she is killing him in her mind :d

thinking about trans girl jason grace is making me emotional like just….

1) she hates her big muscles. she wants to be slender and pretty, but shes too… big! shes just this big hunk of muscle from training her entire life and it makes her feel embarrassed, ashamed, dysphoric. then, when she and hazel are sparring, hazel pulls up her sleeves or takes off her sweater to reveal huge biceps and jason feels a little bit prettier in her skin. she looks at reyna’s arms a little, touching her own biceps and feels…. okay. like maybe being a girl is more complicated than she’d ever considered it could be.

2) she feels embarrassed, too, for realizing so late. will knew he was trans from when he was a little kid, and yet, up until she realized she could even THINK of being a girl, she just never had. she had been comfortable as a man, or at least she thought so, and now everything is scary and different and she doesnt get it.

will and dakota and reyna and leo all knew they were transgender from under the age of 12. here she is, 19, and she’s struggling to figure it all out. she’s glad for their support, but she feels… wrong. she’s at camp half blood talking about it quietly to annabeth one day and annabeth goes silent for a moment. then, jason finds herself guided to the big house, talking to mr d. mr d says he’s still confused about gender, even after all this time, and that its pretty normal to be, all things considered. she asks almost jokingly if its “ms or mrs d” and dionysus LAUGHS, shooing both girls away, sipping quietly at his usual can of soda.

3) she wonders if she should want to change her name. she doesnt mind it so much, though it feels odd occasionally. will says he’d kill anyone who called him by his deadname, reyna goes quiet and prefers not to talk about it. leo is mostly likewise, though he cracks an unfunny “leo-ina” joke that makes jason roll her eyes. dakota just offers him koolaid, says not to sweat it - lots of trans people dont change their names! but jason has yet to meet any girl anywhere named jason that continues to be called jason. how would she change her name anyways? who does she go to? would thalia want to help her pick? does it have to mean something? if she chose something with a j, would that be a stereotype? gods, if this was only less confusing.

4) but, time goes by and she grows more comfortable. she doesnt get the automatic defensive response when leo calls her “pretty lady”, and she refers to herself as a girl and stops forgetting her own pronouns out of habit. she grows more comfortable seeing her body as a womans body. things get easier. she gathers the courage to wear her favorite dresses and skirts more often, her hands grow more steady as she applies make-up on the rare occasions she has the energy to. dakota buys her a down with cis shirt as a joke and she laughs. she wears it as pajamas as often as its clean and goes to bed every night knowing she has people who support her. its taken a while, but she thinks…. maybe she’s happy. definitely, absolutely happy.

Dan x Reader- Little One, I Love You

Third Person POV
Tuesday is the day Dan must leave for New York. He’s set to visit YouTube Headquarters and sponsors for Phil and his projects in New York. He’s going to be there for four days and while we both would’ve thought the amount of time was nothing four years ago, we’ve definitely changed now. In the space of four years, Dan and y/n have welcomed an adorable little girl, y/d/n who captured our hearts and life the first day she came on this Earth.

Dan was wrapped up in her little finger and she adored him which would make it gut wrenching when he would have to say goodbye Tuesday morning. Usually when Dan had to go on any sort of work trips y/n joined him and Phil or just stay home and stick it out. When they were in newborn stage, she’d stay home with their daughter who didn’t really mind nor remember. However, now the 4 year old totally understood. They would always accompany Dan whether it was to L.A or Florida, but it seemed cruel to have mid toddler on a plane for hours just for a mere 4 all work days, so they wanted y/d/n and y/n to stay home. The hard part is telling her…

“Daddy!!! Mommy!!!” I heard little but mighty voice shout from lounge then the sound of little feet pottering came closer.
I eyed Dan in worriment and I just saw pure horror in his face, frozen in position for packing his suitcase. It was y/d/n.
“Crap,” he mumbled shuffling to push in a the clothing drawers of our bedroom and zipping up the suitcase quickly.
“Hello munchkin,” Dan tried to look causal with a giant suitcase on the bed. But she’s far too suspicious and smart as her chocolate eyes widened, making the connection instantly.
“Whatcha doing?” The little voice chirped and then ran over to open the suitcase revealing her father’s clothes.
“Daddy are you packing?” y/d/n curiously smiled excitedly and I stayed silent.
Dan smiled weakly and nodded letting out a quiet, “Yes.”
“Yay! Where we going?” She asked all giddy.
Dan grabbed her to carry and sit on the bed, as he bent down on the floor with his giant height.
“Baby, daddy’s going away to work for little bit in New York. You stay here with mommy for a little bit.” He said in the calmest voice possible but then we saw all the color wiped from her face as it dropped, sadness overtaking and she gulped.
“W-w-what? Why?” y/d/n looked scared and I went on the bed to hold her in an attempt of comfort.
“Because, Uncle Phil and I have to meet some people there but I’ll be back. Promise.” Dan swallowed his breath watching her little rose lip quiver.
“Without me?” She had the sheer look of horror in her face, the exact one her dad had on just a mere minutes ago. I stroked her hair and kiss her forehead trying to tell it’d be alright. My heart was sinking.
“Yes, because it’s going to be really boring and we are going to do work things. You can stay here though and do whatever with mommy and have so much fun.” He looked at me for reassurance and I nodded at her once more, “Mhmm.”
“No!!! Daddy please don’t leave me.” y/d/n and Dan instantly jumped to her to hold her in his arms.
“No no baby, I’ll be back I promise.” Dan took her head in his chest, softly stroking her hair. But it was too late and inevitable, the waterworks came.

