she is like my absolute fav

my absolute fav eve moment tho is just that one sidegag when she goes overboard with the egg beater wall-e hands her and she breaks it by accident bc in the span of like .2 seconds realizes she’s fucking destroyed it, has to cover up the murder, sneakily hides it’s remains, and then acts overly innocent when he hands her another thing to look at like???? im loveher?????????

One of my absolute favs <3 <3 <3

I wanted the typical “family photo” with them and was unsure if I should pose like Kathryn in the one she did with the guys. Jared decided for me though, which worked out so wonderfully :)  I walked up to them and they were all in such a fun mood and smiled at me and I just basked in the moment for tiny little second - there’s nothing better than to have these absolutely lovely guys beaming at you when they see you <3  I asked for us all to squeeze together and then turned my back on them to get into the pose and just a second later I felt Jared’s arm coming around my shoulders and he pulled me back against him quite strongly, I actually stumbled a little backwards and against his chest and instinctively grasped his arm. Then Jensen and Misha leaned in and I was the happiest person ever <3

When I picked up the photo later, my reaction was something like this, “Awwww look a their beautiful faces and their cute smiles and … OMFG LOOK AT JARED’S ARM!!!!”  … my hand looks so tiny around it lol


so here it is! Fnaf in what i could try to do in SU style. who knows maybe if you guys want me to i could draw them like this more, maybe make a comic or something!

Btw don’t repost this anywhere. but im sure you all knew that right??

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I absolutely love how sweet Gen is in IKYW because I love her and I feel like she is probably just as kind (if not more so) in real life. It's a nice change from the hate I see in most fics she's in

Originally posted by destielonfire

gen is my fav and i couldn’t see her ever being anything but loving, supportive, and fiercely loyal so idk where everyone gets this ‘gen is a bitch’ idea from *cough*jealousy*cough*

but yeah y’all will never see her, danneel, or vicki portrayed really negatively in any of my fics ever

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Six

YOOOOOOO GUYS @sorahikarii​ DUBBED MY LUCINA AND CHROM COMIC AND ITS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING (LIKE NO JOKE GUYS, SHES LIKE THE REAL DEAL!!!) and it would be really awesome if you guys could check her out/support her!!! she has a lot of other really cool works on her youtube channel!!! she did such an amazing job with this comic IM ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY!!! @wizthewolf

you can find the video here or copy the link below!!

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Hi! I'm new to tumblr and i really want some nice accounts to follow, could you please recommend me some?

Well hello, and welcome. In all honesty, there isn’t many blogs i’d say are nasty. But here’s some of my favs;

@supsdmn is my little dolly daydream! Literally love her she’s so sweet

@jordssxix she is an absolute dream! Such a nice girl, very envious of how pretty she is though.

@katiezerk my boo. Literally such a nice girl, like I can’t even describe her she’s like sunshine in a bottle

@whoszerkaa April is just so sweet, one of my fav’s on here, 100% would recommend

@dtfminiminter Again, she’s my favourite blog, i love everything she posts and she’s SUCH a nice girl

@kingminiminter is my model twin! Such a sweetie - posts such great content, she’s just a dream

@littleminter if you love imagine’s then she is the account for you, her writing is so enthralling. And she’s a really sweet girl too.

@minibaeminter love. Love. Loooove her and her account. I can’t even think of words for how nice she is. She’s a wee gem💎

@smolminter Just a dream of a girl, she’s so nice.

@wroetohood i love her dearly, such a sweet girl

There’s just a few of my favourite’s but the longer you’re on her you’ll learn the good from the bad (there aren’t any bad tbh) 💖

the signs watching their fav tv show with friends

aries: *spoils the entire show*

taurus: loOK HE’S SO HOT I’M SO IN LOVE *starts telling to his/her friends the whole life of the actor*


cancer: sHUT UP THIS IS MY FAV SCENE *says this in EVERY scene*


virgo: okay this is trash but it’s mY TRASH AND I’M PROUD OF IT


scorpio: *cries even knowing what it’s going to happen*

sagittarius: *starts telling the dialogue at the same time that the characters*


aquarius: *starts screaming at the tv*

pisces: *has the most weird ships*

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I love love love your work!!! Do you have any other fics/writers that you can recommend?

