she is now my favorite lol

so i was lucky enough to snag one of @projectnelm’s commission slots for one of my OC’s. can i just say that i woke up to this and CRIED? (happy tears of course)

i cannot put into words how grateful i am for getting the chance to have one of my favorite artists do a piece for me of one of my characters. it’s such an awesome feeling to see one of my beloved characters plucked out of my imagination and depicted so perfectly. 



2/? of my kacchako cosplay series! 

Tumblr blew out my colors a bit on this one, but here’s the timeless Fuugen! Samurai Champloo came out like a decade ago and I’m still not over this pairing.  I still go back and read some of my favorite fics and rewatch portions every now and then. The characterization and interactions between those two is just out of this world and kacchako reminds me SO MUCH of them. Don’t even get me started on the parallels lol. I really feel like Ochako has no fear of giving Katsuki a hard time and calling him on his shit, and I also feel like once he’s comfortable around her, Bakugou would tease Uraraka until she got so miffed she’d probably start floating. I picture her trying not to rise to the bait and attempting to control her emotions until Bakugou says something inappropriate for the 10th time and sets her off. Picturing these two going at it like Mugen and Fuu makes me laugh! Total fit. and yes momo is the UA president lol i had to

this one is dedicated to @saisai-chan for being such an awesome contributor to the kacchako tag with amazing meta breakdowns, cute fics, and such adorable art! I live for angry pomeranian Bakugou now and it’s entirely your fault. 

You can find my inukag piece here 

next up is zutara! 


Request: Hi can I make a request where the girl is new to the team and she’s shy and really likes Bucky but he pushes her away and is rude to her cause he doesn’t want to like believe he likes her but then when she gets Kidnapped on a mission he realizes how much he cares for her?? It would mean a lot because you’re such an amazing writer and ilysm <3 you are my absolute favorite account on tumblr.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst(?) fluffy

A/N: I guess I tell you guys about my life through these author notes now lol. Anyways, my guy best friend came over to my house today but only to tell me hi because he says I always complain about how he never does (which I really do lmao) and then he tells me that he left his siblings at home, alone, just to come say hi to me. That guy I swear. Anyways, continue on :) also, I’ll fix any mistakes when I wake up, I’ve been writing this for like 3-4 hours and it’s laaateeeee.

You had not even been there for 3 weeks when you realized you had taken a liking towards a specific metal armed soldier. He was absolutely gorgeous, not doubt about that.

When you arrived at the Avengers Tower, you were scared. You feared that they wouldn’t accept you or like you. You’re a shy girl and keep to yourself mostly which made you think why Tony would ever want you on the team in the first place.

It’s your powers. Your ability to turn invisible and to create some sort of force field. You were in hiding, not wanting the monsters that killed your parents to find you when both Steve and Tony saved you from them.

Now your here, the new recruit to the team. Everyone adored you and quickly caught on that you were a very shy person. You wouldn’t talk much to the team unless you were on a mission and you thank the lord above that everyone understood and wouldn’t push you to talk.

3 weeks you had been there and developed a crush on Bucky. Now a month passes by and those feelings have only grown more. The only ones who could tell that you had a crush on Bucky was Natasha and Wanda. Bucky was the main person you tried talking to the most but he would never give you the time of day which hurt.

“Hey,” Natasha’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts. “What are ya doing, buttercup?”

You look up at her before taking in your surroundings. You were in the living room with some show playing on tv. Behind you was the kitchen which was where Steve, Tony, Sam and Bucky were, talking amongst themselves. You look back at Natasha when she began speaking again.

“You kind of zoned out while we were watching Criminal Minds.” she says. “And you were right, that show is amazing, I love it already.”

You only nod your head and she sticks her hand out for you to take. When the both of you are standing up, she pulls you with her. On your way out, Sam, Tony and Steve acknowledge you, saying a friendly ‘hi Y/N.’ to which you respond with a small wave. Your gaze turns to Bucky who was looking at you like the others were. With a deep breath, you smile and wave to Bucky.

“Hi Bucky.” your voice was so small, hard for some people to hear you but everyone did and they turn to Bucky to see what he would do. Nothing. He did absolutely nothing but turn away from you and you sigh, closing your eyes and becoming invisible to everyone around you.

You always did that when Bucky brushed you aside. It made you feel less embarrassed. Steve began to ask why Bucky continued to ignore you like that (he did that all the time) while you and Natasha exited the room. Once you were far enough from them, you became visible again.

