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tbh last one out of beach city gave me such bad secondhand embarrassment

Last one out of beach city had every problem I had with Pearl episodes bundled into one badly written fanfic:

-she obsessed over Rose (here it REALLY pissed me off bc it literally takes back all that character development she had in Mr. Greg)

-she put Steven’s life at risk

-Amethyst was treated poorly (I mean thank god she was no punching bag but it really shows how Zuke sees her)

-A creative and interesting premise that could’ve gone to any other character

-some lesson for Pearl that we already learned about (this one didn’t even make sense. Since when did Pearl care about how amethyst sees her?? Heck I don’t think amethyst found her boring anymore)

-no garnet

-being aware that this was clearly someone’s fantasy being put into play (and lol what do you know she was)

-Lauren “queen of the gays” Zuke making it bore the hell outta me

alright I’ve run into some revealfic that has given me this sudden and terrible and cruel thirst for a set-up in which Marinette tells Alya, Nino, and Adrien that she’s Ladybug because [insert literally any valid excuse here; I make no pretenses about caring, none at all]. Alya flips out for all the obvious reasons and Nino’s just like “jfc this explains so much” and both their minds are, like, blown and it’s all a big old fuss like “MARINETTE WHAT THE HELL AND ALSO MARINETTE HOW THE HELL DID WE MISS THIS”. 

And meanwhile Adrien is just, like. Sitting there. Sitting there very quietly in the middle of all the chaos, with his hands folded in his lap. Marinette gives him this nervous little look, worried about how he’s going to react, and Adrien puts on his Model Smile™ and beams at her, his whole face lighting up. 

“You’re amazing, Marinette!” he says brightly, absolutely fucking heartbroken.

Because Marinette told her secret identity to Alya, and Nino, and him, who she’s held maybe half a dozen semi-coherent conversations with and barely knows outside of his good son act. 

But Ladybug didn’t trust Chat Noir with it. 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: NEWT SCAMANDER IS SO CUTE LIKE honestly he is this grown man that just has his creatures that he takes care of as if they were his babies and literally says he is their mother and he loves them so much that when he has to give one of them away he starts crying and just gets in all of this trouble so he could give one of his babies the best life possible and then when all of the creatures get lost he is so worried about them and

Resistance Is Built on Hope by chronicolicity

Rebelcaptain WWII AU. The year is 1940, and Europe is at war. Jyn Erso keeps her head down, apart from the occasional brushes with the law. She doesn’t care about flags or countries or sides or allegiances. She’s been on her own for a good, long time, and she won’t fight for anyone except herself.

So when she gets into trouble in German-occupied France, she doesn’t expect anyone’s help – least of all a so-called rescue party spearheaded by the Resistance, who break her out in order to make an offer that promises to change her life forever.

Read it on AO3!

The year is 2073 and I’m still not over ep 4x07 (Honor Among Thieves) of Person of Interest. I mean the greatest straight bait of all time???

Let’s discuss this. The writers literally brought in a male just to push Root and Shaw’s relationship further. That rarely happens. They brought Tomas in to continue driving the point home that yes Shaw is indeed bi and yes Root is definitely in deep to the point where she can’t even handle Shaw being on a fake date. Also let me point out that Root didn’t give a fuck that Tomas was a guy, she would’ve been just as jealous and territorial if it were a woman. No biphobia over here.

But back to my original point, yes the plot was setup to where Tomas was very convincing in getting Shaw to run away with him but at the end of the day Shaw realized that not only does she love the team too much to leave buuut at that point she was slowly falling for Root also so Tomas stood no chance tbh.

Not only did we get to see jealous!Root (which was heavenly and iconic; you just know she wanted to tell Tomas that yes, Shaw may be with you right now but guess who she’ll be coming home with bddjdjf) but also at the end after brushing off Tomas, Shaw went to look for Root where she then went on to admit she cares about her and then they walked off to sleep together.

