she is now my favorite lol


Here’s an attempt to demonstrate how i color skin.  it’s quite basic, but hopefully it will help anon, and anyone else who’s curious!  for anyone who doesn’t know i use manga studio ex 5.  please click on each image for the caption!

some basic tips:

1. don’t shade with grey or black.  it looks awful.  i go for purple/blue-ish hues for shadows.

2, vary your hues.  if you stay in the same part of the color wheel things look very flat and lifeless.  there are a million tutorials out there for this that show/explain it better than i ever could.  i don’t have any examples to link but they’re easy to find.

that’s sort of it, i hope this was helpful.  i’m crap at explaining things.  a new computer is on my list of things to get when i move, so hopefully i’ll be able to record speed paints and stream - seeing things live is better imo.

In which drunk!Claire lives her best life...

There’s very little that’s cuter than Claire waiting for more kisses. Coz one will simply never be enough.

Looove this ‘I got this shit!” BOSS, right here lol

And her pleased AF look that she got it done in one!

Her “Alrighty,” *come hither* look, “I’m ready for dessert!” is just 🔥 lol

Then finally taking matters into her own hands and getting those extra thousand kisses she’d been craving!

GIMME aaaall the flirty AF Claire that has NO time for a slow seduction. Dammit, she wants what she wants and she wants it now, Jamie! 

I just love the way she says this through giggles! It’s just so fucking cute and natural - reminds me so much of her giggled “ow!” in 3x06 which was just equally cute as all F.

I mean… I will never be over her climbing everything in sight - dinna matter whether Jamie or the furniture - like a tree, while still being drunkenly sexy lol 🔥🔥🔥

And lastly (but by no means least!) Cait tryna hold it together and not dissolve into giggles 😂😂😂

*In my best Julie Andrews voice* these are a few of my favorite things lol by no means the only ones! It was a really enjoyable ep, with some really fun moments, but drunk!Claire will forever and always be ICONIC!

J2 TorCon 2017 Main Panel
  • J2 jump onstage!
  • Jensen: Do you know what week it is?? We premiere this Thursday. 
  • Jensen is also talking about Jared being on Jimmy Kimmel this Thursday as well :)
  • “My dear friend Mr. Jared Padalecki will be on Jimmy Kimmel Thursday Oct 12th so tune in” - Jensen promoting Jared. Jared: Ackles warmed him up for me…so tune in guys, we’re gonna have some fun. Jensen: Yeah, it’ll be a big night. We’re very excited about it. 
  • What memory would Sam and Dean stick to if they died (like Bobby with his memory of the boys)? Jared mentions the flashbacks in Swan Song and the “I’m proud of us” moment. Jensen says a collection of good moments (bros reuniting, stuff with John, Mary, Bobby, Cas) but also those moments of killing big bads. 
  • What story would you extend/elaborate on? Jared says Demon!Dean and Soulless!Sam. Jensen: Dean in Purgatory. 
  • Fan mentions her Russian blue cat named Winchester. Jensen: It’s a blue cat from Russia. That’s all you need to know. 
  • Boys go off on accents and jokes. At one point, Jared says: “If there was a place in Toronto that served Vladimir Poutine I would totally go and take Winchester with me.” Jensen and the audience crack up. Jensen: That dude’s got a blue cat. And he’s eating poutine. 
  • Who would you vote as the most ditchable prom date of the cast? Jensen: Cas. Jared: Story-wise, probably Sam. This is gonna sound the wrong way, but, Sam probably should’ve ditched Ruby. Jared got the better end of the deal lol. 
  • Young fan says her name is Lilith. J2 very quickly back up and Jared knocks over his chair lol. She asks their favorite monster. Jared: I’m gonna say Lilith. Jensen: Me too, because if they’re all as cute as you, they’re my favorite. She says her fav monster is a ghost. J2 tell her that if she ever meets one, she should call her friends Sam and Dean. 
  • Fav childhood memory? Jensen: Very happy childhood, lots of good memories. For his fourth birthday he got to ride a horse for the first time. Wore his cowboy vest. Jared: He still has it. 
  • Jared: Now I feel weird about my answer! Broke his arm when he was seven and was in the hospital for a week, got spoiled in the hospital, getting candy, baseball cards…At the time, there was a rare card available where a player had written bad words on the bottom of his bat and the card company only realized it appeared in the image halfway through printing, so everyone was searching for the rare versions that had been printed. Jared’s dad would bring him a pack of baseball cards every day. 
  • If you could create an episode, what would it be. Jared: The world’s most boring episode. The boys doing their laundry. Wants to see Sam and Dean doing behind the scenes stuff. 
  • Jensen talks about a movie “Sliding Doors.” One choice that creates two split timelines and following both. Thinks that would be cool.
  • Advice for Sam and Dean in s13: Jensen: Knowing what I know, I would tell Dean not to jump to conclusions…talk amongst yourselves! Jared laughs. 
  •  Jared is trying so hard not to spoil anything: “I would say…not to get too attached. TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES.” 
  • Jared is doing accents. Jensen: Keep going you’re killing it. 
  • Fav part about working together? Jared: Days off. Jensen: Then we’re not working together. Both: TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES lmao. 
  • Jensen: There are a lot of things, but one of the best is that we laugh so much. In case you couldn’t tell. 
  • Jared talks about how it doesn’t feel like work, especially with the Sam and Dean scenes. 
  • J2 have spiraled into Coffee Talk impressions.
  • Any spoilers? Jensen: Prepare yourselves…for some interesting characters this season. Jared laughs and pretends to be shocked: I can’t believe you said that! Jared: New characters and you’ll see some fan favorites come back. 
  • If Sam and Dean could bring back one character? Crowd starts shouting names. Jensen: Did someone just say Jon Snow?  
  • Jensen: Would love to bring back Azazel…so I could kill him again. 
  • Jared chose Charlie, because she brings out a different side of the boys. Jensen adds Benny to the list, Jared also mentions Sully. 
  • Fan: Do you think Ruby will come back, mentions wanting Danneel on the show. Jared jokes that he would have to watch the kids and do the real work. Gen was able to come back for French Mistake but not sure if she’d be able to now. Jared agrees that he wants to see Danneel on the show, too. Jensen: She’s rockin’ three kids, too!
  • Jensen says that those decisions aren’t up to him. Says if they were the show would have been canceled a long time ago. Jared jokes about how if it was up to J2 they would just cast all of their friends. “Who’s that guy?”
  • Jared: What character would Danneel play? Audience shouts, Baby! Jensen: That could complicate things. Boys want to make a dirty joke but they cut themselves off lol. 
  • Someone in the audience is yelling out Garth. Boys can’t understand what they’re saying. Bunch of fans start yelling Garth, boys finally get it. Jared laughs and says it reminds him of Finding Nemo when the seagulls are saying “mine, mine, mine” over and over. He looked into the crowd and just saw a bunch of people going, “Garth, Garth, Garth” lmao. 
  • Jensen: If Danneel came on the show would you want her to be good or bad? Fan: Good. Jensen: But she plays bad so well. Jared nods. Jensen nods, goes to make a comment and cuts himself off lol. 
  • Fan: How does it feel to have fans like this? Jensen talks about how it took him awhile to really get it. Used to be more in his shell. Now he says it’s fuel for him seeing this kind of devotion. 
  • Jared is amazed at a fan’s incredible SPN body art. Boys are complimenting her on the amazing body art. 
  • Jared says don’t ever think that they think we’re “weird” for being too dedicated to the show. Because they are just as weird as us. Jared: If you’re crazy for spending 24 hours (on fan’s body art) then we’re crazy for spending 13 years. 
  • Fan: Was there a real Trickster, or was the lore about Gabriel? Jared thinks there was no Trickster, that it was just Gabriel hiding. 
  • Jared pronounced gif like jif. Jensen does not approve. Apologizes on his behalf for being silly lol. 
  • Any sport/activity you’ve always wanted to try? Jared mentions cricket, stunt driving courses…Jensen: Stunt driving is not a sport. Jared also mentions motocross. Doesn’t want to get himself hurt. Jensen: Kite surfing. Jensen says it needs to be a place without sharks. Fans: Great Lakes! Jensen: I don’t believe that. They’re in there. Just deep.
  • Funniest moment to film? Jensen: There are moments on a daily basis that make it impossible to film because they’re laughing. They mention the Chupacabra bit. 
  • Apparently Alex (who plays Jack) is like Misha 2.0 in terms of the boys messing with him lol :P J2M messed with Alex so bad the director, Nina Lopez-Corrado, actually kicked them off set. 
  • Jensen once told Jared to not speak in a scene so he didn’t mess around. Jared didn’t say a word and Jensen did his lines alone lol. 
  • Jensen says Jared can never get through telling a whole joke without busting out laughing before the punchline :P
  • Jared tries to make Jensen break during a scene, makes himself laugh and ruins the take even if Jensen is fine. 
  • Fan proposes Dark Angel crossover. Jensen thinks it would be neat, would want to recruit X5s to be on their side. 
  • If you had to live out a season of the show for a year, which season. Jared: Six, maybe?? At least I didn’t care, I was soulless. Also says season 9, maybe 10? Jensen: Season 4. Jared: What’d you do in four? Jensen: Nothing, that’s why I said four. 
  • Jensen is playing the keyboard for the last question. 
  • The fan is very flustered, it’s her first convention. Jared is comforting her. Jensen has been playing dramatic piano music all throughout the poor fan trying to get our the last question lol. The entire room is laughing and Jensen has not broken. The girl is overwhelmed and when Jared cuddles her to comfort her she pulled him into a hug aww lol. 
  • Question is about Adam’s whereabouts. She was a big fan of Adam’s and read a fan theory that maybe he got out of the cage. Jared: Now, to the cool stylings of Jensen Ackles…I think he’s in the cage. Fan joking around: Our half-brother’s in hell, let’s forget about him. Jared: Ehhh, yeah, it’s kinda true. But we do love Jake. 
  • Jared asks for Jensen’s opinion. Jensen, still playing: oooohh, yeaaaaahhhh.
  • Jensen snuck in a lower-back grab/pat on Jared as they headed offstage :)
  • Boys say thanks to the fans before taking off. 