Natasha frowned. “He doesn’t mean to be-”

“I know, Nat.” you cut her off. She would always make up an excuse for him, saying he’s had a bad day or he ignores everyone from time to time and the reason she would tell you this was because she didn’t want your feelings to get hurt.

The two of you make it to Wanda’s room where she was cuddled up in her blanket, sitting on a bean bag chair and scooping ice cream in her mouth while watching One Small Hitch. Yeah, it was one of those days.

Upon hearing her door open and shut, Wanda turns her head, smiling when she sees you and Nat. “My wife is finally here!” she throws her hands up in the air.

Quickly, she moves the tub of ice cream off her lap and onto the floor next to her before reaching her hands out to you. “C’mere.”

A smile found its way to your lips and you walk towards her only to have her pull you down on her lap and snuggle you close to her. Wanda wraps her blanket around you two before pressing an overdramatic kiss to your cheek.

Seeing your downed state, she frowns. “Was it Bucky again?” she questioned, already knowing the answer to it.

All you do is curl up to her which leaves Natasha to tell what had happened. “As usual, she tried speaking to Bucky but he ignored her, like always.”

Wanda scoffed, holding you close to her. “Men are insufferable.”

“You got that right, sweetheart.” Natasha joined in, now beside you and Wanda on the floor, eating the ice cream.

Missions were damn near draining which was funny because all you had to do was look out for your teammates and dodge the enemies.

“I can’t hold them all off!” Clint shouted through the earpiece.

“I’m on my way!” you respond before looking at Nat. “You gonna be okay?”

“Yeah,” she nods, bringing an agent down. “Go help Clint.”

You nod and rush over to Clint who was getting swarmed by agents. You come up next to him, holding your hands out and allowing a force field to protect Clint from any agents that were behind him. If they so happen to even graze the protective shield you’ve created, they’d be shocked badly.

“Thanks kid.” Clint says, still taking down agents. You nod. When the area was clear you step into the building, eyes widening when you see an agent choking Bucky with his gun.

With a frown you force yourself to turn invisible and when you do, you come up to the agent, throwing the gun down to the floor. “What the-” he didn’t have time to say much after you forcefully hit his head on the wall behind him, knocking him out cold.

Bucky began to breathe steadily again as you made yourself visible to him. He looks over at you with a frown before stalking off somewhere else. You watch him go with a sad look. Why did he always do this? It’s like he wants nothing to do with you. All you’re trying to do is be nice.

While in your thoughts, you didn’t hear someone come up from behind you. You didn’t know anyone else was in the hallway until a hand clasped around your mouth, preventing you from being heard. The person dragged you into a room as you screamed against his hand and kicked and twisted around, trying to get free but you couldn’t. You were screwed.

“We’ve got the files.” Wanda announced.

“Good, everyone, meet up at the quinjet.” Steve replied.

Everyone did as they were told and Wanda handed Steve the files before sitting down next to Nat. As Bucky walked up to the quinjet, he didn’t see you anywhere and he began to panic.

“Steve, where’s Y/N?” he asked his friend quietly as to not panic the others; especially Natasha and Wanda.

“She’s right-” he turns around but he doesn’t see you. “Bucky, where’s Y/N?”

Worry is written all over the blonde’s face and now Bucky is really scared. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, where is she? Do you think she’s hurt? What if she’s still in there? Steve I’ve got to-”

Before Bucky could speak another word, your screams could be heard through his earpiece. Through everyone’s earpiece.

“Please let me go.” you whimpered and Bucky’s heart clenched.

“Not until you tell me where your little friends ran off with my files.” a mans voice could be heard and that fueled Bucky’s anger.

This guy had the audacity to make you scream bloody murder which meant that he had hurt you and when Bucky found you, he’d make the guy pay. How dare he touch you.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” you stutter. You were protecting your teammates, your friends.

“Don’t lie to me!” the man yelled before you scream again. That about does it for Bucky. He grabs a gun and steps off the quinjet when Steve spoke up.

“Where are you going?”

“To get Y/N.” Bucky huffed.

“Without backup? No way, let me grab my shield-”

“I’m not gonna sit here and hear her scream in pain, Steve. I’m gonna go find her.” the brunette spat. Steve doesn’t say another word and Bucky takes this moment to leave but not before Wanda grabs his attention.

