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I cannot stop imagining Suzy asking Anubis to come watch her in a school play. She knows he's busy and probably can't but he does. He lights up so proud and happily. [Hes even shown up, standing behind her parents to a teacher/parent conference. He's been helping Suzy with algebra] He knew when he first met her that she was precious, after waiting all this time he couldn't be happier to have her as his first follower. She's just so kind. I imagine that they love each other so unconditionally.

This would be beautiful! However, appearing in public would probably be taboo for gods, since it’d cause panic and who knows what might happen. The bright side to this is that he’s probably always looking after her, making sure his High Priestess is safe. Which is adorable in its own way.

  • yuya: i don't know i mean i really like being around yuzu a lot, she makes me feel safe and comfortable and calm and i can talk about anything with her no worries and she always seems to know just what to say and i also really like helping her and making her feel safe and comfortable and i just want to be around her always and make sure nothing bad ever happens to her ever and i like it when she smiles, especially when she does because of me, and i also really admire her i mean she works so hard and she's also really supportive so i wanna be there for her too and support her always but i also like just seeing her you know? like... she's really nice to look at like her hair looks really nice and soft honestly she looks really nice all the time like sometimes i stare at her for a bit and lose track of time haha she's my best friend and i can't imagine living without her lol but i mean i don't know
Nalu and Gruvia, What they say VS what they're really thinking
  • Lucy to natsu: make me blush
  • What she really means: that is just so romantic! Why can't you always be like that?
  • Natsu: what's the point in coming here if I can't find Lucy?
  • What he really means: nothing is fun or worth doing if Lucy isn't here. She's the most precious person to me. I have to find her!!
  • Natsu: if you bastards even touch Lucy, I'll turn you into a pile of ashes!
  • What he really means: nobody will take Lucy away from me! Nobody will scare her! I'll kill anyone who touches her! I'm no killer but I'm about to become one!
  • Gray: Juvia... I'm thankful to have you. You're always by my side.When this war is over, I'll give you my answer, until then, let me focus.
  • What he really means: I've fallen for you and I know we will always be together. But I can't really release all my hate for e.n.d and focus on killing my enemy if you're always making me feel so heated and directing all my focus onto you. You know we'll be together, you waited half a year before, so I know you'll wait again...sorry.
  • Juvia: I love you Gray Sama!
  • What she really means: I love you Gray Sama!
  • Haha, gotta love the honest ones.

A Philinda hand “touch?”

People, people. Let’s be real here and call it what it is.

That was a straight up Philinda hand CARESS. 

It Had To Be Love.

Came up with this one whilst I was crying in the corner thinking of the how alone Clarke must feel, even though she has Madi. I mean, everyone she’s ever known is gone, maybe not dead, but gone.

Clarke had fallen asleep every night wondering if maybe tomorrow would be the day she saw a gleam in the sky, indicating to her that her friends were okay, that they were finally coming home. That he was finally coming home. Most nights Clarke fell asleep beside Madi in the rover, the chill that comes at night was always refreshing, it hardly rained now. Just blazing sun as if to taunt her, burning down on her as she did her best to teach Madi everything she knows. Although the child always got hot and bothered, she hated lessons, but Clarke knew they were essential for the girl, without them she’d most likely die.

Clarke had been sat on the hood of the rover for a while now, eyes on the stars, it was something she hadn’t done in a while–not because she gave up hope–but because the stars were barely visible now. Memories of Bellamy mocking one of of the constellations she’d pointed out to him, flashed through her might, bringing a smile to her lips. Back then she never appreciated his snarky comments, she just thought he didn’t care enough. But now she looked back on it, she wasn’t sure if he’d actually even been looking to where she had been pointing to the big dipper, when she had turned to see his reaction she could remember he’d been watching her instead. Clarke was never really sure how she missed all these little moments between her and Bellamy. Maybe the saying was true, you don’t realise how much you love someone until there gone.

Clarke’s eyes lowered from the sky to the book that was settled in her lap, she’d been going through the supplies remaining in Becca’s mansion and she practically jumped for joy when she came upon the art supplies. Clarke had done her best to teach Madi how to draw, figuring the girl would like this lesson more than the others but it was hopeless, Madi just got bored and she couldn’t concentrate. In the end Clarke had just kept the art supplies for her spare time and ever since she’d been sketching in them.

