she is literally hugging it to herself

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i still not over the fact that lena luthor celebrated thanksgiving alone and single–handedly saved the city from an alien mass murder, but the writers didn’t think it’s important that we see someone hug, or just simply thank her??? she literally brought down cadmus all by herself and called the police upon her own mother??? yet nobody cares?? nobody is there for her after something like that ??? yet the writers thought it’s more important to see mon-el sleeping 292193 times than a freaking ‘thank you, lena, you are truly a hero’ scene ??? makes u think…. 🙃🙃


“Oh cool, someone posted pictures of the new Overwatch map!”

*It shows the horrible loneliness that Mei had to endure by herself, literally writing her own birthday cards as she lived in a research facility by herself because all the other researchers with her died due to a malfunction in the cryogenics. Regardless, she keeps an extremely upbeat attitude despite the tragedy of losing everyone she knew.*


Heteronormativity is believing John MHR Watson moved on with his life and fell in love with a sociopath who lied to him since the day she met him.

Heteronormativity is believing Molly TEH Hooper hasn’t moved on with her life because she’s still hung up on a man who both rejected her and used her.

Heteronormativity is believing John TRF Watson would hug and forgive an assassin who shot and killed his best friend.

Heteronormativity is believing John TRF Watson would then blame and assault said friend if hired assassin got herself killed.

Heteronormativity is believing Irene I’m Gay Adler is the love of Sherlock’s life when literally no villain ever uses her as bait to entrap him.

Heteronormativity is believing Sherlock Girlfriends are Not My Area Holmes is sexting a woman he’s barely spoken with or of in 5 years.

Caryl in Episode 10


I imagine Carol will definitely tend to Daryl’s bloody fists/knuckles HERSELF and she will tell him she cares for him and vice versa

(Parallel to S2 deleted scene where she brings him the bandages so he can patch HIMSELF up and calls him out for pretending he DOESN’T CARE)

When Carol is focused on his hands,Daryl will take his time to study her closely,literally drink her in.(Like, Daryl is always inclined to stare at her when she doesn’t look,like on watch after the No Sanctuary hug,for example)

There will be palpable romantic tension….There will be gentle,loving glances and I imagine he will finally swallow hard and look down and say You’re beautiful

She will look up and smirk and say Stop

He will smirk then,too I missed you

Carol’s impression is now serious This is pretty romantic

I imagine somewhere when this goes down there could be a forehead touch,and I am going to WEEP when this really,actually happens.

And never forget, Carol has a whole new outfit,Daryl has too.I hope they are both in blue…..and we have the Shiva parallel…..a wounded hungry animal that is bandaged and fed by Carol……

Seriously,I am going to explode from feels with this episode.



Do you ever see a moment from you OTP that you forgot about and then when you see it again you’re just all sorts of fucked up?

Okay, First of all. 5′3″ maybe 110 lbs soaking wet, Lydia Martin moves to catch 6′ Tol Jordan Parrish as he falls out of the cryo-chamber. 

Nevermind the fact that she was literally the only person that was able to speak to Jordan/The Hellhound. Okay? 

But she rushes to him and catches him! She holds him up and hugs him close even thought she, herself, is fucking weak because this is like a few days, max, after she got out of Eichen House! 

She hugs him close, glad to have Jordan back and not the Hellhound! She buries her face in his shoulder and holds him close. 

I’m fucking SHOOK. 

Gif credit: dreamerandcrazy

But have my followers considered Hinata and Kageyama catching Yachi sniffling quietly to herself and just getting immediately protective over her?

Like they come across her hiding out of the way during lunch break and just hear her very gently sobbing, and immediately they’re ready to go find Tanaka and Noya and murder whoever did that to her, no matter what they did. She insists it’s nothing, and eventually they calm down and settle for just comforting her with lots of hugs and smiles and gently stroking her hair and just being a literal shoulder for her to cry on.

She’s cheered up immensely by their efforts and appreciates it more than she can say, but rather than getting to repay them, she spends the next week being looked after by them because they both want to make certain she’s alright and feels appreciated again.

