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???Katniss the Story Teller???

This  is for @loveinpanem as a thank you for everything you guys do. Talented, beautiful, creative and smart love you all.

rated T  &un-betad all mistakes are mine.

Katniss slew dragons, and toppled governments, and once upon a time she’d been known as the Mockingjay. Today she rocked back and forth simply wanting for the boy she loved to pay attention to her. She’d do anything to bring back his memory. She fanned herself, the hot sun caused her to opt out of wearing pants. She wore a light dress. Her eyes once more went toward the direction of Peeta’s home.

“What’s the matter girl?” Haymitch shouted from across his porch. “You want the boy to kiss you,” he laughed so hard he began to cough.

Katniss stood up and narrowed her eyes at her former mentor. Without answering him she opened the door to her house and slammed it shut. Frustrated she banged her hand against the door.

There had to be a way to get Peeta to realize her feelings. Two years after the war they were in a better place both of them. She’d taken it slow, building up a friendship with him. They’d slept in each other’s bed when unable to sleep, but it was an occasional thing. They’d held hands, they’d given each other pecks on the mouth, and long embraces.  But none of those things were enough; Katniss wanted and was ready for more. If she weren’t so backwards when it came to relationships and men she wouldn’t be in this predicament.

“What’s wrong Katniss?”

She whipped around to see Peeta standing in her living room a basket of bread in his hands. “Peeta, what are you doing here?”

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86meplease  asked:

Why do you think it wasn't Jenna who shot Spencer? You can physically see Jenna's gun go off, and she was holding the black gun, the one the bullet Spencer was shot with came from, not the silver gun, the one Dt. Fury had.

Yes we see Jenna’s gun go off, but that doesn’t mean Jenna was the one who shot her. The entire situation that night was a set up for someone to get killed, and me thinks whoever’s in charge is slowly having the assistants killed… Think about it, first Sara, then Noel, and Jenna’s most likely going to die at some point as well. The plan was perfect. No matter what happened, whoever orchestrated it was a fucking genius and would win either way. Jenna would be blamed for shooting Spencer, whatever happened to the girls and/or Noel/Jenna would work out in their favor as well. Either hurt or kill the liars or hurt/kill the assistants.

open: f/nb

    okay maybe sleeping around with her assistant wasn’t the best idea but honestly after friday’s drunken night after they stayed up finishing paperwork for the end of the month, eliza was wondering why her and her assistant hadn’t been doing this for the last few months she had been working for her.  the girl’s lips were addicting to her. which is why the two of them have been living off take out all weekend and spent as little time out of eliza’s bed.  “the thought that we are gonna have to go back into the real world is killing me,” she whispered softly against the girl’s lips as she hand slowly slid down the girl’s side before letting out a  small sigh as her thumb brushed across her cheek. “this weekend has been nothing short of perfect.”

Happily Ever After?

Request by Anon: do you think you can do another song imagine that’s liamxreader based off of i hate u, i love u by gnash ft olivia o'brien? (you can change the person if you want) but if you can’t do it then it’s perfectly fine! thank you so much!!

 Word Count: 2.2K

 A/N: I like getting requests for songs I’ve never heard of before! It’s amazing. Listen to it here.

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(Y/N)’s POV

“Where did you say we were going tonight babe?”, Hayden smiled as Liam wrapped his arm around her waist

“Well I’m taking you to see that movie you’ve been talking about so much”

“Before You!?”

Liam stared at her lovingly, a smile making its way across his face, “I want you to have a good time tonight. We can do whatever you want”

Hayden leaned in, ghosting over his ear, “Then you. We have all night once this rehearsal dinner is over”

I let out a long awaited exasperated sigh, “You know I can hear everything you’re saying so what’s the point of whispering?”

Liam groaned and put some distance between his fiance.

“Are you jealous?”, Hayden said playfully, “You want to marry someone like Liam, don’t you? Someone who always looks out for you and loves you unconditionally, but I forgot you don’t do relationships”

Her laugh echoed in my head. My hands gripped the seat of the table as hard as I could. I knew Hayden was my friend and only teasing me. Her words had so much truth in them and that hurt the most, with the exception that it was Liam that I wanted not someone like him. The more I thought about it, the angrier I became.

“Nope. It’s a waste of time”, I said repeating the words he said to me before I found out about Hayden

Liam forced himself to pull his eyes away from me. My heart was beating out of control as I gripped the armrests of my chair a little tighter. I could feel my fangs protruding past my lips and my claws taking the place of my finger nails. I looked away, knowing my eyes had changed as well.

“(Y/N)”, Scott said calmly as he sat next to me to keep my features hidden from everyone, “I have to talk to you about something. It’s pretty important”

I put my hands under my arms and practically ran out the restaurant. We walked the street in a comfortable silence until my claws and fangs disappeared. He walked behind me and slipped his jacket over my shoulders.

“You can give it back when you’re ready”, he smiled at me. It wasn’t the same smile as if we were joking around, there was so much sadness etched in his face

“I have a feeling you might need it when things get out of control again. How have you been lately?”

“Oh I’ve been great considering I’m in my twenties and can’t control my shifts around certain people. I also get to watch my friend fall for the guy I–”

The feeling was far too overwhelming. Liam and I used to be best friends until we slowly started falling for each other. It was new to both of us and it scared us. Instead of jumping into a relationship, we stayed friends. He never dated anyone else and neither did I. It was strange, yet it worked for us.

A few years ago, I ran into Hayden who was new to the area and I promised to show her around campus. After that we were inseparable, but little did I know that when we weren’t together, she was spending her time with Liam.

She never knew that the two of us had feelings for each other, but then again it didn’t matter because Liam never told her when she showed an interest in him and he certainly never said a word when I found them kissing at Sinema.

‘It’s not like we’re actually in a relationship (Y/N). I told you they’re a waste of time’, he almost yelled as he kept up with my pace

‘So that’s it? We just leave things the way they are now. I forget about what we were and you get to have Hayden?’, I growled

‘We weren’t anything so why does it matter?’

The second the words fell out his mouth, I knew he regretted them.

‘I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I swear’

‘Go after her Liam. I can’t make you stay’, I said as I stormed out of the club

I didn’t hang around either of them much after that. Slowly, but surely I started hanging around the pack, even with Liam there because I wouldn’t turn my back on my family even if Liam broke my heart.

“It’ll be okay (Y/N). I used to think I would never move on from Allison, but things always turn out differently than you expect. It takes time no matter how angry you are at him”, he said as he sat down next to me

“That’s the thing Scott, I’m not mad at him anymore. I’m mad at myself because…I still love him. I haven’t stopped and that’s what hurts the most because he stopped loving me”

“How do you know that?”

“He told me”

“He did what?”. Scott replied

“A few months after I found out, I started hanging around everyone again, we had a talk and that’s when he told me that he stopped loving me because Hayden was the girl of his dreams. I pretended to be fine with it. I just never expected him to move on so quickly, it’s like he never cared for me at all. None of us even told Hayden about it”, I groaned as I played with the sleeves of his jacket

“I never knew he said all of that with the way he acts when she isn’t around him”, he mumbled

“Please don’t tell me he’s cheating on her”

Hayden was still a friend and I would kill him with my bare hands if he was.

