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Do you still think Jonsa wil happen?😂😂😂U really think he would ever love, boring, plain, weak Sansa? Who all she ever did was whine, & cry, & fuck her family & herself over, over & over again? Did u see how passionate Jon & Dany were in bed? Jon's passionate, his partner has to be passionate, Sansa could never be as sensual & passionate as Dany, not after being raped, she'd be utterly rigid and boring in bed, she would not give Jon any pleasure. Jonsa has no future, Jonerys is endgame.

“Sansa could never be as sensual & passionate as Dany, not after being raped, she’d be utterly rigid and boring in bed, she would not give Jon any pleasure” 

I always try to be nice, but, fuck you, FUCK YOU lady/dude whatever the hell you are 🖕🖕🖕

I just can’t believe you actually wrote that, and sent it in. This is one of the most fuc*ed up sh*t I’ve ever read. Some of you J*nerys fans are disgusting wtf. I’m beyond speechless.

Being raped does wound you, hurt you, in so many ways, but women are strong, they heal with time. I do suppose it will always be difficult for Sansa to trust men, considering what Ramsay did to her, she’ll always be weary of them, and I suppose she’s never going to allow just any man in her bed, again, but if she fully and truly trusted the man, if he respected her, treated her with kindness, gentleness, if he gave her time, made her feel appreciated and loved, wich would further help her heal, and restore some of her faith in men, which Jon literally has done, she would eventually find it in herself to share her bed with that someone. 

She fully trusts Jon already, the physical contact that she initiated multiple times with him, is proof of that, she loves him, he makes her feel safe, and loved, and cared for, she can talk freely with him, because she knows he’d never punish her, nor hurt her in any way. They have a parter like relashionship already, and the amount of trust and love she already has for Jon, is a strong, cemented foundation, that will be key in season 8, when Jonsa will happen.

Plus, Sansa is already fierce and passionate as it is, she does things with passion and fierceness. You don’t know what kind of a lover she would be, what kind of a lover she WILL be, when she finds it in herself, when she allows herself, to fully and truly love someone, and let go of herself with him.

She never had a proper lover, someone to respect her, love her, and treat her with kindness and honor. The only man who shared her bad, was a psychopath that enjoyed beating her, raping her and playing sick, twisted games with her body, every night. You belittling her, belittling her sensuality, degrading her like this, because she was raped, trying to measure who would be more passionate/sensual between her and D@ny, is fucked up, I’d be seriously concerned if I were you, anon.

And btw, D@ny was raped too, remember? And she healed, as you say, she is sensual and passionate. Being raped does not equal, you will never make love with anyone, ever again, in your entire life, you will not get back control over your body ever again, you will never be able to allow/trust anyone to ever love you again, you will never again allow yourself to enjoy making love, that you’ll never feel pleasure ever again, that you’ll never allow to let anyone cherish you, cherish your body, love you as a whole ever again. There is nothing wrong though, in a woman deciding to never let a man touch her again, everyone’s different, some heal quickly, some slowly, and, unfortunately, some never heal.

If she were to allow anyone in her bed, if she were to wed again, Jon will be the one. I am among the people who believe that, she herself will propose the match. She’ll secure her place at Winterfell, she’d never have to leave Winterfell, her home, ever again, she’d have a man by her side, that she 1000% knows will NEVER harm her in any way, she’d have children, which both Sansa and Jon always dreamed of having. As Sophie said in an interview, Winterfell is Sansa’s haven, and if Jon is the key to her staying there, if he’s they Key to bringing stability to the North, she’ll marry him.

People heal, and Sansa, with Jon’s help has done a lot of healing, she is stronger, and more confident, and with him, we’ve seen her come into herself, we’ve seen her happy, genuinely happy, he gave her his love, he gave her strengtht and confidence, and she returned that love, and gave him purpose and acceptance in return. 

Now, onto your -so not- epic boatsex, it was so quick, rushed and had no buildup whatsoever, just passion, as you called it, but passion, lust, do not equal love, especially considering poor Jon hasn’t fuc*ed anyone, in years. He iofc he’s gonna bang her, while he’s at it. I expected for their boatbang scene to bother me, but I was surprised by the fact that it didn’t, at all. It was so, so rushed, Missandei and Greyworm has a better love scene than theirs, it was built up slowly and it lasted more than 20 seconds lol 

“Love didn’t just happen to us, we built it slowly over the years, stone by stone…It’s not as exciting as secret passion in the woods, but it is stronger, it lasts longer.” – Catelyn Stark 2x10 

“And Catelyn just gazes at him with love built on a rock-solid foundation. Years and years of brick by brick and stone by stone. She cares for Ned, loves him in a profound and nuanced way that’s a far cry from the romantic passion she had as a girl for Brandon.” Catelyn Stark AGOT 

These two quotes, fit perfectly Jon and Sansa. Which goes back to show you, passion/lust/desire does not equal love, true love.

I’m not sure what Jon is brewing, but it involves the Northerners turning against him, and making Sansa Queen In The North, why, I’m not sure, but he wouldn’t be so stupid as to declare he’s bent the knee for all to hear, he wouldn’t send a raven to Sansa telling her about it, he’d wait until the great war was won. He’s cooking something, there is a reason why he wants Sansa Queen. One thing is for sure, seducing D@ny is part of his plan, which is going very smoothly, she’s fallen for him, deeply. 

What I think he perhaps has in mind is, sacrificing his position as King, since he doesn’t care much about being King, he never wanted it, his plan is to seduce D@ny, make her fall madly in love with him, so that he has power and influence over her, so that when they get back to Winterfell together, he can use that power and influence to convince to not burn the Northerners alive, to not kill them, to not burn Sansa alive, cause listen, Sansa, she would never bend the knee to a southerner, not after all she’s been through, he will use her love for him, and ask her to allow the North to stay independent, to let Sansa be Queen in the North. 