Third Person POV
Eventually, y/d/n stopped crying and he tucked her into bed after taking all the cuddles he would need.
But before he could leave, the little voice peeped out at him.
“Daddy?” It sounded scared and exhausted worked from all emotions.
“Yes love?” He thought he was going to make a quick getaway for it, but instead he ran over to his little girl’s bed.
Her eyes were teary and red, body hot and sniffling, how he hated seeing his little one like this.
“Have I been bad?” The voice peeped out struck with fear, “I promise I’ll be good just stay, or let me go with you, Daddy. Please.”
“No angel, you’ve been an amazing little girl. I just have to go and do things.” Dan tried reasoning with her but he only got, “Have Uncle Phil do it! Stay with me!”
Dan just shook his head and kissed her, “I’m sorry baby. I can’t.”
In the small amount of seconds, her brain ran wild. Eyes looking all around and mouth quivering again, trying to come up with some explanation of why her father would leave her and she only came to one conclusion.
“Do you not love me anymore? That why you leaving?” Dan’s eyes widened absolutely heart absolutely broke at her statement.
He feared her ever asking that, he never ever wanted her to doubt his love for her. Now in her 4 year old mind, she somehow came up that the only reason that he’s leaving her at home is that he didn’t love her and it killed him.
“Listen to me, little one I love you so much. I will always love you so much. I don’t want you to ever think I don’t love you. I promise I love you and always will.” His eyes were urging and eyes yearning for her to understand, he needed her to always believe that he loved her.
y/d/n simply nodded her little head and curled up to him sleepily mumbling, “Daddy, I love you too,” after kissing his cheek.
He smiled at this statement and held her a little longer wishing it could be forever.
Her small body stirred a little more in his arms and then whispered, “Daddy?”
Dan was surprised she was still awake but he wanted to savor every last moment with his little girl and looked down at her.
“Can I go with you please?” Her eyes were as big as a puppy’s and Dan could feel his heart soften. That’s it, he couldn’t stand it anymore and may have even wanted her to come more than his daughter herself. If y/d/n wanted to go this time then she’d go, New York was only just a couple hours and not as bad as Los Angeles.
“Okay… fine.” Dan watched his baby girl’s face light up once again, “But you have to go to sleep now darling.”
She nodded and curled back into his body and whispered a peppy and sleepy, “Yay.”
Dan chuckled at what he just promised, with a bit of shock, but he was going to deliver for his little one.

In an instant Dan whipped out his phone going straight to the plane app and booked another 2 tickets. With all their information automatically filled in, Dan had booked y/n and the littlest Howell on a trip to New York next to him on first class. The flight was on Tuesday and the current day was current early hours of Monday. Dan slowing crept out of the room and went to see his wife quietly reading a book in bed.

“You’re still up, you didn’t have to wait up for me.” Dan said taking off his shirt and crawling in bed.
I shrugged, “I was reading anyways, I would’ve woken you with the light if you went came to bed to soon.”
Dan chuckled kissing my cheek and pulling over the duvet in himself.
“How did she take it?” I asked wondering if it went well since he was in there for so long.
“So umm, guess we’re going to New York on Tuesday.” Dan spoke quietly and I put her book down in surprise. I swear there was a little grin.
“What? Dan!” I scolded him in disbelief and instead he just smirked with an amused giggle.
“I couldn’t say no to that face.” I groaned but didn’t really mind honestly. I missed New York but I would miss Dan more if he left even if it was only for a few days.
“Dan,” I complained as he kissed my lips coming on too of me making me blush.
“You would find she’s very convincing. Just like her mother.” Dan said in between his little kisses all over my body.
Scoffing I ask, “Is that so?”
Dan nodded and winked, “Besides I can’t leave you, I’ll miss you far too much.”
I sighed cuddling up to his bare chest, “Alright, well I guess one day she’s gonna beg to stay home. So we might as savor the time she wants to come with us.”
“Exactly.” Dan kissed my forehead and we both yawned consecutively.
“Guess we’re all packing tomorrow.” I mumbled not even bothering to think about all the running around and Dan laughed it off.
“I love you.” He beamed at me.
“I love you too.” I kissed his lips once more and I rested my eyes peacefully with closed smile.

Third Person POV
While y/n drifted asleep, he marveled at how a little girl had him wrapped around her finger and he would literally do anything for her heart’s desire. Now, he understood this love and admiration that he had and he was in awe. Dan had a family that was his. Dan had more than he could ever wish far and he absolutely loved it. He had y/n and y/d/n and that was all he needed.

Phil and his wife along with their child also came on the New York trip after they were told of Dan bringing y/n and their daughter. They had an amazing time.


*A little Caryl fluff taking place immediately after the end of S7.

By: LJ Michaels


Sitting next to Morgan on the steps, Carol knew no words would help with the turmoil in his heart. With all they’d been through, she felt only time would help him heal. In her own heart, she felt strangely at peace for the most part. The Kingdom fighters had shown up just in time to save Carl, Rick, and probably others. Carol was grateful for this, but killing humans was never going to sit easy in her mind.

Carol reached over and rubbed Morgan’s shoulder gently. He sighed and glanced at her briefly, then looked away. “Morgan…give it time, okay?”

He nodded, staring at the sharpened staff across his knees. “I will.”

Glancing up, Carol saw Daryl checking the dead for signs of reanimation. As she watched, he put his knife through the skull of a deceased Savior as it began to stir and snarl. Sensing her watching, Daryl looked up and nodded. Carol stood and turned to Morgan. “I’ll find you later, all right?”

Morgan nodded again. “Okay. I’ll um…I’ll be around.”

Carol looked up and saw Daryl had moved on a little, and he turned as she approached. “You okay?”

He snorted softly. “Gotta be.”

They worked side-by-side for the next 45 minutes, making two complete sweeps around the interior walls of Alexandria. They put down five more walkers, dragging the bodies into the street to be picked up later. Morgan had left the steps at some point, following a distance behind them. He was retrieving the weapons abandoned during the fight.

Carol and Daryl finished up near Rick’s house where both of them had previously stayed. Daryl glanced up at the house. “Gonna wash up. You?”


He turned and went inside, Carol close behind. They discovered no one was home, and they chose separate bathrooms for cleaning up. Daryl finished first, and went to the kitchen for something to eat. He wondered to himself how he could possibly be hungry after finishing off the walkers… but he pushed that thought away. He really was hungry.

Carol entered the kitchen moments later, running her fingers through her damp hair. “I don’t know how, but I’m hungry.”

“Me, too.“ Daryl backed up from the fridge, bumping the door closed with his hip. He set peanut butter, jelly, and some homemade bread on the counter. “Good?”

“Perfect.” Carol watched him prepare the sandwiches, reflecting on the day. She sighed quietly.

Daryl paused and looked up, but soon resumed his application of a thick layer of peanut butter on the bread. He seemed to be waiting for Carol to speak. After adding a generous amount of jelly, he handed the finished sandwich to her.

She accepted and stared down at it for a moment. “I…I realized something after hearing about Glenn and Abraham and the others.” Carol paused, thinking. She continued in a soft voice. “It stopped being about me and my issues, and became about us…about Alexandria. I had to be here today…for everyone, the dead and the living.”

“Good thing you were.”

He watched closely as Carol set the sandwich down. She walked around the island to him, holding his eyes.

“Also…for us.” She laid a soft hand on his arm. Reaching up, she gently turned him until he faced her, but his gaze had dropped. “Daryl?”

