she is not your pretty little bird

Cute Bus Stop Guy

Sterek, Teen, 2K words, Meet Cute AU

Stiles groaned and took a very long swig from his travel coffee mug as he hitched his messenger bag up higher on his shoulder. It was barely eight in the morning, and consequently, he could barely keep his eyes open. He was a grad student for fuck’s sake, and it was understood that in order to make up for the shitty stipend and the whole working-around-the-clock thing, he got to sleep in until 10. At least. After all, if he was up until 3 working, it was only fair. But noooo, his advisor—fuck you, Finstock—had insisted on an early meeting today.

He passed the bus stop and realized that at least he was lucky in that he lived close enough to campus that he could walk instead of dealing with public transportation at rush hour. Small condolences, really, though.

He yawned and accidentally bumped into someone walking past him. Stiles tried to apologize, but the word got stuck in his throat when he opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of the person he’d nearly knocked over. He was about Stiles’ height but bigger, all broad shoulders and muscles capped off by really great hair and an unfairly attractive face. “Uh.”

The guy gave him a curt little nod and neatly sidestepped him, continuing on his way. Stiles snuck a look over his shoulder, and yep, the rear view in those tight slacks was pretty good, too. The guy stopped at the bus stop, leaning against the sign, and Stiles sighed. It was a dreamy sigh, even he could admit that.

He had a feeling he was going to become a morning person.

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astro: Home

if astro were things that felt like home, mj would be the wind chimes. he’s the soft ringing of the bells in the gentle breeze, humming its favourite tune when you slide the windows open. he’s the playful flutter of curtains dancing in the sun and the crackling of the old radio singing his favourite love songs, and the way you’d dance and hum along to the melody as you go about with your chores.

jinjin would be the paintings that hang on your walls. he’s the one with the sea painted a soft, calm blue and the other a house covered in snow. he’s all the picture frames holding your best memories, and the polaroids you’ve scribbled on and hung on a flimsy red string. jinjin is also the feeling of sleeping in on a saturday morning, where your tired bones sigh in relief and you finally get to breathe.

eunwoo is your old bookshelf standing tall and proud in your room. he’s every book lined up neatly on your little wooden shelves, paperbacks worn and happy from being read many times over. he’s also the notes and stationaries strewn across the desk tucked in a corner, pushed up against the wall right underneath your window. eunwoo is every post it you’ve slapped onto your walls and every scribble you’ve made in blue and red ink, and the forgotten cup of coffee that had gone cold as you work away diligently.

moonbin would be the glow-in-the-dark stars scattered across your ceiling, and the light from the moon or street lamps shining in faintly through your windows. he’s the crack in the door your mother used to always leave open for you, the slither of light that falls across your sheets and the sense of security that it gives you. he’s the murmur of a goodnight’s kiss and the quiet whispers on nights you wake up from a bad dream.

rocky is the feeling of wrapping up in warm blankets on cold, rainy mornings. he’s the cup of hot chocolate you cradle in your palms as you watch movies and wiggle your toes, tucked into a corner of the couch, warm and cosy and peaceful. he’s the smell of your mother’s cooking wafting through the walls of your home and the smile she gives you when you peek into the kitchen. rocky is the cheeky grin you give when you steal a bite and manage to get away with it.

sanha is the laughter that fills in the gaps and the lull of conversation in the air. he’s the doodles on fogged up windows where you make raindrops race, and the flowers arranged randomly in pretty flower vases. sanha is the chirping of baby birds greeting you good morning and the bunch of old plushies on your bed you refuse to throw out, and the secret box you keep little odds and ends in tucked away in your closet.

if astro were things that felt like home–

what am i talking about? they already make me feel at home with the way they just are.

Ten Years (Part 1)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,327

Warnings: language, snark, memories of cheaters

A/N: I have no words. Bucky Barnes continues to keep my attention. Hopefully you guys like this!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

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Like Limbs and Hearts, Entwined (Prologue)

Summary:  When the woven birch crown appears in the Sacred Grove, the village elders know that The God of Field and Forest, The Lord of the Ancient Wood, has decided to take a Bride.  The most beautiful girl in the village, chosen by him and blessed with his grace, is to perform the marriage rites on the First Summer Moon, thus ensuring a bountiful harvest and continued prosperity for the community…  And you are so very certain and so very thankful that it could never be you!  

–This prologue takes place about ten years or so before the events of the main fic.

A/N:  The summary is a little… meeeeeh, so we’ll see if it changes.  This is the Cernunnos!Seb x Reader nobody asked for haha  Out of respect for my pagan brothers, sisters, and variations there upon, he’s not strictly Cernunnos, but a fertility god and a religion I adapted for the AU.  And FULL DISCLOSURE: you don’t see a whole lot of Seb in this fic until the end, when you see absolutely all of him!

Warnings: future smut, mentions of blood/bleeding

Sitting with the other girls, listening to a village elder regale the group with tales of The Lord of Nature, the God of Field and Forest, you wished you could be just about any place else.  The quiet spot on the river you discovered seemed to call you on the warm summer day.  Or perhaps the meadow beyond your family’s little farm, littered with wildflowers before reaching the deep, ancient wood.  It just seemed ridiculous to be hearing these legends of wild things instead of being out there experiencing them.  You were only there now because your parents said a girl your age ought to be interested in these sorts of things, learning the ins and outs of the rituals your village held.  In truth, they had been interesting… the first several times you’d heard them in your eleven short years of life.  And as you had no intention of ever being a part of any of the rituals, aside from providing for the offerings as was required, you weren’t exactly sure why you had to keep hearing about them.

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papaperpencil  asked:

AHHHHH!! I absolutely adore your Voltron Family, like can a family be any cuter, I had to go back several pages to catch up on all the family adventures. The family has always seem really close but I was wondering if what the family did/coped when one of the kids wasn't there for a holiday or a special occasion? And were they the type of family to send out christmas cards, I can just see them all in matching sweaters and dying over it all

[The Voltron Family] The whole family was scheduled to spend their summer vacation this year in Korea. Everyone was excited—as always. It was one of the things the teens look forward to every year ever since they were kids. During family meetings, they get to suggest a country they’d like to visit and for this year, Pidge’s suggestion won.

However, due to Pidge’s robotics thesis, she couldn’t go because her thesis defense was on the day they were supposed leave.

