she is just such a badass

Was it worth all that war just to win?
So caught up in speed and the weight of your sin
Don’t forget how the story begins

Overture by Patrick Wolf

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: How do hockey players manage to sit at the exact right place on the bench where they have access to their water bottle? How do they know which one is theirs? Do they have their name and/or number on it? Or do they just grab whatever one is there and take a swing? And how to their mouth guards never break? We always see shots of them chewing on them with full force, those things must be indestructible. And how do players know when to get off the ice? They need to be alert to execute plays and play some badass hockey, but they also need to know their cues to know when another player is taking over? Does their coach just fucking yell as loud as he can so the whole ice can hear? And usually they'll switch a whole line together so how do they do it so that there's no empty spaces on the ice? Man I love hockey, but I need answers.
[Miraculous Ladybug]: The Perks of Being a Rich Kid

short commission i did for @leoqueen082​ :) 

fun fact: people really forget that these two kids are filthy rich and probably run in the same circles all the time. which makes for some interesting convos :P

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Title: The Perks of Being a Rich Kid
Pairings/Characters: Gen fic, Chloe & Alix
Summary: Chloe and Alix bond after getting sent to the principal’s office

The Perks of Being a Rich Kid

Useful bit of information that Chloé learned today: there was a limit to how much trouble her last name was capable of getting her out of.

Which, seriously, how ridiculous was that? What was the sense of being the daughter of the most powerful man in Paris if she wasn’t going to be totally immune to punishment? She tried to explain that to her teacher but he didn’t seem to appreciate it very much because here Chloé was, getting sent to the principal’s office with a bag full of extra credit homework that was going to take her hours to do.

Sabrina really picked a horrible day to be home sick with the flu. Chloé had been doing her nails during history class this entire quarter and now she had to write a whole paper by Thursday.

To be fair, Chloé kinda toed the line a little close today. Not that she’d ever admit that to anyone other than her father who was going to love an explanation for the mess she’d gotten herself into. That was going to be a fun conversation. She wasn’t sure if her justifiable hatred for Marinette Dupain-Cheng was going to be enough to let her off the hook, and that was the real travesty of the day. Because seriously, this was all Marinette’s fault.

But whatever. At least Chloé got her revenge. Definitely worth potentially losing her credit card privileges over.

M. Damocles was busy scolding a student in his office while another three sat right outside the door awaiting their own lectures. Chloé snorted when she realized that one of them was Alix who was crouched over her handheld and growling at the video game she was playing while she waited. Well, that explained why she wasn’t in class last period.

It was funny that people complained so much about Chloé (almost) never getting in trouble because of who her father was. Alix got sent to the principal’s office at least four times a week and only ever left with a slap on the wrist because of who her father was.

Figures. M. Kubdel gave a monster of a donation to the school last year.

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10/10 episode even though one character wasn’t in this episode. It still was a great one.

Calling Dr. Claire Fraser: I loved seeing Claire at her element. Especially her bossing the men around. It reminded me of season 1.

Jamie behind bars AGAIN: I hated seeing him behind bars and suffering from the sea. But his interactions with Fergus were really good.

Elias Pound: He was my favorite character throughout this episode. I definitely got emotional seeing the end of him.

Annejke: Lady was everything. She is a badass. She didn’t help once but twice for Claire even though she barley knew her and barley spoke English.

Randall/Cosworth: Every time I saw this guy all I would do is think of Black Sails.

These two: Like even though they were in a room I still yelled at them to get a room. They were just too adorable. Can’t wait for them to get married!

Queen of darkness, or so she is called.

I just love Eclipsa Butterfly, her character is so eerily enchanting, like a sweet lullaby about a massacre. I love the way she is rumored to be number one threat to all Mewmans, meanwhile she is so far portrayed as a tender, but cool grandma. I cannot wait to see more of her. 😺😺

anonymous asked:

its so weird to see lena in her first appearance because i tot she was gonna be all sexy and evil but now shes just such a cinnamon roll to me

i think she’s still the same, u can see it when she talks to edge and others. she’s a badass.

but i get what u mean, i never thought we’d see the soft side of her. who knew she’d be so vulnerable tbh i thought she was gonna be ruthless

I also don’t get why ackee was like “thehehe immmm vaguing a tumblfrktgj user that : sells drugs on tumblr, is a dick, name starts with G, ends in rayson, h**no, i hate that guy he fucking did horrible shit” then goes “maaaaaaybe ill namedrop… uwu maybe… my finger is on the post button im gonna namedrop” 

like you know grayson is kill right? he’s gone? he is no longer active? you’re scared to namedrop a dead body? scared to name me and only refer to me as HER, which is badass by the way and im embracing that title as HER, its like SHE but a little faggot. You could name me you basically did. you jumped to vaguing me without looking into something that was a very delicate situation and did the worst thing possible and if you didnt know just fucking say sorry and stop posting about me and the situation. its gross. im gonna keep going if you keep going because this is what i do with my fake internet persona

I just pictured Taylor on the rep tour sitting all ~cool girl queen~ on a big ass gold throne and doing badass, on beat, in-chair dance moves as she sings “SALUTE TO ME, I’M YOUR AMERICAN QUEEN!!!”

sometimes i think fondly back on the one time nat had her torso split open, was left to die, felt every second of the surgery that put her back together, and when she went to escape the hospital shortly thereafter, logan joked that it was just a flesh wound ——she said   ‘  bleeding stumps are flesh wounds, what i’ve got is a scratch.  

darkkryptonite  asked:

i love the fact that Thil is down to fight 100% 24/7 and low-key wants to physically kick ass whenever she gets the opportunity. i don't want to be rude and request it but would you incorporate that trait more into fyd? i'm just trash for this image of her all excited with blood on her heels and looking like the vamp of your nightmares/dreams.

Yooo me too me too.  Thil being badass is my jam!  Totally not a rude request at all!  I’d like to add a little bloodthirsty Thil to fyd, but unfortunately she always seems to end up being the voice of restraint and reason.  It’s her job, I guess.  Womp womp.  Could probably be a good basis for an scl chapter though, right?

So whenever i would watch movies and see The Badass Female Character fighting in various ways, something about it always bugged me. I just assumed it was internalized misogyny that made me dislike characters like black widow and Tauriel and tried to make myself like them.

Then I was rewatching Mad Max Fury Road the other day and I noticed that nothing bothered me about watching Furiosa fight and I realized the problem wasn’t watching women fight in movies that got on my nerves.

Watching the stereotypical Badass Female Character she always has these effortless moves and a cocky, sexy smirk on her face as everything is easy. Watching Furiosa, she grunted and bared her teeth. Her fighting was hard and it took effort and it hurt like fighting is supposed to. For once her fighting style wasn’t supposed to seduce the audience it was to be effective.

I wasn’t disliking these characters because they were women I was disliking that their fighting was meant to remind me they were women. High heels and shapely outfits and not showing effort or discomfort because it’s more attractive to effortlessly lift a long leather clad leg over your head rather than rugby tackle someone.

It’s the same with the Wonder Woman movie too. Fighting is hard and it takes effort, blocking bombs and bullets with a shield makes her grimace and bare her teeth with the effort it takes. She’s not flip kicking bombs she’s yelling and straining, not because she’s weak or bad at fighting but because that’s what it would be like.

I really hope we’re moving into an era of women having fighting styles designed for realism and not how hot it looks for the men in the audience.

i commissioned this piece from the kind and talented @mesknoxx as a companion to chapter four of my fluffy season three fix it fic – we don’t talk very much (we just fake being nice) – in which clarke and lexa attend an azgeda coronation ball. this is the artist’s rendering of the dresses they wore.