she is lik no other


“Promise me you’ll take care of her and yourself. Don’t leave the knife and gun out of your sight even for a econd ok? And stay in, hold Mary close to you. I’ll be back as soon as I can” Dean whispered, his forehead resting against yours as his arms were around your waist holding you close to him.

“I’ll try to do fast” he added in a whisper.

“I know” you said just as softly “I know” you brushed your thumb over his cheek, your golden ring shining in the really morning light. The sun had just began to rise.

“I love you” his voice was hoarse, just like every time when he had to leave you and Mary to go to yet another hunt.

“I know” you smiled trying to give him the slightest bit of reassurance, knowing how hard this was for him “I ove you too” you whispered leaning in to kiss his lips.

He responded ummediately but when the time came for you two to pull away you tried to amile at him and not let show how you did not want to pull away and go inside the house and find the worst of all.

Watching Dean leave almost every morning to the unknown, not knowing if he was going to come back alive or not at all and waving back at him with a smile as he drove away was hard but what awaited next was the hardest of all and Dean didn’t even know about it.

“No daddy!” your daughter’s voice echoed through the entire empty house as you held her trying your best not to show how you reallhy felt about this as well.

“Daddy” her muffled cries and sobs were heard as she cried in your arms for her father. Just lik every other time with Dean leaving while she was asleep and you having to later try to be strong for her and comfort the little girl that her father was going to be back soon.

You didn’t dare bring up the possibility of him not making it because Castiel forbid how she could react to that, you as well.