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I had an experience today I needed to share because it fell squarely into "This would happen to Seanan" territory. Today I learned that wild ground squirrels will just come into your home. They do not care that it's yours. I came home to my quaint little apartment building today to check on my special needs kitty and to just get away from work. It did not seem odd to me that the main building door was open. This happens all the time when people are moving in or out. 1 of ?

“So I go upstairs and open my door, and in shoots a streak of brown that had to have a sonic boom following it.  I’m surprised it hadn’t gone Spaceballs plaid.  I was unaware that a ground squirrel found its way in the building and was looking for a place to hide.   I grabbed my cat, who has the hunting instincts of a blind, arthritic sea cucumber, and put her in the bedroom and shut the door,  because I could not fathom trying to chase this thing out from my cluttered closet.    2 of ?”

“I then grabbed the closest thing I had, which was a cheap some mop from the dollar store.   With said mop, and some screaming, and the squirrel chasing me at one point,  I finally got the thing from behind my fireplace credenza, under two end tables, a coffee table, an overturned oversized chair and ottoman, I got it out of my apartment.   I did this by lying down on the floor like a starfish and swinging the mop on the floor like one hand of Big Ben.  3 of ?”

“I did this all with my apartment door wide open to the world, the cat meowing bloody murder in the bedroom because she hates being locked away, and my work clothes on.  I slammed my door shut and called the landlord to come take care of business.   I then had to have my landlord call my boss to confirm that I was back late from lunch because I was being held hostage in my apartment by a lost ground squirrel that did not pay rent.   4 of 5″

“So now I have “Late from lunch - excused” on my HR time record with the note “Squirrel hostage situation” attached to it.  The next time, I’ll just let the ground squirrel have the apartment. It’ll be easier to move.  5 of 5″

This was a ride from start to finish, and an absolute delight.  Thank you for sharing!

With all of the stress people are under, all of the mourning and grief, a few tricks from my physical therapist in order to help you relax.

You can do this sitting in a chair or lying flat on your back.

Let your legs relax. Flex your toes just a little. This seems counterintuitive, I know. But trust me. I’ll explain in a minute what she told me.

Let your hands turn out to your sides, palm up, naturally extended and floppy. Think of it like you are doing a ‘saint pose’ on a stained glass window and showing us your palms.

Turn your head slightly to the side. Don’t crank it to the side, just let it relax to one side. Doesn’t matter which one, whichever is more comfy.

Now. Take several long, slow belly breaths, while holding your pose. Don’t flex your toes hard, just enough to be flexing them a little.

After ten long slow breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth, filling your lungs up and letting your belly rise and fall, just relax everything. All floppy.

Now. What this does - according to her - is it very specifically goes against every piece of fight-or-flight body posture. You’re facing off to the side, your hands are open and your toes are flexed a little - ever try to run with your feet like that? You can’t do it very well.

She taught me this as a way to help decrease my pain by turning down my tension, but I hope it helps others let go of their hurt for a little while.

Love you all.

Whisper to a Scream

I have no request for this but it’s an idea that popped into my head. 

Warning for violence. 

“Good morning, Sunshine,” Jughead murmured into Betty’s ear, placing a light kiss on her temple. He handed her a to-go cup filled with coffee, just as he had every morning since they started dating.

“Good morning,” Betty smiled. She closed her locker and held her textbook under her elbow. “Where’s your darling roommate?” She quipped. Jughead and Archie always showed up together.

Jughead shrugged as he sipped on his own coffee, his book-bag slung over his shoulder. “He said something about Veronica wanting to show him something before class, so they’re probably in the janitor’s closet making out.” 

Betty burst out laughing. They turned away from the bank of lockers and started towards their first class.

“Did you finish the History essay? Archie’s light was out pretty early last night.” 

Jughead readjusted the strap on his shoulder. “Yeah, I finished it in the kitchen, Archie passed out and was snoring, so I let him get his beauty sleep.” Jughead quipped as they entered the classroom. 

Archie and Veronica rushed in behind them, just as the teacher started her lesson.

When their first class was over, Betty, Jughead, Archie, Veronica and Kevin all had a free period. Because it was raining heavily, they decided to go to the library.

Archie sat at a round table near a bank of windows and opened a notebook. He started to scribble down song lyrics. Jughead looked through the bookshelves and found The Killer Book of Serial Killers to pass the time. Betty did trigonometry homework, as did Kevin. Veronica read Romeo and Juliet for English.

They weren’t allowed to play music in the Library for the consideration of those studying; all you could hear were pencils scratching paper and keyboards clacking. 

That’s when they heard it - Betty looked up from her textbook in confusion; Jughead knew exactly what it was and it made his blood run cold.

“Was that…?” Kevin whispered.

Another shot rang in the hall, louder this time, closer.

Students started scrambling around them - books and papers went flying, chairs toppled over, some students around them ran for the shelves in the back of the Library. 

Jughead pulled Betty off her chair and shoved her under the table they were sitting at. “Everybody get under the table!” He hissed to his friends.

Chairs toppled over above them. Veronica and Kevin scrambled under the table next to them. 

This is a code red - repeat, this is a code red.” A voice read over the PA system.

“Archie!” Jughead hissed.

Archie slowly knelt down. “Jug, I think we should move something in front of the library doors.” His hands were shaking.

Another bang. This time there was screaming. 

“Okay,” Jughead murmured. He crawled out from under the table. 

