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What's the MOST EXTRA Bellarke scene you like?

Oooh this is a fun ask.

But this is going to be hard because Bellamy and Clarke are so Extra about each other it’s ridiculous.

I mean there are SO MANY EXTRA MOMENTS

We’ve got THIS gem:

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Bellamy sweety she was not going to drink from a poisoned cup like you didn’t need to be an Extra hoe and knock it out of her hand your feelings are showing

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there was no point she just wanted to touch bellamy’s beautiful hands and make a cute (dumb) joke

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Don’t even talk to me about this fucking scene right here there was no reason for Bellamy to catch her NO REASON! 


Girl can stop herself on her own but NOPE she HAD to run into Bellamy’s big and beautiful arms she just HAD to

tbh i would too

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Okay okay so those were some good scenes, but of all of them … the most Extra scene that is my FAVOURITE scene has to go to this one:

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She literally THROWS herself at him. Like, that’s how happy she is to see him. I mean, compare this hug to her hug with Raven or - fuck - to her hug with Octavia, who she ALSO didn’t know was alive (and didn’t even ask her mom either???) She’s just like “oh hey octavia didn’t see you there, I thought you were dead but tbh i only ever really cared about your brother, it’s Chill tho”


This scene is just a really amazing scene because it’s so HAPPY and pure and beautiful. And it was a first in their relationship (first hug, it signalled the start of their dynamic in Season 2). So that’s why it’s my favourite Extra scene. Whether it’s the MOST Extra scene … that’s up for debate. But it’s definitely Extra, and it’s definitely amazing, so this is my answer :)


I’m sure as I rewatch I’m going to notice a lot more stuff but something that really stood out to me was how Rapunzel reacts to stressful situations. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but she does the same things that I’ve experienced in real-life so it popped out to me quickly, and intentional or not, I really like it (and will 100% self-indulgently use it as part of my headcanons/characterization for Rapunzel). There are already amazing posts on Gothel being emotionally abusive towards Rapunzel, and what I like about this series is that we get to see Rapunzel coping and adjusting after being away from Gothel, and how this specifically shows up with stressful situations. 

She’s very enclosed in on herself, and will often slightly curl up and try to turn away from the object that’s causing her stress (she’s turned away from the castle, turning only to look at Eugene, and an exception is when she’s on the bed, curled away from Cassandra, who’s not her true stressor, etc). But, overall she tries to shield herself - she literally hugs her arms around her body in the beginning, and when she speaks about not wanting to marry Eugene, she puts her hands over herself. 

I don’t remember it happening often enough so it could be a one-time thing, but I did notice that when her hair grows back, she seems to pull on it more often, which reminds me of her literally covering herself in her hair in the original movie when Gothel was singing about danger. She also tends to avert her eyes from the stressor and - what I assume is lip biting. Overall, she tries to make herself as small as possible, and look away from what’s giving her anxiety. 

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A/N: Inspired by a request for bullet points, here’s the first installment of my newest series! part 1 has no smut (i know, SHOCKING), but part 2 should fulfill all ur smutty needs. i’d like to thank @permanentguitar and @saysweartogod for their brainstorming help!!

All this time i’ve been waiting for nothing, i’ve been waiting for something to change, i’ve been waiting for you

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Hesitant || Kisses Series

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Female Reader

Warnings: jealous protective Steve, Scheming Nat, and fluff, Whole lotta fluff

Word Count: 2300+

Summary: Love has many different ways of expressing itself. One form, is the different ways you share a kiss.

A/N: So I drove home over the weekend, a nearly 16 hour drive. Now I’m home for a few days so hopefully I can get a few more parts out of my stories… If my mother will ever leave me alone. Also, I am not by any means great a proof reading to begin with, and the exhaustion doesn’t help much. This is a longer part, one I struggled with writing. I knew where I wanted it to go, but couldn’t figure out how to put it into words. . I hope you guys enjoy!! 

The gif is not mine. Credit to the wonderful owner.

Cheeky | Hesitant | Wake up | Sloppy | In the Moment | Distracted | Breathtaking

“What on God’s green earth is wrong with the two of you?” Y/N snarled at Bucky and Sam, who for some reason over the past few days were quiet literally breathing down the back of her neck. They both grinned sheepishly at her, but otherwise ignored her question. Y/N rolled her eyes and elbowed them out of the way and headed towards her room. She found herself running from the two of them more often than usual.

Typically, Y/N wouldn’t mind the hugs. She didn’t have room to argue about their touchiness for the first day or so. But then it got progressively worse as they days drug on. Sam was the extreme of the two. He would either drag her into his side or stand behind her and wrap his arms around her waist. He’d make a big show about getting a hug when others were in the room. Then if Bucky was in the room, he’d fight with Sam for her attention. Y/N had no idea what was going on with the two of them and quiet honestly, it was driving her crazy.

The final straw was when she was sitting on the couch watching TV with Steve and Natasha. Bucky and Sam had both walked into the living room and spotted Y/N beside Steve. Sam moved first, sitting beside Y/N and practically dragging her away from her cuddle fest with Steve. Bucky growled at Sam, and tried to man handle her into his own arms. Before she could start to argue, Steve quickly stood and scooped up Y/N into his arms without a word. He motioned for Natasha to switch seats and took her place on the love seat with Y/N settled on his lap. Bucky and Sam watched the two of them situated on the seat, shooting each other grins. Natasha eyed them from her new seat. A smile grew when she caught on, not having missed their behavior shifts the past week. When Steve leaned down to press a kiss against Y/N’s crown, all three had to stifle laughter.

Since then, Steve wouldn’t let either Sam nor Bucky near Y/N. He didn’t get why they were suddenly so clingy. The feeling in the pit of his stomach grew each time they reached out to Y/N, a possessive side that he never knew he had before. He was irritated when they’d touch her, he felt his hackles rise and wanted to snap at them, to tell them to back off. The impulse startled him. He never had problems with them before, so why did it bother him out of nowhere? Y/N wasn’t his to control who could and couldn’t touch her. It wasn’t until Natasha cornered him that he started to put the two and two together.

“Bucky and Sam have a bet against you.” Steve was sitting in the kitchen, two days after the living room incident, drinking his morning coffee Y/N had made for him. She had wandered out of the kitchen to find Tony, leaving Steve open for attack. Steve gave Natasha a bemused look before lifting the cup to his lips. “Bucky thinks you’ll ask out Y/N by the end of the month, Sam thinks it’ll be by the end of the week, which is tomorrow.”

Steve paused as he lowered his cup. Natasha intentionally left the sentence open, a smirk on her face. He didn’t want to ask the question. He wasn’t going to touch this conversation with a ten-foot pole. Steve shifted in his seat uncomfortable as Natasha smirk grew with each shift. He wasn’t going to ask it.

“What, Natasha?” He blurted, the mounting pressure too much for him to handle. Natasha let out a soft chuckle, her eyes flashed dangerously as she looked him up and down.