Part of me even thinks that, in his mind he is also taking into consideration the possibily of having to sacrifice his happiness, by striking a deal for the North’s independence, “I’ll marry you, I’ll come south with you, if, you allow my people to have their own ruler, their own Queen”, of course, once word get’s out he’s a Targaryen, it will change everything, it will change his plans, it will change his relationship with D@ny. Those who think it won’t change a thing between them, are fools. We’re talking about D@ny here, a woman who didn’t give two craps about an army of deadmen coming to kill them all, being all too consumed and obsessed with power and the Iron Throne, that only changed her mind when the Night King killed one of her dragons. When she finds out, the IT is not RIGHTFULLY hers, she’s not the rightful heir, she’s gonna FLIP. Again, if you think she won’t, you’re a fool, and you don’t understand her character.

Going back to Sansa, she is not plain, boring nor weak. She is one of the strongest women in this show, her wits, her personality, her intelligence, her inner strength are the things that kept her alive, though all the horror and madness, that has been her life, since Ned was executed.

I think I would’ve gone mad in her place to be very honest with you, there’s only so much I could take, I always say I’d be dead in a minute, if I lived in Westeros. She’s been through so much, and yet, she didn’t let all these horrors, make her power hungry, or entitled, or evil/mad, nor did she let them harden her, all they’ve done was wake her to reality, show her what the world is really like, and make her stronger, sharper, but she’s remained gentle, caring and kind at heart. She’s grown into a strong, intelligent and beautiful woman, who is anything but boring, plain or weak.

If you can’t see, if you refuse to see how they’re building up Jon and Sansa for romance, for love, that’s your problem, and I don’t quite care, but to go and say, Sansa is not good enough for Jon, because she was raped, that’s literally what you said “she would not give Jon any pleasure”, you talk as if us women are some pleasure tools/machines ffs it’s disgusting, it makes me sick, to think someone would think in such a way. Women who are raped deserve, and are worthy of love, just like every other woman, even more so, being loved, cherished, respected, being understood, is part of the healing process. Ugh, I feel like I’m waisting my breath with you.

Be gone and never return in my askbox ever again, please and thank you.

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thinking about trans girl jason grace is making me emotional like just….

1) she hates her big muscles. she wants to be slender and pretty, but shes too… big! shes just this big hunk of muscle from training her entire life and it makes her feel embarrassed, ashamed, dysphoric. then, when she and hazel are sparring, hazel pulls up her sleeves or takes off her sweater to reveal huge biceps and jason feels a little bit prettier in her skin. she looks at reyna’s arms a little, touching her own biceps and feels…. okay. like maybe being a girl is more complicated than she’d ever considered it could be.

2) she feels embarrassed, too, for realizing so late. will knew he was trans from when he was a little kid, and yet, up until she realized she could even THINK of being a girl, she just never had. she had been comfortable as a man, or at least she thought so, and now everything is scary and different and she doesnt get it.

will and dakota and reyna and leo all knew they were transgender from under the age of 12. here she is, 19, and she’s struggling to figure it all out. she’s glad for their support, but she feels… wrong. she’s at camp half blood talking about it quietly to annabeth one day and annabeth goes silent for a moment. then, jason finds herself guided to the big house, talking to mr d. mr d says he’s still confused about gender, even after all this time, and that its pretty normal to be, all things considered. she asks almost jokingly if its “ms or mrs d” and dionysus LAUGHS, shooing both girls away, sipping quietly at his usual can of soda.

3) she wonders if she should want to change her name. she doesnt mind it so much, though it feels odd occasionally. will says he’d kill anyone who called him by his deadname, reyna goes quiet and prefers not to talk about it. leo is mostly likewise, though he cracks an unfunny “leo-ina” joke that makes jason roll her eyes. dakota just offers him koolaid, says not to sweat it - lots of trans people dont change their names! but jason has yet to meet any girl anywhere named jason that continues to be called jason. how would she change her name anyways? who does she go to? would thalia want to help her pick? does it have to mean something? if she chose something with a j, would that be a stereotype? gods, if this was only less confusing.

4) but, time goes by and she grows more comfortable. she doesnt get the automatic defensive response when leo calls her “pretty lady”, and she refers to herself as a girl and stops forgetting her own pronouns out of habit. she grows more comfortable seeing her body as a womans body. things get easier. she gathers the courage to wear her favorite dresses and skirts more often, her hands grow more steady as she applies make-up on the rare occasions she has the energy to. dakota buys her a down with cis shirt as a joke and she laughs. she wears it as pajamas as often as its clean and goes to bed every night knowing she has people who support her. its taken a while, but she thinks…. maybe she’s happy. definitely, absolutely happy.

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Hi, I really enjoy your kindness with the SW fans. Sorry if I express myself poorly because English is not my native language. After watching TLJ trailer, I think Rey may have done something very serious, related to her raw power and that caused her abandonment in Jakku. If she killed her father or mother? (1/2)

No one abandons a little girl in those conditions if he/she did not want to get rid of her. In novelization, Kylo perceives a barrier in Rey’s mind, which may be the remnant of a trauma or an action of someone who blocked the incident in her memory (like little Anna in Frozen). What do you think? A serious incident could bring Rey to Kylo to Rey and justify him telling her to kill the past. (2/2)

That’s a fascinating theory! I think that’s very possible and a great idea. It would be a very traumatic and complex backstory for Rey to have to struggle with, which I’d love to see. It would also further the affinity between Rey and Kylo, especially if he did the same in that he lost control of his powers and ‘destroyed’ Luke’s Jedi by accident.