“Don’t,” Betty whispered. A single tear rolled down her cheek - she swiped it away furiously.

Jughead squeezed Betty’s hand quickly. “I’ll be right back, I promise.”  

Betty watched Archie and Jughead sprint away from them quickly. She had Kevin and Veronica on either side of her. Kevin was biting his lip so hard, blood had formed. Veronica was rolling her pearls between her fingers.

A single tear rolled down Betty’s cheek. She slowly started counting in her mind. Was she waiting for the next gunshot, or for Jughead and Archie to come back to the table?

Another scream in the hallway.

Betty made it to twenty-one in her mind when she heard muffled footsteps. She opened her eyes to see two pairs of shoes - she knew they belonged to Jughead and Archie.

They both scrambled under the table - Jughead wrapped his arms as best he could around Betty. “Shh,” He whispered in her ear. “It’s okay.”

“D-did you see anything?” Veronica whispered.

“No,” said Archie, his voice breaking.

Betty squeezed Jughead’s forearm. She could feel her nails breaking his skin, but she couldn’t move.

Jughead’s breath caught in his voice as they heard a fresh round of shots followed by a blood curdling scream. The room was silent when they heard the library door handle jiggle.

Veronica sucked in a breath as they heard thuds against the door. They grew louder and louder until they heard the door crack open.

Kevin was taking shallow breaths. He slowly placed his hand over Veronica’s.

“Come out, come out wherever you are.” A haunting voice called out.

Betty gripped Jughead’s arm tighter, fresh tears welling in her eyes.

“I said come out!” The voice yelled angrily, knocking a stack of books over.

Veronica shook next to Betty. Betty closed her eyes, trying to control her breathing.

“Chuck?” A voice squeaked above their table. It sounded like Ethel Muggs. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Back the fuck up, Ethel.”

Footsteps. Betty squeezed Jughead’s arm tighter. He gently brushed his thumb across Betty’s hand. He hoped she couldn’t tell he was shaking.

The smell of urine filled Betty’s nostrils. She didn’t know where it was coming from.

“Have you seen that little bitch? I know you have.” Chuck hissed at Ethel. “Where is she?” Footsteps as he moved closer.

Ethel screamed, but no shots went off. It sounded like she was gasping for air. 

Betty turned slowly to look at Jughead - even making the smallest of movements terrified her. Jughead’s eyes were red rimmed, but she saw no tears. His face was hardened. 

Ethel’s body dropped to the floor in front of them - her hands were clasped around her throat; she was gasping for air.

Betty choked back a sob. She released Jughead’s forearm, barely noticing the bloody marks she left behind, only to grasp his hand instead. 

“C’mon bitch I know you’re in here!” Chuck yelled again as he flipped a desk on the other side of the room. 

A fresh round of shots went off. They heard someone gasp.

“I love you,” Jughead whispered in Betty’s ear. He slipped his hand out of her grasp.

Before Betty could fathom what was happening, Jughead crept out from under the table.

“Chuck, stop this.” Jughead said, voice unwavering.

“Ha,” Chuck spat. “I should’ve known if I was looking for Betty, her little bitch would show up instead.”

Betty’s blood ran cold.

“Why are you looking for Betty?” Jughead asked. “She’s never done anything to you.”

Betty felt a warm hand cup her palm. Veronica squeezed weakly.

Chuck laughed coldly. “Never done anything to me? She almost drowned me. She got me kicked off the football team. She got me suspended. She ruined my life! So now, I’m going to ruin hers.”

“I can’t let you do that,” Jughead said firmly.

Betty peered under the table to see if she could see anything. Two pairs of feet, inches apart. Books all over the floor. Tables flipped over. Chairs pushed aside. There were two students across the room, hiding under a table. She couldn’t tell who they were.

Ethel was lying on the ground, in front of the table Betty was hiding under. She was facing away from them, breathing shallowly.

“Yeah?” Chuck said menacingly. “And what are you going to do about it? You’re what, 120 pounds? You need to step the fuck back and tell your girl to get out here. I’ve got a gun, remember?”

Betty heard the sound of the gun cocking. She wimpered audibly.

“You want her, you’re going to have to get through me.” 

Betty saw the feet step even closer together. 

“That won’t be a problem.” 

The sound of the gun firing ripped Betty through her core.

“Jug!” She screamed. The force felt like her throat was exploding.

“Found her,” Chuck murmured. She heard footsteps.

There was a sudden flurry of movement as Chuck turned towards their table. People in masks and suits tased Chuck and tackled him to the ground.

After what seemed like an eternity, they cuffed him and lead him away. Betty crawled out from under the table and over to where Jughead was laying on the ground. He was bleeding profusely.

“Jughead,” Betty murmured, tears streaming down her face. She placed both hands over his wound. “Jughead, please, open your eyes.” She hiccuped.

Officers rushed over to them. Sobs were wracking Betty’s body. 

“Jughead don’t leave me. I’ll be lost without you,” She whispered, cupping her hands over his wound. Blood was still rushing out of him. His breathing was shallow.

“We need to move him, Miss, and you need to come with us.” Someone pulled her up by her underarms. 

“Betty,” Veronica sobbed as they were rushed away from the scene. 

“I can’t leave him,” Betty whimpered brokenly. ”Please.”

A/N: So, I only made Chuck the gunman because the only person he was the only person I could think of, other than Jughead, that would have a motive.