Not looking up, he mumbled, “I don’t…deserve you…” He took a deep, shaky breath. “There’s things…you don’t know. Glenn….it…”

“No,” Carol interrupted firmly, “No. Maggie told me.” She pulled him close, tugging his arms so they went around her.

Daryl held her close, gently, burying his face in her neck. Carol shivered as he exhaled next to her ear, raising goosebumps everywhere.

Sliding one hand under the hair lying on his neck, she whispered to him, “There are things I‘ve done…things I don’t… know…if I can ever tell you.”

Tightening his arms around her, Daryl was silent for a moment. Softly, he asked, “Don’t matter now, does it?”

Nuzzling his neck, she answered, “Maybe…”

“It’s the past, and all we got is now.”

Pulling back from him, Carol searched his face. “When did you get so damn wise?”

Blushing, he mumbled, “Dunno.”

Carol put a hand on the side of his warm face. “Hey.”

His blue eyes raised to hers, then fell to her mouth. Carol leaned in and kissed him gently. At first Daryl only responded by tightening his arms around her. She started to pull back, but Daryl’s lips followed hers. Responding softly at first, he gave tentative kisses with trembling lips. They grew stronger after a moment, and Carol could feel his nervousness subside.

Their kisses grew stronger until she found herself out of breath, heart pounding. She felt Daryl’s heart pounding, too, and leaned back enough to rest her forehead against his.

“Wait,” Carol panted, “I need a…minute.”

Daryl nodded against her, “M-me, too.” He pressed his lips to her neck, breathing hard.

From outside they heard the sound of approaching voices and quiet laughter. Judith’s unmistakable giggle followed. Carol reluctantly released her grip as Daryl backed away, eyes wide in alarm.

She took his wrist gently, heading toward the stairs. “They don’t know I’m here. Did you stay here last night?”

Nodding, Daryl paused to pick up the sandwich and take a huge bite. “Had a room to myself.”

“Show me.”

Daryl coughed around the mouthful of food.


Carol woke to a soft sound, opening her eyes to find Judith staring at her sleepily. Her blonde curls were a soft halo around her face, and she yawned as she met Carol’s eyes.

Judith pointed over Carol’s shoulder. “Day-ah!” She clutched a beat-up red plastic cup in one hand.

“Yep,” Daryl’s sleep-roughened voice replied, “Day-ah.” He propped himself up on one elbow to look at Judith.

“Judith! How did you get….” Carol began, but remembered getting up during the night to put on one of Daryl’s t-shirts…and then using the restroom. She must have left the door unlatched.

Rick’s voice carried down the hall. “Judith?” He sounded worried but was trying to keep his voice low.

“Da-da!” Judith smiled her sweetest smile. “Da-da, Kale!”

Rick answered softly from the hallway, “Honey, Carol’s not…”

Rick appeared at the door, looking disheveled but relieved…and surprised to see Carol. His eyes widened when he realized Daryl was in the same bed.

“Oh…oh, you are…here.”  Blushing, he picked up Judith, apologizing for her. “Oh, I, uh… sorry…she…I…um…see you…later.” He backed out of the room and closed the door.

“Bye, bye, Kale!” Judith called loudly from the hallway.

Carol got up and flipped the lock, giggling. She climbed back into bed with Daryl, and he wrapped her in his arms with a sigh.

“Well…guess we don’t have to make an announcement.”

Still giggling, Carol kissed him soundly. “Nope. Everyone will know inside of…oh, 15 minutes.”

“Good.” Daryl replied.


#6 & #11-Juice Ortiz

#6-You’re cute, but I’m cuter.“

#11-Wow, someone needs a happy meal.”




“Ugh, this is taking forever!” I exclaimed in the line me and Juice had been waiting in for probably a little over half an hour.

Juice chuckled. “Wow, someone needs a happy meal.” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. “You’re d*nm right I do.”

I was starving, and we were waiting for food. I hadn’t eaten all day and this was killing me.

“Don’t worry Babe. I’ll handle this.” He smirked before attempting to flirt with the woman and in front of us so we’d move up in line. But she turned him down, completely unimpressed.

He sighed. “Well..never mind.” I chuckled.

“Oh Juicy, she doesn’t play for your team.”

Then, I attempted to flirt with her, and sure enough we moved up in line, taking Juice a bit by surprise, I chuckled.

“You see, you’re cute, but I’m cuter.” I teased. Earning an eyeroll from my boyfriend. He smiled, and put his arm on my waist.

“Can’t argue with that logic.”

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inspired by that @pansexualriphunter post :  “at some point after rip is rip again but before he’s actually allowed out of the medbay (they gotta make sure he’s healthy or whatever) someone takes the jumpship back to 2017 and raids a local party city (see: pays for the goods provided, thank you very much) and so when rip goes to the bridge for the first time in a while he’s greeted by cake and a banner that says “congrats on not being dead!” and there are balloons and its a pure moment.”

Rip found comfort in knowing that, despite his absence, his team was still as confusing and exasperating as ever. 

Obviously, things hadn’t gone back to the way it was before New York – seeing as there were two new members that he didn’t know. Amaya, he knew from the short time he had spent with the JSA and the few History courses that he remembered.  Nate Heywood was another story, though. He had recognized his name and had made the connection to Henry, but Rip had no recollection of his grandson gaining powers. Which was something he intended to discuss about with Sara as soon as he was allowed of the medbay. To say he wasn’t surprised when Ray cornered him on his way out would be an understatement. His too-wide grin alarmed him, though.

 “Can I do something for you, Mr Palmer?”

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Trimberly prompt: Trini isn't as forgiving as Jason was when Kim confides in her about how she cyber bullied Amanda with revenge porn.

Also posted on AO3

Kim paced the length of her bedroom, wringing her hands and trying to keep them from shaking. She had texted Trini over fifteen minutes ago saying that she needed to talk to her and the wait was absolutely killing her.

She had invited Trini over to confess the horrible thing she did to Amanda. It was high time her friend knew. But she was scared out of her mind because she just didn’t know how Trini would react. Jason had taken it well enough, but that was him. Trini…Trini was different.

Trini knew what it was like to be bullied all the time and had been on the receiving end of many malicious words and deeds. Her locker had been defaced numerous times. She’d been called “dyke,” “fag,” and “wetback” (all of which made Kim want to cut a bitch) more than any of them could keep track of. And maybe she hadn’t had nude pictures of herself shared without her permission, but both were forms of horrible bullying all the same.

So what if Trini hated her?

“You planning on burning a hole through the floor with all that walking?”

