she is literally hugging it to herself

season 4 headcanons because im about to murder someone THAT WRITING IS FUCKING DISGUSTING

  • opening monologue is wally saying his respectful and iconic line: ‘my name is wally west and i’m the fastest man alive’ and then when barry comes back they can mix it up and have them both talking and doing the voice over [imagine them talking together and a shot of them hugging coming up i die]
  • linda coming back cc after getting a ‘save the date’ card and realizing what happened and being by iris’ side
  • her working with wally + cisco sometimes because he’s mostly busy, while it started as a temporary thing because iris wasn’t doing so good at the beginning, iris saw how good they worked together so she let it slide and watched them go~
  • they don’t get along though, iris just loves the banter and the ‘wallace really ohmyfucking god rudolph like the red nose reindeer- wait hold up robbery, oh shut up im not your flower, no i know my middle name is jasmine bu-’
  • speaking of cisco? trains with cynthia through different dimensions, trying to figure out how the whole connection thing works
  • iris actually working like, us seeing her WORK, WRITE, TYPE, her trying to keep the flash’s legacy alive with wally and occasionally mentioning the missing flash
  • seeing! iris! actually! grieve! even if it’s for like 10 minutes [because yes barry’s probably coming out of that speedster whole at the end of 4.01]
  • wally and hartley meeting, hartley being a polite asshole and being done with wallace’s bullshit
  • caitlin being an antih(oe)ero and not being in every episode or having a redemption arc, distancing herself from the ‘team’ knowing she hurt them because bitch she did.
  • iris getting barry out of the speedforce with her literal voice not with any technology bullshit, but with her fucking voice,,,the team tried everything and eventually gave up, but she stayed, and that’s how she brings him back,by herself
  • barry seeing all of the good wally’s done and hugging him for 3 hours straight, letting him stay the flash ‘two flashes? sounds amazing’
  • barry dealing with being back after all this ‘time’ (@ writers don’t fuck this up)
  • iris and barry finally having their fucking wedding, (that does not take place in the fucking crossover)

iris getting 98% of the screentime in that episode

them forgetting the legends/arrow teams exists and only inviting kara/alex /j’onn and james (maybe winn idk)

  • no more crossovers, im done their stupid and not even fun or happy [@ me yall dragged barry last time, not this year not on my fucking watch]
  • kadabra is confirmed for season 4,,so this mf is gonna annoy the fuck out of wally and linda ‘ah see barry’s not as annoying and cocky as you, and well iris now that she’s alive i guess- [that gets him linda’s hand print on his cheek] ‘feisty? yeah iris isn’t as well.. like you, you’re maybe as special as iris but something about you mhhhmakes you so dear to wallace miss parkw-’

lbr a storyline with kadabra and not having wally and linda be at center of it? unrealistic/

  • barry and iris being happy and smiley, cisco and cynthia being dorks, shy shy dorks in love, and then you have wally and linda, biting each other’s heads off.
  • bart coming up/out in some way and blessing them with his cuteness
  • jesse and jay coming in regularly to check up on their flashfam
  • wally having screentime,,, lots of it
  • iris, linda and cynthia having a wildt girls night out
  • barry, wally and cisco [joe: im too old for the love drama, i have cecile waiting bye] having a guys night in drinking speed beer or whatever talking about their ‘girls’

‘linda isn’t my girl, she’s barely a good friend, she always pokes me like i just can’t, i mean yeah she’s helped me through loads of flash stuff but, yeah she has pretty hair tho, and eyes, and lips-’

  • dinner nights @ joe’s; with everybody, from jesse to jay, to cynthia, cisco, linda, iris, barry,  wally, cecile and her daughter.
  • the christmas episode being the lightest cutest fluffiest episode
  • in fact season 4 being lighter and happier
  • the finale being not a shitty cliffhanger

I’m sure as I rewatch I’m going to notice a lot more stuff but something that really stood out to me was how Rapunzel reacts to stressful situations. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but she does the same things that I’ve experienced in real-life so it popped out to me quickly, and intentional or not, I really like it (and will 100% self-indulgently use it as part of my headcanons/characterization for Rapunzel). There are already amazing posts on Gothel being emotionally abusive towards Rapunzel, and what I like about this series is that we get to see Rapunzel coping and adjusting after being away from Gothel, and how this specifically shows up with stressful situations. 

She’s very enclosed in on herself, and will often slightly curl up and try to turn away from the object that’s causing her stress (she’s turned away from the castle, turning only to look at Eugene, and an exception is when she’s on the bed, curled away from Cassandra, who’s not her true stressor, etc). But, overall she tries to shield herself - she literally hugs her arms around her body in the beginning, and when she speaks about not wanting to marry Eugene, she puts her hands over herself. 

I don’t remember it happening often enough so it could be a one-time thing, but I did notice that when her hair grows back, she seems to pull on it more often, which reminds me of her literally covering herself in her hair in the original movie when Gothel was singing about danger. She also tends to avert her eyes from the stressor and - what I assume is lip biting. Overall, she tries to make herself as small as possible, and look away from what’s giving her anxiety. 

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The finale is just beautiful for anti-CSers.

