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Waverly was right. We need that gun. And I’m talking to my truck.
—  Wynonna Earp, S01E01

Bertie loves sniffing his glorious portrait by @pangur-and-grim‘s wonderful custodian, but isn’t such a fan of posing with it. He’d rather Hunt.

(I love this so much, and the Aspects of the Domestic Cat print too.)

Bonus: the kind of thing that’s on my desk that I can grab to flatten a poster that came in a tube:

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Heyo! Can I request the members of Seventeen trying to wake you up after a very tiring week? Thanks in advance :)

Seventeen members trying to wake you up after a tiring week!

S Coups:

He’d be lying next to you and would be the first to wake up. Even though you had told him to wake you up early in the morning, he’d let you sleep for a while before finally deciding to give in to your demand. He’d wake you up softly taking your hand. “You wanted me to wake you up, remember?”

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He’d hesitate a bit not wanting to wake you up. However, he knew that it was time for you both to start the day. He’d run his fingers calmly through your hair having you open your eyes immediately.

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Josh would already be playing some songs on his guitar knowing that it was the best way to wake you up. He’d smile at you as soon as you’d open your eyes hoping to receive a smile from you as well.

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He’d feel really bad for waking you up. He’d roll over to you whispering sweet nothings into your ear hoping that it would make you feel better in a way due to the tiring week you just had. Even though Jun’s sweet voice would wake you up immediately, you’d keep your eyes closed preventing him from stopping his words.

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He’d try to wake you up with a kiss on the nose. You just looked so peacefully when sleeping and it would take him some time to even get over how adorable you looked.

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He would probably stay in bed not even trying to wake you up. He’d watch your sleeping figure for hours as he knew that you hardly had any time to rest.

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I think Woozi would hesitate the most. He knew how hard the week had been so far. Since it was Sunday he would let you sleep as long as you wanted to and would just lay next to you working on his mac.

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He’d shake you softly trying to wake you up and you would whisper: “Sing something for me, pleaseee!” He’d start singing as he couldn’t resist your charms, especially not after the hard week you both had.

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I can definitely imagine him waking you up with breakfast in bed. He’d place the tablet on you night shelf and would shake you softly: “Baby, there’s breakfast for you.”

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He’d be so cute waking you up but then immediately regretting it. “I’m sorry…I din’t meant to…I” You’d take his hand leading him back in bed.

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He’d probably roll over to you after waking up giving you a big hug so there wouldn’t be any other opportunity for you but to wake up and give him a peck on the lips.

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He’d would wake you up running his fingers up and down your body knowing that it was the best way for you to start the day. “I love you so much”, you’d whisper pulling him into a short morning kiss.

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“Gosh…Why do I have to wake her up…She just looks too gorgeous to be woken up!”, he’d think to himself pulling you onto his chest not wanting to wake you up at all.

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- Hope you like it.

Requests are always welcome!

-love, Kitty

The Contest-Part 3

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Nursing Supervisor Anne, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, other Supernatural cast and crew

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing about Jared and Jensen and the show.  Please be gentle as I am a delicate flower LOL.  For the purposes of this story, Jared and Gen are divorced.  NO HATE please, Gen’s a sweetheart!

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

I went back to my life, and promptly forgot about the whole Supernatural thing.  Things were weird between Nikki and me when we first got back from New York, but eventually we got back into our old rhythm.

I even agreed to watch a few episodes of Supernatural with her on her birthday as a special present to her.  I had to admit, Tom… Jared was a pretty good actor.  I couldn’t not look at him when he was on screen.

It was about a month later when there was a knock at my door and the mailman was there with a certified letter for me.  I signed my name and he handed me the letter.   My eyes widened as I scanned the contents.  “Holy Shit!” I whispered.  I grabbed my cell from the kitchen counter and dialed Nikki’s number with shaking hands.

“Nik? It’s me. Can I come over? I need to talk to you.”

“Are you okay, Y/N? You sound weird.  What’s going on?”

“I’m on my way over.” I whispered, hanging up the phone.

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If you're still taking requests for th all star banter how about Zeveran and Vivenne or Merril and Morrigan?

Merrill: Morrigan, how you do that trick where you turn into a bear?

Morrigan: ‘tis no trick, only a matter of communing with the beast so you can borrow its spirit and its form from that understanding.

Merrill: Oh. I don’t think that would work for me.

Morrigan: I believe you capable of learning, given proper training.

