she is officially my favourite

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Your opinions on the main Sonic cast in a nutshell

Sonic - Admirably noble, but often irritating.

Tails - Cute, kind and wise. The best combination.

Knuckles - Cool guy.

Amy - Used to dislike her thanks to off-putting portrayals in official and fan works alike. Now she’s one of my favourite characters.

Shadow - Don’t really care for his schtick and character archetype, but he’s a unique enough take on the archetype (ie: calm and polite) for me to give him kudos.

Rouge - Much more lovable than the “bitchy slut” misinterpretations you unfortunately tend to see from many people.

Omega - Funny guy.

Big - Doesn’t deserve the widespread mockery that he gets.

Cream - Neither does she.

The Chaotix - Vector is the best one.

Silver - Indifferent. Get a haircut. And a better design.

Blaze - An actual cool cat.

Metal Sonic - Jolly good when he’s not going rogue and auditioning for Pimp My Senpai.

Robotnik - King.