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Just ignore the hidden racist comments girl. It's obvious that SOME of Tom's fans are somehow bothered by the quite likely possibility that he *might* be dating his "good friend" and Spider-Man co-star Zendaya Coleman. Some fans srsly need to grow up. If Tom is happy,why can't you just be happy for him? Idk much about Z,but from what I've seen she seems REALLY cool,down to earth,friendly,and always open to greet fans. She came from humble beginnings too and it shows. She is just Z. No fakenesss



For @anhartcuteneon…reader is royalty as requested. Enjoy! (this kinda hurt because I love both Loki and Fandral)

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They Meet Again

Three years, three long years, with her by his side. She had been there when he was nervous, she had been there when he was sick, she had been there when he was happy, when he was sad, when he was mad, she had been there for everything. She did just about anything and at first he did the same for her, if she needed him, he was there, but one day it all changed. 

Y/N was one of the phew that the fans liked, she was kind, she was just like Harry. She was humble, she loved everyone, and she just wanted for everyone to be happy. She just had a vibe that made everyone in the room love her, she had a smile that would warm people’s hearts, she was kind and gentle. 

Their relationship was what everyone wanted. The looks they gave each other, the smiles they shared. Harry would whisper something in her ear that would make her laugh, and she would respond with something that would make his face light up. To the outside their relationship seemed easy, it seemed effortless. They seemed happy. 

But Y/N was tired, she was tired of sitting at home waiting for his phone call. She was tired of him cancelling last minute because he would rather see his friends, she was tired of calling out of work for him to just back out of their plans. But none of those made her reach her breaking point, they really didn’t. She reached her breaking point four months after Harry returned from filming his movie.

He had been home for a month and it was her birthday, she was never one for attention. And after three years, three birthdays, Harry knew that. But it seemed like this year it slipped his mind, when he woke up and went out for the day she was mad, but it wasn’t anything they couldn’t work through. She was willing to sit down and talk, and so they did. In which Harry claimed his fame, his job, was more important than her turning a year older, his fame was more important than her, and he would be damned if he let one girl, one person, ruin it. He didn’t apologize, so she grabbed her bag and left. He was her number one, but she wasn’t his, and she couldn’t be in a relationship where she gave her all and he didn’t. 

The break up was bad, there was screaming. He kept yelling how he didn’t need her, how he could have anyone he pleased, and she kept begging him to stop. He kept reminding her that he made the income, that he was better, that he had the fame, not her. She had never seen this side to him, and she hated it, she hated the new him.

“Thank you for coming,” Niall smiled.

It had only been six months since the break up if you asked Y/N. Six months of her couch surfing because she couldn’t find an affordable place to live. Six months of crying herself to sleep, six months of her forcing herself out of bed and into work. 

If you asked Harry he would tell you it had been 192 days or 4,608 hours since he stopped being happy. He would tell you it had been 192 days since the last time he felt complete, 192 days since he felt like he could breathe, 192 days since he could sleep. 

Y/N didn’t want to go to Niall’s. But it was his day, he had thrown a party together to celebrate his album, his new solo album, and he had to invite the women who had also been by his side for three years. The friend who he could always count on. And she couldn’t let him down, this was his night, he worked so hard and who was she to not support him because she dated his friend. 

“I’m just so proud of you Ni,” Y/N smiled, hugging him.

She felt him rub her back in a gentle manner, “I’m so excited,” Niall pulled back, “and it means a lot that you came here, I know you didn’t want to see him.”

“This isn’t about him, it’s about you,” she says, “don’t worry about me.”

She feels her heart drop to her stomach, she thought she could do it, she really did. But when she looks up she sees him, and he looks just as handsome as he did when they were together. His eyes were focused on the drink in his hand, nodding as someone spoke to him.

But then he looks up and he sees her, the real her, not what everyone else sees. He sees the pain in her eyes, he sees her hands shaking slightly, he sees her biting her lower lip that was trembling, he sees the dark circles under her eyes that she had tried to cover with makeup. He sees her, and his heart leaps for joy. He had missed her, the moment she walked out the door he knew it was a mistake that everything he said was a mistake. 