“I bet I can get you to ask her out tonight. You and I both know, I don’t ever loose my bets.”

Half an hour later, Steve was all but dragged and thrown into the lab with Tony being ushered out by a very convincing Natasha.

“Alright, alright. You don’t have to threaten the prototype. I’ll leave.” Tony huffed with hands raised in surrender. He cast a curious glance at the blushing blonde and his confused helper before he left with Natasha. He’d ask F.R.I.D.A.Y. to pull up the video feed for the lab while he got answers out of Natasha in the other room.

Y/N watched them leave the room, blinking up at Steve whose face was a dark shade of red.

“Steve, what’s up?” She stood from the stool and moved over to his side. Steve shifted in place, rubbing the back of his neck while he adverted his eyes. Y/N frowned. He seemed uncomfortable, and she wanted to get to the bottom of it. Slipping her arms around his waist, Y/N held onto him tightly.

“You know you can talk to me, right?” She spoke softly, her cheek pressed against his chest. She could hear his heart beat hammering in his chest. When he took in a shuddering breath, she heard the catch and his exhale. Steve hesitated, hands raised to wrap around the smaller woman. Clenching his eyes shut, he decided it was now or never.

“I was wondering, well hoping- I mean, would you be willing to- if you want” Steve stuttered, finding it harder with each mess up to ask what he had wanted since they day he met her. Y/N pulled her head from his chest so she could tilt up to look at him. Steve’s breath caught at her expression, her brows furrowed and eyes shining with concern. Y/N was genuinely worried for Steve. It wasn’t often he stumbled over his words. He was always so sure of what he wanted, it was one of the many things that she admired about him.


Her gentle voice brought Steve back. He felt the jitters from before fading away when he focused on her. He still couldn’t get over the way she fit in his arms, how she only ever called him Steve and never Cap like the others. She was so kind to everyone. Y/N was the reason for the laughter in the compound. He focused on how his heart would stop every time she smiled or laughed. He wanted to be the reason for her laughter. Steve had decided he wanted so much more with her before, his fear of what was to come was nothing compared to the happiness he felt when he had her in his arms.

“What I’m trying to say.” He started as he cupped her cheek, gently rubbing his thumb on her chin. “Would you like to go on a date with me? Tonight?”

Y/N froze. She had dreamed of the day when Steve would finally ask her out. Her own insecurities kept her from asking him herself, or she would have done so much sooner. She also knew he had his own demons to deal with, and didn’t want to cause him any discomfort.  Her heart almost burst in her chest at his words. Her smile was blinding and contagious, Steve’s own smile mirror hers.

“Yes, I’d love to go out with you tonight!” Y/N laughed, tightening her hold on his waist. Steve chuckled, returning the hug. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes away from her face. Everything she did was captivating. From how her eyes crinkled at the corners, to how she smiled widely up at him and right down to how tightly she held onto him. He blinked as a thought crossed his mind. He had fallen for her. Hard.

“Then it’s a date.” He spoke breathlessly. The two stood there for a moment longer, not realizing that in the other room Natasha was gloating to Sam and Bucky, palm up as she waited for her money. Reluctantly, they passed over their $20, muttering under their breaths.

Y/N was a bundle of nerves when she got ready for the date later that night. Steve told her to dress causal, they weren’t going to anything fancy. So, she wore her go-to outfit, a pale pink off the shoulder top tucked in her favorite high waist jean skirt. She was slipping on her sandals when Steve came to pick her up. He stood at the door with a small bashful smile and giant bouquet of her favorite flowers. Lavender and White Tulips.

“Steve, they’re gorgeous!” Y/N gasped, burring her nose in the flowers to take in their fragrance.

“Not as gorgeous as you are.” Steve countered, a light blush spreading on his cheeks. He hadn’t meant to let that slip out of his mouth. Instead, he was rewarded with Y/N’s giggle and a kiss against his cheek. Once she put the bouquet in a vase with water, the two of them went off on their first date, Steve leading the way to the garage hand in hand. Both were nervous, stumbling over their words in the silence of the car. But after a few minutes of awkward bumbling, they realized how ridiculous they were being. Conversation flowed easier once they moved past the awkward.

“Mini golf?”  Y/N bounced excitedly while her nose pressed against the window as they arrived. Steve chuckled, nodding as he moved around to help her out the car. Natasha told him this was one of the things Y/N admitted to have never done before, and expressed her desire to go try the game out. He figured it was a good idea, and from how she was grinning from ear to ear, he knew he chose wisely. 

Steve also learned that Y/N was a natural at mini golf. Either that she had excellent beginners luck. They spent the entire date with Steve over shooting and Y/N almost getting a hole in one every time. By the end of the night, Steve was ready to throw in the towel. Y/N thought his pouting was adorable, giggling when he began muttering oaths under his breath when he saw the score card.

“Come on. Let’s get something to eat. I’m starving after kicking your butt all night.” Y/N winked as she dragged Steve towards the car. Steve whined for a moment but let her drag him away, grinning broadly at the back of her head. The two went to one of their favorite burger joints and spent the rest if the evening losing track of time together. It wasn’t until the waitress came to tell them they were closing, that they realized they had been there for over three hours.

“I had fun tonight.” Steve said as they walked into the compound. He looked down at Y/N through his lashes, his heart swelling at her leaning against his side.

“I did too.” All too soon they found themselves outside Y/N’s room. Y/N stood with her back to the door, hands clasped in front of her. She looked up at Steve, the corners of her lips turning up at the happiness she saw on Steve’s face. It wasn’t often he looked as elated as he did now. All because of her. “We should do this again.”

Steve hummed in agreement, his brows furrowed at the thought of leaving her. Tentatively, he stepped forward, running his fingers down her forearm to grasp her hands. Y/N flushed at the touch, his boldness unusual. His right hand reached to tilt her face up, his eyes searching her face for any discomfort. While he saw none, he was still uncertain. What if he read her wrong? What if this messed up the entire night?  

Hesitant, Steve leaned down making sure his eyes never left hers as he closed the distance between them. Her breath fanned against his lips, eyes fluttering shut when he pressed a gentle kiss against her lips. Fireworks exploded in his stomach, the kiss stole his breath. It was modest in the beginning, a soft uncertain touch between them that quickly intensified as Y/N returned the kiss. They clutched each other, Steve groaning softly as he pulled her against his chest. The world grew silent around them, and all that existed was them. The kiss turned from one, to two, then three. Both were drowning in the touch of the other, Steve pressing her back against the door. Neither stopped until the need to breath was too great to ignore, but even then, they only pulled away far enough to suck in air.

Steve’s eyes fluttered open, taking in Y/N’s flushed appearance. One of her hands had wound up to tangle in his hair while the other gripped the front of his shirt. He clung to her for a moment more before he let her go. Y/N bit back a whine but loosened her grip on his shirt. No one had ever kissed her that way before, it made her realize that all other kisses she had before this were wrong. She wanted more, already craving more of his touch.

