supporting her and helping her be a stronger, more content version of who she was. He lived his life with a mopey, the grass is always greener philosophy and encouraged her to do the same. When you’re a Slayer with a ridiculously short life expectancy, seems to me you should embrace what you have and enjoy it as much as possible (also, that paved the way for fucking Riley and GROSS. NO.)

Final personal verdict: Angel on BtVS was at his most interesting as Angelus and I kind of want to hit the souled version in the nose with a rolled up newspaper and tell him no pretty much constantly, Angel on his own show was dorky and endearing and I wanted to hug him a lot. To be clear, I don’t think Angel was a bad person, I think he was a messed up person trying his best and I think he and Buffy loved each other very much, but their ship dynamic doesn’t work for me.

Enter Spike. I loooooooved Spike from the moment he arrived. I think he was one of the most entertaining villains/characters on the show. He was snarky and hilarious and gave zero fucks except oh look he actually gave a lot of fucks, he just kept them hidden away. I adore characters with layers. I’m not entirely sure when I started shipping Buffy/Spike, but somewhere between the s2 finale and s4, I thought they’d be an awesome idea but I never thought the show would go there and when it started going there in s5, I pretty much entirely lost my shit and shifted into OTP mode.

Their relationship was SUPER messed up, I am in no way denying that, but they had the whole opposites attract thing going like WHOA and I generally feel like Spike was the only person in Buffy’s entire life who could see her in all her glory and accept anything she dropped on him (Tara came the second closest but the show did not explore their dynamic nearly enough and everyone else had this tendency to see who they wanted Buffy to be and get mad at her when she was her own person). I adore that they wouldn’t take each other’s shit and would be down to watch them snipe at each other forever. I also love that Spike encouraged Buffy to take joy from slaying, to embrace all the parts of herself. I love that once he committed to Team Buffy he was ALL IN. Part of that was his personality type, he did not know how to hold himself back ever, and part of that was he would do literally anything for her (tbf, to an extreme and scary degree because he struggled with limits). He was also a gross idiot and thought a Buffy-shaped sexbot was a good idea but no one’s perfect. I’m not trying to excuse his behavior but one way of looking at that is he accepted what she couldn’t and wouldn’t give him and tried to find alternative ways of getting what he wanted that, in his mind, wouldn’t affect her. That said, those ways were often deeply gross (although the buffybot was such an ongoing comedic opportunity I can’t even bring myself to hate it).

I also love the effect Buffy had on Spike. He definitely also saw her as salvation but he included all of her, flaws and all, in that picture. He didn’t want her to be anyone other than who she was. His whole learning to be a better person without an inherent moral compass arc was so powerful and, unpopular opinion, I’m not hugely jazzed that he went out and got a soul. I thought his journey and struggle was a lot more interesting without it. I waffle back and forth over how I feel about the s6 Incident. I think the show tried something very risky and I fully understand and support everyone who hates it and puts Spuffy on their notp list, but for me I see how they got there and I think the whole situation is a lot more nuanced in context than most people seem to consider when they talk about it. The incident itself mostly bothers me because I think the whole thing and fallout was partially a semi-transparent ploy on Joss Whedon’s part to get people to unship and his strict adherence to what he wanted his vampire canon to be and kind of wish he would’ve allowed it to morph organically and not gone to such an extreme and fucked up place to try and accomplish his goal but whatever.

(Fun fact, I had a long talk with James Marsters at a con about Spuffy and behind the scenes, Joss DID NOT want people to ship Buffy and Spike but James wanted to keep his job so he played Spike with extra layers towards Buffy to keep that door open and was absolutely FLOORED when Joss approached him with his s5 arc like okay buddy you win we’re gonna try going there at least with your character, we’ll see how that goes. Also, James is an absolute SWEETHEART and genuinely touched that people love his character so much and was super down to pause his signing line and talk with me and my mom about Spike which made our day. I know he’s an actor and this is at least partially a gimmick, but he’s really good at making you feel like your question is the best, most insightful question he’s ever been asked.)

ANYWAY. For all its flaws, I found the Buffy/Spike dynamic infinitely more interesting and layered than the Buffy/Angel dynamic. Both ships have their pros and cons but Spuffy hits way more of my ship buttons and they’ll be on my OTP list forever and the ‘you’re a hell of a woman’ speech will always, always make me bawl. It encompasses everything I love about them and is my favorite OTP speech of all time.

