she is literally hugging it to herself

I wanna share something that happened to me at my job at the cinema today, when I was dressed up as Elsa from Frozen for Children’s Day.

I was standing outside one of the theaters, which had just finished showing a movie and people were leaving. All of a sudden a woman came up to me, and she was holding a small girl by her hand, she might have been around two years old. The mom told me that her daughter had seen me and my friends earlier outside the theater and had wanted to come up to me and ask for a hug, but had been too shy to ask. So she had been anxious during the entire film and had asked her mom that she wanted to leave the film to look for me (!). So she had been really happy to see me in the hall now after the movie. “Of course you can have a hug!” I said and went down on my knees, and she threw herself in my arms. Literally. And then she stayed there. She didn’t show any sign of wanting to let go, and when I carefully shifted she only held me tighter. So we stood there on the floor, for surely around half a minute. It might not sound as a long time, but it felt like it. And then I recalled this photo. I had seen it before and it just popped into my head when the girl didn’t want to let go of me.

And it made me so happy to know that I - as a cosplayer - was able to give this little girl a moment of security or happiness or whatever the reason was why she didn’t want to let go of me. It made me realize how much this hobby of ours can give to others, especially children.

So I ask you all cosplayers out there; please make sure you treasure this power that we actually hold as cosplayers, and share it and make the best out of it! There is so much we can give! <3

things i cannot believe:

  • clarke has literally hurtled into bellamy’s arms twice??
  • like she has thrown herself into his arms at great speed 
  • both for joy and protection
  • bellamy made sure clarke was the last thing he saw when he passed out into potential death??
  • bellamy is canonically clarke’s biggest weakness like wtf??
  • bellamy crossed a grounder army to try rescue clarke
  • and then kept trying with an injured leg??
  • the first time clarke really broke and showed remorse for how she’d hurt her friends was when she saw how she’d hurt bellamy
  • they have had three hugs and each hug has been an event™ with its own score and everything
  • “you worry about him more”
  • they make dorky jokes at each other in dire near-death situations to make each other smile??
  • and it works??
  • clarke fought roan tooth-and-nail to escape but caved in immediately when bellamy was threatened
  • “too bad you were never that devoted to gina”
  • they smile at each other more than they do at any other characters
  • they are the most soft-and-vulnerable™ with each other
  • mutual hand-bandaging
  • “i need you
  • “i trust him” 
  • “i trust you”
  • “i believe you”
  • literally everyone who has spent five seconds with bellamy has seen how much he loves values clarke
  • both of clarks’s love interests have called her out on her relationship with bellamy
  • bellamy is also canonically clarks’s strength
  • unity. day. flirting.
  • they look at each other like it’s the “kissing in a rainy lake district field to swelling violin music and pastel colour palette” scene of a period drama
  • their smiles when they look at each other could power a fair-sized country
  • “we can’t lose clarke!”
  • clarkes’s face when abby said “start with bellamy blake”
  • bellamy’s clarke neck nuzzle™
  • the everlark berries/floukru potion parallel
  • “you’re forgiven”
  • the cheek kiss
  • their reunion faces™
  • the hand-holding
  • he fed her the chip
  • like he put his fingers to her lips
  • his bare fingers to her parted lips
  • while she looked at him for comfort
  • the moment before the hand-holding where clarke reached for him
  • abby waiting for bellamy to come literally hold clarke’s hand before starting the transfusion
  • “you’re not the only one trying to save someone you care about”
  • bellamy’s happy i-see/hear-clarke wiggle
  • “together”
  • bellamy’s face when he looks at clare when he says “together”
  • the close up of his hand covering hers in mount weather
  • “i can’t lose you too”
  • bellamy’s face every time clarke is about to do something reckless
  • clarke being the biggest bellamy blake stan on earth
  • “you through?”
  • the theme song
  • bellamy knocking the poisoned cup out of clarke’s hand and assuming bodyguard stance
  • clarke throwing herself on dax to get him tf off bellamy
  • knee-bopping
  • casual touching
  • bellamy and clarke haven’t kissed yet
You are my only friend | Closed


Ever since she was a little kid, no one ever wanted to stay clse to Honey. She never understood that. Maybe it wa her way too bubbly personality? Maybe the fact that sh did enjoy to explode things? Maybe she was just weird? But the girl never really bothered with that. She had her beloved stuffed bat. 