Pidge: *groans* Can’t I just ditch my thesis?
Shiro: You know that’s not an option, darling. *frowns sadly*
Pidge: *hugs* 
Keith: Why don’t we just rebook our tickets then? 
Shiro: *hugs Pidge tight* *turns to Keith* Too expensive. 
Pidge: *grumbles* *buries her face in Shiro’s chest* *incoherent noises*
Shiro: *chuckles* Now, now. Don’t curse your professor, Pidge. 
Keith: *bites his lips* I’ll rebook mine and Pidge’s ticket. I’ll stay with her while you go with Lance and Hunk. *looks at Shiro*
Shiro: Or, I could stay with Pidge and you go with Hunk and Lance. Then we catch with you guys the next day. *smiles*
Pidge: *looks up* *grins* Really? You’d do that? For me?
Shiro: *looks down and gives Pidge a peck* Of course. Anything for you.
Pidge: *giggles* Yeah, okay.
Keith: *smiles* *but still worried* You sure? I mean, I could stay with Pidge. You deserve this vacation more than I do, Shiro.
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Please, Keith. Don’t even play innocent. I know you’ve worked so hard yourself. Get that early vacation. I’m fine staying back with my little girl. *lifts Pidge off the floor to hug her tighter* 

They were at the airport and Shiro was saying goodbye and giving hugs and kisses to Keith, Lance and Hunk. 

Shiro: Have fun, alright? *looks at Lance* And Lance, stop flirting with every pretty girl and boy you see.
Lance: Can’t make any promises! *laughs* *heads to the plane*
Hunk: *shakes head* I’ll keep a close eye on him. *follows Lance*
Keith: *hugs* Take care of the little bird. *looks at Shiro* Your flight is at 4am. Make sure you get to the airport at 1am. And—
Shiro: *kisses Keith* I got it, love. Set an alarm and all. Now go. 
Keith: *sighs* Okay. *smiles* *squeezes Shiro’s hand* See you tomorrow. Don’t forget your passports, Takashi. Take Pidge’s cause she tends to forget and—
Shiro: *chuckles* Yes, yes.
Keith: *puffs cheeks* I worry, okay? 
Shiro: *smiles* I know you do. *caresses Keith’s cheek*
Keith: Okay, one last kiss. *leans in to give Shiro a kiss on the lips*
Shiro: *laughs* Clingy.
Keith: Shut up. *rolls eyes* Okay, now I’m seriously leaving. *laughs while tapping Shiro’s cheek* Bye! *turns to leave*
Shiro: Keith!
Keith: *turns back* Yeah?
Shiro: *waves* Have fun in Korea!
Keith: Clingy. *teases* 

Shiro drove back home and began making sure he got everything ready for later when Pidge and him go to the airport. He looked at the clock and it was only 10am which meant Pidge was still in school. After double checking everything, by 4pm he picked up Pidge.

Pidge: *enters the car* *kisses Shiro on the cheek* I’m beat. *fastens seatbelt*
Shiro: *smiles* *starts the car* How did your thesis defense go? 
Pidge: *smirks* Guess you could say… I aced it.
Shiro: *grins* Good job! Knew it’ll be a piece of cake. Now gimme a high-five! 
Pidge: *high-fives*
Shiro: Now a low-five.
Pidge: *laughs* *low-fives* 
Shiro: *pulls Pidge to kiss her on the head* I’m proud of you, sweetheart.
Pidge: *smiles* Thanks. Did Daddy Keith and the dorks arrive in Korea already? *looks at wrist watch* They should be there hours ago.
Shiro: *takes a turn* Yep. Just got a text from your Daddy actually. Lance hit on 3 Korean girls and 2 Korean boys already—at the airport.
Pidge: ALREADY? Oh my god. *rolls eyes* 
Shiro: *laughs* *glances at Pidge* You ready for our trip later?
Pidge: *grins so wide* I’m so pumped! Evil has been defeated!
Shiro: *shakes head in amusement* Don’t call your professor evil, Pidge. 

Shiro and Pidge made it to the airport and Shiro was holding Pidge’s hand while they walk towards the check-in counter. After that, he called Keith to tell him they were boarding in a few while Pidge took a nap, her head on Shiro’s shoulder. 

Keith: How is she?
Shiro: *glances at Pidge* She’s snoring. 
Keith: *laughs* Of course. Anyway, we’ll have lunch at this restaurant Hunk found and he thinks Pidge would love it. 
Shiro: I’m sure she’ll devour the food in seconds. *chuckles* 

When Keith, Lance and Hunk met Shiro at the airport, Hunk and Lance engulfed Pidge into a big warm sibling hug.

Pidge: *choking* You dorks are killing me. Unhand me you hooligans! 
Hunk: Awww, Pidge. We missed you too. 
Pidge: *smirks at Lance* Found any future Mrs. or Mr. Blue Lion?
Lance: I’ll have you know the hunt is on. *sly grin*

Honestly, the family just couldn’t leave someone behind. It’s a family trip after all. They have to be complete or else they’d just cancel it. 

And yes! They are the kind of family that sends out Christmas cards! That was one of the earlier prompts which can be found here. 


regardless of whether or not she is able to regenerate, it’s gotta be a little traumatic to see your bird mom get stabbed through the chest. He canonically had flashbacks about it. I know this is way back in the beginning of season one but I can’t stop thinking about it I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT BIRD MOM

(Psst also Square Mom and Purple Mom)

it’s bright and early. i’m not from this part of town. i’m at the mall and there’s a disney store that I ran across. it just opened, but they have this big magical lock and two store clerks were outside with a big key! a little girl is their first customer and she gets to use this key to unlock the gate, i bet she felt so special. and then afterwards they even gave her a little key to keep! idk, i thought it was pretty cool. just a reminder that we all need to feel special sometimes. and if you forgot, this is a reminder. buy yourself that new book. write down something that you’re happy about read it to yourself if you’re really hurting. maybe backtrack and remember your first memory. go get that tattoo that you’ve always been wanting. go to a city and get lost. go outside and hear the birds banter with one another. get stuck in traffic, you won’t have to talk, just being around people without actual interaction isn’t so bad. if you’re like me, you’re into the little details. get out of your head and into the world. and if you don’t have anything happy to be happy about, i’m still proud of you anyway. we should all be like that little girl, feel special. do something nice for yourself. your soul desperately needs it. if you’re crying, hey, it’s not okay now, but there’s a chance that ice cream might help, especially cotton candy ice cream from ben and jerry’s. omg. yes. the tiny crushed pieces. you’ve got to get some. so what if it’s a drive to go get it. just go. get lost. get lost in your head, but do it around nature. get lost within yourself, you’re special. you’re beautiful. shit, if no one’s going to love you. love yourself. this is how you do it. treat yourself to the art of wandering around without a goal, you’re not being constructive in anyway, but at least it’s a step towards the creative recreation of your heart, soul, feelings, thoughts, emotion, writing or whatever it is that you want to tend to like a garden that you’ve been dying to grow, maybe you’re like me and enjoy the simplicity of a rose or how it curves so voluptuously. draw. play an instrument. learn a new skill. dig deep into your broken bits and ask, what can i do today to feel nice, warm and fuzzy inside my own emptiness? you start by walking. you solve it by walking.

it is solved by walking.