Elf! Calum

Words: 4.2k

Warning: smut!  

Summary: Elf! Calum who decides who's naughty and nice and know’s Y/N is always at the top of the naughty list and decides to pay her a small visit one day, after watching her masturbate for hours on end.  


*Calum’s POV*

I took a hold of the next piece of paper getting my fingers ready to type it into the crystal snow ball. I was stuck doing the boring job, most elves were off making christmas gifts getting a head start before december started. I was usually doing that but three year’s ago I had an argument with another elf and that left me in a slight grump which Santa saw, then he demoted me to the ‘bad elf’ factory. It’s where all the reject elves go and who they may be over excited or overly grumpy. I was neither, I was almost human, I wish I was a human but instead I have pointy ears and live in the north pole.

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Hurt myself trying to transfer a resident to a wheelchair last night. I got fed up and texted my boss that I hurt myself and was just going to have to wait for the next shift to come in at 11 pm to help me. She ended up coming in and putting him to bed for me. I couldn’t even finish bed checks. It’s a good thing I have today off because my entire shoulder, even under my armpit, my right side, and my lower back are KILLING ME. This resident is much too heavy to just lift but no one ever puts the sling* under him when they sit him down or put him in bed because SOMETIMES he’ll stand and scoot over to the chair or bed. You can’t just attempt to put the sling under him once he’s sitting or lying down by yourself because, again, he’s too heavy. Everyone has a hell of a time just trying to change him and get him into the center of his bed. My boss didn’t acknowledge that I’d be back at that house tomorrow with this muscle soreness so I’m probably going to end up having to go back and aggravate it. It amazes me some of my coworkers consider that house to be their favorite. It’s back breaking.  I want my favorite house back but I’m hardly ever scheduled there anymore. I want to quit but it’s guaranteed hours, I need the money, and if I stick it out long enough to get CNA certified/experience I can apply somewhere with higher pay that hopefully doesn’t schedule me by myself. They wonder why they keep losing employees and can’t get any new ones. -Abby

* The sling is something used to lift the resident using a machine. -Abby

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Companions react to sole not wanting to get up one morning and just lying down refusing to do anything just for a day.

((All reactions are under the cut!))

Cait: “What do you mean, you aren’t doing anything?” She wrinkles her nose. “I’m still gettin’ paid, right?” If assured that this is the case, a slow grin spreads across her face, and she shrugs, plopping down in the nearest chair and pulling a flask from her pocket. “Whatever you say, Sole.”

Codsworth: “Not doing anything? Are you ill?” He hovers forward, pressing a metal claw to Sole’s forehead. “My sensors report your body temperature being 0.2 degrees above normal. Are you alright, Mx. Sole? Is there anything I can do? Anything you want me to fetch for you?”

Curie: “Oh. This is… out of the ordinary, yes? Do you often feel this way?” She sets herself down beside Sole, hands clasped in her lap. “A desire to oversleep and avoid activity can be a sign of mental exhaustion or depression. Or are you just tired?” She bites her lower lip. “If there is anything you need, do not hesitate to ask.”

Danse: “This is highly irregular, soldier. We are all tired, but we still push through. To give up is unfathomable.” He pauses. “… But I suppose one day couldn’t hurt.” He spends the day in with Sole, having his first day off in… a long time. He makes himself a cup of black coffee and sips it as he stares out from the porch.

Deacon: “You alright, boss?” He keeps an eye on them, making sure their exhaustion isn’t a sign of anything more serious and then acting accordingly. But he’s enthusiastic all the same, and celebrates the time off by refusing to wear pants and eating nothing but Fancy Lad Snack Cakes.

Dogmeat: He takes advantage of Sole’s weariness to hop up on the bed. He’s happy to lay with them, curling up into their side and resting his head on their stomach, panting with a faint doggy smile on his face.

Hancock: “Sounds good to me.” He reclines back beside them, pulling his drug of choice from one of the many pockets in his worn coat. He offers some to Sole before partaking, as is only polite. If Sole’s got something on their mind, they’ll tell him when they feel like it. He ain’t gonna worry until they tell him to.

MacCready: “That’s cool and all, but I’m not really a nap kinda guy.” He glances around the room. “Do you have any liquor in here?” This proves to be how he spends his day. He finds the nearest bar or liquor cabinet and makes a day of it, kicking off his pants and crooking his hat as he drains a few bottles.

Nick Valentine: “You okay, kid?” He pulls off his hat, resting it on Sole’s head and giving it a gentle pat. “Whatever’s going on with you… sleep tight.” Being a Gen 2 synth, he doesn’t really need to sleep, but can go on a type of rest mode. He spends the day fixing himself up, doing paperwork and powering down.

Piper: “… Really? You don’t… want to do anything?” She rocks on the balls of her feet. “O-kay then…” She’s more antsy than the rest of the followers. She tries to keep herself occupied by writing, looking after Sole, and takes advantage of Sole’s absence to stick her nose in things Sole might otherwise stop her from doing.

Preston: “Sure, sure. I get it. You tell me if you need anything.” Without being told to, he actually makes soup and sandwiches, maintaining that Sole ought to be well-taken care of while they recuperate. He ends up being a bit of an adorable nuisance, though Sole may not have the heart to send him away.