She’d drawn everyone she could remember, filling the book with the people she’d come across in her life, drawing them so that she didn’t forget what they looked like. Bellamy’s memory was so fresh in her mind that every sketch she’d done of him always almost looked like the spitting image of him, except his eyes. There was something in his eyes in every memory she had of him, a little detail that she couldn’t draw, a softness that she just couldn’t get right and every time she’d let out a frustrated growl, cursing him, crying for him, why hadn’t he came back? After all this time, did he want to stay in space? Did he never survive in the first place?

Question after question flowed through her mind, searching to be answered but the only person who could answer them was a million miles away. Clarke knew none of her friends knew if she was alive either, they were in the same boat as her. Clarke startled at the sound of soft footsteps, head turning to her side awaiting Madi’s appearance. Clarke had left her to sleep a couple of hours ago, letting her take a rest from training, which the young girl was overjoyed about. But when the eleven year old came around to the front of the rover, Clarke immediately noticed the tear stains on her face and she pushed her book aside, attention on Madi.

“Hey, it’s okay, what’s wrong?” Clarke spoke softly, keeping her voice soothing so that Madi knew everything was okay, panicking would only scare the child further, Madi tried to climb onto the rovers hood herself but Clarke caught her just as she slipped and hauled her up and into her side, holding the child. It was something her mother did to her when she was young, she used to have silly nightmares, ones where the monsters from her stories would come alive and gobble her up. But Clarke knew real nightmares now and sometimes she wished she could go back to being a little girl and pad into her mother and fathers room and curl up safely in their arms. 

“A-all I see is my mum, every time I close my eyes I see the radiation boil her body, blisters appearing on her face as she screams until it finally stops, I hate it Clarke.” Madi whispered, her voice hoarse from crying and sleep. Clarke held Madi closer, kissing the top of her head.

“I get them too, lots of them…but…but just remember the good things, try to remember her holding you, singing you lullabies, reading you a story before bed. Remember the silly jokes she’d tell to make you smile. If you remember that, the nightmares will soon fade.” Clarke says her own mind remembering her mother, she missed her, she missed how her mother was always worried for her, scared that she’d throw herself into danger like always.

“Clarke, will I ever meet your mum?”

Clarke glanced down at the girl who relaxed in her arms, resting her head on her lap now, using it as a pillow. “I’ll make sure she meets you, once my friends return, we’ll have the strength we need to move the rest of the rubble that’s sealing the door and soon…soon we’ll all be together again.” Madi glanced up at Clarke from her lap.

“What if they don’t like me?” This was the first time Clarke had heard the child feel worried about meeting her friends and family, Clarke was used to her getting excited and wanting to talk to them as soon as she met them and tell them all about their time on the ground. But hearing her ask the question made a warm smile tug on Clarke’s lips.

“Believe me, they’ll adore you. Especially Bellamy, he loves children. Every mission he’s been on he ended up bringing back a child for some reason or another.” Clarke smiled, Madi giggled at that, she’d heard more stories of Bellamy than she had of any other, he was the person she was most excited to meet. Clarke had spoken of almost everyone she’d ever met, yet when she spoke of Bellamy there was something else there, her entire person would glow, her smile was just a little brighter than usual and it made Madi even more curious when she’d asked Clarke if Bellamy had been her boyfriend and she’d said no. Clarke had the same giddy look when she spoke to Bellamy as Madi’s mum had spoke to her father. It had to be love.

A Sick Kashima is Always a Strange Kashima

Title: A Sick Kashima is Always a Strange Kashima

Pairing: HoriKashi

Summary: Never before had he ever felt such a burning desire to smack her upside the head.

Warning(s): None

Disclaimer: All rights belong to the genius author.

Comments: Please Enjoy! (I’m not dead, by the way)


The first thought that popped into Kashima’s mind when her vision started to blur was how she had barely managed to dodge the almost too real sword Hori had aimed at her. If not for her naturally quick reflexes, she surely would have been skewered.