“Bucky!” she exclaimed, causing the super soldier to look her way. Her and Natasha were holding each other. “Bring back my wife in one piece.”

“Yeah, hurt the asshole who’s hurting my buttercup.” Nat added.

Bucky nods and runs off towards the building. He listens closely and carefully as he walked through the empty hallway before finding you in a room at the end of the hall. You were pushed down on a small bed, crying and shouting.  The man, whoever he was, was about to make another slice at your shoulder when Bucky pulled the trigger, no hesitation what-so-ever. You let out a sob, the pain coursing through you and Bucky lifted you off the bed.

“You’re gonna be okay, doll.” Bucky spoke to you in a soft tone. “Don’t think about the pain, okay? We’re almost to the jet and Bruce is gonna patch you up.”

Those were the first words he had ever said to you.

Feeling the unwanted sting in your shoulder and the right side of your stomach, you hiss, a small sob escaping your parted lips. You weren’t even in there for 20 minutes and the man was already hurting you.

“Hey, hey, hey, it’s okay baby, you’re safe now. I got you. No one’s gonna hurt you.” Bucky murmured.

The two of you made it back to the quinjet and Bruce started patching you up. Bucky watched, his hand holding yours with no intention of letting go. He had almost lost you.

Hearing you scream, begging the man to let you go made something in Bucky’s head snap. He never wanted to hear you scream like that again. As he watched you get patched up, he noticed how beautiful you were despite the fact that you were utterly exhausted, ready to pass out at any moment.

And then it hit him; he liked you.

A/N: I hope you guys liked this! I may write a part 2 where Bucky admits his feelings but I’m not too sure yet.


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my housemate has a 4 year old virgo daughter. its funny because all i ever hear from her is “grown up, (any adult around) can i help?”

she is now happily cleaning the carpet before our house inspection lol, virgos - cant live with them, cant live without them :p

virgo is my favorite sign. if you ever met my virgo brother bailey you would understand everything, he is enchanted


EverAfterHigh# Princess Flower Bell# Justine Dancer custom

I"ve finished her yesterday after 2 months working with a lot of issues lol… This custom is done for now .. sadly not my favorite custom … though one of my favorite backgrounder… she was without a doubt the most difficult custom I ever attempt to make… had been my first one she would be also the last lol….her skirt was a nightmare to make in fact along with her hair … I had to redo her with a second Justine doll. In fact of u take the take to look at the last photo that’s not the same custom/doll. So many things went wrong with both attempts lol … which let me with the desire to redo her once again one day. For know she will have to endure as she is my poor girl lol. I also decided to use the EAH castle that I recently got from Amazon when was on sale. I didn’t put tge castle together so forgive me if I use only tge panels leaning against the couch lol. Anyways I hope to take more photos later with this Princess and others.

Musings on Kale-gate (credit to an Anon for the event term)

Well, it is usually at times like this that I try to find humor in a situation, because what else is there to do, and this is funny to me on multiple levels.

1. The kale isle!!!!???? Really????

2. Nowhere NC!!!???? Really????

3. These people just happened to have a tip…smh

4. In Spruce Pine NC, population 2,175…lol


Okay now let’s go back to my favorite event, BAFTAs…because it is directly relevant

I want to end with Sam so will tackle Cait first.

Cait - shows up with bf of 2 years for nth time. This really is her big night, she could win. But, doesn’t take pics with him, walk with him on the red carpet, nothing…standard.

But my fave of Cait is, she wins, her name gets announced and she almost forgets to give her bf a half hug with 3 feet in between and a half assed kiss on the cheek before going on stage, where she forgets to thank him!!!!! LOL

Problems with this: 1. Privacy is not an issue he is sitting right there, all of BAFTA and everyone watching has seen him. 2. She could have and to be fair SHOULD have said: “I thank my partner for all of his support”…hmmm…or did she? 3. She gave Sam a warmer hug at Saks in front of everyone…just saying 4. NOT thanking your partner but thanking the driver looks callous

Sam - where to start…for the gentleman he is he certainly forgets that any time a “real” date is around. Stick around to help her out of the car ffs…LOL. The girl is an actress, not unaccustomed to a red carpet, walk her down the red carpet, take a couple of pics.

They are a couple who rarely see each other and are still fairly early in their relationship. Why are they not all over each other? Instead Sam looked so uncomfortable around her and she looked bored. Snipets in time but had they been happy, one pic would have at least caught it, by mathematical probability.