“No, not at all. Whenever we all go out and she doesn’t come with us, you never notice the way he looks at you? He starts to smile when he thinks we aren’t looking, but I’ve noticed his heartbeat changing and the chemosignals it’s strange how you could never tell”

“I didn’t think it was because of me. I always thought he was thinking of her. Why are you telling me this anyway? He’s getting married in a few days”, I scoffed

I looked at all the couples passing by and it made me sick. I didn’t want what happened between us to make me bitter, but it all happened over time. I pretended to be alright with it for so long that I forgot how much it really hurts seeing them together. Tonight nearly pushed me over the edge.

“I can’t sit around and watch you go on like this. He knows you feel this way, everyone knows you feel this way because you wreak of heartache and well…Stiles and Lydia can just tell. Liam was never over you and it isn’t fair that he parades around like he is knowing that it’s hurting you. You don't’ deserve it”, he explained

Ever since I moved in with Scott and Melissa in high school, he always looked out for me. Before Liam, he always freaked when I told him I was interested in someone because according to him no one was ever good enough. He was the brother I never had.

The hairs on my neck stood up when I noticed another heartbeat behind us followed by the sound of someone falling over. Scott and I jumped up and turned around to see Liam flat on his face. He looked up at us as his entire face turned red.

“(Y/N), can we talk?”

Liam’s POV

I knew something was up the second Scott left with (Y/N). She almost shifted in front of all us. When we first began learning to control our shifts, she mastered it way before I did. Things were different then. She used me as her anchor and I had her as mine.

After they left, I told Hayden I wanted to check on (Y/N) and walked out. It didn’t take long to follow their scent. I kept my distance as I watched them. She was angry, but mainly distraught. It wasn’t my intention to intrude until I heard her say, “… I’m mad at myself because…I still love him”

I always thought she moved on. After I told her I was with Hayden, she told me she was fine. She always said she didn’t want to be in a relationship, I just never figured it was because of me. I made a big mistake that I knew couldn’t be fixed. (Y/N) didn’t speak to me for a year after I started dating Hayden and that’s when I realized how much I truly loved her. I was terrified of everyone finding out so I paraded around like an idiot pretending to be the perfect boyfriend. Part of me thought that eventually I would believe my feelings for Hayden were real. I left (Y/N) for her and I felt like a fool when I realized she wasn’t the one for me.

It hurt every time I saw her, knowing I was slowly killing her. Now I was making it worse. We had something special and I ruined it. I knew who I wanted to be with and I went years without letting her know.

I missed seeing her smile and holding her in my arms. She was mine and I was always going to be hers.

I had to make things right between us or it would be too late. Just when I took a step to make my way over to them, I tripped and fell on my face.

I looked up and met her cold eyes, something I have come accustomed to.

“(Y/N), can we talk?”

“About your wedding?”, she sneered

My heart was racing. Nothing I ever did was well thought out. Scott looked at me, waiting for a response. He was rooting for me to make the right decision. It would be a disaster if I married Hayden knowing that I loved (Y/N). It would be the ultimate challenge trying to win her back.

“No. About us”

“There is no us. We weren’t anything so why does it matter?”, she repeated my words to a tee

“It was something (Y/N). You were everything to me. I–”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!? If it was something then why was it so easy for you to forget about it? Why did you tell me you didn’t love me anymore?”, she nearly yelled as tears reached the brim of her eyes

“I thought I knew what I wanted and I was so wrong. I knew I made a mistake, but I didn’t think it could be fixed. I think about you all the time. The truth is I’ve always loved you”

“I hate you”, she said as the tears spilled over, “I hate you so much”

“Don’t lie to me (Y/N). Your heart skips a beat whenever you say it. You still love me too”

“I’ve watched you watch you for years like she’s the only girl you’ve ever seen. You don’t care, you never did. You don’t give a damn about me Liam”

I stepped closer and she moved away.

“If I treated you the same way you treated me, you would understand why it hurts so much. So you say you made a mistake, but you waited so long to fix it that I don’t think I could ever be with you again. It doesn’t matter how much I love you”, she continued

Tears began to burn my eyes. Deep down I knew I deserved every bit of this. I had it coming. I stepped towards her again, but this time she stayed. Her back was against the wall and her breath hitched.

“Too much had happened for this to work out”, she said quietly

There was so much pain etched on her face. She looked like she was torn between what to she needed to do. I wanted to be the one to fix it, yet I felt like I would only make it worse.

“I know that now. I don’t think I ever will stop loving you. I fell for my best friend and that can’t be changed”

She stared at me as if she was waiting for me to do something. This would be the last time. The look in her eyes told me everything I needed to know. My lips melted onto hers as my hands made their way to her waist. She kissed back. It was desperate and passionate. We stayed that way until our lungs couldn’t take it anymore.

She placed her hand on my face and gave a small smile that didn’t reach her eyes, “Goodbye Liam”

“Goodbye (Y/N)”, I managed to choke out as I watched her disappear down the street

When I finally turned around I came face to face with my fiance staring angrily at me while the rest our guests watched in shock.

Unusual Series  – Pt. 3

Title: Mamma’s Little Helper.

Summary: Eve the mother of all monsters is unleashed from Purgatory. Katherine keeps her plan to take her mother down and meets with a Winchester seeking for help.This story takes place on season 6.

Autor: deanwinchester-af​

Pairings: Dean x OFC

Characters: Dean Winchester, Katherine Pierce, Sam Winchester

Words: 1600+ 

Warnings: Sass (Is that ever a warning?)

Beta: @lovin-ackles

A/N: Its been a while but here you guys have Pt. 3 of my Unusual series! 

Please let me know what y’all think?

Parts: 00, 01, 02


Traveling with your mother, Eve, had been anything but joyful. She’d been doing monster experiments on humans, converting them into vampires, werewolves and even new things. Eve said she can’t stop her mission until she makes it perfect. You’ve asked millions of times what kind of creature she’s cooking up and for what reasons, but Eve doesn’t trust you anymore, or maybe she never has. But you knew that anything she has planned was going to be bad. Eve was certainly three things, cruel, cold and determined. Your heels clicked the cold stones floors of the gas station you were both in.

Subtly, you glanced around, looking for anything to leave any kind of message. Your eyes spotted a camera on the right corner, making sure Eve was occupied enough with her new victim you make the ASL sign for “Mother” by placing the thumb of your hand against your chin. Then tilt your head towards Eve. Since you bailed out on the Winchesters, you’d been leaving trails of bodies, hoping they were smart enough to pick up and track. You needed help and those two were the only chance you had on getting your freedom back.

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She's You.

Author- DreamingDrea

Warning- SMUT and this is in Dean’s Point of view.

Character- Dean

A/N: Believe it or not but this was gonna be somebody’s letter but my horniness made it a tad dirty so I decided to make it a one shot.