Steve stepped away, his arms still loosely holding her hips. As much as he didn’t want to leave her, he knew the evening had to end. He already planned for many more nights out, and planned for several more kisses to be shared. If she would have him, of course. From the giddy, dazed expression she sent his way, he didn’t have a thing to be worried about.

Leaning down once more with more confidence, he shared another kiss and whispered a gentle goodbye against her soft lips. Y/N watched in a daze as he turned to leave, her hands fumbling behind her to find the doorknob. She floated into the room, her fingers gently touching her lips. Yes, she really did hope there would be more nights like this.

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Hometown Weddings | Part 2 | TOM HOLLAND X READER

Description: After Tom promises Jacob that he’ll tell the reader his feeling at the wedding if  he can get proof that she likes him back, Jacob works tirelessly on trying to get a confession out of the reader.

Word Count: 1839

Part 1| Part 3

Jacob’s eyes zeroed in on (Y/N) who was leaning against the lockers talking to Zendaya animatedly. Today they were filming on location at a high school in New York City. Right now, however they were on break between takes.

“Why are you staring at (Y/N) like you’re going to eat her?” Tom asked his friend, looking up from his script for a moment. They were sitting underneath a nearby window reviewing lines for today’s scenes.

“I’m just… thinking,” he replied looking away from his female costars.

Tom raised an eyebrow and put his script down. “About what?”

“How you’re going to tell her that you like her,” Jacob answered, smiling cheekily.

Rolling his eyes, Tom once again picked up his script and went back to reading. “You are absolutely insufferable,” he mumbled with a strong accent.

“If you would just tell me how you’re gonna do it then I would stop pestering you about it,” Jacob said.

Tom sighed. “Jacob, I already told you, I haven’t thought about it because you’re not going to come through with your end of the deal.”

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Picture Perfect - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester - Chapter 4

Title: Picture Perfect

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 4,592

Warnings: Angst

Prompt: I got it! Can you do a fic where Sam dies while (Y/N) is pregnant with his child and so Dean helps her raise the child and they live the apple pie life and right when Dean wants to propose to (Y/N), Sam returns to life & ANGST. Please and thank you

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3

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“Yes sweetie?” you asked, swallowing the lump in your throat as you got up and walked towards her. For a moment you held your breath as you knelt in front of her.

She opened her mouth to say something but obviously decided against it and instead asked-

“Who is that?” and there it was, there was the question you found just as hard to answer. Obviously the only thing Dean did was keep her occupied upstairs as you imagined.

“He- uhm” you cleared your throat, glancing at Dean for a second and then at Sam “He’s… family, sweetheart. He is family. Really close one actually-” you said and a big smile spread on her face. One thing Dean had taught her amongsteverything else was: Family is always important. And he had made sure she understood that family wasn’t only blood relation.

“Family?” she asked with a small tilt of her head and you looked at Dean behind her who seemed to be holding his breath.

“Yeah baby.” he breathed out, his voice more hoarse than you’d heard it before. No wonder he was struggling with keeping his emotions under control in such a situation.

“He’s actually… real close family.” of course he couldn’t say it because having her call Sam her uncle would be worse than hearing her call Dean her father.

Before you could realize it and before you could stop her yourself she was running from your hands to Sam who seemed to be getting stiff as she aproached him. For a moment both you and Dean were quiet surprised with how open she suddenly was but then again even if she didn’t know it… Sam was her father.

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warnette headcanon drafts

i’ve had these in my drafts for literally months maybe years so i’m just gonna post them all even though they’re all inappropriate and dumb and unrealistic so here u go

  • juliette wearing lingerie and warner looks at her for like 5 seconds before being like “this is great and i love it and you look beautiful but i’m going to take it off now”
  • warnette sitting on opposite sides of the bathtub with their legs intertwined just looking at each other while drinking wine from fancy glasses
  • juliette buying body paints and warner is like aw yiss thinking he’s gonna get some but juliette just asks warner to lay on his stomach so she can make landscapes/pictures out of the scars on his back (and then he falls asleep while she paints or something LAME because he is a cINNAMON BUN)
  • james asking juliette if she loves warner and whereas warner was sarcastic and skirting around the truth she doesnt even hesitate before telling him yes 
  • kenji teasing juliette about her sex life and she pins him to the wall by his throat and asks calmly “sorry, what was that?” 
  • kenji finding out warner’s first name and it’s really awkward for like 10 seconds then hes like “im just gonna keep calling you warner” 
  • kenji being super protective of warnette’s kids and always playing with them and teaching them their first swear words 
  • juliette looking in the mirror in the morning and noticing her entire neck and chest is covered in hickey bruises and she’s like “goddamn it” and warner just walks by like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • warner playing music in their room and asking juliette for a dance and she’s super shy because she doesn’t know how and never has but you know warner is knowledgeable af so he twirls her around and they’re giggling and out of breath and i need to sit down
  • juliette hardly able to walk after a rough night and warner doesnt know whether to be smug or concerned 
  • juliette going with warner the next time he checks on everyone in the compounds and all the citizens are thanking her and wanting to shake her hand and at one point a child the same age as the one she killed holds his arms up for juliette to hold them and she does then looks at warner emotionally and omg
  • juliette getting bath bombs and she saves the glittery one for herself bc she doesnt want warner sparkly and embarrassed but he insists on using it with her and gets glitter stuck to him everywhere anyway and challenges anyone who tries to point out that they’re both literally sparkling the day afterward
  • warner teaching james not to be a fuckboy 
  • kenji being like “you both are so intense. it’s like no one else is in the room when you’re together” and warnette’s like “who said that” “did u hear anything”
  • headcanon: so since juliette can turn her power on and off, can warner feel when it’s on/off? since he can feel the power flow through him when it’s on, do you think they’re ever just snuggling and she lets down her guard and lets it flow through them and he stifles a gasp? her tracing her fingertips down his face and it’s literally electric? 
  • warner chuckling at something juliette says/does and he hides his smile behind his fist shyly but the dimples show and he’s so LAME and BEAUTIFUL
  • do u ever just see inappropriate pictures on tumblr and ur like “awww warnette would do that” bc me 

i am by no means a wolf 359 blog but im almost completely caught up so here are some heacanons:

  • eiffel almost never has a clean shave because hes lazy as hell
  • if he DID, though, he’d be totally baby-faced.
  • hilbert has a soft spot for really big dogs that not even god himself knows about
  • lovelace’s hair is super long so she keeps it in a braid for convenience
  • she can and will use this braid to slap eiffel right in the mcfucking eye if he so much as breathes in her direction in the wrong tone of voice
  • minkowski used to sing when she was by herself until she realized hera could always hear her
  • she tried to wipe it from hera’s memory banks. it failed.
  • hera pretends she doesnt know and sometimes has to stop herself from bringing it up to anyone else
  • lovelace makes for an astonishing human pillow
  • conversely, minkowski and hilbert are both skin and bone and it literally hurts to cuddle or hug them
  • probably figuratively too
  • eiffel never covers his sneezes or coughs, but he always gets on the others’ cases when they slip up
  • hera sometimes invents her own mini-languages and only uses those to speak to eiffel for a day just to piss him off
  • she tried it on hilbert once and he decoded it in less than an hour
  • never again
  • one time eiffel laughed while drinking his morning coffee substitute and it came out his nose. jacobi never let it go.
  • eiffel also wrote an actual short story about learning to take a shit in space
  • maxwell is one of those girls who thinks that small food items shaped like animals or toys or what-have-you are cute and jacobi thinks THAT in itself is cute even tho it confuses him
  • “aww wook at the widdle cookie dog” “dont you dare start with me daniel”

no headcanons for kepler because he is a rude boy

South Park : White People Renovating Houses - A Review / An Analysis of Eric Cartman’s Behavior and Mentality

Okay, so Randy is distracting with his brand new show that Sharon clearly wants no part of. I wonder why she’s even doing it. Is she okay? Are Randy’s shenanigans becoming too much for her? …It’s okay, Sharon. It’s okay.

The white supremacists thing was nicely handled. They made the hateful group look stupid and at the same time did it in a subtle enough way to make the episode more about a flipping houses analogy in regards to convincing old fashioned people to change and move on with the times. They DID say they would stop being as political, which I’m happy about because I want to watch the kids lives when I watch South Park. Politics were exhausting enough on TV all year without South Park also getting in on it, but I digress.

The main thing I want to touch upon in this episode is Cartman’s character development from the entirety of the last couple seasons to the first episode of this season.

The events in this episode in regards to Cartman was the end of a long needed character redemption/arc. Cartman’s core personality was almost entirely (at least on a surface level) put into question the moment PC Principal beat the ever loving shit out of him for not being PC.

Cartman was a rude, blunt, angry, character who was pretty much commissioned by his friends (Kyle mostly) to blackmail PC Principal into doing what he wanted. He tried to do this by claiming PC Principal took Butters underwear, and in his threat he said he wouldn’t want to end up being like the spokesman for Subway or something. Then he gets beat senseless for ‘using a term that excludes women from the workplace’, following that with ‘are you purposefully using words to assert your male privelege?’

Right after this event, Cartman is in the hospital denouncing any beliefs he had before out of trauma. All he could do was spout PC nonsense and claim how much he needed to change etc. Something like that. This insinuates that physical abuse/force or unjustified violence/overpowering domination is something that forces Cartman into a very submissive people pleasing state of behavior. He wears shirts that insist women are superior than men because he subconsiously thinks that if he says what he really thinks or even talks about men in any good way, he will be attacked physically. So instead he does it sarcastically because people don’t know if he’s serious or not, which is enough for him to get away with his comments while also maintaining his facade. But his submission is still apparent, because he still lacks the complete control over his thoughts and his own expression that we’re used to him having.

And we see this when he begins to feel better in the skankhunt episodes, dealing with his trauma by using distraction with electronics and his friends attention, like any normal kid would. And then because his friends believe that he is skankhunt, they metaphorically kill him through destroying his technology in the same way that Heidi metaphorically killed herself through tossing her phone in the river.

After this happens, Cartman is not only torn from his mental distraction devices that gave him joy when he was feeling most suppressed, but he’s also been betrayed by the only people he emotionally trusted and cared about. He feels completely alone, like a ghost, alienated and quite literally stabbed in the back, if by back I mean his laptop, and he even becomes somewhat mute.

This brings me to Heidi. Heidi was going through a similar depression, the difference being that she alienated herself while Cartman was falsely forced into this weird death analogy. They connected through their loneliness and because they were both deprived of affection and attention. This started their unhealthy relationship of neverending validation. Heidi gave Cartman a relationship/ hugging / hand holding/ showing her his vagina/ being company for him while Cartman gave her constant validation and viewed her affectionate rewards as a result of his obedience to PC ideology.

This created a new comfort zone for Cartman. He had one person who could give him attention and make him feel needed, in return for him basically complimenting her ever five minutes while putting himself down and in a very repetitive and brainwashing-like manner. Hence the shirts, hers saying beauty and his saying the beast.

As the season progressed, we saw Cartmans hallucinations worsen. His homosexual thoughts were fighting with his new PC sense of reality, which was stressing him out. Not only that but with the threat of troll trace, Cartman was terrified of Heidi discovering the type of person he was before he started acting PC. As Heidi used an ingenious method of emoji analysis, Cartman began to have his fake reality distorted since Heidi was no longer telling jokes to him so he could in his patterned behavior tell her she was funny. Because his patterned behavior was altered, Cartman began to doubt his feelings for Heidi.

Butters made this worse, clearly having the intentions of stealing Heidi from him or at least threatening that. Cartman wanted to flee to Mars with Heidi, (visions of Mars having vaginas that resembled a penis because he likes penis more clearly) but Butters also wanted to go. When Heidi finally figured out a way to get to Mars, Cartman was fully convinced that Heidi was changed and wanted to break his heart, so he sabotaged it.

His feeling towards Heidi we’re never genuine. They were a patterned coping mechanism that, changed in even the slightest way, became toxic in Cartmans mind. He is constantly searching for a new coping mechanism for his trauma, both new trauma and old trauma.


So, now we see Cartman obviously reunited with technology in the form of a new phone and Alexa. Alexa also sounds like a woman, and is funny, like the PC version of women Cartman was forced to think he adored to avoid physical/societal abuse.

Alexa is the perfect tool to make Cartman hyper aware that the affection he felt for Heidi could be easily replicated with Alexa, the main difference being that when he is with Heidi he was expected to spout out a script that was demeaning to him, self deprecating, and that appeased her no matter what. This is a sign of Cartman being forced into the ultimate submission.

Of course, this script is self imposed. Cartman views acting disingenuously as the only way he can stay with Heidi because that’s the version of Cartman she liked, guys. Heidi fell in love with the version of Cartman that hated himself and adored/doted on her. A validation party. And now that Cartman had his friends back, he didn’t need what Heidi gave him. He got his phone back too, which was another thing Heidi had been a replacement of emotionally.

Do I think this is fair to Heidi? Not completely. But Heidi was also using Cartman for her own self esteem and her own validation, just in a much less twisted way because she didn’t get traumatized the way he did. Cartman has a fucked up brain because of his trauma. Look at all his hallucinations this episode! They get worse as he gets more confused with himself.

That need for control doesn’t make Cartman a psychopath. It makes him starved for dominance. In his relationship with Heidi, he is 100% submissive to her and he’s trying to make himself happy again with the things that made him happy before, but Heidi doesn’t care about Cartmans happiness even though she thinks she does. If she did, then why would she be angry about him getting a new phone? It’s because she is still suffering and she wants Cartman to suffer with her so she has someone to validate her.