(Also, thank you for asking me about Buffy, this was a super fun can of worms to open)

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What is grojband? i've never seen it


what..? you’ve.. you've never watched it..???

Grojband is a crazy, cute and sweet tv show made in Canada.

The TV show is mainly: The Leader/SInger and Guitarist Corey Riffin with his fellow “grojbandians” (as he calls them), Laney Penn, she’s the Bassist/Manager of the band, Kin Kujira the Keyboardist and Kon Kujira the Drummer. All of them are 13 years old. And Kin and Kon are apparently twin brothers..

Basically they try to get gigs in every episode to promote their band. And of course, every show has their villian which is where Trina comes in.


She’s Corey’s older sister and wants to ruin their chances of ever being a great band. The ironic twist is that in her “Diary Mode” she creates killer lyrics that Corey uses for his songs. Diary mode is pretty much when Trina is feeling emotionally about something like if she’s really angry, sad or scared. She will go into diary mode.

This is pretty much the plot for every episode. Now here are some of the characters.

The Newmans

Grojband’s biggest rivals/genderbend versions of eachother. Who happen to be more popular than them (for some reason) and we haven’t heard much of them talking except Carrie (she has the blue hair). Here are the opposing characters: Corey Riffin : Carrie Beff, Laney Penn : Larry Nepp, Kin Kujira : Kim Kagami , and Kon Kujira : Konnie Kagmai.

Nick Mallory

Trina’s (and every other girl’s) crush. He’s probably the most popular person, who happens to be captain of the football team, straight A student, and actually not a jerk! He has this thing where he can only refer to himself in third person for example: “Nick Mallory is seriously thirsty right now” Not kidding, he will only refer to himself in third person. Decent guy, loves animals and all the good things.

Mina Beff

Trina’s best friend who will seriously do anything for Trina. Actually her real name was Bernadette, but she legally changed it for Trina, so their names ryhme. She’s Carrie’s older sister, which is a little freaky since with Corey and Carrie looking like each other and all.. Anyway, Mina is really nice which is the complete opposite of Trina. Mina lets Trina boss her around, which (I think) is because Trina is afraid that Nick likes Mina more than her.

These are the main characters that we’ve seen so far but don’t worry there will be more like with a new girl for season 2 named Candy Jams

Now let’s talk about the ships. OH the ships here are amazing. The biggest one is probably Corney which is Laney and Corey. When you watch Grojband, it’ll probably be very obvious that Laney happens to have a HUGE crush on Corey.

But just




these two.

And I almost forgot, Laney calls Corey “Core” while Corey calls Laney “Lane” or “Lanes”

These two are too cute for words and you would have to be as blind as Corey not to see how much Laney loves Corey. The biggest episode about them is “All You Need Is Cake”

Well there is plenty more about them that I could say but I think YOU anon, need to watch Grojband for yourself to understand how amazing it is.

Alright that’s enough ranting for today, PEACE!

Ok listen I hate that I’m talking about the straight white guy in such a diverse women-centred show just as much as you probably hate seeing people talking about the straight white guy in such a diverse women-centred show but I’m having lots of thoughts about Michael Cordero Jr so whatever I’m just gonna ramble for a bit (well…..a lot)

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What is Doctor Who about? I've never seen it.

*cracks knuckles* I’m so glad you asked. :)

Doctor Who is without a doubt one of the most amazing and addictive television shows ever created (and this is coming from a professed fangirl of more than a decade of watching and obsessing over a variety of show/books/movies etc.)

The Doctor is a Time Lord, an alien from the planet Gallifrey with a TARDIS (the blue Police Box phone booth) which is a machine that can travel anywhere in SPACE or TIME. I particularly like the way Donna Noble put it when she tried to explain what the Doctor does: “He saves planets, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures, and runs a lot…

“ or as the Doctor himself put it, “I’m a madman with a box!”

His race has the ability to regenerate, meaning that when he dies (by age, harm, etc) his entire body gets remade into a new form–this affects his personality and of course his looks, but it’s still the same Doctor and he has all of the same memories.  Because of this he is currently more than 2000 years old (though his age is very wibbly wobbly, a side affect of being a time traveler and constantly changing forms), is on his 13th form played by Peter Capaldi and which the fandom calls the 12th Doctor, and he carries a lot of baggage from all of his different forms: 

(The quote over each silhouette is one most often attributed to that version of the Doctor, but since they are all the same man, sometimes they get referenced in other forms.) 

