she is one of my biggest girl crushes

lmao ok so i went to a party last night, and there’s this girl i have the biggest crush on for a while now, but i never knew for sure if she was into girls too, turns out she is, we hooked up and we stayed together all night. Then when i got home the next morning my grandma asked if i got a boyfriend at this party bc i looked way too happy
this was literally my face to her 

Amy Rose Made Me a Better Feminist

Yes, the pink, girly, boy-obsessed hedgehog. That one. I am deadly serious.

See as a kid I was a major tomboy, hung out almost exclusively with boys instead of girls, and typically consumed most of my media via cartoons. And in a LOT of animated media in the late 90s early 2000s, there was a ton of “not like the other girls” going on. There was usually only one girl in the show’s main cast, classic smurfette principle, and she was usually more of a tomboy. It was generally antagonistic girls who were girly. If a show did have multiple girls on a team the tomboy would be the strong one and the girlier one would be more of a moral center (see Digimon Tamers, one of my biggest obsessions as a kid). If a main heroine was girly, like Yakumo of Shinzo, she normally wasn’t getting involved in the fight at all. Ditto for girls with crushes on boys, they were often portrayed as if being boy crazy made them utterly inept and they’d only regain their skills upon getting over the crush. While I liked Sailor Moon, I’d only see the first season which ended with the mind wipe so yeah, kind of a depressing end for girly heroines in my book.

So by 2001-ish, when a pal of mine got Sonic Adventure 2 for his Gamecube, I was very firm in my beliefs that girlier things were lesser somehow, and pink was especially weak. Being into boys was shallow and stupid. Girly girls were either weak or antagonistic. 

Since it was my friend’s system, he got dibs whenever we played vs. and he always wanted Shadow. Another friend always wanted Metal Sonic. So usually I was stuck between picking normal Sonic or Amy Rose, or just Amy if another guy was over because no boy can every play as a girl character (nor, seriously the guy who liked Metal Sonic stopped playing Sheik in smash bros when he found out she was a girl). And I didn’t care too much, I was kind of annoyed that she was so girly but hey she had one hell of a timestop and to my glee there was a glitch that helped her win easily on a certain hard map. And since I’m an obsessive little thing, I looked up Amy and was stunned to find out she’s so fast because she wants to keep up with Sonic.

That blew my little girl mind. A girl’s boy craziness actually made her stronger? What sorcery was this? And she wasn’t weak either, her hammer work was AMAZING and she led to me making several OCs with oversized hammers over the years. Her attacks were pink and girly but they still did damage! Amy really helped me get over issues with the color pink and girls into romance because she showed you could do that and still be utterly badass. And her speech to Shadow  near the end of the game really wowed me back then. Still kind of does.

I know that people fight over the most trivial things. Some people may be selfish, like the professor said… but they’re basically good, if they try their best and never give up on their wishes. They always have a reason to be happy; that’s why you should help them out! Saving them is a good thing! Shadow, I beg you, please do it for them! Give them a chance!

So yeah, Amy Rose is was got kid me to stop with a lot of my Not Like The Other Girls tendencies. While a lot of girly stuff will never really be for me, I can respect other women’s choices to like it a lot more because of her. She really was a big step in my childhood development

Last One Out of Beach City, is officially one of my all time favorite SU episodes. It has a wonderful Scott Pilgrim style tone, a run from the police, great soundtrack, and most importantly rebel Pearl. Pearl has always been one of my faves but now she is probably one of my biggest crushes. So fucking cool, with the jacket and jeans and all. Speaking of crushes, though, god this episode was wonderfully queer. Pearl crushing on Pink Punk girl was perfect and getting her number at the end was just awesome.  I hope we see more of Pink Punk girl, I want this to go somewhere. All in all this episode was perfectly queer, introduced me to an album I am loving, super fun, and gave us Rebel Pearl. It does not get better than this.

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i have the BIGGEST crush on this beautiful girl in my Spanish class, and i found out thru one of my best friends (on Wednesday) that she likes me too and i don't know what to do now!!!!! i vvv badly want to ask her out but idk where to and if it's still too early :/// i've known her since 9th grade (currently in 10th) but i only have started to talk to her this year,,,,, send help pls🤠🤠

just start a conversation ya dont gotta ask her out right away just try talking first and see if you have a place to bring it up naturally

you really dont have anything to be worried about because she likes you too!! just have fun n go w the flow

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Sophia Bush, Natalie Dormer, Lily James, Jared Padalecki, Sebastian Stan, Tyler Seguin

do the sexy love with; Natalie Dormer, one of my biggest girl crushes. @natdormerxo
sacrifice myself for; Jared for the same exact reasons I gave for Jensen. @jaredgdi
kick; Tyler Seguin. @tylrsgn
take to prom; Lily James, she’s beautiful and she’s Cinderella. All the incentive I need. @lilyjamesh
abandon in jurassic park; Sebastian Stan because he’s a superhero and he can just fly out of there, right? @sosebastianstan
push off a bridge; Sophia Bush.

send 6 characters/people and i’ll tell you who i would

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Have u ever had any girl crushes

hell yeah??? girls are amazing. i had the biggest crush on this one girl in my psych class and it was so embarrassing bc i was always looking at her from across the room and she would catch me

Akumasona/Miracusona Week Day 1


I’m a bit late to the party but I hope I will be able to catch up with everyone.