Strong: “WHY HUMAN NO GO OUT?” He scratches his head with a puzzled scowl. “LAY IN BED ALL DAY IS DUMB. COME FIGHT WITH STRONG, HUMAN.” He leaves when Sole refuses, kicking cans down the street and being generally disagreeable to anyone around.

X6-88: “This is highly unusual. Do you intend for me to do the same?” Whether Sole tells him to relax or not, he’s rather bored for the day, stuck looking after his charge with nothing to keep his sharp mind stimulated. He spends most of the time fixing and re-fixing his guns in an attempt to avoid monotony.

Soldier- Bucky Barnes

Character: Bucky Barnes


“You’re mine.”

“You need help, damn it. Just let me do the right thing and help you.”

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this.”

“Out of everyone you could’ve chosen, why’d you pick me?”

There was something about him. Something about the way he watched me.

Warnings: Brace yourself, kids. The smut is coming! ;) Although it doesn’t happen until the very, very end. I love Bucky and I love this request and once again, had the best time writing it. Enjoy! Send more requests!

I felt his eyes on me the minute I walked into the room, although I would’ve noticed him regardless. There was something about Bucky Barnes that made it impossible not to notice him. Maybe to anyone else, his presence would’ve been nothing more than background noise…despite the fact that he hardly ever seemed to say a word. To me, his presence seemed to take up an entire room. This sad, broken man trapped in the body of a solider. Of a weapon. A machine. This was how I often heard him described, but I knew that wasn’t true.

Ever since Bucky had been taken in by SHEILD, under the watchful eye of Captain Rogers, I saw him for what he truly was. A lost soul. I’d been drawn to him from the very beginning. Intrigued, more than what I knew was good for me. Still, I couldn’t help it. There was something about him. Something about the way he watched me. I wasn’t the only one who was curious. Even now, after months of careful, tentative friendship, he still watched me like he hadn’t quite figured me out yet. The feeling was mutual.

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I’m at the hospital lab doing a 3 hour test, and thats a really long time, so I brought some toys for Cyrus to chew on and I played tug with him for a while.

Then the receptionist, who had already asked the two questions started implying Cyrus wasn’t a service dog and asked where he was trained.

I told her that he was trained, met the ADA definition, but was young and there was no reason for him to stay under my chair for 3 hours when he could use some exercise and there was nobody around.

She said that then he wasn’t a service dog, like the others who come and lie down, and was just a puppy.

So now he’s lying under my chair, but he keeps woofing quietly and occasionally louder because I wasn’t allowed to take my meds for this test and I have a headache. It’s very distressing for him.

I feel like vomiting and wanna lay down but I really don’t wanna be accused of being unprofessional again. But lying down with him compressing my abdomen is one of the tasks that helps with my dizziness, so I should be allowed to do it without criticism.


Chris Evans x reader

Based on “Parallel” by Heffron Drive

Inspired by “What’s Your Number?” (2011)

Warnings: fluff

Originally posted by chrisofevans

It was another restless night for Chris after his particularly rough breakup. In his pajama pants and a hoodie keeping him warm, he walked the stairs up to his apartment’s roof, a place he found himself at a lot lately. Star-gazing. He would always debate between going across the hall to his best friend’s apartment, but always deciding that he didn’t want to wake her up for his problems, especially at one in the morning.

But what he wasn’t expecting when he reached the roof top, was Y/N, waiting there for him on one of the two lawn chairs, sipping a beer while looking out over the busy city. “Landlord said I could find you up here, nowadays. Or now-a-nights, I suppose.” She explained. Chris walked over and sat on the chair next to hers. She handed him a beer and he took it, thanking her.

“How was work today?” He asked.

Counting stars, lying in the grass

Side by side, your head on my shoulder

We talk a lot about nothing much

With every breath we’re getting closer.

“Same shit, different day. A kid threw up in the cleaning aisle, talk about irony,” She answered, earning a breathy laugh from Chris. “It’s about her, isn’t it?”

“Isn’t what?”

“The reason you come out here in the middle of the night and stay up here until dawn. I see the circles under your eyes, I just didn’t piece it together until the landlord asked if you were okay and if I knew why you came up here in the dead of the night.”

“It’s a beautiful sight, seeing all the headlights of cars and being able to see the stars above you. The big dipper’s over there.” He pointed, and Y/N rolled her eyes, scoffing. He was avoiding the subject.

“Chris, stop bullshitting me. I’m your best friend, I know you better than you know yourself sometimes. He looked over at her and looked into her eyes- her big, Y/E/C eyes that seemed to reflect the stars themselves and he found himself getting lost in them.

Parallel in this universe

Do we light up our hearts just to watch them burn?

Parallel. Are we crossing lines?

‘Cause maybe tonight the stars align!

“Chris, what’s going on?” She snapped him out of his gaze with concern written on her face and he pulled back, taking her all in. Suddenly, he forgot all the nights he spent out here previously, he forgot the ache in his chest, the face who broke his heart imprinted in his mind. It seemed like none of that existed and it was just her.

What if the one who was meant for you,

Was all along right in front of you?

You just didn’t see. It was there all the time

Got a feeling tonight, yeah, the stars align.

 “I’m an idiot, aren’t I?” He asked, incredulously. She grasped his hand in hers and they sat towards each other, hands held in between them with the knees dropped open, their shoulders slouched in towards the others.

“No, you were in love. We’re all-“ He cut her off and gripped her hands a little tighter.