It’s a show from BBC and therefore most of the characters are played by British actors–but the show has been going on for a very long time. It’s split into two parts: Classic Who and New Who. New Who is what is currently playing now, thanks to the BBC bringing the show back from a ridiculous hiatus in 2005 where it has increased in popularity like never before. The 2005 series starts with the 9th Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston (last silhouette on the right in the second row of the picture above) having survived the Time War, a terrible event that ended with the death of every other Time Lord. The Doctor, who refuses to tell anyone a name other than the Doctor (hence the title Doctor Who) is running from his memories in the war and the grief of the loss of his people. He does so by trying to help out where he can when he finds people in trouble, and by taking on companions:

These are special people who he chooses to bring with him in the TARDIS on his adventures–they help to keep him moral when he starts to loose track of how he should behave or whether or not he should care, they help the audience connect with him, and they keep bringing him back to Earth so that we recognize the setting for at least ¾ths of the episodes as on our planet (even if most of those are during a different time).

No matter which version of the Doctor you are watching at the time you can always count on him being a brilliant mind, a fabulous comedian, and a flawed character–the Doctor is not perfect. This show has it’s share of feels when it comes the time for a Doctor to regenerate or for a companion to leave (all things must end afterall), but it also has truly inspiring messages, hilarious comedy, fantastic character development, terrific monsters, and plot twists that will surprise even the most astute fangirl–the type who has seen/read so much that she can always predict the ending.

I think that’s the best intro to Doctor Who I’ve ever done, and I hope it brings you into the fandom. Series (the BBC version of a season) 1-8 is currently on Netflix so I sincerely hope you go and start watching. Please be patient if you don’t like it at first….most whovians have to watch a few episoded before they really get sucked in, and if you allow yourself to fall in love with The Doctor, the TARDIS, and all of his companions, this show will take you on a journey that you will never forget and never regret. :)

…Just for laughs, here’s another post I made about how hard it is to explain Doctor Who, though don’t expect it to make sense until after you’ve actually watched the show. Let me know how it goes!!

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I've been seeing stuff about the writers originally intending Emma to be with Neal but changed their minds between S2 and S3. Adam said on Twitter that they were wrong about Hook not only originally being scheduled for 1 ep but he didn't say if hook was always intended to be her TL. I don't know why it bothers me but I don't like if they changed their mind it makes CS seem less honest

A TV show is a work in progress - just like any piece of art.

If you write a novel you don’t publish your first draft - you work on it - and then you give to the public the best version of the story you can.

so i’ve no issues when it comes to show runners veering from their original plan. the version we get is the one that they feel is best - better than their rough drafts that they originally pitched to the network.

Emma was originally Anna - and she originally had THREE kids.

I can’t even picture that version of OUAT. I don’t want to - I love the one we’ve got. And that includes Emma’s love story with Hook.

Do I think that Emma was originally intended to end up with Neal? No.

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anonymous asked:

I seriously wonder about the lance sister relationship. They come from a typical home with loving parents. What would drive Sara to hurt her sister so badly. This goes beyond sibling rivalry. In all my years of TV, other than genuine soap operas, I've never seen such poison in sisters. Do you think how the writers of the show glossed over the ugly parts to save LL as a character?

Okay, bear with me. There are others who can answer this far better but I have some thoughts on the matter so I think I’ll share them with you…

Some siblings are far more toxic than others. They can heal as much as they can hurt but most fight or bicker anyway. But when bickering turns to acting out, then it’s often personal; derived from trivial things that, when mounted up, become these all encompassing monster of what lots of people love to refer to as issues, which doesn’t cover anything.

Normally this is explained but in Arrow there’s this vast canyon of questions about this arrear of the Lance sister’s relationship. Sorry to say, it’s going to forever remain that way.

Now I’m not sure they ever wanted to really dig deep into the Lance sister’s sibling complexities but I did notice something. The producers/writers etc they film five episodes ahead of us and write for another two or three more than that. It has been insinuated more than once by people like MG that some of the things in season 1 – and he does refer to the LL/OQ romance – didn’t work they way they were supposed to.

I don’t believe they were going to have Sara return from the dead.

I think (don’t take my word for it) that when they watched the first few episodes of season 1 before it aired, they noticed something was very wrong and it was troubling because it wasn’t going away. I don’t know KC, I have know idea what she’s like in real life; what I do know is that not only did she approach her role as LL from the wrong end of the spectrum, she also had less chemistry with SA than a dead fish. The lead of the show. She tried to force a way of doing her character that didn’t fit with the VISION.