The king was shaded beneath a crimson canopy, one leg thrown negligently over the carved wooden arm of his chair. Princess Myrcella and Prince Tommen sat behind him. In the back of the royal box, Sandor Clegane stood at guard, his hands resting on his swordbelt. The white cloak of the Kingsguard was draped over his broad shoulders and fastened with a jeweled brooch, the snowy cloth looking somehow unnatural against his brown roughspun tunic and studded leather jerkin. “Lady Sansa,” the Hound announced curtly when he saw her. His voice was as rough as the sound of a saw on wood. The burn scars on his face and throat made one side of his mouth twitch when he spoke.

ACOK, Sansa I

Wait, wait, wait…  a jeweled brooch and snowy white cloak on a guy that never wears ornamentation except for his Hounds helm!?!  He absolutely disdains pageantry and displays of material wealth as much as knighthood itself.  This is a pretty large departure from his usual self.  He’s likely doing more than just announcing her presence because his mouth is twitching, his signature tell he’s thinking something he isn’t saying.  That just screams “look at me” and "notice me.”  Well, mission accomplished, because she does give him her attention, except she notes those details mostly as being out of character.  Sandor’s acceptance of the white cloak now seems to be more about impressing Sansa, rather just resigning himself to the fact he doesn’t have any wife or lands and thus nothing better to do.              

He was there when Barristan Selmy was “retired” from the KG and let his cloak fall to the floor.  Sansa knelt on that cloak and begged for mercy for her father.  That image connecting her to the exemplary reputation of Barristan, a living legend of a knight must have stuck with him.  Then he is later presented with the opportunity to replace Barristan, which he’s seen as someone Sansa holds in high regard.  He still wants to distance himself though from the other kingsguard by choosing wool instead of silk and satin cloaks and he doesn’t wear the white armor, but there’s still that snappy jeweled brooch!  This is how he wants Sansa to see him and deep down how he wants to see himself. 

Looking back on his bragging of saving Sansa in the riot to Arya, acting like a true knight for her was probably his proudest moment.  It’s why he was kinda salty about her being late to thank him and why he re-wrote history of her singing the song then to culminate the fantasy.   If the story had followed the formula in Sandor’s head, it would have gone like:  save the fair maiden < she’s grateful to her hero < perfect opportunity to win her heart < he’s rewarded with more intimacy with her.  Life is not a song, of course.  Sandor is now set up to have his own struggles with the white cloak just the same as Jaime and Barristan…

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Preference: Game of Thrones - What They Call you

Robb Stark: For Robbie he would always call you ‘My Queen’ both in public and in private. He loves to remind everybody how you are ‘belong’ only to him and have such an important status above everyone else.Jon Snow: Jon always calls you his ‘love’ since every time he sees you that is all he is filled with. Your too precious for him to lose to anybody so he doesn’t mind using you nickname in front of other people.

Jon Snow: Jon always calls you his ‘love’ since every time he sees you that is all he is filled with. Your too precious for him to lose to anybody so he doesn’t mind using you nickname in front of other people.

Jaime Lannister: He loves to call you ‘darling’ as he thinks it sounds pretty grand and has a nice ring to it. He always drops it in casually when talking to you in public, but when your alone he’ll whisper it lowly in your ear, his hands running over your hips.

Sandor Clegane: ‘Little bird’ is what Sandor calls you, since that’s most likely what you remind him of – gentle, innocent and always wanting to fly away. He tries not to be too intimate or sappy when calling you it, even though his eyes always turn to goo.

Ramsay Snow/Bolton: Ramsay would call you his ‘baby girl’ or ‘baby doll’ since he’s a pretty kinky dude. He wouldn’t care about embarrassing others by calling you it in public either, and would probably enjoy their discomfort.

Cersei Lannister: In typical Cersei fashion she always calls you ‘dove’ but not in the mocking and manipulative way she used it on others. For you it is because when she looks at you all she sees is purity, innocence and beauty.

Margaery Tyrell: Margaery loves to call you ‘sweetie’ and sometimes in quite a teasing manner. She’ll place a gentle hand on yours and give you a soft, loving smile when she says it, enjoying the blush that rises to your cheeks.

Sansa Stark: Sansa likes calling you a range of different things and finds it hard to settle on one nickname. She likes calling you her love as it’s simple and fitting, yet she likes to try out a number of other names, such as ‘princess’, ‘honey’ and ‘lemon-cake’

mellodramma  asked:

I recently added a baby torchic to my home. He's very feisty and playful, which isn't a bad thing, but his playmate of choice is my whimiscott. She's much older and naturally gentle so she lets him pick off her cotton, gnaw on her skin, etc. (to his credit, he's never used fire on her). I'm growing concerned that she won't stand up for herself. Is there a way to get them to play nicely with each other?

This is actually a pretty common behavior with bird-like Pokémon. Birds will preen each other to bond and show affection, but they can occasionally be over-enthusiastic. As long as your Whimiscott isn’t showing pain or loss of condition, she is probably okay. If she starts displaying sore or “bald” spots, you may need to separate the two.

A side note: some Torchic start over-preening if they are bored or anxious. Does he have other Pokémon to play? Do they get along? If not, he might need additional socialization. Similarly, does he have enough enrichment/exercise throughout the day? Your little guy might just need more to do.