Kim jumped as Trini’s voice startled her. She shook her head and said, “You just scared the shit outta me.”

“Yeah, I could tell,” Trini laughed. “What’s got you thinking so hard that you didn’t hear me climb in through your window?”

Kim bit her lip and gestured to her bed. “Can we-can we sit down? There’s something I gotta tell you.

Trini narrowed her suspiciously, but did as Kim asked. “Alright, you’re acting, like, super weird. What’s up?”

Kim sat down next to her, fingers plucking at the comforter. She stopped when she felt a hand cover hers.

“Hey. What’s going on?”

Kim took a deep breath and said, “You know how I have detention every Saturday? Same as Jason and Billy?”

Trini nodded.

“Well, there’s a reason for that. I…I did a bad thing, Trini. A horrible thing to one of my friends.”

Kim didn’t look at Trini the entire time she spoke and Trini never interrupted her once. She sat back and listened with rapt attention, letting Kim explain everything. How Amanda shared the naked picture with her. How she’d leaked the photo and humiliated Amanda beyond belief. How she’d been ostracized by her (now) former friends and all but kicked off the cheerleading squad. But most of all how badly she wished that she could take it all back.

After she was done, she finally worked up the courage to look at Trini. The other girl was staring hard at the wall in front of her, completely silent. It was a long uncomfortable moment before she said anything.

“So that’s how you fell from grace, huh?”

“Yeah,” Kim said quietly. “And there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t regret what I did.”

“That doesn’t take back what you did to Amanda, Kim,” Trini said, an edge to her voice. “And as much as I hate that girl’s guts, no one deserves their privacy invaded like that. No one. How could you? Why would you ever think that was a good idea? I mean, revenge porn, Kim? That’s the lowest you can get. I-I just….” She sighed heavily leaned forward, elbows on her knees.

Kim’s worst fear was coming true. Trini couldn’t even look at her. Her mouth was set in a grim line and Kim didn’t know what to say.

“I thought you were different,” Trini whispered. She was feeling betrayed. The girl she had fallen for, the girl who made her heart ache, the girl who made butterflies stir in her stomach, the girl who was her best friend had done the unthinkable. Trini wasn’t even sure if she could still trust Kim or not anymore.

“I am,” she insisted. “I’m still the same Kimberly Hart who trains everyday with you and the boys. I’m still the same person who saved the world from an ugly green alien lady who wanted to destroy it. And I’m still the same person who would die for any one of you. I made a mistake, Trini, and you all deserve to know what I did.”

Trini closed her eyes and stood up, walking over to Kim’s still open window. “I just…I need time. To process it and…,” she trailed off before finally looking up at Kim. “Just give me some time.”

Kim swallowed hard, blinking back tears that threatened to escape. She didn’t—couldn’t—lose Trini. She was her best friend. They understood each other and meshed in a way the other Rangers never would with either of them. They had their own unique relationship that allowed the two of them to be stronger together than when they were with any of the others.

As Trini swung a leg through her window, ready to climb down, Kim couldn’t help it. She just had to ask. “Do you hate me now?”

That stopped Trini right in her tracks. “No,” she said eventually, staring at Kim with sad eyes. “I don’t think I could ever hate you, Kim.” Then she was gone.

With a curvy GF

Thank you for the ask ! Always happy to see some French friends on my Tumblr

Reaction of pirates with a curvy girlfiend : 

Portgas D Ace: 

-Does not really care 

-Likes his S/O the way she is

- If she feels great like this he will not say anything 

-Prefers big booty than bones 

Trafalgar Law:

-Prefers curvy girls

-The “healthy part” is very important for him. She can be the way she wants IF it’s healthy (same for a slim girl)

-If someone say something rude to her (about his body) HE WILL KILL THAT FUCKING BASTARD, nicely. 


-As Ace, do not really mind

-Always say something nice to her when she talks about eat less, like “You are perfect the way you are”…

Eustass Kid:


-He is always bored with slim girls, not enough “meat to eat”

- Likes to touch his S/O butt


Note: After you and your daughter are abandoned by her father, all you want is for your daughter to feel safe and loved– a home. After finding yourself in the midst of the First Order’s attack on Takodana, you find that home in someone unexpected.

Requested By: Anonymous 

Originally posted by kyloholic

“They’re beautiful, D/N!” You smiled as your daughter presented you with a handful of daisies.

You were sitting on a soft picnic blanket in an open field as you held your arms out to the four year old. She giggled and jumped onto you.

You wrapped your arms around her and gently lowered yourself down so you were looking up at the sky.

You sighed contentedly. You loved spending time with your daughter. After her father abandoned you two years ago, you promised that you would always be the best version of yourself for her.

“How many planets can you see?” You asked her as she stared up curiously.

She squinted her eyes as she tried to focus, “One… Two… Hey Mama, look!” D/N said, pointing up to the sky.

“What is it darling?” You asked, following her gaze.

Your heart rate quickened as you saw a small fleet of TIE Fighters approaching the surface of the planet.

You stood immediately, picking up your daughter.

“Is it home time now?”

You held her hand and squeezed it reassuringly, “Yes, Princess, it’s time to go home,” you smiled to her, trying to hide the fear that was increasing within you.

As the TIE Fighters grew closer, you held on to your daughter tighter, frantically glancing around as you looked for a hiding place. You thanked the Maker as your eyes landed on some bushes in the distance. You ran towards them, still carrying your daughter.

Just as you ducked behind the bushes, you watched as the TIE Fighters landed. You heard a loud noise from above you and a far larger, more intimidating spaceship soon made its descent onto the planet.

Your daughter buried her head into your chest, soft sobs escaping her mouth. You felt a lump forming in your own throat as you stroked her hair gently, trying to calm her down.

You watched as a hoard of Storm Troopers exited the TIE Fighters, all of them looking towards the larger spacecraft. You followed their gaze and watched as a cloaked man descended down the ramp, a small group of Storm Troopers behind him.

You knew immediately who the man was. You had heard stories for months about Kylo Ren and his efforts in the First Order. A tear escaped your eyes as you realised that you would be dead if they found you.

Your daughter looked up at you. The sight of you crying started her and she loudly exclaimed, “I’m scared!” Her sobs grew louder and you panicked, knowing that this would alert the Storm Troopers.

Some of the Storm Troopers closer to you perked up and looked your way. You tried to duck further but it was no use. One of them had seen you.

You clutched your daughter as tightly as you could as the Storm Trooper approached you. He roughly lifted you both up and brought you back to the rest of the group.