Alexa represents a female presence that gives Cartman control, control which Cartman has been starved for since it was forcibly taken from him by PC Principal and by his friends betrayel.

Heidi and Cartmans relationship was never healthy on either end and in order for both Heidi and Cartman to recover from their experiences and move on, they needed to separate. Because being together was a constant reminder of their previous issues that they could now move on from.

This entire episode was about progress and moving on. The rednecks stuck in their old ways moved on to better more progressive things and got jobs etc, and Cartman needed to free himself from the submission that had been forced on him. PC Principal was laying off, Cartman got his stuff back and his friends back, and… Then there was Heidi. Constantly nagging him to stay the same for the sake of a their relationship which, in my opinion, from the very beginning was abusive and toxic.

Like Heidi said, it’s 50-50. And they both were abusive towards each other in a tragic subconsious way.

Also I doubt Liane told Cartman ANYTHING Heidi asked her to. Which could’ve saved their relationship, who knows. But that’s just another example of a consistent abuse in Cartmans life. His mother. But that’s a whole other topic, haha.

I wanna share something that happened to me at my job at the cinema today, when I was dressed up as Elsa from Frozen for Children’s Day.

I was standing outside one of the theaters, which had just finished showing a movie and people were leaving. All of a sudden a woman came up to me, and she was holding a small girl by her hand, she might have been around two years old. The mom told me that her daughter had seen me and my friends earlier outside the theater and had wanted to come up to me and ask for a hug, but had been too shy to ask. So she had been anxious during the entire film and had asked her mom that she wanted to leave the film to look for me (!). So she had been really happy to see me in the hall now after the movie. “Of course you can have a hug!” I said and went down on my knees, and she threw herself in my arms. Literally. And then she stayed there. She didn’t show any sign of wanting to let go, and when I carefully shifted she only held me tighter. So we stood there on the floor, for surely around half a minute. It might not sound as a long time, but it felt like it. And then I recalled this photo. I had seen it before and it just popped into my head when the girl didn’t want to let go of me.

And it made me so happy to know that I - as a cosplayer - was able to give this little girl a moment of security or happiness or whatever the reason was why she didn’t want to let go of me. It made me realize how much this hobby of ours can give to others, especially children.

So I ask you all cosplayers out there; please make sure you treasure this power that we actually hold as cosplayers, and share it and make the best out of it! There is so much we can give! <3

The finale is just beautiful for anti-CSers.

I mean, short of the best outcome, which would be Emma heading straight for divorce court and then back to Archie’s office to work on her codependence issues, followed by her moving on to her real TL (Regina, resurrected Neal, Jefferson, Lily, some dude or chick she met on the street, I’m down with anyone).

But we can’t have that, so what we got was the next best thing.

1) No TLK, making them the only major remaining canon couple never to have one. (Let alone that Snowing and Rumbelle have MULTIPLE TLKs.) Even a host of secondary couples–Philora, Scarlet Queen, Jaladdin, Ruby Slippers, Brennan and some nurse–have TLK, but not CY. (And they had another failed TLK just the episode before–their wedding ep, LOL.)

2) Emma has a memory of her wedding and it does nothing for her belief. (To be fair, I’m sure she was thinking “I would never be married in such an ugly-ass dress.”)

3) As the book burns, it falls open to Killy’s page (pic of him setting out for revenge, btw)–and again that doesn’t trigger anything. She literally sees him burn up and doesn’t feel a thing, setting out for Boston right afterward.

4) The beanstalk falls, and  Snow’s true love immediately warns her that David’s in danger. Emma gets nuffink about Killy.

5) Killy’s bean quest is ultimately completely useless. The bean does no one any good. 

6) Everything that helps Emma’s is Henry–his book only covers to their first TLK, and he’s the one whose true love kiss saves her after she sacrifices herself. As it should be.

7) When everyone gets back, Emma runs to her parents and hugs them before Killy.

Bonus: Regina’s hope speech to Emma includes “you never gave up on me”–which we know from Rumbelle is another way of saying “I love you.” (Killy used the line, too, back in Camelot–and still gave up on her two  days back in SB.)

In short, Killy through the whole ep:

gift of a friend- h.s imagine

“Harry’s looking absolutely gorgeous tonight, isn’t he?” Lucy, your best friend, thought out loud as she was smirking in his direction from across the room. You turned around from the bar with your drink. Harry was nodding his head as Nick was talking to him. You slowly took a sip of your cosmopolitan and nodded, “I suppose.”

“Do you think if I ask him out he would say yes?” Lucy asked as she was already adjusting her dress, ready to head over. As you stared into your glass, you shrugged your shoulders, “Wouldn’t see why not.”

Lucy nodded her head excitedly and quickly chugged the rest of her drink down. She shot you a thumbs up before she walked up to Harry and Nick.

You let out a chuckle as you saw how Lucy literally placed herself between Harry and Nick. You watched as she pulled Harry in for a hug and him awkwardly returning it.

As your eyes shifted around the loud club, you found yourself already being bored. It seems like you were always here with the same people, talking about the same thing. You quickly asked the bartender for another drink before you started to make your way upstairs.

When you got to the roof of the building, you instantly smiled. In front of you was the night sky of London. You sat down on the cold floor and began staring into the night, temporarily forgetting all your troubles. However, it was soon interrupted when the door slammed. Your head turned to see Harry walking over to you. He gave you a smile before he sat down beside you.

“Somehow I knew I would find you here,” Harry chuckled, referring to last week.

You looked over at him and gave him a smile, “Parties aren’t really my thing.” Harry gave a nod as he stared into the skyline.

The two of you sat in silence. Not the uncomfortable kind. The kind of silence where you were just content.

Harry was the first to interrupt the moment. “I’m sorry about last week by the way.”

You quickly shook your head no, “It wasn’t that I didn’t want to. Lucy-” But Harry interrupted, “I must’ve read the moment wrong. I wasn’t thinking.”

You reached over and grabbed his hand softly, “You didn’t. I just couldn’t do that to Lucy.”

You threw your head back in laughter as Harry tried finishing his story, “Don’t laugh! I was only nine!” You held your stomach as it was hurting from you laughing so much. “Exactly! You were nine! That’s far too old to crap your pants!”

Harry shook his head as he buried his face into his hands, “That’s why I absolutely hate beans.” Finally you managed to calm yourself down. You let out one last chuckle before continuing, “I don’t care how old I am. I will always think farts and poops are the funniest thing on earth.”

Harry shook his head as he chuckled. The two of you were on the roof of the club. Harry noticed you weren’t having any fun downstairs so he showed you the place he usually likes to go to whenever he needs an escape.

You rested your head on Harry’s shoulder as you looked straight in front of you where the skyline of London was shining. “London’s so beautiful.”

Harry wrapped his arm around your waist as he pulled you closer, “I think so.”

You looked up to see Harry was already staring down at you. Slowly Harry started to lean in towards you. Just as your lips were about to meet his, you found yourself thinking about Lucy. You remembered her saying something about always fancying Harry. You knew you would be an absolutely terrible friend if anything happened between you and Harry, no matter how much you wanted it.