Flock Together

[Next Chapter]
Summary: Princess Zelda requires the help of her guardians and reader to search for the shrines. However, Princess Zelda paired the reader with Revali in hopes of overcoming the differences.
Word count:  4677 

“If we split into teams we’ll be able to cover more ground.” Princess Zelda spoke surely as she laid a map across the face of a boulder. She marked several areas in the snow region not far from the Rito’s village, “We possibly have a day, at most, to search before the snowstorm arrives, it would be preferable to make haste before night as well. Remember the shrine could be apart of the mountain, or be underground.”

She glanced up staring at the Champions and her personal Knight before confirming her plans in her eyes. She took out a piece of paper and began copying the maps regions the best she could for each party, “Mipha, I would like you to search the rivers below. If it gets too cold, I want you to stop and retreat. Urbosa and Daruk, you two will take the Northern border, and Link with myself will scour the west.” She handed a small map towards you as she spoke, “And [Name] and Revali will cover the East region.”

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anonymous asked:

Noodle with a s/o who has a bunch of birds and loves them all very much?

Noodle: Noodle likes birds herself (her cat also likes birds, but in a different way) and she thinks it’s pretty cute that you’re so attached to your little family of birds. She loves them, too, and would take care of them with you; she likes to talk to them and giggles when they squawk back at her. 


Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk / Reader.

Genre: Parents AU with too much fluff.

Count: 1,059 words.

The morning invades the bedroom through the window pane, basking all that lays within in a shade of gold that melts the furniture to be indecipherable from the floorboards, limbs becoming one with the crisp white bed sheets. Everything moulds into a sole conglomeration of yellow in the blur of your lethargic vision, still waking, opening to another new day, a twenty-four hours of the kind of repetition that you adore. Live for. You rub the heels of your palms into your eyes, ridding of the sleep that still remains tucked and cosy within the corners, the haze eventually clearing to find your own corneas staring back at you in a face of four.

The tiny bird wriggles, speaks. “Morning, Mama.”

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He left

Originally posted by nvmbabe

This is my first Riverdale imagine. I am from the Netherlands, English isn’t my first language so please be kind. 

You missed him. You really missed him. Jughead Jones, the boy who made you feel alive again after you went trough a lot of shit. But now he was gone and you were all alone again. 

Jughead found you sleeping on a bench outside once. He didn’t know you, you’re not someone who lived in Riverdale. You left your parents. They were abusive and it only got worse every year. When your dad hit you so hard that you blacked out, you left. You ran as far and as fast you could so they wouldn’t be able to track you down. You only had a bag with you and a leather jacket when Jughead found you. 

He took you in, into the Drive-in. After they closed it you lived together in the school. But then he left. One of his friends found out he was homeless and took him in. Unfortunately there was no place for you to stay. Jughead din’t want to leave you, but you almost forced him to leave. You wanted him to be happy, you wanted him to get a good meal every night, to sleep in a warm bed, to have a roof over his head. You just wanted him to be happy. You’d stay at the school, you told him.

But now you hadn’t seen him in weeks, maybe even month’s. People at school found out you were living there so you left immediately. You missed him so bad. You missed talking to him at night, when you were scared or stressed out about being homeless. You missed looking at the stars together and imagine your future togheter where you both had a job and lived together with a dog and maybe even some children. But it al faded away.


Tonight was prom night. Jughead went, not because he wanted it but because his friends forced him. Since (Y/N) left the school, he hadn’t seen her. He did search for her, but she was really good at hiding.

‘’Are you coming, Jughead?’’ Archie and Betty wanted to leave prom a little early. Veronica was staying over at Betty’s, so she was coming as well. You walked home togheter, it wasn’t that far. He drifted away in his daydream, even though it was passed midnight.

‘’Jug? Isn’t that her?’’ Archie got his attention by saying that. He followed Archies pointing finger with his eyes. There she was, sleeping on a bench in the park. She used her bag as a pillow, her jacket as a blanket. She was shivering heavely because of the cold. ‘’That is her.’’ Jughead said. ‘’Well, we can’t leave her here.. it’s freezing.’’ Betty said. ‘’She has nowhere to go.’’ Archie said, while Jughead was still staring at her. ‘’She can stay at my place for the weekend, my parents are out. You think she’d like that idea?’’ Betty asked Jughead. ‘’I don’t know, she doesn’t trust a lot of people. But we need to try.’’


You opened you eyes slowly when you felt something touching your shoulder, hoping that it would just be a bird or something like that. When you saw a beanie all to familiar you sat up very fast. ‘’(Y/N)?’’ When you heard his voice you almost started crying. ‘’Come with us, you can stay at my place tonight, maybe even tomorrow.’’ You looked at the blond haired girl. You believed her name was Betty. She is very pretty. ‘’What?’’ You asked. You got a little scared by all the people around you. 

‘’It’s freezing outside, honey. Please come with us.’’ Veronica said. You remembered her name, you even remembered her face. She was so beautiful. ‘’But I don’t know you.’’ You whispered. ‘’You know Jughead, right? He can stay with you.’’ Both you and Jughead looked shocked at Betty. Jughead was nervous, he thought (Y/N) hated him for leaving. (Y/N) was just scared, why would she trust any of these people? Jughead left, he was happy, why ruin that? ‘’Right Jughead?’’ Betty said. He nodded in response. Still staring at you. 

Well, it was extremely cold outside and this bench wasn’t very comfy. ‘’Okay.’’ You said softly. Both Veronica and Betty smiled. When they helped you getting off of the bench, Jughead saw the hoodie you were wearing. It was his. He gave it to you because you loved it so much. Little did he know you loved it so much because it was his, because it smelled like him. You loved everything about him.


A knock sounded on the door of the room you were in. ‘’(Y/N)?’’ You recognized his voice. ‘’Yes?’’ Your voice sounded like a whisper, but he heard it. ‘’Can I come in?’’ You sighed. ‘’Yes.’’ He opened the door, and just stood there for a couple minutes. ‘’Thank you for letting me stay here for the night.’’ You said when it seemed like he couldn’t find any words. ‘’I looked for you, I looked for you everywhere.’’ He said eventually. You didn’t know what to say. ‘’You did?’’ You said up in the bed you were in. You believed Betty said it was Polly’s bed but you could ‘borrow’ it for the night. ‘’Ofcourse I did, I’d never leave you.’’ He sat down at the and of your bed. ‘’But you did,’’ You said. ‘’But it’s okay, I wanted you to be happy and now you are happy. That’s all that matters, I promise you I’ll be gone early tomorrow.’’ This took him by surprise, he didn’t really unterstand what you were saying. ‘’What?’’ He asked. ‘’Yes, I am happy with a house to live in, but I’ll be never happy without you. I’ve missed you so much, I looked for you everywhere because I can not be happy without you.’’