Merrill: Communing with animals doesn’t always… once I tried to give a wild hare some greens from my lunch. It bit my thumb and our clan’s healer had to slather it in salve to prevent infection.

Morrigan: Did you consider that your finger may have been too close to your offering of food?

Merrill: You see? I can’t even understand the motivations of people who can speak to me. I doubt I’d be able to understand animals who can’t tell me themselves.

Morrigan: ‘tis a pity. One would imagine you would make a decent hare.

Merrill: Oh, that’s so sweet, Morrigan!

Morrigan:  You would be quieter at the very least.


✨Torn Between Part 6✨


I served us both some pasta and some strong wine, with this I knew that this was going to need some hard wine to go with our conversation and to let lose my stubbornness. We began to eat, Shakira kept looking at the flowers that were right in her face. She took a bite and then look at the flowers again, she laughed and shook her head. I finally asked
“Why you shaking your head?” I took a sip of my wine.
“I just can’t believe how beautiful they are!” taking a glance at them once again.
“I’m sure Pique has gave you more beautiful flowers than these! Come on Shakira!” I nudged her.
“No Pique has bought me flowers before, but not as beautiful as these flowers! Seriously who buys the vase too! It’s just simply gorgeous!” She said pointing at them with a fork full of pasta.
I just laughed.
“I am so jealous right now!” She squealed.
We finished our dinner, I took her plate, placed it in the sink.
“How about dessert?” I looked at Shakira, while opening the fridge. She nodded her head. I took the ice cream out and served ourselves.
“What is that?” she questioned as I was serving us.
“Homemade lemon ice cream.” I smiled as I scooped.
“What you know how to make homemade stuff!?” She said excitedly and shocked.
I just giggled and nodded my head.
“Don’t tell me that was homemade chicken alfredo!”
“Yes it was.” I smiled at her, while putting the ice cream away.
“Oh my God! That’s so amazing! I can barely cook for myself! You are how do you say it in the US? It has wife in it.”
I laughed and sat down with the ice cream, “Wifey material?”
“Yeah! That’s the word!” she said before taking a scoop of the cold delight. I just had to see her expression on her face. Her eyes rolled back as she savored it.
“What you think?” I smiled at her, waiting for her feedback.
“Unbelievable. You should come cook for me one day!”
“I would love too! How many people can say, Oh yeah I cooked for Shakira one time at her house. Right?” She just hmmed as she took another spoonful.
We finish and I started doing the dishes, Shakira wanted to help, but I told her “No Shakira! You are the guest.”
“Okay but I want to have more of that wine and to talk more about Marc.” She smirked.
“Yeah. I want more wine too. And oh okay, but he isn’t the only one! Just to let you know” I smirked as I was drying the dishes.
“Oh goodness. We are going to need the bottle.” She laughed as she took our glasses and the bottle, heading towards the couch. I finished up the dishes and headed to sit next to her. She already had the glasses filled to the top with the delicious but yet harsh red liquid. I grabbed my wine and plopped right next to her. She had her shoes off with her feet up on the couch sipping on her wine.
“So tell me!! Are you and Marc a thing now?” She said facing me with lit up eyes.
“Umm well here’s the story with Marc. My first day that I arrived here, my boss introduced me to the players, Marc was the very first one to come up and say hello to me. I really didn’t think much of it until today, that he likes me, Dani even told me that 2 other players like me as well. So after having that conversation, I had to exam Marc and after I was finished with him he asked me if he wanted to go get a drink after the game tomorrow. So I really wanted to say no because I have other drama going on with other players, but I eventually said yes to his beautiful green eyes. You should had seen his face, it lit up like I have never seen it before!”
“Awww how cute! Wait you said that there are more that like you? Besides Marc?”
“Yes. Rafinha and Neymar too.”
“Really! Three guys that’s a lot. I was maybe thinking that you had a love triangle problem but no you have a square problem. So who do like the most?”
“This is how it all started. You know how I told you about Marc in the beginning right?” Shakira shook her head “After Marc came up to me Rafinha did too, he was shy but sweet. Last was Neymar and at first I did not like him. Neymar seemed cocky to me. Well after Neymar said hello he told me that he liked me and he wanted to take me out. I just ignored his offer because I was told that we cannot date with in the league. So the next day Rafinha comes here and brings me donuts and coffee/tea/hot chocolate. I asked him how he found my house, comes to find out that he lives right across the street. But I can honestly say that I like Rafinha more because he’s not pushy and is sweet.” I said looking down shyly. I felt butterflies form in my tummy, when I thought about him.