RFA at breaking point

This is such an interesting ask! I could have written some really good fics with a plot like this. Shame it’s more of a HC ask. Still! Thank you anon, whoever you are. I hope you enjoy :3


♬ think’s he’d be fine with killing

♬ but wouldn’t have the strength to do so

♬ harm someone, however, Zen wouldn’t mind

♬ getting into a fist fight is nothing extraordinary to him

♬ he’d beat someone into a coma if it came down to it


★ he’d definitely try to kill

★ what he doesn’t have in strength, he has in psycho

★ yandere™

★ he’s one of those people who slaughters in cold blood

★ as in a lot of blood, he likes knives better than guns


♨ she doesn’t solve any of her problems with her fist

♨ it’s her will and wit one should be scared of

♨ she’d bring down entire business empires

♨ and rise from their ashes like a phoenix

♨ she also knows how to dig up dirt, beware 


♛ he’d be calm but the dangerous kind, the kind before the storm

♛ he doesn’t get his hands dirty, but he does hire a hitman

♛ the expensive kind that do it for fun 

♛ the ones that take their time, torture the victim for hours and days

♛ he’d probably watch via video, always in control even then


☼ he would kill, simple as that

☼ he’s done it before and he would do it again

☼ he would ruin someones entire life in a heartbeat

☼ leaking the right info to the right people

☼ he’d watch the world burn at his hands

Dan x Reader- Little One, I Love You

Third Person POV
Tuesday is the day Dan must leave for New York. He’s set to visit YouTube Headquarters and sponsors for Phil and his projects in New York. He’s going to be there for four days and while we both would’ve thought the amount of time was nothing four years ago, we’ve definitely changed now. In the space of four years, Dan and y/n have welcomed an adorable little girl, y/d/n who captured our hearts and life the first day she came on this Earth.

Dan was wrapped up in her little finger and she adored him which would make it gut wrenching when he would have to say goodbye Tuesday morning. Usually when Dan had to go on any sort of work trips y/n joined him and Phil or just stay home and stick it out. When they were in newborn stage, she’d stay home with their daughter who didn’t really mind nor remember. However, now the 4 year old totally understood. They would always accompany Dan whether it was to L.A or Florida, but it seemed cruel to have mid toddler on a plane for hours just for a mere 4 all work days, so they wanted y/d/n and y/n to stay home. The hard part is telling her…

“Daddy!!! Mommy!!!” I heard little but mighty voice shout from lounge then the sound of little feet pottering came closer.
I eyed Dan in worriment and I just saw pure horror in his face, frozen in position for packing his suitcase. It was y/d/n.
“Crap,” he mumbled shuffling to push in a the clothing drawers of our bedroom and zipping up the suitcase quickly.
“Hello munchkin,” Dan tried to look causal with a giant suitcase on the bed. But she’s far too suspicious and smart as her chocolate eyes widened, making the connection instantly.
“Whatcha doing?” The little voice chirped and then ran over to open the suitcase revealing her father’s clothes.
“Daddy are you packing?” y/d/n curiously smiled excitedly and I stayed silent.
Dan smiled weakly and nodded letting out a quiet, “Yes.”
“Yay! Where we going?” She asked all giddy.
Dan grabbed her to carry and sit on the bed, as he bent down on the floor with his giant height.
“Baby, daddy’s going away to work for little bit in New York. You stay here with mommy for a little bit.” He said in the calmest voice possible but then we saw all the color wiped from her face as it dropped, sadness overtaking and she gulped.
“W-w-what? Why?” y/d/n looked scared and I went on the bed to hold her in an attempt of comfort.
“Because, Uncle Phil and I have to meet some people there but I’ll be back. Promise.” Dan swallowed his breath watching her little rose lip quiver.
“Without me?” She had the sheer look of horror in her face, the exact one her dad had on just a mere minutes ago. I stroked her hair and kiss her forehead trying to tell it’d be alright. My heart was sinking.
“Yes, because it’s going to be really boring and we are going to do work things. You can stay here though and do whatever with mommy and have so much fun.” He looked at me for reassurance and I nodded at her once more, “Mhmm.”
“No!!! Daddy please don’t leave me.” y/d/n and Dan instantly jumped to her to hold her in his arms.
“No no baby, I’ll be back I promise.” Dan took her head in his chest, softly stroking her hair. But it was too late and inevitable, the waterworks came.

Third Person POV
Eventually, y/d/n stopped crying and he tucked her into bed after taking all the cuddles he would need.
But before he could leave, the little voice peeped out at him.
“Daddy?” It sounded scared and exhausted worked from all emotions.
“Yes love?” He thought he was going to make a quick getaway for it, but instead he ran over to his little girl’s bed.
Her eyes were teary and red, body hot and sniffling, how he hated seeing his little one like this.
“Have I been bad?” The voice peeped out struck with fear, “I promise I’ll be good just stay, or let me go with you, Daddy. Please.”
“No angel, you’ve been an amazing little girl. I just have to go and do things.” Dan tried reasoning with her but he only got, “Have Uncle Phil do it! Stay with me!”
Dan just shook his head and kissed her, “I’m sorry baby. I can’t.”
In the small amount of seconds, her brain ran wild. Eyes looking all around and mouth quivering again, trying to come up with some explanation of why her father would leave her and she only came to one conclusion.
“Do you not love me anymore? That why you leaving?” Dan’s eyes widened absolutely heart absolutely broke at her statement.
He feared her ever asking that, he never ever wanted her to doubt his love for her. Now in her 4 year old mind, she somehow came up that the only reason that he’s leaving her at home is that he didn’t love her and it killed him.
“Listen to me, little one I love you so much. I will always love you so much. I don’t want you to ever think I don’t love you. I promise I love you and always will.” His eyes were urging and eyes yearning for her to understand, he needed her to always believe that he loved her.
y/d/n simply nodded her little head and curled up to him sleepily mumbling, “Daddy, I love you too,” after kissing his cheek.
He smiled at this statement and held her a little longer wishing it could be forever.
Her small body stirred a little more in his arms and then whispered, “Daddy?”
Dan was surprised she was still awake but he wanted to savor every last moment with his little girl and looked down at her.
“Can I go with you please?” Her eyes were as big as a puppy’s and Dan could feel his heart soften. That’s it, he couldn’t stand it anymore and may have even wanted her to come more than his daughter herself. If y/d/n wanted to go this time then she’d go, New York was only just a couple hours and not as bad as Los Angeles.
“Okay… fine.” Dan watched his baby girl’s face light up once again, “But you have to go to sleep now darling.”
She nodded and curled back into his body and whispered a peppy and sleepy, “Yay.”
Dan chuckled at what he just promised, with a bit of shock, but he was going to deliver for his little one.