‘’But I’m a mess, Jughead.’’ He took your hands in his. ‘’So what? Before Archie’s dad took me in, I was a mess as well. And I’ll be forever a mess if I’m not with you.’’ Tears were filling your eyes. ‘’I just thought you’d be better off without me.’’ You looked down at you hands, holding each other. ‘’I’ll never be better of without you. Betty talked to her mom and you can stay here for a little longer, if you want to. They want to help you, but they want you to work for it so you can go to school with us and stuff.’’ Your eyes widened. ‘’What?’’ Jughead sighed. ‘’We’ll talk about this tomorrow, but if you want to, you can stay longer.’’ 

‘’WIll you spend the night with me? Jug?’’ You asked him softly. ‘’Ofcourse, I’d love to, princess.’’ You smiled when you heard the nickname he gave you a very long time ago. ‘’You haven’t made a sarcastic comment towards me yet.’’ You said. ‘’Maybe tomorrow, I’m just so glad to have you back right now. I love you (Y/N).’’ You looked at his beautiful eyes. ‘’You do?’’ He smiled and looked at your lips. ‘’Ofcourse I do, princess.’’ You licked your lips. ‘’I love you too, Jug.’’ You smiled as well. ‘’Can I kiss you?’’ He asked, cupping your face. ‘’You might regret it.’’ His hands were so nice and warm on your skin, you loved his touch. ‘’I won’t.’’ And with that he brought his face to yours and let your lips touch. Your hands were on his chest and his hands were still holding your face.

‘’I didn’t regret it.’’ He smiled, brushing trough your hair with his hands. ‘’You were wearing my hoodie.’’ You nodded, blushing. ‘’I wore it every night since you left. It smells like you, and if I was wearing it, it’d feel like you were still with me.’’ This took him by surprise. He didn’t expect a response like this. ‘’I’m really sorry, I didn’t want to leave you..’’ You smiled at him again. ‘’It’s fine, I almost forced you to leave so you could have a bright future. And besides, we are togheter for now.’’

‘’For now and forever.’’ He said. ‘’Really?’’ You almost didn’t believe him. ‘’Really, princess.’’ He kissed you again. And with that, you knew he’d never leave again.

arwenxs  asked:

Hi! For the prompts, I don't know if you've done this before, but what about a Tony Stark advises for the young avengers? Because I really love the RDJ advises so I think that might be cool.


Also I interpreted “Young Avengers” as his new young Avengers, not the Young Avengers™ who don’t have a book right now. That may have been wrong, sorry D:

Title: Tony Stark Advises the Avengers
Rating: PG
Summary: Somehow, Tony Stark ended up Team Dad.
Notes: This is set nominally in the 616, where Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Nova (Sam Alexander), and Spider-man (Miles Morales) are half of an Avengers team with Iron Man (Tony Stark), Captain America (Sam Wilson), and Thor (Jane Foster). 
More Notes: There is a text version following the image version for people who need plain text. Sorry there are two guys on this team named Sam, it’s not my fault. 


Ms. Marvel

(Image super heavy under the cut)

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For RaeX weekend. I hope you like it!


Raven knew she wasn’t much of a prize. She was the dark creepygirl in the corner whom everyone stayed away from. She wasn’t Starfire, brimming with life, and so sweet standing near her was likely to give you a tooth ache. Starfire was beautiful;  a precious gem under a glass case taunting one with its brilliance. Raven thought she was nothing more than a plain Jane. So why the heck was she being kidnapped right now?

“Are you comfortable little bird?” Red-X asked.

Raven rolled her eyes. Here she was in the back of Red-X motorcycle fastened to his waist as she rode backwards behind him. How she wanted to kill him. She could think all the very unpleasant dimensions to send him. One with no air, lava dimensions, places where young stupid thieves where a delicacy. Yet her darn mouth and chakra had a familiar sticky adhesive x.

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 Another work in progress I will finish one day…I really love drawing these two. I have lots of skeches. The original file is pretty huge..almost 20000x20000. I had to make it almost 10 times smaller so I could upload it here. I will probably add his helmet as well. He’ll have three dog heads like the Clegane sigil has 3 dogs. I also secretly link the armor to the Cerberus.

So we know Sansa is an unreliable narrator. And is’t not only about the unkiss.

‘I wish the Hound were here. The night of the battle, Sandor Clegane had come to her chambers to take her from the city, but Sansa had refused. Sometimes she lay awake at night, wondering if she’d been wise.’ 

But if we look at the actual scene we can see that she didn’t refuse him. He made his offer but never actually gave her a chance to reply. He mistook her closing her eyes and expecting a kiss to her being disgusted to look at him. (Oh, Sandor, you big fool! You know lots about swinging a sword…but you know nothing about womanly affairs.)

“I could keep you safe,” he rasped. “They’re all afraid of me. No one would hurt you again, or I’d kill them.” He yanked her closer, and for a moment she thought he meant to kiss her. He was too strong to fight. She closed her eyes, wanting it to be over, but nothing happened. “Still can’t bear to look, can you?” she heard him say. He gave her arm a hard wrench, pulling her around and shoving her down onto the bed. “I’ll have that song. Florian and Jonquil, you said.” His dagger was out, poised at her throat. “Sing, little bird. Sing for your little life.”

We also get this passage later:

‘She could still remember how it felt, when his cruel mouth pressed down on her own. He had come to Sansa in the darkness as green fire filled the sky. He took a song and a kiss, and left me nothing but a bloody cloak

She sounds a bit bitter because he left her. It’s almost clear she was expecting something more. So what does Sansa want? Him to not leave (’I wish the Hound were here’), a kiss (I think the kiss originated during those nights she spent off page thinking about what happened during the Blackwater scene) or did she expect him to steal her away like in some song?

He asked her to sing. Later he asks again and she offers to sing an unheard  Florian and Jonquil song to Sandor, he refuses and mocks the song, but asked for it at knifepoint during the Blackwater scene.

What was that unheard song about?

ACOK chapter 18:

‘’sing me a song, why don’t you? Go on. Sing to me. Some song about knights and fair maids. You like knights, don’t you?” 