“What! He lives right across the street? That house over there?” she said getting up and pointing behind the curtain. I just shook my head. “That’s really sweet of him.” She continued. “Go on.” She said as she sat down.
“So New Years comes up. Rafinha invited me to the club to meet up with some of the players to celebrate New Years. Before we go he gave me those other flowers over there, plus he compliments me, making me feel special. So I go, drinks where flowing, we all were having a good time getting along, laughing, I ask Marc to dance with me, we end up dancing very sexually, then Neymar cuts in, and compliments me on my dancing. I ask him where Rafinha was at and I look over and Rafinha is dancing with some chick, kissing her neck and feeling up all on her. I don’t know what it was Shakira but I really became sad and upset.”
“You were falling for Rafinha weren’t you?” She looked at me with sorry eyes.
“Yeah. I did. So later on everyone was celebrating, I was dancing with Neymar again and when the clock stuck 12, I kissed Neymar seductively. Long story short, we had sex.” I said sipping looking the other direction awkwardly.
She gasped and hit me softly on my shoulder, “You bad girl!”
“Yeah, I know. But Shakira I seriously do not know what to do with these guys! Help me. Which guy do you think I should pursue?”
“Well Neymar is the type of person that just want to have sex with, with no strings attached. I love Neymar but if you want a relationship, I would chose Rafinha because he is sweet and the protective type.”
“Well what about Marc?” I questioned almost whining.
“Well since you already said yes to go out with Marc on his birthday.”
“Woah woah wait! It’s his birthday tommorow!?!”
“Yeah. I think you should go but just to let you know he just broke up with his girlfriend, Melissa, I do not know if he is just looking for a fling at the moment but just be careful.”
I just nodded my head, looking into her eyes. That’s when she hugged me tightly, and said “I hope you make the right decision.” She let go, when I felt a motherly kiss on my forehead. She was so kind and sweet, that’s what I loved about her, she cared.
“I am so happy I have someone to talk to, Shakira. For a minuet I felt myself get lonely and no one to talk to.” I smiled kindly to her.
“Oh sweetie you always have me to talk to. Enough with this boy talk, let’s get drunk and have fun. Let’s forget about these men in your life.” She said sounding very mellowed out.
“Okay.” I said awkwardly. I think she was already light weight tipsy. I was feeling mellowed out as well.
Shakira chugged on her last of her wine and asked in a slurred tone “Do you have any more?”
“Yeah, I’ll get it for you.” I smiled. I was walking a little wobbly. I grabbed the wine from the fridge. I was in the process of opening it when Shakira said “I bet I can ask you anything right know!”
“Yeah. You can, I am pretty much and open book.” I said struggling a bit popping the cork.
“How was Neymar? I always wanted to know.” She cutely hiccupped at the end.
I giggled “He was really fantastic! His head game was the best I have ever had!” I finally opened it. I laughed because I was happy that I opened it. I walked over to her and sat down. I poured some in her glass and then mine.
She took a sip then said “Oh really that good ayy?”
“Yeah when I told him to stop, he kept going and giving it to me. I thought I was going to die.” I said exaggerating.
“Oh my god sounds heavenly.” She said rolling her head back, having her head rest on the couch.
“So can I ask you about Pique?” I smirked looking at her when her head shot up and stared at me.
“Oh let’s say if you ever see me walking funny, that means that he can put some serious damage on me. I like it, it’s good at the moment but the next day I am paying for it.” She just laughed and I laughed so hard, I literally almost peed my pants.
This night was literally the best, we talked about everything, and we danced, played music loud.
The next morning I woke up to the irritating sound of my alarm to get up to go to work. I ignored it and slept. I woke up to a second sound which was my ringtone for someone calling I answered in groggy tone “Hello?”
“(Y/N)!! It is 9 o’clock you were supposed to be here at 8! We are leaving in about an hour and 30 mins. Can you make it? You need to ride with us to the game.” Nate almost screamed my ear off.
I was alerted when he yelled my name. “Yeah I’ll make it boss! See you then.” I hung up.
I was still laying down on the couch when I noticed that I felt Shakira’s hand around my waist, she was still sleeping. I moved her hand gently and got up slowly. When I got up that’s when I felt the headache coming. I decided to take two pills, I went upstairs to take a quickshower, I got out and checked the time to see if I can blow dry my hair, and I did. I straightened lightly and then got dressed in my uniform. I still had 40 mins left so I made tea for Shakira and I laid out some pills for her. I wrote a note for Shakira