You leaned your head away. Harry immediately pulled his head back and cleared his throat. You lifted yourself off the ground and avoided looking into Harry’s eyes, “We should probably get back inside.”

You sighed as you were about to admit Lucy’s secret but you couldn’t have Harry thinking you didn’t like him because you did. A lot.

“Lucy likes you and I couldn’t do that to her.” You said as you looked down at your lap. Harry nodded his head, “I see. Do you like me?”

You gave a chuckle as you looked at Harry. You nodded your head, “I do.”

Harry gave a smile to which you returned. “Lucy’s a nice girl but I like you Y/N.” Harry said.

“I still couldn’t do that to her” you replied as you looked down at Harry’s and your’s hand intertwined together.

He gave your hands a soft squeeze, “Didn’t you tell me that often Lucy steals away the guys that you like?”

You shrugged your shoulders before Harry continued, “Why do her feelings come before your own?”

You bit your bottom lip softly, “It’s just always been like that.”

Harry shook his head as he leaned his face closer to yours, “I think you should stick up for yourself. Allow yourself to be happy even if it might hurt others.” And with that, he gave you a soft kiss. You hesitated before you found yourself kissing him back. You felt Harry smile into the kiss as he pulled you closer to his body.

You pulled away from the kiss and nodded your head, “You’re right.” You stood up and help your hand out for Harry to take. Harry got up and grabbed your hand. “Let’s go tell Lucy.”

After searching through the crowd for ten minutes, you finally found Lucy. You turned around and gave Harry a peck on the lips before you made your way over to her. You tapped Lucy on the shoulder. Lucy turned around and gave you a smile, “Where’ve you been?”

You quickly interrupted her, “IlikeHarry.”

Lucy chuckled as she arched her eyebrow at you, “Come again?”

You let out a sigh, “I like Harry.”

You sound your palms sweating as you waited for Lucy’s response. Eventually Lucy smiled, “Then go for it!”

You gasped slightly before continuing, “You wouldn’t be mad?”

Lucy shook her head no as she chuckled and pulled you into a hug. “Course not. I could tell he wasn’t into me anyways.” Lucy pulled you at arm’s length, “Now go get your man.”

You turned your head to see Harry in the spot where you left him, smiling at you.

You turned back to Lucy and gave her one last hug, “Thanks Luce.”

this was a lot of fun to write! thanks to the anon for requesting it! ps did you see what i did with the title? major 2009 vibes lol. don’t forget to send in your thoughts/ requests on what i should write next!

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When you're talking about Elsas abuse we're you talking about her parents hiding her away? Sorry if this is dumb AgHshddh I'm an abuse vicitim and I just thought your commentary on that was interesting I never caught that (Then again it's been a while since I've seen the movie but yeah :0!)

yeah! that and also, if you go back and watch the movie, a lot of what they say to her is just, really heartbreaking? 

this is the opening to the film, and toward the end of the clip we can see elsa holding anna in her arms and her parents immediate reaction is “elsa what have you done?! this is getting out of hand!” not like, what a normal parent would say which would be something more like “elsa, what happened?” 

so the first time we meet their parents, our very first impression of them is that they do not trust their daughter, and that elsa has hurt anna in the past, or at the very least, her parents are convinced she has/will hurt her. this is like… definitely not something a good parent thinks of their child. it’s plainly obvious that elsa’s parents are scared of her (what breaks my heart is elsa’s expression after her father says this too and her small “it was an accident…”)

and then they go to the trolls who then erase anna’s memories of elsa’s powers, which thrusts elsa’s dad in This monologue:

“No, we’ll protect her. She can learn to control it, I’m sure.Until then, we’ll lock the gates, reduce the staff, we will limit her contact with people, and keep her powers hidden from everyone. Including Anna”.

This is like, abuse tactics 101. Hiding your child away from people and limiting their contact with them is Abuse. It’s really no different from what happened to Rapunzel, in my honest opinion. Being locked away from the world. 

The difference being with Rapunzel was that she was told that the world was dangerous, Elsa on the other hand was told that She herself was dangerous.

And then in “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?”, we see this scene in the middle of the song where Elsa’s dad Literally tells her not to Feel Anything. 

A little later in the video we see Elsa completely distraught and unable to even let her parents Touch her or Hug her or calm her Down because over the years they’ve taught her that she is a danger not only to herself but to everyone around her. She wont even accept physical comfort because she thinks she’s going to hurt someone. 

The way Elsa is treated is so incredibly horrible to watch like, it’s just so obviously abuse. Mother Gothal was treated for what she was: an abuser. So why aren’t Elsa’s parents? 

I mean shit man, if you go and look at “A Frozen Heart”, a novel written about the movie for more mature audiences that followers Hans and Anna as the events of the movie unfold, we get a glimpse at whats happening off screen to Elsa when Anna stumbles upon her sister and parents in the solarium.

It goes on to talk about how their father has an anger problem, to which Anna says “no you don’t remember when–” and lists off a bunch of times where she fucked up and he still didn’t get as upset as he did with Elsa just then. 

And this novel is canon. Everything that happens in here is 100% something that’s happened in universe. And it all just strikes me, as an abused person myself, as so obviously abusive. The way that they treat Elsa is horrible. Blaming her for pushing them away when it was them who pushed her away and in the first place, locking her away from people and from her sister, forcing her to conceal her emotions and to feel Nothing (Conceal, Don’t Feel always felt sinister to me and when I went back and watch this movie with a critical eye a while ago I finally realized why). 

But this is all why I love Elsa so much. This is the perfect Villain backstory and she still only just wanted to protect her sister. 

I could also get into how Anna was groomed to be abusive as well but we’re talking about the king and queen rn lol and this is already long enough. 


after you got finished with texting jungkook, you pulled into the local supermarket parking lot and got out of your car. you already knew what you needed so, this trip should be quick.

you grabbed a shopping cart and walked straight to the baking area , grabbing about three boxes of cupcake mix and three different types of icing.

“hey, you’re that famous boy’s wife!” you turned around after hearing the voice of an older woman.

you slowly turned around and put a smile on your face. “well, my husband is…an idol yes.”

“he’s jeongguk from bts right?! i never thought that he’d end up with someone like you. my grand-”

“look, are you just gonna insult me? because if you’re planning on doing that, i’ll just go now.” you cut her off but kept a calm tone of voice.

“oh no no! you’re beautiful, i just thought that he’d marry a woman of his own race. but it’s okay, you two make a great couple and your daughter is so beautiful!” she reassured you.

you bowed slightly. “thank you and sorry for the misunderstanding. it’s just…people insult me all of the time. it’s a shame that they can’t see past the color of my skin-.”

before you could say anything else, she pulled you into a hug. it made you smile since it was your first time in a while receiving a hug and positive comments from an ahjumma.

