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I’m not sure this counts, since I don’t think I technically recognized this moment for what it REALLY was, and Mongr-El isn’t even in the scene or mentioned at all, but whatever. 

The first moment I hated Man-Hell was when Karolsen broke up.

Yeah I know, I know, Kara and Mayo-Boy don’t get together for another twelve episodes after that and he wasn’t even CONSCIOUS at that point in the series, but we all KNOW that they only broke up Karolsen to make way for a new white male love interest, so it counts, alright!

Because that was one of the first big signs that things were going really, really wrong in this season. The other was the writing off of Cat Grant, but that has less to do with Meh-Blegh, so I can’t quite count that.

We spent twenty episodes building up not just Karolsen, but James Olsen as a character in the show, as a co-lead with Kara and Alex. He was more than just Kara’s love interest. James Olsen was a successful, empathetic, kind, flawed character who also happened to be a Black man. He had his own personal character arc throughout season 1 about learning to believe in Kara and, through her, himself. He’d always sort-of depended on Superman in his life as both the reason he was famous and as his personal hero. But through helping Kara learn how to step outside of Superman’s shadow and be a hero all her own, James has to do much the same for himself and figure out where he fits in this new world he’s helping to create. He has to figure out who he wants to become now that he isn’t relying on Superman.

A lot of kermil shippers will use the fact that James was somewhat obsessed with Superman as an argument against Karolsen, that he only likes Kara because of her relationship to Clark Kent and not for Kara herself. I disrespectfully disagree. One of the biggest obstacles between James and Kara was his relationship with Kara’s more famous cousin, I’ll admit, but it’s an obstacle that they dealt with pretty early on if I remember right. Kara gets angry with him for calling Superman to save her and he promises never to do it again. And you know what? He doesn’t. That little button that used to call Superman always seems to call Kara instead after that episode. He learns to see Kara as her own person without the legacy of Superman overshadowing her.

In comparison, Mothball-Eh STILL brings up Kara’s Kryptonian heritage as recently as 2x13 during their DEO argument to delegitimize her anger and his mother brings it up in 2x16. The issue of Kara’s supposed ‘prejudice’ is STILL an issue after karahell get together, but the issue is no longer Kara’s; it’s MOUNTAIN-DEW’S. Because he sees prejudice in every valid criticism she brings up, just to make himself the victim so he doesn’t have to ever change his behavior. His mother uses Kara’s supposed prejudice (and she wasn’t even there in the original episodes when Kara DOES say some prejudiced things, so she’s actually just making a guess and being an asshole about it) to make Kara feel guilty about being upset that her boyfriend lied to her about his identity, an identity that meant he had owned slaves and been part of a corrupt monarchy and benefited from oppressing his own people. I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree there. Rhea killed her own husband when he disagreed with her; I wonder what Moldy Wonder Bread would do to Kara if she pushed him hard enough.

Anyway, so after twenty episodes of build-up, they finally got Karolsen together. And they spent all of one episode as a couple. An episode in which they do basically nothing as a couple, they don’t even get to go on a date, and at the end of it, Kara has somehow decided they’re better off as just friends, even though at this point, she shouldn’t really have any idea what they’re like as NOT-friends.

In a spectacularly shittily written scene, an entire season of build-up got shoved aside due to some equally spectacular racism. Because James HAD to get out of the way for the new white fuckboy to reign, didn’t he?

And that’s definitely one of my number one moments that I can look back on and say I started hating Musty-Eel.

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OKAY but like notice how Maggie like reaches out to get know Winn first in that ep. Prolly cause alex talks about her nerd brother all the time and Maggie's like okay I've met the sister now I've gotta meet the brother. (Also she gets nervous around James cause she's a photography nerd and "Alex you didn't tell me James was JAMES FREAKING OLSEN how am I supposed to not look stupid!!!???" Anyway I love Maggie becoming part of superfriends also j'onn was pure and soft like he always is


Vasquez is a good friend

@nerdsbianhokie Here’s that thing we’ve been talking about


“Look, I know it’s not practical, but it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t work!” Vasquez’s ears perked up.

“Ally, we’re not keeping our son in a bubble.” For the first time in 24 hours, Detective Sawyers voice was the one of reason.

