she is literally the greatest

SBUK3: Saturday - Jared Panel
  • “I wouldn’t be the same person I am without Henry” - Jared Gilmore (x)
  • “I think Henry did see Robin as a father figure…” Right in the feels (x)
  • “He gives me hope sometimes” - Jared on playing Henry (x)
  • Jared said  Henry was upset when Robin died because he was kinda like a father figure but he was trying to be strong for Regina (x)
  • He talked about Lana wanting to teach him to drive. Tbf I wouldn’t get in a car with her (x)
  • Jared’s most shocking moment was when they found out that pan was his great grandfather (x)
  • Jared would chose to be stuck on a desert island with Regina or the Evil Queen because they have magic so the can just poof home (x)
  • Everyone keeps awing at everything Jared says it’s funny (x)
  • “Henry ships his mom being happy, so Henry ships Captain Swan” - Jared Gilmore (x)
  • Jared ships his moms being happy (x)
  • Q from the cutest little girl ever to Jared: do you think Henry ships #captainswan? Jared: I think he ships his mom being happy (x)
  • Jared plays League of Legends (x)
  • Jared did the cinnamon challenge and it put him off it (x)
  • Jared didn’t eat cinnamon for a year bc he did the cinnamon challenge (x)
  • Jared would love to see more dark Henry and loved playing pan even though it was only for one episode or so (x)
  • Just in case you didn’t know, Jared really really likes the character of Captain Hook (x)
  • Jared just said it’s an honour to have grown up around so many influences and feels like he has 5 mums and 5 dads (x)
  • Henry’s first kiss with Violet was also Jared’s first kiss (x)
  • He says there was a lot of joking from the other cast telling him not to worry it was just practice (x)
  • Henry’s first kiss with Violet was also Jared’s first kiss. Cue massive “awwwwww” from the audience (x)
  • Jared and lana have had so many memories and she is one of his greatest influences and literally like a second mum (x)
  • “Lana has been a massive influence on my life”… “she’s helped me through some stuff” - Jared Gilmore (x)
  • “I wanna be the dark one, I wanna be mr gold” - Jared (x)
  • Jared’s love of manga, Star Wars and general sci fi is adorable. He went to Forbidden Planet in London and had a nerdgasm (x)
  • Jared has tried to prank Lana, Colin, Sean & Josh but all his plans have failed (x)
  • If Jared was to cosplay someone from storybrooke it would be Hook! (x)
  • Henry is happy for Emma & Hook & Jared thinks it will be good for him to have a consistent father figure (x)
  • There were sweet scenes between Henry and David and Henry and hook talking about Henry growing up and girls that were cut. (x)
  • When asked about the TL of the show Jared thinks maybe it’s been 4 years. (x)
  • Jared just sang ‘all by myself’ while waiting for more people to come up for questions (x)
  • Jared’s favourite fairytale is Peter Pan, or King Arthur (x)
  • To end the show Jared would make Henry evil&badass, bring back fanfave characters and wrap up all the story lines with happy endings (x)
  • Henry will be singing in the musical episode. Jared is VERY EXCITED to see the ep. (x)
  • Jared was a complete star in his panel, very nervous but handled all of the questions like a pro! (x)


“If you can’t stop them in time, you can say goodbye to about a quarter of the world’s population. Any questions?”

The Flash raised his hand.

“Flash, I’ve told you before, you don’t have to raise your hand,” Batman said.

“Right, sorry,” the Flash said, lowering his arm. “I was just wondering why you have a baby?”

“I don’t.”

Batman was clearly holding a very small child in one arm. She had plastic barrettes in her braids, and was wearing a pink tutu. Her shoes were bedazzled.

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Things I care about:

  • This
  • Nothing else
  • Just watch it ok




( oscar isaac, he/him ) — alas, there lies ( caius valencia ), the ( chef ) of ( kradaeca ). the ( thirty two ) year old is known for being ( debonair ) but has the tendency to be ( imprudent ). he is known as the ( lothario ) in court. they ( agree ) with the balance.