“Shakira, I had fun last night, I really needed that. I made you tea and I have 2 pills for you in case you needed them. Please lock up for me. See you later. Go Barca! – (Y/N)
I left grabbing my tote, locking the door behind me. I left my house and I drove past by a little yellow bakery, that’s when I remembered that it was Marc’s birthday. So I decided to buy him a small pastry with the candles that said 24. I got the little delight and left quickly to Camp Nou. I arrived to work and the players where already getting on the bus to go to the airport. I stepped on the bus and Nate was in the back waving for me to come sit next to him. I walked by and they all stared at me with this glare of stare that I was in trouble but not Marc, Marc waved to me, I smiled and waved, I sat next to Nate and he asked me “Why were you late?”
“I had a late dinner last night.”
“Oh okay. Just don’t let it happen again ok. Especially on game day.” I just nodded my head and laid my head back.
“So who are we playing against? And where are we going?”
“Elche, It’s in Elx. It’s about a 5 hour ride on the bus, but we will be taking the plane.” I just nodded my head and then pulled out my earphones to listen to my music. We arrived to the airport, people were stopping the players, taking selfies and autographs. We got on the plane I sat by the window, Marc came and sat next to me. I pulled my earphones out and started talking to him.
“Hey” He smiled.
“Hey. Happy Birthday Marc!” I said hugging him and kissing him on the cheek. He blushed.
“I have something for you.” I said as I grabbed my bag.
“Oh you didn’t have do that (Y/N).” He gave me a bright smile.
“No I wanted to.” I showed him the little pastry that I got him with the candle right on top.
“Aww how sweet. Thank you so much. I like it a lot.” He said and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed and said “You’re welcome Marc. You deserve it.”
“Thanks. I am really looking forward to our drinks later on.” He giggled.
“About that. Would you rather go have dinner instead?”
“Yeah. I would like that a lot better.” He smiled.
“Are you ready for the game today? You are playing today right?” I said changing the subject.
“Yeah I’m actually excited. Are you going to be on the field?”
“Yes. I hope so. I really want to see the game and how you guys play.”
“You mean watch me play.” He laughed. I laughed and pushed him. I was so sleepy, Marc and I talked but then I was nodding off in our conversation. That’s when I felt his hand touch my head, and he pulled me closer to him. I rested my head on his shoulder and fell asleep.
“(Y/N) wake up we are here now.” I heard Marc said sweetly.
“Oh okay.” I got up and followed him. We got into the bus and left. I sat next Marc while Rafinha was on the other side of Marc,sitting the next isle was Rafinha and Munir. Marc and I were talking and making jokes about the outfits they have to wear.
“I think the outfits we wear have too much blue in them.” He said looking at what he was wearing.
“I like it, it matches a lot of your guys’ skin tones. Especially yours.” I winked at him. He just giggled. We kept talking about the outfits and which one was his favorites, he was really funny, it was cute and adorable how he laughed. While we were laughing, on the other side of Marc, I heard Rafinha huff and he sounded really annoyed, finally he put his earphones on and stayed quite for the rest of the ride to Elche. We arrived and got situated. I noticed that none of the A Squad was there, o’well I thought to myself. Kick off started and it was cold, I was freezing, I sat next to Pique, we watched the game and I talked to him about Shakira and our fun night. The game finished and it was 4-0, it was okay not as exciting I thought I was going to be, but I was happy that no one got hurt and that we won.
We headed back to Barcelona, for some reason I felt jet lagged but I was happy we were going back home. We landed, when Nate told me I can go home for the rest of the day, when we got back. We arrived at Camp Nou, and the guys invited me for some cake for Marc, of course I couldn’t say no to cake. We all sang Happy Birthday to Marc, ate cake, then I had to leave. Before I went to my car Marc stopped me.
“Yeah?” I turned and looked up to meet his beautiful green eyes.
“I really am looking forward to our dinner.” He smiled rather excitedly.
“Yeah me to Marc. But you came all the way to tell me that.” I laughed continuing walking to my car.
“Yeah… Uhh I was going to ask you something. Oh yeah do you want to meet up or have me pick you up?” He said nervously.
“Umm I’d prefer to drive myself tonight Marc. No offense.” I shyly smiled, reaching the car.
“No offense taken love. I’ll text you the address of the restaurant.”