I mean, short of the best outcome, which would be Emma heading straight for divorce court and then back to Archie’s office to work on her codependence issues, followed by her moving on to her real TL (Regina, resurrected Neal, Jefferson, Lily, some dude or chick she met on the street, I’m down with anyone).

But we can’t have that, so what we got was the next best thing.

1) No TLK, making them the only major remaining canon couple never to have one. (Let alone that Snowing and Rumbelle have MULTIPLE TLKs.) Even a host of secondary couples–Philora, Scarlet Queen, Jaladdin, Ruby Slippers, Brennan and some nurse–have TLK, but not CY. (And they had another failed TLK just the episode before–their wedding ep, LOL.)

2) Emma has a memory of her wedding and it does nothing for her belief. (To be fair, I’m sure she was thinking “I would never be married in such an ugly-ass dress.”)

3) As the book burns, it falls open to Killy’s page (pic of him setting out for revenge, btw)–and again that doesn’t trigger anything. She literally sees him burn up and doesn’t feel a thing, setting out for Boston right afterward.

4) The beanstalk falls, and  Snow’s true love immediately warns her that David’s in danger. Emma gets nuffink about Killy.

5) Killy’s bean quest is ultimately completely useless. The bean does no one any good. 

6) Everything that helps Emma’s is Henry–his book only covers to their first TLK, and he’s the one whose true love kiss saves her after she sacrifices herself. As it should be.

7) When everyone gets back, Emma runs to her parents and hugs them before Killy.

Bonus: Regina’s hope speech to Emma includes “you never gave up on me”–which we know from Rumbelle is another way of saying “I love you.” (Killy used the line, too, back in Camelot–and still gave up on her two  days back in SB.)

In short, Killy through the whole ep:

warnette headcanon drafts

i’ve had these in my drafts for literally months maybe years so i’m just gonna post them all even though they’re all inappropriate and dumb and unrealistic so here u go

  • juliette wearing lingerie and warner looks at her for like 5 seconds before being like “this is great and i love it and you look beautiful but i’m going to take it off now”
  • warnette sitting on opposite sides of the bathtub with their legs intertwined just looking at each other while drinking wine from fancy glasses
  • juliette buying body paints and warner is like aw yiss thinking he’s gonna get some but juliette just asks warner to lay on his stomach so she can make landscapes/pictures out of the scars on his back (and then he falls asleep while she paints or something LAME because he is a cINNAMON BUN)
  • james asking juliette if she loves warner and whereas warner was sarcastic and skirting around the truth she doesnt even hesitate before telling him yes 
  • kenji teasing juliette about her sex life and she pins him to the wall by his throat and asks calmly “sorry, what was that?” 
  • kenji finding out warner’s first name and it’s really awkward for like 10 seconds then hes like “im just gonna keep calling you warner” 
  • kenji being super protective of warnette’s kids and always playing with them and teaching them their first swear words 
  • juliette looking in the mirror in the morning and noticing her entire neck and chest is covered in hickey bruises and she’s like “goddamn it” and warner just walks by like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • warner playing music in their room and asking juliette for a dance and she’s super shy because she doesn’t know how and never has but you know warner is knowledgeable af so he twirls her around and they’re giggling and out of breath and i need to sit down
  • juliette hardly able to walk after a rough night and warner doesnt know whether to be smug or concerned 
  • juliette going with warner the next time he checks on everyone in the compounds and all the citizens are thanking her and wanting to shake her hand and at one point a child the same age as the one she killed holds his arms up for juliette to hold them and she does then looks at warner emotionally and omg
  • juliette getting bath bombs and she saves the glittery one for herself bc she doesnt want warner sparkly and embarrassed but he insists on using it with her and gets glitter stuck to him everywhere anyway and challenges anyone who tries to point out that they’re both literally sparkling the day afterward
  • warner teaching james not to be a fuckboy 
  • kenji being like “you both are so intense. it’s like no one else is in the room when you’re together” and warnette’s like “who said that” “did u hear anything”
  • headcanon: so since juliette can turn her power on and off, can warner feel when it’s on/off? since he can feel the power flow through him when it’s on, do you think they’re ever just snuggling and she lets down her guard and lets it flow through them and he stifles a gasp? her tracing her fingertips down his face and it’s literally electric? 
  • warner chuckling at something juliette says/does and he hides his smile behind his fist shyly but the dimples show and he’s so LAME and BEAUTIFUL
  • do u ever just see inappropriate pictures on tumblr and ur like “awww warnette would do that” bc me 

have I ever talked about how important that one scene is in room for ruby where lapis is melting down, and peridot is freaking out because she’s worried so much. and then they’re on the balcony, and it literally looks like peridot wants to hug her so bad but she stops herself. I was literally screaming HUG HER at the screen

I think it says a lot that they didn’t hug though, cause I think if I was in that situation I probably wouldn’t want anyone to touch me either
I went and saw Saturday Night Live (S42, E15) and all I got was the best time ever.

Okay so I love it when people make step-by-step stories about when they went to SNL so I thought i’d make one myself.

I got tickets through the Twitter contest they had where you were suppose to send in an email about why you’re ‘the biggest SNL fan’. I sent mine in and got a reply about two days later that I had won! This was about a week before the show (insert panic-attack. Planning a trip from Sweden to nyc takes more than I week I can assure you, I don’t know how we got it all done time…).