‘’I never got my song.”
“I … I know a song about Florian and Jonquill.”
“Florian and Jonquill? A fool and his cunt. Spare me. But one day I’ll have a song from you, whether you will it or no.”
I will sing it for you gladly.
Sandor Clegane snorted. “Pretty thing, and such a bad liar’’

(So he wants a song, but not the one of Florian and Jonquill. What kind a song does he really want?)

ACOK chapter 62:

‘“I’ll have that song. Florian and Jonquill, you said.” His dagger was out, poised at her throat. “Sing, little bird. Sing for your little life.” 

(Of course she sung,,,but not what he asked for and she does not do it gladly, Instead she sings the Mother hymn.)


During his time with Arya, Sandor  boasts to her about how Sansa gave him a song.

But as he is on his deathbed he admits Sansa din not give him a song…he took it.

‘I took the bloody song, she never gave it.’

He wanted her to give him a song willingly. 


Sansa’s dream:

‘Only then he was bigger than Tyrion had any right to be, and when he climbed into the bed his face was scarred only on one side. “I’ll have a song from you,” he rasped.’

While Lysa was screaming while having teh sexy times with Petyr, Marillion tells Alayne he could make her sing louder than Lysa. So here it is. A double meaning to ‘song’ /‘to sing’.

Sansa and Sandor are both linked to songs. Maybe Sansa will sing him a song gladly one day.What kind of song? We’ll have to wait and see ;). 

We also get this little gem from Cersei:

‘Before I am done with her, I promise you, she will be singing to the Stranger, begging for his kiss.’

Here Sansa is linked again to ‘singing’. Stranger is also the name of Sandor’s horse, which is on the QI, but is still pretty wild and refuses to submit to the monks. The Gravedigger is also showing sings of not being tamed as he throws dirt towards Brienne. And also would you consider a man with his face hidden a stranger?‘Begging for his kiss’-if we look at how many times Sansa brings up the unkiss it is pretty clear that she wished that it happened…that’s why she creates this false memory.


Parallels between Sandor/Gravedigger and the Stranger.

- The Stranger represents death and the unknown-> Sandor brought death upon others, even calls himself a butcher.  The Hound ‘died’.Arya is the only one who would know and expect him dead as she left him in the middle of nowhere while he was close to death. Sandor’s fate was unknown to many. His Helmet is worn by other people afterwards. To Sansa Sandor’s faith is still unknown.

-The Stranger leads the dead to the other world-> The Gravedigger is digging graves.

-The Stranger’s face has been described as half-human-> Sandor has a half-human face if you think about how half his face is a scar.  

-The Stranger is also described as being almost animal-like-> Sandor is called ‘the Hound’,’Dog’…he even calls himself ‘dog’. Also his helmet is made in the shape of a snarling dog. And he is a beast-like character. 

-The Stranger’s face is concealed beneath a hooded mantle-> The clothing customs of QI includes monks concealing their faces with scarves, hoods. Guess what the Gravedigger wears.

-Bonus:- Sandor finds an interesting name for his horse: Stranger.

            -People avoid praying to the Stranger ->people usually don’t want Sandor around. Think of the time when he was asked to leave that village, although he was helpful while he stayed there.

           -Outcasts identify themselves with the Stranger-> Sandor mocks religion, but he is an outcast. He did his best during his stay in the village, yet he was asked to leave. After papa Clegane died and Gregor inherited the keep, Sandor left. 

Little bird

One interesting thing about Sansa is that there are “a lot of birds” in her chapters and many people think they could mean something more..

Most of the great houses in Game of Thrones have animals for symbols.. there are wolfs and lions and dragons, but there are also birds, like House Arryn’s falcon or even Petyr Baelish’s mockingbird.
Sansa escaped King’s Landing with Petyr (mockingbird) and they later went to The Vale… and The Vale is ruled by House Arryn (falcon).

“The northern girl. Winterfell’s daughter. We heard she killed the king with a spell, and afterward changed into a wolf with big leathery wings like a bat, and flew out a tower window.”

In Game of Thrones animal symbols are not only on flags or on coat of arms. Animals can have a great power, like dragons for example.

Animals can maybe also symbolize someone’s destiny. Remember the dead stag in season 1 episode 1 and what later happened with the Baratheons (they have a stag as symbol). Or the scene when Tywin (The Great Lion of the Rock) was skinning the stag..

There are also animal nicknames which is very important for Sansa, because she was often called “little bird” by the Hound or “little dove” by Cersei.

“You’re like one of those birds from the Summer Isles, aren’t you? A pretty little talking bird, repeating all the pretty little words they taught you to recite.”

- The Hound to Sansa

“The Hound is right … I am only a little bird, repeating the words they taught me”

“Sansa? Come here, little dove.”

- Cersei to Sansa

“Sing, little bird. Sing for your little life.”

- The Hound to Sansa

Maybe its funny but even the word “little” could mean something.. She was married to Tyrion who is often called “little lion” and she escaped with a man called “Littlefinger” lol ..

In the books Petyr Littlefinger Baelish is planning to marry Sansa to Ser Harrold Hardyng, often called “Young Falcon”. A bird again…

In season 5 Sansa was definitely a caged bird. Winterfell was her cage and once again she managed to escape, by jumping from the castle wall.

Again.. like a bird.

Since she lost her direwolf, maybe birds can help her. Maybe that’s the answer. 

Jealous Audrey Imagine

                “Babe! Hurry up!” Jake yelled from down the Maddox’s stairs. You were all waiting to go to the movies tonight to see some stupid new movie that Jake and Brooke had been dying to see.

               “You can’t rush this.” Brooke walked down the stairs in her heels and flawless outfit with her always perfect makeup. She was right, no matter where we were going, the time she spent getting ready was never a waste. Jake kissed her cheek as she got to the bottom.

               “Alright love birds, let’s go. Noah’s getting impatient in the car.” You said dangling your keys in front of them. You headed out to your car and jumped into the driver’s seat.

               “Did you guys take long enough or did you want to leave me alone in a car in the dark for a little longer to see what happens?” Noah replied with a laugh, trying to hide his clear nervousness. He was always aware of what horror movie situations he was in, and he wasn’t wrong in saying that sitting alone in a car at night was pretty high on the ‘don’t’ list. Brooke swatted his head as they scooted into the backseat.

               “Audrey is working tonight, right?” Jake asked as you started driving towards the movie theater.

               “Isn’t she always? I’m also pretty sure she’s the only one that actually works there. She said the movie is pretty popular though, so that’s something.” Noah answered.

