she is my fav tbh

i love every single one of lotor’s generals so much like they’re so badass and cool and i’m so gay wtf hasta la later fuckers catch me on the dark side 

Helpful Advice from Mikasa
  • Historia: 'Kasa, who said 'I love you' first? You or Sasha?
  • Mikasa: Sasha did and it was more she blurted it out during sex.
  • Historia: Wait, really? * eyes wide* but like wasn't that I dunno? Due to orgasm brain or something?
  • Mikasa: *snorts* Orgasm brain, okay. Well we did pause on the sex for her to confess she wanted to say it the whole day, and it wasn't planned to be blurted out while I was knuckles deep in her--
  • Historia: *waving her hands, red faced* Woah! Woah, okay! I get it! So it wasn't planned, and she wanted to say it before you both did it like rabbits. How did that make you feel though?
  • Mikasa: Amazing, elated. Everything positive and radiating and good you can think of, I felt it. *pauses, cheeks a noticeable pink* Honestly, I would have even if we were doing nothing, but sitting next to each other and she said it.
  • Historia: That's...well that's comforting then.
  • Mikasa: *cranes her head to look at Historia questioningly* Are you waiting for Ymir to say it?
  • Historia: *sighs* She's always the first to say it, even before we dated. *pouts* But the thing is I haven't yet, and well you know me. I can be a...uh...
  • Mikasa: *snorts* A perfectionist. Yeah, that sounds like you.
  • Historia: *hits Mikasa's shoulder with a laugh* Rude, much? Anyways, yeah. She says it, but I want it to be the right time? For it to feel...I dunno, right?
  • Mikasa: There is no 'right time' ya know? It's how she makes you feel is what matters, and honestly you love her enough to ask me about it.
  • Historia: ...
  • Mikasa: ...
  • Historia:'re right, I do! *jumps up out of her seat* I'm going to go tell my freckled asshole of a girlfriend that I love her! Thank you, 'Kasa.
  • Mikasa: * watching her sprint away* No problem, His'!
  • -
  • Sasha: *hums a happy tune* So, Ymir bragged that Historia went down on her after she finally said 'I love you' and I didn't have the heart to tell her I beat her to that with you. Funny how it was similar though.
  • Mikasa: *chokes a little on her drink* Yeah, uh...funny how that worked out.
  • Sasha: *sighs* I love that you helped them out, babe.
  • Mikasa: *laughs* I'm not even surprised you knew, and I did my best.
  • Sasha: *winks* I know, and I love you for it. Also, now Ymir can quit whining! *grins happily* So there's a silver lining after all.

See I doubt Ursa would like the idea of having a Jedi/Mando as a granddaughter… 

That is. 

Until she meets the smol Bean and realises how much she reminds her of Sabine. 

Maybe she wasn’t a good mother. But she’s sure as heck going to try to be a good grandmother. 

BTS Reaction: Their girlfriend is a total bookworm

Request:  BTS reaction to their girlfriend being a complete bookworm. Like, she’s always reading and gets annoyed when she gets interrupted? Love ur blog btw. It’s my fav thing ever tbh

A/N: Thank you so much sweet anon, sorry you had to wait so long <3 


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He’d love the fact you had both the beauty and the brains and would cherish the way your eyes would light up whenever the pages would spark your imagination and run off with your thoughts. Mornings spent in cafes where you would tell him all about the book you were reading and your favorite characters would be coupled with a strawberry milkshake each and eyes brimming with admiration.


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Your unwavering passion would be one of the biggest things that made Yoongi fall for you. He’d love the way your eye brows would crumple as your eyes traced every word and the way your eye lids would grow heavy as you read into the night. Most of all, he would see his passion in you, that small indistinguishable flame that burned in both your bellies that fueled your love for books and his for music. 


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On the rare occasions that you two got to spend time together, he understood that reading was more than a hobby, for you it was a passion and so after having gone out for the day, you’d return to your spot on the sofa and get out your current read. He’d find your routine so endearing and would sit across from you, watching how your face concentrated on the words and how your fingers delicately turned the pages.

Rap Monster:

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Many an evening would be spent together, next to each other on the couch reading your books. When he went away on tour, you and Namjoon would exchange books so that whenever you read and wherever he went he would have a piece of the stories that made up your imagination. Such a bond meant the world to him and he seldom traveled without bringing you a book back.


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Jimin would have a huge amount of admiration for your dedication to reading and how it broadened your mind, but every now and then he’d want a little more attention than he was getting with your nose in the book. Even though you didn’t like to be disturbed, you could hardly resist his request for cuddles when he poked your cheeks and glanced up at you with those big brown eyes.


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A bit like Jimin, Tae would love attention from his girlfriend and while he respected and appreciated how much you loved your alone time curled up with a book, on the rare times he was free to spend time with you he would want your undivided attention. Sometimes strolling around Seoul hand in hand with Tae taking in the warm evening was better than anything conjured from a book.


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Somewhere along the way in your relationship you two had fallen into a somewhat perfect routine. On free days you’d go out and spend the day together whether it be to the cinema or just out for ice cream and the evening would be spent cuddled on the couch, your head rested on his lap reading while he played video games, running his hands through your hair occasionally. You two had alone time, just together. 

shoutout to the girl at the convenience store who saw my wallet, said, “I love Yuri On Ice” and solemnly made JJ-style hands at me in between ringing me out. And then she grinned and went “PSYCHE, YURIO’S MY FAV, JJ SUX.”