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Bertie loves sniffing his glorious portrait by @pangur-and-grim‘s wonderful custodian, but isn’t such a fan of posing with it. He’d rather Hunt.

(I love this so much, and the Aspects of the Domestic Cat print too.)

Bonus: the kind of thing that’s on my desk that I can grab to flatten a poster that came in a tube:

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Heyo! Can I request the members of Seventeen trying to wake you up after a very tiring week? Thanks in advance :)

Seventeen members trying to wake you up after a tiring week!

S Coups:

He’d be lying next to you and would be the first to wake up. Even though you had told him to wake you up early in the morning, he’d let you sleep for a while before finally deciding to give in to your demand. He’d wake you up softly taking your hand. “You wanted me to wake you up, remember?”

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He’d hesitate a bit not wanting to wake you up. However, he knew that it was time for you both to start the day. He’d run his fingers calmly through your hair having you open your eyes immediately.

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Josh would already be playing some songs on his guitar knowing that it was the best way to wake you up. He’d smile at you as soon as you’d open your eyes hoping to receive a smile from you as well.

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He’d feel really bad for waking you up. He’d roll over to you whispering sweet nothings into your ear hoping that it would make you feel better in a way due to the tiring week you just had. Even though Jun’s sweet voice would wake you up immediately, you’d keep your eyes closed preventing him from stopping his words.

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He’d try to wake you up with a kiss on the nose. You just looked so peacefully when sleeping and it would take him some time to even get over how adorable you looked.

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He would probably stay in bed not even trying to wake you up. He’d watch your sleeping figure for hours as he knew that you hardly had any time to rest.

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I think Woozi would hesitate the most. He knew how hard the week had been so far. Since it was Sunday he would let you sleep as long as you wanted to and would just lay next to you working on his mac.

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He’d shake you softly trying to wake you up and you would whisper: “Sing something for me, pleaseee!” He’d start singing as he couldn’t resist your charms, especially not after the hard week you both had.

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I can definitely imagine him waking you up with breakfast in bed. He’d place the tablet on you night shelf and would shake you softly: “Baby, there’s breakfast for you.”

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He’d be so cute waking you up but then immediately regretting it. “I’m sorry…I din’t meant to…I” You’d take his hand leading him back in bed.

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He’d probably roll over to you after waking up giving you a big hug so there wouldn’t be any other opportunity for you but to wake up and give him a peck on the lips.

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He’d would wake you up running his fingers up and down your body knowing that it was the best way for you to start the day. “I love you so much”, you’d whisper pulling him into a short morning kiss.

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“Gosh…Why do I have to wake her up…She just looks too gorgeous to be woken up!”, he’d think to himself pulling you onto his chest not wanting to wake you up at all.

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- Hope you like it.

Requests are always welcome!

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Justin’s First Love ll 13 Reasons Why Imagine

Summary: Justin Foley falls for a girl he just met.

Warning: Profanity

Request: nope, but do y’all want a part 2?

Note: This isn’t my first imagine, I have written a lot of things on Wattpad and had some writings of my own in general that I thought were pretty sucky, but anyway, nice to meet you I’m Nikki! You will learn more about me throughout this aging of the tumblr: nikkimagines. English is a language I am fluent in but every person has some mistakes so excuse them and please leave a response of the imagine if it offended you in any way or if you loved/hated it! (ahh i promise i’m not this formal just wanted to be cool XD)


Mrs Walters - made-up math teacher(i made it lol)

Y/n - Your first name

L/n - Your last name

S/c - skin color

E/c - eye color

H/c - hair color

Justin Foley, a 17-year-old jock at Liberty High School, was known for being a basketball player, and a one-fuck kind of guy. No one would imagine him ever have a true crush or just falling in love in general, it just wasn’t his thing. That wasn’t for long until he met Y/n L/n. Any person would think Justin was crazy for liking her, he likes popular, hot, don’t-give-fucks kind of girls. Y/n, was the complete opposite, she was an introvert, shy, smart, but she was athletic—that wasn’t what dragged Justin in, it was her looks, she looked goddamn gorgeous in every single way. Justin didn’t meet her until her second day, and she was already acing her classes. It all started out something like this…

“Justin, I don’t think you are getting any better in Algebra. I have given you all my best tutors! What else can I do to help you Justin?” Mrs. Walters asked as she gave Justin his test grade, it was a D, again. He hated disappointing his math teacher, especially since it was his favorite teacher in the first place.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Walters, but I don’t think they are explaining it the way I learn. They [tutors] make it more—how do you say it, er complicated?” Mrs. Walters chuckled.