               “Oh good, then we get to see the awkward sexual tension between Y/N and Audrey some more.” Jake laughed while you rolled your eyes.

               “There’s nothing going on-“ This felt like an everyday conversation at this point, each one of them starting it whenever Audrey was brought up into the conversation.

               “Nothing going on with you and Audrey, we know, we know.” All of them said in unison as you grunted. They weren’t wrong, you had always felt like there was something between you and Audrey, but she was painfully stubborn and kept avoiding it. Brooke had even tried to set you two up and make her pick you up for a date, but she had very adamantly said that that wasn’t going to happen. If you thought that hurt you, Brooke’s face was one of shock and anger. She wasn’t used to being wrong or having her plans not work. She had tried multiple other times with the help of Jake and Noah, but to no avail. This was a whole new level of friendzone.

               They continued their small talk while you stayed stuck in your head. You loved seeing Audrey, but you decided a while ago that you couldn’t put your effort into her anymore. It had been too long of her saying there was nothing going on and nothing would happen that the effort it took was no longer worth it. If she wanted something at some point, she was going to have to prove it. You were tired.

               You pulled into the parking lot and turned off the car as everyone piled out of your car. Brooke and Jake walked hand-in-hand to the door while you hung back with Noah.

               “You okay?” He asked making sure his candy was hid well enough.

               “You know we get a discount on candy because she works here, right?” He looked ridiculous making sure his pockets didn’t look like they were filled with dollar store M&M’s and Twizzlers.

               “A discount, not free. I’m not spending three bucks on something I can get for a dollar. You didn’t answer my question, are you okay?”

               “Yeah, I’m good. Why wouldn’t I be?” You kept your hands in your pocket and tried to avoid direct eye contact with him.

               “Don’t play dumb with me. I love her but she’s being ridiculous. It can’t be easy on you.” He held the door open for you while you caught up with Jake and Brooke. They were already in line waiting for their tickets. Audrey was behind the counter helping the people before your group.

               “I’m fine, Noah. Really. She’s made it clear how she feels, that’s fine. I’ll be fine.” You smiled at him trying to convince him. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and squeezed. You poked him in the ribs to get him off while he laughed. Before you knew it, Brooke took your arm and pulled you aside.

               “I have an idea.” She was standing in the corner with you, eyes darting between you and Audrey.

               “Brooke, none of your ideas work. I love you but-“ You started to head back to where Noah was standing when she gripped your wrist.

               “No, you don’t understand. We were talking with Audrey and she saw Noah put his arm around you and she literally just stopped talking. She was in the middle of a sentence! When you poked him she cleared her throat and messed with her hair, that’s exactly what I used to do when Jake was with other girls. This idea is actually going to work, I know it! She’s into you. We just have to get her to show it.” She had that infamous Brooke smile on her face that showed she was absolutely positive this would work.

               “I don’t know, Brooke…”

               “No, shut up, trust me. Jake is filling Noah in right now, just go back over there and he’ll do the rest. Trust me, Y/N, this will work.” She was already on her way back over to Jake by the end of her rant. Apparently this meant you didn’t have a choice, so you did as you were told. No one really disobeyed Brooke, her war paint was lip stick so she could literally be ready for war at any moment.

               You walked back over to Noah as he was getting ready to buy his ticket. You reached for your wallet and he put out his hand to stop you.

               “No, don’t worry, it’s on me.” He smiled at you and winked so only you could see. You didn’t say anything but hesitantly put your wallet back into your purse. “Have to act like a gentleman, you know.”

               “Thank you.” It was all you could muster up in this situation. Audrey started looking between the two of you before taking his money. She looked confused and a little angry.

               “Alright…here you go. Noah, don’t let anyone see your candy.” Audrey said to him. She gave you a curt smile and turned her back. You looked up at Noah with an exasperated look on your face. You turned to Brooke, who already looked like she was going to march over to Audrey and start yelling. Jake grabbed her waist and pulled her towards the theater.

               “Come on, babe. You tried. Let’s go make out in the theater.” He gripped her hand and did his Jake smirk.

               “You’re disgusting. Y/N, I’m sorry, I really thought…” She looked at you with a defeated look.

               “Don’t worry about it. It’s not a big deal. C’mon, lets enjoy the movie.” You waved her off as Noah slipped his arm around you again, giving you an apologetic look. You smiled at him while you all found your seats.

               You tried to focus on the movie but your mind kept wandering. Had you made her angry? What if seeing you with Noah actually made her mad and she didn’t want to be friends with you? You had already come to the conclusion that you would rather be her friend than nothing, and if this ruined that you didn’t know what you’d do. How would that affect the group? You didn’t want them to feel like they had to choose or-

               “Coming?” Noah stuck out his hand for you to grab. The credits were rolling and everyone had cleared the theater. You grabbed his hand and walked out with him. He was going on about the movie, but you weren’t exactly paying attention. You felt someone tap on your shoulder when you guys made your way into the lobby.

               “Hey, can we talk?” Audrey was behind you with her hands in her pockets and hair slightly rustled. You nodded and walked with her next to the counter.

               “Oooohhh, should we leave you two alone?” Jake sing-songed when he walked by.

               “Jesus, Jake! Tact!” Brooke hissed at him and pulled his arm towards the door.

               “So, what’s up?” You tried to say nonchalantly.

               “What’s going on with you and Noah?” She seemed very confident now, as if she had talked herself up before she came up to you.

               “What are you talking about?”

               “Putting his arm around you, poking him, him ‘needing to act like a gentleman’? What’s going on?” You didn’t know how to answer that. This was a side of her you hadn’t seen before, maybe Brooke was actually right this time.

               “Does it matter?”

               “Yeah it matters!” She ran her hands through her hair again.

               “Why?” You crossed your arms in front of your chest knowing you needed to stay strong right now. She sighed and paced in place for a few seconds. “Audrey.”

               “You know why it matters.” She wasn’t looking at you, glancing everywhere but your face.

               “Do I look like I know why it matters? If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were jealous, but you’ve made it clear you don’t feel that way about me so I’m not sure what the issue is.”