“Alright I’ll see you later.” I unlocked my door and Marc opened it for me. I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek, he lifted me off of the floor and hugged me tightly around my waist. He put me down slowly, I made eye contact with him, we awkwardly stared for a while, I felt my feet touch the ground when I gave him a quick kiss on the nose, I let go and he just smiled and blushed at me. I got into my car and went home to get ready.
I took a shower, blew dried my hair. I wore my favorite black lace set. I did my makeup dramatically than usual, for my hair I slightly curled it. For my dress, it was a black and it had gold rectangular trimming on the edges, this hugged my body nicely, I decided to wear the dress, with some black stockings and Mary Jane flats. I toped it off with a cute black hat. I received a text from Marc about the address and that he will be at the restaurant in 20 minutes. I left a little early to find where the restaurant was at. I arrived there and found parking. I got out of my car, and it was a little chilly, but beautiful night the moon was smiling to the world clearly. I walked up to the restaurant and it was dim, but yet romantic. I asked the receptionist,
“Is there a reservation under Bartra?”
He nodded his head and said “Yes, he’s here already. You look stunning by the way.” He said walking me toward the table then checking me out again. I just ignored the compliment. He showed me to the table that was close to the window that’s when I saw Marc staring at the menu.
“Sir your lady is here.” The receptionist said. Marc put his menu down and looked up with surprised eyes.
“Thanks. Oh my (Y/N) you look so gorgeous!” He stood up to hug me, kissing me on the cheek. I looked at him and said “You do to Marc! I love your suit, grey I like it. Making me feel underdress.” I smiled embarrassed that I was not dressed appropriately.
“You look gorgeous love, seriously.” Reassuring me with his beautiful smile, as we sat down the waiter took our drinks. We ordered our food and talked.
“I wanted to ask you. What happened earlier? Did you get in trouble?” He folded his hands waiting for me to answer.
“No, boss thinks I have to be there early. But I got there on time didn’t I?” I laughed sipping on my water.
“You’re not going to get anything to drink?”
“No, I’m done drinking for a while. I had the worst hangover this morning.”
“Oh so that’s why you where late.” He smirked. I nodded looking down.
“Hey, but you still made it and you managed to get me that pastry.” He smiled and touched the top of my hand. I looked at his hand then back at his face and smiled shyly. Perfect timing, the food came and he let go of my touch. We ate our food and talked about what we want in life, kids, marriage, our futures and previous relationships.
“So what about your previous relationship Marc? Did she break your beautiful heart?” I said regretting what I just asked. I looked at him and he was looking down struggling to say something, before he could answer I said “I’m sorry Marc. I didn’t mean to ask you that. You don’t have to talk about it if you down want to.”
“It’s okay. Yes she did break my heart and I don’t hate her for that. She was just not ready for the next step on our relationship.” He said with agony in his tone.
“Really Marc. But what was the next step?” I said and held his hand.
He smiled at our hands and said “She doesn’t want to move here and find a job here instead. We only get to spend a minimum time together.”
“Well maybe she wasn’t ready Marc. Just give it time. I am sure she will come back and realize that you are perfect for her?” I held his hand tighter.
“No. I don’t want her anymore. She can find someone else, I wish her the best. I want to move on and find someone who is willing to sacrifice anything for me.” He said sternly.
I just nodded my head and let go of his hand to take a drink, I was a little surprised to hear him say that, actually a little turned on because of how stern he was. I seriously did not expect that from Marc, but then again you don’t know anybody until you get to know them.
“I need a drink now.” I said when I felt heat creep up in between my legs. Not now I thought to myself. He is going through something keep it together!
“I thought you didn’t want to drink?” Marc laughed.
“Well it’s your birthday! And we should have a good time. I’ll have a few, you can have as many as you want.” “Waiter!?” I waved my hand.
“4 shots of tequila. I’ll have Swrewdriver. And Marc what do you want?”
“Umm cerveza.” He looked at the waiter. She just nodded her head and took our plates.
“4 shots of tequila!?” He looked at me surprised.
“Yeah. Back to back shots. Get you loosened up. I don’t want you to have a boring birthday.” I laughed. The waiter came to the table and gave us our drinks, waiter also gave us lime which makes it a lot better. We cheers and took our shots then bit the lime, I ate the whole lime and Marc was squinting. I started to laugh. “One more!”
Waving his hand saying that he couldn’t do another one.