Info via: Fangasm, Ally, Lysa, Tricia,  Sil’s livetweet list

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Chloe totally just goes around in Nathaniels stolen shirts and panties after they start dating because she doesn't have to care around him

“That’s my favorite shirt.”

“Well, its mine now.”

She wouldn’t be caught dead looking like this in front of anyone except for him.

Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 120 Translation

Hello my fellow Kimi ni Todoke fans!!

This chapter marks the beginning of the end - it will be the first chapter in the final volume. As I said in an earlier post, we still don’t know how many chapters we have before the conclusion, but we are definitely in the final arc (after this chapter, I would guess that we have 3 - 4 more, based on the typical page count of previous Kimi ni Todoke manga volumes). 

Before you start reading, I just want to put out my usual disclaimer. I can read Japanese and I study the language in my free time, but I’m nowhere near fluent. I have no experience as a translator (with the exception of the KnT summaries and translations I’ve written). Sometimes I can’t figure a line out or I make mistakes, and while I do my best to convey the sentiment I found in the original dialogue, there are times when it sounds pretty stilted. So I just want to warn you that what you’ll be reading is what I understood, whether it’s right or wrong - I’m trying to share what I personally got from the chapter, errors and all. But hopefully this gives those of you who can’t read Japanese a sense of what’s happening, even if the translation isn’t exactly right. It’s just to tide you over until the official version is released! :)

As far as I know, the next chapter will come out in the October issue of Bessatsu Margaret (September 13th); like this chapter, it’s going to have a colored title page! I would really encourage you to purchase the magazine, if you’re able to financially - not only is it a great way to support Shiina-sensei, it makes for a really cool collectible since the series is almost over! 

Now pack your bags guys, cause we’re going away to college~~

Keep reading

Lunatic Inquisition has to be my favorite halloween activity, I’m totally hooked right now! But for some reason every time I play Hedera as a villager her eyes turn from black to an eerie red… Beware, fellow villagers, there may be a monster in your midst.

Okay first can we all appreciate this little piece of art made by my little five years old sister ?

Y'know I told you about the fact that she basically came watching me while I was drawing, asking to put a flower crown on Lapis’ head. I then finished the post after saying she watched Steven Universe at the end of the day. I stopped because this actually deserves its own post.

Before I talk about the whole SU experience I need to add that I found out where she got the idea of the crown from - A little before asking she was crying about wanting to put a flower crown she found on her head and my family wouldn’t allow her to and explained that this was for a wedding we’re going. So from what I know this crown is for my aunt who’s getting married next week. Basically my sis’ asked me to draw a fucking WEDDING CROWN to Lapis
I guess she made the link with the dance since yeah, when we celebrate a wedding people dance ?
Idk this makes it cuter lol.