She walks over to the table, grabbing a drink. “Y/N,” a voice comes from behind her, making her turn. 

“Kendall!” Y/N smiled, hugging her. 

“Look,” Kendall steps back, “I know pictures of Harry and are out, but I just want you to know nothing has happened, I would never do that to you, we’re just friends, I promise.”

“I know,” Y/N squeezes her hand, “you’re a great friend.”

“How have you been?” Kendall asked. 

Terrible, I can’t sleep, I cry all the time, every time I see him out with a girl my heart breaks, I just want him, “I’m good,” Y/N lies.

“Really?” Kendall asked. 

“Yeah, yeah, I’m good. I’ve been busy,” she says, bringing her glass to her lips and drinking the alcohol. 

They all knew it was a lie, a fan saw Y/N crying in her car just last week. The video of Y/N’s head on the wheel, sobs leaving her mouth, were evident. 

“Y/N,” the familiar voice that use to mean home, that made her feel safe, that made her laugh, fills her ears. She turns, Harry stands, his dull eyes on her, “can we talk?”

Auston Matthews - Part 32

81440 words, 159 pages and countless followers later, this is my last post for my first story and I could not be more grateful. 

“Oh, come one! One more dance,” I beg Auston, pulling on his hand in a failed attempt to get him to stand. “Please,” I pout, giving him the full effect of my too big of eyes and pouty lip.

               “You’re a pain in the ass,” Auston grumbles at me before getting to is feet much to my delight.

               “If my parents weren’t here and watching us like a couple hawks, I could give you a really good dance,” I whisper to him and he makes a face at me.

               “Why you gotta do that? We are in the middle of a reception where I can do nothing to you,” Auston complains, letting my drag him back out onto the dance floor.

               “Well,” I start, putting my arms around his neck as a slow song picks up. “My parents are staying here in the hotel tonight… I told them that I would just stay at the house and go home early in the morning…” I cock my head to the side and give him a grin.

               “Are you saying that your childhood home is going to be vacant for an entire night?” Auston asks me, raising his eyebrows at me.

               “I am saying that,” I nod, licking my lips as he puts his hands on my waist.

               “So I get to take this dress off you a second time?”

               I laugh. “Technically you just unzipped it the first time,” I correct him and he rolls his eyes. “But yes, you can take this dress off for me. But I have something else in mind that I will need to put on,” I give him a smug look and his goes still.

               “What do you mean?” He asks and I can see the excitement in his eyes.

               “I guess you’ll just have to be a good boy for another…” I look at my pretend watch on my wrist. “Thirty-two minutes.”

               Auston sighs dramatically and starts swaying me to the soft music again.

               “I hate you sometimes,” he mumbles and I giggle.

               “Hmmm, I don’t think you do,” I say softly, leaning my forehead against him.

               Auston breathes in deeply and his brown eyes meet mine, glowing with affection that makes my heart ram against my ribs.

               “I think you’re right,” he whispers and goosebumps erupt all over my skin.

               “I love you,” I say, kissing his lips softly.

               “I love you,” he whispers back, moving his lips to my forehead as I rest my head against his chest, even as the song comes to an end and a more upbeat song pulses through the speakers.

               “Mind if I cut in?” My mother’s voice says behind me and I lift my head off of Auston to smile at her.

               “Be my guest,” I tell her, moving out of Auston’s arms as my mother takes his out stretched hand.

               I smile to myself as I back away from them and back into the maze of tables surrounding the dance floor. Watching them twirl around the dance floor and Auston’s cheek turn pink at something my mother says to him.

               “There you are!” A loud voice says making me jump. I look over to see Melissa barreling towards me, white dress billowing out behind her looking like a goddess.

               “Here I am!” I exclaim, taking her hands in my own as she reaches me.