               “Y/N…of course I feel that way about you. I just thought…” She was wringing her hands in front of her, almost like she was trying to wring some sort of courage out of her. “I thought when they would say those things it was pressuring you and you didn’t feel that way. I could never get a good vibe from you, so I just assumed they were all being asses. But if you and Noah-“

               “There’s nothing going on with me and Noah. It was Brooke’s idea to try to get you jealous so we could see if you actually did feel something for me. I don’t know how you ever thought I didn’t like you, I’ve always liked you. They said those things because they were trying to set us up, they were really just trying to be nice but you know, they have a bad way of doing it sometimes.” You were barely whispering, completely aware that you were probably ranting at this point as she stared right at you now.

               “Well shit, we wasted a lot of time, didn’t we?” She laughed and stepped closer to you.

               “Yeah, I guess we did.” You smiled at her. You heard the door open again and knew your friends were about to walk back in.

“Before they interrupt, do you want to go get coffee or something this weekend?” She said hurriedly. You nodded right before you heard Brooke’s heels hit the floor.

“FINALLY!” They all said in unison.


Mommy Winchester – FLASHBACK! Dean meets his niece ( gifs are not mine)

Well, since a few people liked the other part I’m posting this one. I’m seriously thinking about turning this into a fanfic, what you guys think? Hope you like this xx    Ps: This part is A LOT bigger than the other one

That was a hell of a year.

After losing Dean and Cass, Y\N and Sam where alone without a clue of what they should do next. Well, until a few things started to happen to her.

-Sure you are fine? – Her husband asked after what felt the millionth time she went to the bathroom  

-Yeah, yeah – She knew something wasn’t right, but in that moment they had much bigger issues – It must be just flu or something  

After a few days, that “flu” wasn’t passed. If it was possible it was worse.  The possibility had passed thru her head, but it wasn’t a real option until she had the positive test in front of her. Sam had a lead of Kevin and the woman was alone in the motel room. Well, not totally alone, she thought passing her hand to her stomach.

-You could not wait for a better time hun?- She chuckled and hid the plastic in her bag. Sam would be back soon and she had to think a way of telling him that a baby was coming.

She woke up and found Sam sitting in a chair in front of the bed staring at her. She smiled, with their lives was always good to see him alive and well. But he was distant. Y\N frowned and sat on the bed. That was when she noticed. He had the test in his hands.


-Sam, I can explain..- She got up cautiously heading to his direction

-You’re pregnant. – He looked up at her. She could not distinguish which was the strongest, but her husband was a mix of happiness and worriedness.

-I’m sorry – She had her head  down and soon she felt him get off the chair.

-Why the hell are you are sorry? God, there’s so much we have to do.. Look for a doctor is step one. We have to get a safe place for us - He was smiling like a fool and she could not help but smile too. She was so scared that he might be angry, disappointed or something on that line. But there he was, being the most excited man in the world.

-Sam, we can’t. Kevin is missing, we have no idea what happened to Dean and Cass..-

- I know all that – He sighed – But we have something bigger to worry about now – His hand posed on her stomach  and he got on his knees – HI there little fella, I’m your dad

-I’m pretty sure she can’t hear you yet – He looked up to his wife in shock  

-It’s a girl? – His  eyes fell on her belly again

-Well, I don’t know. But in my mind I kinda think she is – Sam got up and spun her around

-So, you two love birds could not stop for answer the phone hun?- Dean opened the fridge and got himself a beer

-Yeah, we actually didn’t get your messages – Sam said looking to his brother. Y\N couldn’t take her eyes of the ground

 -How come? – He asked focusing his eyes in the woman playing with her hands

-We stopped using them Dean – She said in a low voice

-Because? – The blond man starred the couple curiously

-Something happened this year, Dean..- Sam said holding her hand – We don’t hunt anymore

-Yeah right, and Sasha Grey is gone legit - Dean said sarcastically

-Actually,..- Y\N started raising her eyebrow reciving a bad look from her husband. The woman flew her hands in the air in defeat

-What ? – Dean asked confused

- She made a Soderbergh  movie – Sam answered shaking his head


-She made a S.. – Y\N tried to say but Dean interrupted her

- NO, guys. You two. You quite?

-Yeah.. Yeah We.. You were gone Dean.. Cas was gone, bobby was dead – Sam the front telling his brother the news – I mean Crowley even took Kevin and Meg    

-So you just turned down the family business? – His eyes were focused on his brother. Y\N could feel the tears felling her eyes

-Nothing says family quite like the whole family being dead-

-I wasn’t dead. In fact, I was knee-deep in God’s armpit, killing monsters. Which, I thought, is what we actually do.

- Yes, Dean, and as far as I knew, what we do is the thing that got every single member of my family killed. We had only each other.. So yeah, I fixed the Impala and we drove away –

-After you looked for me. Did you look for me? – Y\N was sobbing when she passed the back of her hand thru her eyes and took a deep breath  

- ENOUGH ! – The two man turned their attention to her – Yeah Dean, we gave up. And you wanna know why? Because I was fuckin’ pregnant – Dean widened his eyes and looked between the two in front of him

-Its true Dean – Sam said hugging his wife by her side

- We did look for you, cas and kevin.. But after we found out about the baby we.. We agreed that she deserved better than our life..  

-The doctor said something about being a dangerous pregnancy, we were worried.. We kept trying in the following months but..- Sam continued but his wife parted him

- But I was too pregnant to do anything – The woman took a step front and was face to face with her old friend – So if you want to hate someone, hate me. Not Sam, or the baby Mary. Me –  Dean downed his head and chucked.

-Her name is Mary?


-Hey Amelia – the brunette opened the door – Did my sweetheart give you too much problem?

-No, She just woke up actually. The girl is a sleeper like her mother – Y\N rolled her eyes playfully

-Dean, this is Amelia an old friend from college. Amelia this is Sam’s brother, Dean –  He smiled weakly and gave her his hand

-Wasn’t he dead?- Amelia whispered to her friend . Y\N smiled and shook her head

-C’mon Dean  there’s another girl you need to meet –

When they entered the room Sam was on the floor with a little baby in his lap.

-Dean, I’d like to introduce you to your niece. – Sam got up with his little daughter in his arms   - This is Mary Jo Winchester

-Ca- Can I? – The eldest asked and the other just nodded handing him the baby – Hey, baby girl, I’m your uncle Dean.. – The room was filled with emotion. Sam and Y\N backed up standing at the door. Dean kept bouncing his baby girl – We’re are gonna eat a lot of pie together you know?! – The three of them laughed

-Our family is finally complete – Y\N whispered to her husband while he kissed the top of her head

-Speak for yourself, I want another one..-