“What do we have here?” A Storm Trooper asked as you were pushed to the centre of the gathering.

You tried to hush D/N as she whimpered. You had caught the attention of everyone at this point, and you slowly lifted your gaze to the Commander, knowing that he would have the final say over what happened to you.

“P-Please, do what you have to do but don't… don’t hurt my daughter, she’s just a child,” you said weakly, your voice barely above a whisper.

There was complete silence before the Storm Trooper who had found you finally spoke up, “Should I kill them?”

You kept your gaze focused on your daughter.


Your eyes shot up at the Commander, who had just spoken for the first time.

“But Sir—”

“Remember your mission.” He replied firmly, “Go. All of you. Find what we came here for,” He continued.

The group quickly dispersed and soon you were alone with Kylo Ren.

You kept your eyes firmly planted towards the ground, anticipating the worst as you heard his footsteps approaching you.

You finally shut your eyes as you felt him stand in front of you, keeping one hand on your daughter’s back.
“Come with me.”

You hesitantly looked up at him. His helmet revealed nothing, and you couldn’t tell whether or not this was a ploy. He would surely kill you both soon.

Sensing your hesitation, he extended out an arm towards you. You flinched, taking a slight step back.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said calmly, his arm still extended, “Either of you.”

At that, you slowly moved your hand from your daughter’s back before lightly brushing your hand against his arm. When he made no other movement, you rested your hand more firmly on his arm and he led you to the larger spaceship.

D/N seemed to sense that you were in relative safety as you boarded the spacecraft, and she loosened her hold on you. You gave her a small smile as you followed the Commander’s lead.

He led you to what looked like a bedroom and gestured for you both to enter.

You set your daughter down, still holding her hand as you stepped inside.

“You may leave when my men have completed the mission. You’ll be safer in here than outside.”

Your daughter tugged at your hand and you released your grip from her before she started to explore the room.
“W-Why are you doing this?”

“As you said, she’s just a child,” He pointed to your daughter.

Your stomach fluttered slightly and you couldn’t help but produce a small smile at the man’s actions. You quickly brought yourself back to reality, reminding yourself that you were in the company of the most feared man in the galaxy. Perhaps he actually had killed you and this was some sort of dream-like state.

“This is real, I assure you,” he said, and you cursed yourself for forgetting that Kylo Ren was a force user.

“Sorry,” you mumbled.

He simply nodded once, “I’ll return when it’s safe for you to leave,” he said before exiting the room.

Two Years Later

“Look at me, I’m Daddy!” Your daughter announced as she came running into your quarters, wearing Kylo Ren’s helmet.

You stifled a laugh as she ran past you quickly and in to the adjoining room.

Kylo quickly came running after her, and you stood up to watch him chase her around the room before finally picking her up.

“You’re getting to fast for me now, Princess,” Kylo laughed as he spun her around.

The helmet, far too loose for her small head, came flying off as she twirled and you managed to catch it before it fell.

Kylo grinned as approached you, D/N now sitting on his shoulders and beaming widely.

“Hello, love,” he said, crouching slightly to kiss your cheek. He lowered himself down so that he was level with your stomach, “Hello to you too, little one.”

“I want to say hello to the baby!” Your daughter piped up. Kylo gently set her down as she enveloped your torso in a hug.

Kylo ruffled D/N’s hair as she whispered something to your stomach.

You smiled at her before resting your gaze on Kylo.

“What’s on your mind?” He asked as he met your gaze. Since that day on Takodana, Kylo promised he wouldn’t read your thoughts again.

“Just thinking about the day we met,” you smiled.

He let out a huff, “The day my men tried to kill you?”

You frowned at him, “No. The day you saved us.”

He smiled, remembering the day that seemed so long ago now. When Kylo returned to the room on board The Finalizer, something stirred within you and you asked if you could stay a while longer. You couldn’t explain it, but something about this man made you feel safe—despite the stories that you had heard about him.

Two years later, and you and D/N still hadn’t left. Kylo adored your daughter. It didn’t take long for you to fall in love with the man who treated your daughter as his own. And now, you were starting your own family with him. You had finally found a home again.

“I love you Y/N,” Kylo said as he brought his lips to yours.

Your daughter tugged on his robes and he let out a laugh, picking her up again, “And I love you too, Princess.”

nekokitkat  asked:

The kuromama murder scene always made me think of Chnyan and her mother being murdered. Whats going through kurogane's mind when she states she wants revenge and when she resolves to not kill him.

That is such a very good parallel! 

It’d be so much more fascinating if Kurogane had been present for that final scene in Koryo. But then again, maybe this is exactly why he wasn’t there when Chu’nyan finally confront’s her mother’s murderer. Because we all know what that did to Kurogane. 

But even so, if given the chance I feel like the closure these two might have found in each other would have been amazing. 


Here lies Sam, the garden’s foe:
His flowers never seemed to grow.
So feeding plants was his bequest
But he proved too rich to digest.
Here lies his plot of barren seeds;
His spirit wanders, killing weeds.

Edna left a boy behind;
Drove him half out of his mind
Thinking how her spirit burned
In the afterlife she’d earned.

Spare a thought for lisping Nell;
She consigned herself to Hell!
For, she said, she had no faith
That she detherved the other plathe.

Alexander’s, short and sweet:
“He had no one left to beat.”

demonicreality  asked:

What do you think would happen if Chelsea from the Volturi coven died? Her ability is to manipulate relationships which Aro uses to keep certain people in the coven loyal to him and the Volturi, do you think if she was killed her power would fade from their minds and some would start to rebel?

I’d like to think Aro has a Plan B for that sort of eventuality, and that he hasn’t relied completely on Chelsea to form bonds within the coven (I think, for example, Jane and Alec are loyal to him regardless because he was their savior and he treats them like his own pampered children), but it could be … pretty bad. I wonder if Aro himself really know for sure how it would play out? He knows the bonds from seeing them in Marcus mind, and he knows what he’s asked Chelsea to do, but I don’t know if there’s really any way for him to know for certain how it would unwind (and how quickly) if she died. 

It says the effects of her power fade over time, but it takes a long time. Is that true if she dies, or do all the ties she created just snap? The ‘snapping’ scenario would be a bigger problem. You might have someone like Demetri suddenly be like “hey wait a second, why did I leave Amun?” or something, but I also think his fraternal/friendly bond with Felix is real, and wouldn’t be affected, so he might have some reason to stay–or Felix might have a reason to leave with him. 