She compliments the damn sun with the way it reflected off her skin, she has this smile, this essence that seemed to ward out all evil just every single thing. When I’m with her I forget who I am, who I was, and things I’m supposed to do, like some kind of spell my thoughts only focus on her and the sparks of life she gives me. I live to breathe in her scent, to absorb her warmth, to feel her soft skin. God and when she touches me, whispers in my ears praises of our love or sometimes things quite dirty, I melt. Maybe even lose my self control. So I have to bring my lips everywhere, where she likes it, where I like it, I kiss her battle scars, I suckle her neck leaving my mark of love. I listen to her sigh, my name leaving her lips in beautiful pleasures and I just know that she deserves this. She deserves every good feeling I can give to her because I owe her much more than that. Her lips against mine is chemistry, everything inside me explodes from lust and ecstasy. I need her more than she needs me, I need to feel her bare body against mine, I need to hear her sweet praises, I need to show her how much I love her. When I strip the fabric covering her beauty I sit there reveled, she’s so gorgeous, her body, her flush face when she sees my eyes rake her body up and down, then she tries to cover herself, embarrassed even though this is not our first time making love. I remind her why she’s so damn perfect by pressing my lips to the parts that she doesn’t like, my mouth licking and biting to make her squirm. She moans and whimpers and when my mouth reaches her heat I can feel how wet from desire she is, my tongue probes at the lips of her core dipping in to taste her absolute sweetness. She groans and bucks my actions driving her even more wild. I slide a finger in thrusting in and out in a speed that she likes, that makes her sound even more delicious. I move up sucking her clit in attempt to break whatever strands are holding her from cumming. Her back arches and a sexy scream of my name spills from her lips as the dam breaks. God I’m so hard it hurts, I want her, I need her. I crawl up her body watching her pant with parted lips and rosy cheeks. I soothe her as she comes down from her high, rubbing my hands through her hair and whispering sweet nothings in her ear. My hands start to travel everywhere again, kneading her breast and twisting her nipples making her squeak. If there is anything that makes me any more vulnerable its when she begs, begging me to fuck her as if she needed to ask. I line myself up to her sex entering her slowly so I don’t hurt her. She’s tight, damn she is and it feels so friggin’ good, and her damn moan in my ear its just so perfect, she’s so…I hover her and she grips me tight, nails dig into my skin but I could care less. I wrap her leg around my torso adjusting myself from inside her and then I thrust once and twice and then my containment for control is lost and my thrusts get sloppy and erratic. She says my name in pitches that could kill a guy, her boobs bounce lightly against me and the clutch she has on my skin only constricts tighter. I feel her walls tighten her tone get louder, my cock pulses and I know we’re both going to break. Our orgasms hit us the waves making us see stars, she slams her head against the pillow her body going weak as I ride out her pleasure and mine in till the heat is gone.

It’s in the moments after are sex that I love, she curls up against me are sweaty skin sticking to each other, we both breathe heavy and exhaustion compels us to sleep. But yet we talk, she cracks jokes, I do the same, we talk for hours about the damn life we could have. She tells me she loves me, that’s the very last thing she ever says and before she closes her eyes I’d do the same. Because she is you sweetheart and I love you.

i dID IT. i tore myself away from writing porn for like two seconds and i wrote your kira/shinobu. its kind of short but i did what i could and i actually really like a lot oops. i hope you enjoy it, anon!

Series: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Pairing: Kira/Shinobu

Rating: PG

Summary: Kira struggles with a feeling he’s never had before: unwillingness.

Warnings: none! maybe some spoilers if you haven’t read part 4. 

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King - Jinyoung Scenario [M]

Originally posted by pepi-junior

pairing: Jinyoung x Reader

genre: fluff/smut, look away children

word count: 2,332

request: hello!! that prince!jinyoung was very good!!! can i request a smutty scenario that is a sequel from the prince!jinyoung, its your wedding day and wedding night! thankyou so much ily!

A/N: A few things. 1, this is kinda the sequel to this post, so you may want to read that first. 2, this is my first official smut so take it easy on me if anything is awkward >.<. 3, I hope you enjoy you filthy animal. jkjk i love you i just need to bathe in holy water now.

You stared at yourself in the mirror, eyes painted with natural browns and tans while your lips had a softer red that complimented your features perfectly. You glanced at the figure standing behind you. Her eyes seemed to glow with excitement and a few proud tears were obviously being held back. Your mother was more than ecstatic for you to be marrying Jinyoung today; not only would it finally seal the peace between the two neighboring kingdoms, but it would seal the obvious love you two shared.

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Jilytober 6- Love Notes

In all her years at Hogwarts Lily had never been the type to pass notes in class. Usually she sat in attention, hanging on her professor’s every word, only looking away to scribble down notes.

However, today she was breaking character, almost as much as she had a few weeks ago when she finally agreed to go out with James Potter.

It wasn’t just that he had wore her down, though that certainly did play a role in it, but the James she saw now wasn’t the one that had tormented her and her best friends through their first years of school. He had clearly grown up a good deal since that last real incident in fifth year, and where she had seen an immature boy before, she was now seeing the man he was growing to be; a good one.

Though, it seemed he still was the sort to pass notes in class, and it was undeniable that he was an incurable goofball, but she was finally seeing the charm in that.

She unfolded the first note that had been slid onto her desk by Marlene McKinnon. She’d recognize James’ hasty scrawl anywhere.

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Okay, ever since ‘Hearts Still Beating’ aired, I’ve needed to say a thing about Carol’s face in this .gif:

[.gif by @baskervielle]

This is her face immediately after she asks Morgan to say that she’s “gone” if he happens to run into anyone they know. He responds, “Never meant for you to see me” before walking out, firmly shutting the door behind him.

For this entire season and by entire season I obviously mean the three minutes Carol’s been onscreen, Morgan and Carol’s relationship has been played either for grudging laughter or for pathos, but it’s clear as he walks out the door that Morgan’s genuinely irritated with her, and with good reason (imho). He brought her supplies and was walking quietly away, no hesitation. She called him back entirely of her own free will, and now she’s fussing at him to stay away and help her keep other people away to boot.

He’s had enough, so he throws the “Never meant for you to see me line” over his shoulder and makes his exit.

So what I absolutely adore (although as usual, I adore it while it simultaneously kills me slowly from the inside) is the fact that – for the first time in ages – we see Carol without a snappy comeback. There’s nothing on her face in the above .gif but the knowledge that she just got told. She’s got no snark, no sass, no simmering anger, no perfect retort that puts the person to whom she’s speaking in their place.

Contrast this conversation with every single conversation she’s had with Rick in the last season and a half, and you’ll see what I mean. (A particularly useful example is this conversation in ‘Not Tomorrow Yet.’)  Her face with Rick is always guarded, defiant (I love how she tilts her jaw at Rick and he immediately folds – it’s delightful), determined, and uncompromising.

Her face here is none of those things. Melissa does so much with every split second of her screentime that you can watch Carol process the truth bomb Morgan just dropped. It’s almost as if there’s a moment when she wants to fight him, and then you can just see her deflate as she realizes that he’s 100% right.

Because I don’t speculate, I have no idea where this is headed. But I want to believe that what’s happening on Carol’s face in this .gif shows some kind of movement toward healing for her, toward integrating her paradoxical desires to pull people close and to shove them away. For the first time since she left Alexandria, she appears truly conflicted about her choices, and her face here seems to register the reality (and the finality) of where those choices have ultimately taken her.

Omg, I can’t wait for 7x10, because it seems super likely that the person who makes her most vulnerable is going to show up when she’s already at her most vulnerable, and I need it like air.