Thank you so much!!

I sing the praises of my friend Toni over on Ao3!!

Obvs I love @septicrier‘s work bc she’s a gem and I love her and she writes beautifully

@adorabloodthirstykitty has a lot of awesome works for various different ships!!

@markiboss is an absolute sweetheart who writes some of my fav stories!!

@assbutt-of-the-readers has written a couple of works I’m in love with tbh

@snuggle-tart has written like 2 works (mostly concerning Anti) but i love them so much???

I know I’m totally forgetting someone but hopefully that’s a good start! I’ll recommend more people as I remember them :D

Trollhunters book Spoilers, although i'll try not to spoil anything, i just have feelings i want to talk about

I have finally finished reading the Trollhunters novel!!! and wow it is nuts omg.
And the ending made me cry tbh, i can’t believe ARRRGH!!! still- you know, does the thing, that thing. It was really badass what she did, but so sad, and the part after, trying to move her was even sadder gosh

My absolute fav part is where everyone is upset and crying, ARRRGH is conflicted and sobbing, Toby and Jim are on the ground terrified because they almost got eaten, Jack is screaming at the sky because life is hard, and then Blinky just walks into the scene all happy and positive like everything is fine, picks up the kids, cleans up the mess, and just sorta says like “its ok, we’ve been through worse- time to go home”

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Not an ask but just wanted to say I absolutely loved these recent pics of unbound Otome. She's my second fav of your characters after Nicole. Keep up the awesome work!

Good to hear, since Otome shares main girl spot with Mattie.

Also surprised people genuinely like Nicole.

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You're writing trademark is that you're fricking amazing!! If it's to the point, great plot and everyone is completely in character then I know you've written it basically! You are one, if not my absolute favourite, writer in the Riverdale community! 💖

AHHHHH omfg thank you!!!!! This makes me so happy omg because you’re my fav Riverdale writer so to basically have the author I look up to tell me that she likes my writing just makes me squeal!

I wish I could draw, because Phantom holding Applepie is the cutest mental image to me, but I absolutely can’t, so I’ll just keep throwing super short shitty wannabe fanfiction at you.

[Document was titled “Sometimes she’s okay, I guess”. My document titles are literally my fav thing about my writing.]

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Hmm...what about you're stranded on an island with three of your favorite characters of your choosing, but before you're rescued one of them will die. Now who do you choose and why?

Oh MY GOD! I don’t even know. Well for starters, I consider very few characters my actual favs, so this is really a difficult question for me. I’d have to say Faraday, because he could only make the whole experience more fun, and if he dies in the end it’s no different than canon, so… Second I guess I’ll pick Red Harvest. I like Red, he’s interesting, and he isn’t my absolute fav, so I won’t be all that sad if he dies, I mean I’d be sad, but it wouldn’t feel like my heart’s been ripped out.  Third is Scarlett O’Hara (from Gone With the Wind), because I would love to have a conversation with her, and if she dies she’s kind of been a horrible person her whole life, so I probably wouldn’t feel so bad about it.


So sorry Ash. But this was literally the only thing I could imagine when reading that first fic. And I just…. gosh I just had to draw the major dweeps. Think of it. He just see’s this strict, messy haired, probably with bags under his eyes, prefect who is moody like 5067% of the time and just thinks something like

“ahhh yess. there he is. the one. he’s perfect.”
Mabel “Who is? That prefect?”
“he’s gonna teach me magic.”
Mabel “I don’t think-”
Mabel “ Dipper-”

Also a bonus Pacifica because why not and I need more of this snotty rich girl being a jerk to everyone in my life please. Problematic fav but she’s absolute bae.