               “Oh, Y/N, tonight has been so perfect,” Melissa says, her eyes aglow and her cheeks a pretty pink with excitement.

               “I know! Everything is so beautiful and everyone is having so much fun! And…” I raise her hand up so the lights above catch the ring on her finger. “I’m so incredibly proud of you.” I say and tears well behind her eyes.

               “You’re going to make me cry again!” She wails and I pull her into my arms, tears in my own eyes. “I’m just happy we both found someone, me a wife and you… that glorious boy wooing your mother right now.”

               I giggle and pull away from her to look over my shoulder to see Auston pull my mother up from a low dip, her face is cherry red and she’s giggling like mad.

               “I think she’s had a little too much to drink tonight,” I laugh and Melissa nods.

               “I think so too, but hey, at least she’s having fun and it hasn’t turned into Aunt Cassie’s birthday party yet,” Melissa smirks at me.

               “True, all the poles seem untouched,” I say.

               “There you two are!” Another voice says and I look over to see Emily, Melissa’s brand new wife sauntering over. “Keeping my wife from me I see,” she winks at me and pecks Melissa on the mouth.

               “My bad, she’s all yours Emily,” I grin, squeezing Melissa’s hand once more before releasing it.

               “Nonsense! I came over here to dance with my two favorite girls,” Emily exclaims, taking both Melissa and me by the arm and dragging us out onto the dance floor. I laugh as they dance around me, both a little uncoordinated due to the amount of wine both of them have had. Auston joins me once again after a few more songs of dancing with my mother before passing her off to my father. His hands slip to my hips, my back against his front and I wiggle against him making his hands tighten around my waist.

               “Y/N, don’t you dare,” he whispers in my ear and I bite my lip.

               “What am I doing?” I ask him and he scowls, tapping my nose with his finger.

               “You know exactly,” he says and then he smirks at me. “If I had known that sleeping with you would unleash this kind of attitude, I would have been more persistent a few weeks ago,” he whispers. I swat at him and push against his chest.

               “It’s just because your friends aren’t here for me to babysit, mama needs to let loose sometimes,” I grin at him and he laughs.

               “I can loosen you up whenever you want,” he says and then is interrupted by a commotion by the door and I know it’s time for the newlyweds to depart, which means Auston and I get to do that same shortly after.

               “Come on,” I say, taking his hand and tugging him to my rightful place as maid of honor and secure Auston at my side.

               We wave and throw the rice, kissing my favorite cousin and new second favorite cousin on the cheek as they make their way down the steps to their waiting chariot, or in this case their waiting Mercedes. We wind through the crowd and finally spot my parents who are already heading back inside to continue the party.

               “Mom! Dad!” I call after them, Auston and I hurrying up the stairs to them. “We’re going to take off, gotta leave early to get Auston to practice in the morning,” I huff at them, out of breath from the six stairs I had to climb to get to them.

               “Oh so soon?” My mom pouts and engulfs me in her arms. More tears well in my eyes, which has become a norm every time I talk to her on the phone or anytime that I caught a glimpse of her on the dancefloor.

               “Unfortunately,” I say, rubbing her back gently.

               She puts her hands on my shoulders and takes a step back, her hands going to my cheeks.

               “You really look so beautiful,” she whispers and I blush.

               “I look like you, mama, of course I look pretty,” I smile and she winks at me.

               “And you’re just as humble as your mama,” she kisses my forehead and hands me off to my dad, taking Auston into an embrace as well. I can see her whispering something to him but before I can make it out my view is cut off by my dad roping me in a hug.

               “Miss you, baby girl,” he whispers and I close my eyes, burying my face into his neck.

               “I miss you more,” I whisper back and raise my head, giving him an up and down look. “Forgot to tell you that you clean up good, dad.”

               He chuckles and pats my hair much to my dismay. “What can I say, you watch hockey players get to the rink every day, you learn,” he winks at me and I giggle.

               “Take care of yourself, kid,” he says gruffly and I throw my arms around him once more before taking Auston’s hand and leaning into his shoulder. My father and Auston shake hands, my dad gazing at him fondly but sternly.