It was very fluffy, all black. Hiro, she had named it. And the blonde used to carry them everywhere. Whenever the girl felt sad or afraid, she would hold him close to her, so she felt safe or happier.

One day, though, she was feeling so alone, since she had literally no one besides the little bat, that the blonde cried to her sleep, hugging the little suffed animal.

“I wish you were actually a living being, Hiro” She said beneath her breath, between a sniff and another, finally falling asleep. The other day, though, Honey found herself cuddling with a fluffy haired boy. The blonde widened her eyes and jumped out of the bed. 

“Wh-who are you?!” She asked to him, a blush growing on her face.

Can we just talk about how adorable this photo is? Brett’s girlfriend, Melissa, posted it. Brett is Red Riding Hood (per Sylvia’s request), and Sylvia is the Big Bad Wolf. 

I just can’t handle this level of cuteness. It’s too much. Sylvia is the cutest thing and she has the biggest smile on her face. 

Okay, I’m getting really emotional over the way Carmilla says “God, what am I doing?” in episode 17 in light of backstory stuff. Because I’m seeing it as she literally does not want to go through this again because of what happened with Elle. But she can’t help herself. And I’m pretty sure people have already gone over this but I’m just stuck on it.

My topology class had an exam last week. 

It was bad. 

We got the exams back today, but the grades had already been posted so we knew our (terrible) fates. Before class, I ran into one of my classmates. When I brought up the exam, she teared up a bit. I said, “If it helps at all, literally everyone who scored lower than I did on Exam 1 has dropped the class. That means I’m the reigning lowest score.” She immediately hugged me. I really needed a hug. 

I teared up, too, but not about the exam. She and I are two of four female students in the class. She explained that she had to get the tears out now, since there was no reality in which she’d let herself be seen crying about an exam in front of “all of those boys,” because she’d be damned if she’d give a male-dominated community one reason to enforce any stereotype about the fitness of women to be mathematicians. This is a person I’ve always liked and always respected, and in that moment, this moment of bravery and resolution and stubbornness and flat-out refusal to be defeated, I swear she was the most beautiful human being on the face of the Earth. I couldn’t help but be moved to tears. 

In class, our professor gave the most motivational speech imaginable in such a circumstance. He reminded us that success belongs not to those who struggle and achieve victory in the end. That’s math. It’s a fight to understand, and it’s worth every ounce of energy it demands. 

And all the while, I flatly refused to make eye contact with that classmate. Because if I did, there was no way I’d succeed in keeping it together in front of ‘all the boys.’ 

That’s the moral of today’s interaction: STEM is tough. We’re tougher. No one is quitting today. 

anonymous asked:

Speaking of Kaylor body language, Karlie literally always has Taylor's back. It's another way of being protective. She can see over Taylor's head at what's coming and shield Tay from anything behind her. It's like their photo spooning where Karlie is hugging Taylor from behind. Karlie is secure in herself, her career, and in their relationship. Karlie isn't in competition with Taylor, and she is considerate. She doesn't want to block Taylor by being taller. Karlie even shows love by her actions.