“I don’t think they can confuse you more than me, these are your peers!” Mrs. Walters pointed out.

Justin sighed, knowing what she said was true. He grimaced looking at the first page of the test, covered in red marks and x’s counting them wrong. “Maybe it’s not the right tutor.” He murmured just loud enough that she picked up his words.

“Maybe so,” She whispered back. “What if Y/n tutors you? She needs some friends and you need higher grades.” He turned to look at the girl who was twirling her pencil and looked frustrated at her paper.

As he turned back around he spoke, “Are you sure that girl knows anything about math? I mean, she just got here.”

“I don’t think you know much about Ms. L/n. She got an A+ on that quiz I just handed you.” She smiled at the girl, taking a quick glance at her and looking back at him.

Justin’s mouth gaped open. “She took the test yesterday?”

“She thought she was capable, I told her it was a hard test but she took it anyway.” Mrs. Walter explained. “So, what do you say? Could you try her as a tutor?”

Justin took another glance at the girl, she caught his eyes and looked away. Justin has a light blush brushed onto his cheeks and looked back at Mrs Walters.

“I guess I’ll try her out.”

“Thank you Justin! I’ll tell her right now.” He smiled as Mrs. Walters walked away from him to tell Y/n the ‘great news’. He looked backed at his test and frowned, he still didn’t understand what x and y meant and don’t even get him started about the scatter plots. He always wondered how math would help him in life—it just never made sense to him the purpose, I mean science helped the world, English class helped them tell the world what science did, he just didn’t understand how math could ever help him in this world of technology. He was lost in his thoughts until Y/n tapped his shoulder, he turned around to see a girl with s/c and the most gorgeous set of e/c eyes he has ever seen in his entire life. He didn’t hear any of the words she had said because of him staring, she then caught on and stopped talking and looked down.

“So, Mrs. Walter said a guy named Justin needed some help with math, could you tell me where he sits, sorry again to bother you.” She spoke quietly but it was amazing how her voice was so relaxing.

“Oh, that’s me.” She gave him a light laugh and smiled.

“Sorry, I’m new and I don’t know any one’s names.” Justin smiled, then got up and lead her to the library. He first grabbed his stuff and waited for her to grab her things outside Mrs. Walters class door. As they headed to the library he tried to make small talk—keyword: tried. She just didn’t seem to like socializing of any sort.

They took a table not far from the entrance door in the library and it was near tons of books—not that anyone actually reads them. “Okay, so what do you need help on?” She took the test gently from his hands and looked at it wide-eyed. “Oh um, looks like we’re gonna be here for awhile, aren’t we?” He nodded and chuckled, and he then raised a question about the first problem.

“I don’t get how to get a solution for two equations? How is that possible?” She nodded, seeming to understand where he came from.

“So, there are 3 methods to solve these types of equations and another one that I found out myself, but okay, so there’s Elimination, Substitution, and Graphing it. I personally dislike graphing it because that’s too much work.” She kept talking about how to solve them but Justin couldn’t help to get lost at her appearance. She had gorgeous e/c eyes that glistened from the light coming from the window near them. She also has beautiful h/c hair that looked amazing in that messy bun, she looked so—astonishing. ‘No,’ Justin told himself, ‘I’m a jock, I don’t fall in love.’

“So Justin can you try out whichever seemed easy to you?” Y/n asked him.

“Sorry, I kind of got bored.” Justin lied.

“Okay, then maybe I’ll just show you how to do all the methods and then you can choose whatever you think is the easiest.” Y/n explained.

“Cool, can we do the first problem?” Justin moved over for her to sit next to him, honestly, he didn’t think he would actually listen she was just too gorgeous. She sat down next to him with a pencil and started doing the math, her handwriting was neat and really pretty just like her. Y/n kept focusing on the work and didn’t even realize Justin was staring at her the whole time, she expected a jock like him to just get bored and not listen to a nerd like her. Justin tried to focus but his mind kept going elsewhere, daydreaming about how it would be if Y/n and him were to date, first kiss at a park, first date at Crestmont, first ‘I love you’ while cuddling, and damn he didn’t think he would fall this hard for a girl he just met.