Anyway! When we got to SNL the girls (‘cause they were almost all girls) working there were SO nice. I met the girl who had booked me and I thanked her and told her I was gonna name my firstborn after her. Another one recognized my name ‘cause I had replied to an email they had sent with a gif of Sue (Kristen Wiig) saying “i’m so freaking excited!” lmao.

You get wristbands, tickets, you go through security, you sit down in a waiting room and wait. After a while they start calling people like “purple wristbands come this way”, “people with the letter A on their tickets come this way”. And when you’re called you get in to an elevator with a bunch of strangers, then walk through a hall and then get your seats.

We were up on the grandstands sitting right in front of the stage where the musical artist perform which was great ‘cause you could see practically everything (some seats truly are crap, as Michael Che pointed out. I know I know i’m getting to that, stay calm) but you could also see alot of what was happening outside of the camera frame.

Lorne Michaels walked passed us down below and it was like seeing god. He would walk around, chat with someone, check his clock and then just stayed out of people’s way and let them work.

The house band open the show. Then Michael Che comes on and does stand up for a bit. There was this guy in the front row who kept giving sort of guy-tries-to-be-funny-but-it-only-comes-out-as-cocky sort of answers so Michael Che went all in and dragged his ass for attending the show by himself etc “you a weird dude, Tom”. People were pissing themselves laughing, he’s phenomenal at stand up (Tom was laughing too, I should add).
Then Keenan Thompson performed a song with Cecily, Vanessa and Sasheer and I figured/hoped Kate was gonna be in the cold open.

And she was! Leslie came out and sat on that bench first and everyone cheered and applauded her and she looked genuinly happy and surprised and waved at everyone. Kate came out and while everyone was waiting for the show to come on air her and Leslie kept mucking around and doing funny faces to eachother making everyone laugh. And then a woman (more on her later) started yelling 45 seconds! 30 seconds! 10! 5,4,3,2…. and we were live. It was thrilling.

Shorter fun facts about the show:

*If a person is in two sketches back to back a makeup artist etc. will come on stage, grab them and run, and I do mean RUN. Like if Lorne Michaels himself is in the way they will push him aside.

*Octavia was really good. She’s so talented and seemed focused but happy. Loved that I got to see a first-timer hosting SNL.

*Kate did all of the Kellyanne Conway bits live, non were pre-recorded. She would come out (right below where we were sitting! She truly is tiny you guys, like even tinier than she looks in photos) wearing slippers. And she would stand and wait for the sketch to be over and then she would kick of her slippers, get on her knees, they filmed her, she put her slippers back on and went backstage.

*Melissa Villasenor what an angel. I felt like we got to witness the first show where she really got the flex her muscles and show what she can do. The crowd was laughing so hard. I am convinced she’s gonna be the next big thing on SNL. Sidenote: the fact that they did an impression of Kate while Kate is still on the show truly shows what an actual star she’s becoming. Amazing.

*There was a woman working on the crew, I do not know her name and I do not know what her job is but goddamn she was cool. She seemed to be the coordinator of every sketch and would stay in frame talking to the actors until the very last second, and I do mean the very last. One time she literally had to throw herself out of frame, and seemed totally unfazed by it. Really made you feel how LIVE this show truly is.

*During the goodbyes Kate and Cecily hugged for 2000 years. Kate looked tired, I aint gonna lie. She wasn’t in any sketches except the cold open since she’s working on another film. I am quite sure she will leave this season and to have gotten to see her before she left truly was an honor and privilege (this was also one of the motivations in my email I sent in btw).

This was one of the best things I have ever done. To get to see how this show works irl was an absolute delight. They seem to have SO FUN doing this, all you wanna do is run backstage and hang out with everyone and braid their hair. And I got to here the “Live from New York!” LIVE. FROM NEW YORK.

hc for ruby rescue: army is the most emotional and she cant stop herself from literally tackle hugging navy to the floor and kissing her cheeks n forhead, she picks up everyone EVEN EYEBALL in a huge bear hug and is just a crying mess bc she loves her friends so much and was so worried about them bc she wasnt there to protect them with her own fists


Prompt: Imagine being Garcia’s sister and meeting Spencer after all these years of hearing about him to help on a case, but your reaction surprises both of you

Warnings: idk, maybe language. If you watch Criminal minds, think of that sort of stuff

Word Count: 4664

Note: “What’s with you? You need a hug or something?” for @hanny-bananny This was so fun! Beta’d by the ever fabulous @like-a-bag-of-potatoes


You’d been out of graduate school for about four years now, with quite a bit of experience as a forensic psychologist. However, that didn’t stop any of the surprise when SSA Hotchner called you yesterday to ask if you wanted to assist a case.

“Dr. Garcia, I know you’d be a valuable asset for our team on this. This is your area of expertise, correct?”

“Yes, sir. But I’m not sure I have the correct skill level that your team does,” you had answered as you gathered ingredients for your dinner.

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phoenix-amour  asked:

Hello-! I was wondering how you think the RFA team would react to a tall MC? An MC that could be the same height as their partner or an MC (in Yoosung's case) that basically towers over their parter.