And now back to Kale-gate, because I will say, that had Sam not made an effort to go see his “gf” during his days off I would have, based on above evidence, totally dismissed the girl as a friend doing him a favor at BAFTAs…LOL.

Can’t even begin to tell you how utterly convenient these sightings happen to be… He went to visit her, yes, but these well timed sightings…lol…smh

I mean, if these are their real relationships, fine…I’ll bite. But, for two people who are touchy feely, they sure don’t show it with the people they are supposed to show it with

Very odd.


A/N This may be total shit, but i’ve had this idea in my head for a few days now lol. Baby It’s Cold Outside is one of my favorite Christmas songs :) Also this i very ooc Dean 

Summary: Dean finds reader singing and dancing to the song Baby It’s Cold Outside and she makes him do it with her

Warnings: Some of you may get triggered by the song bc of what you think the song really implies, but I personally don’t think that it implies that at all. But you ARE entitled to your feelings/opinions. & some bad language

Dean Winchester

You held the Christmas decorations in your arms as best as you could without dropping them as you walked into the bunker. You had decided the bunker was too plain and needed some happiness.

“Sam! Dean!” You called out, needing the two brothers help.

“Y/N?” Sam spoke, walking into the main room from the library with furrowed brows. “What’s all that?”

You grinned,“Christmas decorations, where’s Dean?”

He picked up a few bags from your hands, examining the decorations inside,“He left to pick up some pie from that place he likes.” You snorted,“Of course he did. Come help me get the tree off the car.”

After a while of frustratingly decorating the tree and placing different decorations around the bunker, Sam yawned,“Well, that’s enough decorating for me. I’m gonna hit the hay.”

You smiled at him,“Thanks for the help, Sammy.” He gave you a small smile back before walking off into his bedroom. You realized you hadn’t yet put any decorations in the kitchen, and headed in there with the decorations that were left. You played some Christmas music on your phone, dancing and singing around the kitchen as you placed lights or other decorations around.

Dean arrived with a to-go box of pie, and he looked at the decorations with confusion written all over his face,“What the hell?” Dean walked into the kitchen where he saw you dancing, and watched in surprise. He’d never seen you so… happy looking before.

“I really can’t stay,” you began to sing as one of your favorite Christmas songs began to play, not having had noticed Dean yet. He set down the pie, smirking in amusement as you continued to sing along.

Keep reading

Imagine one day Sara is super bored and she’s trying to find new Doctor Zone Fanfiction to read since she’s already read a lot of the good ones so she decides to look though the crossover section and somehow stumbles across this Doctor Zone/Ducky Momo fic. Now Sara had never watched Ducky Momo, she only knows that it was a cartoon for little kids. But since there was nothing really else to do and the doc DID include her favorite show ever, she decides to read it. After two hours of intensive reading Sara is blown away about how good the story turned out to be, and she leaves a long comment on the latest chapter gushing about how amazing the plot was and compliments about the writing style and the motifs that the author had sprinkled in. A day later the author responds to thank Sara for her kind comment. The two then get into a discussion about Their favorite characters and episodes of Doctor Zone and start to become fast friends. At some point Sara starts to watch Ducky Momo out of curiosity and then the discussion shifts to that show.
Over time Sara and the author start to talk about their own personal lives. The author talks about her brothers wild schemes and how their mother never seems to find out about them no matter what she did to get them busted. But even if her brothers are annoying they did try to help her out whenever she had problems that she couldn’t deal with them on her own. Sara talks about the curse th hat seems to follow her family, like how everything and she means EVERYTHING goes wrong when her brother is around and how frustrating it can get to live like that. But her brother is also one of the sweetest kids she knew and wouldn’t trade him for the world.
After about a year or so of messaging each other over the internet the two decide to meet in real life at the Tri-State Area’s Annual Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention since they had at that point figured out that they lived relatively near each other.
When they day finally comes, Sara waits in the front lobby of the convention center wearing her hand crafted Doctor Zone costume on, just like she told the other girl. Suddenly someone wearing a giant Ducky Momo costume waddles up to her. The person takes off the top of the costume to reveal a tall read headed teen who smiles at Sara and Sara smiles back. And then she says “Hey, you’re Candace right? I’m Sara.”