So, they split these two for most of the season because why subject the audience to THAT whilst metaphorically scratching their skulls as to how to fix this cluster-fuck.

Meanwhile, they bring in Felicity Smoak: onto the team and into the vigilante lifestyle as fast as you can say bitch with wi-fi. Very platonically, which I’m good with. It was the first time Oliver became friends with a woman before falling for her. But that foundation was and still is necessary; it’s good to fall for your best friend, partner and ally.

And then, out of nowhere there’s this odd episode where LL’s mother comes to town claiming to have proof that Sara is alive. HUGE foreshadowing. There wasn’t a trail of crumbs, one hint, not even a speck of dust to indicate they were bringing Sara back before this and then… THIS. Bomb. Movement. Change.

Sara Lance… alive?!

In the comics, there was no Sara Lance. Now, it’s been made increasingly clear that tough the show is BASED on the comics, it has its OWN canon. MG said they were slowly moving away from it. Originally, Sara Lance was a prop to keep laurel and Oliver separated.

Why delve into the history of a prop and waste needed screen time?

Sara – when she returned - became everything everyone wanted to see in the BC. She basically WAS the BC. The leather, the vagabond lifestyle, the tough to crack exterior, the justifiable creed: ‘no woman should ever have to suffer at the hands of men’.

She WAS the BC.

But they couldn’t call her that because it was LL’s thing. I imagine how unbelievably aggravated KC must have been with this. She’d originally approached her role as the bitter, hardass lawyer (who never cracked a smile – unless Tommy made her - or won a case, got herself needlessly into trouble – needless in that she had zero to do with most storylines – and made the vigilante do her dirty work), who couldn’t ever make her mind up about what she wanted. She came at it from the viewpoint of the BC, not LL. A woman who doesn’t need anyone… until she does because she’s NOT the BC. Confusing right? Yet this happened a lot.

You’re supposed to work up to something like that, not magically become it from the start because, then, where’s the progression? How can she evolve?

Truth? She can’t. It’s already done. Ruined. The most they could do was try to put the shattered remains together, cracks and all. SO they brought in Sara.

Now, because of this – because they were trying to now humanise the sister Oliver had an affair with – there was no way they could show all of what made the sisters so competitive. And that was the route really. Rivalry.

Rivalry and ‘Daddy’.

Now Sara was the promiscuous one – the opposite of Laurel because LL was supposed to have sunshine shining out of every orifice and yet in season 2 that changes drastically: Sara is now misunderstood, lonely, wise and strong. She was too young to be stranded on an island and was influenced greatly because of it.

It was shown that she did a lot of things in ill taste when she was younger… but then it was also shown in S2 that her relationship with her sister pushed her to lash out in ways that would hurt Laurel but also herself. Angry at Laurel for getting the guy – after years having it rubbed in her face that Laurel was perfect – after Laurel had her grounded when she caught Sara flirting with an equally agreeable Oliver, Sara went to college and tried to forget the hurt. But then opportunity came-a-calling and when she saw Oliver again, they fooled around.

No matter how you look at it, they were in the wrong.

Yet when Sara tried to redeem herself, laurel more or less told her to f**k off. It was pretty bitchy. So Sara, like the young & immature woman she was, thought ‘fine; I’ll go off with Oliver on a two week sex-capade’.

But on Laurel’s end, Sara was daddy’s princess. She got away with murder whilst Laurel had to actually BE perfect. Sara failed at everything but was far more worldly and outgoing that Laurel. She was beautiful in a way Laurel could never be and she knew, deep down, Oliver was attracted to her. It was why she told on Sara to her father, got her grounded and immediately asked out Ollie Queen.

So Laurel decided as a teenager to become this amazing person. Be an example to follow so her sister would have no choice but to admit that laurel knows better, IS better.

THAT’S how you beat your rival. You simply be better.

But Laurel was creating an impetus in Sara.

There has always been a very envious, resentful side to Laurel and in regards to Oliver or Sara, it shows greatly. But I also believe – watch season 2 – that she’s angry at ehr father because she KNOWS she doesn’t fit the bill. She isn’t Sara.

(This kind of makes me wonder if ‘Ollie’ said yes because it meant access to BOTH sisters. He was a douche; there was every chance that he cared for Laurel romantically but wanted sex from her worldly sister and thought ‘two in one’.)