Inspiration and AU belong to the always fabulous imaginashon =)

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I figured to help get the asks flowing again maybe you could let everyone know your fav character to write for and maybe what sorts of things you really enjoy writing! :)

For male characters I like to write for Gaara (bc he’s my absolute fave) and Lee (because he’s cute to write for) and for female characters I like to write for Ino (bc she’s my ANGEL) and I like to write really any of the female characters bc they don’t get enough love.

I love to write cute fluffy things tbh even though my angst tends to get more notes, I really hate NSFW things even if I can write them so I prefer those requests being kept to a minimum!


I finally finished watching the show and its AMAZING. Like i’m still a little unsure and confused but the show is just awesome. Its funny, emotional, keeps you on edge and  is very dynamic. And the characters, i feel are so original and true and they just make perfect sense. And i love the relationships as well.

Herlito is my absolute fav, they’re so cute together and how daniela just fits between them is cute as well.

Lito is just amazing, he’s so funny and cute. 

Wolfgang is well, i really like him. He just idk, i like him, I really hope him and Kala get together. 

Kala is so cool, and i hope she doesn’t pick Rajan. I also loved her relationship with Ganesha. LOL at her sangeet when Rajan talks about the movie and sings “Tujh mein rab…”, when he said it in english i was wondering what it was

Will and riley are cute together, I love how will just is there any time one of the sensates is in trouble and helps/protects them without a doubt

and Sun is just BADASS, god i was so upset when she chose to go to jail, i would never do that, I was so pissed when her dipshit brother killed their dad, nothing gave me more joy as when she beat the shit out of him,

Capheus is adorable to the core and so gentle and brave. I hope instead of money, Silas gives him a new van,

Amanita and Nomi are so cute together, amanita is just amazing. Nomi is so cool with all the hacking stuff. And together they’re so supportive and together and understanding. True relationship goals

10/10 would recommend!, GO WATCH!!!

The Pack/Allison- They Just Picked The Wrong Girl To Push Around

Request-  An imagine where you are Alison’s younger sister and you get bullied at school and one the bullies mention Allison and you end up going like hunter mode on them and the pack finds out since Lydia (or whoever you want) had to pick you up from the office or something like that Thx!

A/N- I absolutely loved this request. Allison was one of my favs, if not the fav, and I’m kinda disappointed she didn’t have anyone to pass on her legacy too. I hope you like it as much as I did! Next up is a Stiles imagine.