In an instant Dan whipped out his phone going straight to the plane app and booked another 2 tickets. With all their information automatically filled in, Dan had booked y/n and the littlest Howell on a trip to New York next to him on first class. The flight was on Tuesday and the current day was current early hours of Monday. Dan slowing crept out of the room and went to see his wife quietly reading a book in bed.

“You’re still up, you didn’t have to wait up for me.” Dan said taking off his shirt and crawling in bed.
I shrugged, “I was reading anyways, I would’ve woken you with the light if you went came to bed to soon.”
Dan chuckled kissing my cheek and pulling over the duvet in himself.
“How did she take it?” I asked wondering if it went well since he was in there for so long.
“So umm, guess we’re going to New York on Tuesday.” Dan spoke quietly and I put her book down in surprise. I swear there was a little grin.
“What? Dan!” I scolded him in disbelief and instead he just smirked with an amused giggle.
“I couldn’t say no to that face.” I groaned but didn’t really mind honestly. I missed New York but I would miss Dan more if he left even if it was only for a few days.
“Dan,” I complained as he kissed my lips coming on too of me making me blush.
“You would find she’s very convincing. Just like her mother.” Dan said in between his little kisses all over my body.
Scoffing I ask, “Is that so?”
Dan nodded and winked, “Besides I can’t leave you, I’ll miss you far too much.”
I sighed cuddling up to his bare chest, “Alright, well I guess one day she’s gonna beg to stay home. So we might as savor the time she wants to come with us.”
“Exactly.” Dan kissed my forehead and we both yawned consecutively.
“Guess we’re all packing tomorrow.” I mumbled not even bothering to think about all the running around and Dan laughed it off.
“I love you.” He beamed at me.
“I love you too.” I kissed his lips once more and I rested my eyes peacefully with closed smile.

Third Person POV
While y/n drifted asleep, he marveled at how a little girl had him wrapped around her finger and he would literally do anything for her heart’s desire. Now, he understood this love and admiration that he had and he was in awe. Dan had a family that was his. Dan had more than he could ever wish far and he absolutely loved it. He had y/n and y/d/n and that was all he needed.

Phil and his wife along with their child also came on the New York trip after they were told of Dan bringing y/n and their daughter. They had an amazing time.

Remember way back when Adam, Daisy, and Mark were filming in Ireland (hahaha who am I kidding, of course you do), and we got some extremely blurry set photos that seemed to maybe portray masked Kylo and the Knights of Ren?

At that time @orevet and I speculated that Kylo and the KoR fighting and trying to kill Rey and Luke might actually be a vision/nightmare. I just discussed this again with @greyjedireylo, and with the new trailer and other subsequent spoilers I think it makes sense even more now (although please bear in mind that I’m completely going off my own scattered recollections of rumors).

Rey would picture Kylo in his TFA garb, even though it seems like he has an all-new costume for TLJ and is probably unmasked the next time he encounters her (and has maybe even destroyed it at that point?). And it’s completely understandable that she’d have a nightmare about him killing her, even though obviously he actually wouldn’t.

If the KoR’s part in TLJ is as small as we’ve heard, it kind of makes more sense that it’d be a vision, as in TFA, instead of a coordinated attack plot-point. Also it’s always seemed weird that they arrive separately from Kylo, because why would he fly his ship there himself if they were going there too?

maybe she imagines HERSELF in the mask, a la Luke’s cave vision in ESB; especially after Luke compares her to Kylo

With a curvy GF

Thank you for the ask ! Always happy to see some French friends on my Tumblr

Reaction of pirates with a curvy girlfiend : 

Portgas D Ace: 

-Does not really care 

-Likes his S/O the way she is

- If she feels great like this he will not say anything 

-Prefers big booty than bones 

Trafalgar Law:

-Prefers curvy girls

-The “healthy part” is very important for him. She can be the way she wants IF it’s healthy (same for a slim girl)

-If someone say something rude to her (about his body) HE WILL KILL THAT FUCKING BASTARD, nicely. 


-As Ace, do not really mind

-Always say something nice to her when she talks about eat less, like “You are perfect the way you are”…

Eustass Kid:


-He is always bored with slim girls, not enough “meat to eat”

- Likes to touch his S/O butt

inspired by that @pansexualriphunter post :  “at some point after rip is rip again but before he’s actually allowed out of the medbay (they gotta make sure he’s healthy or whatever) someone takes the jumpship back to 2017 and raids a local party city (see: pays for the goods provided, thank you very much) and so when rip goes to the bridge for the first time in a while he’s greeted by cake and a banner that says “congrats on not being dead!” and there are balloons and its a pure moment.”

Rip found comfort in knowing that, despite his absence, his team was still as confusing and exasperating as ever. 

Obviously, things hadn’t gone back to the way it was before New York – seeing as there were two new members that he didn’t know. Amaya, he knew from the short time he had spent with the JSA and the few History courses that he remembered.  Nate Heywood was another story, though. He had recognized his name and had made the connection to Henry, but Rip had no recollection of his grandson gaining powers. Which was something he intended to discuss about with Sara as soon as he was allowed of the medbay. To say he wasn’t surprised when Ray cornered him on his way out would be an understatement. His too-wide grin alarmed him, though.

 “Can I do something for you, Mr Palmer?”

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#6 & #11-Juice Ortiz

#6-You’re cute, but I’m cuter.“

#11-Wow, someone needs a happy meal.”




“Ugh, this is taking forever!” I exclaimed in the line me and Juice had been waiting in for probably a little over half an hour.

Juice chuckled. “Wow, someone needs a happy meal.” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. “You’re d*nm right I do.”

I was starving, and we were waiting for food. I hadn’t eaten all day and this was killing me.