“No Marc! You have one more and your home free.” I laughed while I handed him the second shot. He took it, and cheered and drank it. That one hit me, I felt mellowed and realized I was tipsy, I drank my fruity drink, but that just made it worse. I stopped drinking while I watched Marc drink his drink fast. We talked for a while, I had to go to the restroom. “Excuse me Marc, I have to go the restroom.” I walked right by him when he grabbed wrist tightly, pulls me down close to his face and he said “Baby don’t take too long.” Then kissed me hard, biting my lip softly, I could smell the alcohol and that was getting the best of him. I pulled away slowly and stared at him, I just smiled and left to use the restroom. I fixed myself, and looked at myself in the mirror, I was confused on what to do with Marc. Shakira’s word kept running through my head, but I came up with a solution about this situation. I walked back to our table and bent down to his ear, grabbing the back of head and feeling his soft black hair. I whispered seductively
“I think it’s time to go Marc and take this party to your house birthday boy.” Biting he’s earlobe and I headed towards the door, when I saw Marc pull out his wallet and dropped 2 bills down on the table. Before going outside I felt his hand be placed on my lower back and say “Let’s get a cab and go to my place?” we went outside.
“No, I’d rather drive myself to your house baby. I have work tomorrow.”
“Alright you follow me home.” He said kissing my cheek.
I followed him to his house and it was a nice house. We walked up to the front door, he opened it and let me in. I looked around and said “Nice house Marc.”
He grabbed my shoulders from behind and pulled my hair to the side and started kissing my shoulder then neck softly. In between kisses he said “(Y/N), I know you didn’t come here just to see my house.” He licked my sweet spot and I let out a soft moan that sent shivers down my spine. He laughed, I faced him and jumped on him wrapping legs on him pressing my lips on to his, kissing him pulling on his hair, while his hand wondered to my ass and with the other hand pulling my hat off, letting it fall to the floor, then grabbing a fist full of my hair and messaging the back of my head. Marcs’ hot lips conquered mine. Swaying gently in time. The kiss deepened, making me shiver in anticipation. The hardness of his body pressed into mine as the kiss went even deeper. I grazed my tongue along his bottom lips. He moaned with pleasure. He held me harder seizing rightfully what is his. His lips getting more furious and rougher. I came back for air, and my breathing became at a fast pace, trying to catch my normal breath. He smiled at me, I just giggled.
“God you’re so beautiful. Can I have you for my birthday?” he gave me a deep stare in to my eyes.
“I thought you never asked.” I smirked at him. He clashed his lips on my neck licking and biting my delicate skin. I grabbed his face and said “Love no love marks on my neck I have work tomorrow.” I giggled. “But you can have your way with me, I am yours for the night.” I winked at him.
“Oh baby I love that I can have my way with you.” He rolled his eyes back and licked his lips.
“To the bed room?” I said before kissing neck. Marc didn’t say anything he led me to his bedroom. I was kissing his neck then his sexy jawline that I just adored about him. We entered the room and gently sat me down on his bed, I quickly took off my shoes. He stepped back talking off his jacket, loosening his tie then pulling out his tucked shirt then unbuttoning it. He took off his dress shirt revealing his abs, kicked off his shoes, then siding his socks off. I just sat there biting my lip and staring at him, that’s when he looked up at me smiled evilly, pulled me up and roughly pulled my dress over my head exposing me. He stepped back and looked at my half nakedness. Marc bite his lip, then went behind me, I was confused, and my eyes followed him, when I saw him pull out a condom from his night stand and put it in his pocket. I turned away then just giggled softly, because I knew that he could not control himself. He made his way back to me and held out his hand, I grabbed it, he pulled me close to his bare chest,and I started kissing his neck when he unclasped my bra. He kneeled down and peeled off my black leggings, then looked up at me and asked me “Yeah?” I smiled at him looking down. He pulled my panties down then pushed me on the bed, I looked up at him and he was unzipping his pants, he pulls out the condom, my eyes wonder to the ceiling then I hear something else that comes out of his pocket, I look and they are handcuffs. My eyes shoot up and I say “What is that Marc?”
“Oh you know since you said I can have my way with you. I will have my way with you.” He winked. My mouth just dropped. He flipped me over, grabbed both of my arms and cuffed them, leaving in a helpless position, I hear him unwrap the condom.
“Ready baby?”
“Mmmmhm yess papi.”
He grabbed my hair and tugged on it pulling me closer to him.
