she is my universe

  • me @ my favorite female character: look at this knife-edged survivor, this dragon writhing among the stars. my terrible angel. she should be the god-empress of a universe with a fleet at her back.
  • me @ my favorite male character: somebody punch him in the nose

tragicmshenkomush  asked:

18/13/7 for whichever OCS would have the best answers.

Oooh, interesting one!  The illustrious Jasmina Alenko, Kaidan’s mom in my WYWH universe.  She’s a hoot, hehe.

18. Things they’ll never admit.  Aiight, this is a good ‘un.  Kaidan was an accident, hehe.  HOW DID IT HAPPEN, YOU ASK??  She was young and out for a good time at the officer’s club on base in Singapore.  There was a particularly dashing, handsome doctor that had been flirting with her the past few times she’d been.  She took him back to the barn she worked at, they had some fun in the tack room, and then 6 weeks later when she told Albert she was pregnant, he proposed on the spot.  Whoops, lol.

13. What gets them flustered.  In a bad way: seeing her baby boy going through rough times and being in pain.  Not knowing the whole story about things.  Arguments and disagreements in general; she doesn’t care who started it, but for pete’s sake, she will end it.  In a good way: Shepard gently teasing her about things, or asking about her interests. Albert kissing the back of her neck.  Kaidan goofing off.

7. Their tickle spots.  hehe, ribs and backs of her knees.  Don’t you effin’ dare touch her armpits, either.  She’s not responsible for the injuries caused by her flailing to get away.


i saw someone make this crossover and i couldnt help but draw the Power Puff Gems