“Don’t worry Babe. I’ll handle this.” He smirked before attempting to flirt with the woman and in front of us so we’d move up in line. But she turned him down, completely unimpressed.

He sighed. “Well..never mind.” I chuckled.

“Oh Juicy, she doesn’t play for your team.”

Then, I attempted to flirt with her, and sure enough we moved up in line, taking Juice a bit by surprise, I chuckled.

“You see, you’re cute, but I’m cuter.” I teased. Earning an eyeroll from my boyfriend. He smiled, and put his arm on my waist.

“Can’t argue with that logic.”

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An All Hallows Eve Tale – Tom and Sybil’s story

Bitten by a werewolf and transformed as a boy, Tom Branson has struggled throughout his life to maintain normalcy. But when his deadly behavior during the full moon nearly results in his cousin’s death, he escapes to England, hiding with the Crawley witches. The young Sybil takes a shine to him and intends to create a potion that will allow him to keep his mind when he transforms. Tom is grateful for her help and the two fall in love, despite the misgivings from both of their families. But their love has a danger to it; for Sybil’s potion is difficult for even her to make, and if she were to fail, then Tom would lose his humanity when he transforms … and if he were to kill her, he’d never regain it.

Um, just dropping by w/some bakumomo again, don’t mind me~

•At first Bakugou tolerated Momo because she was quiet, she minded her damn business and she wasn’t dumb either.

•Then he came to respect certain parts of her. Like not being afraid to call people out on their shit, himself included. Her ability to strategize. Her intelligence. Her devotion to helping people. Yea, she was a proper goody-two shoes, but he didn’t mind it.

•When he found out she was apart of his so called rescue squad, he was a bit surprised. Sure he’d paid Kirishima for the googles he wasted on him, and sure it wouldn’t kill him to tone his insults down, he isn’t an ungrateful fuck. But he doesn’t know how to thank her. Realistically it’s because of her that they able to unite. Without her information, they’d have nothing to chase. After being told what went down, he’s even more surprised to know that she was in the hospital herself with minor injuries, and still chose to accompany them for the sake of their team. Even more that she was open with that information to begin with. She had to know what would follow sharing it with Deku and the others.

•He doesn’t find the right moment to thank her until after the provisional hero license exam. She’s alone and it’s perfect. He doesn’t want looks of mocking or disbelief from his peers, so it’s now or never.

•Bakugou struggles. He planned on walking up, thanking her, and leaving. And It was going smoothly. He walked up, and he straight out said “thank you”. But then it all went south when she tilted her head to the side and was staring up at him with big questioning eyes. He should have walked away. He had done what he had planned, but he was rooted to the spot by her gaze. He then felt the need to be clear about what he was thanking her for and fucking tripped over his words the rest of the way. This makes Momo giggle and before he has the chance to be affronted(he’s still low key distracted by her face), she rests her hand on his shoulder. “The only thing to be thankful of is that you were not harmed, Bakugou-San. But then again, you’re pretty tough, I’m not sure anyone else would have held up as well as you.” She lets her hand drop and slide down his arm, her fingers lightly grazing his skin on their travel. Before she can pull back, he suddenly finds his index finger just barely catching ahold of hers. “You would have done fine, you’re stronger than you think.” Momo is shocked to say the least, and having embarrassed himself enough, he lets go and starts to walk away.

“See you around, Ponytail. And just fucking accept my gratitude. It’s the only time you’ll get it.”

He still feels the warmth of fingertips on his arm later that night.

Just Drinks! (Pt. 2)

Summary: After meeting Aidan Turner at a convention, and him writing in the book you had him sign; to call him, you get something even more surprising.

Paring: Aidan/You

Rating: G

Word Count: 3,859

Inspiration: (x) by @starwarsgirl-rebelpilot, to me and @imagine-aidan

Part Two of: “A Signed Book”

(Cred to @twelvepercentt)

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Kiss Me! (Anti/Reader) Drabble

Prompt based off of:

A: Kiss me

B: What?

A: …

B: …

A: …I said kill me, yeah kiLL me

The blood pounding through (y/n)’s veins was almost as loud as the gasps of breath she drew in raggedly through her plump lips. Her (e/c) eyes were owlishly wide, staring fearfully into Anti’s as he held her throat tightly and kept her body pinned into the wall with his own.

Her mind spun in a million different directions; thinking about how badly she’d fucked up, about how good it felt to feel his lithe body pressed against hers, about how badly she wanted him to kiss her. No, she shouldn’t think about that. Mere seconds ago they were arguing and fighting like cats and dogs. Hell, he still had her under his hold, threatening to cut off her air flow and kill her with just one wrong move. All over a stupid little joke she’d made about him being inferior to Dark.

The man- demon- could literally snap her neck in two and yet, stupidly, more than anything she just wanted to feel his lips on hers.

But that was why she angered him, wasn’t it? Something about him being feral and ruthless made her heart pound like a school girl with a crush.

‘God just kiss me’, she begged silently.

“What?” Anti asked suddenly, anger draining from his face just to be replaced with confusion.

The hold on her throat loosened and she quickly drank in the crystal clear air.

“What what?” (y/n) replied shakily.

Oh no, she didn’t say that out loud, did she?

“Did you just…”

“… I said kill me, yeah, just kill me!” (y/n) recovered quickly.

Anti cocked his head to the side glitching and twitching madly, and his glowing green eyes narrowed as a smirk crawled lazily onto his face. That incessant giggling started and she rolled her eyes for a moment, that was until he grabbed her jaw in a bruising hold and squeezed her cheeks hard. He drew her up as he leaned down and smacked his forehead against hers with a dull thud that made her cry out.

“Nah, I’m pretty sure ya just told me to kiss ya, and I’d have t'be an idiot to pass up that opportunity.”

Much to her shock and delight, he tilted her head up further and smashed his mouth on hers.

She couldn’t help a startled moan in reply and her hands twitched at her sides, wanting to touch him but too scared to actually do so.

