she is literally hugging it to herself

on third years and uranohoshi

and also a continuation of my post about the third year’s r/s. Most importantly pls appreciate Ohara Mari.

Mari literally opens herself up, it is her last desperate attempt in hoping that Kanan would accept her and everything that has happened in the past. It shows how vulnerable, i cannot emphasize this enough, that Mari is willing to be and how much she throws out in hopes of changing this situation. For Mari, a person who used to be so closed up and detached (see young third years), it is a move that contradicts everything that she was. And hugs, was how they first connected.

pls read @blaerofvalenwood‘s post on hugs and its significance . and @mikimikimii‘s post how much they’ve influenced each other.  I love how their roles have switched.

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This what our week looked like. Started off with a fun visitor on Monday! Janice and her friend Susan were in town and we got to hang out and go to dinner together. So fun!!

Anita loves my glasses. I couldn’t get a picture of her looking at me, because she HAD to look at herself in the mirror. I literally have to keep them hidden. We went shopping at H&M and got all kinds of cute clothes for our growing girl! We have been so blessed with hand me downs for the past 16 months and grandparents buying us clothes! But it was lots of fun shopping with my girl! She loves her accessories! And I love the $5 racks! She made a friend with a little boy behind that shelf and was dancing all over the store.

Some of our friends at community group on Thursday! And Anita hugging her new Elmo. I’ll post a video after this. It wasn’t love at first sight, but now they are inseparable.