Vasquez could hear Alex’s frustrated sigh all the way to their station. They frowned. She had been arguing with Sawyer and Director Lane since she’d gone and punched Rick’s lights out. Vasquez didn’t blame her. The kind of fear she must’ve felt, not knowing if Dylan was alive or dead as her tank filled with water? It had to be beyond measure.

Vasquez’s glanced to the toddler in question. He snored away in his car seat under J’onn’s watchful eyes, oblivious to his mothers’ panic. Unlike Alex, he was relatively unharmed. Vasquez, like everyone else, had been extremely relieved to discover that.

“Guys, please!” Vasquez’s frown deepened at the desperation in her voice. They had only heard their boss sound like that once: when Kara had flown Fort Rozz into space. It was a sound they hadn’t enjoyed hearing. Alex was too good a person, too strong a person, to ever have to sound like that. “I just–I can’t–”

“We know, Alex.” A beat. “How about we take a night to just relax, okay? Let’s take Dylan home and talk things through?”

“…that works. He’s riding with me, though.”

“Of course he will, since I’m the one driving, Agent,” Vasquez imagined that the look on Director Lane’s face left no room for argument. “You’ll be sitting in the back, with our son.”

Vasquez’s eyes drifted to the teddy bear clenched tightly in Dylan’s grip. An idea struck them. They tuned out the rest of the conversation as they honed in on the stuffed animal. The best way to protect Dylan would be to have a protective system around him at all times. What was one thing that they had never seen the toddler without? His teddy bear.

J’onn apparently picked up on Vasquez’s plans. He cleared his throat, catching their attention and drawing them from their musings. He merely quirked an eyebrow at them. They took that to mean that he approved of their plan.

Vasquez glanced down at their console. Nothing would explode in the 30 seconds it would take them to quietly retrieved the bear. They nodded and headed towards Dylan.

J’onn chose that exact moment to pick up a report and go over it. Vasquez knew that he was still watching over Dylan, but was thankful that he was going along with their half-cocked plan anyway. With surprising deftness, the teddy bear was swiftly, but gently removed from the young child’s grasp. Moments later, a stuffed up polo, one that Vasquez recognised as Alex’s, found its way into his grasp.

They gave J’onn a thankful look. He waved them off.

“I think your wife wanted you home two hours ago, Agent Vasquez.”

“Yes, sir.”


Erin Vasquez was used to her spouse’s quirks. She accepted their tendency to bring home odd things, like pets, weapons, and alien dishes with a fond exasperation. Still, seeing them walk through the front door with a small teddy bear clutched tightly in hand gave her a moment of pause.

“Suze, hon?” she asked cautiously.

Vasquez looked up at their wife. She was the only one allowed to call them that. They liked hearing that name from her lips and her lips alone.

Erin’s heart broke at how shaken her spouse looked. She immediately pulled them close.

“What happened?”

A grunt. Then, “It’s…a long story. But I need my tools. And EDI.”

EDI was the AI that Vasquez had accidentally developed shortly after their wedding. They swore up and down that they had no idea exactly how they had made her, but Erin wasn’t quite sure she believed them. They had a spectacular knack for technology; EDI and their leg were proof enough of that. To need EDI and their tools meant that they were planning something spectacular.

“Do I want to know?” Or should I even know?

“Dylan was kidnapped. Alex nearly died,” they said. Erin gasped. “They’re fine, for the most part, but Alex’s is freaking out and Dylan…he’s just a baby, Erin. He can’t protect himself.”

“And the teddy bear?”

Vasquez looked down at the stuffed animal in their hands. “He has it on him all the time,” was their simple explanation.

Erin suddenly understood just what their spouse planned to do: place EDI into the bear and give Dylan a discreet bodyguard.

“Do Dylan’s parents know you’re doing this?” she asked.

Vasquez gave their wife a sheepish look. Erin just sighed.

“I’ll get your tools.”


Ten hours later, Vasquez stood in front of the Danvers-Sawyer-Olsen-Lane household, bear in hand. It had taken them the better part of the night, but they were finally done.

“Are you ready, EDI?” they asked.

“Yes, Vasquez.” A beat. “I shall not disappoint you.”

“You never have, EDI.” Some might find it odd that they speak to what essentially was nothing more than a machine so casually, but Vasquez couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. EDI, despite being code, was her own person.

They knocked firmly on the door. A muffled, “Coming!” was heard through the door. Moments later, it swung open, revealing the exhausted form of one Director Lane.

“Agent Vasquez?” Lucy was very confused to see one of her best agents standing before her at seven in the morning.