Akumasona Name: Sweetheart 

Costume: I’m pretty bad at explaining my designs so here is a picture instead 

Special Power: “Sugar Rush” - When cast on someone, will make them hyperactive and supper happy, making them do stupid things they have always wanted to do - but never finding the courage to do - without thinking it over twice.

How she got Acumatized: It’s never easy when you have a crush on one of your best friends. Even less easy when they have a crush on a girl who is the embodiment of perfection. A girl who can’t do anything wrong and whose biggest flaw is her bad eye-hand coordination…

She has never been a fan of valentines day, but she always loved the sweets that came with it. She was gonna tell her friend about how she felt about them while eating some candy apples, but they just wouldn’t shut up about how perfect the other girl was and how they hope that she will feel the same way. She listened to them go on and on that she just snapped and started yelling about how she herself will never be a perfect bright girly girl. She ran away with one of the apples still in her hand, only to be followed by a dark butterfly…

au where everything is the same except adrien is a girl

-bi!adrienne (except she still hasn’t realized that yet and is like why is marinette so nervous around me??? and marinette just stutters around her and chloe’s just like “adriennne is not gay”)

- chat noir has the biggest crush on ladybug (but of course she doesn’t know that chat noir wants to be Gal Pals and not just gal pals)

(still haven’t figured out how the model thing will work)

- adrienne is still friends with nino

- animan happening because no one has the heart to tell nino that marinette is gay


A/n: I can’t be the only one who thinks Cal would be shy when asking a girl out… -L

Prompt: “I’m a six and she’s a ten” -End Up Here

“I don’t know, Michael. I think she’s out of my league.” I sat by the cabinets in his kitchen. His girlfriend was best friends with, Y/n, who I had the biggest crush on. Both girls were in the other room, chatting it up with my other friends who attended the party that Michael hosted.
His girlfriend walked up to him, “Mikey, I thought you were grabbing me a beer.”
After kissing her cheek, he apologised, then nodded towards me. “Sorry, babe. This loser started talking about Y/n and I knew I was in trouble.”
She giggled, “Just ask her out, mate.” She opened the beer, took a sip and added. “Better hurry; Ash has been talking to her for the past ten minutes.” Then, she walked out of the kitchen.
“Come on, Cal.” Michael held his hand out to pull me up, but I just shook my head.
“Michael, I’m a six and she’s a ten. She’d never go out with a six.”
He sighed, then left. Two minutes later, he came back with Y/n. She asked why he brought her to the kitchen alone. “I don’t think your girlfriend would like this.”
“Hey, look! It’s Calum! Talk to him!” Michael pushed her towards me and ran back to the other room before either me or her could say anything.
“Calum, I take it?” She sat next to me.
“Yeah. How are you, Y/n?” I asked, getting a smile as an answer.


please watch wynonna earp. it’s so charming and all of the characters are so so so good. wynonna is a badass lead character who takes down demons with a p cool lookin gun. she spits out some of the best one liners i have ever heard. she’s bitter and sarcastic and very funny. her younger sister waverly is the definition of a cinnamon roll. that girl believes the best in everyone and her fashion sense is Killer. agent dolls is ur fav emotionally unavailable broody man but he’s very secretly soft. nicole haught, is as her last name suggests, very hot and has the biggest heart eyes for waverly that i have ever seen in my whole entire life. her crush is v obvious. john henry (aka doc holliday) is sketch but intriguing like u wanna know why tf he’s doing what he’s doing.

and they fight demons??? in a small town???? and IDK I COULD GO ON THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD PLEASE WATCH IT.

BruceNat high school AU in which Nat is the most popular girl in school because of her beauty and smarts (and maybe because she’s won several medals for gymnastics or she’s the primadonna for ballet)

Everybody thought she’s dating the football jock Steve Rogers and they hail them as the perfect couple, where in actuality she has the biggest crush on Bruce, a science nerd and an all around unpopular shy guy.

She and Steve teams up because Steve’s actually has a really hopeless crush on Bruce’s best friend Tony.

They exchange intel whenever they can, Nat sending texts like “TS spotted by the chem lab, today’s shirt is Iron Maiden” followed by a quick snapshot. Steve will blush crimson and ignore the people teasing him about his girlfriend in favor of staring at the picture of Tony, hair sticking everywhere and carrying a large mug of coffee, looking hopelessly adorable.

Finally they decide that their final mission would be to ask their respective crush to the prom and design a massive elaborate plan to do so (which may or may not fail spectacularly).

Several misunderstandings, insecurities, and teenage angst later, they finally sort everything out and ended up dating.

Steve and Natasha still end up as the prom king and queen, but that doesn’t matter because when they get off the stage, Bruce shyly take her by the hand for a slow dance, and Tony kisses Steve with lips that tastes like coffee.

I hate April Fools’ Day. This one time back in middle school I had the biggest crush on this girl in my science class, and she knew it. But sadly, I was just one utterly unappealing, fat, lil boy who wore all black so people would know I listened to System of a Down and could totally rock out. Well. On April 1st she passed me a note that read “Movies this weekend :-)? Check one: Yes [  ]  No [  ]” 
I was spazzing out. Like YOO GODDAMN I AM SUCH HOT SAUCE RIGHT NOW. I checked yes and passed it back to her. She stood up. Started pointing & laughing and yelled out “APRIL FOOLS!!! HAHAHA” and her whole gang of popular friends joined in on laughing at me. I wonder what she’s up to now.