she is one of my favorites in all honesty

Honesty, I’m so impressionable and spongy that tiny, hamster Rigby is one of my new favorite things. I hate this ha ha. You guys win.
Imagine her:
⭐️ Chewing through all of Eugene’s wires.
⭐️ Biting people’s fingers.
⭐️ Stealing things from Mordecai’s wallet.
⭐️ Sitting inside of a donut then complaining that she’s sticky.
⭐️ Riding in Mordecai’s pockets.
⭐️ Chewing holes through most things in the kitchen.

Komori Yui Appreciation Week - Day 4

Day 4 theme - Favorite scene from the game


In all honesty, I truly love all the CGs in the game. They were all drawn so beautifully and depicts her moments with each brother, may it be good or bad

But I have to say that the CGs that I really enjoy 100% are the ones that shows how happy she is with the man of her choice.

These CGs really do show how deeply in love they are with each other despite all the hardships they went through individually and together.

I also enjoy the sweet scenes where the boys are behaving gently towards his little angel, especially when they kiss or embrace her with care to really prove how much affection he has towards her.

Aside from that, some CGs that show the boys discarding their treasured item for her sake also made my heart flutter.

As the CG shows, this is Kanato burning Teddy by his own will, and he looks happy. Which I think is self explanatory considering how much he loves Teddy. Aside form this, Kanato also accepted the teddy bear that Yui made for him in More Blood. Which is, again, very self explanatory.

Another example is when Reiji gave Ruki his pocket watch (which, I note, is important to him) to create a pact, and yet again, for Yui’s sake.

This clearly proves that Yui is the new treasured for them, and that all their previous treasured items almost means nothing to them after falling for her.

And finally, my utmost favorite category of CGs are the wedding ones.

Look at how cute they are

In my experience of playing the games, the wedding CGs always look so sweet and happy, because, of course, they’re wedded. And I doubt that the boys would marry her if they don’t love her.

The general atmosphere of when they marry her or propose to her are what I hold closest to my heart (I like happy endings). The words they convey to her are also very special to me because they’re pouring all they got into words that may not actually contain everything that he feels towards her.

So my conclusion is, all these happy CGs and scenes are very enjoyable to look at because:

1. Yui is happy

2. Yui is happy with the man that she chose

3. Said man is happy with Yui

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Ok for this honesty thing it said to tell you about my least favorite Tumblr blog. Well ok I joined Tumblr because of writing fanfics and I wanted to share my writing. So i looked for people who liked the same fandom as me. It was all well and good until my writing got attention. Then certain people started bullying me for my work as well as for being me. I stopped sharing here and took my stories to AO3. That one person ruined the fandom for me. I hope she sits on a cactus one day.

i feel you, i hate when someone shoots down something you love doing and just sucks all the fun and ambition out of it :(


Help I need to learn how to have Libitina’s face shape be muscle memory rip-

But! Look! Libitina spent some time with her mom apparently and did up her hair! (In all honesty it was probably her dad who curled her hair. Adelinda doesn’t know how to do that) But yeah! I wanted to draw Libitina and she’s gonna have to have different hair styles at times so I thought it would be best to practice now!

Also look! She’s smiling! And it’s not nervous at all!

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9, 20, 30, 41, 49! 💞💕💜💝💙💋

9. what kind of weather represents who you are as a person? 

The weather when it’s icy cold after rain. The gray clouds above, the air nice and crisp and when you breathe out, puff of smoke comes out of your mouth…I like that kind of weather. It’s so me lol

20. What is your favorite feeling?

My favorite feeling is when I finally lay down after a long day at work. After a nice shower, in my pajamas, under my blankets. It’s the best feeling in the world. 

30. What do you prefer, the moon or the stars?

I prefer the moon. There’s a whole galaxy of stars but only one moon. She’s special. She stands out, illuminating the world and everyone in it, without her, we’d be lost. In all honesty, she deserves all of the love in the world. 

41. Do you believe that love can last forever?

If you’re with the right person, yes. Definitely. If you have that love that goes deep into your bones, then you know you have it. Don’t let go. Grip it tight and hold it close to your heart. The feeling is beautiful. Just…don’t let go of it. I made that mistake lol

49. What color are your eyes?

My eyes are boring lol I have brown colored eyes…*le sigh*

Thank you, Ree!!! <3


40 days of positivity
• day twenty-eight: favorite guest star → Georgina Haig

I don’t think I’ve ever made a mystery of my love for anything Disney, and Frozen is one of my favorite movies, so when I learned that there was a show that was introducing a real-life Elsa I went nuts. It was, in fact, what pushed me into starting Once Upon A Time in the first place.
Georgina has surprised me so much. In all honesty, I didn’t know her and I didn’t think I would’ve been satisfied with her rendition of Elsa, but thanks God I was wrong. Georgina has been amazing, I loved the Frozen arc and I loved the way she captured all the characteristics that I love in Elsa, from her personality to the gestures, and also the voice!
What I also love about Georgina was the relationship she created with the members of the cast, both the regular ones and the Frozen gang. It further proved me how much the people who work in this environment enjoy what they do and who they’re working with.
*Mean Girls ref* One time she spent some time at the BC Children’s Hospital dressed as Elsa. It was awesome.

Zoe Hanji from Attack on Titan is honestly one of my favorite characters ever. She’s intelligent, astonishingly brave, totally committed to her cause and has enough heart to feel remorse for the pain she is duty-bound to inflict on remorseless beings. In all honesty I would love to cosplay as her someday—she’s representing for us brunettes with glasses. #teamHanji

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