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some days i think that my hatred for kubo and his half assed ending is slowly dissapearing,,,,, but then i remember that kubo fucking killed off my sweet, pure, wonderful, kind and beautiful husband ukitake jushiro WHEN INSTEAD HE COULD’VE KILLED OFF MAYURI WHO WAS FUCKING THERE DOING JACK SHIT AND WALKING AROUND LIKE AN A GRADE ASSHOLE and then… and then my hatred comes back w a vengeance  


Reasons to Love Aracely: The only part, because if I included them all it’d just be every appearance she has ever made in a comic ever <33

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sana sliding up into the shot with that look on her face is quite possibly the greatest thing i've ever seen, she's so cute

literally that is The Yikes Face™

I was gonna draw another witch character…I guess I did what I set out to do!

Brightest witch of her age! I actually really like the idea of POC!Hermione Granger, to be honest. So I sort of played around with it for the first time ever.

Hermione will always be a hero to me, I grew up with her(literally!) and she is one of the greatest things of JK Rowling’s world. <3

I have my glitter and Metallics in use here, though they are lost to the scanner.

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I don't get why some people think Mei is weak??? She literally melted a Susanoo. Melted it. With barely any effort; the supposed greatest technique in the whole show. She melted it, and would gladly do so to ALL YOUR FACES

Do people think that?? Uh. Wow. I was not aware of this. But lbr, Kishi made all of the kunoichi look weak during the 4th War, compared to the guys. It’s irritating. 

Jules Rules

Why @outside-the-government is The Literal Greatest™

  • She’s a goddamn genius.
  • Actual healer, actual hero.
  • One of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.
  • Inspires me every damn day, with her words, with her wisdom, with her knowledge, with her indomitable spirit and untempered encouragement. 
  • Pyromaniac ;)
  • The backbone of this community. Perhaps I’m biased because she was the first to reach out to me, but I truly believe that this corner of the fandom has one of the most welcoming and inclusive atmospheres on the internet, and I truly believe that it’s JULES who sets that tone for us. 
  • Does badass things like snow skiing and rhythmic gymnastics.
  • Gives excellent advice. Also a good listener.
  • Knows. Her. Shit. 
  • Has a profound understanding of character (both actual and imaginary), which leads me to believe that she is observant, perceptive, inquisitive, and sensitive.  
  • Literal Gay Scientist™ **
  • Kind. Like, undeniably, honestly, no-pretenses-or-bullshit kind.
  • Is well on her way to being PUBLISHED (holy shit) *standingfuckingovationjuliathatisbeyondawesome*
  • Cool, calm, collected. The ultimate role model. Reminds me a bit of the sea, and I mean that in the best way.
  • Kickass writer.
  • Incredibly patient, understanding, empathetic, and accommodating. 
  • Fun. For lack of a better descriptor, Jules is a whole lot of fun, you guys.

Happy birthday, Jules, you wonderful woman, you. You’re a marvel and a treasure, and I could not imagine this corner of the internet without you. 

FOR THE REST OF YOU - I’d like to encourage you to add on to this list. Reblog, tell me (and Jules) what I missed. Let’s show this sensational lady some mad love. Nobody deserves it more.

** Jules, dear, I know you’re pan. I just… wanted to say Literal Gay Scientist really really bad. Seriously, crack me over the head if that’s not okay.

it’s almost 3 in the morning and I’m not asleep clearly so I thought y'all would enjoy a story time that no one cares about but I find it funny so

so I was in my u.s. history class last year and we’re playing kahoot (I won like every time because I was just really good at history and extremely competitive)
anyways, so we’re playing the game and my team named “America” is leading

with 1776 points

my teacher (who loved me, she was so great and was really supportive the time I had like a breakdown and screamed at some kids in her class and I walked out and she came out to see if I was okay and then emailed my mom to make sure I was okay, she’s literally the greatest.
also I made her a George Washington meme and she has it hung outside her classroom
she has a wall of memes she’s the best
Anyways) my teacher pointed it out and we laughed about it for a solid 5 minutes and no one else thought it was funny except us???

No one else cares about this story but me but that’s the story of the time last year when I was insanely good at u.s. history kahoot and my team “america” was leading with 1776 points

it was the most american thing I’ve ever done