“What did you say?”
“Yes papi.” I said with lust in my voice. He slowly entered his tip, I gasped then he entered fully, making me scream in the sheets. I felt my walls wrap his warm manhood, making my walls create wetness. We remained motionless absorbing the sensation feeling.
“You like that?” He said leaned in, pulling my hair, and biting my ear. Making me bite the sheets moaning. He let go of my hair and moved his hands down the lower back squeezing, putting pressure on my hips, and then moving slowly in and out of me.
“More!” I scuffled. He made my wish granted, he was hard and incredibly accelerating into my opening, pounding, non-stop, I felt something heating up inside me, and I was close.
“Marc, baby I’m close. Keep going aaaaah.” I bite my lip holding in my moan.
“Sssssss like that?” He moaned as he released. I just loudly moaned his name and came. He slid out swiftly, he was breathing heavily, as I was doing the same. Freeing my hands, my hands sunken in to the bed with the rest of my body. Thinking we were finished, Marc flipped me over and stared at me.
“What’s wrong?” I said. I saw his sweaty body, and the look in his eyes was filled with lust. He leaned in and started kissing me smoothly, the kiss deepened, one of his hand was on the side of my face and the other feeling my breast, messaging it. He made his way down my jawline, then sucking on my collarbone, then following the trail to my luscious lips, arousing me he made his way down to my clit and played with it, while his hands where my hips pulling me in closer. Sucking hard I climaxed, sending shivers down my spine. He looked at me and smirked.
“Round 2?” He said sucking on my hip. I nodded my head.
“Lift your legs, love.”
I lifted my legs, Marc forced them to go higher, making them touch my stomach, and I crossed them, setting my feet on Marcs’ chest for support. He was sitting on the bed with his knees, then forcefully entering his hard shaft into me, he placed both of his hands on the back of my upper thighs. His thrust became painful and yet arousing, making me want more. My hands where on the sheets clenching on to them, we stared into each other’s eyes while he was making me moan and groan his name. His mouth was opened as he pounced onto my tight opening, letting his head fall back he let out a sexy groan.
“Fuck (Y/N), you feel so good.” As he kept riding me out slowly, not wanting to let go.
“One more time, Marc!” I said out of breath. I let my legs fall on the side of him, making them spread wider. Marc looked at me shocked and climbed on top of me placing his hands over my shoulders and grinding between my legs, sticking himself inside me all the way. My hands were rubbing against his abs and he kept going, I moaned loudly making me melt and coming, but he still kept going driving my body in to overload and making me scream his name.
“AAAAAAHHHHHH FUCK MARC.” I dug my nails into his back while he sucked on my neck. Marc came and slowly pulled out falling right next to me. Grabbing me, hugging him, I wrapped my leg with his, giving him a reassuring kiss then letting my head fall on his chest.
“Happy fucking Birthday to me.” Marc sighed in pleasure. I just laughed and fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up with a beam of light that was coming from Marcs’ window. We were still wrapped up in each other’s arms. I looked up at him, I smiled because of his little snores that were coming from him. I decided to get up, gently grabbing his hand and setting it down. I grabbed my leggings, shoes and dress, and got dress. I went to Marc and kissed his cheek. I opened the door and went out closing the door facing it. I turned and jumped to find a lady holding my keys, my hat and a foam cup, she had brown hair with bangs, eyes like Marcs. I thought shit that’s his mother, I looked at her with a surprise on my face, while she smirked at me and handing me my things in discuss. I grabbed my things, smiled but she didn’t smile back, she opened the door to let me go. I felt very awkward while getting into my car, I looked at the door and she was gone.
I left and went home quickly to change I had no time for a shower, I took a sip of what was in that cup, I almost sipped it back up, but I got the harsh taste to go down my throat, it was black coffee, yuck. I went to work, none of the players where there today thank God, all we did today was paperwork. I was very uncomfortable the whole time sitting, plus I was walking a little awkward so I didn’t want anyone to notice me walking funny, I just sat most of the day. I tried my hardest to walk right but it hurt walking right. Work was finally over, I went home, ate, showered and decided to watch a movie before bed. So I’m sitting there watching ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ sipping on some wine, when I hear the doorbell ring.

Very late, and very long! This was for Marc’s birthday. OPINIONS PLEASE! Enjoy it Lovies! ❤️💙❤️💋