Hello! (´∀`*) i’ve had this blog for a very long time but i didn’t really feel motivated to start using it, so now that this year is going to end, i decided that i need to set up new study goals for 2017!

so here’s a little about me:

  • my name is val (she/her) and i’m 14 years old
  • i live in south america (chile)!!
  • english, spanish and science are my favorite subjects!
  • i’m also very interested in languages ( ´ ▽ ` )
  • i have a cat and his name is fluffy (he actually isn’t lol)

and here are some studyblurs that really inspired me:

@eintsein / @brbgottarevise / @studypetals / @tbhstudying / @estudier @mujischolar / @studyign / @studykouffee and a lot more!

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It’s time to go indepth about this scene because its legit one of my favorites now and just so good and pure and has to be their softest scene ever (beside the hand holding scene obviously). Let’s break my favorite parts of it down:

I just loved how much Root touched Shaw’s face during all of it. She couldn’t stop and it was so precious and gentle. The gentlest we’ve ever seen Root to be quite honest. She knew Shaw had been through a lot (not the full extent) and wasn’t trying to scare her away which I just adored.

And this is probably my favorite part of the whole thing. Look at all the small details though; Root holding Shaw’s little bundled up sweater hand and caressing Shaw’s face (again) and even Shaw running her own hand down Root’s arm. I can’t y’all. It’s just soooo unbearably soft and tender. And the second still, Shaw wanted this to be the real Root so so bad. Look at her closing her eyes reveling in this moment. Root is her safe place, she felt so safe again. More than she has in almost a year. Even if this moment ended up being another simulation, she was gonna enjoy this. 

And then here, Root put Shaw’s hand on her heart to try her best and convince Shaw that this was INDEED real. Shaw was THIS close to believing it too. She doesn’t know what to think but Root really putting Shaw’s hand on her heart was just the cutest. I cannot take how intimate it was.

I know we all had our problems with season 5 especially in relation to Shoot buuut this is one scene that I will forever love and cherish. The small tidbits alone make it beautiful. Plus soooo much touching.


Doing that 6 selfies of the year thingy again.

tagged by: @frappucinus

*I honestly thought I wouldn’t have enough to post lol + y’all know I gotta include a drag photo because fuck gender norms and masculinity.

Updates since then: 

  1. My favorite tank top (in the 2nd picture) is currently not in my possession and I hope I can get that back someday.
  2. I’ve quit smoking cigarettes because one of my friends/coworkers said that I should stop because she cares about me a lot, which is quite surprising because we’ve only known each other for almost half a year now.
  3. I still don’t know how to glue my eyebrows down for drag, but for boy-brows, I still look fine.

I don’t know who else to tag because y’all may have done it already? But let’s see…: @polysyndetons @cloudcharm @ccaesarsalad @durianseeds @spiceburrito @javsyferr @abstractazn @butternutcream

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                                               Happy Asks 

Stars: What are your favorite blogs?

favorite blogs right now?

@adoglover5 [ my Chandler. I get extremely happy seeing her on. Even if it’s here on our personal blogs lol ]

@lyonsama / @steamofed [ Remi. We don’t speak as much anymore but seriously she’s been that one friend who i don’t mind seeing on my dash no matter the content! I’M ALSO A HUGE FAN OF HER ART OKAY? SHE’S SO GOOD AT IT. !!! ]

@daddyminjun / @scenerios4twopm / @ask2pm [ i’M Tabitha trash. She’s amazing. I’m glad I got to meet her! She’s so lovely! ALSO I’M A BIG T-SQUARED SHIPPER LOL ] 

Shout out to these blogs because man…I’m such a fan. No matter what either of you guys post. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. I apologizzeeee for being such a weird person ahah. 









CON IS NEXT MONTH AND I’M NOT READY. can we postpone it a week? LOL. okay no….I’ll be prepared.  xD

Adlock was my first ship and I’ve always loved the tiny hints of Adlock every season. My favorite was in TSoT, where Sherlock was looking for the Mayfly man, Irene pops up and he says “Not now, I’m working!”

So… Sherlock Holmes, what is a *naked* Irene doing in your mind palace when you’re *NOT* working? Does she have a special room you go into when you’re feeling particularly frisky? Those mind palace sequences must be particularly… *vivid*.