Karlie doesn’t even wear heels around Taylor normally. She’s the perfect match for her koala girlfriend.

its really annoying how everyone keeps claiming that chaol only loved celaena/aelin because she was weak when he met her so he could be her knight in shining armor or some bs like that except thats not true at all even though sarah tries to make it seem like that in queen of shadows. because i reread throne of glass and theres this part where cain looks her up and down in a grotesque manner and insults her and chaol just watches and so celaena goes “thank you so much for interfering on my behalf” and he goes YOU DONT NEED ME TO RESCUE YOU because he always knew - even from the beginning that “she could fight her own battles” WHICH he lIterally SAYS and THEN in crown of midnight when she returns with the lord’s head and his wife’s hand and throws them at the king so nonchalantly he doesnt get disgusted like Dorian does instead he hugs her because he was worrying about her safety while she was gone SO As YOU CAN TELL he never give a shit that she killed people and was strong enough to defend herself- he loved her anyway and yeah no shit he didnt want her too kill people but that didnt stop him from loving her then so this complete 360 in queen of shadows where hes calling her a monster is just a way to make us hate him so rowan can become aelins new love interest and thats fine like ok i really liked him in heir of fire but all of a sudden your ruining characters for him??? NoT OK! and honestly i really liked rowan and aelin’s dynamic in heir of fire and in queen of shadows there romance seems so shallow like idk i dont see the love all i see is lust???? yeah man idk im pissed 

reasons kairi’s COOL and you should LIKE HER

by tumblr user skykxd

  • shes REALLY NICE and FUN
  • good at making stuff like cave drawings and cool charms 
  • one time against all laws of nature she remembered her best friend sora even tho a) he forgot her and b) some bad guys in black coats removed those memories which means she was literally just strong enough to hold onto them by herself 
  • cool hair !! 
  • feminine AND badass 
  • one other time she lost her heart when her world was destroyed by darkness (TTWICE?!) but instead of turning into a heartless like most ppl she was so strong it just chilled in her best friends’  
  • no shit sorta attitude
  • go big or go home 
  • one other other time her best friend was turned into a heartless but instead of being afraid she literally found him and hugged and saved him 
  • shes sort of a princess of heart AND a guardian of light like wtf so cool
  • honestly why wouldn’t you like kairi 
  • i like kairi
  • u should too 

can we talk about amethyst being the adult for once

she’s like a LITERAL BABY ROCK but when she was needed she forced herself to be the strong one

even when it came down to just sitting and listening to Pearl, two things Amethyst is not that good at with someone she’s constantly at odds with. 

even when the whole time she felt alone and unwanted 

i really hope everyone hugs her and brings her burritos because she is a very good baby space rock

BrittanaCon Prompt Project - 15a

AUTHOR: jerseyless (FF ACCOUNT)

PROMPT: Lumberjack!Santana & literal Treehugger!Brittany as Brittany’s tied herself to a tree.

PROMPTED BY: Tumblr Anon

RATED: T for naughty words.


Brittany took a long drink from her water bottle. The nylon hammock hugged her body, from her shoulders to her outstretched legs. She crossed her ankles and pressed the heel of her boot into the bag of climbing gear at the end of the hammock. She interlaced her fingers behind her neck, and tilted her head back. She sighed with satisfaction. The canopy of dense pines rustled in the wind. Her body faintly swayed with the trees, 70 feet above the forest floor, as they bent gently with the breeze. The cradle-like sway began lulling Brittany to sleep. She yawned and stretched and turned onto her side, when she heard it.

“Well that didn’t take long,” she said to herself.

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Korra and Asami’s hug was a mutual thing, they both reached out to hug. The half hug, and bodies barely touching.

BUT RIGHT AFTER KORRA TURNS SO FAST TO MAKO (Wish I had a gif) she didn’t even turn to Bolin who seemed closest to her. 

but she hugged Mako on her own, she didn’t wait for him to reach out. I think Korra know’s her ‘home’ is with Mako, she doesn’t have to ask for a hug. She can just get one because they’ll always love each other right?

and look at her FACE when she’s about to hug him. The thought of her turning herself over to one of the baddest villains seems to have disappeared from thought once she see’s Mako’s face. She literally lit up like a light.