“Hopefully this will help you with the homework.” She said as she ended the lecture and explanation.

“Yeah hopefully,” Justin was gonna speak if she didn’t leave so fast.

“Hey Alex! Can I eat with you to today at lunch again?” Alex turned around and signaled with his hand to get Y/n over. “Hey sorry the bell rang so I’ll see you soon if needed okay?” She smiled and waved goodbye. He waved back and smiled too, maybe he’d purposely fail his exams to just talk to her, maybe he would, maybe he wouldn’t, but he knew one thing, he wants to talk to this fucking girl again.

I Like You - Bucky x Reader One Shot

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//NOTE: This is so random I just kinda wanted to write it, and yes it sounds like ‘That’s What I Like’, but… *sigh.*//

“Holy fuck, man,” Sam Wilson had put down his glass of champagne and watched as you entered the room. “Good Lord, she really is a bombshell. Never seen her in a dress before.”

“I thought you had the eyes for Natasha, Wilson,” Bucky smirked at Sam’s reaction to you entering the room. He wouldn’t admit to Steve and Sam, who were sitting at the table with him that you were hot as hell in that sleeveless red floor-length dress. He watched as your eyes scanned the room, landing on him for a few seconds. You shot him a smile, and he felt the fabric of his pants tightening. Damn it, Bucky, not here.

Tony Stark was holding another one of his infamous parties, and normally Bucky hated them. Large crowds and loud music weren’t his thing, but now, seeing you here, he didn’t regret coming at all.

You had been working with the Avengers for a month or two now, and almost every person in the building had admitted you were hot at least once. Other than Bucky, of course. He kept everything to himself, even when it was tearing himself in half. Earlier, when you had been going over a mission report with the Avengers in the lounge, he had felt himself getting an erection.

He had excused himself, and gotten away without anyone noticing, but he had had to make himself remember to never wear thin pants around you again. He didn’t want to creep you out or anything.

“Yo, Bucky, you gonna keep staring at her like that?” Sam jolted Buck out of the long string of thoughts beginning to form in his mind. He was smirking, one eyebrow raised. Your eyes had since passed Bucky, and you were now talking happily to Natasha, completely oblivious that The Winter Soldier’s eyes were still on you.

“Fuck off, Wilson.”

“Just saying. Anyway, Steve, I think I’m going to go talk to her,” he pointed to a random girl in a tight-fitting dress across the room. Both Steve and Bucky rolled their eyes, Wilson was a total player when he wasn’t saving the world. Everyone knew the only girl he was ever really going to stick with was Natasha, and she had made it clear they were never gonna be a thing.

“For real, Buck, if you like her, go talk to her,” Steve piped up, drinking his last swig of alcohol. A sudden below shook the room for a brief moment, but no one even flinched. They knew it was just a sign that Thor had arrived to the party. “I think I’m gonna go say hi to Thor. Good luck, man.” Steve added, placing a reassuring hand on Buck’s shoulder before walking off.

Bucky sighed, should he even try?


Were you.


“Hi Bucky. Saw you lookin’ at me,” you plopped down in the chair across from him, propping your head up on your hand. “You look nervous, you okay? I know you don’t like these parties. I can walk you to your apartment if you want.”

God, she was so sweet. Always thinking about others.

“No, I’m fine… but can I tell you something?”

“Sure Buck, what is it?” You asked. He rubbed his hands together and knit his brows, he was obviously extremely nervous about whatever he was about to tell you. “Bucky, is everything okay?”

“Y-Yes… it’s just… there’s this girl that I really like. I always have, but I never told her. And she showed up here tonight, looking gorgeous as ever… I’m just, I’m too nervous to tell her, or ask her to dance… or to come home with me tonight.” Fuck, had he been too obvious? You had paused, but now your eyes were sweeping the room, looking for the mystery girl. Buck let out a relieved sigh, you hadn’t figured it out.

“Who is it?” You asked, returning your gaze to Buck, who still looked nervous, but a slight bit less than before. He looked at you with a longing look in his eyes, and everything came together… you? He… you? The guy you had been crushing on for a months liked you too? You found yourself trapped in his gaze, never leaving his eyes when you began talking. “Because… s-she would be the l-luckiest wo-woman in the world to h-have you…”

Bucky’s expression changed to something like relief and happiness and disbelief. After a little bit of silence… well it couldn’t be called silence, the ambient party environment was still raging on… but it felt like silence as you both said nothing for a few seconds. “So, want to go to my apartment and talk? It’s quieter there…” Buck asked.