               “And you take care of her as well,” my dad says and I roll my eyes.

               “Of course, sir,” Auston stammers, nodding at my father. I find it hilarious that Auston is intimidated by him.

               “Come on,” My mom says, rolling her eyes at me as she takes my father’s hand and drags him back into the hotel.

               Auston and I make our way to his car, complete with two overnight bags in the backseat. The second I’m buckled in, Auston roars out of the parking lot. I grab at my seat and give him an amused look.

               “Eager to go?” I ask sweetly and he throws a filthy look my way.

               “If you think for one second that your words left my mind once the last hour you are dead wrong,” he snaps at me.

               “Well that’s saying something given you were dancing with my mother half of that time,” I muse, fighting a smile.

               Auston just shakes his head and rockets towards my parents’ house. He had been there earlier to get ready, but I hadn’t allowed him to go into my bedroom. Instead, making him change in the spare room. Now it seemed I wouldn’t get a say in if could go in or not.

               Once we pull in the driveway, Auston grabs both of our bags from the backseat as I pull my dress up to step through the damp yard, all the snow recently melting. It feels odd walking in the garage door and not having two fur balls running like mad men towards me, instead they were home in Toronto, being babysat by Uncle Mitch and Uncle Morgan. I cringe just thinking about what my living room must look like right now.

               Auston wastes no time and goes straight up the stairs, though he hesitates by my bedroom door, allowing me to open the door for him and enter first. His eyes ravel around the room, most of my childhood things were still here, having bought mostly new bedroom furniture for my house in Toronto. I let him look in silence, though I do stand in front of the closet so he doesn’t go in there.

               “Good enough?” I ask him and he glances at me.

               “Lot different than Toronto,” he says and I laugh.

               “I was a tween at one time, and if I remember correctly, last time I was in Arizona a certain someone still had NHL sheets on his bed…” I smirk at him and he laughs.

               “Hey, it got me here didn’t it?” He asks, taking off his suit jacket and laying it across the chair to my vanity. I stare at it, it looks so odd. “So… what were you going to show me?” He asks quietly, not meeting my gaze and I laugh again.

               “Eager much?” I ask, quirking an eyebrow at him and he gives me a pathetic look.

               I walk over to him and he eyes me warily, standing up a bit straighter.

               “I wanted to thank you,” I start and he tilts his head to the side, confused. I take a deep breath and continue on. “That first week, I was a complete and utter mess, the only person not telling me how smart and brilliant I was, was you. You kept my head on my shoulders and didn’t try to put me up on a pedestal. Every time I cried, you were there, whether it was through texting or tapping on my wall…” I trail off, tears overflowing from my eyes as Auston stares at me.

               “When I came home after that week, my mom said that she thought there was something different about me. A new ‘air’ is what she said actually. She knew before I did, she knew I loved you…” I wipe at my face with the back of my hand. “And when they dropped me off at my house in Toronto, she told me that I was home, where I’m supposed to be, but she never said Toronto.”

               I finally bring myself to look at Auston and his face is slack, staring at me in awe.

               “She was referring to you,” I whisper, twisting my wrist and listen to the charms clink again each other.

               The silence in the room is deafening, we stare at each other, his eyes are red and I realize there are tears there, though none fall. After what seems like an eternity, Auston reaches out to me and I gladly step into him arms nuzzling into his neck.

               “You know I’m not the best with words,” Auston whispers into my hair, his voice crackling slightly.

               “I know. Sometimes actions are better than words,” I whisper back, squeezing him tightly as does he.

               “I love you,” he says.

               I pull back to look at him again. “Show me,” I whisper.

               Auston blinks at me and smiles slightly, leaning down and kissing my so sweetly that the silk of my dress is a mirror of my insides. His hand slowly goes to the zipper, he doesn’t have to ask where it is, and just like before, he takes his time pulling it low to my waist. Taking his hand, I let it fall to the floor and step out of it. Auston drinks me in before wrapping his arms around my waist and lifting me, laying me on my bed.