“But I’m not sure if I even was in love with her, it never felt right. It always felt staged, like I was still acting when I was with her. It felt like I’d leave set after a long day, but I was still playing the character. I was still playing Steve, but she wasn’t playing Sharon anymore.”

I pick the thoughts out of your mind

And fit the pieces into a puzzle

Everything I wanna say about you

Is more than enough to write a novel.

“Then why did you keep the relationship going if you knew you weren’t happy?”

“Because I wanted to be. I wanted something to come along and change everything for us. I wanted to be Chris with her. In a world like mine, it’s hard keeping a sense of identity and separating character from actor and actor from person.” He released Y/N’s hand to take a sip of his beer, and his eyes met hers again. He couldn’t contain himself, and before he knew it, the dam of emotions he held for her broke open. “I feel like an actual person with you. I feel normal with you. When I come home after a day on set, you treat me the exact same as how you always have and I never have to act with you. You know me better than anyone. I’m just sorry I didn’t realize that it was you all along.” Chris looked down into his lap, too nervous to see her reaction. She stared at him with tears welling up in her eyes and instantly brought her hands to his cheeks, bringing him up to her and pressing her lips against his like it was the last chance she was ever going to get.

Lucky for them, it was only the first of many.


“’This,’ said a voice from the depths of the sofa, ‘is too much.’ Nothing had ever startled or frightened her so much, and her mouth went too dry for her to utter a sound. She caught hold of the back of the chair, her knees going weak under her, as Rhett Butler rose from the sofa where he had been lying and made her a bow of exaggerated politeness. ‘It is bad enough to have an afternoon nap disturbed by such a passage as I’ve been forced to hear, but why should my life be endangered?’” -Margaret Mitchell

The Signs As Things my Classmates have Said -- And Done
  • Aries: -standing on a chair-"WHO THE FUCK TOOK MY G-TECH FACE JUDGEMENT YOU PIECE OF SHITS" -- breaks our tiled floor with repeated jumping
  • taurus: "sitting on the teacher's table is a sin" -- sits on the teacher's table
  • gemini: -sings- "eat a banana, bananas are healthy" -- makes obnoxious moaning sounds to make people uncomfortable
  • cancer: "you smell like a baby can I have your clothes" -- hugs everyone to see who is most capable of being a teddy bear
  • leo: -sounds of pain while doing math- "guys can someone just write the answer on the board end the pain of these children" -- attempts to put plug inside someone's nose to check for electricity
  • virgo: "I dont need algebra to become rich" -- hurdles two people to get to the free food, succeeds, takes all the graham float
  • libra: "our math teacher's forehead is shining bright like a diamond" -- attempts to make a newscast in the middle of a storm at school--calls the heavy rain aesthetic
  • scorpio: "stop drawing dicks on my intermediate pad if your gonna draw dicks make it nice" -- hides under the teachers table because apparently there is a ghost named 'Chandeli' and she is 'here'
  • sagittarius: "wow your chin is sharp pls dont stab me" -- edits the teacher's faces into memes, stalks people and accidentally likes a 2012 photo
  • capricorn: -lying on the floor- "once they are on the floor, they are mine" -- sleeps on interconnected chairs during sports week, claims to be rebel
  • aquarius: "fight me with this meter stick" -- gives you a meter stick
  • pisces: "your boobs are moving backwards" -- walks around in a bright orange wig,sticks pencils in hair and they magically stay in place
Critical Role fic

I suppose this was inevitable.

I don’t usually write fic about things that are likely to happen soon, but this scene has been buzzing hard enough in my head that I had to get it down. Vex/Percy, ~1300 words, worksafe, MAJOR spoilers through the most recent episode (ep. 69). I expect to be jossed as early as next week, but see if I care.

As the rest of Vox Machina filed out of Castle Whitestone’s War Room, each heading off to make their preparations for the coming storm, Vex paused in the doorway, then turned around. Percy had remained in the room, sitting alone at the foot of the table, hands folded in front of him, head bowed.

Vex felt a hand on her shoulder; she glanced up to see Vax'ildan staring down at her. Vax lifted his chin, flicked his eyes in Percy’s direction, then back to her, followed by a nod so tiny that no one else would have seen it. But Vex knew her brother, and she knew exactly what that look meant. Talk to him, he’d said without words. Don’t let the opportunity slip away again.

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Double Trouble Birth {Adamtina}

Christina woke up in pain and she knew that soon she was going to be a mother of twins. Still tired from her sleepless night, she tried to stay in bed for a little bit longer not ready to face today. Lucky for her, she had an amazing husband who was willing to wait on her because yesterday she had truly needed him. All day everything was hurting her and she needed to just relax her body and hope everything went alright. Sighing she looked to see if her husband was up or not, but since it was still early and no kids to look after he was still asleep. Smiling as she got up ready to just hopefully get something for breakfast for them. Slowly getting up out of bed she winced at the pain that went through her body. Everything seriously hurt and she knew things weren’t going to get any better until the twins got out of her. Taking it a little at a time, she managed to finally pull herself from the bed.

It was a pain having to just get up out of bed and she was extremely slow moving today. Putting on her bathrobe, she slowly made her way down the stairs sighing at how slow she was moving. As she was half down the stairs she felt a sharp pain that nearly took her breathe away. Taking some deep breaths Christina waited until she was fine again to make her way down the stairs again. When she was in the kitchen, she looked through the fridge for something to make them. The whole time she tried her best to ignore the pain that was running through her body because she wanted to make Adam some breakfast for being such an amazing husband yesterday. Getting out the eggs and bacon, she set about gathering everything else she was going to need. Christina was also hoping that cooking would keep her mind occupied from all the pain her body was in at the moment.