  • meredith grey: father leaves
  • meredith grey: mother tries to kill herself
  • meredith grey: unwanted by said mother
  • meredith grey: mother has alzeimers
  • meredith grey: dog dies of cancer
  • meredith grey: almost drowns
  • meredith grey: mother dies
  • meredith grey: husband shot in front of her
  • meredith grey: miscarries
  • meredith grey: involved in a literal plane crash
  • meredith grey: sister dies in above mentioned plane crash
  • meredith grey: husband dies
  • grey's anatomy fandom: why is meredith so sad and whiny all the time wow shes the worst!!!!!!

   Mia was so excited to celebrate love in all it’s forms that she made her own chocolate, homemade chocolate. Little hearts and flowers and stars and a little dragon for Dojo. She made so much that she had to throw away the apron because of all the chocolate stains. 

   She is quite proud of herself for two reasons. One, the chocolate tastes amazing and two, most importantly, she didn’t make herself sick by eating all that wonderful melted chocolate.

   The Dragon of Ether now spends the rest of Valentines day flitting from one person she knows to another, handing out bags of chocolate and a hug here and there. Maybe a kiss if you’re lucky. In some cases she literally throws the chocolate at her intended recipient.

I wanna share something that happened to me at my job at the cinema today, when I was dressed up as Elsa from Frozen for Children’s Day.

I was standing outside one of the theaters, which had just finished showing a movie and people were leaving. All of a sudden a woman came up to me, and she was holding a small girl by her hand, she might have been around two years old. The mom told me that her daughter had seen me and my friends earlier outside the theater and had wanted to come up to me and ask for a hug, but had been too shy to ask. So she had been anxious during the entire film and had asked her mom that she wanted to leave the film to look for me (!). So she had been really happy to see me in the hall now after the movie. “Of course you can have a hug!” I said and went down on my knees, and she threw herself in my arms. Literally. And then she stayed there. She didn’t show any sign of wanting to let go, and when I carefully shifted she only held me tighter. So we stood there on the floor, for surely around half a minute. It might not sound as a long time, but it felt like it. And then I recalled this photo. I had seen it before and it just popped into my head when the girl didn’t want to let go of me.

And it made me so happy to know that I - as a cosplayer - was able to give this little girl a moment of security or happiness or whatever the reason was why she didn’t want to let go of me. It made me realize how much this hobby of ours can give to others, especially children.

So I ask you all cosplayers out there; please make sure you treasure this power that we actually hold as cosplayers, and share it and make the best out of it! There is so much we can give! <3

its really annoying how everyone keeps claiming that chaol only loved celaena/aelin because she was weak when he met her so he could be her knight in shining armor or some bs like that except thats not true at all even though sarah tries to make it seem like that in queen of shadows. because i reread throne of glass and theres this part where cain looks her up and down in a grotesque manner and insults her and chaol just watches and so celaena goes “thank you so much for interfering on my behalf” and he goes YOU DONT NEED ME TO RESCUE YOU because he always knew - even from the beginning that “she could fight her own battles” WHICH he lIterally SAYS and THEN in crown of midnight when she returns with the lord’s head and his wife’s hand and throws them at the king so nonchalantly he doesnt get disgusted like Dorian does instead he hugs her because he was worrying about her safety while she was gone SO As YOU CAN TELL he never give a shit that she killed people and was strong enough to defend herself- he loved her anyway and yeah no shit he didnt want her too kill people but that didnt stop him from loving her then so this complete 360 in queen of shadows where hes calling her a monster is just a way to make us hate him so rowan can become aelins new love interest and thats fine like ok i really liked him in heir of fire but all of a sudden your ruining characters for him??? NoT OK! and honestly i really liked rowan and aelin’s dynamic in heir of fire and in queen of shadows there romance seems so shallow like idk i dont see the love all i see is lust???? yeah man idk im pissed 

on third years and uranohoshi

and also a continuation of my post about the third year’s r/s. Most importantly pls appreciate Ohara Mari.