We take our time, this is slowest and sweetest moment we have shared together, our bodies moving as one. And when we are done, we lay together fingers entwined and our breathing and heart rates settling down back into a regular rhythm. Auston drifts off to sleep and I let him for a short while, but my surprise is still sitting in my closet.

“Auston,” I whisper, gently running a hand down his back. “Wake up,” I say a little louder when he doesn’t wake and he jerks up.

“What? What?” He asks and I erupt into giggles and he scowls at me.

“What did you wake me up for?”

“You forgot about the surprise I had for you,” I say, slipping off the bed and making my way to my closet. His face instantly brightens up.

“Your coach made me think of it,” I tell him and he frowns.

“Babs made you think about something for the bedroom…” Auston asks slowly and I laugh.

“Just something he said, Auston,” I roll my eyes at him. “You have to close your eyes until I come out.” I demand, pointing my finger him. “Close them!”

Auston sighs and obliges, closing his eyes and raising his eyebrows high on his forehead.

“Good boy,” I say and slip into the closet, slipping off Auston’s shirt and putting on another thing that he once wore.

“Eyes still closed?” I call and he answers quickly.

“Yes ma’am.”

I peek quickly to just make sure and then step back into the room, walking to the front of the bed where he’s sitting and take a deep breath.

“Okay,” I say and his eyes open, focusing in on me and taking in the item of clothing I had chosen. A slow smile forms across his face.

“I thought you would never,” he quirks and eyebrow at me and I shrug.

“Well, when you happen to fall for a certain boy on a certain team with a few certain teammates, you learn to love… or dislike less,” I grin at him.

“And the name and number?” Auston asks, a smirk replacing the smile.

“I raided your closet, didn’t expect to find a number sixte-“ I’m cut off by Auston pouncing off the bed and silencing my words with a kiss.

“Better get used to that last name on your shoulders,” he whispers against my lips and I smile.

“I already am.”


Hi, this is one of my own feats where I’m humbling a Widow who thought she could just spawnkill people. (Maybe the best detail is I can be seen switching off widow at the end.)

Remember to always destroy spawncampers

Submitted by estecka! Thank you :D

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What is it about Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth that make them your favorites? ❤️

Anne’s quiet strength, honestly. She is not so closed-off as Elinor Dashwood, but is rather constrained by the people she is surrounded by, and helpless to get away from them. Where she finds true friends, she eagerly becomes warm and friendly, and blossoms under positive attention. She does not have Fanny Price’s fearful timidity and over-grown sense of gratitude to oblige her to be subservient to others…rather she helps because she finds it easier to do so, and finds purpose in being useful, even if she knows she is neglected by those she helps. She knows/believes her isolation to be her own fault, and so she accepts her lot, but never truly compromises her beliefs again. (Refusing Charles Musgrove even if he could have given her a comfortable life, company, a family of her own to focus on, and better appreciation than she receives at Kellynch Hall from her father and sisters.) Being older, wiser, and sadder, she knows who she is and what she wants, but holds back from pursuing it by her own sense of remaining dignity and the belief that Wentworth wants nothing more to do with her, as she is well-aware of how much she hurt him in the past, and has no desire to hurt him any further, or pain herself with the indignity of throwing herself at him at all–especially if she believes a rejection to be inevitable.