The second thought that popped into her head once she felt the oncoming signs of a headache was of trying to quickly hide the sudden lapse in her usually smooth movements. She was aware that Hori, ever so vigilant, would have definitely caught on, and they would have been forced to stop the practice once he clearly caught onto the slight flinch of her shoulders and the way she seemed slightly less balanced than normal.

Belying the bout of dizziness following a feverish heat, Kashima fervently charged as a well-practiced battle cry ripped from her throat. She ignored the intense burning in her throat to take another well-aimed swing, an incredible feat in itself as she felt herself momentarily lose balance.

‘It hurts. I wonder… What’s wrong with me… ’

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  • What she says: i was busy
  • What she means: i didnt sign up for this, i thought this was gonna be like any other sports anime, but now it's like fuck m8, the episode hit me today and i just cant take it even though it's been four hours since, because all of these fictional boys are just precious and shit, and i can't ???? All this ice and they got no chill, they just PDA so much, he just confessed on national tv and fuck wth i can't deal with this, i cant exercise right now because my mind just cant deal with this????? their relationship is so healthy and beautiful and they've come so far and everyone is so supportive, i have never seen this before in anime, i jus

It’s been sitting in my drafts for a while and I forgot about all it .__.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>What she means:</b> Omg poor Misha I can't believe somebody could do that to him??!! I was so scared omg how could that happen to such a precious beautiful baby angel unicorn its awful!!! Those assbutts I was so worried!!! Anyway I'm so glad he's ok and walking around already he's recovered so well! He even apologized for being late jfc we're just glad ur ok u massive dork xxx <333 <p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: i can't believe how beautiful they did audrey and rachael's scene. they gave so much justice to rachael's character when she was so minor. and instead of having her appear as something negative, she got to be a positive hallucination for audrey. she didn't show up to be pissed or taunt her or even care that her death may have been a result of audrey's actions. "relax. don't be scared." the double meaning there is just so beautiful and i couldn't be more happy about how well bex and sosie portrayed those few precious moments i got of my favorite character.

(This may get deleted shortly due to how it looks on the dashboard, bear with me! I have no idea how to do comics on tumblr like at all)

I was reading my AAR the other day and got anxious about whether or not it was really IC or not. So I came up with this 6-page comic excuse for why it may be a bit more eloquent than it should have been instead of writing a drabble to explain it like a sane person.

Gonna try to get pages 3-4 done today oof (also stuffed a lot of commentary into captions to cut down on the post size you’re welcome)

lookit me kinda doing backgrounds i’m legit stunned.

I have a 100 reasons why (and I’ve told you guys pretty much all of them haha) this moment me happy but because I have a migraine  and feel like shit i’ll stick to just one…

Because Daryl made Carol smile here, when she was sort of trying to be aloof and shutting down, just by being his adorable, dorky self. She just can’t help but smile because he’s just so precious to her and he’s trying so hard.  It’s most likely the hand on the face like ‘jesus christ I’m  so fucking awkward I can’t believe I just did that holy fuck she it too.’ that makes it so precious and puts that little smile on her face. 

Only her Pookie could do that and she just loves him to bits for it. It’s all just so cute sometimes that I just can even…  

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Can I just say that with Zerrie, it is all one sided. They make it out to seem like Zayn is so whipped and loves his precious Perrie so much, but Perrie can't even take two seconds to congratulate Zayn on anything. The only times she actually does is when it benefits her or it is something he has done for her. Zayn is a private person... Except when it comes to Zerrie. All the other LM girls are always shouting out their boyfriends, even for small things. Zerrie is just shady as fuck.

how you going to believe on a relationship in an engagement in a future marriage when only one party that demonstrates support the other?

and this is one of the many facts that make you question zerrie

for every one of this people who say “you are jealous of Perrie”

could simply could say go see the relationship of perrie/zayn and jade/sam then you will understand what is a fake and a real relationship

I know it had photo of evey couple of little mix on Valentine’s Days

but I found it very interesting the photos of perrie and Jade because they are somehow similar, but it is quite noticeable the one that is a couple  and the one is not