Now back to the subject, why am I proud of what happened when she actually watched ? Lemme tell you -

I was just trying to find something to do on my computer and put the season 3, my favorite, and she decided to watch too. I kinda randomly put an episode and went for Beta since she knows all the characters from this one so she wouldn’t be lost (and since she doesn’t understand english putting episodes in order is useless for now). We then watched several episodes from the season.

First episode. She spent. THE WHOLE EPIDODE
I’m not joking. I litteraly did nothing. She just kept saying things like “Oooooh the green one is my favorite !!” “She’s so cute and funny love the faces she makes !!!“”I LOVE HER VOICE HER VOICE IS ADORABLE !!!!!” .
I mean I’m not surprised (coming from a kid who ties her tablet on her arm…also she actually drew the picture above before watching) but for some reason I thought her fav would be Amethyst ? She already saw her before and liked her bUT NO IT’S PERIDOT and it gets better after it

I then proceeded to put Peridot episodes (well, she actually sort of chose the episodes).
We went for Barn Mates. Characters she likes, full of Peri. Ship material for my stupid shipper brain.

“Wah she’s so well drawn on this one !!!! I like how she is here” Yeah thumbs up for Lauren Zuke, support from my lil’ sis.

She continued to fangirl. And she started to like Lapis too. And Steven. But still, Peri is her fav. She kept asking question and the episode ended but she wanted what’s next. Well, let’s go for Hit the diamond.

“-Why is she hiding ?
-Well she thinks the Rubies are gonna shatter her.
-What happens if they do ??
-Well…she dies

“-Were they playing baseball to protect her ?
-Who’s winning then ?
-Them. They won. Don’t worry she’s fine :’)”

She also started to love Lapis, wait, I mean, “Bob”. Basically laughing at every single reaction from her.She also sometimes asked stuff about Sapphire “Is the little blue one nice ? Who is she with ? The red one ?” and said she’s also cute lol
She kept asking stuff about Lapis and Peri but I keep this for a little later

We then watched some other episodes, and I ask her what season she wants and we went for the fourth
Kindergarten Kid, Lion 4, Room for Ruby, and, 3 gems and a baby and then Gem Harvest (chosen by her and my cousin, lol.)

She was still fangirling and saying to my other cousin that she absolutely loves Peridot and how she loved her powers and Here’s basically the rest of what she asked and said :

“What happens if we take Steven’s gem ? If we try does her mother come back ?!” (ADMIT IT YOU ALSO WONDERED THE SAME THING AT LEAST ONCE.)
“WAIT DID STEVEN SAY HE WAS HIS MOM’S SISTER ? HOW” (i’m kinda proud she -almost- understood this quote hahaha) “Ooooh loooook Peridot is smaller than Lapis !!!” “Why does Steven draw them the same height ?!”“ I want to draw them too like he did !!”
“Is Lapis going to accept Peridot’s gift ? Is she ?! Aw no :(”
“-Why are they laughing together ??
-Well, they’re making jokes together!” (she then proceeded to make jokes too. And make a weird impression of pumpkin.)
“Why is Peridot sad when Lapis is sad/mad ?”
“Why does she want to get along with her ?!”

That’s all I can remember. ‘Cause my sister never stopped to ask stuff about them. And pointing out that Peridot is small XD I obviously tried to answer but it’s hard not to laugh to this XD

She keeps trying to get into the same stuff as me and look what happens lol.



They just did a live video. And Selena calling Timmy grandpa, having to teach him to do IG live, and Timmy telling her he has to make sure the fans’ icons he responds to are not controversial and she laughing at him and saying, “I LIVE MY LIFE.” LOL 

She also says he’s one of her favorite people and asks if she’s one of his best friends now. He stutters and is like, “We’ll see. We’ll need more time.” BOY, PLEASE.  

She closes with “GO SEE THIS MOVIE. IT’S AMAZING.” I think they talk about CMBYN. <3</p>

EDITED: Someone recorded it! :D

EDITED 2: I missed the part where they mentioned Armie and Timmy was like, “Armie’s getting a steak. Armie’s eating a big beautiful steak, as usual.” LOL    


Favorite America’s Next Top Model Contestants: Natasha Galkina (Cycle 8)

“I feel like I’m always being talked about, like I was always in the center of all the conversations, but it’s better to be talked about than be not noticeable.”

Badass Ladies

Ayooo! i was tagged by @tshayduh. it’s been a while since somebody tagged me. (coz i just keep on reblogging stuff and not posting anything for ages so fuck me!!!) so thank you!!! YEEEY!

The rules are to list 10 of your favourite female characters from 10 different fandoms, and then tag 10 different people.

Here is my random list of ladies who kick butts.

1. LEXA KOM TRIKRU/LEXA WOODS - Lexa Deserved Better. BADASS BITCH IN TOWN WITH A REALLY SOFT AND GOOEY MUSHY HEART. My poor bibi! she sacrificed a lot for her people. Being told that love is weakness, that a Heda means to be alone and i was like… noooooo!!! fuck them bibi go kissy2 with Clarke already! urgh! just be happy!!! and JASHIT ROTTENDICK killed her!!! PAKYU JASHIT! srry i got carried away…

Originally posted by dontwantthenextcommanderiwantyou

2. LENA LUTHOR - my POWER CEO wuuut she bought Catco for her girlfriend biiissshh. She’s had a hard time.Hard time wuut? “DEALING WITH YOUR SHIT! lol. Hard time being in a family of villians which she didn’t choose and being judged as one of them too.:( she has to prove herself to everybody every time. #crayola and daaaaamn! she got jawlines like a samurai sword… cut them bitches LENA!!!!! and SUPERCORP IS ENDGAME!!! 

Originally posted by morepopcornplease

3. HERMIONE GRANGER - the brightest witch of her age. indeed she is. She can both be caring and vicious. DO NOT CROSS HER! or she’ll ’’avada kedavra your ass! lol what she did with Rita Skeeter tho. She’s one of my fave characters of all time. also, FLEURMIONE IS ENDGAME! Bill and Ron are beards tbh. 

Originally posted by youtubersandothers

4. CLARKE KOM SKAIKRU/CLARKE GRIFFIN - mah fave blondie. (even if she didn’t shower for god knows how long…) A SURVIVOR - maaaaan she had it rough maaan.. Being put in a position where she needs to make really hard choices at such a young age. Losing the love of her life… Immabout to cry… T.T  I just want her to be happy :( again PAKYU JASHIT PAKYUUUUU! 