As to Frederick, he is an IDIOT who does not deserve a second chance with Anne Elliot because he behaves atrociously to her and others, but as he is aware of just how big a douche he’s been by the end of the book and suffered terrible emotional distress due to it, I shall safely proceed with my praise of his virtues. 1) He is warm and kind, and strives to be thoughtful even if perhaps it’s not warranted. (Taking time to speak with the mournful Mrs. Musgrove about her dead son, even if said son was a Dick in every possible sense, because it’s somebody’s dead son, and as a Captain in war-time he’s seen enough men die and had to send the worst possible news to their loves ones, so he’s going to patiently sit and listen to this woman talk about a guy he probably loathed because it’s not about Dick, it’s about his mother and her broken mother’s heart.) 2) He is clever as shit. (Taking valuable ships to get that much prize-money in a shitty sloop like the Asp must have taken some luck, but also some baller strategies and intense leadership skills.) 3) He has fantastic manners, but is not so elegant that he’s stuffy and fake like the people Anne knows. (He recognizes and likes people for their individual merits, not who their father might be or what connections they may have.) 4) He’s the only Austen hero to be a self-made, working man. Edmund and Edward are clergymen, yes, but naval officers began training at age twelve for their careers, and also it’s difficult to compare a country parish living to active naval service in war or peace-time, when there is still plenty to do and dangers at sea. (We know some clergymen did not even fulfill their duties for preaching or other tasks, instead hiring a curate to undertake all the work for a pittance salary while they just collect their income and take it easy. Not that I’m saying Edmund and Edward do this, but the fact that it was a possibility and common enough for Austen to poke fun at it in her writing–her own father having been a clergyman, we must presume she knew of many such men–makes it hard to feel Edmund and Edward are being pushed to put everything on the line in the way Frederick would be.) 5) Kind of tying into that last point, he is brave as hell. Of course war is hell and modern foreign policy and the military industrial complex being a nightmare makes me something of a pacifist at heart, but I can’t retroactively un-do Napoleon’s shit, so here we are. If we gotta have war-heroes, at least we have Frederick Wentworth being all noble and studly about it.

So Anne would be drawn out into better circles of friends, with more easy and relaxed company among people who, like her, deserve to be admired for their characters and actions, rather than bloodlines or wealth, and in these circumstances, she would bloom like the beautifullest fuckin flower in the whole world, she would be unstoppable once she’s appreciated and able to unwind and let go and be her truest self. And FREDERICK. He lands his booty in hot water with the Musgrove girls because he is rather AWARE of his virtues and being rich and handsome and having the glory-aura of a hero and lets his pride, scorn for Anne because of his broken heart, and arrogance lead him into empty flirtations which he really ought to have been more sensible about. Secure in Anne’s affections, she would keep him just humble enough, once he knows that Anne’s admiration is the only admiration that really matters, and he has always had it.

sometimes i feel like i need to bop bop bop bop to The Top of the stratosphere so i can scream indefinitely about my appreciation!!! and love!!!!for taylor swift (!!!!!!)

I was out for dinner last night and my waiter saw my lock screen, so he asked about how I met Taylor. I told him the whole story, and he was like “so you won a contest?” and I then began explaining how Taylor lurks fans and picks them to come over, and how she knew a bunch of stuff about me. He seemed severely shook, and asked how she was in person. I told him how incredibly sweet and funny and humble she was, how she just threw her legs on me for the picture, how she kept dancing with me, how she genuinely cared about me, and just how amazing Taylor is. He told me that he thought she would be a stuck up snob in real life because she is so famous, and how surprised he was that Taylor is much different than how the media portrays her.

I then sat back and took a sip of my water, as my job was done.

Vague idea

At some point the Famethyst and Holly Blue Agate come to Earth wanting to return the Zoomans to their natural habitat, which they only realise on arrival is going to take years of gradual reintroduction and rehabilitation in a secluded and protected location, so they set up on Mask Island where the local watermelon people are happy to help the Zoomans learn to cope with real life without Little Voice and an environment that provides everything they need without risk or difficulty.  Watermelon people are very generous and altruistic like that.  

So they live there and can visit back and forth with the Crystal Gems via the warp pads, and Amethyst (and Jasper) both get to spend time with their long-lost families and it’s a happy and healing thing for all concerned.  However, there are still problems because Amethyst, out of loyalty to her newfound sisters, detests Holly Blue for bullying them for so long and can’t understand why they keep her around now that they’re not stuck with her.  