If the bonds just fade without her, then Aro’s got some time to “patch the holes” and maybe keep the whole thing afloat by giving special favors on ones he wants to keep, or getting them addicted to Corin before Chelsea’s spell wears off. He could monitor the progress via Marcus, I suppose. Suddenly he’s like the host of a dinner party–”Do you have everything you need? Can I get you anything? Are you having fun? How can I help you have MORE fun? Do you like it here?”  

My guess is a lot of the minor guard might start to question things, but the higher up ones might stay loyal, with the possible exceptions of Demetri and Heidi, who were basically stolen from other covens. Heidi especially seemed happy with her all-female coven whom Aro had killed on false charges just to obtain her. Like…without Chelsea can she really ever feel loyal and comfortable with them? Even with all the “perks” and honor and glory? IDK. Renata has her loyalty to her family, but she seems to also understand that part of that loyalty is serving the Volturi to bring her family honor (and to keep the Volturi from wanting to destroy Luca and his family). 

I think the bigger problem would be getting Chelsea to turn against the Volturi and break the bonds herself, or making everyone loyal to her or some other leader of her choosing. THAT would create the kind of chaos that even Aro, savvy as he is, would have a hard time fixing. 

Your younger child asks one of the members about lost virginity because their older sibling mentioned about it but your child doesn't know what the word virginity means and the member tells him (BTS)

Sorry for the long title!

Y/S/N: your son’s name

Y/Y/S/N: your younger son’s name

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Y/Y/D/N: your younger daughter’s name

Namjoon: -he was planning out in his head how in the world he could tell you that apparently your younger son over heard his older brother mention that he lost his virginity. Hoseok said that your little boy asking him what losing virginity meant- “so either I tell Y/N or I get our older son to actually tell admit he hasn’t been going to soccer practice and sleeping with his girlfriend instead”

Originally posted by xchiiban

Jin: -he wasn’t pleased to hear from Jeongguk that your baby girl over heard big sister talk about losing her virginity to Taehyung’s son. He was worried also about your little daughter’s issue with privacy but also the fact he’d have to kill one of his best friend’s children- “Does Taehyung know about this? I have to tell my wife and that’s going to be harder than talking to Y/D/N and then Y/Y/D/N about privacy”

Originally posted by jinkooks

Suga: -your son was 20 and your daughter was 4 which meant she looked up to her older brother. Jimin happened to be the one who got asked if he lost his virginity because her brother had. Jimin told Yoongi that Y/D/N heard the conversation Yoongi and Y/S/N were having- “Y/N going to kill me. I’m supposed to have a clean mouth when my baby girl is around. We were having a father son moment”

Originally posted by asdfghobi

J-Hope: -his mind shattered at the thought of his baby girl losing her virginity but it took til Jin mentioned it to him that your son asked him where he could find his sister’s virginity because she lost her’s. Jin watched poor Hoseok’s face when it all sunk it- “what are you talking about Y/D/N is a virgin she would have told Y/- oh my god that actually explains so much”

Originally posted by hugtae

Jimin: -he was dying because your son didn’t really hid it but he didn’t mention it in the presences of his little brother because he repeated everything he heard. Namjoon came walking in holding the 5 year old’s hand til he got to the room where the 3 of you sat and told you son to repeat what he said. Which was about if he lost his virginity would he be cool like Y/S/N. Which made you look at your oldest who was looking everywhere but at you. That’s when Jimin lost it- “come on baby it was obvious he isn’t. He got the smirk I got when he got home after prom”

Originally posted by jeonsshi

V: -he never wanted to hear that your daughter wasn’t a virgin after your older son got busted. You didn’t have to worry about the 3 year old quite yet. But it didn’t help that he over heard his big sister who stole a condom from his and your stash. So when Yoongi heard Y/Y/S/N bring it up to him he asked what virginity was and also a condom. So his melt down infront of Yoongi was something Yoongi found hilarious- “no no no my babies are all corrupt. No 3 year old should know about his dad’s stash of big boy balloons are neither should his daughter. Didn’t she learn from Y/S/N’s mistake it isn’t safe”

Originally posted by taestylips

Jungkook: -in one hand your son was 13 and your daughter was 6 but the other’s had much older ‘cousins’ thanks to the boys. So the word virginity and being asked if Y/S/N was one or not. by the end of the day Y/D/N managed to get more than one of her cousins in-trouble that evening. All because she asked uncle Taehyung if he knew what a virginity or that more than one cousin wasn’t one.- “Y/D/N can I enroll you in for spying, you’d be helping appa a lot if big brother or cousins are doing bad things” 

Originally posted by hugtae

akissfromlecter  asked:

Hi! Okay, how about one where Hannibal and Clarice are together (only because she thinks he gave up his evil ways) but then he does something sinister and tries to keep it from her. Or does he tell her? Or she finds out on her own? Oh, the possibilities! :D

Life had been running smoothly for them for many months now. Hannibal had promised her he’d give up killing. So far, to her knowledge, he had kept that promise. Lately though, she had been beginning to wonder. He hardly ever left the house, but when he did, he was gone for hours. He told Clarice that he’d been going on walks around their rather large property. She had no reason not to believe him. She knew walking helped him clear his mind.

His walks had become more frequent lately. That’s why she was concerned. It felt like he was up to something that he wasn’t telling her about. Naturally, the only thing she could do was to follow him.

She kept low as she pursued him through the woods that made up a majority of their land. He seemed to have a specific destination in mind. What he was going to be doing when he got there was the part that had her worried. She feared the worst, of course. Maybe she shouldn’t, but it was always best if she suspected the worst. At least then she could be pleasantly surprised.

Pleasantly surprised she was not. When they had finally reached their destination she saw a man tied up to a tree with various cuts on his face and arms. Why was he here and what had Hannibal been doing to him? Hannibal walked over to the man, grabbed a knife from off of the ground and put it to his chest.

“Stop.” Clarice found herself saying it before she planned to. Hannibal turned to face her.

“Clarice,” he said, the look in his face calm with an underlying sense of panic. “Do let me explain.”

“I was hoping you would.” She stood with her arms folded over her chest.

“He’s been circling the property for nearly a week. I saw him several times on my walks. He didn’t see me until yesterday. When he did, he ran. He was set to ruin our lives, so I caught up to him, rendered him unconscious and tied him to this tree. Tonight I was coming out here to finish him off. I should have told you. You had a right to know and I neglected to inform you. For that I sincerely apologize.”

Part of Clarice wanted to immediately forgive him. Another part felt the need to punish him somehow for going back on his promise. Though, he hadn’t gone back on it yet. He hadn’t killed the man. Wounded him, sure, but that was not technically part of the deal. She turned her attention to the man tied to the tree. “Is what he says true?”