But it has always confused me how they made Laurel this shining pillar of beauty and grace, the woman the male leads (Oliver and Tommy) kept salivating over only to have her crumble into this mess of woman who hadn’t really been strong at all. In fact, she’d been barely holding it together. Notice how emaciated she seemed too; how tired and beyond pissed off with the world she suddenly was (and beauty means something when you’re the female lead), how she became an addict giving her permission to basically be a bitch to everyone? How she had to try more and didn’t want to because why should she?

Suddenly, no one wants to know her.

Then in comes Sara: bold and truly beautiful. Soulful eyes, fantastic body that can and will beat you to death, a mysterious past that causes her pain and a kind nature. Someone who never – not ONCE – brought her sister up on her bullshit. In fact, she let her scream at her.

Laurel even says this; she tells Sara that she stole her life and throws a bottle at her. She then blows up at a dinner because Sara is openly WITH Oliver. And suddenly it’s a free for all; everyone becomes a target for her and she lets them have it whether they deserve it or not. Laurel had been keeping her feelings buried until they festered and now she’s a gaping wound of a woman that no one wants to be around because wounds are ugly, painful and they can smell pretty bad too.

Eventually she explains that when Sara came back, Laurel saw the difference between them and it killed her to see it. She saw how strong and vibrant Sara still was – even after everything she’s been through, she still comes back a force to be reckoned with - forcing her to realise that the face she sees in the mirror isn’t one she likes at all.  Not even close.

They were made to be two halves of a coin.

But the writers never delved any further. They only showed the progression between the sisters after that, with Laurel actively trying to be a positive influence – a role model and older sister – to Sara. But Sara was living the life LL should have been living. Fighting crime alongside Oliver.

IN SHORT: it doesn’t make enough sense because it was a band-aid. A plaster over a bleeding wound. How the wound was created we’ll never really know. They changed Laurel’s personality several times on the show making us feel like we couldn’t trust her character to do the right thing. Worst still, because the writers know they’ve done wrong by her, LL got away with shit loads.

How can they create a decent history when one sister never even stays true to her character? If you’re looking for clarity between the two sisters and why they were the way they were, you’ll never find it.

All you can really see is that, they both eventually put aside the past to try and heal the damage they did to each other (which somehow excluded the damage done to Oliver because Oliver must suffer perpetually).

It’s galling to me that there was never even a moment where they faced that history. Never any understanding as to why they both acted the way they did. Some acknowledgment would have been fantastic but it’s far too late for that now.

We’re just supposed to accept it and move on. Laurel Lance logic at its best.

Sorry… I rambled. Ask me about the Lance sisters and… yeah.

@eilowyn could probably say this far better because I’m currently editing some fanfiction bit I enjoyed the ask. Thank you.

Best Dream Ever (kid!Meryl) (Furia, Tiff)

Even through her dizziness and general confusion, Meryl could tell that she was in danger. She had no memory of how she’d ended up in this purple apartment she’d never seen before, with a redhaired ponytailed man she’d never met. She backed away, her voice gasping meekly, “Mooom? Dad?”, but there was no sign of her parents nearby. With two long steps, the grown-up had closed the distance and grabbed her shoulder and head as he stared at her with wide eyes.

“My god… Meryl, my love?” he asked almost pleading as he looked her up and down.

Meryl didn’t like him, not one bit. He was touching her, creeping her out and she felt afraid, but through the fear surfaced her parents’ stern advice.

Stranger danger!” she screamed, the loudness of her own voice empowering the girl, and punched her fist right where his legs met, just as she’d been taught to. With a pained grunt he let go and doubled over, and she used the opportunity to run through the door into a hallway of some sort, down and down the stairs, into a foyer and out into the street. She thought she’d heard his footsteps following her down the stairs, so she picked a direction and bolted along the street, weaving through a small alley and back along another busy street. Her legs tired eventually and she stopped behind a vending machine, whimpering.

Where was she? And how had she gotten here? This wasn’t Stilwater, and it definitely wasn’t her small hometown. The skyline of neon skyscrapers was unfamiliar, and the longer she looked around, the weirder her surroundings seemed. Look at all those weird futuristic cars! TV screens the size of billboards! People were walking by and talking into little plastic boxes like they were communicators from that sci-fi show her brother Adam liked! She watched one of the TV screens show a trailer for some kind of upcoming kids movie, but instead of looking flat and like they were drawn, all the characters looked so real.