Bump Ahead - Joshifer One Shot

AN: Millie requested this ages ago, sorry that it took so long!  I hope you enjoy!  This takes place in the same ‘verse Special Delivery and Don’t Worry Baby (though neither are necessary to read to read this :)

Bump Ahead

Josh twisted the platinum band around his left ring finger nervously and gazed at the script in front of him.   It was important for him to nail this part.  He hadn’t felt so sure and destined for a part since he auditioned for the part of Peeta Mellark 8 years ago.  And this part…it would be huge.  It wasn’t a blockbuster, but it would be special.  It was the type of role that would set him up to truly embark on his career with adult roles as a respected actor.  Or as his wife referred to it “Oscar Bait”. 

Josh’s ears perked up at the tentative footsteps coming from down the hall and then the weight he felt against his back and a few water droplets dripped on his script, “Hey swamp thing,” he greeted.

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✨Squad Goals Season 2 Episode 16: Puerto Vallarta✨ 🔞


“… Her contract has been terminated and your lawyers along with Selena’s and Rhiannon’s are really putting the heat onto her and Dallas. It does not look good for them.” I take a lengthy sip of the vodka infused concoction that the bartender had given me and lie back a little further in my chair.

“Thanks Scoot. I really appreciate all of this. Tell the team we said thanks too” Scooter laughs on the other end of the call and it’s a sound of pure relief,



“Don’t you ever pull shit like this again. If you do. Lock the damn doors” I laugh and hang up with a shake of my head. I’ve pulled my sunglasses back on and placed my drink on the little table next to me when a warm, toned body melds itself against mine.

“Who was that?” Rhiannon wonders straddling my waist and placing her hands on my chest, I sit up a bit so I can place a kiss on her mouth and tug a little on her naturally pouty bottom lip.

“Scooter, things are going way better than we could’ve possibly imagined” she looks impressed and decides to kiss me some more. Her mouth tastes like fresh oranges and pineapples and I can’t help it when my tongue starts to explore the cavern of her mouth. A sharp cough interrupts us and I gather Rhiannon’s face between my palms making it impossible for her to pull away.

“You’re killing her” Kylie warns and Rhiannon laughs against my lips and pulls away slowly, my bottom lip between her perfect white teeth.

“I wouldn’t have came on this trip if I knew it was going to involve this shit” Kylie complains and I have half a mind to slap the shit out of her with one of the beach towels that lie around our cabana.

“What did you think a trip involving my girlfriend and I would entail?” She shrugs and takes a seat on a beach chair opposite of us and waves over the waiter. Rhiannon pouts and leans forward her body covering mine and her hair creating a thick blonde curtain around our faces.

“Get rid of her” she play whispers Kylie huffs,

“Kylie can you pretty please go back to your cabana? That’s why we asked for separate ones you know” I escape from Rhiannon’s shield of hair and try to see if I’ve convinced her, but it’s null and void because she counters it with her signature pout.

“I don’t want to be alone! Rakim went surfing with Zayn and Harry!” Rhiannon licks my neck from my collarbone to the area right below my earlobe and I’m super thankful that her hair is hiding everything and her lower half is covering mine.

“You’ve got Kendall, Cara,Gigi and Se-” I pause when Rhiannon starts to suck at my neck,  creating a hickey.

“Selena and Jack went snorkeling” Rhiannon halts her hickey process and I almost moan in disapproval.

“Are they like… A thing?”

“I saw them hugging earlier. Could just be because she was comforting him over the Madison thing…” Kylie seem less than interested in the possibility of Selena and Jack’s relationship, instead she becomes invested in ours.

“So are you guys okay?” My dick is straining against the front of my swim shorts and it feels far away from ‘okay’.

“We’re good. Scooter is handling everything back in LA and people are actually apologizing to us for the invasion of privacy”

“wow nice fans”

“the nicest” I say bitterly and Rhiannon pacifies me by settling her ass a little harder onto my pelvis.

“King, why don’t you go down to the beach and collect seashells or something?” Kylie rolls her eyes and pulls her shade from her head and puts them on.

“My assistant is doing that for me” and sure enough a timid looking girl in a tankini is hauling  a bucket full of seashells down the beach,

“you’re cruel” Kylie only shrugs and accepts a drink from a waiter.

“So. Are you guys just going to lay around all day” that was the plan I think to myself, but before I can answer with a carefully crafted remark, my beautiful amazing girlfriend sits up completely and turns towards Kylie.

“King. I love you. We love you, but I am really horny right now” Kylie looks like she’s about to throw up.

“Jesus Rhiannon co-” Rhiannon interrupts before Kylie can get a word in.

“So I  was going to sex him up here but you showed up and now I’ll probably just take his ass to our suite an-” Kylie stands up and stomps out of the cabana muttering cuss words and angry phrases that don’t make a whole lot of sense.

“You’re really horny right now?” I tease and she’s about to laugh but it turns into a little moan when I slip past the band of her peach bikini and run a finger through her wet folds,

“damn you weren’t kidding baby” I rasp and she shakes her head and starts to shiver against me when I slip my finger completely inside of her.

“Justin we sh-” I silence her with a steady kiss and move my fingers in and out of her heat, her pussy walls clenching around them and sucking them in as deep as possible.

“Oh god, oh god,oh god,oh go- ungh” I start to circle her swollen clit in rapid circles her voice takes on that breathy pitch that I adore. Then, with a few violent pumps of my fingers she’s coming with a tangled gasp and digging her nails into my shoulder.

“You good?” I ask as she steadies her breathing and she only offers a smile and a thumbs up,

“good. Because this is so far from over.”


The walk from our cabana to our suite is a difficult task. My legs are still shaky from my previous orgasm and Justin uses me as a, his words, 'boner shield’. The great thing about the resort we’re staying at in Puerto Vallarta is that the paparazzi was not allowed in and the guests, high profile people themselves, didn’t clamor for our autographs or pictures.

“You guys might want to move further down the hall” Justin says to our two security guards before keying into our room and hiking me over his shoulder. The door slams shut and I’m tossed onto the bed unceremoniously and torn out of my bikini bottoms and top.

“Jay I loved that bikini” I say sadly when I realize he’d ripped the strings, he stalks towards me on the bed and and I scoot up as far as I can towards the pillows tingling in anticipation at what might come next.

“You just bought it. You couldn’t have become that attached to it” he grabs one of my legs and starts to kiss up the length of it, sometimes swirling his tongue against the skin. I pretend to fight him, kicking my legs around and squirming, he grows tired of it pretty quickly and forces my thighs apart before burying his head between my legs.

“Jay, Jay stop oh my god” I try to push his head away but his tongue is working fast and though I’m still sensitive from earlier I can feel another knot forming in my stomach.

“Baby stop, It’s too much” he pauses and just when I think that he’s going to listen to my pleas he adds his fingers into the routine, licking and sucking my clit while fucking my center with his long fingers in a rhythm he’d perfected over the years.

“ugh” I moan as my body starts to stiffen and my hips press him closer. I’m about to burst I know it, but before I can Justin sits up and kneels on the bed. The outline of his dick can be seen through his thin swim trunks and I want it so badly that I think I’ll scream. So I do.