“you’re too pretty to stress over these ignorant people. they’re too stuck in their traditional ways.” she paused and fanned herself. “ah those people, they’re so old and mean i’m so sorry.”

she literally looked like she was shopping for her last meal. she had a good soul though.

“alright, i should get going. it was nice talking to you.” you bowed again and proceeded to walk away until the lady grabbed your arm.

“you’re baking aren’t you?“she asked you in which you nodded in response.

she looked into your basket and took the mixes and icings out. “you can’t use these, they suck.” she lightly chuckled.

“i have so many grandchildren, they love this kind! they always fight over my bakings even when it’s enough! those kids..” she smiled, while thinking about her grandkids.

you watched her as she grabbed replacements from a more expensive brand. it didn’t even bother you since you were always going for the cheaper things. you never had a budget but you always acted as if you did.

“here you go.” she tossed a container of sprinkles in your basket. “your daughter will love those. take care.” she said before patting your back and walking away to another aisle.

“you too..”


you drove home happily after your small encounter with the ahjumma at the supermarket.

jungkook was standing outside, waiting for you just like you had asked him to. you lied to him and told him that you had got extra things and that there was a bunch of bags ; so you’d need help getting them out of the car.

that wasn’t the case though. you only had two bags sitting in the passenger seat.

you had figured that if he was busy getting the bags, you could get into the house before he could. one time, the kitchen and hallway was in a complete mess and he tried stalling you until yuri could clear it out but you caught them.

that time, you didn’t tell them when you were coming but this time, you showed a little mercy.

“baby! baby! kiss! kiss!” kookie came running up to you with puckered lips. he wrapped his arms around you and pulled your face to his, pressing his lips against yours.

you pulled your face away and scrunched your eyebrows. “you think i’m stupid huh? let me go.”

“no i don’t think that. can i just kiss my woman?” he nervously followed behind you after grabbing the bags from the car.

you couldn’t see him, but he did a small prayer ; hoping that when you two walked into the house, it would be clean.

well, he must’ve been out of luck or prayed too late because when you two stepped inside, yuri was stopped in her tracks, holding a blanket and bowl of mixed candies (there were some scattered acrosed the floor too). another blanket was somehow hanging from the ceiling fan and a bunch of dolls were everywhere.

“yuri-yah..” kookie sighed as he dropped the bags and face palmed himself.

you shook your head, turning around to face him. “you can’t be serious kookie i told you to have this house clean. you’re a grown man you know? you should know better. i’m dissa-”

“it was my idea mommy. so it’s my fault right? punish me instead of daddy.” yuri stepped in front of you and tugged on your shirt.

you looked down into her eyes, they held too much of an innocence ; you couldn’t do anything to her even if you wanted to.

“no one’s getting punished. i just want to know why daddy thinks that it’s okay to have a dirty house.” you looked back up at your tool of a husband, waiting for an answer.

“we we’re cleaning up what are you talking about?” he looked down at yuri. “why are adults like this? always nagging..”

you rolled your eyes and walked away when yuri laughed. “whatever.”

“mommy! you’re baking!” yuri shouted when she noticed the two bags on the floor.

“no, i’m returning those.” you lied.

as expected yuri and your husband that couldn’t accept that he was grown came running up to you with sadness written all over their faces.

“is this about what i said earlier? you can bake baby you’re the best baker there is even if you burn every batch of cupcakes you make i still eat them because they’re delicious!” kookie said without taking a breath.

“even if your cupcakes are usually rock hard i eat them because they’re delicious and i need strong teeth anyways!” yuri added.

you giggled a little even if they were coming for you and your baking. “i’ll think about baking today if this living room gets cleaned. what were y'all doing anyways?”

“we made a big fort and played with my dolls. we ate sweets too!” yuri responded, she was happy to tell you what she and jungkook did. “oh and daddy has a good girl voice.”

“i bet it was his cringey aegyo voice.” you laughed at yourself, just thinking about his aegyo made you feel weird.

“i’ll have you know that my aegyo voice is the shit!” he walked away after he realized that he had just cursed in the process of defending himself.

“the shit?” yuri shouted as she chased after him.

“yuri! don’t say that! it’s a bad word!” you told her in a serious tone but inside you were dying at her pronunciation.

she put her hands over her mouth and looked down. kookie noticed this and picked her up. “it’s okay, it was my fault for saying that around you. let’s clean up alright?”

“okay.” she wiggled out of his arms and started to pick up candies from the floor. kookie followed.

you watched them for a few seconds before pulling the contents of the bags out and placing them on the counter.

“we’re gonna die..” you overheard them say to each other.

“shut up!”


honestly how can you deal w/ them?

Ok, but Farah, who managed to drag herself and everyone else through the events of season one while battling her own anxieties and feeling like a terrified failure, is now unable to save her one friend from literal torture and must watch the other slowly lose his damn mind. She knows that she’s not strong. She knows how weak she really is. And if she rests, if she let’s her guard down for even a second, she will be lost with them and scream and scream and scream…..

Someone please hug this beautiful woman.

Family of Four: Family Breakfast

Summary: Y/N wakes up to an empty bed as Chris and Wyatt are downstairs, preparing breakfast. 

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 1,247

Warnings: None that I can think of :)

A/N: I LOVE THIS!! I swear my hurt melts at how cute this is!! I know the gif doesn’t go with the story but I couldn't resist that cute face. 

Please tell me what you think here! Feedback is much appreciated ♡ 

Part 1 - 

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June 12, 2017 | Monday

Y/N groggily rolled over, trying to smother herself with the warmth of Chris but as it turns out his side of the bed was empty, making her groan. She squinted her eyes open, looking around the room for her husband but before she knew it her eyes found their way to close and she allowed herself to fall back asleep; despite the emptiness in the large bed. It was one of the main reasons why Y/N liked Chris, he was big compared to her tiny frame. Most people, of course, thought that he was an average sized person, that the screen only made him look bigger. But when Y/N literally bumped into him he bigger than she always seen on the screen and she loved it; especially when he embraced her in a hug that was filled with love. His large frame always reminded her of their first night sharing a bed, it was at her apartment and of course, she had queen sized bed since it was only her sleeping in it. But that soon changed once she offered Chris to stay over after they had dinner, knowing it was way too late for him to be driving; not wanting him to doze off behind the wheel. After a whole lot of negotiating, Chris and Y/N finally decided on sharing the bed, not wanting the other to sleep uncomfortably on the couch. It was then, Chris asked her which side she preferred before laying down and his large frame taking up most of the bed making Y/N laugh as she was confused about where or how should be able to sleep. It resulted in the two of them cuddling for the whole night. And of course, both of them never complained as it was the best night and sleep they ever had.