I’m crying because I’m six feet I relate STRONGLY to this!!! (Mod 606 however is like the height of a jelly bean so I GOT THIS) - Mod 222


  • tbh he was expecting to greet a smol bean when he entered the party but like
  • he saw a person that was just as tall as him??? and they weren’t even wearing elevated shoes?
  • if you were in boots or anything that made you taller instead lol oh no
  • he sometimes pouts because you don’t really curl in on him due to your height BUT
  • he enjoys being able to walk in sync with you instead of slowing down
  • he can spot you easily too those award shows can get pretty crowded
  • he also loves your long legs are you serious
  • he actually encourages you to wear shoes that make them look good because he loves the way they look when you wear them
  • And when you wear his t-shirts they stop mid thigh instead of below the knee easier access to take it off huehuehue 
  • but all innuendos aside he truly doesn’t care if you’re the size of a skyscraper or a toddler
  • what matters is that you love him just as much as he loves you for who you are, not how you look


  • listen he thought you were joking when you said that you were MC
  • he frowned because um??? why are you so much taller than him???
  • at first he was bothered; only because he is so short
  • but after a while he came to realize that you know, sooner or later there was going to be a partner that was taller than him
  • even though you were extremely taller than him but HEY there were perks such as
  • if he needed something from the top shelf he no longer needed a stepping stool because “hey MC can you help me get this down”
  • he actually loves to be the one that’s getting the piggy back rides because “wow tall people see the world very differently than shorter people”
  • all in all he grew to accept that this is how you were born and he wouldn’t want to change a single thing about you
  • plus he gets to be the little spoon more often yay 


  • she was honestly so shook
  • the thing about her is that she thinks being super tall is attractive so like
  • props to you for already winning her heart
  • she honestly expected you to be so scary but you?? weren’t???
  • you were a literal gentle giant and it cracks you up because she’s the complete opposite
  • she’s so tiny and full of rage so she’s grateful that you’re there to calm her down and make sure she get’s a hold of herself
  • she also loves seeing you struggle around the cafe because the ceiling is so low so you’re ducking every five seconds
  • “i know the ceiling is low MC i’m so sorry”
  • also she adores your hugs because she get’s to bury herself in them!!!
  • she just loves your height okay 10 out of 10 good shit


  • he honestly surprised himself when he found himself falling for you
  • he’s always thought short partners were the cutest because he could toss them around and they were always so quick to submit to him
  • but you were not them oh no sir
  • you were so independent okay and you put up a challenge to him and that’s what he really fell for
  • he also loves being able to look you in the eye when you two talk because he finds it that much more intimate/attractive
  • he also loves that you have such self confidence in yourself due to your height (he supports 100% because it’s fact that taller people earn more respect)
  • but no matter what he’s always top dog in the bedroom never forgeT 


  • this…meme lord…
  • he had so many jokes that you were so close to just breaking up with him
  • “hey MC; how’s the weather up there??”
  • “haha let me know what it’s like up there in heaven!”
  • “MC let’s go to the zoo! Your cousins in the giraffe section miss you!”
  • little fucker
  • he makes fun of you all the time but that’s because he’s secretly jealous
  • and it’s not like you don’t have your own jokes either
  • “you’re so fuckin funny, you’re just bitter because you’re closer to hell”
  • that dead ass just made him fall in love with you more
  • but all jokes aside he really does admire your height because he thinks you look so bad ass
  • people are scared to even cross you and he uses that to his advantage
  • “fuck with me and i’ll send my MC after you”
  • “Saeyoung I literally can’t even kill a bug”
  • “SHHHH SHUT UP they never said that.”
  • although he makes fun he really does love not just your height, but you as well

Home from my 11th viewing of TFA and y’all…

Finn is so force sensitive it hurts

  1. When Slip marks Finn with the blood there’s DEFINITELY a force sound and then Finn stands up and seems overwhelmed. I’m convinced that moment is his awakening. 
  2. Kylo looks at Finn bc he FEELS it. Bottom line.
  3. Snoke and Kylo have their “there’s been an awakening. have you felt it” convo BEFORE Rey even gets close to the saber. Also, during the assault on Starkiller Kylo is like “she’s JUST beginning to test her powers” - Rey’s powers awoke when she was resisting Kylo - AFTER Snoke feels the (Finn’s) awakening. 
  4. Maz tries to get Rey to take the lightsaber and says “take it.” Rey runs. When Finn, Han and Chewie find Maz when the FO is attacking, Maz offers the saber to *Finn* and says “take it.” Not “take it to Rey” or “give this to Rey.” THE EXACT SAME PHRASE. Maz considers Finn JUST AS WORTHY and CAPABLE of wielding the saber as Rey. Then, force sensitive Maz tells a frantic Finn “you have a weapon [the saber]” and tells him “Rey and BB8 need you.”
  5. Finn DEFINITELY *hears* the cries of the people on the planets that were destroyed. It’s those cries that make him turn and he knows IMMEDIATELY that it’s the Republic. 
  6. Finn actually injurs Kylo in their duel, something Rey is only able to do AFTER she stops to download the force. 