“Y-yes,” the man stammered.

“Alright. Hannibal, you kept your promise to me and though you didn’t tell me about this, like you should have, I’ll let it go because you were doing this for our benefit. Now, I’ll have to ask you to step aside.”

A look of confusion briefly crossed Hannibal’s face, but he did as she said. Then, she pulled out her gun and shot the man. He would no longer be a nuisance to them. “Let’s go home,” Clarice said calmly. Hannibal took her hand and walked beside her. “Next time, you will tell me.”

The City is Mine: Ch.1

Genre: gang au, angst, smut (eventually) 

Character Profiles: AOMG | The Outsiders | The 88′s  (Please read these and the prologue before you begin)

Chapters: Prologue1234 /?

*Cookies = AOMG’s drugs

“The City is Mine” Ravi Open

“Ok, ok, quiet down y’all. This one’s from a new song yo boy been werkin on called Vagina Virtuoso” shouted Jay Park with a proud glimmer in his eyes. The sexy gang leader stood in the center of his professional dance studio located inside AOMG’s swag headquarters, surrounded by his devoted crew and adoring groupies.

“Yo, I need a Cha Cha beat boy!” screamed Jay in a high pitched voice as he tore off his shirt to reveal his ripped body, causing all the girls in the room, and Lil Boi, to scream with unbridled enthusiasm.

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My Thoughts on TFP

(after rewatching)

  • Can we all applaud Honor Kneafsey for her amazing acting as the girl on the plane. And also for her spectacular name.
  • Hearing Moriarty on the phone made my heart leap and my stomach drop.
  • Mycroft memorising old films <3
  • Then smiling at his childhood videos MY HEART
  • the bleeding pictures… Sherlock is so extra
  • Why a clown?? That felt a bit too weird
  • His little “help me” MY HEART
  • The theories about Eurus were right :D
  • They kind of threw away the whole ‘shooting John’ bit… it didn’t really make sense and just feels like a cliffhanger for the sake of it. I get that she’d want to get away but still… it was just a bit anticlimactic.
  • Poor scared Mycroft not wanting to be left alone :’(
  • John’s suddenly really spiteful. I guess he’s angry about being shot? Maybe I should watch the series all in one.
  • Mycroft’s disgust at being a client is wonderful.
  • The skull poster looks normal and dull again…??
  • Mycroft is so scientific and so dramatic at the same time, it’s great.
  • So is Eurus the middle child or Sherlock?
  • Mycroft picking up a stone while in his memory, like his younger self ^-^
  • Little Eurus had the same drawing board as me! I’m a bit terrified…
  • Sad Mycroft makes me want to cry.
  • I really want to meet this Uncle Rudi. He sounds interesting.
  • The idea of the patience grenade really freaks me out.
  • I love that Mycroft still cares about his childhood acting ^-^ he’s just great.
  • The explosion looked.. so fake…
  • Why does the radio play “Sherrinford”??
  • I get that it’s all to trick us, but why do they lockdown the prisoners if Eurus is actually in control?
  • How the cheese were they uninjured from the explosion?? And How’s Mrs Hudson?
  • Wait. Did Mycroft get some poor bloke and explode him so that he could sneak onto the island??
  • So Mycroft’s still got his acting skills! :D
  • Why aren’t Mycroft and John suspicious that the Governor doesn’t send out a message to detain Sherlock?
  • I may be in love with Scottish Sherlock.
  • So Sherlock’s suit doesn’t have a single crease or damp patch after taking over a ship in stormy seas??
  • “bottoms aren’t really pretty” I agree mate.
  • Moriarty ships himself with literally everyone he meets.
  • I’m so confused, she says “Redbeard” and then Moriarty starts doing some weird separated making-out thing with her… what??
  • Moriarty’s messages are amazing. End of. I wonder what his brother is/was like…
  • I feel like shooting the Guvernor wouldn’t be hugely hard, but then I guess it’s not something I’d have any idea about.
  • Numpty didn’t read the terms and conditions.
  • Mycroft stop being a dick.
  • The Garridebs bit looks really quite fake, and was fairly predictable, but I still liked it.
  • Of course that wouldn’t be Irene’s coffin, hers would be huge and black and silver, covered with roses.
  • Eurus looks kind of sad right after the phone call. I think she wishes someone would say it to her, that someone would love her like Sherlock loves Molly.
  • Coffins are surprisingly destructible…
  • The “Kill John or Mycroft” bit was really predictable, but I think that’s maybe the point. We knew it was coming so we were scared of it, wishing it wouldn’t happen. It was the same for the characters. I love stuff like that.
  • For the tiny moment that I believed Mycroft actually wanted John to die it shattered my heart. Then when I realised he was baiting Sherlock it pulverised it, and then when John agreed with him it made it into a smoothie.
  • God Moriarty is such a creep… how do we love him so much?
  • Mycroft’s lip wobbling as he realises his brother might be about to die D’:
  • How were they all so perfectly positioned for the darts?
  • Little Eurus playing with a plane… I guess it’s always been something on her mind.
  • Why wouldn’t the police have been called and done a full sweep of the grounds?
  • Soo… how did she help him save John? The water is still pouring in when the police drop the rope down, so she hasn’t stopped it, but that leaves no time for getting to the well, calling the police etc. That bit just makes no sense.
  • Greg! A bit cheesy, but that’s why I love it!
  • Sooo… the grenade didn’t damage the floor at all? Mycroft expected it to, and he’s bought them before.
  • Putting the headphones back on the skull was a wonderful touch.
  • When I saw the MISS YOU disk I got all excited about another plot twist, having had so many this episode. When it came up as Mary, I just felt a bit disappointed, which is a shame because I really loved her character. I think they overdid that idea a bit. Plus it didn’t make a ton of sense in the story.
  • What does she mean “who you are, it doesn’t really matter” ??? The show is so much about their relationship and development. That’s what feels important, more than the cases. The story is a catalyst for the characters’ development, but it is not the main reaction.
  • Putting the smiley back and shooting it is such a lovely touch, I’m glad they included that.
  • What a happy family <3
  • That ending narration feels a bit… off. I don’t really know. It just sounds too much like the end of a series, rather than a realistic message Mary would send. I’m all about cheesiness, but it has to have purpose and make sense in the world of the story.
  • If they had been holding hands as they ran at the end, I would have forgiven the previous point. Like when they were handcuffed together, it’s such a perfect image for them, but instead we got general running which doesn’t really feel personal enough.