Originally posted by it-can-be-our-secret

5. DIANA PRINCE/WONDER WOMAN - (the most powerful butt kicker of all time *whisper* *no man’s land* but can’t help but gush when she sees a baby awww.) nuff said tho. she’s a WOOONNDDEEER WOOOMMAAAAAN!!!! :) 

Originally posted by tomhollandhollaatme

6. KORRA - THE LAST AVATAR. Being an avatar, mastering all four elements and saving the world from bad peepz sure is hard. she also struggled with trauma after the fight with Zaheer but she managed to move past it and be happy with ASAMI YAAS! . physically and mentally she is indeed strong. yass gurl. also out and proud BISEXUAL!!! 

Originally posted by yang-smash-trash

7. ASAMI SATO -  the Coolest Engineer. the other half of KORRASAMI. She stood up for her beliefs and what she thinks is right even if it means fighting her own father. She was always there for Korra. T.T and i’m so glad they’re endgame!!

Originally posted by walybethmendoza

8. ROSA DIAZ - i haven’t watched the show she’s on ( yah i know i’m missing out) but i keep on re-blogging whenever she’s on my dash. I like her already.  i know she’s a bad ass. if i ever get to watch then i’m totally sure she’d be my favorite. 

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9. SANTANA LOPEZ - BAD BITCH FROM LIMA HEIGHTS ADJACENT - well, except for the bullying part which is like 90% of the personality that she shows, but bish can put you in your lane for sure. she has her nice qualities. beneath that tough exterior she is a softie too. she cares. and she’s brutally honest when she thinks that people suck lol. 

Originally posted by mckinley-high

and also of course, one does not simply forget..

10. MULAN - my childhood hero. up to now i might say. the baddest bish Disney has ever produced. (Mah little baby off to destroy people!) uhuh. TOTAL GIRL POWER. 

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and let’s not forget this Mulan too. 

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and there you have it. :) thanks :) sorry if some of them are from the same show but they are really bad ass to me. :) 

i would like to tag… @escapes-reality @sherzael25 @inzane-zaki @killing-jane-96 @tobeabetterhuman @monadesdemonia @emilinaballerina @cadenceoftherain @thewaywedo33 @halannee



Requested By Anon

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Natasha.

Clint: Hi.

Clint: Natasha.

Clint: Hello.

Clint: It’s me.

Clint: Your favorite Archer.

Clint: Naaaaat.


Clint: Say that really fast and it’s just nanananananananananananana.

Clint: reply pls.

Clint: pls.

Clint: tasha


Clint: Okay so you weren’t ignoring me?

Natasha: No…

Natasha: You’re supposed to be covering Wanda, not chatting!

Clint: I am! Plus Vision is not letting her leave his sight….  OR SHOULD I SAY NOT LEAVE HIS LINE OF VISION! BA DUM TSSSS!

Natasha: I’m blocking you.

Clint: No wait!

Clint: I have a question.

Tony has joined the chat.

Tony: Clint why are you using your phone?! Use the optical head-mounted display I designed for when we’re on missions.

Clint: … the what

Bruce has joined the chat.

Bruce: It’s like Tony’s helmet. You’d be able to see the chat and reply by speaking.

Natasha: Always ready to answer questions…

Clint: … why didn’t anyone tell me about this?

Natasha: I thought you knew about it.

Steve has joined the chat.


Steve: I don’t see why we can’t use our comms instead of this, Tony.

Tony: EMOJI SUPPORT. 🖕 (middle finger emoji)

Steve: 🖕 (middle finger emoji again)

Tony: 🖕 (and again)

Steve: 🖕 (once more)

Bruce: I’m shocked, Steve.

Natasha: Gasp! I always thought our precious Steve was a saint!

Wanda has joined the chat.

Wanda: Why is Clint sitting in a corner texting? I don’t think that’s very safe.

Clint: If only someone told me about the new invention I wouldn’t be. If only. Back to my question.

Natasha: Shoot.

Clint: WHEN DID WE RECRUIT THE AVATAR? She took out not one, not two, BUT 10 GUYS BY JUST EARTH BENDING OR WHATEVER. She’s got this. We don’t even need to be on this mission.

Wanda: That’s Y/N. She’s probably my favorite Avenger now.

Steve: I thought I was your favorite…

Wanda: Besides Steve.

Tony: And…?

Wanda: And Tony.

Natasha: :(

Wanda: Okay, you’re all my favorite!

Clint: She makes Thor, the mighty Thor, look weak.

Thor has joined the chat.





Steve: dot dot dot

Steve: How did you guys do that?!

Bruce: LOL shame.

Clint: I’m sorry but… I… You’re mighty, Thor. Very mighty.

Thor: I am just jesting! Yes, Lady Y/N is quite powerful indeed.

Steve: She’s been a member of the team for… 3 weeks now?

Natasha: Yeah, I’m honestly very surprised that you didn’t know, Clint.



Clint: WATER.

Bruce: Only Clint would describe that as being slapped with water.

Sam has joined the chat.

Sam: Steve ON YOUR LEFT!


Sam: Revenge is mine.

Bucky has joined the chat.

Bucky: Steve tell Sam to stop saying “Falcon Punch!” every time he punches someone.

Sam: I’m not.


Bucky: The proof is there, Steve. PROOF.



Bucky: Oh my god.

Y/N has joined the chat.

Y/N: Why does Sam keep shouting that?

Sam: I’m not!

Y/N: Sam honey, you do realize the chat is voice controlled? Whatever you say will show here.

Clint: Water. Earth. Fire. Air.

Bucky: How is he an Avenger?



Steve: Concentrate on the mission!

Tony: We should have left them at home.


Bucky: STOP IT!




Clint: Long ago, Bucky and Sam lived together in harmony.  Then everything changed when the Falcon Nation attacked.




Steve: Sam stop hitting Bucky! Bucky, don’t hit Sam!

Wanda: … And we call Peter a kid…

Sam: I didn’t do anything!

Bucky: The proof is right there!




Y/N has been disconnected.

Clint: Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop Sam.  But when Bucky needed her most, she vanished.

Bruce: Is Y/N okay?

Tony: It’s time the other guy made an appearance. Y/N needs help near the warehouse.

Bruce has left the chat.



Sam: Stop copying me.

Steve: You two are grounded.

Steve: No more missions for the next 2 months.