It’s difficult for them to explain to her that although they appreciate her loyalty they don’t need her to show it in this way; that nobody knows Holly better than they do and they’ve seen such a genuine change in her attitude and behaviour since her humiliation (following which they made her wear their uniform and work alongside them as a kind of penance/probation) that they trust her now and she and they actually care about each other.

Amethyst grudgingly accepts that (she feels sort of hurt by it, honestly, since she thought they had a kind of solidarity on this point and is still sensitive about any perceived rejection) but still clearly dislikes Holly and it’s awkward for the Fam.  Knowing that what turned things around for them and Holly was working together and and coming to see each other as equals, they come up with a plan and tell Holly what they need her to do.  

At first Holly bitches and moans and digs her heels in because she feels she’s humbled herself an awful lot already and it’s just one more thing and doesn’t she have enough to deal with blah blah blah but eventually huffs loudly and says, “All right, if it means that much to you,” and goes to find Amethyst.

“What do you want?” Amethyst asks.

Holly takes a deep breath and says, “I want to ask for your help.”

After Amethyst finishes hooting with laughter she asks what the high and mighty Holly Blue Agate thinks a defective Earth Quartz like her might be able to help her with.  

Holly takes another deep breath and reminds herself that she’s doing this for her friends and admits, “I’m not actually very good at using a whip.”

“Lolwut,” says Amethyst.

“I’m not!  It’s the customary weapon of an Agate but often I can’t even get it to crack properly.  I only got away with it for so long because I didn’t really need to use it.  You know how easily you beat me,” she says, folding her arms and looking away.  “And you can do all those… clever tricks and I hoped if you had time in your busy schedule” (a little bit of salt slipped in despite her best efforts) “you might help me improve my skills.  Please.”

“Well,” says Amethyst, “I could teach you but I’d have to charge.”

After some pop-cultural explanations they get on with it and in the process Amethyst can actually see Holly making herself think before she speaks and treat her with respect.  And teaching her is sort of fun.  And even if Holly is a giant priss with a stick up her butt she can probably get along with her okay.  And she’s actually working hard and getting pretty good.

And that’s how Holly Blue Agate ended up winning a blue ribbon in the rodeo games at the county fair.


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The three played in the park, the twins’ mom, Melissa, sat on a park bench, reading while every once in a while she checked on the eight year olds. It was a nice day in May, the sun was out, the weather was perfect - not too hot, and not too chilly.

“MOM!” Scott screamed, running up to his mom, Stiles close behind him. “Y/N! She’s - She’s gone!”

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Who are the sweetest persons you've met on tumblr? And fav blogs?

Every single person, who I will mention here, is my everything; means the world to me; deserve the world and happiness; needs to be protected and loved!

🌻 @brighterthanluckystars my beautiful, wonderful sunflower

🌹 @shit-to-kinda-okay my amazing, gorgeous georgia

🏵 @thesmutofthemendes this tol darling deserves so much in this world. i forgive her for not talking with me lately because I know I’m not important but she is important to me, loving her until I die

@starrynightshawn i miss this girl so much my beautiful bean, absolutely deserves so much love and kindness

💜 @ortenmendes my sweetest flower, never stops making me feel sad whenever I talk to her she is just so pure

💛 @theworldisnotwonderland @dreamingwithmendes my brazilian babes, i love them so much!!!!

@illumegeoff my graceous queen lol i love her snaps so freaking much and also she makes me so happy

@babyshawwn i haven’t talked with her lately but she is just a sweetheart and she always amazes me with her amazing masterpieces

@umayyahmendes @coldncss these girl make my days so much better! they never stop making me smile! i love them to the bits

@whitechocolateperfection @ftsgerald these two istg are just so funny and their “fights” make me laugh so much hihi and also, lucinda is my wife lol

@ihaveabadreputation that latte queen MY PERSONAL LATTE QUEEN I LOVE HER SO MUCH

@shawnrmendes @wordsandshawn @mendesflowers @sippingchai @permanentguitar @honest-for-mendes @kidlovr @raineshawn @nike-shawn @mendescutie just so wonderful, fascinating writers

@shawnsleo @shawns-love my sweethearts!! please please protect them!!