The Finnrey of the whole movies is NOT subtle

  1. Rey def gives Finn the up down look when she turns around to ask his name for the first time on the Falcon. It happened.
  2. God bless John Boyega’s acting because he SOLD it in that cantina spilling Finn’s truth to Rey. All the feels tbh.
  3. Rey runs from the fight, tells BB8 to dip, but totes runs back into the fray when she sees the FO attacking and knows Finn is in danger. 
  4. When they get to the Resistance base, Finn is DEFINITELY out where the pilots are landing looking for someone who can take him to the FO base bc he HAS to get to Rey.
  5. The hug. THE. HUG. Rey just THROWS HERSELF into his arms and refuses to let go like SWEET LORD!
  6. Rey runs back to Finn’s unconscious body and is legit prepared to die there with him but then Chewie shows up with the Falcon and we see the hope in her eyes and then SHE CLUTCHES FINN’S HAND & then my soul left my body.
  7. Rey literally reaches out for Finn as they take him away and put him on the vehicle to get him to the medbay and then she just stands there so lost and then is embraced by Leia–Leia who just lost Han and Rey’s afraid she’ll lose Finn THE PARALLELS PEOPLE THE HAN/LEIA PARALLELS!
  8. The forehead kiss tho

Rey & Finn are clearly CO-LEADS. This is BOTH of their stories. They BOTH are on a hero’s journey. TOGETHER. I’ll be sobbing for two years bye.

Beauty King

Summary: Nothing has been stopping Dan from making a makeup video but himself. So he does. Simple as that.

Word Count: 2,645

Warnings: Mild swearing?

Notes: So this has been sitting, finished and edited by the lovely @cantcatchmegaythoughts, for weeks now, but I’ve been so busy with AP exams and prom that I kinda forgot about it. So without further ado I give you my makeup Dan fic! I hope y’all enjoy, and leave a response in my ask if you get a chance, please!:)

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foreverblueraven  asked:

Prompt: Lucy drops by the DEO regularly and is SHOOK at how quickly Maggie becomes a part of life there. Where Lucy ends up in their dynamic is your call

So you said you wanted more feels. You got ‘em. Fair warning, Lucy feels ahead. 

Lucy Lane Loves Leather and Pain

    Major Lucy Lane (never Lucille, shut the fuck up, Danvers) was the younger sister to a legend, an internationally renowned journalist, married to a goddamn superhero (and Lucy is very much bitter that she had to figure that one out on her own, as if she was never told because she spent so long with her father, no, she had to figure out that Clark and Kal were the same person). Major Lucy Lane lost her boyfriend to not one, but two goddamn Supers.

    Major Lucy Lane spent a good portion of her life being jealous as hell. What does it take, she’d wonder, to actually be seen for myself.

    It didn’t help that those damn supers were so nice. She tried to hate Kara. Kara Danvers was a giant ball of sunshine who stole her boyfriend without trying to at all, and then to find out she was Supergirl on top of everything, well that was just swell. And she had always gotten on better with Clark than with Lois, even before the Great Family Blow Up.

    Lucy wanted to be seen as something other than the lesser member of her family. After everything went down with Myriad and almost sending Danvers Sr. and not-Hank Henshaw to CADMUS, she figured she and the elder Danvers had a lot in common and could relate. After they got over the whole arrested-you-and-had-you-carted-off-to-an-experimental-black-site-that-later-turned-out-to-be-the-home-to-domestic-terrorism thing. Alex said she was over it. Except for when she wanted to win, in which case, Alex was kind enough to hold it over Lucy’s head.

    Alex held a lot of things over Lucy’s head, and often literally, because Alex Danvers is an asshole and thought short jokes were funny.

    It took time though, for Lucy to really make it past the spiky Agent Danvers persona. Kara was easy, Kara accepted everyone with open arms until you literally proved you had no hope for redemption, and Winn wasn’t far behind. But Alex was cautious, Alex didn’t trust people, and it didn’t matter how many drinks they shared while complaining about super siblings and falling short, Alex held very much of herself at bay.

    DADT was very much a thing during her career in the military. Her father was a general. Lucy’s attraction to both genders was something acknowledged after nights of heavy drinking or contemplative staring into the mirror, it was never something she actively pursued. That would have won her no favors with her father, the only family that hadn’t died or picked up and left, and he was all she had. When she broke from him, she suddenly found herself with friends and a new city, a new confidence she didn’t know what to do with.

    Alex Danvers had always pinged her radar as less than straight, although her interactions with Maxwell Lord were nothing but pure entertainment for Lucy. The disgust on her face when Alex mentioned he once tried to feed her was priceless. Alex Danvers held everyone at bay, but over time, after her teams moved to the city base and they were relegated to once or twice a month bar meets, Lucy found herself wanting more than just friendship from the taller agent. She was beautiful, brilliant, perpetually single, and she understood.

    So Lucy invited her out for drinks.

    Alex invited Vasquez and Kara out for a girls’ night.

    Lucy tried a fancy dinner, but an alien rampaging downtown ruined that one.

    She tried cooking dinner, but that turned into another girls’ night.

    Lucy wasn’t sure if this was Alex Danvers’ attempt to let her down gently, but it was really beginning to piss her off. Danvers wasn’t like Kara, she clearly couldn’t be wooed with food. And there were always drinks involved, so a nice whiskey wasn’t going to get her point across.