When his tongue shoved between her lips, (y/n) immediately gave him entrance. He tasted sweet yet bitter, like an alcoholic beverage without the intoxication effects. He was all tongue and teeth as he plundered her mouth.

A splash of iron covered her tongue as she let out a hiss, drawing back once the pain of his teeth on her lip fully registered.

Dazed and full of lust, (y/n) stared up into Anti’s eyes, running her tongue over the bitten sore spot on her lower lip.

“Ya know, for an annoyin’ little brat, I kinda like ya. Might have some use for ya yet.”

(Y/n)’s cheeks flushed as he winked and seared the innuendo into her brain. What had she gotten herself into?


Garfield Logan really considered the notion of getting new friends. He knew they meant well, but seriously if they set him up on one more awful date, he’d kill them in their sleep. He had just gotten off a date with a girl that Kory had set him up with, an Australian named Toni. She was nice until one of the guys at the college bar started hitting on her, during their date mind you, and she karate kicked his ass outta there.

Sexy, but not what he was looking for in a woman.

They said their goodbyes and he headed back to his apartment, silently cursing his friends for being so nice. But really they were trying to help him get over his last girlfriend. He shuddered at the thought as the elevator traveled up to his floor.

“I just want to go home, flop on to my couch, and forget about women. for the rest of the night.” He said to himself once the elevator stopped at his floor. He threw his key into the lock and prepared himself to veg the rest of the day away.

“Well what’s taking so long?!”

He slammed the door shut and quickly scanned the door of the apartment. 1901. Yup this was his apartment. Then why was there a woman yelling in there? Did Vic have someone over?

He cautiously stepped back into his apartment, finding a petite and irate young woman using the landline telephone. She was a small little thing, pale fair skin and jet black hair with a pair of stunning blue eyes. But he noticed all of this AFTER he realized she was in nothing but a towel wrapped around her torso.
She continued to yell into the phone. “I’ve been waiting for thirty minutes. Please just come soon.” Without a goodbye she slammed the phone down then turned to finally face him. “Oh god I am so sorry for this. Your probably wondering what the hell is going on huh?”

As he fought to keep his eyes on hers, he responded. “I’m mildly curious.”

She clutched at the towel to keep it from slipping as she approached him. “I’m Raven I just moved in across the hall, and as I was taking a shower someone knocked on my door, and I thought it was the movers with the rest of my stuff, but it turned out to be someone knocking on another apartment, but when I stepped out into the hall, I, uh, locked myself out.” She gave a nervous laugh that he found absolutely adorable. “Luckily for me though your roommate was home.”

As she mentioned said roommate, a large African American man stepped into the living room holding a lime green robe and handed it to her. Garfield rolled his eyes noticing that it was his robe that Vic was handing her.

“Here ya go,” he said kindly, “I’ll go get ya something to drink.” He motioned for Gar to follow when he stepped back into the kitchen.

“I’ll, uh, give him a hand.” Gar gave a nervous smile as followed his roommate. Once they were outta sight, the whispering began.

“Dude, I just found her in the hallway.”

“Nice job, Vic but you can’t keep her.”

Vic snickered as he went about getting some water. “Nah man I’ve been talking you up the whole time. She’s single, studying literature, she meditates and yoga, as you can tell by that body, good lord-”

“Vic come on man. I don’t wanna chat up a half naked girl. I’ll look like a freak.”

“Your not ‘chatting up’, your just getting to know each other.” He walked back into the living room and handed Raven a glass of water. “Here ya go, now I’ve got some studying to do so Gar here will keep ya company.” He winked at the blonde young man before disappearing into the other room, leaving the two alone.

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Note: After you and your daughter are abandoned by her father, all you want is for your daughter to feel safe and loved– a home. After finding yourself in the midst of the First Order’s attack on Takodana, you find that home in someone unexpected.

Requested By: Anonymous 

Originally posted by kyloholic

“They’re beautiful, D/N!” You smiled as your daughter presented you with a handful of daisies.

You were sitting on a soft picnic blanket in an open field as you held your arms out to the four year old. She giggled and jumped onto you.

You wrapped your arms around her and gently lowered yourself down so you were looking up at the sky.

You sighed contentedly. You loved spending time with your daughter. After her father abandoned you two years ago, you promised that you would always be the best version of yourself for her.

“How many planets can you see?” You asked her as she stared up curiously.

She squinted her eyes as she tried to focus, “One… Two… Hey Mama, look!” D/N said, pointing up to the sky.

“What is it darling?” You asked, following her gaze.

Your heart rate quickened as you saw a small fleet of TIE Fighters approaching the surface of the planet.

You stood immediately, picking up your daughter.

“Is it home time now?”

You held her hand and squeezed it reassuringly, “Yes, Princess, it’s time to go home,” you smiled to her, trying to hide the fear that was increasing within you.

As the TIE Fighters grew closer, you held on to your daughter tighter, frantically glancing around as you looked for a hiding place. You thanked the Maker as your eyes landed on some bushes in the distance. You ran towards them, still carrying your daughter.

Just as you ducked behind the bushes, you watched as the TIE Fighters landed. You heard a loud noise from above you and a far larger, more intimidating spaceship soon made its descent onto the planet.

Your daughter buried her head into your chest, soft sobs escaping her mouth. You felt a lump forming in your own throat as you stroked her hair gently, trying to calm her down.

You watched as a hoard of Storm Troopers exited the TIE Fighters, all of them looking towards the larger spacecraft. You followed their gaze and watched as a cloaked man descended down the ramp, a small group of Storm Troopers behind him.

You knew immediately who the man was. You had heard stories for months about Kylo Ren and his efforts in the First Order. A tear escaped your eyes as you realised that you would be dead if they found you.

Your daughter looked up at you. The sight of you crying started her and she loudly exclaimed, “I’m scared!” Her sobs grew louder and you panicked, knowing that this would alert the Storm Troopers.

Some of the Storm Troopers closer to you perked up and looked your way. You tried to duck further but it was no use. One of them had seen you.