Mari literally opens herself up, it is her last desperate attempt in hoping that Kanan would accept her and everything that has happened in the past. It shows how vulnerable, i cannot emphasize this enough, that Mari is willing to be and how much she throws out in hopes of changing this situation. For Mari, a person who used to be so closed up and detached (see young third years), it is a move that contradicts everything that she was. And hugs, was how they first connected.

pls read @blaerofvalenwood‘s post on hugs and its significance . and @mikimikimii‘s post how much they’ve influenced each other.  I love how their roles have switched.

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1. Murphy saw Clarke and Lexa interact and kiss. Not even gonna go into detail on that lmao

2. Lexa was jealous. A scene created to show Lexa had feelings and nothing else.

4. Monty and Clarke more or less shared the same hugs as Clarke and Bellamy which is the extent of what you deem apparently romantic so..

3. Roan has seen Clarke unable to kill Lexa when she had the every right to be angry and she still didn’t. (During the coup, the cameras panned as he stared at Clarke and knew she cared for her)

4. When Clarke said “shut up” when Raven brought up Lexa Alie knew Lexa was her weakness- a fact stated by Lindsey Morgan herself.

Literally can’t know something that doesn’t exist in the first place

i’m not saying you’re watching a different show but.. You’re watching a different show

My topology class had an exam last week. 

It was bad. 

We got the exams back today, but the grades had already been posted so we knew our (terrible) fates. Before class, I ran into one of my classmates. When I brought up the exam, she teared up a bit. I said, “If it helps at all, literally everyone who scored lower than I did on Exam 1 has dropped the class. That means I’m the reigning lowest score.” She immediately hugged me. I really needed a hug. 

I teared up, too, but not about the exam. She and I are two of four female students in the class. She explained that she had to get the tears out now, since there was no reality in which she’d let herself be seen crying about an exam in front of “all of those boys,” because she’d be damned if she’d give a male-dominated community one reason to enforce any stereotype about the fitness of women to be mathematicians. This is a person I’ve always liked and always respected, and in that moment, this moment of bravery and resolution and stubbornness and flat-out refusal to be defeated, I swear she was the most beautiful human being on the face of the Earth. I couldn’t help but be moved to tears. 

In class, our professor gave the most motivational speech imaginable in such a circumstance. He reminded us that success belongs not to those who struggle and achieve victory in the end. That’s math. It’s a fight to understand, and it’s worth every ounce of energy it demands. 

And all the while, I flatly refused to make eye contact with that classmate. Because if I did, there was no way I’d succeed in keeping it together in front of ‘all the boys.’ 

That’s the moral of today’s interaction: STEM is tough. We’re tougher. No one is quitting today. 

Omg I’m dead in that superfamily scene Alex is holding her hands right before Kara hugs her. She has literally no idea what to do with herself. She wants to respects kara’s boundaries and give her space but she is longing her forgiveness so badly she is literally shaking and then Kara hugs her and she physically relaxes. Her shoulders drop and she lets go. Because somehow Kara can still look at her even when she can’t do it herself

Cote is touchy feely AF 😍

Cote literally grabbed both of us so forcefully after she realized who were. And she gave us each a hug and a kiss on the fucking cheek. And then she told us…

she loves us.


And Michael Weatherly was right. She smells like coconuts and vanilla. You could bottle her scent up and each and every one of us would buy it.

Then she started to say how she uses the jewelry box everyday, but she stopped mid sentence at “every” and clapped, interrupting herself and saying “I actually got these out of the box today!” She then proceeded to show us the rings on her fingers.

So then I hold the “happy birthday” gift bag up and said “This year, we stepped up our game.” And Cote squealed, grabbing the bag from me. She tried to peek in the bag and look through the tissue paper. Exactly like a three year old on Christmas morning, she kept moving the bag around to see if she could guess what was inside. She looked up at us and goes “YOU GUYSSSSSS!” And she seriously melted. She continued, “I really want to open this right now, but I can’t. I promise I will open it as soon as I get home!” And we nodded.

Security was starting to try and usher her away to the after party along with Diego and Catherine. Cote kept staring at us and grabbing our hands, so we asked if she would mind getting a picture with us before she goes and she says “OF COURSEEE!” And tells security “no” she’s not going anywhere at the moment because she wants to see her fans.