    Lucy was beginning to think she needed to flat out ask Alex if she wanted to make out when the cop started showing up. She got the joy of hearing Alex bitch about the cop who tried to steal her crime scene at the airport. Lucy got to hear about the alien bar from everyone who got to spend time there, but she could never seem to make it.

    And the cop. She got to hear about the cop so often.

    Lucy is a jealous person.

    Lucy freely admits that.

    Alex Danvers doesn’t make friends.

    Alex Danvers is finally friends with Lucy, even if the oblivious asshole never opens those goddamn whiskey deep eyes and notices the bisexual waving a pride flag in her goddamn face and asking her out every twenty minutes.

    One could maybe see why Lucy was less than thrilled to hear about Alex having a new friend. A pretty friend. A smart friend. A brave friend.

    Hello, Danvers, all that and a much better uniform is sitting right in front of your goddamn face. Would like to maybe sit on your goddamn face.

    A cop friend who apparently was Alex’s gay awakening and excuse me what the absolute fuck I have been throwing myself at you for the last year.

    For someone so damn smart, Alex Danvers was a goddamn dumbass.

    And Pam was supposed to be on Lucy’s side, okay? Legal and HR are supposed to be tight, they are not supposed to give clearance to a crush’s crush okay they are supposed to make the other woman’s life impossible that what HR and Legal do.

    Lucy always seems to miss meeting the cop when she visits. Which is odd, because no one ever shuts up about her. Winn goes on about how she saved his ass and she’s almost as awesome as his new bff Lena. James, her ex boyfriend who knows her a little too well and just smirks. Sweet, oblivious to her own bisexuality, ray of sunshine Kara Danvers is, of course, gushing about the woman who makes her sister so happy and she’s so helpful even if she eats weird healthy food. Even J’onn likes her, and he’s Alex’s Space Dad, no one is good enough for his favorite child and he’s said as much to Lucy’s face as nicely as possible.

    It’s a Friday night when Lucy finally manages to ditch Major Lane early enough to catch beers in town with her friends. Well, she could have ditched the Major, but Lucy looks damn good in her uniform and she’s fairly confident the cop will notice, even if Agent Oblivious doesn’t.

    She does.

    The cop is hot. Like, wandering the desert for forty years hot.

    But that’s not important.


    What’s important is that Agent Alex Danvers sees Major Lucy Lane enter an alien bar in full uniform and looks her up and down, eyes wide, like she’s never seen Lucy before. Like she’s pairing the uniform with the sweaty body she spars with on Tuesday mornings, the one she pins down with a laugh only to get flipped on her own back because Lucy takes nothing lying down, not even her massive crush on the most oblivious woman on the planet (Kara, of course, is the most oblivious alien).

    “Lookin’ good, Major.”

    Lucy smiles, wide and full of teeth, “I look even better out of uniform and you know it, Agent.”

    Alex isn’t the only one looking Lucy up and down. Not that Lucy’s complaining, because it’s nice to see she can still make a first impression. But the girlfriend (because that’s what she is) is less pleased at the laughing bear hug that Alex gives Lucy. Full body contact that literally lifts Lucy off her feet, smelling of leather and lavender and ozone from that damnable space gun of hers. Lucy takes her chance to wrap her arms around Alex’s neck and let herself fall into it. She likes feeling like she was missed.

    Alex finally sets her down and spins her to face the hot cop, hands strong and warm over the dress blues. “Maggie, this is Major Lucy Lane, the desert’s biggest pain in the ass. Luce, this is Detective Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division.”

    The woman’s dark eyes stare her down. But she’s unsure about something. She’s trying to project a confidence she doesn’t feel, and Lucy might have missed it if she didn’t see the same thing in Alex every time Kara or J’onn was in trouble. Jesus, Lane, is that your type? Leather and bravado?

    Not that Lucy blames herself at all.

    They make it look hot.

    Sawyer reaches out a hand. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

    Lucy shakes it. She’s jealous, not a bitch. “You too. Alex talks about you so much it’s like I know you already.”

    Alex dips around Lucy to reach for her drink and throw it back.

    Maggie smiles, slow and wide, and Lucy knows she’s fucked when she realizes the devil wears leather and sparkling fucking eyes are you for real. “Is that right, Danvers?”

    Alex chokes a little, wiping clumsily at her mouth. “Pfft.”

    Three beers are dropped off by a bartender that the three women barely notice. Lucy plays with the neck of her bottle before taking a swig. It’s just the three of them, and Alex and Maggie are leaning into each other, not even holding hands, and Lucy kind of wants to deck the detective.

    “So, Sawyer, I have to know…”

    Maggie and Alex both pin her down with curious stares. It’s just the three of them, and it’s about to get real awkward, because fuck it, Lucy wants to know. Because she’s Lucy, because she’s petty, because she’s jealous, she waits until they both go to take a sip. Lucy smirks. Go big or go home, Lane.

  “How did you get her attention? Because I’ve been asking her out for a year.”

  Maggie takes a slow, slow swallow, her eyes darting between Alex and Lucy, considering, a small smirk beginning to pull at the edges of her mouth.

  But Alex?

  Alex spits her beer all over an alien looking for a fight.

  He found one.