“We aren’t doing this shit again!” I refer to the time where he left me high and dry to take care of myself. He could pull that  shit some other time but not right now.

“I want us to come together baby” he reaches out to rub my clit and the sensation returns.

“Take off those fucking shorts and come here” Justin chuckles and obeys, pulling the shorts off and tossing them away like they’ve offended the both of us. Then he settles himself between my legs and I cry out at the feeling of his hard, rigid muscle resting against my slit.

“I’m probably not going to last long” he says earnestly against my lips and to test that theory I buck my hips against his and he groans miserably.

“I’m not going to either”

“it’ been forever” I bite his lip for that. It had literally only been three days since we’d had sex. I reach between us and take his cock in my hand, I pump it once, twice, three times before settling it at my entrance. With a kiss to my nose and cheek he surges forward and my eyes roll back into my head.  

“Oh fuck” he mutters sensually and suddenly I don’t feel close enough to him.

“Mmm JB?” He thrusts into me with heavy pants and for a moment I think maybe he didn’t hear me.

“Yeah baby?”

“Touch me” he gulps and buries his head in the crook off my neck before palming one of my breasts and leaning to suck at the other one’s nipple. The way he flicks his tongue drives me insane and my abdomen swells with a white hot heat. I can tell Justin is close by the way he keeps squeezing at my hips and angling upwards, each time pressing against the spot inside of me that makes my toes curl with pleasure.

“Are you going to come with me Nonnie?” He whispers before pausing to lick his fingers and placing them directly onto my clit. He presses our foreheads together and they rub together harshly as he pounds into me. I start to turn my face away a bit, but he isn’t having it at all.

“Don’t look away baby, don’t look away from me” he pleaded through pants and once I lock eyes with him it’s all over. My back arches off of the bed, pressing our chests as close together as my boobs will allow and my walls clench against him.

“Fuck. Rhiannon. Shit, I fucking love you” he growls as his orgasm tears through him and I can feel him spilling into me. The thought makes me shudder and as a result I drag my nails down the length of his back. It takes ages for the both of us to calm down and breathe like normal human beings, but when we do he rolls off and out of me and pulls me into a grand cuddle.

“You were right you know” he says casually, trailing his hands aimlessly across my waist.

“About what?” He moves some sweaty strands of my hair aways and grins.

“I do love Puerto Vallarta” I kiss right above his nipple and let the sounds of his breathing and the crashing waves of the ocean lull me to sleep.

Allow Me- Jack Gilinsky Smut

Jack Gilinsky’s POV-

           I was married to the perfect girl. Hands down. Everything about her was absolutely perfect, and what made our life even more perfect was the fact that she was 7 months pregnant with our first child. We have been married for about a year, but we had been together since we were sophomores in high school, making it 8 years and it’s been the best eight years of my fucking life.

           Y/N was sleeping next to me, she looked so peaceful and I just wanted to let her sleep because our baby has been keeping her up all night with the kicking, I was hoping we would have a little basketball player on our hands while Y/N hoped it was a hockey player, but now I was thinking the baby wanted to be a soccer player. Either way, our baby was going to be gorgeous, Y/N was gorgeous. Y/N was praying our baby boy would get my looks because she didn’t want a baby boy taking after her, but I really hoped he had her eyes because I could stared into her eyes all day if she let me.

           I stared down at Y/N, she was in her little booty shorts underwear and a bra, she had kicked the covers off of her, and her round belly was in full view, her long hair was fanned out on the pillow and made her look elegant. Some girls, when pregnant, didn’t get the glow. The glow that would brighten their eyes and skin glow with a certain clearness, but Y/N wasn’t one of those. God, she was made to be a mom. Her sun kissed skin looked clear and perfect and whenever she smiled and walked into a room, the world around her just brightened. Y/N stirred next to me and she opened her eyes.

           “Mornin’, baby.” I whispered to her, leaning up on my elbow and looking down at her.

           “Morning,” She whispered back and I leaned down to kiss her shoulder, my hand going down to touch her swollen little belly, my hand attempting to cover most of her belly but not succeeding.

           “How’d you sleep?” I asked her, my lips pressing kisses along her shoulder and neck between every word. I loved Y/N, everyone knew that and so did she, I would take a bullet for her, but ever since she hit her second month when her belly started to swell, she hadn’t let me touch her intimately. It’s almost like she didn’t want anything to do with sex, but I knew that wasn’t true because she had dreams about sex 5 nights out of seven, she thinks I don’t hear her moaning my name softly in her sleep; kind of like she didn’t last night.

           “Better,” She said softly and pushed me off of her and moved to get out of bed before I could even get a good morning kiss. “What have you got planned for today?” She asked me while searing for her yoga pants, did I mention that her ass got rounder?

           “Jack wanted to hangout, tell me about this girl he’s been seeing, but I think I’m going to stay home with you,” I told her, while she pulled on a tank top, her round breasts nearly popping out of her top. Her breasts also got bigger, and it was slowly killing me because she never let me touch or seem them.

           “You don’t have too,” Y/N said and faced me. “I wont be doing much today,”

           “Good, then you can stay in bed all day with me.” I said and got up from the bed, following her out and into the bathroom where she brushed her hair and cleaned her teeth. I waited until she was finished to wrap my arms around her lower half and pull her back into my chest, “God you’re fucking perfect,”

           “Yeah,” Y/N huffed. “Okay, Jack.”

           Before I could ask her what she meant, she pulled away from me and headed downstairs. Y/N might be my perfect girl, but I knew she had a temper that flared when you pestered her about things, so I just let her walk away, but I knew I would get it out of her eventually.

           A couple hours later, I was about to walk into the kitchen when I heard Y/N talking on the phone, but Nate was on speaker, Nate was also her best friend and how me and Y/N met. They talked about every thing, when we were younger it bothered me but I just got used to it because I wasn’t going to control her. “Nate,” Y/N whined and I rested against the wall, listening to her.

           Nate laughed, “What, Y/N?”

           “I don’t know what to do, I keep having these sex dreams.”

           “Well, you have sex, I’m sure Jack wouldn’t mind.” Nate answered.

           “Yeah, but I’ve got my big belly in the way, who in their right minds would find a big fat belly attractive?”

           “Y/N,” Nate started, “Every guy you come across finds you drop dead gorgeous, and it just so happens that Jack landed you. Y/N, Jack is still attracted to you, he never shuts up about how this pregnancy made you even more sexy and gorgeous.”

           “I doubt it,” Y/N said and I knew I would have to make her realize that I still found her gorgeous. “I’ve got to go, Nate.”

           “Alright, bye Y/N.”

           Later that night, I got home from running to Jack’s apartment. I forgot he had something of mine and I needed to get it back, but when I got home it was nearly dead quiet. I had to double check and see that Y/N’s car was in the driveway. When I heard Y/N’s little moan come out from upstairs, in the master bedroom, I stayed quiet and traveled upstairs. Her moans getting louder the more I neared her, I could feel my jeans tightening down below at the softness of her moans. The bedroom door was cracked open and I tried to move my head to see inside her room, and what I found was something that made me want to drop to me knees.