You clutched your daughter as tightly as you could as the Storm Trooper approached you. He roughly lifted you both up and brought you back to the rest of the group.

“What do we have here?” A Storm Trooper asked as you were pushed to the centre of the gathering.

You tried to hush D/N as she whimpered. You had caught the attention of everyone at this point, and you slowly lifted your gaze to the Commander, knowing that he would have the final say over what happened to you.

“P-Please, do what you have to do but don't… don’t hurt my daughter, she’s just a child,” you said weakly, your voice barely above a whisper.

There was complete silence before the Storm Trooper who had found you finally spoke up, “Should I kill them?”

You kept your gaze focused on your daughter.


Your eyes shot up at the Commander, who had just spoken for the first time.

“But Sir—”

“Remember your mission.” He replied firmly, “Go. All of you. Find what we came here for,” He continued.

The group quickly dispersed and soon you were alone with Kylo Ren.

You kept your eyes firmly planted towards the ground, anticipating the worst as you heard his footsteps approaching you.

You finally shut your eyes as you felt him stand in front of you, keeping one hand on your daughter’s back.
“Come with me.”

You hesitantly looked up at him. His helmet revealed nothing, and you couldn’t tell whether or not this was a ploy. He would surely kill you both soon.

Sensing your hesitation, he extended out an arm towards you. You flinched, taking a slight step back.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said calmly, his arm still extended, “Either of you.”

At that, you slowly moved your hand from your daughter’s back before lightly brushing your hand against his arm. When he made no other movement, you rested your hand more firmly on his arm and he led you to the larger spaceship.

D/N seemed to sense that you were in relative safety as you boarded the spacecraft, and she loosened her hold on you. You gave her a small smile as you followed the Commander’s lead.

He led you to what looked like a bedroom and gestured for you both to enter.

You set your daughter down, still holding her hand as you stepped inside.

“You may leave when my men have completed the mission. You’ll be safer in here than outside.”

Your daughter tugged at your hand and you released your grip from her before she started to explore the room.
“W-Why are you doing this?”

“As you said, she’s just a child,” He pointed to your daughter.

Your stomach fluttered slightly and you couldn’t help but produce a small smile at the man’s actions. You quickly brought yourself back to reality, reminding yourself that you were in the company of the most feared man in the galaxy. Perhaps he actually had killed you and this was some sort of dream-like state.

“This is real, I assure you,” he said, and you cursed yourself for forgetting that Kylo Ren was a force user.

“Sorry,” you mumbled.

He simply nodded once, “I’ll return when it’s safe for you to leave,” he said before exiting the room.

Two Years Later

“Look at me, I’m Daddy!” Your daughter announced as she came running into your quarters, wearing Kylo Ren’s helmet.

You stifled a laugh as she ran past you quickly and in to the adjoining room.

Kylo quickly came running after her, and you stood up to watch him chase her around the room before finally picking her up.

“You’re getting to fast for me now, Princess,” Kylo laughed as he spun her around.

The helmet, far too loose for her small head, came flying off as she twirled and you managed to catch it before it fell.

Kylo grinned as approached you, D/N now sitting on his shoulders and beaming widely.

“Hello, love,” he said, crouching slightly to kiss your cheek. He lowered himself down so that he was level with your stomach, “Hello to you too, little one.”

“I want to say hello to the baby!” Your daughter piped up. Kylo gently set her down as she enveloped your torso in a hug.

Kylo ruffled D/N’s hair as she whispered something to your stomach.

You smiled at her before resting your gaze on Kylo.

“What’s on your mind?” He asked as he met your gaze. Since that day on Takodana, Kylo promised he wouldn’t read your thoughts again.

“Just thinking about the day we met,” you smiled.

He let out a huff, “The day my men tried to kill you?”

You frowned at him, “No. The day you saved us.”

He smiled, remembering the day that seemed so long ago now. When Kylo returned to the room on board The Finalizer, something stirred within you and you asked if you could stay a while longer. You couldn’t explain it, but something about this man made you feel safe—despite the stories that you had heard about him.

Two years later, and you and D/N still hadn’t left. Kylo adored your daughter. It didn’t take long for you to fall in love with the man who treated your daughter as his own. And now, you were starting your own family with him. You had finally found a home again.

“I love you Y/N,” Kylo said as he brought his lips to yours.

Your daughter tugged on his robes and he let out a laugh, picking her up again, “And I love you too, Princess.”

anonymous asked:

Do you think it could be possible to have a gift that's more of a curse? For example a "gift" that makes you always tell the truth/make lying impossible?

Canon suggests that a number of gifts are already taking a toll on the vampires who have them, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a few are actually downright curse-like. 

Edward doesn’t hide the fact that his gift is upsetting and overwhelming. Maggie and Alice’s proto-talents nearly got them killed. Jasper’s drove him into a depression. Corin seemingly can’t have real friends or a partner, since there’s no indicator that she can shut her talent down. Didyme got far more romantic attention than she wanted. Their abilities certainly complicate(d) their lives, and that’s not even factoring in recruitment/persecution by various ruling covens. 

It’s also worth pointing out that many vampires’ most prominent traits should be bad ones. It’s interesting that Caius is the only immortal– as far as I can remember, anyway– with an unquestionably sinister enhanced ability: hate. To my mind, that’s a gross underestimation. A lot of people are defined by rage, laziness, gullibility, or selfishness, particularly when they’re teenagers and young adults (i.e. the most popular age-of-transformation for vampires). You’d think that there would tons of vamps running around with, like, enhanced pettiness or something. 

Finally, to go off your point of compulsory honesty, I’d be really interested in curse-like gifts that arose from positive traits. A person who prided themselves on sincerity being incapable of lying sounds so cool. Same deal with an empathetic person who experiences the suffering of everyone else within a certain radius, or a pacifist utterly incapable of violence, even for hunting/self-defence. 