  And Lucy finds herself incredibly impressed turned on with the way these women got creative with pool sticks.

some slayer x slayer ships for your consideration

from the post-series buffyverse comics!


when they appear: btvs s8, recurring + a couple issues of btvs s10
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. satsu is canonically in love with buffy. buffy thinks that satsu is wonderful. and also hot. they sleep together. twice.
  2. girls who slay together stay together (except they dont… but….)
  3. literally the main reason they didn’t date is because all of buffy’s friends got on her case about…. not being gay…. ok

BUFFY/MELAKA FRAY (future slayer)

when they appear: btvs 8x16-8x19 (fray also has her own comic, so she’s got a whole fleshed-out backstory)
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. similarities!! they both know what it’s like to be the One Girl In All the World. they’re both very impulsive and want to act as quickly as possible, but they’re not reckless. they both have strong personal morals and a strong desire to act for Good.
  2. they both have a scythe. how cool is that. (spoiler: it’s the same one)
  3. they steal a flying car together


when they appear: angel & faith s9-10, recurring
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. parallels!!! nadira is like faith when she was younger: livin’ it up & always looking for a fight. she’s seen tragedy and it’s made it hard & angry. she’s driven by revenge, and faith tries to guide her away from that. she sees herself in nadira. she sees it as a personal failure when nadira doesn’t give up her quest for revenge. it’s heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. they’re literally so excellent.
  2. they have a good amount of screentime (pagetime?) so it’s a well-developed relationship!!!
  3. faith lets nadira HUG HER


when they appear: angel & faith 10x02 (technically mai’s first appearance), 10x03 (here you learn her name), 10x06, 10x07, 10x08, 10x09, 10x10
 3  5 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. faith initially makes a bad first impression on mai, but they grow to be friends in the short time they get to spend together
  2. mai teaches faith how to shoot better!!! faith teaches mai how to fight better!!!
  3. they have an actual conversation about Feelings, like… faith trusts mai pretty quickly and actually opens up to her (before realizing she’s oversharing lmao (“okay, enough of the dear abby stuff”))
  4. when people question faith’s leadership, mai sticks up for her!!
  5. THEY WORK/FIGHT WELL TOGETHER. and then faith leaves to rejoin angel and they don’t even get a goodbye scene rip did the writers not realize how much potential these 2 had……


when they appear: btvs s8. 8x22 is Their issue, although the story is truly awful
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. lbr i ship them in part because they’re both canonically gay. satsu refers to kennedy as “the other lesbian slayer”
  2. THAT BEING SAID they work incredibly well together??


when they appear: earlier issues of angel & faith s10 (also the televised s7, of course)
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. kennedy believes in faith? she knows that faith isn’t a natural team player, but she gives her second chances when they’re working together. she knows that faith can do well if she tries. idk, i appreciate when people bother to give faith the time of day
  2. they’re both such strong personalities!!
  3. think of the Banter

anonymous asked:

What are some of your fave perc'ahlia moments that you feel are under appreciated/lost in other scenes?

oh gosh oh gosh i have so many but just a couple favorites

after he titles her and they’re out of syldor’s house, vex makes eye contact with a grinning percy while visibly emotional and then literally flings herself at him while yelling “PERCIVAL!” and gives him “the biggest hug”. and then when he confirms that she’s actually a baroness, she kisses him. c’:

also the morning after vax talked to vex about her title and vex immediately sought out percy to thank him and told him that no one had ever stuck up for her quite as much. also, the cute thing of her calling percy “grandsire” teasingly and percy immediately going “please don’t ever do that again”. the whole conversation REEKS of their crushes on each other.

and then percy blowing his action surge to try pulling vex out of the pit fiend’s grasp and getting her closer to healing, almost certainly saving her life. and she thanked him with a kiss on the cheek after, too. c’“:

How Do You Fake Feelings (when you know they're real): Okay, Let’s Do This

Fic Request: Stiles and Lydia fake dating but actually dating in the end

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Fake Dating!Stydia

Author: holybellamy

Part 2/?

Summary: Lydia meets Jackson at the supermarket, and he is back in town for his wedding. He invites her, and she doesn’t want to go there alone.

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anonymous asked:

Chanty, hey!! You probably get this a lot but can you post some steve and natasha hugging headcanons. Thanks!!!

Yes yes yes, let’s talk about hugs–

  • Steve just likes to cuddle with her everywhere, okay, and so he’s always coming up to her from behind or from the side and hugging her close and sometimes she’ll let him hug her and then shrug him off because she’s getting work done, but most of the time she’ll just make herself comfortable in his arms and let him cling onto her like a teddy bear
  • okay but picture this: Natasha literally running into his arms
  • like maybe after a close call on a mission or when they’ve been separated for a while, Natasha gets impatient and rushes over as soon as she sees him and flings herself at him because she knows he’ll always catch her
  • Steve lifting her in the air and spinning her around
  • Natasha likes to hug him when she’s stressed, likes to burrow herself into his chest and let him block out the rest of the world
  • Steve reluctant to let Natasha go when she’s hugging him, so he clings onto her a little tighter, and she’ll laugh and half-heartedly try to squirm her way out of his grip but he knows she’s not really trying to escape
  • Natasha always squeezing just a little bit tighter before letting him go
  • Steve nuzzling his face into her neck and smoothing his hands up and down her back and murmuring into her skin and making her laugh because it tickles but she doesn’t want him to stop talking, either
  • they probably just hug all the time because they always want to be as close as physically possible, alright??
How RFA members react to a kuudere!MC