Tony: Why can’t they be like Peter? He’s so well behaved.

Y/N has joined the chat.




Clint: Three weeks passed and I discovered the new recruit, an airbender named Y/N, and although her airbending skills are great, she still has a lot to learn before she’s ready to save Bucky.


Wanda: I take it the mission is over? Since we’ve defeated everyone. Well, Sam still has to defeat Bucky.


Natasha: Why can’t we have normal missions anymore?

Tony: What fun would that be? They’re literally just swatting each others hands. No actual slaps. It looks like a fight between two kids.

Y/N: Nope, kids can fight better than that.

Tony: True.

Tony has left the chat.

Steve: Nat, get Bruce and we’ll regroup at the jet.

Natasha has left the chat.


Steve: Y/N, get Bucky. I’ll get Sam.

Thor: Is Lady Y/N going to float Sir Barnes in the air while Sir Rogers carries Sir Wilson away like a mother would carry their child?

Y/N: Yes.

Steve: Yes.

Thor: I would like to witness this.

Thor has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Y/N has left the chat.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Clint: But I believe Y/N can save Bucky.

Wanda: Clint Vision says stop being weird.

Clint: Tell Vision he’s grounded with Bucky and Sam.

Wanda: He says sorry.

Wanda has left the chat.

Wade has joined the chat.

Wade: Hi there.

Clint: Hello, Wade.

Wade: How embarrassing. He thinks I’m talking to him.

Clint: We’re the only ones in the chat!

Wade: I just want to let you know that the Author will be on hiatus for a short while.

Wade: But once she’s back, there shall be the DC/Marvel crossover AND the new recruits chat.

Wade: Which I’ll be in both, of course.

Clint: What crossover?

Wade: So stay tuned for that!

Wade: Do you think Clint would get along with the Green Arrow?

Wade: Hahahahaha probably not.

Clint: Who?

Wade: I’m looking forward to seeing Clark.

Clint: Who?

Wade: What about you? Maybe batsy?

Clint: Who?

Wade: I know some of you are looking forward to uh

Wade: Barney Alan.

Wade: Berry Alien.

Wade: Betty Aladdin.

Wade: Whatever, he’s fast okay.

Clint: WHO?

Wade: Are you an owl now, Clint? Don’t be rude. Can’t you see I’m having a conversation over here!

Clint has left the chat.

Wade: Remember short hiatus. Till then, beautiful reader!

Wade has left the chat.

Just a Taste

Pairing: Hvitserk x Reader

Word Count: 1162

Warnings: None really…Sassy reader, embarrassed Hvitserk, mentions of sex

AN: I don’t even know. I’m sorry lol. I’m definitely open to the idea of a part 2 if you guys want it.

You hadn’t really given much thought to having kids, but now that you had one you were head over heels in love with the tiny human being you had managed to create. You had given birth to a little girl just 17 days ago. She was going to be a heartbreaker as she got older with your (h/c) hair and button nose and her father’s pouty lips and hopefully his eyes.

“Hey sweetheart. How are my two favorite girls today?” You heard your husbands deep, smooth voice in the nursery doorway and you turned with a smile on your face, gently rocking your daughter to soothe her whimpers.

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Say hi to Lois! This little girl was found wandering a parking lot and brought to the shelter dirty and hungry (I almost didn’t recognize her yesterday because she looked GRAY when she came in). She was so dehydrated that we couldn’t even get a blood sample at first, and a nasty mat of fur had to be cut away… only to reveal an open wound on her shoulder. The vet also noticed that her stomach was oddly bloated, and after surgery they found that she’d eaten a bunch of cellophane and gravel. BUT! She’s been making a wonderful recovery and is the absolute sweetest! She’s put on weight and her surgery sites are healing well (although she keeps finding ways to wiggle out of her cone D:). All she wants to do is sit in laps and cuddle and purr like a tiny little engine - she’s been through so much already but acts just like any other healthy kitten, if not more affectionate! I love this little fighter and deserves only the best from here on out ❤️

Don't want to pay to replace someone else's thing that you lost? Prepare to pay for something else.

I recently broke up with my girlfriend. Before we split, she borrowed my mom’s GPS to help her move across the country for school.

Well it’s been a few months since our breakup and I asked her twice to send the GPS back and tell me the tracking number. Nothing showed up at my doorstep. (I know, I should’ve gotten the GPS back before we broke up. TIFU)

Today, I reached out and asked about the status of it. Her reply: She lost it. Now I’m unsure whether she genuinely misplaced it (she could be absentminded at times), threw it away out of revenge (she could be spiteful), or is just keeping it. Honestly, after the next exchange, I couldn’t care less what the reality was:

Me: Well can you send me some money to replace it?

Her: lol no

K. Originally, I planned to let this go. However, I remembered something. One of her favorite games was paid for and linked with my Origin account.

5 minutes later. Password changed. TFA was already set up to send a code to my phone. All of her devices were untrusted. Have fun buying and restarting everything on that game you love.

Edit: Game was Sims 4.

Edit 2: I did not expect all of the upvotes or the gold (thanks, stranger). So let me answer a few questions people have asked repeatedly.

First off, no reaction from my ex yet. We’ve been broken up for months now and don’t talk at all. If she ever reacts, I’ll let you guys know.

Second, regarding the standalone GPS, my mom had it from the mid-00s. She keeps it for road trips to save her phone battery and for signal reasons. Plus it already has(had) addresses of family members in different cities programmed into it. My ex took it because her phone’s GPS had failed on her in the past just from local use. She had a carrier that wasn’t one of the big 4 and it showed often with her signal randomly dropping. Since she was going to be driving for 3 days, sometimes though sparsely populated areas, and her phone didn’t have unlimited data, she wanted something more reliable, so we got my mom’s GPS for the trip. We also updated the maps before she left.

anonymous asked:

omg, coeurdastronaute is my favorite too! i actually love everything she writes?! even the little one shots, god now that you mentioned it, i would die to see the terminal being made a movie, go, go tell her and make babies (movies) together! lol

Isn’t she just fucking brilliant? I would be more than willing to make some sort of deal with the devil to not only get permission to adapt The Terminal into a film but to also get said film funded. Like…you don’t understand how much I love that story. It deserves to be made. It just does. Even if it’s not me (it would break my heart, but I would accept it)

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Have you seen sinkoriin's MC5?? Between buff butch momma MC5 and adorable floof MC5 I think MC5 has become my absolute favorite MC.

I did, they really drew very cute MC5! 