           Y/N was laying down on our bed, completely naked with her legs spread open, the light buzzing sound of her vibrator going as it was pressed to her wet clit. Her toes curled and her back bowed off the bed, “God, Jack, yes.” She moaned and my hand went to the boner that was nearly completely hard. I moved into our room, without her noticing, and watched as she brought herself closer to her orgasm. She moved the vibrator in a circle around her clit and she let out a breathless cry, her other hand reaching up to tug on her already hard nipples. I slowly took off my shirt, peeling off my pants and boxers, and then walked over to my girl.

           I let my hand coast up the softness of her leg, watching as her eyes shot open, her legs immediately going to close. “J… Jack, what’re… I didn’t think you’d be home so soon.” Y/N stuttered breathlessly, breathless from how close to her orgasm she was.

           “Well, I had a feeling my baby-girl needed me and I was right.” I told her and pried her legs open, the vibrator had been turned off and not on her clit. “Why’d you stop, gorgeous?”

           “Jack,” Y/N said softly, attempting to argue with me. I moved around the bed until I was on her side, I rested my hands against the bed and leaned over. I took the vibrator and turned it back on, putting it in her hands. “Keep going, baby.” I told her.

           “Jack, I don’t think…”

           “C’mon, baby; what were you thinking about?” I asked her and moved the vibrator, that was still in her hands, until it was touching her clit, moaning when it came in contact with her clit, her thighs jolting. “Were you remembering what it felt like to have my tongue licking your clit? My lips wrapping around your clit and sucking until you were moaning my name,”

           Y/N’s hand relaxed and she moved her eyes away from my face to look up at the ceiling, her eyes closing and she let the pleasure take over her body. “Or the time I took you from behind in Sam’s bathroom, at his Christmas party? I licked your pretty pussy until you were almost coming and then I slipped in from behind, my hand rubbing your clit and making sure you didn’t moan too loudly.”

           “Jack,” Y/N moaned, her legs falling open so I could see the blue vibrator touch her clit. I reached down and wrapped my hand around my hardened dick, it hurt so bad and I needed to release the pressure. I began to tug on myself, moaning at remembering how hot she was when I slipped in behind her.

           “You’re so fucking gorgeous, god I miss your pussy.” I groaned from above her.

           “Jack, please,” Y/N moaned and I looked at her to find her eyes pleading at me.

           “Want me to lick your pussy, baby?” I asked her and she nodded. She removed the vibrator and I got onto the bed, I moved until her thick thighs were around my shoulders. My mouth began to assault her wet pussy, I licked her wetness and groaned at how wet she was, it seemed like she was wetter than usual. Her fingers reached over her round belly and into my hair, gripping it tightly, but I didn’t care. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked in pulses, bringing my hand down as I slipped a finger inside her, I groaned when her walls clenched around my finger.

           “Jack, fuck,” Y/N cried out but I pulled away.

           “Turn around, baby,” I told her, my voice gruff.

           “Jack, you don’t want too,” Y/N said softly, her eyes round.

           “Turn around,” I repeated and smacked her thigh softly, she must not have seen my dick standing proud and tall at the sight of her round belly and glistening cunt.

           Y/N sighed and got on her knees, I helped her get herself comfortable before I spread her knees and stood behind her. I held my dick and let the head brush along her cunt, “Does it feel like I don’t find you gorgeous?”

           “Jack, we don’t have to have sex, I can give you a blow job,” She tried but I slipped inside her and groaned when she clenched around me and took me. Y/N moaned and dropped her head down onto the pillow, her arms moving to grasp the headboard.

           “I want to have sex with you, I want to make love to my beautiful wife.” I leaned over until my chest brushed against her back, I moved in and out of her slowly, making sure she felt every inch of me. Y/N moaned again, “You can make me wait to have sex with you, if you don’t want to have it, but baby I know you want to have it, and you thinking I’m not attracted to your swollen belly and swollen boobs, but that’s messed up. I fucking love your belly and big hips, cant you feel it?”

           “Jack,” Y/N cried, “Faster, please.”

           “Touch yourself, baby-girl, rub your clit.” I said to her and leaned back up on my knees, my hands gripping her hips and moving a bit quicker, I didn’t want to hurt her or the baby, even if her doctor said I wouldn’t hurt the baby, I was still worried. I groaned when one hand let go of the headboard and disappeared under her, her walls clenching around me at the first circle. “Yeah, good girl, rub that pussy.”

           “I can’t, too much,” Y/N moaned as I moved quicker.

           “You close, baby?” I asked her, squeezing her hips.

           “Jack,” She loudly cried and I knew she was coming, her walls squeezed me so tight, sucking my orgasm out of me and making spots dance across my vision. I fucked her through both of our orgasms and collapsed next to her when her hand fell from her pussy and her pussy stopped clenching around me with after shocks. I pulled Y/N until her head rested on my chest, her skin getting goose bumps, her thighs jumping every so often.

           “Oh my god,” She said softly.

           “Oh my god is right, jesus fuck why didn’t we do this sooner?” I asked, laughing when I felt her smile on my skin.

           Y/N moved her head so she could look at me, “So you don’t think I look like a whale?”

           “A whale?” I asked. “Babe, I think you’re the prettiest girl I have ever seen, even with our baby boy growing inside of you.”

           Y/N blushed and it reminded me of the first time I got her to blush, we were all hanging around her locker and she wore this white dress and I had told her she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen, she blushed and looked again. I put my hand on her cheek and looked up down at her, “I’ve loved you since the first second I saw you in that little white dress.”

           “Oh my god, you remember that?”

           “I remember everything about you, baby.” I whispered before I claimed her lips.

What Friends are For Part Two

Part 1

Rating: Explicit 

Reader Insert

Word Count: 2,195

Author’s Notes: The long awaited sequel to What Friends are For. I wanted to post it last night but it was taking longer than expected, and I was not enjoying the direction it was going, so I stopped where I was and picked it back up tonight. I enjoy it a lot more now. If you guys have any requests drop them in my ask box! 

(Y/N)’s entire body tingled as she awoke from a much needed nap. Her bare legs poked out from underneath the blankets as she recalled what had taken place the last time she was conscious. She pushed her hair back from her face as she slowly began to freak out.

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anonymous asked:

What is my immortal?

*my immortal chords play softly in the background*
*a single blood red tear drips down my cheek ruining my pale white foundation*
*I slowly sit down taking great care to smooth my black leather skirt with red lace thats ripped all around the edges so it doesn’t wrinkle and will look perfect for Draco and Vampire Potter at the MCR concert later*
*some griffindoor preps walk by and stare so I put my middle finger up at them*
*My bffs Willow and B’Loody Mary (who’s hermione but she found out her mother was a witch killed by voldemort and her father was a vampire who killed himself so shes goffik now and switched to slytherin) sit next to me as I put my fingers to the keyboard*

It’s the story of me, Enoby Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way, and I have long ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee. I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a witch, and I go to a magic school called Hogwarts in England where I’m in the seventh year (I’m seventeen). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. 

read it here

see the comic here

listen to the dramatic reading here

in order we have here, Vampire Potter, B’Loody Mary and Diabolo Weasely who also has a sister named Darkness and two brothers called Crab and Goyke but I couldn’t find pictures of them.