Overall, I like the episode. I found myself incredibly tense with fear and excitement the whole way through, the plot twist were delightfully horrific and manipulated my emotions perfectly. Lots were predictable but I think that actually added to the experience. There were quite a few issues, particularly towards the end, which did feel forced and quite disappointing.

When it comes to the whole Johnlock clusterheck, I do ship them, but I was surprised that people were so adamant that they would kiss etc this series. I’m no expert and haven’t watched the thousands of videos on the subtext, but I know that it’s there and have suspected at least Sherlock to love John, but if they do end up being together, I wouldn’t expect it to happen this series. It would just make Mary seem like a throwaway character.

I get that a lot of people didn’t like this episode, and I see why, but I just wish that everyone would be a bit nicer and accept that everyone has different opinions. I’ve seen so much hostility and arrogance from both sides, and it’s things like that that give fandoms bad names. Someone disagreeing with you does not make them wrong or stupid, it just makes them different, which is kind of the point.

Sorry this ended up waaaaaaay longer than I intended, I just love Sherlock so much!

Daisy’s reaction to your death would include

Originally posted by allagentsofshield


• She would push herself away from the rest of the team

• She’d put a vendetta out on whoever it was that killed you

• She wouldn’t stop until she found them and brought you justice

• She would spend a lot of nights alone in her room just looking at old pictures of you two together

• Jemma tries to comfort her whenever Daisy lets her

• Coulson doesn’t put her on as many missions while she’s grieving

• May goes easier on her during training

• Mack tries to get her to work on the motorcycle with him to get her mind off of it.

• Fitz tries his best to do nice gestures like getting her flowers

• Daisy finds it hard to get close to anyone else after you because she doesn’t want to lose anyone she cares so much about

Title: What Happened at the Festival
Rating: K+
Summary:  These are fillers scenes that I wanted to have happen during episode 24 where they mention the festival. Four chapters for four pairings.

Chapter One: King and Diane (Kiane) FF || AO3

So, I wrote some Seven Deadly Sins fanfiction because the idea came to me and so I had to write it…it’s fluffy garbage so enjoy.

Did…did she just ask me…

“Hello? Are you alright?” Diane tugged on her pigtail, twirling the strand around a finger. The longer he waited to respond, the more she began to pout, before finally turning away. “That’s alright. I understand.” She started to walk.

“Wait! No, Diane!” King called to her and she turned, but he didn’t know how to continue. His emotions were twisting his thoughts, suffocating him and he couldn’t find the words.

“Hm? What is it?” She was waiting for him and he was blowing it.

“I, uh, I…yeah.” He took a deep breath in and then out. He walked toward her, not daring to meet her eyes.  He held out a hand in offering. “Yes, Diane, I’d be happy to go with you.  Truly, nothing would make me happier.”  His blush heated his cheeks all the way to his ears, but he only trembled a little.

With every passing second he feared her rejection. What if she never takes my hand? What if I somehow misunderstand something and…

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Mikoto surviving Chapter 5 and later joining her child's army so she can go give her no-longer-good-for-anything baby daddy a piece of her mind because how dare he pull strings to take their child away from her and where does he get off sending her dead husband to kill her and she'd yell at him for killing Sumeragi out of jealousy because couldn't he see that she still loved him, she was only trying to protect her baby from the Vallites and then he had to go and FUCK IT UP!


anonymous asked:

Psst bro can you tell us what sort of girls you like ? :>

     Oh, Okuyasu’s type. Come to think of it, he didn’t really think about the details all that much. He would’ve killed to have a girlfriend, that was obvious, but he never really thought about the kind of traits he’d want her to have. What would she be like? What would be ideal? Wording it like that kind of made him feel weird. That wasn’t the way he wanted to see it. But with his lack of experience and childish personality, it was kind of hard for him to stray off that path at first .

     ❝ I like… cute girls. Good girls. I’m not really picky !!  ❞

     No, no, no. That’s too simple-minded. He had to really think about this! All his exaggerated whining and shitty ego aside, he didn’t really have a huge preference. Of course he had his own personal interests and things he admired, but he didn’t stress the little details. They didn’t matter all that much to him. But if there was anything he could make a big deal out of, it was this:

     ❝ I mean — look, dude: I don’t really care what she looks like! I don’t care if she’s smart, or loaded, or whatever. I don’t care if she’s got a Stand or not. Hell, I don’t even care if she likes all that spicy shit I can’t stand !! ❞ 

     He throws his hands into the air theatrically, returning them to his side as his face suddenly grows serious. His tone is sincere, but the way he looks away makes him look as though he’s too embarrassed to keep going .

     ❝ … But I want her to be nice. I want her to like me, even if I’m not really all that great in comparison. I want to be able to take her home to my dad. To have her understand and not turn her back on me when she realizes just how bad things have been for me. I’d give every single yen I HAVE just to find somebody like that to love! I don’t CARE about the little shit! I just want her to be HAPPY with me! To SMILE and act PROUD to be around me ! 

       God damn it, I just want someone to LIKE me !!

     The delinquent shoved his face deep into the crook of his left arm. It was normal for him to be emotional in an extreme degree, but there was something unsettling about this time. This was why he didn’t like thinking about everything so hard. He didn’t feel like he deserved to be thinking at all. He had once been ridiculed simply for existing and acting a fool. Every day, on the hour. Even though everything was far better for him now, he didn’t forget all of the BULLSHIT life handed him. It was carved deep inside his memory like the semicircle markings on his face. Every stupid thought kept going right back to the same damn thing. He HATED it .

                                             ❝ —— I  like cute girls. Good girls. I’m not really all that picky . ❞

@itsybitsyparker continued from ( here )

Mary Jane had kept this dark secret to herself for quite some time now, in fact, almost too long. She wanted to tell herself that she had approached Peter that night with good intentions, to converse, to be friendly, but it would all be lies, lies to comfort herself as she watched over his unconscious body. No, it was worse than that. He wasn’t merely unconscious. He had died, and she’d killed him. She was Peter Parker’s murderer. The very thought horrified her. As much as the lust for blood controlled her being, she had never wanted to hurt him. 

As he stirred, she glanced at him, her expression morbid. Peter’s flesh was no longer pink with blood flow, but pale and drained of life. She could see glimpses of his now elongated canines behind his whitened lips. Mary Jane shuddered as the realization that the boy she knew was gone forever consumed her. His scream still echoed in her mind over and over. 

“….I killed you…” she replied in a voice just above a whisper, expression filled with remorse.