You walked through the halls, keeping your head down low as people whispered behind your back. It was only three months into your first year of high school, yet you had already heard enough rumors to have you dreading waking up on weekday mornings.
Usually the kids who got bullied were judged for their appearance. What they looked like, what they wore, and their social life were all contributing factors to their ridicule. Not for you. For you, the source of the comments was your family.
Most of it was about Kate. It had been two years since people discovered that she was the cause of the Hale fire, but they were determined not to let you forget that you were related. They said all kinds of things behind your back, even going as far as to say that you were a serial killer too.
It wasn’t usually anything you couldn’t take, but there were some days when the other kids were particularly vicious. There were those days when they judged you, and everyone in your family. Things had only gotten worse with Allison’s death, and people even said things about her.
It didn’t happen every day, but when it came to the rumors, your sister was where you drew the line, and today was one of those days.
“You know her aunt was a serial killer,” one girl whispered to another.
“Burned the whole Hale family alive,” echoed the boy standing next to them.
“You think she helped?” someone asked.
“She looks like she would. Look at her face.”
You clenched your teeth, trying to ignore the harsh whispers. You didn’t even bother to tell them that you would have been six when Kate set the fire. As if a six year old would actually kill someone, but people would believe anything.
“You know her mom killed herself,” someone else said, not even bothering to be quiet.
“Probably couldn’t stand the shame,” another girl whispered.
“You know her sister died last year,” a tall boy with dark hair told everyone. “Maybe you should be a little less insensitive.”
Someone scoffed. “Please, she was probably a serial killer too.”
You stopped suddenly, your hands curling into fists. It took everything you had not to whirl around and tell the kids off for even thinking that about Allison. But you knew she wouldn’t want you starting a fight for her, so you just decided you would keep walking.
However, before you could take another step, someone called out to you. “What’s the matter, Argent? Did you off your sister too? Or did she do it for you? Maybe she couldn’t stand to be related to a psycho.”
You gritted your teeth, your mind screaming for you to keep walking, but it was like you physically couldn’t. You knew that voice. It was the voice of a boy named Austin, your number one tormentor.
You turned around slowly. “What did you say about my sister?” you asked through gritted teeth.
“I said,” he told you, stepping forward. “That she probably couldn’t stand to be related to you, so maybe she offed herself. Unless you’re the one who killed her. I wouldn’t be surprised. Hell, maybe she was a killer too.”
“My sister was a good person,” you spat. “Unlike you.”
“Aw, I’m so hurt,” Austin mocked, holding a hand to his heart. “The serial killer thinks I’m a bad person.”
Every student in the hall laughed, having stopped to listen to the confrontation. Everyone was looking at you, but frankly you didn’t care. You weren’t going to let some asshole make everyone think your sister was anything but a good person.
“Takes one to know one,” you retorted, and everyone in the hall let out a collective “ooh”.
“Like your opinion would even matter to me, bitch,” he sputtered.
“The why are you so upset?” you asked, raising an eyebrow. When he didn’t respond, a small smiled crossed your lips. “That’s what I thought.”
You turned around, ready to walk down the hall, but before the crowds could part for you, Austin grabbed your wrist. “Hey, I wasn’t done talking to you!” he snapped.
In a matter of seconds, you had grabbed his wrist and pinned it behind his back. “Don’t touch me,” you spat.
“Or what?” he asked. “You gonna burn me alive?”
You rolled your eyes, a disgusted noise escaping your lips. You let go of Austin, turning on her heel and stalking away, but before you could make it three feet you were shoved forward form behind.
You barely caught yourself on your palms before you hit the floor. You pushed yourself up, laughter echoing in your ears. You could feel your heart beat rising in anger as you looked at Austin’s smug face.
He stepped forward, reaching out to push you again, but this time you were ready. As he stepped forward, you swept your leg out, knocking his out from under him. He tumbled to the floor, and everyone stared at you in shock.
Austin’s expression turned to rage, and he immediately jumped up, his fist heading towards your face. You quickly blocked the hit with your forearm, those hunter skills coming in handy.
You brought your knee between his legs, and he groaned, dropping to his knees. You sent your fist crashing into his nose, and that was when two of his friends jumped to his aid.
One guy grabbed you, pulling you backwards, as the second punched you in the face. You kicked out with your legs, sending him flying onto his back as blood streamed from your mouth.
You wasted no time in slamming one of your boots down onto the first guy’s foot. He stumbled back and you slammed your elbow into his nose. You stood over him, a satisfied smirk crossing your face as you watched his broken nose gush blood.
You knew it was probably wrong to be enjoying this, but it felt so satisfying to get out all the anger coursing through your veins. The guy you had knocked to the floor jumped up, swinging his fist towards your face, but you ducked and sent your own fist flying into his nose.
You stood over Austin and his two buddies as they groaned on the floor. “Oh my god,” someone explained. “Oh my god, what is going on here?”
You looked up into the shocked face of Mrs. Martin, her eye wide as she looked at you standing over three groaning boys. You swallowed, simply shrugging your shoulders. “They started it?”