That was an iconic ep for Shoot and idc what anyone says lmfao.

I’m already sick of fucking johnlock shippers after this episode. 

Like I get it, I ship johnlock too, but can we fucking chill for five minutes??

Like John literally just lost his damn wife, the woman he loves?? The woman who Sherlock cared so much about??? Can everything not be about johnlock??? For five?? fucking?? minutes???

I loved Mary. I think she was brilliant. She’s the most progressive Mary Watson I’ve ever seen on-screen. She was intelligent to the point of being on par with Sherlock, she was fucking kickass, she was loving, she accepted Sherlock instantly for all his flaws even when he was a dick - when even John constantly complained and moaned about Sherlock’s habits - she was a 3D, fully-rounded, beautifully developed independent woman who just wanted to live in peace, and she got fucking killed off for Drama. 

Fuck me. Fuck Moffat for killing off Mary Watson. Fuck them for killing one of most kickass women in this damn show. Now I’m stuck with only Molly and Mrs Hudson, who are awesome in their own rights, but dammit Mary was the best of them. I hope we get more scenes with Molly totally schooling Sherlock and proving to be on the same level as him because I need more kickass women on this show!

People being like “oh she didn’t love him as much as Sherlock that’s why she didn’t survive” and “oh now johnlock can be canon” can you please just? not?

Like ship what you want I’d never want to stop you, but it’s like no one’s talking about what happened in the show and how it’s affecting the actual characters. It’s just all about the ship, and how Mary was in the way of the ship. Like she’s not a freaking obstacle! She’s not a plot device! 

I started out watching Sherlock shipping johnlock so hardcore I thought I’d hate Mary when she was introduced, but I loved her. I love all the relationships in this show so much, they mean so much more than cliche boring romantic ships. Sherlock’s friendship with Mary, John and Sherlock’s bond, how much John and Mary truly loved each other (you think it’s easy finding out your wife is a former assassin and just letting that go?) Sherlock’s beautiful relationship with his brother, Mrs Hudson’s love for everyone she meets, Molly’s friendship with Sherlock and John, just everything is beautiful! It’s not just about johnlock!

Can we please just appreciate the character that Mary Watson was, and appreciate what her loss has done to these characters, instead of making everything about johnlock the second she’s dead? 

Even if you didn’t like Mary, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like a plot device and an obstacle for your damn ship.

Scenes I feel we are owed by SJM to repay all the pain she's caused

•Round two of Rowaelin thanking each other
•The wall x Feysand
•ACTUAL rowaelin wedding
•with subsequent wedding night
•adorable, fluffy, everyone-cries-even-Az Feysand wedding
•Aelin’s coronation
•ROWAN’s coronation
•Aedion taking the blood oath
•Lysandra getting her territory recognized by the rest of the nobles of Terrasen (or nah, screw them if they don’t, it’ll happen anyway)
•Rowan becoming a father
•therefore Aelin becoming a mother, obviously
•Asterin becoming a mother
•Manon finally saying “I love you” to someone, literally anyone she cares about would be fine
•Manon killing Grandma Bitch using only her nails, very slowly
•Lysandra finding the love that she wants/deserves
•Same with Aedion
•Fenrys getting to be free and careless with his brother
•Gavriel getting to connect with his son
•Elorcan. Just Elorcan.
•Dorian Havilliard and true Happiness
•Chaol walking again and being/doing his best again
•Nesryn smiling and laughing
•Evangeline being happy and carefree chasing fleetfoot around the castle grounds in Orynth
•Feyre being introduced to the whole night court as High Lady
•Mor telling her dick of a father off right before Cassian and Azriel slice him into little pieces
•Maeve burning from the inside out via Aelin
•Rowan finally finding true peace with Aelin for the first time since Lyria
•MORIEL SOMETHING (anything, though like geez, they need to stop having eye sex and get to the real deal)
•Azriel and Mor and Rhys and Feyre and Nesta and CASSIAN taking turns killing the King of Hybern (not Elain because Elain will just sit and watch)

•Rhysand getting to be just happy for once, not having to worry about anything than living in Velaris and loving Feyre and his inner circle and his people

•Feyre getting to paint whenever/whatever she wants

This kinda turned into HCs but oh well

Feel free to add any scenes you feel like we’re owed by the Queen, Sarah J Maas (I know I’m forgetting some)

That post about that porn gif of pins and needles being shoved into a woman’s vagina etc. and other torture in porn reminded me of my first encounter with porn on here.