LOOK AT HER SHOULDERS driving into Mako! Her hug is way more affectionate versus the hug’s Asami and Bolin got!  and even as she pulls away (can’t forget to mention that beautiful height difference! gah) from him she still has the same look of pure bliss .. but in the last frame, her face says to me a look of hope and admiration. 

the verdict is I really BELIEVE they will get back together! and Korra will give Mako the same look as she did in the fourth frame, the look of pure love.

Okay, one of my very favorite things about the 1989 era is that Taylor literally took the narrative back from the media and she is now able to stand up for herself when untrue stories are published. This makes me SO beyond happy, but hearing her intro the Blank Space at the Grammy museum reminded me that she had to go through hell in order to get to a place where she felt like she was able to have a voice again. This breaks my heart, but I think it also speaks so highly to her character. She didn’t throw a tantrum. She didn’t hide away and avoid living her life. She wrote a smart, incredibly good song based on the character they had created for her. She beat them at their own game and came out on top and I couldn’t be prouder.

Last First Kiss


“You know, ‘fate’ is a funny thing when you think about it,” Gemma hums, pausing to take a sip from her drink. “You’re here, obviously, and Harry’s literally just down the street looking for a new book to read – and maybe you’ll run into each other, but maybe you won’t.”

“Yeah,” Niall breathes. His heart starts beating wildly in his chest, and he’s pretty sure he might have forgotten how to breathe.

“Anyway, I have to get going,” she says, pushing herself back to her feet. Niall stands too, and hugs her again. “I’ll see you around, yeah?”

Niall nods, swallows hard around the lump in his throat. “Yeah, definitely.”

Gemma leaves, then, with one wave over her shoulder as the door to the coffee shop closes behind her.

And then Niall does too, coffee in hand, rushing down the street to the bookshop- And that’s where he sees Harry; hair long and curly, shoulders broad beneath a flowery top, legs long, wearing black skinny jeans and brown boots. He wants to go through the door, and he could. He could pretend to be looking for a book too, come around the corner slowly and bump right into him; he could pretend like he didn’t know Harry had been there, act like fate really is working out for them…

Good Deeds - Ch 1/?

CS Neighbours AU: 

Emma Swan and Killian Jones are neighbours that have never crossed each other’s paths until one night when Emma is in need of some help. Following this one good deed follows a set of more good deeds leading them onto a path of friendship or perhaps something more.

Also on FF.NET

She’d tried everything. Literally everything. She’d stretched and twisted, contorted her body in any manner of way but she could not pull down the zipper of her dress. She’d managed to get it on so why the hell couldn’t she get the bleeding thing off. Emma groaned; she really didn’t want to have to resort to cutting herself out of this dress. 

She loved this dress.

The red dress hugged her in all the right places and was the softest material in the world. Now after having what she deemed the worst date ever in the whole wide world she was now very close to resorting to having to destroy her favourite dress.

Emma banged the wall with her fist in agitation after trying to somehow use her door handle to pull the zip down (which didn’t work). “Oh fuck it” she said aloud to herself, “After the shittiest date ever I am not loosing this dress.” She flung open the front door of her flat and walked over to the flat opposite her’s and knocked. She hadn’t a clue who her neighbours were, but she guessed that tonight she would.

She knew it was late but she at least thought someone would open their door. She’d gone downstairs and no one had answered to her, a couple had shouted from somewhere in their own flats to whoever was at the door to piss off, “Charming” Emma had muttered. So now she was on her fifth try and at the door of the flat above hers.  She knocked.

The dirty white door opened to reveal a very groggy man, his black hair all tousled, his eyes rubbing at his half-asleep eyes, just wearing a pair of pyjama bottoms. Emma was caught off guard momentarily then told herself eyes up, remember why you are here “Yes, wait, I mean. Sorry, were you asleep?”

“Aye,” he nodded. His hands fell from his face and his blue eyes widened all traces of tiredness gone in a flash as he was met with a woman with long blonde hair and was wearing a red dress that made her even more beautiful. His mouth fell agape slightly, who was this woman?

“I need your help,” Emma said, “Can you just unzip me?”

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