As she continued to cook she could feel the pain intensify a little, but kept ignoring it not wanting to burn her food. As she was just getting to the pancakes she could feel wetness between her legs. Already knowing it was her water breaking and she knew she had to wake up Adam. Yelling at the tops of her lungs, she just hoped that he wasn’t in that deep of a sleep that he couldn’t hear her yell his name. “Adam my water broke! It’s time to go” she knew she had to turn off everything so she didn’t burn down their house. At least this time when it broke it wasn’t in their bed. Looking at her kitchen, she knew she was leaving a mess, but she couldn’t do anything about it at the moment. All she could do was wait for her husband to decide to wake up so they could get the bag and get to the hospital. “I need you to also bring me a dress, don’t forget my bag, and my phone please” she wasn’t sure if he was even up and could hear her. She never actually got dressed from lying in bed and didn’t think showing up at the hospital in a bathrobe would be good.

Wobbling over to a chair she sat down rubbing her stomach, trying to keep her breathing under control. Finally she was going to get to meet her twin babies and she really couldn’t wait for this to happen. She was excited to meet her babies and to finally get her body back to herself. At least she knew that these two were it for them unless they had an accidental pregnancy, but she was happy with four. It was about to be a crazy household and times for them, but she knew if she had her husband by her side things were going to be okay. Christina knew that even though it was about to be hectic, it was going to be a journey they were going to take together. To her, she had the best husband and the best family, one she was so excited about having by her side. “Adam are you ready yet?” closing her eyes as a contraction hit her, she tried to stay as calm as possible. They were finally ready and soon it will all be over with. Soon they were going to be holding two precious babies in their arms.

The Lotus: Chapter 2


Just when you think things are almost over, God lets you know that your journey is beginning.

Here I was on earth… Once

again. Again, with the human feelings, the never ending stress, and the accumulation of sweat building from anxiety.

The white hospital room only made me dizzy. The sounds of yelling, orders, and continuous questions faded in my mind. Almost as if they were distant memories washed away by a tide of misery or misfortune. Either way, I focused on the blue curtains surrounding me, but nothing seemed to ease me. 

“Doctor, what do you want us to do?”

I couldn’t answer, all I could think about was Mouzie and how she changed, how her heart was clouded by hate. The mists of destruction tearing at her heart strings, was all because of me.

Now here I was about to make the same mistake. An innocent soul was about to be lost because for once in my life I was torn on what to do. What to use. And how to use it.

I was afraid.

My breaths became unsteady, and the angelic heart inside my human body began to beat as if it forgot how to function. The commotion and constant questioning ceased.

That’s when it happened…

The jagged lines of the ICU monitor went flat. The beeping sound hushed the white room, creating a long uncomfortable silence.

The room fell dark, the nurses that were once beside me vanished along with the darkness.

There was no hospital bed, no curtains, and no beeping. It was just the infinite darkness and I.

My senses were blocked out, and the air was coated thick. The only sensible trait I could confront was the lingering smell of death. The foul odor lingered in my nostrils. I tried to fight it, avoid it somehow, but it only made its way into my being.

It felt awful, it was paralyzing, and all I could think of was what I had done to Mouzie. How I left here out of my own selfish wishes.

“Isaiah…” The deep voice had a horrific painful rhythm latched on to its tone.

I heard the clunking of his shoes approach me. Being in human form only made me shudder.

“For the sake of Mouzie, don’t make the deal.” I heard Gabriel’s voice clearly in my mind.

It was then I knew who I was dealing with.

“Isaiah…” The voice croaked from afar.

The never-ending dark space was accompanied by flickering red light. As the light came to a steady beam, the view of a lamppost became visible. The once so dark abyss became sheltered with dead trees a flame with a flowing dark tented river. Not red, neither black, just…dark.

Another tall figure joined my company, but on the other side of the river, under the light post. The figure was shudder worthy and ominous as the dark area above us. He wore a hat covering a face that I was convinced did not exist.

In his hands he held only a book.

Typical. Knowing whom this meeting was with; I decided to cut to the chase.

“What do you want from me?”

“Let us make a deal.” He voice rolled of his tongue smoother than a slither snake.

“You and I both know that I know better.”

“Excuse me, Angel Isaiah…” He started. “Perhaps we make a deal that doesn’t involve a trade.”

“And that is…” I inquired shifting my weight to my right leg.

“I wouldn’t do this if I were you.” Gabriel said in my mind.

“You must cross the river first…” He coached.

I waved Gabriel out of my thoughts and stepped closer to the river. Dipping my feet in I looked down at the tented river and back up at the dark figure and took a deep breath trying to gain energy to keep on this path.

“If it’s not one thing it’s another… and if it’s not you messing something up, it’s you not following the plan…you just can’t seem to get things right can you?” Gabriel’s voice nagged around in my mind.

When I was finally cross the river, I could feel my angelic heart turn hollow. The beating was still normal, but something just didn’t seem right. Suddenly, I could feel the thuds pounding through my chest. I could no longer hear Gabriel, nor could I feel his presence. Finally, it struck me, when I crossed the river I was endowed in my own darkness.

“Now…the deal.” I pressured.