@illuminateshawn this girl is so beautiful!!! inside and out!!!

@illumninate @illumendes such blessings!! also both are so gorgeous!!

@papishawn my TWINNY!! when I will go to Australia, I will go and look for her BECAUSE I NEED TO!!!???

@yodelvision my amazing, powerful finaste honey!!!

@fairfieldct @foleyftmendes i love these two so much!!! ENDLESSLY!!!

@mercyimagines i miss her so freaking much SO SO SO MUCH

@light-up-shawn she means the world to me and I love talking to her so much!!!

@nobravery i started to talk to her very lately but she has already become a big part of my heart

@houseofeurovision amazing girl!! she is just so humble and adorable!

@honeypotmendes i love seeing them on my timeline

@thugshawn @shawnzayn these wonderful human beings with their edits need more recoginition!!!

@treeboymendes my stunning Esmii!!! literally love every single video chat we have had, means the world to me!!!

@bobbyshawndaehyun I miss my babygirl so much!!!!!!!

@illuminatedshawn idk i literally have no words anymore how to describe a good person like her!

Also, accounts @canadianshawn @mentally-in-canada @aprilskyforever @gentlemanmendes @badsreputation @berghh @cashmereshawn @illuminateshawnn @ruinrose @dirtymendes @stereomendes @anothermendesfangirl @artsyshawn @echoshawn @nikkie-cherish @notdepressive @nathantrent @balkanheart @robinbengtsson @takeiteasyonmyheart @mendesleo a huge place in my heart! always and forever!

i know there are so so so many more people who mean the world to me 💛💛💛

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*im currently writing this idea into character xreader fanfics buut * i wanted to know your opinion about ace and sabo meeting a noble lady who basically despises the nobility entirely, and spends her time often reading stories to some kids who visit her from nearby villages since shes a noble and cant get out often due to probably being attacked for money extortions or smth. She's just this very humble, and open-minded girl who just wishes to have freedom and be trully happy? Thanks! :D

I’d love to read it if you wouldn’t mind tagging me or messaging me the link ^^



  • Ace would be kinda ‘stunned’ at first because she’s just like his brother
  • Or at least in her beliefs 
  • Plus she is actually really nice & hangs out with kids for fun?? Heck yeah, he wants to be her pal
  • He’d probably join her in telling stories, though instead of fantasy they’d be his legit adventures
  • ^ maybe a bit exaggerated but hey
  • He’d kinda forget about her nobility, she’s just this amazing gal
  • tbh probably after like 3 days of knowing her he’d be like ‘you should totally join this crew, we go on a bunch of adventures and we’re really nice’
  • ^ If she said yes, he’d get super excited!! He’d throw her over his shoulder and be like ‘GUYSMEET(Y/N)SHESREALLYCOOLSHESGONNAJOINUSK?!’
  • ^ If she said no he’d get really upset, and would kinda pester her about it. How is he going to say goodbye to someone again, of course he’s said it before. Though it doesn’t mean it’s easier 


  • Sabo would be like ‘You hate it too?!? ! lol same’
  • He’d get kinda excited, he’d like to speak with someone who is in/ has been in a similar situation than he has
  • He’d probably join you as Ace would as you went storytelling with the kiddos
  • Legit would kick everyone’s ass who even came close asking about money
  • If she had such an issue with it, or just wanted to be happy, he’d be curious why she hadn’t left??
  • He’d inform her of her options & insists if she needs a home she could come with him. If not he’d wish them the best
Dreamwave (Trixya) - Matilda

A/N: This is a really short musing of lesbian love 100% inspired by fleursverts California Summer series (which I am completely in love with). It is by no means as good as hers, but I couldn’t help myself! I had to write some grossly fluffy lesbian Trixya while I was working on something else. It’s also definitely not grammatically correct, but I hope you enjoy my rambles. Also did someone ask for smut??? ;D <3Matilda

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