Kuudere: a person that’s usually emotionless and acts cold towards people at first glance 


 - a bit hesistant towards her at first

 - would still try to get along with her by making small talks about his daily life and gaming

 - even if MC’s reply is kind of short and in monotone, he knew that she will always be listening to him

 - when they got to knew each other better, he began to make simple touching gestures like petting her head

 -sooner or later, when MC finally makes a small smile, he blushes for a bit

 -“You should try to smile more MC! Of course, only when we’re alone :)" 


-Seeing MC being emotionless most of the time fueled up his attempt at getting her to smile or giggle 

-Of course, he would try to come less at his narcissitic behavior

 -Talks about his passion towards acting at first and sometimes persuade her to watch his musicals through DVDs and theatres

 -When he catches a glimpse of her surprised reaction, he knew that he was going to the right direction 

-One day, he decides to recite one of his scripts with exaggerated voices/facial features and she laughs for a bit 

- Immediately tackles MC into a hug, "You look so cute doing that, babe. I’ll definitely try to make you laugh more.”


 -She would be worried whether she could get along with her -Since MC literally has the same emotionless face as Jumin does 

- When she knew that MC doesn’t….smile much, she will make a small attempt to make her express more emotions 

-like simply hanging out with her in the shopping mall, park, cinema, you name it 

-When they came across a comedy movie, she finally hears MC’s small chuckling

 -“Seeing you laugh like that…makes me want to see them more.” She whispers to herself


 -He would be really confused at first, since he rarely came across women that has no expressions on the outside 

-It took him some time to realise that MC is just like him -So he has no choice but to find Seven through the app for some advices

 - ‘how do i make MC laugh? 'Umm, maybe some pick-up lines or a simple pun?’ 

-one day, while he was having a small conversation with her, he simply blurted it out randomly and it made her laughed like crazy 

- can you take me to the vet, because you just took my breath away 

-He blushes like a red tomato at his ’failed’ attempt and MC could only reply him with further chuckling 


 -Since MC is similar to Saeran, he knew the perfect way to get her smiling

 -memes, text posts from tumblr, funny videos, you name it 

-Seeing that she didnt even bulge a bit, he was surprised at her endurance 

 - Saeran was already dying from laughter at that point 

-But during some random occasion, he accidentally touched her exposed knee and it made her giggle for like a sec 

-He immediately captures the perfect chance and tickles her waist, which left a lot of reaction from her 

-“Aww…you’re ticklish? I’ll do that everyday from now on!”

 - while she was flailing she accidentally punched him with her elbow and he never did that again

Anything For You, My Love.

Masterpost: {x

Pairing: Hamliza

Summary: Eliza just found out she was pregnant and she’d only been married to Alexander for five months. She was afraid that he wouldn’t be too thrilled, but he was determined to prove it otherwise.

Warning: hella fluff

Word Count: 3,498

“One spoonful of sugar or two?”

The words were nearly drowned out by the copy machines buzzing behind her. Not only that, but her eyes were weighed down from the exhaustion she was facing.

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anonymous asked:

How about hc when MC always wants to sleep close to RFA's hearts bc its beating helps her fall asleep?


• he loves you so much omfg
• how was it possible for you to get even more cuter???
• he gets really nervous and blushy
• his heart beats super fast when he’s with you and you try to calm him down haha~
•ahhh he isn’t used to all this cuteness!!
• he’ll calm down once you fall asleep and watch you sleep
• bless this cutie


• he’s all for it
• he’ll give you small forehead kisses and pull you tightly against his chest
• he’ll say super cheesy things like
• “Do you hear my heart? It only beats for you~”
• “You’re the reason my heart beats so fast~ who knew you’d have such a effect on me.”


• aw this babe is so cute
• he’ll let you lay on his chest and listen to his heart beat while he runs his hands through your hair
• he’s the type to whisper sweet things into your ear like how much he loves you etc
• he once made an audio of his heart beat for you to listen to when he’s away on business trips


• okay okay okay he’s lowkey nervous
• because whenever he’s around you, his heart races!!!
• and with you listening to his heart it goes even faster!!
• he’s gets all blushy and cute omg
• he hugs you hella tight
• you have to tell him to chill
• he’ll watch you sleep~ he’s your protecter after all~~


• asdfgghhjjkkkl she needs a minute to pull herself together
• She wasn’t expecting MC to be this cute!!
• her face is literally all red
• ahhhhhh your face… on her chest… are you trying to kill her??
• she kisses the top of your when you are asleep and is rlly grateful for you
• bless her

so i can finally meet you

last part to write to me//and I’ll write to you

soulmate au where if you draw on your skin, the other can see

because @panda013​ desperately needed this last one. thanks to everyone who enjoyed this au!

She’s fourteen when she finds her soulmate, a young girl with a full heart and disbelief washing over her as she looks high above the city’s skyline and sees him. And she knows it’s him because there is her M, loopy and it’s tail curling much like a vine as it wraps around itself, on the back of his palm next to his thumb. 

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