she is my heroine and i'm not even sorry


confession 83: Our dear heroine; she’s without eyes and she still managed to snag the best harem. Damn you, MC-chan. You make it look so easy.

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Did you ever do other drugs than heroin? My sister almost died off a benzo and heroin overdose and now she's severely handicapped, can't do anything on her own.. I'm 15 and already slide into the drug world more and more, don't know how to stop it.

Yea, I’ve done a lot of other drugs. And I’m really sorry to hear about your sister, that’s absolutely terrible. She alone should be enough to deter you from doing hard drugs. They may feel amazing but over time they just bring you down even farther than you were. Please don’t ever try heroin or any opiates. They will fucking ruin your life. Just stick to nonaddicting drugs if you’re gonna do drugs. Smoke weed, drop acid, pop a Molly. They’re all amazing drugs and won’t ruin your life. Please listen to this you’re so young and still able to avoid that shitty fate. You deserve better, do it for your sister ❤️

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no but people are not wrong when they say some female characters are "mary sue" (it kinda means "perfect strong heroine"), like Rey for example, I like her a lot and I'm glad she exists (I even have a Rey shirt I'm a mess) but she's like.. too perfect? unlike, idk, Korra or Hermione Granger (my fav babes of them all) who both have a lot of flaws yet still are freaking amazing. Rey is not properly badly written, yet she just succeeds in everything so easily and it's kinda weird?

I am sorry but you are wrong. When people (men) use the term Mary sue historically it’s been used to tear female characters down who if they were male would receive 0 hate or backlash. 


Harry Potter. Literally was the best at quidditch even catching the snitch despite having never ridden a broom before in his life. Beyond that he excels at defense against the dark arts, parseltongue (A gift so rare no one but harry and voldy have it), makes instant friends with almost every rare type of magical creature, and year after year somehow manages to win whatever challenge at school is going on.

Luke Skywalker. Learned to be a jedi and handle a saber within like 3 days of training with obi wan. Used the force to destroy the death star without any years of proper training on how to use an x wing. 

Anakin skywalker. Literally won a pod race after never having driven a pod due to the “force”. Was born of the force some how. Managed to excel at everything from jedi training to piloting ships all due to the “force” despite never having any training in any of these areas. 

SO list of things Rey did in the force awakens. Was able to fight with Ben solo and hold her ground. Remember she was a scavenger on a desert planet and had to go up against MANY a raider. Fighting was something she was used too and grew up doing. People love to forget that Ben was 1. Shot in the stomach and dealing with an injury 2. Just finished a battle before with Finn. Next subject her flying the Millennium falcon. I could be lazy and just say she used the force. But she lived in a freaking AT-AT and made her living scavenging for spare parts. Plus she drove that hover duster thing technology was literally her strongsuit from the get go.

Everything rey excelled at in the force awakens she had PRIOR SKILL AT DOING AND THE PLOT ESTABLISHED THAT. The only thing she had no prior practice of was the force. And given Star Wars once you are force sensitive shit just comes to you naturally which has been established for DECADES. For fans to critique that now in light of a female using it just SCREAMS of hypocrisy.