she is literally the greatest

it’s hitting me rn like mother beyoncé really only got 2 out of 9 grammys…. i’m reeling fr…. lemonade is quite literally the greatest album ever made and she was rewarded with 2 grammys when she should’ve been carrying all 9


Things I care about:

  • This
  • Nothing else
  • Just watch it ok




I was gonna draw another witch character…I guess I did what I set out to do!

Brightest witch of her age! I actually really like the idea of POC!Hermione Granger, to be honest. So I sort of played around with it for the first time ever.

Hermione will always be a hero to me, I grew up with her(literally!) and she is one of the greatest things of JK Rowling’s world. <3

I have my glitter and Metallics in use here, though they are lost to the scanner.


Reasons to Love Aracely: The only part, because if I included them all it’d just be every appearance she has ever made in a comic ever <33

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bigdicksqaudd, fairylightsstyles, ifheartscouldfly, and sundownlouis

Sorry this took me so long, I took a shower hahaha, also you asked me about some of my best friends omg

@bigdicksquadd YARRIE THE LOML!!!!! For real though, Yarrie’s my best friend I get super emotional and tell her that at least three times a week I’m ridiculous, she’s literally one of the greatest people ever to talk to, she has a gif for every situation so we’re on the same level lmaooo, I can always rely on her to tell me when anything happens in the fandom, especially fandom drama, and she’s the best person ever to talk about unkind people or people we both dislike with (we can both be bitter af lmao) but yes I love her so much we’ll be married for almost three months she’s amazing

@fairylightsstyles ahhh literally one of the sweetest and cutest people ever ngl, she tags me in a lot of things and that makes me super happy, I love her sm she’s just such a wonderful friend!

@ifheartscouldfly oh man, another absolute sweetheart AH! Gi is so thoughtful and lovely, like she’s the Niall Horan of my mutuals, just full of sunshine and happiness and love and positivity, I love her!

@sundownlouis MY BAAAAABE KASSIE’S MY GIRL!!!!!! She provides me with that A+ Louis thirst content that I can quietly appreciate on my dash and I respect that. Kassie’s such a wonderful person, she’s that type of person who always has some lovely to say and that makes me so happy! AND SHE CALLS ME BERRY AND IM NEVER EVER GONNA BE OVER HOW CUTE THAT IS KASSIE JUST MAKES ME SO HAPPY AND I LOVE HER

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I heard you have a dog. How is your dog. I wish good health on you and your dog

I do have a dog. she is literal perfection. her name is lihlah and shes the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. thank you for your kind blessings.

  • cass fans: cass is literally the greatest player this season!!! she doesn't need comps to get to the end of the game!!!!!
  • also cass fans: why would neda go after cass????? she literally cannot win a competition
The reason why I don't support Nicki
  • Nicki Minaj: I didn't win this award due to racism! My horrible over glorified remix of this novelty 90's song totally deserved to win!
  • Tumblr: Wow, she's right, it must be racism! It's not like these awards have no integrity, or all these talentless artists wouldn't be nominated! Taylor Swift must have won because she's white, not because she's more marketable to a younger demographic which is all that seems to matter these days
  • Nicki Minaj: *Acts like a child and throws a tantrum for like the 8th time this month after winning an award at the VMAs*
  • Tumblr: Wow, oh my god, she's such an inspiration! She's a goddess! She totally schooled Miley! She's my actual mother! :)
  • Nicki Minaj: *Continues to skinny shame, play the victim at every opportunity, and be way more problematic than most of the people Tumblr hates*
  • Tumblr: She's literally the greatest! She's a feminist icon! She actually cares about me specifically! She's my unproblematic fave! :)

On my second watching of Civil War, I noticed something tragic between Wanda’s escape from the compound.

She wasn’t just using her powers on Vision’s body; she literally took control of the Mind Stone to incapacitate him because it turns from yellow to red once she starts her attack. The very thing he had told her earlier that he wished to understand so it wouldn’t control him.

Wanda had to do the very thing she knew would cripple him not only physically but also emotionally. She had to literally control him through his greatest fear.