You sat in the front office, holding a tissue to your bloody lip. You had been suspended for a week, but since your dad was still hunting Kate in Mexico, you assumed there was no one to pick you up. The office aid had told you there was a contact listed, but at this point you had no idea who it was.
You were hoping it wasn’t Scott since this had happened before, and you weren’t sure you could take another disappointed stare from his puppy dog face. Teachers you could handle, but ever since Scott had started to date Allison, he had become a sort of older brother for you. You didn’t want him to be disappointed in you, and if he heard about this he certainly would be.
“Your uncle should be here in a few minutes to pick you up,” the office aid, a woman with gray curly hair, told you.
Her eyes were harsh and filled with judgement and you rolled your eyes when she wasn’t looking, slouching in your seat. Soon enough, you were looking up at the office door, watching a dark-haired guy with a scruffy face walk in.
“Derek?” you asked, your eyes widening.
So this was who your dad had trusted as an emergency contact. Derek’s eyes met yours, and he raised his eyebrows.
“I mean…Uncle Derek?” you corrected.
He smiled, walking over to the reception desk. “I’m here to pick up my niece,” he announced.
Now it was the office aid’s turn to raise her eyebrows, as she pushed her glasses farther up her nose, looking from you to Derek. “Your niece fought three boys in the school hallway. She gave two of them broken noses.”
“Austin Yamada pushed me,” you protested. “And I didn’t see anyone coming to help when his friends jumped on me either!”
The woman simply hmphed, typing something into her computer.
“Whatever she did to them,” Derek said, “I’m sure they deserved it. Seems like they just picked the wrong girl to push around.”
The office aid’s eyes narrowed, her expression morphing into something like disgust. “Maybe someone should have taught your niece that it isn’t ladylike to fight.”
“Maybe someone should have taught those guys to take a punch,” Derek retorted, turning his back on the desk. “Come on, Y/n. Let’s go.”
You jumped up, grinning from ear to ear and dropping the bloody tissue on the floor, shooting a look at the woman behind the desk. You didn’t even look behind you to see her offended expression.
“That was awesome!” you cried, once you were in Derek’s car.
Derek simply shrugged. “After the fire, people said things about my family all the time. Let’s just say I know how good it feels to land a few punches.”
“Where are we going?” you asked, realizing Derek wasn’t driving towards your apartment building.
“You’ll see.”

Derek pulled open the door of the loft, revealing a room full of people. Scott, Stiles, Kira, Malia and Lydia were all standing there. As soon as they caught sight of you, the room immediately erupted into noise.
“Oh my god your face!” Kira exclaimed. “Does it hurt?”
“Not really,” you told her. “My grandfather could hit harder then them.”
Stiles gave a short, bitter laugh. “Probably very true. I know from personal experience.”
“Did you kick their asses?” Malia asked, wanting to know all the gory details. “How many were there? Was there a lot of blood?”
“I hope you didn’t start it,” Scott said, a disapproving look already forming on his face. You frowned, not liking how disappointed he seemed.
“You know she wouldn’t do that,” Lydia said, frowning at Scott. “Come on, Scott.”
“I didn’t start it,” you told them honestly. “But they were saying things about Allison, and when he pushed me…”
“Well,” Lydia said. “We’re glad you’re okay. And one thing’s for sure…”
You raised your eyebrows, anxiously waiting for Lydia to say something. She gave you a soft smile, walking forward and placing her hands on your shoulders.
“Allison would be proud.”

Beauty and the Beast ♥♥♥♥

So last night i was finally able to watch beauty and the beast and i looooooooovveeee it!!! But then again im probably just being biased coz its my most fav disney movie (≧▽≦) Like for real coz we owned a vhs(XD) copy of the original and i asked my mom if i also liked it when i was a kid and she said that i liked the movie so much that i would watch it many times in one day XD

Plus i couldn’t stop spazzing about the movie and of how absolutely gorgeous Emma Watson is and of the nostlagia from all the songs(and i also couldn’t stop myself from mouthing the words)

I honestly didn’t mind the few changes in the movie but i still prefer the original, probably coz it’s the one that i grew up with… but still~~~

It’s an absolute must-watch and i think it’s also a great way for those people who loved the original to be able to share it with their kids and/or nieces or nephews and what-not :)

And did i mention how beautiful Emma Watson is?? :D i just really love her~