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misc headcanons abt the aph girls


• had a weeaboo phase in middle school
• guy fieri stan and watches iron chef religiously
• thinks horses r fucking scary (poland makes fun of her for it)
• first friend out of the all the female nations was actually taiwan ! she also got super close w seychelles thru tai as well
• actually p short
• chaotic neutral


• known to be the biggest flirt out of all the aph girls
• picky eater. she wont even look at it if its green and healthy
• v close w hong kong (they hav similar interests esp concerning fashion, tv shows/films, etc)
• cannot go more than 24 hrs w out showering
• dramatic, extra, and cries a lot but its all a part of her charm !
• collects perfume bottles even wen theyre empty. she claims their fragrances linger


• literal hoarder. help her,,
• actually loves cute things like stickers, plushies, etc
• biggest pet peeve is ppl who call sun signs zodiacs
• will make up some wild ass reason as to why she cant do smth wen she doesnt wanna do it
• refuses to eat pasta w a spoon
• nihilist piece of shit


• the type of person who remembers everyones birthdays
• likes horror movies (but needs someone w her when she watches them)
• very good w small animals
• rarely gets sick and has like zero allergies
• a big fan of broadway musicals
• very intuitive and scarily good at reading ppl


• actual social butterfly ! this girl is friends w literally everyone
• lowkey rly competitive abt certain things (like mario kart and ssb)
• has an unusually good memory
• such an adrenaline junkie and daredevil that basch has to send her constant reminders saying things like “pls bring ur helmet 2day”
• extremely passive aggressive but forgives easily
• laughs at everything tbh


• textbook libra
• tries rly hard to keep shit to herself but always ends up oversharing
• avoids all her problems like the plague
• will watch reality tv to feel better abt herself
• has like 1000 friends on fb. is also just rly popular on social media in general
• team adidas > nikes


• too serious for her own good
• kind of a normie. taiwan tried to explain a meme to her once and she just. couldnt get it.
• makes rly good pastries
• gives the best hugs ! and advice (tho its usually blunt and admittedly not always the things ppl wanna hear)
• rly athletic and buff. can lift a couch w her bare hands
• secretly a sentimental sap


• forgets to reply to. literally. everything. will literally start a convo and then accidentally ghost u for a solid wk
• very sapphic™
• spams all group chats w obscure memes
• deeply regrets her pastel goth phase
• cant fucking sit still to save her life
• would die for bread


• cheats during monopoly just to spite everyone else
• wine mom friend. bc shes cool, blasé, mature, and everyone secretly looks up to her
• “i took russian literature in grade 7” type headass
• good at making friends, bad at keeping them
• famously renowned for her legendary roasting skills
• more bitter than salty but mostly petty™


• super into diy culture. all her clothes are handmade or thrifted and reworked
• tries to do everything by herself until it turns into a complete disaster she has no idea how to get out of
• strong affinity towards squirrels and other rodents
• perfectionist to a fault
• while she may not be a super sporty person shes a talented swimmer !
• kinda clumsy


• total type a
• was student council president in high school, leader of multiple clubs/committees, always had a 4.0 unweighted gpa, and was the teachers pet in nearly every class
• claims to hate drama but is always the first to spill the tea
• good friends w vietnam
• entire wardrobe consists of grey and navy
• gets mad wen ppl dont say “bless u” wen she sneezes (hers r rly quiet tho so ppl usually dont even hear it)

Home from my 11th viewing of TFA and y’all…

Finn is so force sensitive it hurts

  1. When Slip marks Finn with the blood there’s DEFINITELY a force sound and then Finn stands up and seems overwhelmed. I’m convinced that moment is his awakening. 
  2. Kylo looks at Finn bc he FEELS it. Bottom line.
  3. Snoke and Kylo have their “there’s been an awakening. have you felt it” convo BEFORE Rey even gets close to the saber. Also, during the assault on Starkiller Kylo is like “she’s JUST beginning to test her powers” - Rey’s powers awoke when she was resisting Kylo - AFTER Snoke feels the (Finn’s) awakening. 
  4. Maz tries to get Rey to take the lightsaber and says “take it.” Rey runs. When Finn, Han and Chewie find Maz when the FO is attacking, Maz offers the saber to *Finn* and says “take it.” Not “take it to Rey” or “give this to Rey.” THE EXACT SAME PHRASE. Maz considers Finn JUST AS WORTHY and CAPABLE of wielding the saber as Rey. Then, force sensitive Maz tells a frantic Finn “you have a weapon [the saber]” and tells him “Rey and BB8 need you.”
  5. Finn DEFINITELY *hears* the cries of the people on the planets that were destroyed. It’s those cries that make him turn and he knows IMMEDIATELY that it’s the Republic. 
  6. Finn actually injurs Kylo in their duel, something Rey is only able to do AFTER she stops to download the force. 

The Finnrey of the whole movies is NOT subtle

  1. Rey def gives Finn the up down look when she turns around to ask his name for the first time on the Falcon. It happened.
  2. God bless John Boyega’s acting because he SOLD it in that cantina spilling Finn’s truth to Rey. All the feels tbh.
  3. Rey runs from the fight, tells BB8 to dip, but totes runs back into the fray when she sees the FO attacking and knows Finn is in danger. 
  4. When they get to the Resistance base, Finn is DEFINITELY out where the pilots are landing looking for someone who can take him to the FO base bc he HAS to get to Rey.
  5. The hug. THE. HUG. Rey just THROWS HERSELF into his arms and refuses to let go like SWEET LORD!
  6. Rey runs back to Finn’s unconscious body and is legit prepared to die there with him but then Chewie shows up with the Falcon and we see the hope in her eyes and then SHE CLUTCHES FINN’S HAND & then my soul left my body.
  7. Rey literally reaches out for Finn as they take him away and put him on the vehicle to get him to the medbay and then she just stands there so lost and then is embraced by Leia–Leia who just lost Han and Rey’s afraid she’ll lose Finn THE PARALLELS PEOPLE THE HAN/LEIA PARALLELS!
  8. The forehead kiss tho

Rey & Finn are clearly CO-LEADS. This is BOTH of their stories. They BOTH are on a hero’s journey. TOGETHER. I’ll be sobbing for two years bye.

Taako: I am but a simple idiot wizard…
Lucretia: oh, no, don’t sell yourself so short..
Magnus: no, he’s not, it’s very accurate

Do you ever think about this conversation from the first lunar interlude after listening to the stolen century and realize…. this is Lucretia realizing that she stole all of Taakos schooling when she erased Lup. This is her finding out that Lup was such a huge part of his life that he literally forgot that he was a wizard because Lup played that big of a part in it. How much are you willing to bet that she had to sit down to steady herself when she realized how much she took away from these boys.

nothings gonna change my world

in which will meets nico’s sisters

word count: 1764

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It goes better than Will had planned.

Will, despite being fully informed of Hazel Levesque’s sweet demeanour, had still been expecting a shovel talk. Especially after talking to Leo.

(“You should have seen her after my visit to New Rome,” he’d said, letting out a whistle. “Girl hits hard.”

“Leo,” Nico had cut in, boredly. “You faked your death for six months.”

“I didn’t mean to!)

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