I saw somewhere (I don’t remember artist name) they draw a really buff MC5 and I was inspired by it so yeah she became a rambo MC lol. Since I started drawing her that way I have more fun (because I’m quite easily bored with just girly MC). I saw that some even want flirt with her now that’s the development I can’t expect but I love it!

cottonbxll  asked:

I hate to be a pain, but have you got a list of owari no seraph or specifically mikayuu story recommendations anywhere? I love your stories and trust that you have good taste lol :) Thanks!!

OH YES! Now it’s time for me to shamelessly advertise for my favorite fics! ;D Thank you for asking, and thank you for the compliment on my fics! /)///(\ you’re too kind!

In no particular order…

Cherry Boy by EtherealBeing

Summary: As if being dragged into a sex shop by Shinoa wasn’t bad enough, now Yuu also has to deal with the store’s uncomfortably attractive attendant.

Status: Ongoing

This is biased because Anna is one of my closest friends in the fandom, BUT SHE IS SO DAMN TALENTED. You will laugh, you will blush, you will be mindblown by the complexity in these character’s thoughts, it’s honestly a wild ride and I can’t wait to see the grand finale of it all that is coming to us soon. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s a must.

Corner of a Birdcage by oxeh

Summary: “So, to sum it up, you’re like Superman without the spandex… And without the laser eyes, X-Ray vision, and ice breath. Also, you kill vampires and Horsemen instead of dealing with—“

“Basically, I’m not like Superman at all.” 


Yuu is a university student that tends to live for the moment. Mika is a cynical superhero that’s more super than a hero. Fate is a bit aggressive with intertwining their lives.

Status: Ongoing

THIS FIC IS BRILLIANT. If you have not read it yet, I swear go do it! It’s funny, it’s exciting, it flows and it’s just a lovely, enjoyable read. Oxy is a sweetheart as well and she’s got some incredible ideas in that head of hers, lemme tell you! Go check it out!!! You won’t regret it :D

Diamond in the Rough by Hannaadi88, Sarah737

Summary: Mikaela had been the captain of the Seraph for over seven years, yet he’d never come across another ship carrying such riches. The prospect of boarding the Opal and stealing all she had made a rare smile play on his lips. 

If he did this well, he would finally make a name for himself. The Opal might just be what he’d always wanted- a chance to prove how fearsome he could be. 

Mikaela Shindo will be a name to revere among all pirates to sail the seven seas.

Status: Ongoing

THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES. Hanna and Sarah are some of the most talented people I know, and together, they are unstoppable and unrelenting!! From the descriptives to the dialogue to the intriguing plot, this story makes pirates sexy, let me tell you. LOL, seriously you will not regret it… if you want a good time, I invite you to read this masterpiece right here!

Garden of Hades by 6lilystrings9

Summary: A stubborn, annoying, and repulsive human is captured by the Vampire forces, and to his dismay, Mika is assigned as his handler.

How irritating.

(The AU where human Yuu-chan and vampire Mika meet for the first time as captive and keeper)

Status: Ongoing

I remember when Lily first talked about her fic in our Skype chat room and how when I read it, I was stunned! I didn’t realize how amazing it was, how well put-together, how structured. It’s enticing and exciting and full of vivid descriptives and intense, heart-pounding scenes. Another must-read, if you ask me, and I also cannot wait to see how it ends.

Scented by Hannaadi88

Summary: In a world ruled by beta neutrality, alphas and omegas are controlled by suppressants which modify their natural inclinations. Under constant surveillance, unproductive members of society are removed in the name of efficiency. Yuichiro Hyakuya is deemed infertile by the Board and is sentenced to certain death. In an act of defiance Yuichiro steals enough suppressants to hide his scent and joins the military under the guise of a beta. 

It would be his luck to find himself under the command of his assigned mate, Mikaela Shindo.

Status: Ongoing

Hanna is not only a friend of mine, but she is sO DAMN TALENTED! I recommend all of her fics, so please check out her page while you’re at it, but she is well known for her big multi chapter fic, Scented. This story takes the concept of omegaverse and gives it almost a Mulan-like feel to it, with Yuu being in disguise and all. It’s really fantastic and another thrilling story I highly suggest!

Afire love by stirkedawn

Summary: After Nagoya’s failed mission, an unsteady truce is formed between Shinoa’s squad and Mikaela Hyakuya, making Yuu feel conflicted inside. On one hand, he’s got Mika back, his friends are alive, and they seem to be trying to be civil with each other, even if it’s just for his sake. On the other hand, Guren is being held captive by the vampires, Shinya has just given them a mission Yuu doesn’t like, and Mika… Yuu doesn’t really know what Mika is feeling.

Maybe not even Mikaela knows what he’s truly feeling, after all.

Status: Completed

You will commonly see the fandom preach that if all goes wrong, Afire love is our accepted canon. This fic immerses itself into the canon universe of Owari no Seraph and gives us an epic climax and end to the series that it probably one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever read. I also agree that if the manga plummets to total disaster, Afire love is what I will think of for a happy ending.

Somebody to Lean On by TrashPanda

Summary: Yuichiro needs a partner to help him with vampire hunting. His only option is to seek out somebody in the slave auctions. He comes upon a discounted slave, as beautiful as he is unwanted, and Yuu claims him for himself. Little did he know, this slave would change everything he ever knew about him himself, and in the process Yuu discovers he cannot live without this man, now that he has him in his life.

Status: Ongoing

This story is fantastic! It’s got an interesting plot that’s brilliantly written, a romance beautifully described and a story that interests the reader endlessly. I can picture this fic animated like it was its own anime show. It’s really, really good and I suggest it! I can’t wait for another update! I also suggest the author in general, they have some really good stuff. 

My Inner Beast by Northernreign

Summary: Yuuichirou is a young werewolf who finds himself awake one evening in a human orphanage.

To avoid being executed, he desperately tries to conceal his true identity from the “monstrous” humans who- along with the vampires, have been responsible for his kind’s slow decline into extinction. But over time, he comes to know one particular human boy who will help him learn to embrace his humanity, not resent it. Together they will overcome countless fated tragedies with the sheer power of will and love alone. Each event will bring him closer to the answer he has been seeking for almost a lifetime.

 Just who really are the true monsters in this world? 

The vampires? 

The humans?

The werewolves?

Or himself?