Today has been a really hard day. This morning I woke up to the news that my kitten, Holtzy, had been run over by a reckless driver. She was a spunky little cat but she was so loving and wouldn’t hesitate to run over and sit on your lap and purr. I’m gonna miss going outside and holding her like a baby and have her just curl up. She was a lovable bundle of joy taken too soon from this world. Rest in peace, Holtzy. I love you and miss you ❤

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So my friend (god bless this mess of a girl) asked my English teacher if, for our reading project, she could read "a full length work of transformative fiction" and my teacher goes "do you mean fanfiction?" And said yes so now my friend is trying to find a fic for an English project and I've found out my favorite teacher is a Fangirl. This is weird.

Hey I’ve done that before lol


Favorite America’s Next Top Model Contestants: Natasha Galkina (Cycle 8)

“I feel like I’m always being talked about, like I was always in the center of all the conversations, but it’s better to be talked about than be not noticeable.”

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what about favorite Stef outfits? I think she looks stunning in that blue dress she wears in 3x11. so sexy. also whenever she's in her pjs with wet hair.

Without a doubt:

I am kidding lol. I thought those were PJs hahaa. My Stef aesthetic is definitely about the character and who she is. I wouldn’t put a dress on this list, but I’ll pick my favorite, though it’s far from my favorite outfit on her.
She’s on the butchy side and I don’t think they suit her. I do appreciate that she tends to wear them for her kids and family.
#1 - Controversial opinion, but Stef in her uniform is always hot. I was going to say I’ll miss it but she’ll still wear it this season.

#2 - I love the show for giving Stef this outfit, but I hated her hair! Ugh, hated it and the make up. But the outfit is great for this 70s theme.

#3 - I had to pick something that showed off Teri’s fine ass arms, and well, I picked this because Stef thought she was so hot lol and that’s hot.

#3 - Tie! The leather jacket!

Favorite Flannel. I like them untucked without that big brown belt she often wears:

Favorite dress: This is probably more Teri than Stef. She looks great though, gorgeous.

And for the future, favorite Jacket look. I imagine we’ll see real sharp looks from Stef once she’s detective:

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Ok this might be a lil different but I'm curious. How tall do you think all the teens would be when they finish growing? lol

Can I please get more requests like this? Just have me talk about their future lives and my aus for those kids

Izumo: 173cm/5′8 Often mistaken as a model due to her height and being skinny. She’s very satisfied with her height because she can reach most of the things easily but can still wear her favorite pair of heels without looking weird.

Konekomaru: 175cm/5′8 This guy gets a growth spurt around 22. He’s still the shortest guys but at least now it’s only a matter if centimeters/inches and heads like it was before that.

Nemu: 178cm/5′10 Doesn’t have anything to say about his height. He neither likes or dislikes it but then again, he’s just not the type of guy to make a fuss about such irrelevant things. 

Renzou: 180cm/5′10 Not too tall, not too small. Right in the middle. It’s especially cool because he’s the tallest among his brothers now and he loves to tease them about it.

Rin: 185cm/6′0 Loves his height because it is icebreaker to him. Sees a cute girl or boy he wants to talk to but doesn’t really have the courage to? Often this happens in the supermarket or the bookstore so he waits a little to see if they need help getting something from the top shelf and voila~ there he is already talking to them.

Ryuji: 190cm/6′2 Intimidates everyone by just standing because of his height and the constant frown on his face. That doesn’t stop him from having fangirls and fanboys tho. Quite the opposite. 

Shiemi: 171cm/5′7 Used to dislike her height because with her appearance it gives off this damsel in distress vibe which is really not useful when being an exorcist and wanting to be treated seriously. But she soon found out that everything can get turned to her favours. Even the DID vibe.

Yukio: Only grows a few inches. Pretty much stuck with his height but people always think he’s taller than he actually is due to the muscles he’s been getting thanks to his missions and training. 

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Which drv3 character did you dislike at first but now like ?

Iruma, Angie, Shinguuji, Gonta and Hoshi…

More like, I didn’t care about them at first, but now I really like these characters. Especially Hoshi and Shinguuji. Ironically, after the demo, Iruma and Angie became my favorite female characters. I really didn’t care about them at first. 

Angie: Yahoooo! Yay, hey ther guys! That guy died in ur room, so you guy are the culprit!

Kaede: You can’t just claim that, Yonaga-san!

Makoto: Yonaga-san, what about the investigation!?

Angie: Lol nope! God already tells me everythin’! Peace!

Iruma: *everything she says*