“Ma’am.” Vasquez handed the teddy bear over.

Dylan’s bear? She frowned. They had all been looking for it for hours now.

“For Dylan. And Alex, to some extent.” At Lucy’s confusion, they continued. “He has it on him all the time.”

Understanding finally dawned on Lucy. She looked the bear over. While it felt a little heavier than normal, it didn’t look like much had changed. She could just make out little silver threads.

“Hello Director Lane.”

Lucy nearly dropped the stuffed animal. The fuck?

“That’s EDI. She’ll help.”

Before Lucy could say anything else, Vasquez turned smartly on their heel and left. Lucy was left standing in the doorway, Dylan’s teddy bear still in her hand.

Some people look at it as complete mayhem, or just paint splattered on a canvas, and yet there’s so much emotion behind it. Some people will never, ever get that. No one knows what it’s been like for us, and we don’t expect anyone to know, good, bad or amazing. But we do expect people to respect the decisions we make.
—  Ashley talking about an essay she wrote for her NYU application, where she compared her life to Jackson Pollock’s painting “Number One”

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Supercat: 41 [god the potential of this, thank you!]

™H/T to @krystalgoderitch for the convo that inspired this.

Kara’s so distracted that she doesn’t hear the beeps from the keypad or the lock release on the front door.

“What are you doing in my house?” Cat demands. “You’re supposed to patrol the city, Supergirl. That doesn’t mean you have an open invitation. What if I’d had company?”

“Do you?” Kara asks, feeling nauseated at the thought. Cat hadn’t put a date on the schedule, but women as attractive as her could pick someone up any night without much effort. 

“No. And what’s that in your hand?”

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My current feels on the Supergirl ships:

Sanvers is amazing and beautiful and so pure with such beautiful, genuine chemistry and care for each other. Like, just come fuck me up. I could be told right now that they won’t end well, but goddamn I’m still dedicating my heart & soul to it

Kara/Lena are actually fire and they have so much damn chemistry. Even my straight friend was like “Shit, they’re gay for each other.” They’re chemistry is hotter than Kara’s laser eyes.

Jimmy/Kara has kind of died off and I was pretty neutral to it before but it’d be alright if they happened because they’re cutesy and have chemistry.

Kara/Cat, well Cat is kind of gone so that’s a no and their relationship is perhaps too motherly/menter-esque, but they still have a reasonable amount of chemistry and care for each other.

Kara/Mon-El: STOP THIS TRASH RIGHT NOW. He’s just some douche-y part time hero who she should be treating more as a cousin than a friend and who she has good bro-chemistry with but not good romantic chemistry with and those three couples I named above have more chemistry than these two. She and Winn would be fucking cuter at this rate. Literally, Supergirl is killing it with Sanvers and then they pull this little bitch boy out for Kara. I’m honestly just waiting for Kara to be like: “Lol no I’m not into you like that, but oh hey look, there’s Lena, my bae!”

summertide (a safe place in the woods): a supercat camp counselors au | chapter 1

After a bad hacking scandal, Cat Grant and two of her employees volunteer at a summer camp for some good publicity. With a cabin full of snotty 14-year-old girls and a bouncy, preppy, infuriating co-counselor, this is going to be the longest summer of Cat’s life.

A COLLABORATION WITH @sarahbloodymanning 


The moment Cat steps foot on the grounds of Camp Friendship, she knows she’s making a mistake.

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For the happy femslash weekend writing spree, may I throw in my humble request for either SuperCat or Shoot as the pairing (but i'll take any other pairing as well), and the prompt as "One making the other smile/laugh after a bad day." thank you :)

Carter was being bullied.

Kara knew this both because she and Carter were in the same Settlers of Catan online game, and because Ms Grant had been storming around CatCo. like a bear with a sore head.

Ms Grant called an end to the staff meeting before she’d managed to bring herself to order Lucy to manufacture a horsemeat scandal in the cafeteria at Carter’s school. She still had some journalistic ethics even when it came to her beloved younger son; fewer ethics, sure, but still some.

“Um, Ms Grant,” said Kara, hanging back even though Winn was making googly save yourself eyes at her, “maybe I could pick Carter up from school today?”