Status: Ongoing

A truly underrated story!! Nathalie is an incredible writer and artist and she combines those skills to bring you this lovely story that doesn’t get enough attention- ESPECIALLY since it’s her first fic. You would never guess; she writes like a pro. This story takes you all over, from the eyes of so many of our beloved characters to shape the story and relationships in the best possible way. You can really feel everything she describes and it really stimulates the senses. Check it out if you haven’t, it’s a journey and I’m eager to see where it goes.

Rise of the Dragon by Crazyloststar, Sarah737, somnicordia (hihazuki)

Summary: Water… Earth… Fire… Air… In eras bygone, four nations coexisted in harmony. However, a series of tragedies began to befall the world, And none was left unscathed. The equilibrium of power has been tilted to a great imbalance, Its people fallen to temptation. The end is fast approaching, and all souls are fated to meet oblivion. Rumors whisper of the Avatar, the master of all four elements, holding the key to mankind’s only hope of salvation. Families pray under his guiding light, Enemies vow to divide and conquer. But the glimmer of hope is sometimes found in the darkest of places, somewhere people would least expect.

Status: Ongoing

As someone who is only just now watching Avatar for the first time, I had no idea what to expect. I’m still not 100% caught up, but this is a goddamn masterpiece and I can tell that from the first 3 chapters that I’ve read. This is an amazing project put together by some of the most talented authors and writers in the fandom that are all lovely, passionate friends of mine. They deserve all the love in the world. If you haven’t read it yet- especially if you don’t know anything about Avatar- READ IT ANYWAYS. You don’t need to understand Avatar or the original series at all to enjoy this fic. It’s magnificent; please check it out!

And, a little shameless advertising for my own stories, for those who are curious ;o

Unwritten by Vixenfur

Summary: While being forcefully dragged to KFC by Lacus- a man who had a black pit of a stomach- Mika had a once-in-a-lifetime, Snapchat-worthy experience. The guy in the left lane had no shame. He was unintimidated by a stranger with a phone and he continued to sing the song Unwritten confidently. Lacus found the experience hysterical

…. Little did they know they would run into each other again hardly an hour later- Yuu was in desperate need of a haircut, according to Shinoa.

He was dropped off at Sanguinem Salon, and was a little mortified to find out that the hot guy he just sang horribly to was Mika, the one holding hair-trimming scissors behind the chair.

Status: Completed

This fic was a blast to work on and an absolute time, from start to finish. A huge thank you to all the support and love I’ve gotten for it over the months I wrote it. I treasure every comment!

Tale as Old As Time by Vixenfur, Sarah737

Summary: An arrogant young prince named Mikaela and his castle’s servants fall under the spell of a wicked enchantress, who turns him into the hideous Beast until he learns to love and be loved in return. The spirited, headstrong village boy Yuuichirou enters the Beast’s castle after he imprisons Yuuichirou’s father, Guren. With the help of his enchanted servants, Yuuichirou begins to draw the cold-hearted Mikaela out of his isolation.

Status: Completed

I’m so proud of story! Sarah is my dear cowriter and friend, I’m always honored to collaborate with her and I’m so ecstatic over the love this fic has gotten. Thank you all for the love and we hope you enjoy our future projects!

Hiiragi Cirque Ave. Freakshow by Vixenfur, BlueberryApple

Summary: Yuuichirou is a Siren who cannot sing, and so he is taken captive by the Hiiragi Cirque Ave. Freakshow. He is expected to perform and earn the show money under the instruction of ringmaster Kureto Hiiragi. Naturally, Yuuichirou is opposed to his new life, but he slowly gets to know his new family and accept his situation.

Meanwhile, the ignored Nosferatu Mikaela finds himself incredibly attracted to the new Siren, and Yuuichirou can’t help but to be curious about the ghostly vampire himself.

Status: Completed

This story was so much fun to write. Destiny and I became great friends and made many memories. The sheer amount of fanart we got was OUTSTANDING and we couldn’t be more grateful for the love. Thank you to everyone who read and enjoyed this story!

Thank you for asking! Feel free to reblog and share this list around. Everything on here is something I really enjoyed reading and think everyone should experience. As for my own fics, I shared the ones I’m most proud of (excluding my current ongoing works) and I hope you can enjoy them as well!


Request: Hi can I make a request where the girl is new to the team and she’s shy and really likes Bucky but he pushes her away and is rude to her cause he doesn’t want to like believe he likes her but then when she gets Kidnapped on a mission he realizes how much he cares for her?? It would mean a lot because you’re such an amazing writer and ilysm <3 you are my absolute favorite account on tumblr.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst(?) fluffy

A/N: I guess I tell you guys about my life through these author notes now lol. Anyways, my guy best friend came over to my house today but only to tell me hi because he says I always complain about how he never does (which I really do lmao) and then he tells me that he left his siblings at home, alone, just to come say hi to me. That guy I swear. Anyways, continue on :) also, I’ll fix any mistakes when I wake up, I’ve been writing this for like 3-4 hours and it’s laaateeeee.

You had not even been there for 3 weeks when you realized you had taken a liking towards a specific metal armed soldier. He was absolutely gorgeous, not doubt about that.

When you arrived at the Avengers Tower, you were scared. You feared that they wouldn’t accept you or like you. You’re a shy girl and keep to yourself mostly which made you think why Tony would ever want you on the team in the first place.

It’s your powers. Your ability to turn invisible and to create some sort of force field. You were in hiding, not wanting the monsters that killed your parents to find you when both Steve and Tony saved you from them.

Now your here, the new recruit to the team. Everyone adored you and quickly caught on that you were a very shy person. You wouldn’t talk much to the team unless you were on a mission and you thank the lord above that everyone understood and wouldn’t push you to talk.

3 weeks you had been there and developed a crush on Bucky. Now a month passes by and those feelings have only grown more. The only ones who could tell that you had a crush on Bucky was Natasha and Wanda. Bucky was the main person you tried talking to the most but he would never give you the time of day which hurt.

“Hey,” Natasha’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts. “What are ya doing, buttercup?”

You look up at her before taking in your surroundings. You were in the living room with some show playing on tv. Behind you was the kitchen which was where Steve, Tony, Sam and Bucky were, talking amongst themselves. You look back at Natasha when she began speaking again.

“You kind of zoned out while we were watching Criminal Minds.” she says. “And you were right, that show is amazing, I love it already.”

You only nod your head and she sticks her hand out for you to take. When the both of you are standing up, she pulls you with her. On your way out, Sam, Tony and Steve acknowledge you, saying a friendly ‘hi Y/N.’ to which you respond with a small wave. Your gaze turns to Bucky who was looking at you like the others were. With a deep breath, you smile and wave to Bucky.

