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cutie hwasa (。♥‿♥。)
Monica Puig stuns Kerber in final, wins Puerto Rico’s first Olympic gold
Puig is the first Puerto Rican female to win an Olympic medal, and first Puerto Rican to win gold

This beautiful young lady, Monica Puig of Puerto Rico, came out of almost nowhere this year, enjoying sudden substantial success on the professional tour. Today she won the gold medal in women’s olympic tennis, the first gold medal ever for Puerto Rico! 

I did’t like Smoky Queartz design that much. I loved her face, it was really cute, but her colour scheme, the body and the clothing to it just didn’t match. She’s a really cute battle potato, but I don’t really see where her agility comes from, since I don’t feel like either Steven or Ame are agile fighters, that’s more Pearls thing. Steven is more defense, and Ame is direct, but Smoky didn’t feel like she was either. And defensive and agressive shouldn’t lead to an agile way of fighting. Imo.

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Are you out to anyone? How did you come out and were people in school disrespectful

Not like explicitly?? Like I don’t go broadcasting my sexuality public because Ima private person and I believe that is MY business ya know? But if they ask I don’t deny it ya know what im sayin? (besides like you could actually look at me and go ‘oh that girl is 100% straight’ PSHHHHHHH)

and besides, where I live, its VERY open and diverse like hell, you get the wolves called down upon you if you’re being homophobic. Like most conversations about it are like ‘oh did you see that guy, hes sooo hottt dont you agree? ‘eh not really, im gay’ ‘oh okay, im bi anyways, so what about HER, isnt she cute?’ and its just really cool ya know?

This is my fluffball Lilly. She loves being rubbed and being scratched on the base of her tail. She always rolls around on the floor asking for belly rubs, so she’s really hard to photograph, and I have a lot of pictures of her that are just a blur. I chose a picture where you could see her face though, even though the blurry ones were more fitting to the blog title. She’s just so cute. She’s shy around most people and is really cautious in general, but she loves cuddling with me and she comes when I call her. You have to be really slow around her and generally let her come to you. She’s so sweet though. She always bonks her head on everything to give herself a rub.

She’s One Badass Cutie (Chanyeol)

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Request: Can I get a chanyeol imagine when he is on return of superman with his idol crush (she has a badass imagine on stage and knows how to rock it but in reality she has the same personality as chanyeol) and he just dies of cuteness because she’s being really cute with the kids. Thx

You looked like you could be a scary person but you always seemed to prove them wrong. You could be classified like Leo of Vixx, kind of hard to show feeling and seemed to always melt when a child was placed into your grasp. You weren’t one to say no to a baby, children had you rolling around on the floor, running around, speaking goof, and just being adorable. Chanyeol seemed to fall more and more for you when he saw all this on Return of Superman.

Today you were on the ground and playing with the Lee twins while Chanyeol seemed to be making heart eyes at you the whole time “Chanyeol do you want to play with Seoeon, Seojun, and I?” you asked as he blushed “sure I’d love to” he spoke knowing the show will be teasing him when it aired later on. A smile came to your dark lipstick colored lips as you fixed your position more to play with the twins.

You two seemed to quiet as the sounds of the boys toys filled the air “so um do you want kids someday?” Chanyeol asked “I want many” you says as you played with the hairs on the Seoeon’s small head. “You?” you asked “yeah I want a kid” he tells you making you smile slightly. “You’ll be a great mom” he told you as his cheeks turned reddish in color. “Really?” you asked slightly embarrassed but happy by his words “oh um yeah” he said awkwardly.

He knew people were gonna point out his awkward behavior around you. You on the other hand seemed completely oblivious to it all because your main focus was the babies in front of you. He thought it was even cuter then anything he’s ever seen. “Hopefully you and I can hang out again sometime Chanyeol. You seem like a cool guy” you spoke making him blush. For the rest of the day the two of you were constantly melting over the adorableness of the twin boys but at the same time Chanyeol was constantly melting over you.

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I think it's funny that so many people call dan "mum" now(or at least it seems like it) because he reminds me of my dad sometimes :D like my mum will say something weird (happens a lot) and my dad either just gives her this look (you know which one) or him and I just look at each other like "did she really just..? wow" :"D

thats cute! in my family my dad is the one saying weird shit and sometimes his jokes doesn’t make sense and he sometimes giggles at his own innuendos and my mom would be making like “thats
inappropriate. that’s not funny. why did i marry him. you see how hard it is for me to live with you both” kind of face

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Anshu's like a precious ball of sunshine and I love her. Sorry fff I just wanted to tell you that. Not only is her personality hilarious and the absolute PERFECT blend of Dave n Karkat while still being her own troll, the way you draw her I guess is what really hooks me in? She's just SUPER cute and she literally makes me smile whenever I see her with her lil heart overalls and unruly hair. And yeah your designs are lovely and just keep being awesome dude B33

this makes me really happy, thanks for being so nice! im gonna keep drawing her because shes so good

The New Episode

I enjoyed it. It was good. My favorite part is the ceremony. And the way April was about to loose herself but then Donnie saved her from corruption. I understood where he was coming from.

I loved the interactions with these teens. I also loved karai and her determination. She’s beautiful and deadly. Just like April is. Haha.

Shinigami was really cute as Mikey said, I think Leo needs to talk to him about staying safe as he falls for a girl who kicks his ass. That’s another thing I wasn’t expecting. Mikey totally went gaga over her, it was adorable.

All in all it was a beautifully done episode, and I’m very satisfied. My turtles are back and honestly this episode could of sucked and I’d still be happy, why? Cause! I saw my turtles after not seeing them since April ((or was it May?)) Its been a long time. To long.


Can’t wait to see more 💜