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can you do a bechloe prompt where beca is working at a nice little fastfood place (she hates it) and shes the last worker there at like 3 am and chloe comes in drunk and demands fries and beca cant resistt


Until Saturday, March 28, at 3:02am, Beca Mitchell hated working at Cafe Crisp. In fact, the word “hate” didn’t and couldn’t begin to describe the thin, burning cold layer of disgust that spread right under the surface of her skin every time she had to pull open the door despite the fact that it confidently instructed it’s patrons to push. Of her six shifts a week, she was always seven and a half minutes late, and she knew this because she carefully calculated just how much time could pass between when her shift started and when she had to be present without getting scolded - once she landed on seven a half minutes, she sat in the car, listening to the engine hum idly, cleaning the CDs scattered under her seats or twisting her hair into braids or watching the fog build up on the windshield. She hated the way she felt her clothes become heavier under the weight of the grease in the air, and the way she seemed to be incapable of wiping away the ever-present black gunk that was squished between every button on the cash register. She hated her perfume of bacon and fries and ketchup and “cleaner” (which was just a few droplets of bleach and a bottle full of water, but no one was about to address that). She hated that the restaurant refused to put the proper accent on Cafe, and she hated that they called themselves a cafe at all. 

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for muffinsquire- I really hope you enjoy it!

For @muffinsquire - I really hope you enjoy it!

“Happy Christmas, Hermione,“ said a groggy voice beside her. Hermione weakly opened her eyes to see Ron lying next to her on his back, his arms splayed above his head and his eyes shut. Hermione rolled over to snuggle closer into his warm body beside her. As she laid her head on his chest, she pressed her cold toes into his warm calves, and he jumped when they touched his skin.
       "Blimey, your toes are like ice!” Ron muttered.
       “Happy Christmas to you too,” Hermione said and pulled the covers over her to block out the rays of sunlight streaming in from the window. Ron’s hand absentmindedly dropped down to her head on his chest, trailing his fingers through her hair lightly. Hermione turned her face towards him and breathed deeply. She savored these blissful moments before they each had to drag themselves out of bed and off to work. No matter how long they’d been together, she didn’t think she’d ever get used to the scent of Ron. Fresh, like spearmint, and something clean. Maybe laundry soap.
       “Hermione, don’t you want to see what Father Christmas brought you?” Ron asked. His voice was still thick with sleep, and it gave Hermione a sort of ache in the back of her throat.
       “What, you mean you’re not my gift?” She teased.
       “Ha, ha.” He sniped back. “You know I got you something for Christmas. Just like I know there’ll be a gift waiting for me out there.”
       “Let’s just lay here for a few more minutes, please.” She begged. In lieu of an answer, Ron brought his arms down around her in a tight embrace. She basked in the warmth of him, and in the safety of his arms.

       A few minutes later, Ron gently crawled out from under her.
       “Hermione, please. The anticipation is killing me. Can we go open presents?”
       “Oh, all right.” She sat up slowly, pulling her bushy hair up into a bun. Secretly, she was excited to see what Ron had gotten her, too.
       It couldn’t be any worse than last year, their first Christmas. Of course, they had known each other since they were twelve, but nothing can really prepare you for your first holiday together, no matter how long it’s been. Hermione fretted for weeks over the perfect gift for Ron. Finally, she confided in Ginny, hoping as his sister she’d have a bit of an insight as to what to get him.
       But, when she told her, Ginny had laughed outright.
       “Hermione, honestly, my brother is head over heels for you! It doesn’t matter what you get him for a silly holiday! He’d love it if you gave him a lightbulb!”
       Logically, Hermione knew what Ginny told her was true. But that small part of her, that part that had always doubted her, the part that at Hogwarts had always told her she was going to fail, no matter how much she’d studied, couldn’t let it go.
       In the end, everything had turned out fine. Hermione had gone a little overboard with the gifts, but then so had Ron. Everything turned out perfect, even when it turned out Hermione had ordered the wrong size jumper for Ron and the sleeves had almost reached his elbows. They had laughed about it, and the syrup laced kisses they had shared after breakfast more than made up for it.

       When Hermione finally made her way out to the small living room of their flat, Ron was waiting by the tree they had picked out and decorated themselves. He was practically bouncing on the balls of his feet in anticipation, peering at the pile of gifts. When he saw her approaching, he sat down on the floor, pulling her down with him.
       “You go first.” Hermione told him. He looked so eager, sitting there with his red hair mussed. He looked like a lanky, overexcited puppy. Especially with the way he was wiggling in place. Looking at him, still sleep soft and vulnerable, Hermione had a strange urge to reach over and pull him into her embrace. Looking at him like this filled her with a strange tinge of sadness she just couldn’t place.
       “Alright,” Ron agreed eagerly and pulled one of the boxes addressed to him from under the boughs of the tree. He peered at the label and then muttered brightly, “It’s from Mum!”
       Of course, it was a jumper. Dark blue this year with a capital letter ‘R’, Hermione exclaimed how nice the color looked with his hair, which made Ron blush pink and puff his chest proudly.
       “You next,” Ron told her. She reached for a small box with a bright red ribbon tied around it, when Ron shot out his hand and took it from her. “Um, better save that for last,” he muttered.
       Curious now, she just shrugged and grabbed a different package. They each unwrapped gifts from Harry and Ginny, George, Bill, Fleur, and Hermione received another Weasley sweater of her own, an olive green that looked marvelous with her dark skin.
       Finally, there were no more gifts under the tree. Ron appeared a little nervous and Hermione looked expectantly at him for the box he had taken earlier. She looked down in surprise as Ron took her hand in a freckled one of his own.
       “Well, erm, Hermione,” he began awkwardly.
       Oh, no. She looked up from their intertwined hands, suddenly feeling very warm in the face. Was he doing what she thought he was doing?
       “Would you, erm, that is, ah… I’m doing this all wrong. Her-Hermione, would y- oh fuck it.” He looked into her eyes, suddenly very serious. Letting go of her hand, Ron picked up the small box laying on the floor between them and opened it gingerly.
       Laying in the black velvet box was an exquisite engagement ring. It was beautiful, with one large diamond in the center and smaller ones encrusting the band. Next to the twinkling glow of the fairy lights, it glittered handsomely.
       “Hermione, would you marry me?”
       Hermione just looked at him in shock. Marry him? Well, of course, she knew this day would come eventually. In fact, she had been anxiously waiting for it. But now that the moment was here, well, she couldn’t do much more that sit dumbstruck with a look of what she assumed resembled horror plastered on her face.
       It wasn’t that she didn’t love Ron. No, it was quite the opposite. Hermione loved Ron, she loved him so much it hurt. They were both twenty now, plenty old enough to get engaged, and they had been living with each other ever since Hermione had come back from finishing her final year at Hogwarts, after its reconstruction. But none of this was the problem.
       Sometimes, Hermione wondered if she loved Ron too much. It terrified her, the way he wormed his way into her life so completely now. Before, when they had just been friends, it was different. It was even different when they had been long distance, she at Hogwarts and he in London. Now, she couldn’t imagine it without him. Anything without him. It made her wonder, sometimes, what she would do if she ever lost him.
       It seemed sort of ridiculous. Maybe it was silly, they had been friends all their lives. But now, if anything ever happened to Ron, she didn’t know if there would be enough for her to keep on living for. Sometimes, lately, when she imagine what might happen if something took him from her, she filled with this huge sense of dread. This mind numbing, blanketing feeling of self doubt that filled her entire body.
       It was the way he looked in the morning. The way he tied his shoes, right foot and then left. It was the way he combed his hair, the way he never made the bed without prompting, how he always lost the television remote. It was the way she couldn’t sleep without his breathing next to her, how the best cure for her anxiety was his heartbeat in her ears. His freckles, his hands, his comically large feet. It was the way he touched the tip of her nose and winked at her, and how even after so many years how every look send a jolt through her stomach and electricity humming through her brain. It was the way he smelled, the way he talked, the feel of his rough palm in her smooth one. It was him.
       She loved him. She gave all of herself to him. And she was terrified.
       Now, sitting across from her on the floor, Ron started to get a concerned expression on his face. “Hermione?” He questioned. “You know, this isn’t exactly the response I was hoping for…”
       Shaking her head a little, she beamed. Suddenly, she launched herself forward into his lap, wrapping her arms around Ron and squeezing him tightly.
       “Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Oh, you dunce, how could I say no? I can’t even go a day without speaking to you. Yes, yes, yes!” She enthused, peppering his face with kisses. She wanted to kiss every freckle, every single one of them.
       Ron laughed heartily, pulling her back. “Of course I knew you would say yes. I guess I was just nervous, why were you so quiet?” His face was serious despite his joking tone and Hermione knew she couldn’t just brush him off.
       She took a deep breath. She was dreading saying this out loud, of course it was ridiculous. But there was still that tiny voice in the back of her mind, what if, what if?
       “I’m scared.” She admitted. “Terrified. I can’t imagine what would happen if- if I lost you.” Her voice broke, and she took a second to regain her composure. Tears formed at the corner of her eyes and she briskly wiped them away. “I can’t even imagine it Ron, you’re my whole world and I, I don’t knew what I’d do-”
       “Stop. Stop right there.” Ron said firmly. “Hermione Jean. What on earth makes you think you’re going to loose me? We’re okay. We’re safe now. No one can take you from me, I won’t let them. And no one will take me from you either. Hermione, I love you. You’re my whole world, too. I wouldn’t be able to I’ve without you. Bloody hell, I wouldn’t even be able to find the television remote.” At this, she gave a watery laugh. “But there’s no way in hell you’re getting rid of me anytime soon.”
       Gently, he grabbed her hand in his own. Taking the ring out of the box, he slid it onto her finger, and they both looked down, admiring it for a moment. “Beautiful,” she breathed.
       Ron pressed his face close to hers, so they were nose to noise, eye to eye. “I love you,” Hermione whispered, and she could feel his breath on her face.
       “I love you too,” he whispered back. “Hermione Jane Weasley.”
       At that, a smile broke from her lips and she leaned forward to kiss him. Her fiancée. Gingerly, Ron leaned back so they were spread out on the floor and Hermione thought she heard the crunch of wrapping paper under him.
       “Mph. Ron,” Hermione muttered. “We’re going to be late for Christmas lunch at your Mum’s.”
       “Oh, they can stand to wait a while.” He replied. She relaxed against his chest and smiled.
       They had all the time in the world.