“Hi Bucky.” your voice was so small, hard for some people to hear you but everyone did and they turn to Bucky to see what he would do. Nothing. He did absolutely nothing but turn away from you and you sigh, closing your eyes and becoming invisible to everyone around you.

You always did that when Bucky brushed you aside. It made you feel less embarrassed. Steve began to ask why Bucky continued to ignore you like that (he did that all the time) while you and Natasha exited the room. Once you were far enough from them, you became visible again.

Natasha frowned. “He doesn’t mean to be-”

“I know, Nat.” you cut her off. She would always make up an excuse for him, saying he’s had a bad day or he ignores everyone from time to time and the reason she would tell you this was because she didn’t want your feelings to get hurt.

The two of you make it to Wanda’s room where she was cuddled up in her blanket, sitting on a bean bag chair and scooping ice cream in her mouth while watching One Small Hitch. Yeah, it was one of those days.

Upon hearing her door open and shut, Wanda turns her head, smiling when she sees you and Nat. “My wife is finally here!” she throws her hands up in the air.

Quickly, she moves the tub of ice cream off her lap and onto the floor next to her before reaching her hands out to you. “C’mere.”

A smile found its way to your lips and you walk towards her only to have her pull you down on her lap and snuggle you close to her. Wanda wraps her blanket around you two before pressing an overdramatic kiss to your cheek.

Seeing your downed state, she frowns. “Was it Bucky again?” she questioned, already knowing the answer to it.

All you do is curl up to her which leaves Natasha to tell what had happened. “As usual, she tried speaking to Bucky but he ignored her, like always.”

Wanda scoffed, holding you close to her. “Men are insufferable.”

“You got that right, sweetheart.” Natasha joined in, now beside you and Wanda on the floor, eating the ice cream.

Missions were damn near draining which was funny because all you had to do was look out for your teammates and dodge the enemies.

“I can’t hold them all off!” Clint shouted through the earpiece.

“I’m on my way!” you respond before looking at Nat. “You gonna be okay?”

“Yeah,” she nods, bringing an agent down. “Go help Clint.”

You nod and rush over to Clint who was getting swarmed by agents. You come up next to him, holding your hands out and allowing a force field to protect Clint from any agents that were behind him. If they so happen to even graze the protective shield you’ve created, they’d be shocked badly.

“Thanks kid.” Clint says, still taking down agents. You nod. When the area was clear you step into the building, eyes widening when you see an agent choking Bucky with his gun.

With a frown you force yourself to turn invisible and when you do, you come up to the agent, throwing the gun down to the floor. “What the-” he didn’t have time to say much after you forcefully hit his head on the wall behind him, knocking him out cold.

Bucky began to breathe steadily again as you made yourself visible to him. He looks over at you with a frown before stalking off somewhere else. You watch him go with a sad look. Why did he always do this? It’s like he wants nothing to do with you. All you’re trying to do is be nice.

While in your thoughts, you didn’t hear someone come up from behind you. You didn’t know anyone else was in the hallway until a hand clasped around your mouth, preventing you from being heard. The person dragged you into a room as you screamed against his hand and kicked and twisted around, trying to get free but you couldn’t. You were screwed.

“We’ve got the files.” Wanda announced.

“Good, everyone, meet up at the quinjet.” Steve replied.

Everyone did as they were told and Wanda handed Steve the files before sitting down next to Nat. As Bucky walked up to the quinjet, he didn’t see you anywhere and he began to panic.

“Steve, where’s Y/N?” he asked his friend quietly as to not panic the others; especially Natasha and Wanda.

“She’s right-” he turns around but he doesn’t see you. “Bucky, where’s Y/N?”

Worry is written all over the blonde’s face and now Bucky is really scared. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, where is she? Do you think she’s hurt? What if she’s still in there? Steve I’ve got to-”

Before Bucky could speak another word, your screams could be heard through his earpiece. Through everyone’s earpiece.

“Please let me go.” you whimpered and Bucky’s heart clenched.

“Not until you tell me where your little friends ran off with my files.” a mans voice could be heard and that fueled Bucky’s anger.

This guy had the audacity to make you scream bloody murder which meant that he had hurt you and when Bucky found you, he’d make the guy pay. How dare he touch you.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” you stutter. You were protecting your teammates, your friends.

“Don’t lie to me!” the man yelled before you scream again. That about does it for Bucky. He grabs a gun and steps off the quinjet when Steve spoke up.

“Where are you going?”

“To get Y/N.” Bucky huffed.

“Without backup? No way, let me grab my shield-”

“I’m not gonna sit here and hear her scream in pain, Steve. I’m gonna go find her.” the brunette spat. Steve doesn’t say another word and Bucky takes this moment to leave but not before Wanda grabs his attention.

“Bucky!” she exclaimed, causing the super soldier to look her way. Her and Natasha were holding each other. “Bring back my wife in one piece.”

“Yeah, hurt the asshole who’s hurting my buttercup.” Nat added.

Bucky nods and runs off towards the building. He listens closely and carefully as he walked through the empty hallway before finding you in a room at the end of the hall. You were pushed down on a small bed, crying and shouting.  The man, whoever he was, was about to make another slice at your shoulder when Bucky pulled the trigger, no hesitation what-so-ever. You let out a sob, the pain coursing through you and Bucky lifted you off the bed.

“You’re gonna be okay, doll.” Bucky spoke to you in a soft tone. “Don’t think about the pain, okay? We’re almost to the jet and Bruce is gonna patch you up.”

Those were the first words he had ever said to you.

Feeling the unwanted sting in your shoulder and the right side of your stomach, you hiss, a small sob escaping your parted lips. You weren’t even in there for 20 minutes and the man was already hurting you.

“Hey, hey, hey, it’s okay baby, you’re safe now. I got you. No one’s gonna hurt you.” Bucky murmured.

The two of you made it back to the quinjet and Bruce started patching you up. Bucky watched, his hand holding yours with no intention of letting go. He had almost lost you.

Hearing you scream, begging the man to let you go made something in Bucky’s head snap. He never wanted to hear you scream like that again. As he watched you get patched up, he noticed how beautiful you were despite the fact that you were utterly exhausted, ready to pass out at any moment.

And then it hit him; he liked you.

A/N: I hope you guys liked this! I may write a part 2 where Bucky admits his feelings but I’m not too sure yet.


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