I still couldn’t see his face, but him being the only presence among me, I could sense the familiar void between us. From what I could see, his head was bowed looking at the book. He looked up allowing his face to be seen.

If I wasn’t mistaken, it was almost as if I had been looking in a mirror. He looked like me, but with a deadly dark presence and hollow eyes. His dark fingers opened the book to a blank page holding it out in front of me. The page was far from neat, only crumbled and creased as if the fate of what could be written on it was already set for doom.

The feeling in my body turned numb and the tips of my fingers grew of a tingling sensation. My body lacked the ability to move and the power of my tongue and mouth became relentlessly drained in ways that forbid me to speak.  

Pulling, pulling was all I felt bringing me down crashing into the dark tented river. Like my body, my breaths were defenseless amongst these attacks. I closed my eyes as I was tugged through the water in which seemed to burn my skin.

“Doctor…Doctor…” The distant voice called out. “Get ‘em some water.”

My body was no longer numb; as my eyes began to open I could feel myself gaining conscious. Mustering up the energy, I used the strength of my forearm to push myself up. The white room I had seemingly passed out in was perfectly intact, with the beeping ICU monitor displaying jagged lines as if the patient didn’t just die.

One of the nurses greeted me with water, but I waved her off.

“No thank you.” I mumbled.

“Uh, okay Doctor, but there’s a guest that would like to see her mother, so we must leave the room.” The blonde haired woman informed before grabbing my forearm to help me up.

Getting up I brushed my pants off and headed straight for the door. Upon opening it, there was an unpleasant looking Mouzie standing on the other side of the threshold with Nala tugging on her shirt. The constant tugging came to a halt when Mouzie turned around to speak with the nurse while Nala just stood there patiently as her big brown eyes looked up at me.

She said nothing, only smiled and held on to her old bunny.

For the first time in a long time…I felt loved.

All it took was a simple…genuine…smile.

“I got you somthing, Mwister Isaiah.” She spoke shyly.

“And what is that beautiful?” I chuckled bending down to her level.

“This is for you!” She handed me a lotus flower out of her pocket. She frowned when looking at it. It was wrinkled up and one of the petals was ripped while another was falling off. Her face turned flush red as a tear fell down on to the flower. “I’m sowwy.” She mumbled.

“Aww, sweety…it’s okay.” I cooed.

I held her hands in my mine using both to cover the flower. I blew my breath onto our hands as crystal dust came out of my mouth and floated around us.  I took my hands away from hers to show her the flower that was once destroyed was now beautiful and not yet bloomed.

“Oh my goodness!” She gasped following up with infinite giggles.

I smiled.  “You keep it…and take care of it for me.”

“What are you doing?” Mouzie snarled.

Why did she have to be so…so…pleasantly beautiful, yet unpleasantly… unpleasant?

“I was just…”

“Look mommy!” Nala squealed showing her mother the flower.

“No…no.” She grumbled snatching the flower away tossing it in the nearest trashcan.

“Why are you always around?” She argued.

“Yeah, why are you always around? You stalking her? You love her?” Gabriel started with his antics, this time he appeared behind Mouzie.

“Would you just go, little trumpet boy… or are you waiting for your little drummer boy, so you and him can wave your little fruit flag all over the damn-?”

“Who the hell are you talking to?” Mouzie said turning around and then looking back at me.

Gabriel was still there, Mouzie just could see him.

“I can make you look like an asshole if you want me to…little drummer boy.” He argued back with a smirk.

“I’m tired of seeing you around…” She hissed.

“You know what, why are you so bitter? You so angry, but for what? You don’t know how beautiful you are and how you should be treasured.” I started. “Instead you go hoeing yourself around and leaving your child for a few bucks…for what!”

I could see the tears in her eyes begin to form. She would never let them fall though, she was too prideful and angry.

“You don’t know me…” Her voice croaked from the lump in her throat. “Don’t talk like that in front of my daughter.”

“That’s definitely not how you save someone.” Gabriel nagged.

“I’m sorry…Mouzie.” I reached for her, but she pulled her arm away.

“Can I see my mother now?”

“Will you just let me explain…I-I didn’t mean to” I looked down at Nala who had her gazed fixed on the trashcan that her mother just threw away the flower. She wanted to cry, but she wanted to be strong like her mother. Little did she know her mother wasn’t that strong, so I decided to let it go.


Everything he said was wrong. I knew I was beautiful, but what was wrong with wanting male attention? Nothing.

Walking in to the room I could see my mother lying in the hospital bed limp. She looked disgusting. The bags under her eyes were dark and her hair was a stringy mess resting over the pillows. The pale skin she wore only reminded me of how worse things could’ve been.

“Mama…” I greeted. I tried to cover my voice with a cheerful tone, but it was too late. She had already seen the annoyed look in my eyes.

“Whatchu want girl?” She moaned.

“I came to see you.”

I looked around the room to find a place to sit. There was only one chair by the window, so I pulled it closer to the bed and sat Nala on my lap. I couldn’t believe the once so breath-taking woman had become such a waste, she reeked of garbage and un washed vagina.

“I-I tired to call you…” She mumbled looking down at her hands.

For the first time in years, I felt like she cared about me. She tried to call me, she tried to hear my voice.

“Oh…” Was all I could say. “I’ve been working mama and…”

“I needed some money.”

The tiny hope that I had that she still cared for me was gone.