A few years ago a woman I followed reblogged a porn gif of a woman tied up, and some man in all black with a ski mask on shoved his penis in her mouth and she was literally sobbing, and shaking. I called her out saying I don’t care if she watches porn (I was trying to not seem prudish or ‘shaming’ which is a red flag for how liberal feminism is trash btw) but that it looked like rape and it was disturbing. Of course she ignored me. This is back when I didn’t even know the facts about the horrors of the porn industry and sex trafficking. I just saw it and knew it was torture I didn’t mistake her reactions as anything but terror.

That shit is real, these women are really being tortured in so many atrocious ways for the sadistic fantasies of males, and women supporting this shit is so fucked up.

Liberal feminism has failed, women being raped and tortured on screen isn’t empowerment it isn’t edgy its torture.  Stop defending and supporting that shit.

Ginny Weasley.

I want to be like Ginny Weasley.
She was literally friends with whoever tf she wanted to be friends with and she was fIERCE AF ABOUT it and didn’t care what people thought. She was so protective of Luna and people judged her because she was friends with her and she literally didn’t care at all and she kept her head up even though people isolated her since she was possessed her first year at Hogwarts!!!! She is an amazing female role model and I want to follow her example
So anyways this is just a PSA to be friends with whoever you want to be friends with even if other people think that they’re weird and if someone gives you crap bc of it then punch them in the face bc that’s what Ginny Weasley would do

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I don't care about what's going to happen to Touka she has been so irrelevant to the manga thus far and most of her scenes rely on nostalgia.

She literally just broke into Cochlea to help save Hinami last arc. Everyone else probably would have been cannon fodder if she didn’t shoot lightning all over the joint and fend off 2 Special Class Investigators.

Sure she hasn’t been around much in :re and she’s back at the cafe communications for this arc but already has multiple plot points set up with her character for afterwards. Yoriko trying to find her. Once Akira wakes up, a confrontation between Mado, Rabbit and Hinami which has been an ongoing plot thread with dropped hints for … over 200 chapters? Whatever she wants to talk to Kaneki about. The shit going down with Mutsuki and the fact that Mutsuki suspects (or has already investigated) :re as Kaneki’s hiding place.

If you think she’s irrelevant that’s your own fault for dismissing what’s been set up.

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All I can think about is that picture of Kim Kardashian putting a literal coat over North when she saw the paps and north was still a baby.

when you’re a nobody aside from being the supposed baby mama of a celebrity’s child and you care less about protecting your child from paparazzi than Kim Kardashian, queen of tabloids and paps and constant media attention

🤔🤔🤔 interesting


Tell me if this story sounds real to you. Naive little kid with good grades and big ideas decides “Hey look at me, I’m gonna move to Zootopia! Where predators and prey live in harmony and sing Kumbaya!” Only to find, whoopsie: we don’t all get along. And that dream of becoming a big city cop: double whoopsie; she’s a meter maid. And whoopsie number three-sy: no one cares about her or her dreams. And soon enough those dreams die and our bunny sinks into an emotional and literal squalor living in a box under a bridge until finally she has no choice but to go back home with that cute fuzzy-wuzzy little tail between her legs to become…
       You’re from Bunnyburrows, that what you said? So how about a carrot farmer?