Saving Robb

Anonymous asked: Hi meg! May I request a fic where reader is in Robbs camp and she goes to his tent one day but she finds a spy there waiting to attack Robb and they fight. She kills him but freaks out, Robb comes in and she tells him that she only killed the man in self defence. Robb comforts her and she tells him that she can’t ever lose him and he tells her she won’t and kisses? Just go whatever way you’d like with it- I don’t mind :)I’m the person who requested Robb! Yeah sure, change it up a bit if you like :)

I do not own Robb. He belongs to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: violence, angst, fluff

Pairings: Robb Stark x fem!reader

Originally posted by crispyangelwings

You crossed the camp with your head held high. Tonight was the night. The night you were going to tell Robb, King in the North, that you were hopelessly in love with him. Part of you understood that telling a man in the middle of war was probably not the best time, but at the same time, you didn’t want to risk Robb or you dying before you got a chance to tell him.

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The City is Mine: Ch.1

Genre: gang au, angst, smut (eventually) 

Character Profiles: AOMG | The Outsiders | The 88′s  (Please read these and the prologue before you begin)

Chapters: Prologue1234 /?

*Cookies = AOMG’s drugs

“The City is Mine” Ravi Open

“Ok, ok, quiet down y’all. This one’s from a new song yo boy been werkin on called Vagina Virtuoso” shouted Jay Park with a proud glimmer in his eyes. The sexy gang leader stood in the center of his professional dance studio located inside AOMG’s swag headquarters, surrounded by his devoted crew and adoring groupies.

“Yo, I need a Cha Cha beat boy!” screamed Jay in a high pitched voice as he tore off his shirt to reveal his ripped body, causing all the girls in the room, and Lil Boi, to scream with unbridled enthusiasm.

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Your younger child asks one of the members about lost virginity because their older sibling mentioned about it but your child doesn't know what the word virginity means and the member tells him (BTS)

Sorry for the long title!

Y/S/N: your son’s name

Y/Y/S/N: your younger son’s name

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Y/Y/D/N: your younger daughter’s name

Namjoon: -he was planning out in his head how in the world he could tell you that apparently your younger son over heard his older brother mention that he lost his virginity. Hoseok said that your little boy asking him what losing virginity meant- “so either I tell Y/N or I get our older son to actually tell admit he hasn’t been going to soccer practice and sleeping with his girlfriend instead”

Originally posted by xchiiban

Jin: -he wasn’t pleased to hear from Jeongguk that your baby girl over heard big sister talk about losing her virginity to Taehyung’s son. He was worried also about your little daughter’s issue with privacy but also the fact he’d have to kill one of his best friend’s children- “Does Taehyung know about this? I have to tell my wife and that’s going to be harder than talking to Y/D/N and then Y/Y/D/N about privacy”

Originally posted by jinkooks

Suga: -your son was 20 and your daughter was 4 which meant she looked up to her older brother. Jimin happened to be the one who got asked if he lost his virginity because her brother had. Jimin told Yoongi that Y/D/N heard the conversation Yoongi and Y/S/N were having- “Y/N going to kill me. I’m supposed to have a clean mouth when my baby girl is around. We were having a father son moment”

Originally posted by asdfghobi

J-Hope: -his mind shattered at the thought of his baby girl losing her virginity but it took til Jin mentioned it to him that your son asked him where he could find his sister’s virginity because she lost her’s. Jin watched poor Hoseok’s face when it all sunk it- “what are you talking about Y/D/N is a virgin she would have told Y/- oh my god that actually explains so much”

Originally posted by hugtae

Jimin: -he was dying because your son didn’t really hid it but he didn’t mention it in the presences of his little brother because he repeated everything he heard. Namjoon came walking in holding the 5 year old’s hand til he got to the room where the 3 of you sat and told you son to repeat what he said. Which was about if he lost his virginity would he be cool like Y/S/N. Which made you look at your oldest who was looking everywhere but at you. That’s when Jimin lost it- “come on baby it was obvious he isn’t. He got the smirk I got when he got home after prom”

Originally posted by jeonsshi

V: -he never wanted to hear that your daughter wasn’t a virgin after your older son got busted. You didn’t have to worry about the 3 year old quite yet. But it didn’t help that he over heard his big sister who stole a condom from his and your stash. So when Yoongi heard Y/Y/S/N bring it up to him he asked what virginity was and also a condom. So his melt down infront of Yoongi was something Yoongi found hilarious- “no no no my babies are all corrupt. No 3 year old should know about his dad’s stash of big boy balloons are neither should his daughter. Didn’t she learn from Y/S/N’s mistake it isn’t safe”

Originally posted by taestylips

Jungkook: -in one hand your son was 13 and your daughter was 6 but the other’s had much older ‘cousins’ thanks to the boys. So the word virginity and being asked if Y/S/N was one or not. by the end of the day Y/D/N managed to get more than one of her cousins in-trouble that evening. All because she asked uncle Taehyung if he knew what a virginity or that more than one cousin wasn’t one.- “Y/D/N can I enroll you in for spying, you’d be helping appa a lot if big brother or cousins are doing bad things” 

Originally posted by hugtae

Like A Rose, CH 3: Catharsis

Title: Like A Rose
By: ArisuChanSenpai (Visit my blog for AO3 link!)
Fandom: League of Legends
Ship: Jhin x Sona

“Good morning, Sona,” Lestara pecked Sona’s forehead as Sona slowly sat up from bed. “You must be exhausted, dear. I can’t imagine how much you must be going through. Being famous can’t be very easy.”

Sona gave her mother an admitting smile. But she did enjoy playing her music for people. It brought her happiness, especially knowing that many admired her skills. Of course, she had to thank her mother for teaching her all she knows about her instrument. “I do love getting to know my fans, so it’s not as difficult,” she signed.

Lestara chuckled and sat by Sona on her bed. “If you’re happy with what you’re doing, then I’m always more than happy.” She set a cup of warm tea on the dresser next to Sona’s bed. “You must really love this city, telling me you wanted to stay here for a couple of days.”

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