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Okay so someone (by someone I mean comic geekboys still don’t get why James is muscular and tall) one of the main reasons is his muscular build is used as juxtaposition to Kara’s strength. He is built like a football player but Kara(A relatively small woman is 100x stronger than he is ) James is often Kara’s Lois Lane as he plays the “Damsel in distress” role often(He’s been kidnapped twice already).

if geekboys weren’t so busy being threatened by his looks they would know its not being used as some cheap ploy for Kara to fawn over but to show just how strong she is and that you can still keep your masculinity in tact even if the woman you have something going on with is a lot stronger than you are.

I’m officially throwing any hope for this Chris Evans/Jenny Slate thing being true out the window.. And I was so looking forward to a MK Instagram meltdown.

Unless I see a picture of them with their tongues down each other’s throats or they confirm it themselves then I’m calling bullshit on the whole thing.

There’s too many “a source says they’re in the getting to know each other phase” etc lines in the articles and every article mentions Gifted.. I’m calling bs and it’s just some sneaky PR for the movie now that Jenny is getting a divorce. It’s good press for an indie movie to have the leads linked together, it worked for Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen with I Saw The Light and look at how much attention Gifted is getting.

Plus I just can’t see someone like Jenny being with someone like Chris. She’s too strong for him, she’s too opinionated for him, she won’t roll over on demand for him.

I can’t see them being anything more than good friends.

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Who is your favorite superhero and why?

When I was a kid, my favorite was hands down Spider-Man, I suppose because I could identify with a wise-cracking uber-nerd. The comics made me laugh, and that was good enough for me. I haven’t read Spider-Man on the reg in probably ten years or so, and the bloom had probably gone off the rose for me due to the clone saga anyway.

When I was in my late teens and early 20s, my favorite was probably Daredevil, largely due to the quality of the comics by Frank Miller (which I had been picking up from the back issue bins), Karl Kesel, and later, Brian Bendis.

Overall, however, I tend to gravitate towards characters a little off the beaten path. The things that make characters off-putting and weird to many readers are the traits that make me love them. If you follow this Tumblr, you’ll probably pick up on the fact that I really like Metamorpho, the Creeper, the Doom Patrol, Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family, She-Hulk, Jimmy Olsen, Aquaman, the Atomic Knights, and all sorts of other weirdos. A good way to get me to look at your book would be to do an earnest take on, say, Brother Power the Geek. I am very much looking forward to the forthcoming Squirrel Girl and Howard the Duck series.

I do have some favorites among the A-list, too, though. I think Ben Grimm is probably the best character Marvel has, and I’ve really been obsessing over Wonder Woman lately. I also like the Teen Titans, but my favorite ones are not the A-list ones (I like Hornblower and Gnarrk, for example).

But as an adult, my number one favorite superhero is the most A-list of all: Superman. I didn’t get Superman at all as a kid, because I was reading Marvel, and the first Superman comic I probably read was the Death of Superman, which, admittedly, I thought was pretty cool.

Here is a thing Chris Sims and I will argue about: it was probably the changes brought about by the ‘86 reboot that kept me from “getting” Superman. He was de-powered and a lot of his more fantastical elements were removed. I actually argued with a friend of mine in high school that Hulk should beat Superman in Marvel vs DC because Superman was only about as strong as Spider-Man. What the fuck did I know? If you had only read Death of Superman, this was a pretty reasonable assumption to make.

It wasn’t until I was a little older and I found out about the Bottle City of Kandor that Superman clicked for me. That’s when I realized, “Holy shit, this is a guy who comes from a world where anything can happen and he can do anything. A city in a goddamn bottle.” (Chris Sims also hates the Bottle City, so we argue about that too.)

I became completely in the bag for Superman once DC released its Showcase editions and I started reading all of Superman’s Silver Age stories. Why? Because even though he’s the most famous superhero in the world, his life is full of weird shit. I LOVE WEIRD SHIT. It is, for example, very important to my idea of Superman that he dated a mermaid in college. If the version of Superman in your head didn’t date a mermaid in college, I am really sad about how uninteresting your life must be. Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound, change the course of mighty rivers, and date a goddamn mermaid if he goddamn feels like it.

But while the trappings of a character are a good reason to like a character, they’re a pretty poor reason to love one. Better writers than I have expounded upon what makes Superman such an important and powerful figure, but to paraphrase glenweldon, he puts the needs of others before himself, and he doesn’t give up. If that’s not what you aspire to, if that doesn’t inspire you, I’m not sure we’ll ever understand one another.