she is like a angel

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I just met the cutest girl! Really! She is like an angel with her adorable hair and her adorable voice and OMG I wish... she sells fruit salad and came here to sell the last one and maybe she was just being so nice cause she's working but I couldn't say no to her and now y'all can be sure I'm gonna buy fruit salad everyday til the day I die

😂😂😂 this is so cute

She’s so talented and just so amazing–she’s an angel. Every time I see her, I’m like, you’re such an angel. You’re an angel. She’s great. She did this barbecue, all of us, the cast got together, we watched the Mayweather and McGregor fight together. And she cooked this amazing feast of wings, burgers, steaks, just everything. It was amazing. She’s great!

Charles Melton on what it’s like working with Ashleigh

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OC Ask #40 for a character of your choosing

I choose…my underswap oc Miss Angel! Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted. I just couldn’t think of any other character ha <:0

Your character is getting ready for a night out. Where are they going? What do they wear? Who will they be with?

Miss Angel (us!monstersona)

She’s most likely to be going one of two places. Either she’s going on a date with her darling Leo or she’s heading out for a Girl’s Night! Her and some of the other business owner women (Snowdin Inn Bunny and her sister the Snowdin Shopkeeper, and Muffet) like to either go see a show at the Napstaton Resort or go to one of their (closed) shops to just talk gossip and drink wine.

If it’s the girl’s night then she’ll be with she’s probably going to be dressed in something cute but more comfortable than anything. Probably a pair of formfitting jeans, a crop top, and some sandals. Something fun but easy to move in.

But if she’s going out with Leo… Then she’s going to be dressed to draw the eye. She’s got his attention no matter what she’s wearing but she has always been such a terrible tease~ So instead of casual she’d pull out her night life best. More than likely something black and tight with a slit up the side to offer temptation~

They’ll probably go out to dinner before spending the evening dancing before going and getting a room at Napstaton’s Resort. Penthouse suit please~

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i personally had a lot of fun playing old mercy and now have just as much fun playing new mercy. i do already miss those glorious huge rezzes but i really like how frickin fast she is, and the longer guardian angel distance??? LIFE SAVER. part of me is kinda wondering though if shes a little op or if we just need to get used to her, because in my games so far i barely died and did a Heck ton of healing

Oh yeah no it’s just a different playstyle is all. I’m sure we’ll all either adjust or deal. Valkeyrie is pretty fun after all

honestly, deku probably could have gotten into UA even if he didn’t get all might’s powers. like, sure, there’s no way he could have been in a class for future pro heroes, but UA offers support class & marketing too. he could have been great at marketing analyzing heroes is literally his Thing. the fact that no one in his life actually went “okay, i see you’re really interested in this, but we both know the main course isn’t the place for you, so why not do what you can in a different course” just shows how badly public school failed him


A little random comic with Mae’s voice canon… [x]

Mae just wants to stick to writing random song lyrics in her journal and playing the bass for the band… That’s it.


you still bitter about getting your ass kicked by a werewolf?


Where am I supposed to go? I can’t go back to the attic. No. You don’t have to, Polly. And don’t worry about my mom, Betty, she’ll want to help.