At Musing’s End (1/?) - Wonder By Wonder


You know the drill:



IF NC-17 was a line, this is not even in the same unidimensional field as that line.









BUT: I suggest you read it. Actually I encourage you to read it. it’s time we changed how we view sex. It’s not disgusting. It’s a loving act. And I have no malicious intent in writing this :D

(Except I write it about real people and that’s kind of creepy of me AND I AM SO SORRY FOR THIS)


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SLSP blurb one shotty thing. Idk I wrote a thing at 12 am whoops. It could be about whatever boy you want, I left that blank. Didn’t proofread cause it’s 12:30 am. I just got bored idk. feedback would be nice maybe idk.

sorry if it sucks it’s late and was just an impromptu writing session xx Gabby

       Sunlight streamed in through the window as I blinked my eyes open. My messy hair draped over my forehead and eyes as I slowly sunk back in to the soft pillows and blankets, not wanting to leave my cocoon. I pressed back into the strong back behind me and smiled contently. I felt his arm tighten around me and pull me closer as I nestled tighter. Eyes still closed, I felt him lean down and smooth the hair out of my neck, pressing his lips to them. I smiled a he creeped up pressing kisses all along my neck and face until he reached my forehead. I rolled around onto my back and smiled up at him.

       “Hey,” I whispered, studying his eyes. He smiled, biting his lip while looking at me. I ran a hand through his messy hair. My eyes fell to the arrow heat tattoo on his chest with my name in it. I giggled as I delicately traced my name along his chest. He smiled down at me, watching me as my fingers slowly danced along his soft skin. He inhaled sharply as my hand got closer and closer to his collar bones. 

       “Hey,” he whispered back. He leaned down and pressed his lips softly to mine. I reached my hand up to stroke his face and smiled into the kiss. I felt him smiling back and I wrapped my hand around the back of his neck, pulling him in closer, before slowly pulling out for her air.

       “My mom would kill me if she knew I was here,” I laughed as I surveyed the situation. My ripped skinny jeans were discarded in a corner of the room. I looked down at myself to discover I was wearing nothing but a pair of his American apparel underwear and memories of the previous night came flooding back. I smiled to myself as I remembered the intimate details of the perfect, love filled night.

       “Well, she doesn’t know, does she?” He mumbled, nipping at my neck. I giggled as his lips grazed my neck and lightly shoved him away. He smirked at me before pinning me down to the bed and capturing my lips in a passionate, rough kiss. I squealed from the surprise and laughed as I let him kiss me, feeling the love radiate from his lips.

       He pulled out eventually, smiling smugly to himself. I allowed myself to lay back down in the bed and looked up at his broad, muscular frame. I smiled as I noticed a smudge of lipstick from the night before attached to the corner of his mouth. I reached my hand up and lightly rubbed it away. He closed his eyes, laughing at me, and I reached my hand up to lightly slap him. He opened his eyes and studied me, not saying anything. I watched as his eyes intently ran over my body and face. I shifted closer to him, watching his eyes dart up and down. “You are absolutely beautiful,” he breathed out, running his hand up my thigh to my side and back down again.

       I felt myself blushing and I rolled over on my side, burying my head into his neck. “This is perfect.” he mumbled against my skin. Goosebumps rose along my neck from his breath as I cuddled deeper. “I want this, I want this every day.” 

       I glanced at him for a brief moment before looking back down again. I tugged at my lip nervously as another blush and smile creeped up along my face. He brought his lips down to my ear and whispered “I really do love you, so much.” 

       I looked up at the boy that I had worked so hard to get and keep.The boy who meant everything to me. The boy who was worth risking everything for. The boy who I would run away with. The boy who had become my world. “I love you more,” I mumbled back against his lips.

       He shook his head before burying it in the crook of my neck and lying back down with me. We remained there for a few moments, just breathing each other in and slowly running our hands along each other’s soft skin. It was silent as I laid in complete bliss wondering what I had ever done to deserve something or someone so perfect. 

       His voice cracked through the air like a warm summer breeze. 

       “Marry me?”