You nodded.

Steve and Sam had watched as you both walked out of the door. “Totally called it man, you owe me twenty bucks,” Sam told Steve, nudging him with his shoulder. Steve sighed and rolled his eyes, but he pulled out his wallet none the less.

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The Contest-Part 3

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Nursing Supervisor Anne, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, other Supernatural cast and crew

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing about Jared and Jensen and the show.  Please be gentle as I am a delicate flower LOL.  For the purposes of this story, Jared and Gen are divorced.  NO HATE please, Gen’s a sweetheart!

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

I went back to my life, and promptly forgot about the whole Supernatural thing.  Things were weird between Nikki and me when we first got back from New York, but eventually we got back into our old rhythm.

I even agreed to watch a few episodes of Supernatural with her on her birthday as a special present to her.  I had to admit, Tom… Jared was a pretty good actor.  I couldn’t not look at him when he was on screen.

It was about a month later when there was a knock at my door and the mailman was there with a certified letter for me.  I signed my name and he handed me the letter.   My eyes widened as I scanned the contents.  “Holy Shit!” I whispered.  I grabbed my cell from the kitchen counter and dialed Nikki’s number with shaking hands.

“Nik? It’s me. Can I come over? I need to talk to you.”

“Are you okay, Y/N? You sound weird.  What’s going on?”

“I’m on my way over.” I whispered, hanging up the phone.

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If you're still taking requests for th all star banter how about Zeveran and Vivenne or Merril and Morrigan?

Merrill: Morrigan, how you do that trick where you turn into a bear?

Morrigan: ‘tis no trick, only a matter of communing with the beast so you can borrow its spirit and its form from that understanding.

Merrill: Oh. I don’t think that would work for me.

Morrigan: I believe you capable of learning, given proper training.

Merrill: Communing with animals doesn’t always… once I tried to give a wild hare some greens from my lunch. It bit my thumb and our clan’s healer had to slather it in salve to prevent infection.

Morrigan: Did you consider that your finger may have been too close to your offering of food?

Merrill: You see? I can’t even understand the motivations of people who can speak to me. I doubt I’d be able to understand animals who can’t tell me themselves.

Morrigan: ‘tis a pity. One would imagine you would make a decent hare.

Merrill: Oh, that’s so sweet, Morrigan!

Morrigan:  You would be quieter at the very least.

Oneshot - Falling in love again

“I don’t get why you are so insecure. You don’t trust me?” You say pissed off. Your girlfriend has been acting strangely lately and you found out that she thinks you are cheating on her, which is just crazy.

“Then why are you coming home so late? Why have you been so mysterious about your whereabouts?” She exclaims while crying.

“I already told you! I’ve been working a lot lately!”

“You know what? Whatever. I don’t care,” She says grabbing her keys and heading to the door.

“Where are you going?” You ask frowning. She lives with you, so where would she go?

“I’m going to Kylie’s. I just… I need to be alone right now,” Your chest hurts. Why doesn’t she understand that she is the one and only girl for you? Why is that so damn hard to understand?

You hear the front door close and then the engine of her car start. Your eyes are filled with tears and you don’t know what else to do but wait for her to come back.

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I have the hugest crush ever on my best friend and she's just so gorgeous and is super musical and is too good for this world honestly and just ahhhh and she has freckles and dances and just is so perfect in so many ways but she's straight and I can't tell her how I feel bc I don't want to screw up the friendship especially since nothing could happen since she's straight but just ughhhh. I think I'm kinda in love with her and it's sucks so much especially when she talks about the guy she likes

That’s such a tough place to be in! I’m so sorry you have to deal with this right now, I know it’s awful :/
But you definitely will find a wonderful girl who’ll love you back, I promise :)

I don’t know if you just wanted to gush about her and rant about the situation overall or if you wanted advice or something - if it’s the latter, maybe try distancing yourself from her a bit so your feelings can fade, you know? This sounds so pretentious, I’m sorry.

Still, thanks for sharing. I wish you good luck and all the best :)

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