‘Am I in the future?’ she wondered, but then shook her head. That was so silly. You couldn’t travel in time, not in real life, and even if she had, she should have at least remembered it happening. Instead all she could remember was her dad congratulating her for an A in English, then playing soccer with her brothers and watching Tom play Wing Commander. He hadn’t let her play because she was ‘too little’, even though he was only three years older than her. But all those things had only just happened, so how had she all of a sudden gotten here?

And then a funny feeling came over the eight-year-old, one that she’d experienced a few times before. Of course, she realized, this was all just a dream! No wonder she couldn’t remember how it had all begun. Dreams were funny like that. But even better was that because she now knew she was dreaming, she could start controlling it. Do whatever she wanted!

Right now she really wanted an ice cream. She would figure what other stuff to do afterwards. She started walking down the street, pointedly looking away from where she was going and just focusing on the thought of ice cream. She knew that if you looked away for a moment, things could appear. When she finally looked back again, she saw an ice cream parlour up ahead. Score!

She ran to the guy at the counter. “Gimme the biggest ice cream cone you can! With all of the different sprinkles!”

The guy raised an eyebrow at her and asked, “Have you got money, kid?”

Oh. Sometimes dreams still followed real-world logic. No matter. She pushed her hand into her pocket, feeling around, and pulled out five hundred-dollar bills. Wow.

Three minutes later she walked back onto the street, licking a towering cone of five different scoops of ice cream smothered in a rainbow of sprinkles. “I’m the Queen of the world!” she exclaimed with a fistpump, causing the topmost ball to fall off and land on a passerby’s shoe.

Around the same time Meryl was waiting for her scoops, a message was sent out into the Bossville networks.

“URGENT! Something happened with the Rift. It de-aged Meryl into a girl, 7-9 years of age. Dark brown hair, bowl cut, red T-shirt, light blue jeans. Ran off somewhere in Sunset Park neighborhood ~10 mins ago. Any help with locating her and changing her back would be greatly appreciated. -Colin A.”

The(not so)great adventures of my ships in my mind
  • Me: *is anxious about Tv shows and doesn't care about personal life*
  • Jack Frost: She is doing it again,this girl needs to stop watching TV
  • Queen Elsa: *groans*Look at this!She is stressed!This wouldn't have happened if were still number one in her heart.But she just had to like damage characters and ships
  • Rachel Berry: Excuse you
  • Quinn Fabray: Our ship is fine and one look between us two equals the entire Titanic.Plus it's not my fault I'm damaged but RIB.You think I wanted to be pregnant at sixteen,get raped,get kicked out of the house,my boyfriends constantly breaking up with me,having nobody to love AND get hit by a car?!
  • Jack and Elsa: She does have a point here
  • Thomas: Keep dreaming
  • Newt: Bloody hell,there we go again*sighs*let me handle this.Listen here blondie,you think this is damaged?I was depressed and tried to commit suicide.Tommy bloody shot me!This is heartbreaking
  • Thomas: If you don't tear up with page 250,I don't know what the shuck is wrong with you
  • Draco: You do realize she has a type,right?
  • Elsa: What are you talking about?
  • Draco: The characters she likes.All are blonde,misfits who started as bullies-minus Newt-and though they developed feelings for a certain brunette they never came clean about it.In the end they didn't seem to get redemption but a short ending.Plus,most of them had daddy issues and a very good relationship with their mother.
  • Newt: This is not tr--
  • Draco: And they were accompanied by two more people who seemed to be their best friends
  • Jack: Um guys?
  • Quinn: *ignores Jack*I can't believe we hadn't seen it.She's replacing us!First it was Jack and Elsa,then Rachel and I and now Newt and Thomas.
  • Thomas: Question is who is next?
  • Jack: GUYS!
  • All: WHAT?!
  • Jack: There goes the commercial again*points at me who is throwing pillows at the television*.Why is she so upset about this?
  • Newt: I don't think I've ever seen her like this.Have you?
  • Rachel: Not even with Glee-and that says a lot
  • Quinn: *shouts*Oh my gosh!She is opening a fanfiction site!WHY IS SHE OPENING A FANFIC SITE?!
  • Thomas: Why is opening a fanfic site bad?She does this all the time with us
  • Rachel: Only last time she had an angry look similar to this,you two popped here.It's also known as the I-am-disappointed-at-this-so-I-will-read-fanfiction-and-pretend-it-did-not-happen-as-you-slowly-will-take-over-my-life
  • Daisy Johnson: Well you were right about this.
  • Rachel: Who are you two supposed to be?
  • Grant Ward: Oh we?We're the new ship