She takes off her black leather jacket (definitely the same one she’s been wearing for all the 33 press this past week) before we get in place to try and take a good picture. We’re getting ready to take a picture with her and she goes “Sorry, my dress is so wrinkly from sitting down.” And she smoothes her dress out, trying to fix herself. It was adorable. Elizabeth and I looked at each other like …

Is she serious?

She was worried how she looked, so me saying what’s on everyone’s minds, I go “Shush, you’re gorgeous.” And Cote giggles. Like the actual sound of an giggling angel from heaven echoed through our ears. I swear Elizabeth and I almost fell on the ground for the 9172722 time that night because of it. And it totally was the giggle like we’ve heard in videos of her and Michael. Absolutely fucking adorable.

So, we’re getting ready to take the picture and she grabs my shoulder and I’m shaking because holy shit this is HAPPENING?!¿! And she starts giggling again and rubbing my shoulder… Elizabeth is shaking again like she was when she first found Cote because she literally moved herself tight against us to take the picture. My friend Angela was taking the pictures. We have like 5 of them.
And when we were done, Cote was like “oh my god, I lahve it” in her voice she always does for “I laaaahve yous.” Cue us dying again.

And she thanked us for coming to her premiere and she seemed really excited we were there. But then security finally had to make her go and she said goodbye to us. Diego took the gift and we finally found Dina and Alex, who we shoved after her and waited for them to get their pictures with her outside before she had to head off to the after party. And I’m pretty sure she saw Elizabeth and I freaking the fuck out, outside the theater while she was taking pictures with Dina and Alex😂

I still cannot believe this happened.

Canon Stages of Holtzbert:

  1. Holtz flirting with Erin and being rebuffed
  2. Holtz casually hinting her flirting was intentional; Erin is oblivious
  3. Holtz being standoffish with Erin until she proves herself at the Aldridge Mansion
  4. Holtz good-naturedly teasing Erin
  5. Holtz literally saving Erin’s life in the subway tunnel
  6. More of Holtz good-naturedly teasing Erin
  7. Holtz being literally unable to not look at Erin at all times
  8. Holtz making Erin special weapons and giving her her swiss army knife
  9. Erin and Holtz unconsciously grabbing each other at the edge of the portal
  10. Erin being finally hit upside the head with her bi epiphany when Holtz has The Scene and Erin is like *w*
  11. Holtz runs to Erin first and hugs her tightly after she and Abby are pulled out of the portal
reasons kairi’s COOL and you should LIKE HER

by tumblr user skykxd

  • shes REALLY NICE and FUN
  • good at making stuff like cave drawings and cool charms 
  • one time against all laws of nature she remembered her best friend sora even tho a) he forgot her and b) some bad guys in black coats removed those memories which means she was literally just strong enough to hold onto them by herself 
  • cool hair !! 
  • feminine AND badass 
  • one other time she lost her heart when her world was destroyed by darkness (TTWICE?!) but instead of turning into a heartless like most ppl she was so strong it just chilled in her best friends’  
  • no shit sorta attitude
  • go big or go home 
  • one other other time her best friend was turned into a heartless but instead of being afraid she literally found him and hugged and saved him 
  • shes sort of a princess of heart AND a guardian of light like wtf so cool
  • honestly why wouldn’t you like kairi 
  • i like kairi
  • u should too 
BrittanaCon Prompt Project - 15a

AUTHOR: jerseyless (FF ACCOUNT)

PROMPT: Lumberjack!Santana & literal Treehugger!Brittany as Brittany’s tied herself to a tree.

PROMPTED BY: Tumblr Anon

RATED: T for naughty words.


Brittany took a long drink from her water bottle. The nylon hammock hugged her body, from her shoulders to her outstretched legs. She crossed her ankles and pressed the heel of her boot into the bag of climbing gear at the end of the hammock. She interlaced her fingers behind her neck, and tilted her head back. She sighed with satisfaction. The canopy of dense pines rustled in the wind. Her body faintly swayed with the trees, 70 feet above the forest floor, as they bent gently with the breeze. The cradle-like sway began lulling Brittany to sleep. She yawned and stretched and turned onto her side, when she heard it.

“Well that didn’t take long,” she said to herself.

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