her lips are a secret
one i’d never share
the same goes for her eyes
sometimes i have to look away
because i feel her inside
digging away to find
my deepest flaws
but she doesn’t care
well she doesn’t show it

sometimes i’ll sit down
and watch her from afar
thinking about how soft her skin
is to touch
or the feeling of her fingertips
gliding across my skin
and she’ll catch me staring
the corner of her lip will lift
into the biggest smile
and my heart will stop
just for a moment
to store the image of such beauty
deep inside me
so that i’ll never forget

—  k.f
  • Me: Yeah, I think Keyleth is alright. Maybe not the best, but she fits into the group well.
  • CR fans: Keyleth is so annoying. She's only there because she's Matt's girlfriend. She causes all the problems in the game and she's such a harpy. I wish she left instead of Tiberius.
  • Me: KEYLETH is literally the best character in critical role, she consistently challenges the group morally to be good and just people, and without her, vox machina would've been just another reckless mercenary group, she has the biggest heart and she cares the most about everyone and she's always thinking about the bright side and she's hilariously awkward and she literally has some of the most creative and effective ideas when it comes to combat encounters, ok, look, keyleth is LITERALLY the best character

I know this has been said a million times but Mark and Steven know what they’re doing. 

By giving us this half-fake, half-real episode devoid of the “John and Sherlock Show” feel to it has mad EVERYONE (casuals, tjlcers, antis) RAVING MAD. The antis and casuals cannot decide whether to care about Mary or not, they’re sad she left, some are hoping she’d come back. BUT most of all, EVERYONE is baffled that the show does not FEEL the same. 


they have said in interviews time and again, that at the end this show is just about the Two of Them. But was TST about them? On the surface? NO. But below the surface? HELLA FUCKING YES.

TST and TLD is about setting up a  scenario where John and Sherlock are estranged in a way that makes every casual and anti unsettle in their chair and question “Why is it this show not making sense?” So when they finally resolve things in TFP, subconsciously everyone knows WHY it was bothering them. It was because John and Sherlock were not TOGETHER. 

And to avoid making it look like fanservice, we are going to have a montage of the scenes where it as 100% apparent that these pining idiots love each other. 


collection of fan accs about Dara’s appearance on JTBC’s “Talking Street” b/c i haven’t seen anyone else talk about it on tumblr
-Dara has also said that CL came back to Korea with a bunch on songs written, they had a tracklist for an album that was supposed to go out in the summer but it never got released; “the album is sleeping somewhere” -Dara
-named CL as her life mentor, said that when 2ne1 heard about their disbandment, CL was the one who took the most care of her
-she also sang a bit of “Goodbye” (like one word lol) and is using her iconic orange mic
-she gave out her business card, it has “2NE1 Communications/2NE1 PR” on it

emma stone’s performance was nothing extraordinary in that movie. it wasn’t. i don’t care what you tell me. remember that. there was nothing extraordinary about her performance. anyone could have replaced her and it would have been exactly the same. she did not deserve this oscar, not with all of the other talented women in the category ✌🏻

So I want to talk about the credit song a bit more. Armed and Ready is such an amazing song. Since the end of volume 3, most of us wanted Yang to talk about her feelings. About what happened at Beacon, about everyone leaving her, about feeling powerless etc. However, she never did. Yang was never the type to burden others with her pain, she was always the one who smiled through the pain first. So as much as I wanted Yang to talk about everything, I didn’t think she would.

But then this song came. “Armed and Ready” is literally Yang screaming all her feelings, pain, anger and even her love for the people she cares for. It is the perfect Yang song. For example, she is determined to get revenge from Adam, and she is confident that she will do it. That part, her determination etc. is amazingly badass.

But there are also emotional parts where she talks about her trauma, ptsd, her desire to find and protect her sister and her desire to find her friends… It describes her recovery phase perfectly, even better than the entirety of volume 4 did. She went through all the pain, but now she is back, stronger and more confident than ever, and she is ready to right everything that is wrong.

I love this song because it perfectly describes why I love Yang so much. Such an amazing song for such an amazing character. Thank you for this RT.