“For what now?”

“Uh…them sprinklers…you know the ones that hit my car with the water? It-uh messin’ up my paint job. Oh and the gutters, the gutters falling down and-”

My mother was a messed up, confused liar, she said anything jus so she could get her next fix.

“Mama, you don’t have to lie to me.”

“You seen yo father lately?” She questioned reaching for the water next to her.

The room fell silent, and an uncomfortable chill crept over my shoulder.


“I tried to call ‘em…will you call yo daddy fa me?” She requested.

“Who is Angela!?”

I watched as my mother as she chased my father around the house with a knife, he continued to ignore her. She had snot and tears all over her face. The small house that we did have would be gone if my dad left.

“I can’t deal with you…how many times are you gonna get high in front of our daughter? How many times are you gonna look a mess in front of her?”

“Fuck her! Fuck that little fucker! That fucking crumb snatcher! All you care about is that little bitch and Angela!” She hollered throwing her knife down.

Her words were like daggers through my heart. What happened to her? I sat in the corner by the door waiting for my dad. Smoke began to rise from the kitchen sounding off the alarm. The smell of burnt chicken lingered and there went another meal spoiled by my mother.

“You expect me to stay here? You can’t even function!”

“I can function baby…I can function. I’m better than those other girls.” She said seductively reaching for my father and throwing the knife down. He turned from her and looked at me.

“What is wrong with you? Get off of me.”

Pulling away from her he grabbed his bags by the stairs and picked me up in his arms. My mother stumbled over to us latching her arms onto my body. Tugging on me she tried pulling me away from him.

“Noooo!” I screamed burying my face into my father’s neck.

That day, my dad left me with me with my mother. His last words to me were “I love you babygirl, I’ll be back to get you tonight, I promise.” He never came back.

“Mama, dad is gone…he’s been gone!” I screamed allowing the hot tears to stream down my cheeks.

“I just talk to him yesterday!”  She hollered back.

With my mother on drugs, she often hallucinated, mostly about my father. She had this theory that he never left, sometimes I would see her talking to the air as if he were still here. 

“No you didn’t! He left you!” My face was burning red this time

She looked away from me and out the door. I didn’t feel bad for what I said, I just continued to push her and make her madder. I wanted her to hurt; I wanted her to feel the pain I’ve felt for years.

“You pushed him away. He’s gone because of you!” I hit her arm. “It’s all your fault. He wouldn’t have left us if you weren’t a fucking crack whore!”

She refused to look at me.

“Look at me mama…Vivian….Look at me!” Anger and resentment filled my heart.


“Look at me, you don’t want to look at me because you not its true!”

“No! You pushed him away, you just had to be a little brat and make everything my fault.”

“I never made anything my fault, you were fucked up, you were sick and you’re still sick!”

While lying down she managed to whip her head around looking my square in the eyes. I felt the sting of her hand slapping me smooth in the face.

“Get out bitch! Take that bastard with you.” She growled.

“I hate you.” I mumbled before picking Nala up and headed out the room.

“You may be beautiful, but aint no man gone love someone with an ugly heart. You keep messin’ around with these men, they only gone use you.” She called after, but I was half way out the door.

When I left I could hear her screaming, not out of pain, but for attention.


I stood in my studio apartment, allowing my mother’s words to haunt me. She was wrong, someone was going to love me. I was going get the best in life no matter what. I picked my phone up and scrolled down to a number that I knew would satisfy me.

“Hey…Ryan…” I started off. “Its Mouzie…remember? You still want me to come over?”

 “Aye, yeah baby girl.” He chuckled. “I got a few thangs I want you to try”

“I’ll be over in a few…I hope these thangs are good.”


“What the hell was that Gabriel?” I yelled up at the sky window in my room.

No answer.

“Gabriel!” I huffed. “All this stuff you want me to do, but I don’t know how I’m supposed to do it! Why did I pass out in the hospital! Why the hell does Mouzie hate me? Just answer me…help me for once.”

“You don’t have to shout…” I turned around to see Gabriel polishing his gold trumpet. “I’m right here.”

“What the hell happened? Why’d you let me pass out?”

“I didn’t let you pass out…” He said looking down at his trumpet trying to figure out if it was shiny enough. “ You choose to do what you want… do you think this is gold enough…I want it to be perfect for my solo recital.”  

“Why cant you ever be serious…help me!”

“Fine.” He huffed setting his trumpet down. “ You passed out and saw yourself dressed as the devil because you keep allowing your fear of failing take over you. You know how everyone has a drak side? Well, inthat moment as you were scared to fail another person, you fear took over making you pass out. Your fear took you to a place in your mind, where you were going to give up your responsibilities. You try so hard to do things the easy way when all you have to do is just act from your heart and quit being afraid.”

He disappeared with the sound of his trumpet filling the room. The window of my room flung open with lotus flowers filing in one by one surrounding me. As they flew around me all I could see was the white space they were creating. Eventually, the petals began to create an image of Mouzie and the man she had met from the bar. She was drinking excessively allowing her clothes to be tampered with.

As I tried to turn away, the other side of white space created by the flowers confronted me. They displayed and image of Nala all alone in the apartment, she was tucked on the couch with a small blanket and her bunny that she carried with her at all times. I could see the dried streak of tears on her pink cheeks.

Before I could shout the words ‘I get it’, the flowers dropped to the flower leaving me with an open bedroom door.    

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